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  1. We've sold over 40 million quids worth of players in the last couple of season's and sold a manager for 2 mill as well. Boro spent an absolute fortune last summer . Your talking drivel me old china.
  2. That's the one . First one much better than the second.
  3. Choose your future, choose life . But why would I want to do a thing like that .... when I can gorge on the sofa watching game of thrones.
  4. You need to try Everton or West Ham . They don't have man of the match, they choose one to stoned in the centre circle at full time . Our fan's are no worse than others and better than a lot . Try the Forest fans on Osborn or Murphy, if online player abuse really gets to them they must be afraid to leave the house.
  5. Thanks for that. The thought of that abomination has ruined my morning.
  6. Done this once cutting through a hedge trimmer cable. The inside of my hand went black and even my teeth hurt .
  7. Thai green curry -the reaction was indescribable. Beetroot -the devil's food. A night out in Walsall
  8. The ones with Jabba the Hutt . Keep this photo handy if he appears on screen ,chances are it's Return of the Jedi and your in the right ball park.
  9. Perhaps we could just go back to this. Obviously there may be a bit of turning the map around and it would be Brussels rather than Copenhagen ruling but I made my decision and am happy with it. No more referendums thanks. The Danelaw (/ˈdeɪnˌlɔː/, also known as the Danelagh; Old English: Dena lagu;[1] Danish: Danelagen), as recorded in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, is a historical name given to the part of England in which the laws of the Danes held sway[2] and dominated those of the Anglo-Saxons. Danelaw contrasts with West Saxon law and Mercian law. The term is first recorded in the early 11th century as Dena lage.[3] Modern historians have extended the term to a geographical designation. The areas that constituted the Danelaw lie in northern and eastern England
  10. Go on then. Express Dec 2017 Brexiteer Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said: “When the EU is having to continually investigate itself it suggests all is not well in Jean-Claude Juncker’s federalised fantasy land. "Thank goodness we’re leaving this busted flush of a bloc behind.” The fraud office courted controversy when it refused requests to release a report relating to the 2015 VW “dieselgate” scandal. VW had received a £350million loan from the EU’s bank to develop emission-reducing efficiencies, but was found to have cheated. It later emerged the EU knew about the scandal but kept silent until US regulators acted. All I typed in was EU BUSTED FLUSH. This kind of proves that you can counteract any argument by finding something to back it up very easily. No ones mind is going to be changed here. Perhaps you could find a story by typing in FARAGES BREXIT SAUSAGES and see what comes up on Brexit roulette. Let us know.
  11. Yeah. he also spoke really well of us when it snowed last year. As highlighted. He was on Radio Derby breakfast show the day after and was good fun . He just plays a good game, we all had a bit of fun with that one.
  12. I believe so. Despite his outburst last year he's always spoke fondly of Derby . Apparently, he used to watch us a lot when he was starting at Burton. He thinks of us as a proper football club due to the continued turnout we got in the early eighties when we feel of our perch somewhat and always like's to come here.
  13. Matt Clarke centre half at Portsmouth . Watched the highlights of him at Wembley against Sunderland . Perfect for the way Lampard sets up . Very good with ball at feet coming out from the back and a good passer . Only 22/23 as well.
  14. Don't forget Jason Talbot and Dean Holdsworth. Holdsworth might be a decent shout actually.
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