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  1. They can score goals, and they actually put effort in. Their manager knows what he wants, and the players do too. Half the talent, but it doesn’t matter.
  2. What you basing that on? We couldn’t beat our own meat let alone another team at a game of football.
  3. So... even when he fluked it he ducked it? Sounds about right. Useless.
  4. Line up bingo Formation bingo Came out with a strikerless formation by a team who can’t score.
  5. Hardly. Been poo for a year. Appointing this clown put the nail in.
  6. It isn't in our own hands. If Coventry beat Rotherham tomorrow, they'll have played the same games as us and be above, with Rotherham 4 points behind with 2 games in hand.
  7. Not seen anything from him to suggest he has a single clue what he's doing. Changes the formation, the style of play and the personnel in literally every single game. No chance of continuity, partnerships, momentum or anything when this is all that happens every single game. He seems to favour some players who have been useless for a long time (Waghorn, for example) then berate others who have barely had a chance and have yet still done more in that time than others (Sibley, for example). I have no faith in us getting the points needed to stay in this division. We are 1 point ab
  8. Marshall, Byrne, Mengi, Wisdom, Clarke, Buchanan, Knight, Shinnie, Jozwiak, Roberts, Colin Subs: Roos, Forsyth, Baningime, Gregory, Sibley, Watson, McDonald, Lawrence, anyone but Waghorn.
  9. What a daft response. You want to debate what you think he did correctly tonight then we can debate that, if you want to be reductive then bore off.
  10. Marshall 5 Byrne 6 Buchanan 7 Wisdom 6 Clarke 6 Bird 6 Shinnie 4 Waghorn 2 Knight 5 Jozwiak 7 CKR 4
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