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  1. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” Change you name to Napoleon in shame.
  2. He's a bit more concerned with the wardrobe missing from the dressing room I think.
  3. Who's Cocu in the heading ? Remember her in the film FAME but would rather get rid of Leroy and his leg warmers or the one that took his keyboard every where.
  4. Apparently that's Seattle. Not really relevant, but if your ever on millionaire and it comes up as a bizarre million pound question you may as well know.
  5. If you listened to the interviews he clearly wanted something arranging. You would get very few clubs willing to commit to a two year deal with an add on for a player with an ongoing colitis condition if there cutting back on wages He could miss a year of football like Darren Fletcher and if he was on big wages we'd be scuppered. A manager can suggest but the financial reality dictates.
  6. Miles Addison was a very decent player. Till Clough made him play 98 minutes away at Newcastle in his first game back from a 5 month layoff. An i have no players push to the board. The result- a stress fracture in the foot became a broken one having hobbled round for the last twenty minutes MOM that day but it wrecked his career.
  7. Martin was reputedly the highest earner at the club. Cocu may have wanted to keep him , but we couldn't afford to pay him the kings ransom he was getting those days are gone. He went elsewhere rather than take what was on the table. How much the club offer a player in wages is the clubs decision not the managers. They have a ceiling.
  8. It's more to do with the Bamford posts about Forest he made when he left I think . The always a red crap, which was a bit hollow when he had any number of loan options and came here. Add to that the swan diving in the playoffs and you have a Bamford.
  9. Is he there. That makes a big difference. The cool had that scored a vital 4 goals against oldham and tranmere in 96 when it looked like our arses might go. A great foil for McClaren as well. Can't we get him back here and shift out some coaching deadwood. Based on current performance, ours must spend the morning reading the paper on the carsey, smoking 20 B&H and reading the paper, before knocking off at lunchtime.
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