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  1. Not sure the EFL would do that unless we got a playoff place.
  2. Pub question-Which one occurs least often a-second coming of christ b- hale bopp comet appears in the sky c- hamer makes no errors in goal
  3. fooks sake - ref borrows hamers eyes. clear penalty. Should have got something from this game.
  4. looked him up on wikipedia. only found this . Send him to back looney tunes united. Mr. Magoo (known by his full name: Ben Hamer) is a fictional cartoon character created at the UPA animation studio in Mr. Magoo is a elderly, wealthy, short-statured retiree who gets into a series of comical situations as a result of his extreme near-sightedness, compounded by his stubborn refusal to admit the problem.
  5. fookin goalie. total poo. shall i play can't do any worse.
  6. Half the team were probably playing cuppies on Markeaton last night, so you may be right.
  7. I remember Derby pulled out after forcing it down to 3 million on appearances with 2.5 upfront, then finding out 1.8 had been accepted from Brentford as a fall back if it didn't go through.
  8. There is a stink of certainty amongst there fans that it's now certain . Really looking forward to sealing it at our place. History dictates we spoil there party. Taking away there Double they thought was nailed in 71-72-with a bit of Yam Yam assistance. confirming promotion against them in 87 and last years beauty. Got a tricky game Sunday and if West Brom win us beating Brentford is massive if they lose. That could be my one consolation if we don't win, the chance to totally derail them at Pride Park.
  9. Between feb 19 and jan 20 we spent nearly 2.2 million on agent fees????. We've not signed anyone but Bielik and a couple of loans.. Swansea and Stoke spent over 5 mil. No wonder everyones skint in this league.
  10. Are you sure, looking at him he seems more essence of mayonnaise thats been left in the sun with a slight hint of 70's disco beat
  11. We can gone on like this all day if you like. in your haste to make a point, you made yourself look silly. I clearly mentioned the blocks in my reply.
  12. My only other worry then is if administration is called in, who may our new creditor may be. Lets hope any payment plan is set up for this eventuality. Cheers
  13. Your clearly getting your knickers in a twist as you can't remember your own point.
  14. That would be unusual. If an entity is struggling but has a large client base with lots of cash to roll in over a number of years a more successful bank would normally agree a price and purchase as part of there business- Santandar did a lot of that a few years ago. You could have the situation where loads invest in an entity, such as the American housing market a few years back and not have the cash to buy and we have the RBS bailout situation. What would happen outside these scenarios, I couldn't tell you which is why any mortgageS i've had I've gone with the normal larger players and paid
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