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  1. Great battling performance against a team that, well, let’s just say tried to cheat their way through the game. Well done Derby, you’ve done us proud again.
  2. Is that a loan to pay off our debt? #wonga
  3. I'm with ya. Only thing is, we can't both finish 5th.
  4. Win all of our remaining games, take the 12 point deduction and still make the play offs ahead of Leeds and Forest. These are the times when the real supporters show their colours.
  5. We've just gone 5 unbeaten, 4 in the league and picked up 8 points from a possible 12. I think we've done OK.
  6. I’m right behind the team, staff, owners and anybody that is involved with DCFC
  7. Should be able to lift us up the table then 🤣
  8. Can't we blame the groundsman anyway, even at away games???
  9. I'm not sure if we've got around to blaming the groundsman yet for any injury that we pick up, but do you think he's forgetting to take the blade down on the Flymo. Is he watering it too much and thats why our players keep getting these long term injuries. Should we be telling him/her to hang their spade and fork up and calling it a day. Or is it something else, could it just be bad luck?
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