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  1. Going full detective, I reckon that house is on Morley Road opposite Moor Farm. Rented one there a few years back which looked exactly the same.
  2. Srg

    Max Bird

    Rowett gave him his debut didn't he? Shoddy journalism. Don't particularly believe it, but if someone offered 8 figures, we wouldn't turn it down.
  3. Srg


    I'd be asking serious questions about what the hell she has 1TB worth of that she can't possibly store anywhere other than on the laptop itself. Has she been making the most of bored gentlemen on OnlyFans?
  4. Srg

    Cameron Jerome

    Gary Teale also kept us up single-handedly. Doesn't make either of them good.
  5. Srg

    Cameron Jerome

    Nothing in it, also, he's a donkey.
  6. He wasn't. Good effort.
  7. Srg


    T-minus 2 days until Furlough commencement
  8. Wouldn’t take much to put it on a sleeve or something.
  9. He's got to be buzzing he's not missing as much football as he could've been, and he now has a chance at making the Euros.
  10. Speak for yourself. I'm tuning into the Tajikstan league starting this weekend I'm that gagging.
  11. Srg


    Ignore this, literally just been text to say she has got it. Weird that's taken 6 days since she got discharged and they said she hadn't when she rang them 2 days ago. Not great!
  12. Every cloud I guess.
  13. Srg


    This is true, I have a friend who got taken into hospital last week with symptoms, got pneumonia in both lungs but her test came back negative. The chances of that.
  14. Away and third kit look like Leeds, the home kit looks like Swansea.
  15. Gary Rowett and Wayne Rooney... swings and roundabouts
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