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  1. Premier ram

    CamRam Jerome

    showed last night why Gary signed him , strength , pace and goals , made a mug of Morrison , which delighted me , keep it up Cam
  2. Premier ram

    Rams you'd see in a pub.

    Richard Gou -booze and Steve Cherry brandy
  3. Premier ram

    Rams you'd see in a pub.

    Mick cocktail Brolly and Sherry Curran
  4. Premier ram

    Tom Lawrence

    best performance in a Rams shirt yesterday by a country mile , both defensively and attacking wise , a glimpse of the player we thought we had signed , long may it continue , well done Tom
  5. Premier ram

    v Cardiff (H) - Predictions (Take 2)

    2-2 Davies frgs
  6. Premier ram

    Now is the time for Rowett to be brave

    what a great chance for the boys today , come out fighting and pushing forward and us fans will be right behind you , got a feeling after last nights result Boro will be happy with a point so when chances are created weve got to be clinical , put to one side whats gone on before and lets support the lads wholeheartedly , its still not too late to turn it around , good luck to Gary and whatever team he picks , COME ON YOU RAMS
  7. Premier ram

    Derby County Football Club vs Middlesbrough

    i see youve woke up in a good positive mood
  8. Premier ram

    unforgettable thats what you are...

    Bobby Campbell , Earnshaw, Albentosa
  9. Premier ram

    Shaun Barker Retires

    i was there saturday , and the only highlight of my day was Barks coming on , to battle back from that awful injury tells you all you need to know about the man , good luck Barks and good luck Burton for the future , you certainly showed us Rams what you can achieve with heart and desire
  10. Premier ram

    v Middlesbrough - Predictions (H)

    think the lads will have a good look at themselves this week , the fightback begins,, 2-1 Rams weimann frgs
  11. Premier ram

    Jack Stamps POTY: Voting Open

    curtis davies for me , very consistent season
  12. Premier ram

    What an awful chant

    my god Ramnut , the way youve gone on about this and making your comments to posters on here it sounds like your one as well
  13. Premier ram

    We're coming after you Wolves

    thought of you yesterday B4 , knew you would be heartbroken with the poor performance and the awful atmosphere in the Derby end , chin up mate , 4 games left , hope the team has a good hard look at themseves and come out in these games and get a little bit of self respect back
  14. Premier ram

    The Alternative

    totally with you on this , how about Nathan Jones of Luton , plays the sort of football Rams fans crave
  15. Premier ram

    Club Restructure- DOF

    very good post mate , im inclined to agree with you

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