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  1. Forest are a well drilled outfit , Sibbo looks the only one who could break them down , come out firing boys , keep the faith
  2. surprised with Fleetwoods ill discipline on the pitch , what with having such a mild mannered manager an all that
  3. Matt Clarke has been my stand out performer since the restart , hopefully get him back for next season
  4. Boro as a football club , Warnock as a manager and Gibson as a Chairman , pleeeeeeease
  5. lets go with what our manager decides , hes got very little wrong since the season restarted
  6. watched Northampton 3 times on Sky during lockdown , very impressed with the young striker they have on loan from WBA , Callum Morton , pacey, works hard , scores goals , if the baggies want to loan him out again he could be a good option for us
  7. Get well soon Wis , the team are going to miss you , lets do it for him on Wednesday boys
  8. Better last 10 mins from Boges , Wisdom , Bird and Sibley the standouts for me so far, great finish from Tom
  9. As is Bogle , somebody please tell him its not a friendly
  10. Frustrating for Rams so far , passing getting sloppy , lack of pace up top , Reading look dangerous when they break
  11. Gibson and Warnock deserve each other , that other ragbag outfit Hull will save Boro not Colin
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