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  1. Spare a thought for our resident Leeds fans mate @DarkFruitsRam7
  2. Be better finding the nearest bus stop and getting out the place
  3. Day

    Wayne Rooney

    South West. Absolutely no ill feeling towards Rooney, wish the bloke well apart from when we play them.
  4. Day

    Wayne Rooney

    Good luck Wayne, all the best down there. Nice part of the world to bag a sea view holiday home for the kids.
  5. Outside of Portsmouth and Leeds, I would imagine the entire country wants Leeds to lose tomorrow. Insufferable lot.
  6. I have no control over the server, no access or anything to see what’s going on. All I can do is message the software developers where the forum is now hosted and alert them to the issues. Their cloud infrastructure uses various services, my guess would be something is being updated overnight US time.
  7. Kompany in the Bayern running
  8. You do realise that clashes with Swiftogeddon, The Taylor Swift Club Night at the Hairy Dog on the 20th July?
  9. It’s not that Southgate wouldn’t take Ben White, he would refuse the call up. He has no interest in playing for England. One day I’m sure we’ll hear why and what happened, but unfortunately he’s one we have to look at as retired from international football.
  10. Don’t disagree with any of that. Maguire has Southgate nudes. Mount is just there for his time at Derby.
  11. Survival. Build from there. That’s being realistic. Whilst we have spent a long time in the Championship before, that was then, this is now. We’ve had 2 seasons out, a squad built on scraps under restrictions and now a newly promoted side where we need to build a new midfield and attack. If anyone is seriously looking at top 6, not sure what to say, it’s ok looking at Ipswich but back to back promotions are not the norm, they have done incredibly well under totally different circumstances. A team has been built under no restrictions over a period of time. To bring Warne into this, for me he stays unless we’re struggling in the bottom 3 and a gap is starting to build. If we’re finishing games with 20% possession, 1 shot on target and winning games 1-0 putting us mid table, I would take that all day long to get a Championship season under the belt and reassess the situation next summer. So yeah, staying in the Championship is all that matters.
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