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  1. League 1 could be interesting next year with all these embargoed and FFP bankrupt clubs in it Derby, Portsmouth, Sunderland, Sheff Wednesday, possibly Forest as well. I assume the TV rights will be renegotiated as all the biggest clubs outside the Premier leagues top 10 will be in that league. Are Reading signing any more 100 k a week players this week under their embargo. EFL protecting its members my arse.
  2. If we take a 9 point deduction, added to a chairman who doesn't want to fund loans never mind fees, were pretty much down. We haven't got enough in the side to make up a 7 point gap. Being a trier won't get enough goals.
  3. Anyone else think this may be nothing to do with points and more attached to this proposed business plan going forward meaning we still can't sign anyone. This could really stump any sale. Watching Quest who call us dull as ditch water Derby and are now reconfiguring the table with breaking news that we are taking a 9 point deduction and 3 more next season. All based on information from....... nowhere.
  4. Is Wisdom available? Where's Wisdom. Has he gone to Ipswich with everyone else
  5. Had one sent off last night . Should have another with that penalty dive . Good god, 9.5 on the Kewell scale
  6. They seem to be banging on about lack of players a lot this week. They've brought in 10, but are used to having 20 to use as random doorstops and draft excluders I suppose. Have they still got any of those Portuguese wonder kids, who could have played for Munich but chose Forest.
  7. For selling 57 million quid's worth of players in 5 years in an attempt to break the rules, while Bournemouth with an average attendance of about 9,000 can have 20 million pound players and a wage bill of 70 million a season.
  8. Isn't that were we started supposedly.
  9. Of course, like anyone else who forgets football didn't start 30 years ago.
  10. Do they still sell student tickets up to the age of 24 for £5 and season tickets for £90. More expensive for a pint before the game than going. That's ok and fills seats but is always laughable when used as an attendance stick. That reminds me, I must get rid of all those £100 quid phones I supposedly got for free with match tickets. I've got at least 4 van loads to take to the tip.
  11. I remember when he was one of the gruesome twosome all over social media for a month, the other being Drogba, posting daily videos about Lampard taking over at Chelsea. His opinion on our club was evident enough in those videos, so no need to watch. Surprised they let him in the door.
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