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  1. I can't wait to see this beast playing again. Hopefully we see him training in the open session tomorrow.
  2. Get Bielik back and these draws will turn to wins. It keeps us in the pack and that’s all we can ask. Well done Derby
  3. Just got to Romania and it's on in the first pub I've walked into
  4. If we try and fill both ends, we will have nobody on the East or West stands.
  5. If this is true, I'd very much welcome the idea. People that know the club very well, what it means to the supporters and who'll hit the ground running. Would we be able to land Jeff Bezos space ship on pitch 4 at Moor Farm though?????
  6. Isn’t it this week that the 4 weeks are up for any supporter trust to come in and show their hand. After that the club can be moved forward with a new owner. Could be a big week ahead.
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