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  1. Premier ram


    worked so hard today , well done nuge , top pro , great bloke
  2. Premier ram

    Three full teams!

    yes , he did very well when he came on , looks to have a great future in front of him
  3. Premier ram

    Jack Marriott

    just think what that little lot would be worth now
  4. a fit Jack Wilshere and Harry Winks getting regular game time
  5. Premier ram

    Is this season a write-off already?

    welcome to Derby Frank , god help you if you dont beat Reading 6-0 in your first game , unbelievable
  6. Premier ram

    Is this season a write-off already?

    my word , not even played the first friendly and the wrist slashers are out already, bet your looking forward to the annual new year meltdown so you can say i told you so , give the club and frank time and if you cant do us a favour and suffer in silence
  7. Premier ram

    World Cup 2018 thread

    totally agree mate , thought sterling going off made croatia more confident and throw caution to the wind
  8. Premier ram


    think Jodys going to be Franks best signing , a great coup to get him from Chelsea
  9. Premier ram

    World Cup 2018 thread

    we just know its going to go to penalties
  10. Premier ram

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Goal of the tournament so far for me , Chadlis winner , brilliant fast paced attack , De Bruyne brilliant break , good low cross from Meunier , a superb dummy from Lukaku and the finish from Chadli , fancy Belguim to beat Brazil
  11. Premier ram

    Matej Vydra

    Everybody calm down a bit , Vyds hasnt gone yet and if he does im sure the club have an adequate replacement lined up , nobody knows whats going on behind the scenes , so chill out and enjoy the close season , Franks here , Rowett isnt , whats not to enjoy
  12. Premier ram

    Who will be Frank's first signing?

    sam winnall
  13. Premier ram

    Name that Ram

  14. Premier ram

    Name that Ram

    Hes a legend, very underrated
  15. Premier ram

    Name that Ram

    Heres one i dont know Bob , driving me mad , looks like a Man United shirt

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