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  1. 1st half summary... Some good play in patches. Clarke looking shaky on the ball. Holmes the main threat. As he has tired, so Cardiff have taken control of the game.
  2. I can actually read the article just by zooming on phone. The only new info is the first sentence, saying Boro have sent a letter to the EFL. That's it. The rest of the article is old information.
  3. Odd one this. I thought clubs waived their rights to sue the governing body as a condition of being members.
  4. He's no idiot. He's one of the players. Ran his own City firm "Farage Futures" for a decade. His father and brother both work or worked in the City too. He knows exactly what he's doing and he and his chums will be in the money. Money that used to be in our pockets.
  5. If this were happening on the stock market it would be illegal insider trading. But because its happening on the FX markets its all legal. It's very, very wrong that the super rich have found a way to manipulate government in this way for their own benefit. Every single one of us will suffer. Whether you voted for Brexit or not, there no way this is what you either expected or wanted. We've all been conned well and good.
  6. Johnny Ive quit recently didn't he. Maybe this was why 😂
  7. Press Gang. Julia Sawhala. Oh yes.
  8. Aaron Eyoma joined them in the Summer, when his contract here expired. I would expect Max to do well in that league. Hopefully generate a bit more cash.
  9. For anyone with a subscription, the Tyrone Mings article is a very worthwhile read today. Inspirational in fact. https://theathletic.co.uk/1178561/2019/09/03/the-making-of-the-most-lovely-man-mings-from-homeless-shelter-to-personal-chef-and-extra-sessions-with-terry/ 'It’s the day after Gareth Southgate announced the England squad for the forthcoming Euro 2022 qualifiers and Chippenham — Mings’ home town — is buzzing. This was where his mother, Dawn, used to carry the “football-mad kid” to training on her shoulders because she couldn’t afford a car. The homeless shelter where he lived with his mother and sisters for a short period when times were tough has now been knocked down but memories still remain. Mings has described it as “horrendous”.'
  10. Alan Shearer and Michael Owen. Not best of buddies it seems 🤣
  11. You would assume so wouldn't you. Surely can't do both.
  12. Finding some positive news to distracts us. Congrats to the social media team 😊
  13. Because we saw the team spirit at the end of last season and since then we lost a couple of big positive influences in Nugent and Tomori plus Lampard himself.
  14. There was an interview on RamsTV about 10 days ago. One of the senior players, but sadly I don't remember which one. I do remember what was said though, because it surprised me. 'I didn't think the team spirit could get better than last year, but the new lads have slotted right in. It's a great dressing room. Everyone gets on.'
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