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  1. He seems to be a free agent according to mlssoccer.com. If PSG were really in for him last winter, then I suspect he'll be out of our price range though.
  2. Yes 4 Rams games on TV in that period too. £10 each is what you would pay for a day pass, so bit of a no-brainer.
  3. I know the deal you're talking about. I bought it too. When you purchased that specific deal it said the deal was limited to one purchase per account/email address. So if you purchased that deal again, then *presumably* it wouldn't work unless you created a new NowTV account with a new email address.
  4. Non story. That's exactly what any union would say about one of their members.
  5. Yeah, I remember him being great playing little triangles around midfield with Hughes, Ince and Bryson.
  6. lol. Could've been written about Roos.
  7. Frank's hit rate on signings was astonishingly good. Evans, Holmes, Shinnie... all decent bargain basement buys with potential. Tomori, Wilson, Mount... world class loans. Marriott, Malone and Waghorn. Mainstays of the team, Consistent output. Only Josephzoon really classed as a bad buy at this point.
  8. WhoScored team of the week is good news again for us Rams. Shinnie and Lawrence make the cut. Bogle missed out by a whisker. Like Cash also scored 8.5 for the match.
  9. We need to at least try, otherwise we don't know. We've never tried him at CB. However we know his most successful season as a player came with him playing at CB. It stands to reason we should give him a shot. Otherwise we could spend £5m on someone from League 1 who is as much of a risk anyway.
  10. It's entirely possible that Wisdom and Evans could be our centre-back pairing next season. Especially if we have little money to spend. Would love to see that as an experiment in the FA Cup in January.
  11. It may well have already lifted them.. given he was around the training ground this week. With the Keogh thing it had the potential to cast a big cloud over match preparations, but with Rooney in the building I suspect there was little time to think about the former captain.
  12. The only way I can think the agent could make that argument is if Keogh was so, so drunk that he was unable to make the decision himself. If for instance he passed out and was carried into the car by the other lads. I would still argue that he made a mistake in that case though... in getting that drunk in the first place.
  13. That was my original thought too. But (and it's a big 'but') if Lawrence finally finds consistent form in that new position, would you drop him for Rooney?
  14. We've had the transfer thread and the DC Utd thread... Now time for the fun to really start as we ramp up to his first game in January. My assumption up until now was that he would most likely be deployed as a no. 10... Like the role Lawrence played yesterday. But after yesterday's performance I wonder if his best position in a diamond might be the role Holmes had yesterday. Playing a bit deeper. Transitioning quickly from defence to attack. Being able to hit Marriott, Bogle and Martin with long passes forward. And arriving late on the edge of the area fro the odd shot at goal. Getting genuinely excited at the thought of it.
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