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  1. Srg

    Luciano Acosta

    @Bris Vegas All around troll, maker-up of rumours and certified click-bait merchant.
  2. Vote here: https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11854248/sky-bet-championship-league-one-and-league-two-goals-of-the-month-vote-for-october
  3. Srg

    Luciano Acosta

    Either way round is ok with me... Whether it's Rooney giving us a nudge and telling us someone is the tits and we should go check them and he can help, or the other way round. Doesn't really matter.
  4. Srg


    Would also like to know how powerdul the cameras are... when you're ruling goals out for 1mm, are the cameras capable of enough frames per second and able to be stopped in the exact frame the ball leaves a player's foot?
  5. Srg

    Luciano Acosta

    Looks like he had a pretty rough season this year. Can't say I know anything about him, but can say I'm fully on board with Rooney the scout.
  6. League Cup has comfortably been more exciting than the FA Cup last few years (3rd round onwards)
  7. We were also spoilt by having played good football more often than not in recent years, they haven't been. There's also always an expectation that results breed better performances. I know I'd rather be winning than losing and hoping it gets better.
  8. Srg


    Struggling to see how that's true when they're giving interviews week in week out about how bad it is.
  9. Anyone enjoys winning, have to be some kind of holier than thou football turbononce to think you're above enjoying winning matches.
  10. Srg

    Belper Town

    I haven't actually seen anything about local housing being flooded. I know they evacuated Babington hospital, but haven't seen much else. Maybe I've missed it if that is the case, although would see odd if I had. The way Belper is, there's not really any houses down there.
  11. Yes, he wasn't good at all. Just a pretty poor game that deserved to be nothing more than a draw all round, but that's the way it's going for us at the moment.
  12. Clarke. Was also two fouls in the build up to that Lawrence tackle, so it shouldn't have happened. Given the ref was terrible though, he should have been sent off, even though it should never have gotten that far. Yates should have gone though, either straight red or three yellow card offences in the first half alone.
  13. Srg

    Belper Town

    On a flood plain so not sure how that would affect it, insurance wise. However, this is all about community. It's about a community club which gives back to the local area and provides a hub for local people asking for a little help in their hour of need. This isn't Man City with a begging bowl out, don't forget. I'm a pretty cold-hearted person in general, but there's not much better than seeing the local chippy provide free chips for local volunteers giving up their Sunday to help with cleaning up.
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