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  1. Agree with your outs mate , if we are not going to play Jack then sell him now while we can still get a decent price for him , both full backs worry me defensively , both were dominated last night , and it seems both are incapable of stopping crosses coming in , putting pressure on the centre halfs and keeper
  2. was there last night , so frustrating , if Lawrence had of put us ahead it could have been a different story , but saying that , you cannot give a team like Fulham 3 goals on a plate , individual and collective errors are costing us , and believe me its not just Kelles fault , last night both full backs were dominated , Davies or Forsyth never got the better of Mitrovic , midfield disappeared , letting Cairney dominate , strikers feeding off scraps , feel sorry for Martin not a decent pass to him all night , only positive was Whittaker , a promising 30 mins from him , we need to get this away form sorted , cant keep relying on the home form
  3. looking forward to it B4 , will be there roaring the Rams on
  4. First chance to post since Saturday , very proud of the lads , in my opinion the best 90 minute performance of the season , congratulations to the boss , your plans are beginning to take shape , outstanding performances from Fozzy , Lawrence and Martin , but special praise for the fans , especially the last 20mins when some players were puffing and legs getting heavy , the crowd roared them on to a great 3pts , well done everybody , onto Fulham , and lets get this away form sorted COYR
  5. Dont worry about his physicality in the Champ , Bannan and Hernandez cope ok
  6. Premier ram


    its ruining the Premier League , the decisions at Spurs and Liverpool were laughable , a big toe offside , ridiculous , and the handball before the first goal was costly for City , think it would have been a different game if City had won and scored the penalty , with the offside decisions at the minute Luis Suarezs teeth would have been offside every Liverpool attack
  7. we were in a mini bus yesterday , stopped at traffic lights when 4 middle aged Forest fans started banging on and spitting on the windows , they werent banking on us alighting the mini bus and showing them the error of their ways , felt a bit for one of them who my mate who is 6 foot 4 and 19 stone dumped head first into a skip , keep rubbish off the pavements kids , use the skips and bins provided
  8. yes , the continual baiting of Tom was tedious , did very well not to react , especially when taking corners , Tom seems to have grown up since the incident and his recent performances are of the Tom Lawrence that we thought we signed
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