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  1. This is amazing good news and so unexpected. As David pointed out, the real test now will be the figures this time next week. That's about when the impact of this coming weekends pub and nightclub mixing will filter into the data. Fingers crossed.
  2. Yes I think you are right, but that study does seem to be accepted. In June there were reports of Matt Hancock negotiating with AZ for an updated version of the vaccine to target Beta variant, with hope of a booster shot in the Autumn. Earlier this month UCHL announced they were to run trials with an updated AZ vaccine. Why we aren't just planning to give booster shots of Pfizer I don't know!
  3. Because if you are vaccinated it reduces your chance of catching it by 60%. Additionally, if you catch it anyway and you are vaccinated, it also reduces your chance of passing it on to others by about the same amount. A nice double whammy. This is why the Kent variant (Aloha variant) has been virtually wiped out. It is less transmissible and that 60% impact has reduced it's transmissibilty So that it can't effectively reproduce. Not all good news though because the Astra Zeneca vaccine is only 10% effective against the Beta variant. This is the variant circulating in parts of France at the moment and why the government are being so careful about travellers arriving back from France at the moment.
  4. Some early signs this wave may have reached it's peak in the North (where this wave started). 0% week-on-week increase in infection rate in places like Manchester and the Wirral. Huge increases in other areas though (for example over 100% week on week rise in Derby) as the Delta variant spreads across the country. My hunch is 3-4 weeks before this wave peaks, then we will see cases begin to decline.
  5. Steve Nicholson reporting today that Derby can only sign FOUR players. Seems like we have all miscounted. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/Derby-county-transfer-embargo-efl-5678766
  6. As existing players, Davies and Wisdom will be top of the list. Mengi still supposedly unlikely due to 6 month limit. Jagielka, Morrison and Bladock next on the list I reckon.
  7. Would be great but don't think I can see it happening.
  8. Work it out with a pencil. (it's one of my favourites)
  9. Looks a real nice car. Interesting to see theyve gone rear wheel drive. I guess we will see more of that as cars switch to batteries.
  10. From yesterday's data release on data.gov.uk. But just checking now, I misquoted, it is actually 41% not 42%. And see that chart too. Those 'dcreases' you mention are actually insignificant in terms of the overall exponential growth curve.
  11. Basic demand curve. We are in the middle of a third wave here right now.
  12. Looking at the date of the article, test events were probably in mid may, which would be before Delta took hold and when infection rates were at a VERY different level to today.
  13. Youve conveniently missed the current weeks figure from that list. Which is 42 percent. My estimate earlier was around 50% week on week growth. Looking at your figures I was a little high. The average is axtually 42% week on week growth. So this last week is a bang average week of growth. So sadly the trend is not down. It's flat. In other words it is proportional to the number of people infected. And that is the text book definition of exponential growth.
  14. Actually I will be seriously considering that for my next car. Against Honda CRV hybrid. I am tempted by full EV, because it's very rare I do lots of mike's nowadays, but they do seem to be so expensive. So maybe another few years and price of those will come down.
  15. Correct. But that's due to lockdowns we have had. Thats incorrect. Exponential means proportional to the thing itself. Over the last 4 to 5 weeks infections have been growing at a pretty consistent rate of around 50% a week. That's exactly what an exponential increase means.
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