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  1. Effectively, they lost the points deduction argument so wanted a load of cash. We should probably countersue. Maybe that's why Mel want's to keep his hand in.
  2. Isn't that the fella who was supposed to meet people at The Brunswick for a beer. Probably got stuck in the toilet and know one let him out. In my experience there probably not cleaned very often.
  3. Just under Preston for me. Walking under Friar gate bridge after the 0-0 playoff match, some little oik hangs out the car window, screams 'Youl Mawene is god' then hurls a can of warm piss at me. A good shoeing is one thing, but's that's just not cricket old boy. Would never have got that sort of drive by attack in the good old 80's and 90's
  4. He's the new Terry Butcher aka Jonah . Don't know how many warm seats that blokes dived into.
  5. That's what I think. Could be good as long he stamps his authority. Always struck me a bit of a sycophant to be honest, so he might have an issue with our Wayne and telling him what to do. On the plus side the same traits mean other bosses seem keen to let there youngsters come here and he has lots of connections going forward if he can steady the ship.
  6. Used to have to deal with him on a personal level when I was doing a fun job as a youngster around clubs or bumping into him at The Pink Coconut when I wasn't. I wouldn't recommend it. Total ball bag.
  7. That's how I read it . He's here to help with recruitment/picking a manager and to help (take over) the coaching in the meantime. As a reward he'll have a nice job for a year ( if this takeover ever gets done)watching matches for free on a juicy contract.
  8. Might be the best way of choosing. Wayne first
  9. Yeah it sucks. But only if you know you have honed the skills for the job and lost out to some gob poo who talks a good game. I'd hope Rooney could see that- after all he came here to play and learn apparently. Depends if he thinks he can learn from someone new . If not I guess he'll terminate his contract and go and work for Everton or United in some capacity.
  10. Your probably right -type in Sam Allardyce you'll see in the last few years he's signed on the dotted line for Villa, was watching republic of Ireland training sessions and was picking a number two and had signed on the dotted line. He also refused to sign on the dotted line for Fulham due to being told the cost of beer and pies at the ground.
  11. No not this year. Burnley won last night and Sheff Utd are losing by the one goal. IF they get a striker at any point they will finish around 20-25 points. Villa in 2016 and Huddersfield who somehow picked up five or six late points were the ones.
  12. Interestingly, thats my life at the moment- well 4 days a week. Can't see the Christmas release that's planned for shopping pandemonium and mixing households will stop me having to do that anytime soon. Personally getting rather fed up with it now. It's like washing a dog down, then letting it out in a field to roll in mud and poo straight after.
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