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  1. Go to Gregg’s. WTF do you think for?
  2. In some way, coaches and players need to know what we think.
  3. But surely he doesn’t want to be selling a league one club
  4. We need to be at Pride Park at midday Saturday for when Rooney and co arrive.
  5. Knight plays like he’s got a hot potato not a football
  6. Rooney is single handedly taking us down. Yes we have other issues but he hasn’t got a clue what to do with any team he puts out.
  7. Can we do what Chelsea have done and demonstrate at Pride Park until this shower of poo is gone from our club
  8. I think Ebosele could be massive in these next 4 games. It’s like he plays with no fear and will definitely cause any defence problems with his pace. A start would be nice but that may come on Saturday against Brum.
  9. Good job you didn’t notice yesterday otherwise it would have been tomorrow.
  10. Well, I can see us beating Preston on Tuesday and Brum losing to Forest. We could then have a big incentive on Saturday to go above Brum when we play them. Massive week ahead.
  11. Maybe we can poach a goal Tuesday and beat PNE. If we can do that, we’ll whisk our way to safety.
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