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  1. Just threw up when I realised 2007 is when he was born.
  2. Be ecstatic if we can get rid of Bradley and replace with better. Imagine he’s earning at the top of whatever we’ve given out the past 2 years and at his best he was ‘ok’ last year. Massively disappointing compared to the expectations. Nowhere near Championship level. If someone is willing to take him for free then I’d happy accept.
  3. Scenes when Leeds have to handcuff all these players who don’t want to play in the championship to the bench at Bellend Road.
  4. Read they need to raise £100m. Dont know how true that is, but they should be able to do it selling Gnonto, Summerville, Archie Gray and Rutter, you’d imagine.
  5. So basically you want 3 things: New threads for rumours from actual journalist sources Suggestion thread for people to chuck names out there they'd like (or they've copied from some s*** website like Oldben) A rumour thread full of unsubstantiated twitter crap.
  6. Srg

    Wayne Rooney

    And on the other hand, he didn't do that out the goodness of his heart and was doing it for their own nefarious means.
  7. Srg

    Wayne Rooney

    Just don’t know how anyone can see what happened with him and his agent teaming up with Kirchner for control of the club and then running when it failed as anything other than pure scum.
  8. Hey, at least you admit it… more than some we get 🤣
  9. Don't make @Caerphilly Ramlist the massive debunking of this nonsense again, because he will
  10. Well he played for Warne before on loan at Rotherham. Since then, on his Leicester debut he saved 3 penalties in a shootout. He won Preston's player of the year season before last, then played 18 games for Stoke on loan since January. Good age at 26. Can't say I've seen him personally though.
  11. I'm guessing it might be something to do with spreading costs/wages over a loan and permanent transfer, somehow that must help. Pure guesswork though.
  12. A lot of teams do these things now all through the leagues, especially at premier league level. Not always for end of contract, but quite often loan with buy at the end. Presumably it must help with PSR somehow.
  13. Believe Fapetu was in the section where we are in talks, wasn't he? So isn't necessarily here next year. Just shows you though, what an horrific bottom of the table XI that is right now. Feel a bit bad for CBT though, @Magicmanwould rather than a bench with 3 empty spaces than include him.
  14. He'd play them every minute anyway. Yes, I'm still angry he didn't make a sub until extra time against Italy.
  15. Left back definitely a glaring hole in that squad. Surprised Solanke didn’t get a look. Far better than Toney this year.
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