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  1. Patrice Evra kicks fan in head

    Can you believe it's 22 years since Cantona kicked a Palace fan in the chest.
  2. Leeds United V Derby County

    That's the one.
  3. Leeds United V Derby County

    The other one was clearly outside the area. Good call ref.
  4. GR good manager or lucky manager

    We have certainly had our share of luck in the last few games. But there is an old quote that I firmly believe in "I find the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have". I dare say Gary believes in that too.
  5. Leeds United V Derby County

    Can clearly see why the ref did not give them a penalty. The Leeds lad throws himself to the ground. Far too spectacular. If I recall, Leeds have form when it comes to simulation. Remember the incident with Johnny Russell a couple of seasons back? Anyway, good call from the ref.
  6. Leeds United V Derby County

    Sam winnalls interview on Rams TV is worth a look. He talks a lot about the team spirit, about people being desperate to play a part and the feeling that they are on the Verge of something special. It shows in the play too. Really good stuff.
  7. Owen Bradley leaving Radio Derby/Joining Rams TV

    Review show was excellent last night. Shinner and Edworthy are decent pundits. They seem to have a natural understanding and listen carefully to each others comments and make relevant follow up points. Big improvement from Roger Davies. Sorry Rog. My one gripe is the hideous colour cast that is put on to the match highlights section. Please, please get them to remove that @OwenB87
  8. Norwich City V Derby County

    Keogh's pass ❤️❤️ Tom Huddlestone... Are you watching?
  9. Chris Powell interview

    I'd recommend the Steve Bloomers Washing podcast as replacement. Really good stuff.
  10. RamsTV: The Review Show

    Maybe more the prerecorded style. I actually think the 30 second self-recorded summaries that sometimes appear on the Channel 5 review show are rather good. Usually more insightful than any post match interview with managers.
  11. Google Home or Amazon Alexa

    Or you could get best of both worlds and buy the Sonos ONE. It's apparently agnostic. Works with Alexa today and they say they will add Google Home as alternative voice control option next year.
  12. QPR FFP Fine

    You can I believe. Iirc we did that in last set of accounts. Mel wrote off about 20m as an exceptional item.
  13. QPR FFP Fine

    Wolves better watch out.
  14. Minimum alcohol price law for Wales

    I thought Scotland tried that last year but the EU ruled it illegal.
  15. Saturday night TV

    What do you mean? It's exactly the same as it has been for the last 10 years. X Factor, strictly and casualty. In a couple of weeks you'll be able to add I'm a celebrity to that list. TV hasn't changed. You have!

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