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  1. I'd say not listening to the people in charge over and over again, is a bad attitude.
  2. It’s not just his hair, he’s been told not to wear his socks over his knees but he does what he likes. He’s also told not to wear gloves (club policy) but he still does.
  3. I've already metioned it in my first post in this thread. It seems like you read every post on here so I'm surprised you've missed it.
  4. Yes I am and have been for 4+ years. You only have to listen to Cocu’s interview to know that patience is wearing very thin.
  5. The whole problem with your post is mentioning Bogle and Beckham in the same post. You only have to be connected to the academy to know where Bogles problems lie. Are you connected? I’m guessing the answer is no, so you aren’t able to comment. The academy takes a firm stance with a lot of things and Bogle breaks a lot of these. Or was you commenting just to try and get more likes??
  6. Trouble is with Bogle, he thinks he’s already made it when in fact, has he even started? Yes he’s a good player but he has so much more to learn. It would have been great to get a £10m + bid in for him but he’s got too many weaknesses and his attitude is one of them and this is why nobody has made a serious offer for him He needs to forget about his appearance for a minute and think more about putting effort into his job.
  7. WTF is this world coming to. People with so much to say but so little brain cell to say it with.
  8. Bogle is more about his appearance than football. Unfortunately he’s let fame go to his head. He’s going backwards IMO
  9. Let’s get a home tie, night time kick off and the East Stand full. Imagine Real Madrid at home under the lights. ⚽️🤞
  10. This game just shows how far the academy has come. Beat BVB and onto the quarter finals. Come on you Rams
  11. Maybe the proper catalyst that we needed to kick start our season
  12. How can anybody dismiss the play-offs with a third of the seaosn still to go, only 7 points off last spot, just scored 11 goals in our last 3 games, Bristol City to play next who are within touching distance of the play-offs and Wayne Rooney knitting everything together. Ask Wayne if he thinks we can make the play-offs.
  13. Thank god we didn’t get Benkovic, too lightweight.
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