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  1. Boro appear well on top here. If they can keep up the pressure only one winner... 🤫
  2. It's one of three for the Bengals - but I'll plump for penei sewell.
  3. Those tippexed teeth of his would dazzle in the pride park floodlights.... 🤣
  4. Mel didn't appoint Mac.... It was still GSE with slippery Sam doing the day to day stuff....
  5. Think we've left it too late. Hanging on for saviours who only add to the numbers, Lawrence being the latest one. Nowhere left to turn now.
  6. Ian Evatt sounds the most interesting and feasible proposition out of the various names so far.
  7. Your consistent support and lack of criticism is remarkable and has been poorly rewarded by some of our performances. I was wondering whether somethings happened behind the scenes - we at least seemed to be having a go in the last couple of games, but we really didn't seem bothered yesterday at all.
  8. Pragmatism? May as well go all in for Jose....
  9. Frank.... Burrow not our ex.... 🤣
  10. There's a follow up on his twitter feed, to the effect that he "understands the board are disappointed with the run of results", but careful to point out that there is "no official statement from the club yet..." That's just about covered all the bases......
  11. Always follow the money.. That's the only way to figure out what really is going on. Anyone really believing that the money men have walked away from the idea because of a few scallywags waved placards is very naive.
  12. Well it's looking worse with each passing result. Maybe she's tuning up.....🤣
  13. Is it Steamy the new mascot?🤣
  14. There was a newspaper article just after he started which waffled on about how he was being picked up at 6am and driven to Derby, working 14 hour days etc etc Are you saying that possibly isn't the case now?
  15. Terribly disappointing effort given the context. I can't think of any player who has done themselves justice this evening. We've had terrible luck with injuries, but it seems that the heart has gone from us. No fight, no will to win.
  16. May as well go poo or bust. 45 mins to save the season.
  17. Looks like there's 11 Cs in Preston this evening 🤣
  18. Has the salary run failed again...is that why they don't look bothered?
  19. 5-0 in goal attempts. Dreadfully disappointing for such an important game.
  20. Already 4 attempts to 0 in favour of PNE. Really expected more of a shoot on sight policy from us. Not sure what we're trying to do.
  21. Dear god, I was smiling at MuespachRam and his contrarian optimism....but I wasn't expecting us to cave so quickly.
  22. Nick a lead, then concentrate and defend with fortitude. No falling over the ball or dozy free headers please chaps....
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