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  1. Srg

    Valentines Day

    Think I'll be desperately lamenting poor frame rate for my inability to shoot straight on PUBG, or maybe watching the Champions League.
  2. Srg

    Poor ref again no back bone

    First was a joke. Right in front of me. Never touched him. Maddison should be ashamed of his display. Disgusting cheating and the ref lapped it up. Doesnt excuse our dysmal display, but playing against a cheat, a joker in the middle and clueless linesman never helps proceedings.
  3. Yes, your incorrect belief. As you are clearly failing to see that three central strikers, minus one, is two. Which has literally no bearing whatsoever on my opinion about whether Sam Winnall is a pub player, decent in this league, or Pele reincarnated.
  4. I was pointing out your incorrect belief that I contradicted myself.
  5. Yes, exactly, which is what I said. We are light because we only have two true centre forwards, maybe 3 if you count Vydra (which I don't, because he wouldn't be half the player being asked to do a different role). That doesn't change the fact that we are now light by a body, nor does it mean Winnall was anymore than just decent.
  6. It's a shame in the sense it does leave us a little light. Only really have Nugent and Jerome, who are both not likely to last 90 minutes too often. Probably have to make use of Weimann centrally occasionally, and maybe an opportunity to make the bench for Lewis Walker. The last thing I'd really want to do is move Vydra. With that all said, I never thought Winnall was anything special. He was a trier and ran about a bit, took chances in the box, but he lacked any top end speed to really be what he should be with the rest of his attributes. He was perfect for off the bench and the occasional start here and there, and nothing more.
  7. Srg

    The Most Bitter Man in English Football

    Saw the thread title and expected Nigel.
  8. Pretty sure they'll just be training with the first team, which makes sense. Maybe the odd bench appearance, about it.
  9. Srg


    The problem is full AAA releases carving up games, withholding content, inbalancing the game just to get money from microtransactions. EA are the biggest scumbags of the lot. Absolutely destroying that Star Wars game to the point where they had to patch the progression system once they disabled the microtransactions after the huge backlash - just proving the point that they were completely game altering to a fault. Yet they don't care, because they still make billions because they invented ultimate team game modes on every sports franchise they own the monopoly on. Other games have had microtransactions bolted onto the game after the fact due to greedy producers, again, ruining the entire game. Biggest example of this would be the newest Deus Ex, which Square Enix ruined by doing this. But they're not the only ones. If you pay for a full price game, you should get the full game. This is just the latest iteration of the games industry finding another way to get all of the money, rather than just a boat load of it. They have tried before with online passes required to try and kill the preowned market, massive pre-order bonus culture to entice presales to pay for the game before it's even made and alike. I don't have any issue with free games, like League of Legends, or cheap games like Rocket League making their money through skins and other cosmetics - which have no effect on the balance of the game. Where Rocket League and League of Legends does it right, is that there's a very limited number of items you can possibly get in any given Rocket League box, of which you can trade afterwards anyway, and League of Legends lets you buy the actual item you want. Even then, it's not ideal, but at least these games don't charge you £45 to play it to begin with, before letting you know you've only got a small portion of the game, and you have to grind an ungodly amount of time to do the cool stuff with shelling out yet more money. The Asian market has at least taken the step of making games disclose the odds on each item in loot boxes, it's a small step, but it's showing how it is being now thought of as gambling. Games like Overwatch are always given an easy ride on this, but they shouldn't be. Mainly because it's Activision, and they tried to patent a matchmaking system which would literally put people without any DLC items against people with them, to make them want to buy them. They have loot boxes with a huge number of items in them, with such tiny odds, and it very much preys on the haves and have nots, and specifically a younger audience.
  10. Srg

    Leeds sack Christiansen

    Lasogga can play the Martin role. They do have a team which could translate reasonably well - included a rubbish defence.
  11. Srg

    New Contract: George Thorne 2020

    It’s almost like it’s his first run of games after two or three ridiculously bad injuries. Fancy that being the cause of his inconsistency, eh? Suppose it’s not a surprise people are now on his back. I mean, it’s hardly like Forsyth got a pass for having two ACLs in a row and coming back way quicker than George did and basically playing every week immediately.
  12. Srg

    Derby County v Brentford F.C.

    We got rid of all our wingers so it ain’t going to happen... and it’s groans which put him in the firing line because the brainless can’t see that as a winger he needs to try things. Ince had the same issue here to begin with.
  13. Srg

    Derby County v Brentford F.C.

    Thought Vydra was absolutely quality today, both with and without the ball. Comfortable man of the match performance today and pleased he got the goal at the end. Never seen him work so hard defensively. Jerome played well. Held the ball up much more than I thought he would. We struggled to adapt when we took him off and carried on playing like he was still there when Winnall was on, who I thought was pretty poor (again) other than the touch to win the penalty. Looked a sending off all day to me in real time. 2 footed lunge, despite getting the ball, always gets you sent off these days. Thought Bjellend was pretty lucky with the cynical, high slide on Vydra second half too. Not sure about Lawrence on the right, he looked like he had to over think everything and it wasn’t as natural. Probably didn’t help with all the groans every time he gets something slightly wrong. The type of player he is, he needs licence to try things and make mistakes.
  14. Srg

    New baby Weimann on the way...

    Can this baby play on the wing?
  15. Srg

    Johnny Russell all 35 goals video

    I won’t miss him marking himself out of games. Never watched a player go and stand next to a defender and refuse to move to get open as much as he does.

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