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  1. Irish team... so yeah, they win the league a lot.
  2. couldn't even get a quid for him? another shocking piece of business. this window is fantastic. is it august yet?
  3. Can't wait to replace one of the best players I've ever seen in a Derby shirt with an OAP, never-was-been, hoofball merchant.
  4. Well we either die of neck strain from all the filthy hoofball we're going to have to watch, or just end ourselves now.
  5. Kill me now.
  6. This is the worst deal we've ever done. Rowett best have some answers on the pitch or his head will be on the spike right next to Mel's for this bullshit.
  7. £8m. And, it's not anywhere near enough.
  8. Like a red rag to a bull.
  9. Shame the Will story hadn't broken before this. The soapbox would have been brought out and dusted off.
  10. It's still a shirt they ask you to pay £40+ for... and I aint doing that for a plain white tshirt.
  11. If by perfect you mean it's a boring, £2.50 t-shirt which comes in packs of 3 at primark.
  12. if it's like Real Madrid's a couple of years ago, I'm on board.
  13. Insurance on players paid for a lot of this. You're on fire with the condescension today.