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  1. therealhantsram

    Andy King

    The rumours usually have some basis in them... of which positions we have been scouting for instance. Noticeable (and surprising) we are not being linked with any centre backs at the moment. The King and Kamara rumours do suggest we are looking to make some changes in central midfield. Mount is a shoe-in. Who plays in the other two slots still up for grabs it would seem.
  2. therealhantsram

    v F*rest (H) - Predictions

    Have to say, I quite fancy a 4-1 result too.
  3. therealhantsram

    Aaron Eyoma to Woking on loan

    I think he's been overtaken by some of the u18s coming through, so good for him to get some game time elsewhere. I suspect we wont be renewing his contract myself.
  4. therealhantsram

    Andy King

    If we are in for him, the advantage we have is that he probably doesn't have to move house.
  5. therealhantsram

    Academy Review Show | The Season So Far

    This is really good. Well worth a watch.
  6. therealhantsram

    Ashley Cole

    Salaries of all MLS players are published... it's public data so we all know exactly how much they are paid. So yes, he could well earn more in Derby!
  7. therealhantsram

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    Hopefully Forest will still have Dawson and Fox injured for this one and Marriott will be able to exploit the gaps. Derby to win I reckon.
  8. therealhantsram

    Jacob Butterfield

    I agree with your analysis here. but I'd go further. I think Evans was bought specifically as understudy / backup for Bryson. Butterfield, despite his technical ability, is too slow and ponderous for Lampard's Rams.
  9. therealhantsram

    January excuses early

    No-one is saying anything about potless. We have money but also have to stick within FFP... things may have been easier if we shifted out more high earners in the Summer. As it stands, when players contracts expire, that results in an FFP loss. There are lots of players with expiring contracts this season... so unless we can move them on in permanent deals in January we are looking at unknown losses. And as for being "the only club to be overly arsed about FFP" - just remember that five or six Championship clubs had transfer embargoes last Summer as a result of not being overly arsed. I'd prefer if we don't join that merry band next Summer.
  10. therealhantsram

    v Wigan (a) match day thread

    I thought the Stoke Swansea game was the last game that suspension applied for.
  11. therealhantsram

    v Wigan (a) match day thread

    I think they have both their first choice centre halves out injured at the moment. Hopefully that continues for next week!
  12. therealhantsram

    The Loanee Update Thread 18/19

    I think that's his 2nd of the season?
  13. Off to Villa allegedly. Not sure he's really the type of defender we're looking for anyway to be honest.
  14. therealhantsram

    Harry Wilson

    John Percy has spoken.
  15. therealhantsram

    Paul Clement Sacked.......again

    In this league, where it's sooo close, if you actually have any talent as a coach you won't be struggling at the bottom for long. Look at McClaren at QPR... much like Reading last season, also had no money to spend and had to rely on loans. IIRC Reading interviewed McClaren when they appointed Clement. They made a poor choice. Totally different style... Warnock at Cardiff last year. Similarly on a shoestring budget, Wagner at Huddersfield the year before. There's a real difference in what it takes to be a great no #2 vs a great no #1. I honestly don't believe Clement will be a success anywhere, regardless of the situation of the team.

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