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  1. I do wonder though whether Mac has been on the phone to Steele for his views. Steele has been watching Derby all season.
  2. Not the price for me but the performances. Even if it were free tonight I still probably wouldn't watch. It would just make me cross and get my stress levels up!
  3. It's when the market goes odds on. That's when something is about to happen. Sams not there yet. And I see Eddie Howe has suddenly moved to 2nd favourite.... Moved from 20/1 just an hour ago to 4/1. Big movement in a short time.
  4. He also managed Rooney at Everton. Not convinced they ever really saw eye to eye.
  5. Come on that's always been part of Trek, going right back to the 60s series there was a social commentary on racial segregation, communism, and an overriding anti war perspective. All at a time of MLK, the McCarthy witch hunts and the Vietnam war. Call it value signalling if you like. But like it or not, It's a core part of the show. Series 1 was classic Star Trek in that respect.
  6. Scroll back, you'll find we had that debate on here last week. I'm with you on this one.
  7. I thought Steve Cooper's comments were interesting when asked about it earlier... "I'm not one for, with respect, reading and looking at media. There's certainly no comment from me on it." Leaving the door open it seems...
  8. Based on that list I think you would like Escape at Dannemora. I think it's available on Sky on Demand or Now TV.
  9. For anyone who likes Queens Gambit, I would also recommend Alias Grace and Godless. Both on Netflix. Both limited series of about 6 episodes. Alias Grace is probably closest in tone and pacing. Godless is a lot more violent, but is from the same producer- director as Queens Gambit so shares some key themes despite the very different settings.
  10. I thought it was trying too hard to be the new Breaking Bad, but the characters just weren't likable enough. I quit after 4 episodes because I just didn't care what happened to them. Horses for courses I guess.
  11. Would not be surprised to see us appoint one. These type is arms length owners tend to need someone in the ground to oversee things.
  12. Progress hasn't stopped. It's just moved to different, more profitable areas. Try watching Homes under the Hammer ON a TV made in 2005 and you'll see the progress. Or reading this forum on a phone from 2005. Good luck with that. Want internet speeds from 2005? Or mobile phone signal coverage? Want to go back to driving without SatNav? The biggest overall change is the pretty much all the information in the world is there for free for anyone to use on the Internet. Want to learn a new language, fit a radiator, change a tyre? Just pop along to YouTube and what a video.
  13. It's notable that there's not a single like or comment on that post from any of the squad.
  14. Clearly we are just hovering up Wigan's squad from last season, so we have to have their manager too.
  15. Leadership can be shown in lots of ways. In the last 2 weeks Frank Lampard and Mason Mount have shown Derby County more leadership than Rooney has this season.
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