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  1. This constant tirade of celebrity crap is another vote swinger. John Hannahs latest interlude. This whole Brexit cluster****is really about 1 thing. Immigration ! Like it or not turns out we’re a country of racists and Brexit/EU scepticism is the cover. It’s all about English nationalism . Shameful!
  2. You may have to educate me here . I assumed that Scotland would have been aware during the last independence referendum that a vote on leaving the EU was coming around . Therefore this would have been a consideration at the time. In which case you can't have your cake and all that . Choice made really . If for some reason this wasn't the case . And the possibility wasn't on the table in any way, they may have a better case for another referendum . My recollection is that the possibility of leaving was there at the time.
  3. Thanks for the constructive feedback and avoiding the point. I assume you've been too all the league grounds to be so certain we have one of the two shittiest support bases in the country. Maybe if that's your opinion don't bother yourself. Perhaps that bloke who was sat at the ground today had a real crap week . Maybe he was hoping to have a nice afternoon at the footy and got abused for getting a bit frustrated . Perhaps he may feel the need to move seats because it's ok for you and a few others to be atmosphere vigilantes. Bogle has been a first team player for 18 months by the way. I've had a lot of experience handling footballers at there worst and they couldn't give a hoot at age 19 about the occasional comment . Sure he's having a great night and not bothered at all.
  4. perhaps he should have sat him down and discussed it rationally with him and not raised his voice. Or maybe he choose to have a go at this fan who had paid to watch a game instead of directing at those on the pitch who were causing his raised blood pressure. Maybe it's ok to give a random stranger verbal abuse but not a football player one. ? Maybe these players should choose another profession if a bit of barracking becomes to much. I would suggest a monastery where they can have silence and contemplation away from the nasty supporters who make life such a misery for them . No point them moving club as it's twice as bad at most grounds out there.
  5. More to the point. What fans are going to want to watch them. Absolute garbage again bar 10 minutes in the second half. That's normally because the opposition are defending out a result and our players have plenty in the tank having spent 80 minutes scratching there arse's.
  6. Careful. Gone down this road before to be advised he's young and learning-in a rather more robust tone- even though he's halfway through his career by my reckoning.
  7. This would be the same Diane Abbott who believes ' Blond haired, blue eyed nurses from Finland' have no place working for the NHS. You could be getting a few more of these . The tolerance of her 'views' is one of the reasons I turned from Labour after supporting them till I was in my thirties.
  8. You get one and that's quite simple if your dad was an Irish citizen (Republic) and not just born by chance on a holiday- i.e you have Irish grandparents . So will your children but that's a complicated application . You will need the original copy of your father's birth certificate to register them and other document's - it's a lot of forms . Any grandchildren you may have won't be considered for an Irish passport.
  9. 13 goals , Averaged around 1 in 3. About 6 or 7 of those appearances were 5 minute cameos . That makes his strike rate more impressive last year. The poo spell in the middle of the season was after a stomach injury. It also coincided with Mount being injured. Can't score 25 goals sat on the bench and the occasional half arsed chance due to lack of ammunition. All this about Marriotts attitude is balls . Cocu praised his attitude earlier in the year. Saying how much he liked his determination and desire. The bit in bolds right, they are very different players.
  10. That fight shows me what I've known for a while -the standard of heavyweight boxing has been appalling for at least 18 years. Riddick'big daddy' Bowe started it .
  11. Hamer on the radio doing an interview. Keeps saying 'like I say' . Thought Keogh was back for a minute. Anyone know what's happened to Huddlestone after he fell over taking that penalty. Should I contact the local home for old horses or is he due back soon . Can't be any worse.
  12. I don't know what's happening with this team . But the Russians have sent me a secret recording of Phil and Mel discussing todays line up .
  13. I'm afraid that's more the opposition dropping off to protect a lead than our swashbuckling endeavour.
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