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  1. Srg


    Load of nonsense. The Flu is more deadly. Come round with Swine Flu and all the rest of it... yawn.
  2. I often wonder the same. @David, who's probably nursing the mother of all hangovers today, judging by the texts he sent me calling his own mother a GILF. Not sure which is weirder, the fact he's invented that he's got kids or that he might fancy his own mum.
  3. You have to guess that Cocu, with limited time and exposure, thought Roos was the solid first choice prior to the season.
  4. I think Rooney and Bird deep has to be the starter for the midfield, that should help too. Then we just need to fix the speed and athleticism, and ball carrying, elsewhere and we might be half the way there.
  5. Hoping te Wierik is capable. Be interesting what the plan is next to him. Wisdom has shown a bit of something and I think centre back is probably where he ends up long term, but whether he’s good enough I’m not sure. Bielik is another option, but he may not be ready til Christmas at full speed and I think I prefer him in midfield from what I’ve seen anyway. So that should well lead us needing another centre back, with Clarke gone and Davies likely being given away for nothing to anyone who will have him.
  6. No, I wouldn’t. Thought it would be better today, than the back line of Wisdom, Davies, Clarke and Forsyth which we have been using and has looked awful at it - particularly vs Huddersfield. Yet the ball seemed to stick at Davies even more than usually - probably due to QPR figuring it out easily. Don’t think Shinnie helped things either... is it me, or does he always seem to get the ball stuck under his feet?
  7. Nothing that hasn’t been said ad nauseum for weeks now. Too slow all over the pitch. Injection of pace and athleticism required. No ball carriers on top of that too. Seems like every week there’s 2 or 3 players our side would kill for - Kamara, Cavaleiro, Osayi-Samuel and Eze just from the last 2 games alone The back four, five including Hamer, all not good enough in possession to play out like we attempt to. It’s a mess waiting to happen. Chuck Shinnie in as the closest outlet and it makes it even worse. Davies looked hopeless. Terrible on the ball, incapable of playing a five yard pass that wasn’t knee height. Got rinsed twice in just a couple of minutes of Osayi-Samuel going up front and then got brought off - finally. Waghorn can’t finish his dinner - and has Lego bricks for boots. Going to be a long summer when I doubt we will have the funds we need to fix this imbalanced mess of a squad.
  8. Every single transfer in the history of ever includes a club that doesn’t want someone in some form or fashion.
  9. Literally don’t see how where he’s come from has anything to do with it. He’s pants, yes, but that logic is very flawed.
  10. Really sick of teams having exactly what we glaringly lack going forward. Just in the past two games we’ve have Cavaleiro, Kamara, Osayi-Samuel and Eze. All quick, tricky players who cause no end of problems. We have literally nothing.
  11. Just don’t have the players. Unfortunately, he’s decided to try and not concede a load of goals since that Bristol game, and stuff like this and the Huddersfield home game is the result.
  12. All on the Man Utd game then because this season is done.
  13. Curtis off... don’t let me down Bogle.
  14. Game has settled back into the pattern of us struggling to get the ball into their half again.
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