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  1. v Leeds (H) - Predictions

    1-0 Rams Johnson
  2. Surprised. Embarrassed. Frustrated.

    correct me if im wrong , but Nick Blackman hasnt had a proper chance at Derby to prove his worth
  3. Derby County vs Leeds United

    thought leeds were very average myself , it was only when Bristol City did a Derby and sat back and let Leeds come at them that they actuallydid anything , start the game on the front foot on weds and dont let up and i think 3pts will be ours
  4. QPR away who is going

    especially if hes a Forest fan ,or Nick Blackman in disguise
  5. Clough and Burton

    come on Benty , shooting boots on today and fell those trees
  6. Gary Charles

    will do mate , i should be seeing him sometime next week , hes a very humble guy who is first to admit hes made mistakes , he just wants to get on with his life quietly , while also giving something back to society
  7. Monkey off our backs?

    Like i said in another thread , looking forward to seeing Elsnik in and around the first team next season , a strong all round midfielder , doing well with Swindon , think this boys got a big future
  8. Life on Loan - Elsnik & Gordon

    Hoping both make it at Derby , looking forward to seeing Elsnik in a Rams shirt , looks a very calm , talented player
  9. Monkey off our backs?

    yes the 5 in midfield is a real problem for us , all our central midfielders are very similar , mobility wise , to play with an extra midfielder thats a bit different to what weve got we would need Craig Bryson or somebody similar to slot in next to Huddlestone and /or Ledley and Thorne
  10. Monkey off our backs?

    yes we will , do you think we can win the play- offs RoyMac ?
  11. Monkey off our backs?

    No not at all , im genuinely interested , im seeing a young manager who has guided two teams to the top end of one of the hardest leagues to get out of , he will make mistakes as most managers do at this level , i would like to hear your thoughts on GR and where you think we will end up this season and why
  12. Monkey off our backs?

    What has Rowett done so wrong in your eyes that you dont rate him , he had an unfashionable team like Birmingham fighting for the play offs when he got sacked , and now hes got us fighting for the top two , that sounds like a manager that knows what hes doing at this level at least , please just give us an insight into why you dont rate him so much
  13. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    yes i do go home and away , if you read my post properly what im saying is after the unbeaten run weve just had , the first defeat has got some fans getting on the managers and players backs , you were there last night , would Russell and Martin have made a difference ?, and with a bit more composure in front of goal we could of won that game last night , whether we deserved to or not , we are a point off second place , will things look a bit more rosey for some fans if villa and cardiff slip up on Saturday? it just feels like certain people sit and wait for things to go wrong before posting their bile again , sorry for the rant , but COME ON DERBY finish the job and put a stop to this negativity
  14. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    How can someone so negative call themselves a supporter
  15. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    The Rams having a wobble , fans going into meltdown , RoyMac back on the forum with his anti - Rowett sniping , what great fans weve got , support the team through thick and thin or bore off for good

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