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  1. I too believe that Weimann’s excellent dribbling, keen eye for a pass and reading of the game is exactly what we have been missing this season.
  2. Do you think we were marking players or zones? I think it says a lot that it looked like a bit of both.
  3. Mason Bennett’s flukey goal is the last game he’ll score in professional football because he’s a fraud and reveldevil smells like out-of-date smoked mackerel pâté. That unreasonable enough for you?
  4. Johnson is probably the best aerially in the squad, I can see the thinking behind it. I don’t think either he or Keith make the calls on who marks whom. Agree on the midfield, and it’s been our Achilles heel all season long. The one consistent positive is Mount’s runs and his creativity, but that’s not balanced with someone who can control the tempo. Will Hughes is the player you describe; two years on and I’m angrier about that sale than ever before. Our defence would look totally different with that kind of midfield in front of it. The full backs were providing more movement for the CBs than any of the midfield 5, no surprise they often look exposed.
  5. Frustrating, yes, but goes with the territory being in the hunt for the playoffs. A team that never frustrates takes all the points and goes up as champions. You’ve barely started on the long list of things that could be improved, but we’re roughly as good as Bristol and Boro - which is why it’s come to be this close after 42 games.
  6. Cheers. All these years I’ve been going and I hadn’t even noticed that bridge.
  7. Could someone explain to me, as if I were an idiot, how you get from Chad to Pride Park now?
  8. We all thought it, but we were mature enough not to post it.
  9. Anyone else confused by how "bang average" and "below par" and "below average" are all used to mean the exact same thing in reference to Bryson?
  10. "Soft embargo." The language of football has finally entered oxymoronic territory.
  11. Exactly, and Hudson-Odoi is a much more high-profile player. Mount still isn't really on the radar in the same way. I think Wilson would actually go for more than Mount, given his goal-scoring record. No idea how Chelsea's transfer ban would affect Tomori and Mount's value.
  12. That would be unprecedented for a player that's played excellently in the Eredivisie and very well in the Championship and not a single appearance in an elite league.
  13. Someone should merge this thread with the moderator who made that thread slagging him off a couple of years ago.
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