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  1. Premier ram

    Lucas Piazon

    go get him Frankie
  2. Premier ram

    Could we upgrade on Carson ?

    shows how far weve come under Frank when Scottys the new scapegoat , unbelievable
  3. Premier ram

    When You Were A Teenage Ram (14-16)

    Bobby Davison , enough said
  4. Premier ram

    Steel City Derby

    wasnt impressed with the Blades at our place , not seen much of weds this season but they seem to be having a tough time of it , think it will be a draw
  5. Premier ram

    v Villa (H) - Predictions

    1-1 Lawrence
  6. Premier ram

    v Brum (H) - Predictions

    1-1 Lawrence
  7. Premier ram

    v Chelsea (A) Cup Predictions

    4-2 Chelsea , Davies frgs
  8. Premier ram

    v Boro' (A) - Predictions

    1-1 Wilson
  9. Premier ram

    Tom Lawrence - Fan criticism

    was at the game last night , well done Tom , by far your best game in a Rams shirt , keep it up
  10. Premier ram

    V WBA (A) Match Thread

    just getting ready to leave the hawthorns , proud to be a Ram , super performance from the lads , hard to pick a mom but i will go for Tomori , what a player , oozes class , and super Frankie , bold and brave line up , what a guy , Boro here we come
  11. Premier ram

    v WBA (A) - Predictions

    Baggies 1 Rams 1 Wilson
  12. Premier ram

    v Sheffield Utd (H) - Predictions

    1-2 Bryson
  13. Premier ram

    v QPR (A) - Predictions

    1-2 to the Rams , Waghorn frgs
  14. Premier ram

    v Bolton Wanderers (A) Match Thread

    just made it , coyr , 3pts today to make up for a nightmare journey

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