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  1. I think it's 270,000 euros fixed fee if the move is abroad.
  2. I'm not getting that ?. If he's a free agent it wouldn't be a contract continuation. If he signs for another club and we take him on a season long loan and they pay a portion of wages in return for a couple of loans, I can't see there would be much they could do. It would be in breach of his employment rights surely. I still think the EFL may have a case to answer if Marriott's contract with Hull( purportedly) is less than Derbys offer in December.
  3. I suppose if he's officially a free agent at some point, he could resign the following day as it wouldn't be an extension. He could sign on at another club for a week and then resign for Derby as well. In return we give that other club a youngster or two on loan for a few months. The dark arts -if were always accused of it, may as well embrace it.
  4. Mine was 2011. Just started at work for no reason. Within 30 minutes I must have gone through 2 pints . Same A&E and a battery of tests. The shock level is horrific as your brain can compute it if you've been punched or fell etc. Had a camera down my sinuses to look in my throat about 6 months before and my inclination is they damaged something that went. Still get the occasional issue now and it's definitely reduced my mental health and increased my anxiety level being out and about.
  5. Is that Greizmann. When did he sign for Scunthorpe United
  6. Thats a great shirt. Might have been tempted, till I saw this bit Please note these are slim fit, "Kappa style" kits so we would advise going a size or two up if you don't like a tight fit.
  7. Wasn't the Derby Ram George Washington's favourite tune ? Lots of folk artists in America like Pete Seeger did a variation on it. It's very well known over there it seems.
  8. He had a torn stomach muscle at Southampton away.
  9. EFL AGM expected soon to comment on Derby situation. Wycombe Wanderers say: "We have made representations to the EFL about what we think should happen. We have checked the rules and everything we have seen says there should be a points deduction and that it should be this season” Trevor Stroud one of there directors it seems. From a couple of weeks ago. Must have missed it. Normal rules would indicate a team in 9th with 8 or 9 games of a season to go probably shouldn't get 6th place handed to them.
  10. I can't be having that from a club where Simon Cox graced the pitch for 3 years, never mind blobby Burns. There's a lovely bit of footage somewhere showing him removing pieces of Ossie Ardilles sock from his studs.
  11. Jozwiak with the ball at his feet and someone in space. I feel like shouting this a lot. That's about all I have to say about that.
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