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  1. He's clearly related to Cristina Kirchner fernandez and therefore has the backing of the entire argentine state. So that's us with 20 pesos in the bank and the corpse of Diego Maradona on the bench in the January transfer window.... 不
  2. Good win in the end. Gonna give them steelers a run for the AFC North this season....
  3. You've just described most of the girls I remember at Belper high school in the late70s/early 80s....不
  4. Bengals giving it a go versus the ravens. A win would mean they're already ahead of last seasons record.
  5. Is this a poll for renaming the stadium? Gluttony Park has a certain ring to it.... 不
  6. Nah that's rubbish......now he's heard about Mick he's headed down the M5..... 不
  7. Perhaps they suspect Wazza is not ill and preparing to bail on them..
  8. Whoever the ref is, he's poo and in Gibsons pocket. Absolute travesty, I can see right through the BBC text feed.... 不
  9. They seem to be completely upending the entire premise of limited liability and trying to enforce unlimited liability on owners. It didn't work 300 years ago (basically forced the economy to be only sole traders with no company formation or capital reallocation) and it won't work now.
  10. That is exactly the argument I expect the EFL to use, however unreasonable it is. Given that, the only time I could see force majeure being used successfully by a club was if the benefactor themself were suddenly to not be there - either by death or personal bankruptcy.
  11. Yeah you should be ashamed. Even I stretch to a new antimacasser for my armchair when it's playoff final day.... 不
  12. Anyone who writes to our local mp allegedly ends up with more than they bargain for.... 不
  13. You've erased the Stephen bywater, Saul deeny glory years then... 不
  14. Blah.....blah....integrity of the league... ..... blah...... Have you met Peter Ridsdale?..... 不
  15. I think they might need to consider giving the fat swindler a contract to the end of the season just to keep them up, then bring in the guy they really want...... 不
  16. I thought that we had Chris Evans doing that role at the time. What we won't ever know is whether Sam was tying his hands in negotiations.
  17. Blimey, Derbyshire has modernised since I lived there..... 不
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