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  1. As well as the status of his bosses.
  2. Haven’t seen that from Fossie since Mac 1! Lovely touch to grab the assist.
  3. We’ve set up and have the mentality of a side chasing the game in the final minutes from the word go. Absolutely no midfield.
  4. Reading this thread and I can't wait to read Pride II to find out what's actually going on.
  5. Colin Gibson works for the club, but Radio Derby itself may have changed policy about broadcasting speculation since then. That was my point
  6. This issue Radio Derby is that they just don't seem to have any sources or contacts beyond the official channels. Fair enough that the club refuses to talk to them, but I somehow doubt John Percy has the club as his only source. Maybe they had their hand bitten badly by Colin Gibson and his comment about the dressing room under Nigel Clough. That said, you really need to listen to any other local radio station in order to realise how good we have it. It's local radio. Not national radio. Comparing Radio Derby with talkSport is not a like for like comparison.
  7. Surely he's even more of a gem if he hadn't played? Good shout.
  8. I think Holmes gets unfairly criticised. He underperformed this season, but it's not like his exit has reversed our fortunes. He did a decent job for the fee we signed him for. Perfectly fine player at this level - but not a gem. Nigel and Simon Clough had a real eye for these. Brayford, Buxton, Bryson, Moxey, even Pringle went from serious non-League to a very good upper-EFL career. There's two cheap ways of signing players - scout lower and scout local, or scout abroad. We've been hemorrhaging money in the Morris era as we haven't done either. We've signed almost always from other
  9. Lawrence decided he didn’t want to watch the game either for the second goal.
  10. Fair play to Rooney for taking an underperforming side and transforming it into an even worse one that the worst team of all time. In the space of just one transfer window as well!
  11. Don't be so harsh. We're the first team ever to start pre-season two games before the end of the previous season. Rooney is a pioneer of the game.
  12. Totally agree. How many people can *actually* register 24 teams in the Championship and know the ins and outs? That's a highly specialised skill. I don't understand why they go for ex pros rather than journalists. The whole point of an ex pro is offering an angle on the game that you couldn't get from someone who doesn't play the game, and Rosenior was good at that. So many pundits though make such generic and lazy points, I really don't understand the point.
  13. I've got it: How can we allow even more crosses into the box?
  14. We've had a siege mentality to scoring all season long.
  15. That's true, but the system at City is absolutely nailed down and player A and player B in position X do the same job in a similar way. And they're elite players. It rarely works like that at this level. Have we ever had success as a club rotating the team? Glad to hear it!
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