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  1. Is there any way to (legally) watch tonight's game on TV without a BT Sport subscription? Do they do PPV like Now TV for instance?
  2. Pathetically low number. Works out at about £2500 a game. Or another way to look at it, around 80 fans buying match tickets. Wow.
  3. I'd be good with no additions this window. Just let the lads develop more. It'll payoff next season.
  4. Same here. Doesn't work any more. Android reports 'App keeps crashing'
  5. Genuinely impressive. When you think of forwards from recent years that we often consider as great Rams players... The likes of Wanchope, Baiano, Saunders and Goddard... None of them in this list.
  6. Because 8m is the maximum allowed for FFP calculations.
  7. Live FA Cup games is good money. I underestimated. 3rd round was 150k per team. 4th round may be higher.
  8. Good news. I think that's another 125k for a live TV appearance. Hey Leeds fans, your BBC licence fee is paying Rooney's wages this week 😂😂
  9. Hope we get some video of Rooney giving Lawrence an earful today.
  10. Starts for Leics against Wigan tonight.
  11. As all these "mediums" are. Vile manipulators, taking advantage of people when they are desperate. Dont know how any of them can sleep at night.
  12. It all depends whether you want analysis or opinion. Ramage will give you a passionate opinion. Steele will give you a dispassionate analysis.
  13. So impressive when you consider Bird, Sibley, Knight, Whittaker and Buchannon all absent.
  14. Max Lowe playing a blinder tonight. 😊
  15. Interesting we've have both Bent and Bryson praise Pearson in the last few weeks. Wasn't expecting that.
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