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  1. our lack of cutting edge and inability to score off crosses has managed to get us into a play off position though hasnt it ?
  2. Jaydens got his confidence back , been well managed by Frank, looks a future Prem player , with or without us
  3. all the permatations , possibles , maybes , one things for sure , its going to be an exciting finish , what a league
  4. sorry Sage , its a great shout but Brownes not on a free , but i agree hes just the sort of midfielder we need , Brownhill at Bristol City is another one , but im sure they will have a hefty price tag
  5. what a goal , who cares if he meant it or not , it went in , down in the history books as a goal so lets celebrate it , this gives Mason a platform to push on from here and try and cement a first team shirt , after that wonder goal , i for one really hope he can , great stuff Mason
  6. the day i bother what a nobody like him thinks then ill know we are in trouble
  7. my man of the match as well ,welcome back Brad
  8. Fans were superb last night and the players responded , good all round performance , same again Saturday please everyone
  9. Clod , Grenet , Andy Todd , Laurent Robert and Bragstad, think he was the worst of the lot
  10. totally agree with you mate , i wonder if some of the more negative ones on here were at Villa Park on Saturday , because the negativity from before kick off there really got my back up , i dont see how people can go to a game under the guise of being a SUPPORTER and then spend 90 minutes gleefully abusing the team they are there to SUPPORT
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