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  1. Not so hard as he doesn't have a Twitter account!
  2. Oh yes those penalties 😍
  3. Yes. He should be a shoe-in this year. No-one come close for consistency or commitment.
  4. I do have to correct this. Two-time Player of the Year winner Craig Bryson has - by that simple definition - had at the very least TWO (exceedingly) good seasons!
  5. ^^ This exactly. The defence has been our saviour. And we have forwards who can score. The midfield is where it's all gone so very. very wrong. You could see it at Reading on the first day. The there was a brief spell around Oct when Mount and Wilson were on form at the same time, and BJ was doing a decent job as the DM. But apart from that, it's been pretty horrible most of the time, and the results show it.
  6. Rams TV awesome tonight. We're being treated to Martin Fisher. And Edworthy is really working well alongside him. They seem very natural together.
  7. Love Kelle Roos with the ball at his feet. It's like having a 12th man.
  8. I think Sarri will see out the season and be given next year too. I think Abramovich has changed and doesn't want to pump more money in... and a huge payoff to the manager, plus promises to a new manager of what is available to spend will not sit well.
  9. Doesn't need to be in the English leagues either. I'm sure plenty of European clubs would be interested too. And unlike most of our squad, he'll still be able to ply his trade in Europe next season.
  10. Handy little tool https://www.howtopronounce.com/dutch/roos/
  11. Given the Roos interview on the other thread this is starting to make more sense now.
  12. This comment just goes to show how much work there still is to do.
  13. Prestons scoreline tonight makes our result up there look outstanding actually.
  14. Ipswich chasing and using a lot of energy here. If we can keep them out for the next 30 mins, we could go on and win by 2 or 3. Ipswich will tire.
  15. Looks real enough to me... Shadow resembles his actual haircut for instance. Wearing 34 - George Thornes number which seems reasonable too. Not sure whether these are signing pics though.
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