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  1. The decline of Radio Derby (?)

    Times have changed. That's how it used to be. But these days with the huge array of media choices we all have, the only way for a broadcaster to differentiate is through opinions. Sorry but that is way it is in the modern multi media world.
  2. Official Derby County iOS & Android App

    Videos seem to have no audio on ipad. They ar fine when viewed through website though. Anyone else with the same issue?
  3. Interest Rates - Mortgages

    I would go fixed at the moment unless you feel you have enough disposable income that you would be fine if Base rates rose to say 3pc.my view is that brexit takes the enonomy to a place it has never been before and so impossible to predict the impact.
  4. Official Derby County iOS & Android App

    I contacted support. They told me EFL restrictions say no casting or streaming to other devices is permitted. This is why there is no chromecast option. Seems odd given that you can cast from the website, but that's what they said.
  5. Official Derby County iOS & Android App

    Great app. Well done. One thing missing is the option to Chromecast video to TV. Would love that to be added.
  6. EFL agree new 5 season broadcasting deal

    Seems like a bad deal for clubs if you ask me. 80 more live games per season, yet only a 35% increase in price. Per game fees to clubs goes down?
  7. Retro Shirts

    Love how the zero is smaller and not aligned with the one.
  8. Free Agents

    GR was suggesting yesterday that Max Bird will start in the Cup Tuesday. Looks like he is ahead of Guy and Hanson in GR's thoughts?
  9. Corners

    Aah. Misheard that. Bit harsh though as Keogh scored from a corner in the abandoned game. When's the last time we scored two goals from corners. I think I remember member a 5-0 win over watford where we may have done that.
  10. Corners

    Two goals from corners last night. Sky interviewer asked Rowett if he had been working on corners in training. Rowett's answer surprised me. He said no, he leaves that to the players. Does that seem odd? Is the normal in pro football?
  11. Derby County v Hull City

    Good job I'm not the manager huh?
  12. Derby County v Hull City

    Disappointing lineup. I hoped there would be a free more changes after Sheffield United.
  13. New Bike Lane

    Culture change required. Spend any time in Holland and you quickly learn to keep out of the bike lanes. It'll take time.
  14. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    Sam Rush is sitting at home chuckling away right now.
  15. Chris Martin

    That's a good lineup. I'd just switch the strikers around so Martin played behind nugent and Vydra. That would be sooo much like the JS promo team with Willems playing behind Gabbiadini and Sturridge.

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