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  1. He had the same poor service at Sheff Wed and Wigan and scored. Nugent had two of the easiest headers against Boro and Bristol you could wish for and missed. They could be very costly. Nugent was a good player . He hasn't got the legs anymore and the harrying of defenders was the main point of his game.
  2. Not gone tonight as have a stinking cold - probably done me a favour . With ten minutes to go I voluntarily set up the 2yr guarantee on my wifes hairdryer as it was the more interesting option- things have hit a new low . Looking forward to Monday .......
  3. dogshit game . dogshit goal . 20 minutes to save the season
  4. probably just put that test card of the girl with the clown and noughts and crosses board instead. Not seen that in years - defo more entertaining .
  5. Dullards like this make my blood boil. Of course Chelsea is a massive step up .... well, it is if you believe that football started in 1996 because they'd won less than us till then . By Mcmahons rhetoric perhaps Klopp should be on his knees begging to be Chelsea manager as his beloved Liverpool have won sweet F.A compared to Chelsea in the last ten - fifteen years. Clubs like Spurs and Everton may as well pack there balls up and forget it, perhaps Pochettino could be Chelseas physio,.
  6. Our left back position has been problematic for a long time When we signed Malone we really signed a replica of Olsson. Both like to get forward and indeed have sometimes played on the wing, Neither are naturally switched on defenders. When we signed Forsyth we actually signed a player who spent much of his career as a midfielder. Lapses are inevitable . If you have total football players worth £30 million who are adaptable enough too read the gaps quickly and good enough to cover not really a problem - obviously we aren't in that market . Will likely be something we revisit in the summer I think .
  7. I haven't a clue how that's happened . A pox on me m'lord. However if you still want the duel I select any random Millwall fan as my second as I have a poorly sword hand .
  8. I certainly have the realism - been in this division as much as the top one during my years . I'll also happily admit to having the sense of entitlement -were Derby County and I've had enough of this league of plebeians. While were at it I'll take a few of the entitled up with us and commit Cardiff ,Bournemouth,, Brighton and Watford back to the Hades of League 1 -bloody upstarts .
  9. Mels discussion with Frank as we wind in clueless Leeds fans over Spygate. Ta Ta
  10. Do you have ought else to do mate or do you live on here rent free. Your lot are like that boring bloke you met for ten minutes,,twenty years ago . All of a sudden they randomly tap you on the shoulder on a night out and hang around with you till 3 in the morning. Yawnnnnnn
  11. You seem to hang around in the shadows like some kind Nosferatu on here mate. Well see won't we . Thanks to the fellow Derby supporter - I say that loosely - for clapping our interloper .
  12. Oster, Arges Pijesti and Dinamo Berlin Sorry mate , I've never heard of any of those . I do remember an Oster that played for Grimsby, I think the team that you beat in the semi final sang the theme to top gun. The other one is a made up team from a book on Greek mythology .
  13. if the teams behind win there game in hand they'll only be 4-5 points of 7th. I feel a drop is coming . Might even have a cheeky bet on them falling out of the play off spots.
  14. If this does happen he'll be back . No longer will we be the new darlings of the media. The entrance to Pride Park will be devoid of national rags and paparazzi and St peters street will reinvigorated with cut price trainer shops hailing the return of the king . Our fifteen minutes will be over and we can get back to squabbling about attendances with the shower down the road as there's nothing else to do .
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