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  1. Sending my thoughts and best wishes to you and your family David , stay strong mate , you totally did the right thing , something he will realise eventually
  2. one of the best posts on here in a while , spot on mate
  3. Watched them as a boy , played for them as a teen , watch them when Rams not playing , Borrowash Victoria
  4. Somethings not right , this announcement about STS doesnt sit right with me at the moment , as far as i can tell we seem to be the only club in the Champ not to be selling season tickets , i can only assume that is down to 2 things either we are teetering on the edge of a very big financial meltdown or God willing a takeover , the rubbish about potential lockdowns and fans missing out is a smokescreen to me
  5. To use your words the band of misfits, to my knowledge none have been signed yet , just a trial , as for your second comment , we are in full agreement , Forest will do duck all
  6. Wayne , Ravel and the rest of our club there is your motivation for the new season , make this bag of wind eat his words , COYR
  7. Jesus Christ if you thought the EFL hated us before , it just got worse
  8. This could be the making of Tom , congratulations mate , your mum would be proud of you
  9. Hold your heads high Gareth and the team , you made the country proud and put a smile on our faces again after a torrid 16 months , last night i think the occasion got to us a little bit and with scoring so early left us a bit stick or twist , Italy are a fine side and i thought their two centre halfs Chiellini and Bonucci were immense , Jorginhos tackle on Grealish was a red for me , very nasty challenge All in all a good tournament for us and hope for the World Cup , hard luck lads from a proud England fan
  10. Some on here come across as they are
  11. What i said was , see if we sign either of them first before all the negativity starts , most of the negative posts on here have not come up with any alternative names to the 2 players in question , at the moment we are limited to what we can sign so why dont we show a more welcoming attitude to potential new signings whoever they may be
  12. Its not like Derby fans to ridicule and fill this forum with negatives on potential signings is it? Lets see if we sign them first , and if we do why not give them a chance for a change , instead of all this constant hes too old , never been very good , could find better in lower leagues , rather play the tea lady nonsense that seems to accompany most of our rumoured new players
  13. In the minority on here but i thought it was a penalty , Jensen the culprit , cutting across Raheem and catching his hip , Kane , Sterling and Walker outstanding , fans superb , and to all the Pickford bashes , think he will have a big say in us winning the trophy on Sunday , does get carried away at ytimes but is as brave as a lion
  14. Bring that trophy home Gareth , massive achievement for you and the team so far , now finish the job , a very proud and hungover England fan this morning , Come On England
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