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  1. Signs outside the ground had a list of prhobited stuff. Food and drink was not on the list.
  2. Agreed. And you'll notice that for once it's not written by Steve Nicholson. I think there's a relationship there.
  3. I'd agree. My overall view is that he's going to end up as an Ince-like player. Too good for the Championship, not good enough for the Prem. Which makes a perm fee of around £12m about right in my book. Only a handful of relegated teams could afford that. I don't think any Prem teams will take a chance to be honest. There might be a chance of getting him back on a loan to buy deal. If rumours are true, Liverpool are looking to cash-in on him
  4. They have missed out the real reason... that the ERG (Boris and co) were playing politics in order to get their man in the leaders job. Brexit could have happened by now. They have had 3 votes on it. Each time the Brexiteers blocked it. Sheryl Crow would call that ironic.
  5. Don't tell me we'll only get one show a week from you now Owen 😞
  6. Apart from repeated links with Walton at Brighton, you're right I think.
  7. I'm reserving judgement on this until we get into the season proper. I really enjoy the review show and preview show they do already. Not sure how this complements those two, or what else it adds. But let's see how it develops in the coming weeks. New set is a huge improvement though.
  8. Ahem, like "Frank Lampard's Derby County" ?
  9. That's not permitted. Sponsor logo is too big to meet league rules. They can play in a friendly in skirts and clown shoes if they want. But in a league or cup match... No-go. And they will absolutely know the rules. So this is just very smart pre-season PR for Paddy Power. http://handbook.fapublications.com/#!/book/30/chapter/s2699-kit-and-advertising-regulations/content?section=s2702-c-sponsor-designations
  10. Zola is now the 2/1 Favourite with the bookies. Do you reckon that's genuine, or Utd fans laying down money to mess with their heads?
  11. Lampard tried that at the start too. Three midfielders rotating. Lasted until about October, when he clocked that midfielders at this level lack the all-round ability to make it work successfully. If you're mobile AND can tackle AND can pass AND can score AND have the football brain to make it work... then you're in the Prem.
  12. Reading think it's them. Like us, they had 2 Chelsea loanees last season.
  13. Yes, he travelled. Ampadu and Gilmour are the "names" that didn't, so maybe loans for the two of them.
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