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  1. Unfortunately it is also a breach of contract. Players could claim constructive dismissal if so minded.
  2. It could also suggest that if the takeover does happen, there won’t be much of a cash injection.
  3. “Chorley Not? Lambs beat Lancs”
  4. I think the below may explain some of our issues. He should go back to just doing stuff at the Derby Telegraph.
  5. Yes again from me. One key reason: players are working hard for him. This shows they must respect him as leader, believe in his message or both. Simples.
  6. 1) Jim Smith - why would we want him? How wrong I was!! 2) Derek Hales - As a child I was beyond excited that we had signed the bearded Charlton goal machine. 3) Nigel Pearson - I was very optimistic that his ‘tough’ management would sort us out.
  7. Yeah, as well as these positives there surely must be some negatives too?
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