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  1. B4 , thought of you when final whistle sounded , hopefully we all get our wish and be back at Pride Park in August buddy COYR
  2. Great to see Curtis back , great guy on and off the pitch
  3. Not ashamed to admit it but Waggys tears and emotion got to me and i shed a few with him , lets sort this out and hopefully never be in this sort of predicament again , i love you Derby County
  4. Always rated him eeeerrrmmmm Marlon eeeeerrrrrm Pack
  5. Joz and Sibbo on for waggy and knight , all guns blazing now lads , lets get fighting
  6. Matt Clarke , Sibbo and 9 others , get the job done Derby , COME ON YOU RAMSSSSSS
  7. Fozzy is one of the most honest players that has pulled on the Rams shirt since his arrival , knows his limitations but gives his all for the shirt
  8. with the game being compared to a cup final . all the nerves on the day of the game , wouldnt it be typical that we get that little toe rag keith stroud to referee the game
  9. vile behaviour , rise above it Morgan , would like to send you my best wishes and the best of luck in your career , you left the Rams too soon
  10. Come on you Hatters , Incey to get the winner
  11. Yes , Sunderland , been taken over and had a new manager and still might not get promoted , be careful what you wish for Rams fans
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