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  1. Mr Brightside

    Mr Brightside is the one song you can guarantee mums on their one night out a year, after having one glass of Rose, will be singing at each other from 2 yards whilst stood in a circle with all the other mums.
  2. Matej Vydra

    Well he made 1 touch last night... so are you dead?
  3. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    That first half was one of the most boring - not particularly horrendous, just plain boring in memory. QPR are the worst team I've seen since Ipswich last season (who beat us thanks to Carson throwing the ball in his own net). They are also the shortest team I think I've ever seen, did they even have a 6ft player after Lynch went off? We were much better in the second half, once we stepped up 10 yards and stopped playing so deep. We did it at Fulham, but clearly didn't learn our lesson. We should have scored at least another 2 goals - Martin 1 on 1, Nugent 1 on 1 and Lawrence all spring to mind as golden chances. We weren't great, but we never looked like conceding either. Just needed a kick up the arse. I'd like to see us start with a bit more tempo, because it's a lot easier to start like that than step it up during the game. The team is still crying out for pace and athleticism through the middle, though. Keogh from centre back is the only player that can drive through the lines to put the defence on the back foot and create an angle for a pass. We are far too static in there, and with Keogh doing it, it can leave us exposed when it doesn't work. I also doubt the usefulness of Nugent when we play as deep as we did in the first half. He didn't do a great deal because he's trying to be a poacher, but there was no space to be that poacher. Martin would've been a better option for how we were trying to play, because the only two people up top who were comfortable with a ball into feet and we could reasonably expect them not to lose it every time were Lawrence and Vydra. Special mention to how poor Forsyth was first half. Thankfully sorted himself out second half.
  4. NFL thread

    We have a defense good enough to win every game, and offense bad enough to lose every game. We literally could shut out any team (3 shutouts this season) every week, and our only way of scoring could be 60 yard Tucker field goals.
  5. Gaming

    and it's not even close this year. Just a shame we can't do that on xbox - but it's still better to play, and that's more important for me.
  6. Gaming

    Titanfall was being published by EA anyway, so clinging onto hope nothing changes.
  7. Gaming

    EA removed the button for a refund off their website to make you call too. God they're shitty - no wonder they won worst company in the US twice in a row. But hey, you all still bought FIFA.
  8. NFL thread

    Turned out to be $750,000 - and those 6 sacks were more than all of one of his previous NFL seasons (think he came in 2011)
  9. u23s at the Olympic Stadium this Friday

    Guess that was due to them having a full TV channel - west ham haven't.
  10. u23s at the Olympic Stadium this Friday

    It will be on RamsTV, they all have. Will watch if I'm around to, Luke Thomas impresses me every single time.
  11. Sunderland sack Grayson

    You're starting to sound like him. Been listening to too many interviews.
  12. Gaming

    Enjoying the ridiculous amount of pay to win, microtransactions they've added in? Absolute joke.
  13. Gaming

    Anything but the abomination which is FIFA18.
  14. Best TV Dramas

    Yes... but this is just unbelievable acting.
  15. Best TV Dramas

    Mindhunter on Netflix is absolutely brilliant.

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