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  1. Exactly. This year's had a story, and a local designer taking inspiration from pride Park design. We should have kept on with that theme. You see so many fan designs on Insta and Twitter. So much talent that DCFC could help launch their design career, and get a great shirt to boot too. Win win.
  2. I'm with this. I think we will finish 6th and end up playing West Brom. I think we will get more points than most people think. I like it when we play the top teams. It plays into our hands. The top teams try to play their own game, which in turn allows us to play our own game. And we're pretty good at that these days. It's when we play the lesser teams, who like Reading just try to sit in, that we struggle. I think we will get 13 or 14 points and make 6th.
  3. Makes you wonder how the selectors selected him in the first place if they had never seen him play!
  4. Just come in and seen the other results. Pretty much the perfect set of results for us. COYR šŸ
  5. Watched the game today. On this showing I can't see either Millwall or Swansea making the top 6. Neither team really impressed. Millwall slightly better andni would tip them to finish above the Swans.
  6. Sorry, yes that's what I meant. You could get a robbery conviction but not gbh.
  7. I'd reckon almost impossible to get a prosecution sadly. Even if there was DNA, the wouldn't be able to prove which one wielded the knife. Best you would probably get was mugging conviction.
  8. Let's be honest, Serie A isn't what it used to be. I think he'll do well out there.
  9. Swansea highlighting what a brilliant job we did on Millwall last week. Millwall with a deserved lead.
  10. About the same as last season then? When it was 'midnight blue and lime green'.
  11. Saw that, and it surely can't be the home shirt. Too plain. That has to be either a fake or a training top. Surely. Please?
  12. Actually, I don't think there's anything to choose between say 10th and 20th in the Prem. The squads are all of similar quality. The difference in my opinion is the coach, their tactics, their in-game management and substitutions... oh, and a little bit of luck with injuries etc. That's the difference between relegation and a solid mid-table team.
  13. And Lewin Nyatanga too. When you look at the list like that it seems we're better at producing CBs than strikers. The last striker we had come through was probably Phil Gee!
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