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  1. Saw something that made me chuckle the other day . Andre Wisdom is now only 3 behind Mason Bennett now in the all time goals list . That tells me all I need to know really.
  2. I can only imagine a Bristol City fan would put a bet on them to beat Swansea at the minute. In my mind, the day is brightened imagining it might be Mr Papadopoulos, or if not, at least one of his FFP mardy arse cohorts.
  3. Understudy to the mighty Efe Ambrose. What a player he was.
  4. 27 May 2015 according to the billboard. What a random meet and greet
  5. Seen that as well. Everything from that period and prior and probably after has Notts Forest
  6. Saw that interview he did re Storey- Moore where he's adamant he doesn't care what Notts Forest think. He certainly wasn't bothered then .
  7. Just a new weird thing, very similar to this new obsession with Garibaldi that started 5 years ago.
  8. Yeah. A surprising amount of ball bags on there tonight who get very aggro quickly it seems. I was a bit surprised. Personal experience tells me their normally alright as a group of fans if a bit easily bruised but thought they were a bit better than blatant aggression. Obviously not.
  9. Yet for two awful referring decisions and a goalie who went snow blind for 3 seconds we'd have 6 points of you. Must be a worry.
  10. I'd stay off there if I were you. Might rot your brain. They've gone from handball on our goal to loving Worrall talking down Derby and saying Derby in a Nottingham accent. !!
  11. We didn't lose and a great goal however I look at results a bit black and white. No goalie howler, Knight misses one I score and they should have had 10 players. The ten players was the refs fault, the rest was ours. Game was there to be won. Annoyed that our game management in the last couple of years in this fixture drops 50%. Point could be handy at the end of this season.
  12. Birds supposed to be a playmaker. Someones seeing something I haven't i'm afraid.
  13. Nothing coming from midfield. Buchanan is a bit stick or bust with Knockeart but we need to send him the other way as he will not defend. Awful goal. Jozwiak is driving me mad. We just don't have conviction in these games to go for it and relax on the ball. Referee could have made it easier as we should be playing 10 I think. Next time Waghorn needs to go down like he's shot, what's good for the goose. Bar 10 minutes we were just the better team. Can see why these beat teams around them who have minimal attacking output, they just strangle you. I can also see why there squad of 4
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