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  1. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Regularly remember Forest fans taking a pop at us for not getting results but playing nice football over the past few years. How's it feel?
  2. Gaming

    Having your own clan is pointless. The more people in it the better, it's just a way to get free luminous engrams - which you won't get anywhere near as many buy yourself. It serves no other purpose.
  3. FIFA 18

    Avoided buying it this year because the price at launch for what it is is just ludicrous. Went round to a mates house last weekend to play it for the evening and I was completely shocked. I played the whole evening and couldn't notice a single change other than updated kits. Everything was the same, the player models, the likenesses, the way they moved... everything. What an absolute con. Worst FIFA in 10 years, and it's not close.
  4. Oh god, Dawes and Ramage's inane drivel will go unchecked.
  5. Apple

    imessage via wifi, using an apple ID
  6. NFL thread

    Don’t think they have the means at Twickenham, but at Wembley they use one of the car parks for a fan park and have some music, fun and games and food in there as sort of a lame tailgate. Usually on the Saturday the NFL takes over Regent Street or Trafalgar Square with a stage with players and cheerleaders etc. There will be jerseys from every team going, that’s for sure. We often make a mini game of trying to spot all 32 teams first. And I have followed the sport now for 8 years give or take, and when watching I obviously wanted to like the Rams but I just couldn’t take to it. I liked their style of play with hard defence, their loud fans (who sing Seven National Army, so listen to that Sunday) and no nonsense attitude. Beyond that, I liked the colours and I was also watching The Wire at the time.
  7. NFL thread

    I've been to about 5 already, if there's any questions you have... just finally get to see my team. Just a shame I'm missing the Birmingham game.
  8. NFL thread

    This weekend boys! Finally get to see my Ravens live and in the flesh. Heading down tomorrow morning. Gutted Brandon Williams is out for the game... hopefully our defence will still be the as amazing as it has been so far this season. We've managed as many takeaways as we have points this year (10).
  9. Martin/Winnall

    Because the same people that think Martin is useless now, also seem to be the same ones who think Bryson can be good again.
  10. Martin/Winnall

    Funny how there's a definitive correlation between those who don't think Martin could get his form back from a couple of years ago and those that still think Bryson is good.
  11. The fall of Johnny Russell

  12. NFL Fantasy Leagues 2017-18

    Happy with my team - I auto drafted but I set my player rankings and "do not draft" list, so ended up with people I actually wanted.
  13. NFL Fantasy Leagues 2017-18

    Joined it
  14. What are we in desperate need of?

    Pace and athleticism in the middle. Been saying it for like 2 years now... we need athleticism. We have 0 out of any of our midfielders. We need some 6ft unit, who can run, twist and turn.

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