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  1. Will play turgid, defensive football and rely on being overly clinical based on chances created. Don't expect too much excitement or tactical genius, but do expect plenty of soundbites which initially seem to make sense until you realise it's a routine. He can be effective, and if he strikes right you can be competitive towards the top of the league, despite not having much fun doing so. If not, he'll do another Stoke.
  2. Srg

    RamsTV Feedback

    It was free a couple of years ago, not last year. But that was "tech test" almost, just to see how it worked.
  3. Last year was the only deadline day I remember us doing anything remotely positive.
  4. I don't think we will be too far behind, I mean, be top 10 for sure. I think most would be disappointed if we were out of play off contention come into the final few games. Just be prepared for mistakes that you get with youngsters, equally, the joys of playing with the freedom they have. It'll be fun, and in my opinion, so much more meaningful if they do well.
  5. It's not 2 hours though is it. For many people it's 4 or 5 hours, at least, and once I'm there I'm not sitting on my hands saying/shouting nothing and conserving my saliva in case I need it by the second half. Food I get, although you know what kids are like.
  6. I think Cocu genuinely likes our young players, and isn't going to sign someone for the sake of it when it hampers minutes for promising players. You'll see loans, but majority maybe after the Premier League teams name their 25 man squads.
  7. I think this is the correct answer with the players we have at the moment. Is possible that we put two at the base of the midfield with Huddlestone in there, and Cocu also seems to have a Bennett fetish like Frank did, although, likes him central.
  8. You sing all game and still don’t need a swag at any point? I call BS.
  9. Absolutely disgusting you can’t take a drink into the ground.
  10. Have to disagree about Davies. I'm not talking about running with the ball, but the simple ability to control it quickly and move the ball at pace either into midfield or to your fullback is massively important, and Davies cannot do that at any speed whatsoever. If you want to play pedestrian football and get nowhere with it, then he's fine. Still having nightmares at his performance at Stoke away pre-injury - but that is a mere example of the problem he presents to style of football. The Sheffield United example was purely that they have 3 defenders, all of a commanding size with the mobility to win headers and get up and down the pitch and pass the ball. Wasn't really a comment on the formation or stopping crosses. Your point about plying their trade below the championship is a good one, it just shows that these players do exists, and I believe we should be trying to find them because signing a 6ft5 defender and expecting all to be gravy is the last thing we should be doing. They need to fit the style on and off the ball.
  11. I'd argue I've not seen many people hit a ball like Wilson can in the flesh. I'd say that's an elite trait.
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