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  1. A quick text to whom? To say what? And when? After it all happened? How do you know it didn’t. We don’t know enough facts to condemn Lampard. There’s a bad taste in terms of the obvious and intentional leaks of interest from Chelsea’s end and the way specific pundits and media personalities have handled themselves, but as far as it goes with Lampard, the bloke’s been on holiday and is entitled to enjoy it.
  2. How do you know he didn't try? Even if he didn't, why should he if he was on holiday? Call me a snowflake, but I think everyone should be entitled to some form of uninterrupted annual leave, regardless of how rich or famous they are.
  3. I still don't really understand what Lampard's done wrong here. The media, yes, Chelsea, possibly - but Lampard? I predict I'll be getting bored with asking this question, but how is this any different to Nigel Clough landing (one of) his dream job(s) when he left Burton for Derby?
  4. Wonder how many of us were valiantly protesting Nigel Clough’s move to Derby at the drop of a hat with Burton on the brink of promotion to the football league on the grounds it was fickle.
  5. One of the worst parts of the whole process is the amount of fans and media talking as if Frank has already gone. I keep worrying I’ve been in a coma and woken up in July. Who’s the prime minister, just to check? It’s still Jeremy Hunt isn’t it?
  6. Wonder what the equivalent would be for a forum announcement if a moderator parted company with the forum. A picture of David's desk?
  7. Really not much of a French speaker, but my understanding is that the accent and pace of language is really easy to understand in the Loire Valley. Might be a good place to start - take in some Chateau and wine. Get to grips with the language. Then head south to catch a tan and where every vowel sound sound like "ang."
  8. Going back through this thread, I wonder how many people offended by an instagram video also use the term "snowflake" when referring to people being offended by stuff they don't find offensive.
  9. "Derby are braced for an approach from Chelsea for Lampard with the Rams set to demand £4m in compensation if the Blues are to bring in their former midfielder to take over from Maurizio Sarri. However, there has been no formal contact with Derby so far." Football language is weird. How to you "brace" for an approach? Pull up the draw bridge? Place extra guards on the fortifications? Why am I now imagining Mel Morris in military uniform?
  10. Saw this coming. He's heading to Charlton to replace Lee Bowyer who's replacing Gerard at Rangers who's replacing Lampard at Derby who's replacing Sarri at Chelsea. Opens the door for Allegri to go to Birmingham now.
  11. I don’t think the club should do anything until we as a forum have agreed who we’d like as a replacement in the other thread.
  12. I don't agree with this at all. Duracell SLAMS Milleniumram in forum reply. Click the link below to find out what he said...
  13. We're probably the only club in the country even considering if the manager who was the architect of the worst team in history is also our greatest manager in recent memory.
  14. Used to find Villa annoying but completely agree, zero percent of me is annoyed at Villa. It’s not like when we lost to QPR at all. Would say they’re a good addition to the Premier League but it’s strange they weren’t there in the first place. Happy to have them out of the way now, did not enjoy playing them at all this season.
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