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  1. Same here ang , not claiming my refund , we will have the 3pts instead , Come on you Rams
  2. Im sure all Rams fans will join me in wishing David well in his recovery fight
  3. Quick question , im a season ticket holder , can i go to the ticket office and get my tickets for next 2 home games from there ?
  4. North America? Thats Keogh on Blackpool beach
  5. For Richard Keogh , the EFL, Mel Morris , Steve Gibson , Wycombe Wanderers , Simon Jordan the message is simple Just Duck off the lot of you
  6. great stuff mate , will try and keep the date free and come down
  7. ROONEY, ROONEY, ROONEY, well done Wayne and the lads , you are making us fans proud again
  8. Well done Ryan , a very composed performance , should keep your place for Saturday, faultless last night
  9. Come on Derby , lets get this survival mission started tonight , good luck Wayne and the lads
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