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  1. Lampard and Morris are a shoe in for this. Ready to take over the full England squad in 3 years time after the next Euros.
  2. Showing my age here... One that really sticks in my mind, from the opening match of Italia 90. Reigning Champions Argentina losing against minnows Cameroon. Argentina get a breakaway in the final minute... Three players go flying in with wild tackles. The Argentine manages to ride the first two before full contact is made with the third. Hehe. https://youtu.be/KeRlJJbtdHc
  3. That contradicts his earlier interview with TalkSport where he said it was a consortium of backers (but with him as the lead investor)
  4. It will probably only ever come out if the dream team buy some other club and it gets reported as part of their back story.
  5. As I recall the actual quote was Alonso PLUS two other possible investors, one of which could be a dream come true.
  6. Poach Leicester City's recuitment team.
  7. Alonso said it in his own statement!
  8. Given he owns a football agency, it would be easy to put 2 and 2 together here...
  9. More from The Athletic report... They say the funds are coming from the Alonso family's personal wealth, plus a consortium of other investors. So a direct contradiction of Kieran Maguire. They go on to say they expect the EFL to approve the deal without any hitches.
  10. The Athletic is this morning reporting that Erik has nothing to do with Vox and is stopping them for using his name.
  11. Can anyone tell me where this idea of him being 'openly far right' has come from? I have googled it, and the only things I can find are gossip on OwlsTalk and Twitter - with nothing to substantiate it. @David - tagging you in case you think this part of the thread needs removing for legal reasons.
  12. This is already more promising than the Sheik. At least they understand some communication with the fans might be sensible from time to time.
  13. Yep. Jozwiak will be in the shop window at the Euros. If he performs well against top quality defenders in the tournament, he will be at his peak sale value. We'd be crazy not to sell at that point.
  14. Shout out for Unforgotten on ITV player. Just done series 4. A good, solid whodunnit. Less fanciful than line of duty , and the better for it in my view.
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