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  1. Being Welsh I'm biased....😂 But when I went to watch Wales vs Russia in Toulouse in 2016, the Russian anthem was something else!
  2. Brought in on a Barker type fee too?
  3. I'd be happy to see the GSE lot back! Just for the stability and the dullness 😂
  4. Give him that new contract now
  5. Train driving and not knowing what is happening is a bad combo. Left Manchester, we were down and out. Reach Blackpool, and we've survived. Glad I didn't have to watch that 2nd half... 😂
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56974460
  7. Maybe they mean Candido Costa, the next Luis Figo we were all promised in 2004....
  8. All depends if he appoints Goebbels is the commercial manager... 😂
  9. At least the Daily Mail will be off our back with a far right wing owner.....
  10. I work with a lot of Oldham fans and they were delighted for the money they got for him...
  11. Don Goodman is itching for us to make a costly error...
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