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  1. It’s bad for them in the fact that the events around being placed into Admin were ridiculous and seem very suspect, but Admin = point deduction. Pretty cut and dry on that front.
  2. I once met a drag queen from the greater Manchester area... He had a Wigan address.
  3. Didn’t Northampton have a well rated keeper already? Has he gone, or is he about to go?
  4. "First things first, Mike..." A lesson in how to do a full interview without actually posing a question, usually leading to some of the more awkward interviews I've ever seen. Let's hope he's shielding and @OwenB87has done it.
  5. First official interview being released tomorrow lunchtime on RamsTV
  6. There are no reports. A website did a speculation piece about Championship players Arsenal should look at, that has then be regurgitated by several others claiming they're actually interested. The thread was closed on here in Transfer Talk.
  7. Seems wild to think he would then loan him to a team who were doing better than us at the time. If he could help them, then surely he would've wanted to keep him?
  8. Cocu clearly deemed him surplus to requirements based on what we already had, rightly or wrongly. So you can guess we certainly won't need him next season after a transfer window.
  9. It matters to Cocu, that's the only one who counts. He's said multiple times about left-sided centre backs.
  10. Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t they tend to play the same formation and system (to a certain extent) as the first team to make the transition as seamless as possible? Can’t see us playing 3 at the back for that reason.
  11. Click through the links. The original is just some website saying “here are some championship players Arteta should consider”. There’s no actual link or rumour. Lock the thread.
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