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  1. what a 5 a side team that would be
  2. my wife who isnt normally a worrier has gone into panic mode today , the news from spain has sent her over the edge , how is it so bad in spain and italy with their lockdowns and will it get as bad over here
  3. my son got Brian Clough and Robbie Savage , now that would have been interesting
  4. same here mate , Clement and Bucko
  5. Bobby Davison , got him for peanuts , in todays market would be worth millions
  6. Albentosa , disaster from the start , Nathan Tyson , useless RedDog
  7. Colin Murphy , bloke looked like a science teacher , absolutely clueless as a football manager
  8. Most , Lawrence, Holmes, Wisdom Least , Marriott, Davies
  9. i am a Derby fan and a Martin fan , as ive said before we look a lot better side with Chris Martin leading the line
  10. Great to see Ace , magical player , didnt play many times for us but it was an honour to witness his displays in a Rams shirt
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