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  1. Formula One Championship - 2017 Season

    That would essentially happen organically if they got rid of the stupid blue flag rule when lapping cars. In endurance racing, blue flags are only there to warn the other drivers that a faster car is about to lap them - but it's not an instruction to get out of the way. It's the faster drivers' job to overtake the lapped car. It's a skill. And here's the kind of racing that produces.
  2. Toilet breaks in class

    Just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it won't ever happen. Obviously common sense is needed, I'm sure you'd spot if someone needed to go.
  3. Toilet breaks in class

    Well that's the point, it shouldn't really be rule, more of a guideline to the children. It's not about authority or power but about attitudes to learning, and banning children from having bodily functions isn't going to turn them into academics. That said, children are more likely to be motivated if they are given the impression that what happens in the classroom is really important. They need to learn the lesson that if what you're doing is important, you're probably not going to be nipping to the loo every few seconds, and that actually is a quite important life lesson. For example, I don't go to the bogs at the football during the match unless I'm really desperate. Lots of schools have the "no toilet in lessons" rule but it's not a rule in the same way as, say, not chewing gum or not calling the teacher a ****. It's not black and white and it's flexible. It's there for children to learn that with important things you can't just nip in and out as you please - unless it's for something important. Like really needing to go the toilet. Part of the problem is the way teachers talk to parents. Some teachers are, if I'm honest, on a bit of a power trip and make it sound like it's just one of their rules that has to be obeyed at all times. If they actually took the time to explain to parents that no child will be wetting themselves and the purpose behind it then everyone would be happier.
  4. Timi Elsnik

    He's been playing as a false 9/number 10 as far as I can tell. Possibly similar situation to Vydra here?
  5. Toilet breaks in class

    Did she accept that? Conversations like that with parents are always tricky. It's a school-wide policy that kids don't go to the toilet but I think parents like to have the assurance that if their kid genuinely needed to go, you'd spot it and let them go.
  6. Toilet breaks in class

    8.30-4. 20 minute break in the morning, half an hour break in the afternoon, half an hour in the lunch hall. Those are the official times they're allowed to go. They get a whistle 5 mins before the end of each break reminding them to go to the toilet. Occasionally in the afternoon a kid will still ask to go - I just use my common sense. I remind the class when they should be going and why we give them those times. Then I'll find a moment to subtly let that kid go to the toilet so the others don't notice. If they did, they'd all want to go. You've got to be careful to strike that balance between the children treating the learning time as sacred and wanting to be in the room while also making it clear to them that when they're desperate then obviously it's not a problem. Purpose over power as a classroom teacher, every single time. How did the conversation with the parent go?
  7. Toilet breaks in class

    That's why you need to explicitly teach that at the start of the year.
  8. Toilet breaks in class

    I teach Year 3 and don't let mine go in lessons either. The obvious exception is when a child is clearly about to wet themselves and if you can't spot when that's about to happen you shouldn't be teaching children that young.
  9. Formula One Championship - 2017 Season

    Wasn't contentious and I'm surprised the radio would suggest it was.
  10. Formula One Championship - 2017 Season

    Vettel got a heap of understeer and was a passenger in that move - probably blamed Massa as he didn't want it to come across as diver error, but in truth he'd lost part of his front wing already and had less front downforce than expected on an already slippery surface. Ridiculous to suggest that Vettel planned the collision that way. Nine times out of ten, if you damage your front wing, you ruin your race and that's exactly what happened. Vettel hasn't got 4 titles to his name by being that stupid. You're right about the red mist thing though. He needs to sort that out if he wants to beat Hamilton on merit.
  11. Marcus Olsson

    I'd say not. LBs in this league are over-analysed at this level - they're very rarely a strong point of any side in the Championship, and having an average one is no barrier to promotion. I'd say Forsyth is right up there with the best of the league and even on a bad day on the ball, he's a mountain defensively. Olsson provides above average back up. Olsson's great going forward but pretty suspect defensively - but there's often a stark trade off between those two things in our league when it comes to full backs.
  12. Norwich City V Derby County

    I'm a football purist like you and have a feeling that I'll never really warm to Rowett's style of football, but all the same, I think it's easy to over-step the mark when it comes to the importance of ball retention and possession - in context, of course. Leicester won the Premier League almost wilfully giving the ball away; it's an extreme example, but if you're struggling for possession and passing when you want to control the game with the ball, then you're not doing the basics right. If you're struggling for possession and ball retention when you're trying to play faster, longer, riskier passes then it's more of a case of that happening by design rather than lack of skill or poor coaching. Think it's a little unfair to claim we're not doing the basics right, but more than fair to question our football values under Rowett. I guess there's a debate about how much of the pretty stuff fans like us are willing to forgo in achieving success.
  13. Think we should get Angry Ram to shout abuse with a megaphone towards the South Stand. Really get the hostility going.
  14. Top 20 players you have seen playing for the Rams

    Says something about our performance as a club since the departure of Steve as number 2 to Jim Smith that for fans of a certain age, their top 20 would probably struggle to get out of this division. This should reveal my age: Mart Poom Inigo Idiakez Marco Reich Kris Commons Will Hughes Chris Martin Darren Moore Paul Peschisolido Georgi Kinkladze Alberto Bueno Grzegorz Rasiak Tommy Smith Richard Keogh Jake Buxton Shaun Barker Craig Bryson 1.0 George Thorne You know what? I can't even get to 20 names.
  15. Richard Keogh - always got a mistake in him

    I think that's wrong.

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