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  1. Evans looking like he did at Bristol away last April. Excellent!
  2. The Snake was in charge at the time. Martin went to Reading instead.
  3. He's a coach in the youth setup at AC Milan now
  4. Always will be my favourite. I was a mascot at Everton away in August 2000 and he was the captain that day. He was an absolute gent.
  5. Listening now. Looking forward to it all. The best football era of the current century. So near yet so far.
  6. Jim wanted Bergdolmo... We got Bragstad instead. He was absolutely awful. Remember vs Liverpool live on the telly and Heskey ripping him a new one.
  7. The wrist slashers from earlier are scrambling for plasters as I type
  8. I thought Alan Parry was an experienced commentator....
  9. Well said @uttoxram75. The key word you mention is Patience! Enough said.
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/12040/11930630/ex-Derby-midfielder-george-thorne-plays-for-free-at-oxford-united Fair play to the lad.
  11. Cocu haters currently retreating in droves... Great win. Always a tough place to go and get a result!
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