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  1. no , but you are , Boro didnt make the play offs
  2. Football suicide for Newcastle United , a toxic atmosphere , fans wanting the manager to fail , Ashley hated, club in total freefall
  3. ive noticed Leroy Fer is still without a club , he had a nasty injury but has worked his way back , might be worth a trial , would definitely add something different to our midfield
  4. heard it was Jordan Willis from Coventry mate , and yes it has gone quiet
  5. clocks ticking Chelsea , dont make Mel angry , you really wouldnt like him when hes angry
  6. he looks like hes been living in those bushes since the end of last season
  7. Got to know Cally through his djing in Sadlergate , been mates ever since , hes been through a rough time with his illness , but hes always got time to talk about football
  8. Nigel Callaghan was DJ at my wedding
  9. Best wishes Frank , thanks for reuniting our club last season , a rollercoaster ride that ultimately ended in defeat , but that win at Elland Road and the scenes after are what i will remember you for , but Derby County live on and whoever Mel decides fills the managers hot seat next hopefully picks up the mantle and gets us promotion this season , COYR
  10. Good luck Brys , us Rams will always have you in our hearts , a great professional , a great guy , and that hat- trick against the Red Dogs , priceless , always welcome back in Derby for a Jaeger or two , will miss you Craig
  11. Praying Frank will stay and finish what hes started , but if the pull of Chelsea proves too much then a manager whose always gone about his job in a very professional way , playing decent football , and im sure hasnt been mentioned on here yet , but i think may be worth a go , Kenny Jackett
  12. Dont Leave Me This Way by The Communards
  13. its nearly time everybody , the team , every Rams fan at Wembley lets put on a performance on Monday and get this club into the Premier League , lets show Frank what he would be leaving behind , part of me thinks he wont leave , Franks been in football a long time and with the advice of his dad and uncle Harry he will know deep down hes not ready for the challenge of Chelsea yet But this rumour wont go away , so lets show Frankie our appreciation on Monday and remind him theres no bounce at Chelsea
  14. still sulking Boro , Mr Gibson and his club are well matched , both as boring as hell
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