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  1. Vydra; could he end up being the top scorer in this division?

    Hi. Internet virgin here chipping in. In this instance, "less" is correct. "Fewer" is used for countable nouns, but @David was referring to a period of time. "Minutes" are a measurement of time. We still use "less" when referring to measurements of time because it is the time period we are referring to, rather than each individual minute itself. Minutes are a measurement we put to an abstract concept - David was saying that Vydra has scored more goals in less time, not fewer time. That he chose minutes as a measurement to make the point does not chance the point itself. Hence why we say "less than two years", not "fewer than two years."
  2. Chris Martin

    I would normally agree, but after everything I said and thought in the summer and early months of this season about Rowett and the current squad, and where we find ourselves in the table now, what I'm finding out is that the only thing I know about football is how little I know about football.
  3. View from the outside

    Are you really chasing promotion if rival fans aren’t describing you as deluded?
  4. 'We had the resilience to see the game out'

    It seems your definition of 'bargain' is 'the exact right price'.
  5. 'We had the resilience to see the game out'

    I think you and I have a very different understanding of the word "bargain". Just out of interest, how high would the fee have to be before you think "that's a bit steep for a decent Championship forward" if you see £7-10m as a bargain?
  6. Chris Martin

    Still prefer Russell Anderson in that role tbh.
  7. Chris Martin

    If that were to happen, obviously I'd be the first smug idiot to post on here posting angrily with the benefit of hindsight that we should have replaced Martin... Whatever you do, it's a gamble though. As I posted above, if we are promoted, we could end up with an decent, expensive Championship strike force that's completely useless in the Premier League. Or if we gamble and Nugent, Vydra and Winnall all get injured then we've been the architects of our own downfall. I hate the January transfer window. It's *****.
  8. Chris Martin

    In response to your first paragraph, the player who replaces Nugent is entirely dependent on the league we're playing in next season. We could easily reinvest the Martin fee exactly and find a younger, fitter Nugent who can learn from him and harry and press Championship defenders into mistakes. But that's not good enough if we're promoted. The striker we'd need to do that job would be able to do all of that plus an extra skill set, would cost an 8 figure sum, and is entirely out of our reach so long as we're in this league. The problem with your second point is that this is exactly what we've done for the past few seasons - sold a player, and immediately spent money to replace the player in the short term. As a result, we're putting out teams with an average age of 29, and essentially need to build an entire new side in the next 3-4 years. The exciting 13-14 side was largely made up of young professionals who were largely untested before putting on a Derby shirt, but we turned players like Martin, Hughes, Hendrick, Keogh and Bryson into big-name second tier players. I disagree that constantly spending money as soon as you sell a player is the only way to progress - it's one way, but not the only way. I'm not saying we should go back to how we did things half a decade ago, but I don't think we should sell Martin and go out on spend £5-7m on a third choice striker who could be rendered useless in 6 months time if we're promoted anyway.
  9. Chris Martin

    If you want a small squad - which we're told is the aim - then that's the reality. You've got to have faith in those sorts of players and take the gamble. I don't think Clough would have been so quick to offer Hendrick, Hughes, O'Brien, Bennett or Ball first-team debuts if he'd had the budget to have a larger squad. Not sure anyone at the club is claiming we have to go back to those days, when only half a dozen injuries forced Nigel into naming a bench of Alberto Bueno's earlobe, half the squad from the U12s and the bust of Steve Bloomer. But all the same, taking a bit of a blind leap with completely untested young pros is a need sometimes, and for every Ball or O'Brien you throw in, you get a Hughes or Hendrick. You can sometimes tell when a player is going to make it when they're at youth level, and sometimes you can be sure they won't. But every now and again you get players that inexplicably swim rather sink at pro level despite not tearing up any trees at youth level. You can't write any of them off for struggling at a non-League club where we don't know the context. If we have three pukka first-choice, big-name pros gunning for one position up front then you can pretty much wave goodbye to the whole small squad thing or any half-decent academy striker getting a sniff at starting so much as a cup game. I'd much rather we sold Martin and reinvested elsewhere, and wouldn't even be bothered if we didn't invest the money at all.
  10. Forsyth- 2 and half year new contract

    Just looked at his stats - 120 appearances as first choice LB in a side that finishes in the playoffs half the time is excellent value for money at £150k.
  11. Forsyth- 2 and half year new contract

    It's going to take more than a few wayward passes while he gets back to his best to convince me he is anything other than one of the best LBs in the Football League.
  12. Chris Martin

    If Martin goes, do you need to replace him? If we're after a first team squad of 22 or fewer, there's space for 2 strikers maximum. Winnall and Nugent. Shouldn't our third choice striker be the cream of the crop from the Academy? Isn't that the vision anyway?
  13. 'We had the resilience to see the game out'

    So just to be clear: - the thread entitled 'We had the resilience to see the game out' is about not signing Che Adams and a lack of ambition - and the thread entitled "Would you like a big signing like say Che Adams to bolster promotion hopes" isn't to do with Che Adams or ambition but sustainability. When you put it like that, I can't believe anyone would be confused.
  14. 'We had the resilience to see the game out'

    Thanks for clearing that up, got it now. Does that mean your Che Adams thread is about resilience?
  15. 'We had the resilience to see the game out'

    Am I the only one who's read the whole thread and doesn't really understand what it's about?

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