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  1. There were rumours to that effect at the end of Feb, but when asked about CM in early March, Cocu said he would wait and make a decision in April.
  2. To be automatically extended, by Fifa decree. Good news for Anya! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52188913
  3. This is it in a nutshell. Parry is the one driving all these cases against EFL teams. As the new man on charge, and his personal initiative to 'clean up' the Championship, his career and reputation rests on winning. His ego won't let him drop the cases.
  4. Because we test so few people in this country, the best metric is deaths. 6000 people lost so far, at a 2% rate would suggest 300,000 infections. But deaths lags infections by about 2 weeks. And number of infections doubles about every 3.5 days. That means that without lockdown there could have been up to 4.8m infections right now. With lockdown, My estimate would be around half that. Around 2m people are or have been infected so far. Still a long way to get to herd immunity.
  5. He's the sort of player I think Cocu likes as a CF, so you can see why he has been linked. But I would hope we could also find someone with better with the ball at their feet.
  6. Bizarrely I kinda like this idea. A weekend of futsal would be a huge event and a lot of fun I think.
  7. I have a vague memory of him playing in a charity match at Pride Park. Maybe late 90s early 00s, so I guess he may already have been around 60? Anyone else remember that, or did I imagine it.
  8. That's probably about right. By comparison, we probably ask for the same for Sibley.
  9. Spolier... We scored some classic goals.
  10. Interesting initiative on RamsTV tonight. Running the whole of Arsenal v Derby from 96 as live it seems. I think I'll be watching this. I am curious to see the quality of that Rams team vs how Premier League play football today. We're they really as good as I remember them?
  11. Like @ThePrisoner says, avoid extenders. I tried them. Shockingly slow. Instead go for a mesh wifi system, or a powerline system. Or as I have done, both. I use the powerline connection as the back haul to the second node in my mesh wifi.
  12. Amusing how often we get worst player threads on here, and how little we get best player threads!
  13. And that's exactly the reason the Government gave for not canceling. I happen to agree we should have played on. The EFL went too early.
  14. Joking aside that is actually a key reason that the Government wanted sports events to carry.... Morale of the nation.
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