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  1. About 10 past 6 from Derby... spoons breakfast when we get there, then Covent Garden.
  2. 22, English, 7 goals and 7 assists with the most key passes per game in the league... I disliked him tremendously in the Championship, but you can't argue that's he's worth £20m in today's market in hindsight.
  3. tried to do it properly and ended up with 6 Villa players, so for that reason, I'm out.
  4. First post for this... Russian spy?
  5. Srg

    Jayden Bogle

    I think you just made his point. He was saying that if James is worth £7m then Bogle has to be worth a lot more.
  6. left field... Grealish own goal.
  7. Think we've found something to agree on. They're my 1-2.
  8. Srg

    Jayden Bogle

    Double it at least. Kelly at Bristol went for more and isn’t as good, in my opinion. Bogle also younger.
  9. Bit of clarification on whether trying to buy just a disabled and carer ticket or disabled and carer + others at the same time needed I think. Doesn’t read right against what the rules stated
  10. This is what I thought was the case, and I've even seen people complaining that it was easier to get tickets if you were disabled! (Mad, I know).
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