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  1. Imagine being that guy's wife, waking up in cold sweats in the middle of the night and jotting down these lines in the notepad on the bedside table, only to use it on Kieffer Moore.
  2. What about rant of the year, and which one of @Alpha's are we going for?
  3. Maybe the signing of Hanson and Thorne mislead this fan into thinking we're their feeder club.
  4. That's why I compare him to Hanson, though he is obviously much more talented. It's the curse of not being crap at anything. It means a player breaks into the first team doing a job in any position, but they never master one in particular. Took years for Henderson to fulfill his potential for a very similar reason - it's only clicked for him when he's learned to play one position properly under a world class coach. He'll probably end up playing somewhere weird. Tell me if I'm mad but - is there a chance he might turn into a full back?
  5. Wonder how much of his 'safety first' passing is down to lack of movement ahead of him. Either way, he's a constant outlet for the defence. The fact that pretty much everyone else is subbed/rotated to some degree apart from him tells you a lot about what Cocu thinks of him
  6. They're younger and easier to mould. No surprised that they've picked up Cocu ball with greater ease. I love Knight. The only thing missing in his game is an obvious first choice position. Some say Irish Bryson, I say rich man's Jamie Hanson.
  7. Don't get carried away, Utch. We've had former players of similar ilk in our coaching staff who couldn't make it happen. The genius of Billy Davies and Ned Kelly never got the best out of Giles Barnes and Arturo Lupoli.
  8. I get why we're excited, but personally I hate piling pressure on young players, even in places they can't see what we say like here. Just sets you up for disappointment when the variables come into play and it doesn't happen. Remember all those exciting young players we had between 2013-15? I remember people boldly claiming that Hughes, Thorne, Bamford and Ibe would be in the squad in the 2018 World Cup. The worst of the lot - Lingard - is the only one who did and was instrumental as part of the first England side to reach a WC semi in nearly thirty years.
  9. The team we follow has been a firm 'no' on that one since 2008.
  10. Shame on Leeds. We've never rubbed their noses in it. No sir. Not us.
  11. Clarke is a better defender. Tomori is beautiful chaos. I voted Tomori purely because of how much pleasure I got from watching him play. Not often a CB gets you off your feet.
  12. With various injuries and suspensions, that's what we've been doing since football's return. Finished the game against West Brom with the U23 side.
  13. Do you ever wish you hadn't said something?
  14. Stop panicking everyone, Jozefzoon's on.
  15. It's not just name, but the leadership he provides on the pitch, which is particularly beneficial for our young players (and they're the real stars). In these tougher games, we've gone from using him to our advantage to over-relying on him. No surprise, if you think about it, that every young player's first thought on their mind is to give it to their childhood hero. We'll sort it out, just as we've sorted out a lot of other things this season.
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