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  1. I went round to see Reg a few days after he had been awarded his freedom of the city of Derby, he was full of good spirits and stories, what got me was how struck he was by Frank Lampard who had spent a lot of time with him on the day and had taken a lot of interest in him, as well as being famous in the city for his FA cup medal he was a major part in establishing a number of local clubs including Field Lane and Chesapeake, he did a lot for grass roots football, my son plays for Field Lane so is still benefiting decades later ! I think that the club could have done more in the past in promoti
  2. morning ! Did somebody call ? these are some of my personal faves, love the blue stripes and the simple vibrant yellows, and put a special massive collar in there for you @David
  3. Paul McGrath wearing shop replica shirt probably from debut match.
  4. Est1884 is my mate Jason Shardlow who I did the shirt book with, his knowledge on all things football is exceptional https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1727616618/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=The+colours+of+the+rams&qid=1556395100&s=gateway&sr=8-1
  5. More the better, means more of the shirts will be around in a hundred years, you would be surprised how few there are of most of the shirts up to 1999 already. Of no intrest to most people but it’s for the ones who are interested!👍🐏♥️
  6. Wowser ! Roy McFarlands shirt from his testimonial game v Bruges in 1977, 530 appearances as a Player, captain, asst manager, manager and now director, Derby in his blood, An early foray into shirt advertising! Fantastically Preserved for 43 years by
  7. His old man is a big fan and knows a genuine shirt collector ! 😘
  8. A gift from Mason and his dad to add to my collection, worn and signed by Mason, another one to be treasured and saved for the future! I have got a feeling we have not heard the end of young Mason just yet and He was once a Ram !
  9. Added this beauty today, sorted by masons dad for me, love the “once a ram “ one of the great future stars of the English game it was a privilege seeing him cut his teeth in a Derby County shirt !
  10. Not our best day in the capital, and we wore red
  11. Ha ha, wish it was that easy ! I’ve been put in touch with somebody who has a couple of old nice pieces only problem is it’s on the other side of the world nearly ! The top is good, I’ve only seen pictures of the same one but with the hood, it’s in good condition but has some moisture damage like mould but I soon killed that.
  12. Wow that is a real banger @Inverurie Ram, What game is that on ! Good spot, it must be out there somewhere covered in cobwebs in someone’s loft !
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