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  1. I’ve looked at the shirt twice and the sponsor is already peeling off
  2. I watched about 21 hours of it. That was probably the best race you will ever see. 9 cars finished on the lead lap after 24 hours. Nothing comes close to Le Mans in motor sport…
  3. Every season second place in the Championship gets a trophy, never heard anyone complain. Maybe that didn’t rattle as many neutrals because they didn’t notice when smaller clubs than us were doing it?
  4. That game was the first huge target my dad gave himself the morning after the stroke. His recovery in 7 weeks has been incredible! He may not have been able to clap, or bounce to prove he’s not a Red (but take our word for it, he isn’t), but with my help and with assistance from a steward, he was able to invade the pitch… The short walk to the stadium was the limit of what he could do. Another enormous thank you to the absolute gent that is @ram59, and his mate Paul, without whom we simply wouldn’t have been able to make it. UTR!!
  5. Thank you @dcfc the 1 4me! I hope you get well soon too. Just bumping this up for everyone in case they missed it...
  6. Thanks everyone for your kind messages - I've shown them to him, including from our guest from the coast, and even the smallest well-wishes from strangers can give a boost to people in his situation that I didn't appreciate until this happened. Events like this makes you realise that it's the fans that make the club what it is. Thank you!
  7. Thank you so much for your kind offer, I really appreciate it! We have gone with the hero that its ram59! Small world that you live so close to him
  8. Hi everyone, My Dad, a life-long Derby fan and season ticket holder, recently suffered from a stroke which left the right side of his body paralysed. Up until it struck, he had made the 200-mile round trip from Aylsebury to Derby His progress has been remarkable since - he can how walk short distances and has gained a lot of mobility. I would love to take him to the final game of the season with Carlisle to see out the journey. I would be devastated for him if, having supported us through thick and thin all his life right up until the stroke, he missed out on us winning promotion. This is where some of you could potentially help. Our season tickets are about as difficult as it could be for someone with mobility issues: East Stand Upper, on the half-way line, half-way between stair wells. I'm just not sure I can safely get him up there with a capacity crowd. I am only asking having tried to arrange disabled viewing with the club, who cannot help as the game is sold out. Does anyone sit in a lower block, close to a stairwell, who would be willing to swap seats just for this game? I'm only asking as this is a final plea!
  9. Not sure I agree with “no stopping that”. It swerved which made it harder, but it wasn’t beyond saving.
  10. The weather hampers them more than us, as much more of their game is about playing through the lines. Helps that our forwards thrive on chaos too
  11. …but I guess it gives a bit of space to Ward
  12. Wish we were able to put as many men on Kamara as they have on Blackett-Taylor.
  13. IMSA and WEC are well worth a watch this season. Almost as many Hypercars in WEC as there are cars on the entire grid in F1. Season opener in Qatar was great, highlights on YouTube.
  14. It's obvious we're missing a fully fit striker. "Poor planning" is extremely harsh. A non-injury prone striker with excellent finishing has to be a.) willing to drop down to League One and b.) have a club willing to sell him in the middle of the season c.) be available with next to no transfer fee, given we're not out of the woods yet financially. Not like there's a plethora of forwards that fit that bill. Do agree that loaning out Browne, a striker that we actually have, is a bit of a head-scratcher.
  15. xG needs a rebrand. It doesn't mean "how many you should have scored" - it's a metric of how many shots were close to goal. If you see a team with loads of shots and low xG, you can tell that it was a side struggling to break into the final third and taking fanciful shots at goal. If you see a high xG and no goals scored, you know a team's been wasteful. I don't see what's hipster or controversial about that.
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