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  1. You can hear it know . ' Were getting a sizeable investment from a Derby company - Were buying the ground we play in for a pound from another company I own that's being liquidated. We sold it to them a few months ago for 80 million . Then i'm selling it to another company I set up yesterday for another 80 million . That gives us 160 million to blow on players plus the cash for Bert and Ernie from Chelsea. Can you imagine Gibsons head .
  2. Dorsett getting a right old pasting . This is one of the more pleasant requests Do you think asking him about the Chelsea job before the play off final (Derby’s biggest game in a long) time was necessary? Would like to see you answer this question as many fans have asked this but again you seem to pick and chose who you respond to. Rob Dorsett‏ @RobDorsettSky My job is to report the news: without bias - not do a PR job for one particular club. I had reliable information that Chelsea were interested in Frank before the Finals. And so it’s proved. Dcfc had no problem with my asking, neither did Frank. Is that why Derby lost at Wembley? a- He has done just that b- still a condescending whatsit Then the person who asked this very valid question was blocked
  3. Oh, Waldorf and Statler. Maybe, now were losing Bert and Ernie
  4. I am rather surprised that he is giving them this in depth interview, as they have been one of the main instigators of bad blood in all this . Would have suspected he may have done local Radio . I don't really care about Chelsea which is all you'll get from Talksport - when was the approach made, etc. The only interest they have had in us, is when it's suits there agenda . Hopefully, he may take the opportunity to advise them what nobbers they are .
  5. They nicked it from West Brom' s boing boing . They can deny it all they want. A poor cover version.
  6. Yeah, they started with this about a week ago. Sum's them up really .
  7. Sorry i'm late for the interview . Took Didier a bit longer than expected to clean my toilet .
  8. Frank's interview this time next year Derby announce Keane
  9. Thought the same watching his online media and instagram campaign.
  10. Took exactly 33 seconds from Derby confirming permission to it appearing on the sites of 7 papers. Hope these journalists have a spare sock handy .
  11. The first one was ok . No Beverley Hills cop or the definitive Eddie Murphy 80's movie Trading Places.
  12. He very nearly cracked it with the Commons, kuqi, Bueno attack . Then Commons got sold for £1.99 and Bueno didn't want to play anymore after the delights of a December game at Turf Moor. Seeing as Forest fans reckon he revealed he called his dog Bobby after Zamora at a fan meet and greet, my feeling is he may be a bit aggrieved and not fancy coming back . Still at least he came here and gave it a go, unlike Forest who he couldn't be arsed with . They deny it bothers them but mention it to one of them and you'll the see the bottom lip tremble .
  13. Not including those little holes that have no purpose other than gathering old cheese and catching your fingers surely.
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