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  1. I think the point @sagewas making is that we would be fluid, and therefore can hard to predict and shift depending on the situation - the old Dutch "total football".
  2. No idea. But this guy was a cocky Australian.
  3. No I wouldn't. The keeper could see it. I'd have reacted like the Forest players did, non of whom even appealled.
  4. It should have stood because it should have stood. The linesman gave it because he hasn't got the depth of field from where he's stood, Waghorn does look like he's interfering (no more than McKenna would have done for their goal, may I add), the referee should have given it.
  5. Pointless rumour time... he was in The New Inn in Milford on Friday when we were playing Forest with his agent - who's apparently an obnoxious rick.
  6. You missed the shirt pull on Davies for their equaliser last night - also, McKenna was offside by the same measuring stick Waghorn was.
  7. No one is saying be fearful. Just that we have 4 points so far and now we are going to face two of the better teams in the league. Just going to be a lot of ground to catch up with to be competitive this season if we can’t find away to get any points here
  8. Biggest annoyance moving forward is another without 3 points, and we are now facing Cardiff and Bournemouth, so it doesn't get any easier.
  9. Marshall 6 Byrne 7 Buchanan 7 Wisdom 7 Davies 6 Clarke 6 Shinnie 8 Knight 7 Jozwiak 6 Waghorn 6 Lawrence 7
  10. If ours is disallowed then theirs should be. They had a man offside next to Marshall. Either they both stand (correctly, in my opinion) or neither should. duck the EFL.
  11. Which is fine if that's the case, but what we bothering with him on the bench for then? On Tuesday he was practically pointless with both Waghorn and CKR on the bench too. If he's no good, don't bother, but I don't know how we can learn anything about him like this. He'll be 22 next month, so he either needs to play or we need to move on.
  12. If I was him I'd be asking to leave. We've been desperate for a striker now for what seems like a year at this point, and even when there is literally nobody else, Cocu played 2 wingers up front.
  13. Can’t believe you’ve labelled Rooney as slow in the same thread you created wanting Huddlestone back.
  14. If we get Rooney as manager I think I’m going to give Derby County a break until we start taking ourselves seriously again.
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