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  1. Excellent! The best years of Derby County are in front of us!! So, we’ve got at least 2 Premier League titles, at least 1 FA Cup and at the very least a Champions League semi final to look forward to, as well as the Watney and Texaco Cups.
  2. At least our possession, according to Sky, wasn’t too far off theirs. 🙄
  3. Nowadays, post covid lockdowns they use this:
  4. I might have imagined it, but I thought I heard ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ as I read that.
  5. I think you’re right B4 about them beating the drop under Rooney- provided no more points deductions happen.
  6. Rooney says he’ll stay…but only if the pink 3rd kit can be used again.
  7. Yep. You’ll always find him in the kitchen.
  8. Maybe. I think that he will also be keeping an eye on Old Trafford. I don’t think Solskjær is at risk of the sack right now, but if he delivers nothing this season and Rooney does well with us I could see Man Utd come knocking. Rooney would definitely leave us then. If he goes to Newcastle and messes it up, the United job won’t be there for a while.
  9. Rooneys stock is rising fast at Derby, given the circumstances he is operating under. He knows, it will continue to rise, and the big jobs will come. What he won’t want to do, is a Lampard. Moving club to demanding owners and getting sacked quickly would push his career backwards. I mean, the expectations and demands are so low here currently there’s a clamour to award him the freedom of Derby for his current body of work. Why move now? In reality it’s just lazy paper talk
  10. Times readers are seemingly snobs.
  11. The Times today: Meet the Rooneys — up close and very personal https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/d39b4ce8-2c41-11ec-a548-f9bb1ebf6985?shareToken=cc4e3de4319dd42048129e1d3cedf3c5
  12. It’s the most uninspiring and depressing list, and a reflection of the reality of where we’re at.
  13. If we’re not careful, with some of our debts secured on the stadium apparently, it might end up being called ‘The Dell’.
  14. Seemingly the administrators are valuing Derby’s memorabilia, with no current plans to sell it. This got me thinking? What type of things could the memorabilia be? My initial thoughts… * Phil Brown’s bottle of fake tan? * Paul Clements signed Sergio Ramos shirt Any ideas? 😉
  15. I’m not really sure that he should be starting sentences with ‘but’.
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