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  1. Biggest game of the season this one. It's a must not lose game - I'd take a point now.
  2. Coventry is the game we need to be going all out to win so I can see why Rooney mixed it up a bit
  3. Ever since Rooney said Buchanan would play for England, he’s been rubbish
  4. Forest get Derby's dregs - I'm not sure they have anything we want.
  5. I've got a good feeling about this one - comfortable win with a clean sheet now that Clarkey is back in the starting 11.
  6. We'd have to win our next 4 to even contemplate a top 6 spot. This would mean beating both Cardiff and Barnsley away - if this happens nobody could say we don't have a chance. 3 of those 4 are away from home too which will be very tough.
  7. Holmes ran straight off and picked his controller up.
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