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  1. Shows Baldock still there. Know some were thinking he’d gone awol this week.
  2. Pretty sure Android has it's own version, you peasant.
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/Instagramreality/
  4. Looking above it looks like it can be added to your passbook as if it were apple pay?
  5. Srg

    Lee Buchanan

    Amateur detective work. Either it’s a photoshop or whoever made that terrible mug can’t print the graphics straight.
  6. Again, talking about value. Will be 30 in a few weeks time. No one banging your door down for Graeme Shinnie.
  7. I think he’s 29 and 5ft nothing. I’m talking about value here, not a huge market there is there.
  8. Buchanan and Lawrence the only two with any value. The rest are getting on or just a bit average.
  9. I’m not starting a thread because it’s the most unsubstantiated rumour I’ve heard 3rd hand and have no clue on the legitimacy - other than I’m inclined to say it’s BS - but I’m passing it on anyway because I love a vicious rumour spreading like wildfire… heard Jack Wilshere now training with us.
  10. Have it on excellent authority that Lawrence, Jagielka and few more were at Angelo's in Duffield last night... I obviously poo myself, but it was confirmed they were on water and coke (the drink).
  11. True. Don't think it would work like that, think it's a minimum of 23, so we have 30 it would be a case of we can't sign anyone.
  12. Srg


    Yeah, i imagine they'll plan to keep the base game for a few years before an overhaul, and just keep the content rolling until then - basically like fifa do, but without being underhand about it.
  13. Someone may need to correct me here, but if it's like the Prem, you have to name a squad, which then can be changed in January for the second half of the season. Could just be a Premier League thing though.
  14. Srg


    Think they'll charge for additional teams, leagues and offline modes, as well as whatever naff version of ultimate team they go for.
  15. Srg


    Unless there's some weird surprise in there, I guess they managed cross play with Fortnite from mobile, so it must be possible. Just yeah, hold your breath.
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