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  1. He may well have done, he's a Forest fan. Never really quite sure how that works if you support one and play for the other. when you pack up playing do you revert to type. I always think Camp was a proper pantomime villain, made out he was all Forest when he went there, but I saw him out with the Derby players at a club opening on The Wardwick having a jolly old time .
  2. He was a very strange fella. Every time he said the word Derby he used to pretend to spit in a bin. He also closely resembled Frodo Baggins . Leeds don't have any rivalry with Derby you know, we're just hanging on the coat tails of a giant who didn't exist till the 1920's and relied on a loan from Huddersfield to stay afloat. lol
  3. I worked there for 4 months in 2002- it is . Plus they sat me next to Leeds fan who was a tool of the highest order. Nice view out the window though.
  4. I often wonder if Jack Stamps FA cup winners medal was bought by the club when it went to auction . if not that's a real shame as the winning bid was less than half a weeks pay for some of the players we have .
  5. More than were the words. 3 pints was put forward as a 'your a lightweight ' bit of Tom- foolery
  6. Why walk to a garage then ring him, unless he hoped he could find someone to get the car moving ' Excuse me mate I've got a bit of a puncture and could do with a new headlight'.
  7. I certainly do know, although Lusty Glaze beach is still my favourite by a mile . Twenty years ago Newquay was great but the town has died and looks a bit like St Peters street- on sea.
  8. I meet a bloke called Zeb who plays for St Helens in Newquay early this year, had a drink with him and his family one lunch time when his kids sat next to us. Lovely fella and built like an brick poo house. Think he preferred St Ives.
  9. Kuhl wasn't fit to wipe the sweat of Van Der Laans sack . Just my opinion mind.
  10. People who buy 20 quids worth of shopping at a petrol station blocking up the pump I need . Normally the same person who spends an extra 10 minutes adjusting the seat, wing mirror and fiddling in the glove box when they get back in. I'm sure this will make me go full on Falling Down one morning.
  11. I really didn't mind Sammon. He was pretty quick and a very useful weapon at opening up games late on during Mac 1. When Martin used to struggle against the Hanley/ Flint types he was the one who came on and gave them a problem creating space for others. Shaun Barker rated him highly as a useful option in the squad .
  12. There has been a lot of stuff on this post about the effects or not of East European migration in the city . Currently watching a programme on BBC 1 called Fugitive - one of the features is Derby. Covers the police, possible human trafficking, persistent offenders, drug addiction etc . Worth a look as there seems to be a lot of back and forth on here about this issue.
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