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  1. Right on the money. That was never a 90s look. Now the 1980s however...
  2. Can't see Moyes getting another job in this country now.
  3. He lives locally and his lad is in the academy. Depends if he wants to uproot his family, or live away from them for long periods.
  4. What a lovely video.
  5. Yeah, we are really no worse than eaither of these teams. If it wasn't for the dreadful start under Pearson, we would likely be mixing it with them this evening. Reality is, this season top two are way ahead, but I don't think there is anything to choose between the next 6-7 sides really. Could easily have been us, Norwich or Leeds in the mix.
  6. Sounds like nonsense to me. We also had a bidding war with Blackburn for Craig Short. Why didn't Cox tell Short to go to Blackburn? Got to be a made up story.
  7. And don't forget the red numbers on the classic 70s title winning shirts. Nothing wrong with red. Would love to see red numbers in next season's kit.
  8. Maybe you're right. Bryson and Russell have been consistently selected ahead of the likes of Anya and Hughes. Keogh has no competion. Maybe Bryson and Russell to stay? Keogh and Hughes to move on? I have a feeling Martin may not be in GR's plans too.
  9. It's a bit like when us mortals start a new job though isn't it. Initially you work extra hard to impress your new boss. Once you have done that... and got through your first year's performance review, you have some breathing space to ease off a bit. I don't know about you, but once i have been in a job about 2.5 years I get a bit bored of the 'same old' every day and feel the urge to try out something new. Could be a new company. Could be a new job in same company. But I totally get what Rowett is saying.
  10. who has been at DCFC longest? From memory I make it Hughes, Keogh and Bryson. Followed by Russell, Martin and Forsyth.
  11. The key new bit of information in this interview, is that the sacking has nothing to do with Wasserman. Wonder what it does relate to then?
  12. OK, tomorrow is now a must-win for the lads.
  13. Leics currently 1-0 up with 30 mins to play. Rams back in the bottom two as things stand.
  14. That's right. The rules changed about 10years ago.
  15. Darn right he will. Over the last few days you can expect SR was offered the opportunity to go the same way a certain manager's period of leave resulted in a mutual agreement not so long ago. The fact that this didn't happen means SR thinks he is being unfairly treated. The club need not have mentioned fiduciary issues in their statement. The fact that they have is telling. What happens next? SR lawyers will threaten employment tribunal alleging unfair dismissal. The interesting thing about employment tribunal is that they are held in public. All the dirty linen gets washed, rinsed and hung out to dry for all to see. It then becomes a game of chicken. SR bets that DCFC won't want an employment tribunal and will offer a settlement before-hand. However, the bit about including fiduciary in the statement means that will always hang over SR, even if a settlement is reached. The inclusion of this says, 'OK then bring on your employment tribunal'. This is going to play out over months. And in the mean time, who is going to be leading the imminent close season work of moving players on and signing new ones up? The DoF? Nope he was sacked in Feb. Is there anyone left who can fulfill that role?