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  1. therealhantsram

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    Mmmm. You don't have to play that way. It strikes me that Wahhorn and Marriot are not so dissimilar to Gabbiadini and Sturridge. The focal point that year was Willems playing neat through balls... Not so dissimilar to Mount. But I take your point about it being a risk.
  2. therealhantsram

    Number One when you were born?

    I Win... Rolf Harris - Two Little Boys. Clearly trying to throw people of the scent as we all now know he preferred little girls.
  3. therealhantsram

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    Slightly related... the new football (soccer!) stadium that opened in Atlanta last year has video screens in the round. Also fully covered... so air conditioned in their heat. The roof opens for rain and natural light too. For a country that doesn't do football... it puts our stadia to shame. The stadium cost $1.6 BILLION to build according to wiki.
  4. therealhantsram

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    I think the club are trying to think lite that with the new extension behind the East Stand. To try and mke it a destination where you want to take your time and spend the whole day.
  5. therealhantsram

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    This is a very good point... But I will counter your comments with this... Go look at the attendances for the Jim Smith promotion season. Throughout Sep Oct Nov we were getting attendances around 11,000 or 12,000. If I remember correctly, we got a record low attendance in the League Cup of around 8,000. Even after Christmas, we couldnt sell out the Baseball Grounds 17.5k capacity. Things have been much worse before, and nothing to do with TV.
  6. therealhantsram

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    I'd like to see us match their formation in this one. Go three at the back... Man for man I think we have more skill and we will beat them.
  7. therealhantsram

    Peter Marples / 3aaa

    Well this is ironic isn't it... Peter Marples training company 3aaa has gone into liquidation amid claims of fraud and a police investigation. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/derby-news/3aaa-administration-apprenticeships-jobs-2099512 For those unaware, Marples over the last 18 months has been making public claims about how poorly Mel has been running DCFC. Perhaps people in glass houses...
  8. therealhantsram

    Premier League 2?

    There's one thing... just one thing that would make Premier League clubs agree to this idea... and it's this... What they really want is a competitive league for their youngsters. In return they would want to be able to field "Arsenal B" etc in Premier League 2. Get competitive experience for their youngster... and yes another opportunity to take a slice of TV money. It would also probably mean more TV money on the table if there was the option to get these future England stars on the TV every week and the audiences that would watch Arsenal/ManU/Chelsea B teams (overseas too). Question for you all. Is that a deal worth making?
  9. therealhantsram

    Premier League 2?

    Yeah, that's a _very_ logical argument. The problem with it is that everyone thinks that it'll be the _other_ 12 and they'll be alright. It's like asking people 'should we increase income tax so we can spend more on social care for the elderly'. Most of us will need it. How many will say 'yes'?
  10. therealhantsram


    Around 1989, on the Popside. It wasn't a well attended game. Loads of space on the terrace. A young lad comes along and stands next to me... With his girlfriend and an older rather glam lady who it transpired was her Mum. Now this was clearly Mum"s first game. She was dressed up like she was going to the theatre... Perfect makeup. Hair done. Smart shoes... And best of all a luxurious full length fur coat. An enormous, can't miss it, white thing. Stood out a mile. Is that the poshest thing I've seen? No. Here's what happened next. Half time comes along and young lad offers to go buy Mum in law to be a cup of tea and some food. Bless her she looks so awkward as she tries to delicately eat her Pukka Pie out of the wrapper without getting pie crust and steak sauce on her lovely white coat. I'm enjoying my half time entertainment much more that the game... And it gets better. Half time sustenance complete, Mrs Fur Coat asks... Where's the bin? Young lad says 'just chuck them on the floor'. Oh you should have seen the shocked look on her face! In that one moment you just knew young lad would never be good enough for her daughter. And Mum was insistent. Young lad was sent scurrying off with the rubbish to find a bin. I guess he must've just chucked them down the back of the stand somewhere. And that's it, easily the poshest thing I've ever seen. I do wonder though, whether young lad got another date...?
  11. therealhantsram

    Steve Bruce sacked

    Fascinating. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. [keeps fingers crossed]
  12. therealhantsram

    V QPR (A) Match Thread

    That was some finished from Marriot. Just what we've been missing this season. Hope he keeps it up.
  13. therealhantsram

    Scott Malone

    Forsyth back for away games?
  14. therealhantsram

    Alan Hinton - Slightly Out of Touch!

    Every other tweet is a pro Trump rant. I had to stop following him.
  15. therealhantsram

    V Norwich (H) Match Thread

    marriot not even on the bench.

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