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  1. Srg

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Got boned by Stafford and Tate late points. Don't think it's really possible to win now as I've got Wilson playing against my Bears defence. Need a new kicker, two weeks of Elliot being garbage.
  2. Srg

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    And he didn't even have a catch in a game where the Bucs put up 48 points and decidedly second option behind OJ Howard at TE.
  3. Srg

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Those two live trades are despicable. Voting against both of them.
  4. Srg

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Think half the league went for Ekeler and Lindsay
  5. Srg

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    I seem to constantly have the shittest waiver wire priority.
  6. Srg

    NFL 18/19

    A few reasons really. When I started watching it (about 2010/11 ish) I wanted to like the Rams for obvious reasons, but they were pretty dreadful and lifeless. So I quickly realised that I wasn't taking to the Rams, so kept my options open. I then gravitated to Baltimore with the raucous crowd, the mean persona of defense and some of the all-time great players they had like Ed Reed and Ray Lewis, amongst others. Their attitude on the field was like no one else at the time, and their rivalry with the Steelers very much reminded me of Derby v Forest. It was completely cemented by the fact I was watching The Wire at the time, which is frankly the best show of all time. It's very much a hard-nosed, blue-collar, rough and ready city and the team matches that, which I can really empathise with.
  7. Srg

    Bolton face Administration

    Apart from the ludicrous ticket prices they charge.
  8. Srg

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    You started LeSean McCoy against the Ravens, knowing Peterman was playing?! More fool you.
  9. Srg

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Well, I think my team has peaked.
  10. Srg

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Just the 4 points off Jake Elliott... not the greatest start. Didn't help with the 2 point conversion.
  11. Srg

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Don't forget to sign up to these, guys! Season starts tonight!! First one, which i have invited everyone in the standard league to, is the Weekly Pick'Em. So just select who you think will win every game each week and we will see who's the most accurate. http://weeklypickem.fantasy.nfl.com/group/194295/join?icampaign=weeklypickem_lm_email_invite&mp=cd95957c4d2ad20fea04b484724c8e15. League: DCFC Fans Password: Lampard We have 8 people in this one. The second one is the NFL Challenge, which is the NFL UK one with Sky Sports. This is a weekly fantasy challenge where you pick players (and defence etc), and you re-pick every week. This is also an open scoring rather than head-to-head every week like the standard league. https://nflchallenge.skysports.com/#league/standings/14336?code=CDUSES32 Only 2 of us in this! Get joining.
  12. Srg

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    I went Breida - went for the upside. We know what Morris is at this point. I'd wait for someone to go down, and suddenly a FA is valuable. Or, punt on Mike Gillislee with Ingram out 4 games he should be involved alongside Kamara.
  13. Srg

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    You have 4? Only thing you're short of is TE - and QB, unless you'll stream a back up for your bye week.
  14. Srg

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Your RBs look pretty good to me, much better than your WRs.
  15. Srg

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    6 of us in the pick em now, still waiting on sign ups for the second one!

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