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  1. While I agree that perhaps some - myself included - have been too quick to dismiss physical presence over the past decade, I hope we don't do this soul-searching routine about the merits of playing industrial hoofball each time we lose to a team who are masters of the art. There's been a lot of "HA! Told you so!" about Mick McCarthy following Tuesday night. You know what, it's perfectly possible that they will be promoted this season via the playoffs, and that would be another incredible achievement in what's been an outstanding career in football for MM. I respect him hugely. That d
  2. I doubt it's anything to do with fitness. Would be odd to be struggling with fitness with half the team we're using absent for our grueling 3-game pre-season and spending the first few months of this campaign passing around slowly in our own half.
  3. The next Johnny Russell, and I mean that as a compliment. At this level, with less media coverage, everyone scouts by Wikipedia. The amount of goals scored and assists made are the only barometer anyone seems to use, and I think Jozwiak's too wasteful to ever trouble those columns in the way a lot of fans expect in order to rate an attacking player. We really missed Russell when we let him go - his pace, his passing, his excellent defensive work. Would rather have him in the team not scoring than other wingers we have, including one player who only wants to shoot on site or run into
  4. For the past half a decade, we’ve been paying with pure gold and still we get monkeys. Certainly in the first few windows after Mac 1, we seemed to believe that the quality of signing we made was directly correlated to both the length of contract and transfer fee paid. We built our entire accounting system around it. And, as a result, we can’t afford not to offer some of the dross in this thread new contracts, unless we want to add to our mounting and crippling losses
  5. A lot of assumptions about CKR having been fully fit to start games when Cocu was around. I don’t think he’d had a very intensive pre-season. Overall, I feel Cocu made more positive decisions than daft ones. His strike rate in the transfer market was good, and finishing 10th last season was no disaster. The path to the first team from young players has never looked clearer, and he genuinely embedded a number of players into the first team. Knight and Buchanan’s improvements under Cocu have arguably saved us from the relegation zone. I think he massively underestimated the task at han
  6. With various health problems and his best friend dying, I too think it’s a disgrace that appeasing a few middle-aged strangers having a tantrum on the internet hasn’t been at the forefront of his mind.
  7. Not at all, I've been pernickety on here for a decade now. I thought we made a profit in our final season before he left?
  8. I agree that I'd rather than Bogle than Byrne, but I think without selling him when we did, I think in time to come we'll discover how important that was to do. I can't remember the last time we sold someone brilliant and replaced him with something remotely similar. CKR and Byrne must be the first square pegs signed for square holes since...when?
  9. To be fair to Jewell, he was nothing if not reflective and honest about what happened. I view January 2007 to January 2009 as being a dire situation greater than the sum of its parts. Everything was wrong, from player recruitment, management, ownership and club culture, but add it all together and it was disastrous. We were careering into chaos from the moment we had that spat about bonuses, and following Davies' departure, I think we were beyond help from any one person. Nigel Clough didn't, and still doesn't, get enough credit for the rebuilding job he did. It would have been very easy
  10. I meant on twitter. And how do you know I don't look like a spit of Hans?
  11. So strange how he's being described as "dividing opinion" when I haven't seen a single real-life person not rate him highly, only kids with a footballer as their avatar.
  12. By the time we actually play this fixture, Beilik will probably be available again
  13. Duracell

    Paul Clement

    What's wrong with being a teacher 😢
  14. The knees of Derby County footballers are slowly but surely converting me to fanatic nihilism.
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