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  1. Went to the game today , Chris Martin i love you , how we got a point i dont know , but we did and how the leeds fans wailed again, and for the big brave soul that spat on our windscreen as we left then hid behind his mate when we got out to confront him , you bottled it just like your team , big shout out for Keogh and Lowe both immense and for those giving Roos stick , dont forget he made a couple of decent saves to keep us in it , this could be a turning point in our season , fingers crossed , COYR
  2. Think England were guilty of switching off at half time , Kosovo were very good going forward as were England , Keane not international class for me and i dont think Henderson and Barkley are either , will qualify easy enough then the big test next summer , Pickford , Trippier, Rose , Maguire, Stones, Winks, Mount or Maddison, Rice, Sterling, Sancho,Kane would be my starting 11 for the Euros
  3. whose the guy with his arms around Ebosele , he only looks about 12
  4. i would like to know why Jamie Paterson seems to be partly to blame , we have hardly seen him , thought he was our only threat going forward against Forest
  5. would just like to deflect a little bit from poking sticks at our team , im not condoning yesterdays performance , it wasnt good enough , i was there yesterday and i would like to point out how well Brentford played , they played for their own pride and for their manager , who could of been in fear of his job if they had lost , , they blew us away first half with fast , controlled , skilfull football , they were most peoples tip for a top 6 place and on yesterdays showing i wouldnt bet against it
  6. spot on mate , remember a few times under lampard last season when we needed that wake up call after an horrific performance, leeds and villa at home , villa away spring to mind
  7. im going against the grain here and will probably need my tin hat on afterwards , but after attending all games so far this season i feel a bit sorry for Dowell , i watched him closely yesterday and i feel hes stuck in the middle of doing 2 jobs , a bit like Keogh , hes the creative , attacking midfielder of the side but hes also trying to help out Hudd , who to me is struggling more and more , when Dowell is receiving the ball and looking to move it forward Waggy is stationary , and Marriott is covered by 2 defenders , so his only options are play the safe ball. sideways or back , or force the play and end up losing it , to me Dowells biggest crime is hes not Mason Mount , and as we are seeing at the moment we would have been very lucky to find another one like him
  8. i dont think the current problems are down to recruitment , i think if we are honest we all suspected this might happen , due to the prolonged Lampard staying or going debacle , and the very messy pre season , the absolute waste of time USA trip and then Cocu trying to play catch up in 3 more friendlies , Cocu is still trying to work out his best 11 and best formation , until players get fit and others find form then i think we will have a few more bumps in the road , patience required COYR
  9. really sad news , im sure all Rams fans join me in sending heartfelt condolences
  10. Roos , Malone, Huddlestone, Dowell , Bennett, Waggy,Lawrence,Flo , have all come in for some fearful stick at some point this season , heres an idea , why dont we support the team like we are supposed to , its the managers job to decide who plays and who doesnt , who stays , who goes , i am fed up of some of our fanbase continually having to have a go at certain players , support the team , the manager and the club and lets see where that takes us , a little bit of encouragement can go a long way instead of the constant bawling out of certain players
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