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  1. Several. Mmm. So at least 3 onto the next stage. That's a positive in my book.
  2. This is the key point. The administrators are LEGALLY BOUND to get the best result for the creditors. If they determine they can get more money from a buyer when the points deduction is lower (stands to reason) - then they have no choice. They have to appeal.
  3. For me, Marcus Evans has a poor record at Ipswich. No thanks. Carlisle Capital... not keen on hedge funds and no track record in football. The other 3 all have their pros IMO.
  4. Yeah I've seen some research about this stuff , and the related concept of imaginary friends that children often have. It's thought to be hallucinations that some kids have due to their brains developing rapidly.
  5. This is so right. Unlike other businesses, our only assets are players. A 'normal' liquidated business would sell off material assets to pay off HMRC. But if we are liquidated players become free agents. No opportunity to pay anyone anything. The only option is to come to an agreement. It potentially becomes a game of chicken. How hard would the creditors (mainly HMRC) push things, knowing if they push too hard they get nothing.
  6. My parents swore they saw a huge UFO very early one morning flying slowly and silently over the house. This would be back in the 1980s when UFO stuff was quite mainstream not the nerdy cultish thing it is today.
  7. Sorry to say it, but I just don't believe they would have done this without something back in return. For example, first dibs on Max Bird.
  8. Reads to me like a zero hours contract.
  9. I agree totally. Look at what I said again. Never mentioned a fuel shortage. It's all about drivers.
  10. I think the reality is there is a genuine shortage of HGV drivers right now. We are getting shortages all over the place in my local supermarket (and have been for several weeks). Now it's fuel. In a couple of weeks time it will be something else. There's only a limited number of drivers to go round, and the problem had been increasingly getting worse throughout the year. First there was you-know-what on Jan 1st. Then the government compounded the problem by hitting freelance HGV drivers with new taxes in April. I think that wiped about 15% off their income overnight. Ouch. I see the body that represent the hauliers say that this year drivers have been leaving the industry twice as fast as new drivers have been passing their tests. If that's true, then the shortages of all consumer goods are likely to get worse before they get better.
  11. In today's press conference, Rooney denied this. He did say though that he had bought some training equipment out of his own pocket.
  12. Tonight's sportscene is a must listen. Wraps up all today's press conferences nicely. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p09tqmvm
  13. This game will be a REAL test of Rooney's motivational capabilities. Last game players would have been angry and in denial about Admin and wanting to fight By Saturday likely to be acceptance that relegation is inevitable and that fight will have gone. I really hope Rooney and the lads prove me wrong,
  14. August 9th is what is being reported by Nicholson. So I think RD meant to say SIX WEEKS!
  15. I read the other day that the big 6 can buy their supplies months in advance, but these small players don't have the capital so have to buy on the spot market. They were always going to be screwed if prices surged.
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