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  1. Of course we should win, but it’s arguably the first of “these games” this season. Martin coming off probably has less to do with tactics and more to do with fitness.
  2. It’s progress. It’s not good enough from a defensive point of view, but we’re moving the ball around with much more purpose. In an attacking sense, players know their roles better. The final ball wasn’t there tonight. Defensively, we squeezed well - particularly at the start of the second half. They found it hard to find a red shirt. Set pieces: woeful. Kelle Roos’ catching: there’s a word for that too. Those aren’t things you can’t fix though.
  3. It’s not great, but this is a world a way from that performance.
  4. Certainly made an impact last week.
  5. Agree with the symptom but not the solution. Big commanding CDMs are good for turning over possession and finding a white shirt, and we already have that in Beilik. What’s needed is players our CDMs can pass to who won’t give the ball away, and know when to make a risky pass and when to keep possesion. I think central midfield would be my priority. Doesn’t have to be as creative as Holmes, just has to keep possession.
  6. There are mistakes and then there are mistakes. We’re not talking about Keogh passing the ball across his own goal without looking here. Some mistakes I have sympathy for. Others I find harder. The ones I find harder are ones which took place over a period of time. One of the players had just been to an event the day before where, if he were listening, he’d understand the statistics and the increased likelihood of an accident. There’s also the fact that you don’t get drunk in a moment. You have to decide to have the drinks. And then decide to ignore the taxi home. And then decide to drink some more. And then decide to drink some more. And then decide to drink some more. And then decide to get in your car and drive home. I also find it hard to fathom how not one person in the group suggested to get a taxi home. I could believe that someone in my group of mates - maybe even me - would let the thought enter my head for 10 seconds of “but home’s only a few minutes away...” But I also know that we have a couple of brain cells between us. It is not just one mistake. It’s a series of mistakes in a group of people, with three not having the integrity to spot the biggest mistake of the lot, which resulted in the death of somebody increasing hell knows however many times over. Think it’s a bit too soon to say “people deserve to be rehabilitated” @Alpha. People are entitled to be angry, but when people calm down, they will of course hold that view. My point is this is not the kind of mistake you can’t come back from or even the kind you can move on from. It is, however, a mistake big enough that you should expect vitriol and anger in the days after it happens.
  7. That’s kind of the point though, isn’t it? It’s about pride in your job. Ronaldinho and Deco were arguably more talented than the vast majority of players in that Guadiola side, but their lack of commitment ultimately held them back. The difference between second and first tier players is often application rather than talent.
  8. Call me naive about you calling me naive, but I do think the culture was different. Players would drink before and after the game, but my understanding - there will be those who know more than me who will say I’m wrong, I’ll see - was that it was more social. I recall a story about Cloughie getting Gemmill out of bed to finish a crate of champagne the night before Forest won the League Cup final, or something like that. But as much as the booze did flow, I somehow can’t imagine Dave Mackay holding back Charlie George’s locks as he chundered his pedigree down the urinal... I get @cannable‘s point and generally speaking it’s seems I need to educate myself more here. However, let’s separate usual from normal. It may be usual for players to drink like this, but it’s not normal. Just because it happens a lot should not mean that we, as fans whose demand ultimately supplies the income, should accept it. This may be a simplistic view, but this is where I admire German football. Their fans are much better at clubbing together to make a point, and not just on ticket prices.
  9. I agree, with the caveat that “newspaper” should be in inverted commas.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll give it a listen. Maybe I need to lower my expectations of our footballers then. Whats the culture like abroad? I’m I too naive? I just don’t see the Barca or Bayern players doing this once a week.
  11. Can I take a moment to step away from the drink-driving element here to say I am completely and utterly disgusted at the fact that a player appears to be drinking like this with us sat 18th in the table with one win on the board? Any argument of “this is just what lads do” is blown out of the water when you consider that these are professional athletes. Forget the damage to the liver, the inevitable hangover that should be recovery time the day after, and the late bed time incurred by the event - and just consider the calorie intake from that drinking session alone. If you want me to take your profession seriously, you need to act professional first. This player was effectively drinking pints of liquid cream days before another league match. I drink pints because I am a normal 25 year old man (well, maybe not normal, but usual enough). When you are paid £10k a week to be an athlete, you are no longer a usual man. You should treat your body as such. Is it really that much to ask footballers to sacrifice drinking for a decade or two of their lives in favour of glory on the pitch and money in the bank? That’s the side of this that upsets me as much as any other. That the players at our club have so much contempt for their profession, that they consider the behaviour in the video acceptable, is a huge worry. I think the vast majority of players in the 70s would’ve turned their nose up at this, and they were traditional boozers.
  12. I think this is a good point. It’s less about managing expectations of points and more about managing expectations about how we get them. Without Keogh, I just can’t see how we can play out from the back well enough to make it work.
  13. I miss having players like Jake Buxton who could fit all their baggage inside a Marks and Sparks plastic bag.
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