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  1. Alan Nixon summer 2017

    Miller right at the top of the tree alongside Savage for most hated players in our history.
  2. One win from Wembley ?

    I do hope you're joking. Losing against Spurs would not make Wembley become a thing.
  3. Forest's Greek Tragedy

  4. Tomer Hemed

    Leeds will be the ones throwing the money here.
  5. Steve Bloomer Trophy

    Sending a few of the kids on a training camp every year? Don't see an issue
  6. This has seriously piqued my interest. Please don't disappoint.
  7. Derbyshire Cricket 2017

    Some buffet bowling to say the least though.
  8. Grimsby Town v Derby County

    Wasn't saying you were lying, just that it's wrong and isn't what we are actually playing.
  9. Grimsby Town v Derby County

    I call b*******. Will be the the exact same we have been playing. Vydra as number 10, as usual.
  10. Jota

    Not even been linked in literally months at this point.
  11. Grimsby Town v Derby County

    Just need to keep the ball because that defence scares me. Pure mobility.
  12. Grimsby Town v Derby County

    Don't listen. He didn't even make the game last time. Was called off before he could park.
  13. Derbyshire Cricket 2017

    Embarrassing ourselves somewhat so far
  14. Favourite funny/witty player nicknames

    Men Behaving Bradley
  15. Online fanbase, more harm than good?

    I can neither confirm, nor deny.

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