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  1. Talking of England keepers and ignoring Mart Poom, who remembers that weird spell in the 2010s when people started suggesting we pick Jagielka as an emergency third keeper/centre back? Apparently he's quite good in goal for an outfield player.
  2. Jagielka (possessed by demons) remains a doubt for the Rams' clash with Preston at Deepdale following a training ground incident, after evil spirits were summoned in the Moor far canteen in a squad-bonding exercise.
  3. We're no different really from anyone else. That's not an excuse, but I think a lot of other clubs are understandably searching for extra reasons to dislike us. No surprise - we've completely alienated the rest of the league by bragging about spending loads of money, so no wonder many fans are reveling in the schadenfreude. Completely agree with the sentiment though. Why trouble ourselves with Billy Sharp when our house is on fire? Only thing I do find particularly strange is the flirting some of our fans have had with Rangers ever since we played them a few years back. Absolutely desperate for their attention and approval. Why were we signing sectarian Scottish football chants at Brentford away??? As bizarre as it is rotten.
  4. Commentary in football is terrible, full stop. As is punditry. I remember the presenters making a joke about Dion Dublin knowing nothing about North Macedonia at the Euros. Sorry? You're paid a lot of money to know what you're talking about, and have all week to do your research. There's a journalist somewhere in our country who's an expert on North Macedonia, who could tell the viewers something insightful that they don't know, but instead they have some clown who's sat on the sofa laughing and boasting about how little he knows. Half the time when people criticise female commentators, my theory is it takes a change of voice to notice that commentators and pundits tell you nothing you don't already know and speak almost exclusively in cliches. I don't know why this has become so acceptable in our sport - where experience in the game is the only thing that matters, regardless of your ability to communicate it to the viewer. If you watched the Tour de France and a former pro came out with "he's almost cycled TOO well there" you wouldn't accept it. That said, in the Euros, the female pundit for ITV (name?) was the first co-commentator in years to actually offer insights into tactics I couldn't spot myself.
  5. If a potential investor was put off by that comment, they were never serious in the first place.
  6. Morris' biggest failing is that he is a fan. He ran the club like a fan. Didn't think rationally. Gambled on short-term success based on in-the-moment excitement. My old man is usually a fairly logical and reasonable person, but he's unbearable when we lose. Or win. We lose, and he will pipe out the "this is the worst Derby side I have ever seen" line almost every time, win, and we're going up. Pretty confident that if you gave my Dad a half a billion quid, he'd also have spaffed £200m, stormed into the dressing room on several occasions, and probably would have sacked Steve Mac another four times just to make sure. This does not exonerate Morris. His lack of leadership in crisis will rightly draw a lot of criticism. He may be bowing out, but to do so with such a reluctance to admit mistakes or show any vulnerability or emotion to the fans and staff it's what's getting people upset. Morris ran the club like a fan who was determined to play the game as he wished it to be, not the way it actually was.
  7. Would it be fair to say that in this way of doing things, the Premier League would be like the NFL in terms of stature and comercialisation, while the EFL would be more like College Football, with the better atmosphere? Speaking as someone who knows next to nothing about American Football, btw.
  8. There wisdom here is often "they can afford to, why don't they?" with this kind of thing. It's hard to reconcile with the fact that over half the squad earns in a fortnight what the average person takes him in a year with the fact that they may not want - or even be able - to defer their wages for long. This argument assumes that all footballers live within their means, are not supporting a substantial network of wider family at home or abroad, and don't have a mortgage which takes a significant part of their salary. Our players would have made their financial decisions based on their wages for the length of their contract. That's not to say we should feel sorry for them, or to say their situation is anywhere near as sticky as others. Just to highlight the fact that even a measure like this is wrapped up with human complications.
  9. Weirdest thing about Marriott is there is a) an incredible amount of vitriol about the fact his career fizzled out and the general view that he was overrated and that b) an incredible amount of vitriol towards Lampard for not starting him in the playoff final, and that contributed to the final outcome. How can he be both not good enough, and the most important player in the biggest match in recent history?
  10. As someone who tried to pull together a crowd-funding campaign to buy Jason Shackell a toaster as a wedding gift from the fans when we were courting him for a second time, I know what a huge undertaking this is. We'll never know if he got that toaster, but luckily it wasn't a barrier to him joining. Obviously he uses the grill. Fans didn't come through then. Hope we do now.
  11. I think it’s clear from many of the replies that when people think of “fan ownership”, what they have in mind is forum polls selecting the team sheet. The most disagreeable fan base in the country could make a success of running their club if the set up is correct.
  12. There’s a lot of talk, but he’s not really saying anything. We know the financial model is broken. And he’s claiming he knows that too. Surely that’s all the more reason to run the club prudently, rather than plough ahead and play the parachute payments game without any parachute payments.
  13. 70 million quid is a lot of money for one game that in end didn’t actually count for anything.
  14. I was mentally preparing for this moment. Saw it coming from when after fact we had to sell the ground for tens of millions to break even for one season, covid hit on top. It turns out I hadn’t prepared me at all. It’s still hit me like a bus. I feel worse than last night.
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