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  1. Good luck for the season mate , hope it goes peacefully for you , you Addicks fans deserve a break
  2. must be hard for them to wash their hands when their knuckles are constantly dragging on the floor
  3. who cares what Alex Neil thinks , small scottish tinpot manager , ideal Billy Davies tribute act
  4. Great to see you back Jordon , knuckle down , work on your fitness and wear that number 11 shirt with pride , good times are just around the corner COYR
  5. would be an upgrade on what we have , would allow Buchanan to go out on loan
  6. Correct me if im wrong but your beloved Mclaren and Rowett never got us promoted either, and both of them oversaw some ropey performances
  7. Wow , Some Derby fans lord it saying we are amongst the best fans in the country , some on here then go against the grain , yes we have not had the best start but already abuse and negative comments have been aimed at Shinnie , Whittaker , Marriott, Te Wierik and now Fozzy , never mind the absurd comments against our manager , wake up and realise we are a sleeping giant and its going to take a lot more work to get us in a position where we are challenging again Listen to the manager , he is as downcast as many fans are , he said look at the table after 10 -12 games this is fair
  8. Great shout mate , very impressed with him last night , played the loan striker role , strong , pacey , and scored , exactly what we need
  9. Lucky as in lockdown gave them a breather when it looked like things were going pear shaped for them again , Brentford were gaining on them very quickly
  10. I think the ref was the cause of defeat last night , still cant believe he mistook Lees head for his hand , Te Wierik has come from a pipe and slippers league to an absolute rollercoaster of a league , he will get to grips with it and prove to be a shrewd signing
  11. He would be one of the first names on the team sheet for me , his heart , desire and commitment should be an example to all
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