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  1. Think what he needs is a goalie who isn't terrified to come off his line to claim a ball. He's about 6'3.
  2. Carlisle had the chance to take the most league games without a win record away from us last year. Just get a draw Macclesfield who hadn't won for about 37 games. They let them win 2-1 in the last minute after being one up with 5 minutes to go . Immediate banishment and being forced to play Stenhousemuir every week till the end of time is the only fitting punishment.
  3. No comment yet from Vidukas arse . Still waiting for him to come back and tell us about that promotion that was, apparently, going to be so, so sweet .
  4. I purchased some multi pack beef monster munch. One had 5 in the packet. Look at the gap's in this Toblerone, I thought rumours of this kind of thing were just ramblings of warped mind's till I saw the proof. All this just to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas produced by Kenny Burns. The bloke will just buy double. Why should we all suffer ?
  5. Wanchope, Sturridge and Baiano. Short but sweet. Gary Neville reckons on song this was the toughest forward line he faced in domestic football- that's pretty good .
  6. A real conversation between a Derby fan and a Stoke fan.. not much more needs saying really. Looking forward to Saturday when the bad boys of English football, #DCFC, travel to the Bet365 stadium to play Stoke, who are sponsored by Bet365 and have players with squad numbers 3, 6 and 5, in the SkyBet Championship. You forgot the biggest one... owned by a betting company! The Coates family own Stoke and made their money through owning Bet 365. Agreed it’s terrible that we are sponsored by a betting company and play in a league sponsored by a betting company at a stadium named after a betting company against a team who is sponsored by a betting company! But hey who wears the No 32 is diabolical and upsets the church!
  7. I have completed both a HND and Degree followed by a load more crap to get where I needed to be. The BTEC HND was a lot more generic and tough than anything else . In fact the Degree was a doddle .
  8. Read somewhere the other day that Stoke have 113 mill pounds of signings at the club. Seemed a bit high, but if correct that seems bonkers for this league even with parachute payment's.
  9. To be fair he has the dentures of a goalie who might have come up against Fashanu or Harford in 1987.
  10. Believe that was Spinks debut . Previous match for Chelmsford . Bet his arse was going running on that pith.
  11. That is fair point, but Forest do take it to an extreme - Malmo c'mon. But if you've won it you sing about it . Leeds are special though - as are Leicester re there title win - this from a Sunderland fan forum when we played Leicester in the cup 'Lestaaah singing their 'champions of England, you'll never sing that, song again to a team who've won in twice. Absolute wallopers.'
  12. No idea. Time will tell. I just despair that so many share the opinion of Franks instagram and twitter army that without him Derby were an irrelevance and somehow we owe him . The other way around in my opinion .
  13. Derby are great but I'm off after completing half a job only a year after taking it . = left a massive floater that won't flush but must say the toilet was really clean before I used it. Derby were here long before this blokes tenure and had a pretty good profile from 135 years of history. Hope he gets hammered every week .
  14. But you could get injury in any game . Bielik played tonight - was it worth risking him ?. We have no right back and we risked the only stand in we have tonight , If Lowe gets injured what then ? You lose players to injury every pre season- should we scrap them and have a kick about instead ?. Is it worth playing a young player with his future here who has loads of potential ahead of Paterson who might be back at Bristol in a few months ? . You can really twist this argument any way. First eleven please Phil .
  15. Sorry guys, if we play Forest my priority is always to win . Worked with and know to many for anything else . Look at this bloke
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