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  1. Barry Bennell

    Four players!
  2. Championship Attendances 3rd Best in Europe

    But way more games in the Championship than La Liga. A fair comparison would be average attendance per game.
  3. Kuzszack

    Mitchell signed a new 4 year contract in August. I think the club rate him.
  4. Cameron Jerome - Signed 18 month deal

    Surely Jerome is more of a threat to Winall than Martin. Maybe it's Winall that's not happy and wants to go back to Sheffield figuring hell get more starts under the new regime there?
  5. Chris Martin

    He's also been very useful seeing out games, with Thorne, Martin and Russell playing little triangles in the opposition third.
  6. The google gadget

    At the other end of the age spectrum, my 2yo yells 'hey Google play the grand old Duke of York!'
  7. Vernam on loan at Grimsby Town

    Will be a good test for him
  8. Gary Rowett “under consideration” for Stoke job

    Rob‏ @robertbidd 16h16 hours ago @reluctantnicko any news on Derby Al? In particular rowett to stoke? Alan Nixon‏ @reluctantnicko 16h16 hours ago Want players out. And no. Rob‏ @robertbidd 16h16 hours ago No as In he’s not going or you’ve not heard anything? Alan Nixon‏ @reluctantnicko Replying to @robertbidd Don’t think he is anywhere near first choice. 7:59 PM - 7 Jan 2018
  9. Starting an internet business - advice needed.

    Shopify is the way to go. Hook it up to Facebook to get your storefront integrated. Don't think about coding anything. Forget squarespace. They are fine for brochureware sites, but forget it for ecommerce.
  10. Marlon Pack

    Are we expecting a lengthy lay off for Ledley?
  11. Che Adams

    If he was signing he’d more likely be at the Moor Farm gym!
  12. Che Adams

    Serious question. What could possibly make him worth 11m? His stats don't back that up. Anyone actually watched him play regularly and seen some potential there?
  13. Automatic Promotion

    Plus two Cup games against Premier league teams in the next 10 days too to distract them.
  14. Steve McClaren quits Tel Aviv/Sheff Wed next manager?

    Just seen an Alan Nixon tweet saying that this isn't happening.
  15. Steve McClaren quits Tel Aviv/Sheff Wed next manager?

    Chris Martin to Wendies then!

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