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  1. you can bet your life that if it was us we would be forced to play the under 12s
  2. So sorry to hear this , very popular with the fans in the short time with us , a wholehearted , fearless pocket dynamo of a midfielder , rip Mickey
  3. Time of the season when injuries permitting that you need a settled 11 , no more tinkering Wayne , lesson learned in midweek , must admit , not looking forward to tomorrows game , going to be very tense , 1 slip could be the difference , hopefully Wayne has got them focused after Cardiff , will be glad when we are safe COYR
  4. Very harsh for Fulham last night , stupid rule
  5. Bruce out next , got a feeling Hodgson might leave Palace when they are safe
  6. Hope Cardiffs run continues tonight , can see Moore giving Keogh all sorts of trouble
  7. When Darius Vassell was at Aston Villa he tried to drain a blood blister using a power drill , who says footballers are stupid?
  8. Injuries have hit Liverpool hard at the back , but also the front 3 dont seem very effective at the moment , big egos with Mane and Salah
  9. its been that bloody long can someone remind me what normality is
  10. Wayne is doing a good job at the moment , i would also like to give a shout out for Liam Rosenior , they seem to work very well with each other , Liams interviews are very good as well , potential of a good managerial partnership that could finally get us back to the Prem
  11. Premier ram

    Darren Moore

    He was at doncaster
  12. Premier ram

    Darren Moore

    Blimey, has Darren had a bang to the head , awful job to take on , his old club could be swapping places with Wednesday next season , hope he knows what hes doing
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