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  1. All fun and games in the Brunny until the Black Sabbath runs out...
  2. I didn’t mean that, I actually meant the one we walk on to the pitch to, but thank you for reminding me of terrible pre-match routines under Rowett and the taste of overpriced and watered down fishbowls masking my nervousness for A-level results simultaneously.
  3. YES! Probably due to something else other than our world-class moaning, but I too noticed the drop in volume and thought it was fantastic. Nice to have some genuine atmosphere build up pre-match. Next on the agenda - stop the club forcing the players to come out to a song you’d hear on the strip of Zante in 2012.
  4. Ah, the old “I’m entitled to my opinion” retort. This is often used by people who don’t offer opinions. “Jozefzoon isn’t good enough to play for Derby because I don’t think his crossing offers the quality we need” is an opinion. Shouting abuse at a player is not an opinion. I don’t know how many footballers have to say the abuse gets to them before people consider what they’re doing. Why would you go out to make a player in the team you want to win even worse at football, and therefore make your team more likely to win? Surely, if Jozefzoon is as useless as some boo-boys make out, the abuse is going to make his job even harder?
  5. I interpreted those boos - very few of them - to be directed at the officials.
  6. I would get this kind of talk if we were mid-table at Christmas, and it was starting to look like promotion was off the cards. I just can’t understand the language, vitriol and bile being spouted after the first defeat of the season. This isn’t about supporting through thick and thin. It’s neither thick nor thin - it’s August. Can only imagine what a Bury or Bolton fan would make of us losing our minds about our first defeat of the season, beaten narrowly by fellow play-off hopefuls. You have made an excellent point about the cost of football. Maybe it has turned some into consumers rather than supporters. I don’t understand why you’d spend so much money to needlessly raise your blood pressure at the start of the season, though.
  7. Sometimes I think fans forget what it’s like to simply lose a game over summer. What’s with the binary reaction to everything? That was a million miles off the worst performance last season, which was brilliant season. So we can play worse than that several times in a season and still finish in the play-offs. Such an overreaction. We weren’t bad last night. We weren’t really any good either. 42 left to play. I wouldn’t let it bother me, but the mass mood swings at the club are starting to affect my enjoyment of the game. We lose one match and I see abuse from my fellow fans directed at players they’re meant to be supporting, I see fans declaring in August they’d like to drive a young loanee back to their parent club for the crime of not being Mason Mount, and I see some fans claiming they know more about Marriott’s fitness than Cocu and almost seem to be suggesting that if they were in charge and were allowed to play him we would have won last night. It’s not fun sometimes. Not anymore.
  8. There weren’t actually very many negatives - just a couple of big, frustrating ones. Namely that the goals were completely of our own doing and that we lacked in the final third. Everything else was okay to good. Bar Malone, the defence didn’t put a foot wrong and distributed calmly and effectively. The midfield were there to receive it and made the right choices in the middle of the pitch - and that’s why we dominated possession. Malone made two catastrophic errors which is why we lost, but he wouldn’t have made those errors if he had a winger close to him. Lack of width is a problem for us at the minute. Waghorn wasn’t an outlet tonight and the wingers spent their evening doing convincing impressions of an out of form Gary Teale, but it’s not all doom and gloom. I genuinely believe we’re on to something. Get the ball out wide, get Marriott and Holmes fit and be patient with Dowell and we’ll be competitive. Anyone coming back from tonight with a long list of things wrong is looking for trouble which isn’t there.
  9. So to summarise, Dowell would be a better player if he did exactly what he did now plus jogging on the spot to make it look like he’s working harder.
  10. This is the sort of thread that always ages well and proves the original poster right and not at all eating humble pie.
  11. Yeah like others I can’t stand Radio Derby any more. Dawes moaning about officiating and the team and failing to describe the action combined with Rammage tripping over himself to make contradictory simplistic statements based entirely on his own experiences in the game, offering no insight into the league or modern football. Can’t stand it. It’s a real shame because it used to be, and should be, a real lifeline to Derby fans who can’t be there or can’t see what’s happening.
  12. Judging by what he’s said in interviews, so would he. It’s not really much of a “selection” at the moment - he picked the most prepared players in the first game and is subsequently reluctant to chop and change when we need some consistency with the new ideas. Not to mention that two of the three players included (Bielik and Marriott) didn’t play 90 minutes of preseason between them so aren’t fit enough yet. Bennett is the only established first team player at Cocu’s disposal that has been fit enough to play 90 minutes and hasn’t.
  13. If you want a question like this answered immediately, then follow subscribe to the Athletic! Ryan Conway said that it was for two reasons: the first and main reason was that with Bogle out injured, he didn’t want to switch Max again as he needs to get used to playing on the right. The second is that Zoon played on the left for him under PSV and he knows he can cross with his left foot.
  14. No. I’m not sure it does either. Other than the fact that I would still argue we are short on options in central midfield. We only had Mount, Bryson and Holmes to play there last season - that’s not enough depth for a 46-game season. It’s academic whether you count wingers as midfielders or forwards but I do agree that we’re short there and it’s not where our academy is strongest. Still a bit surprised we let Thomas go, but you have to assume that decision was part financial.
  15. Do you think that part of the reason we didn’t recruit in midfield is that the majority of the youth players who could step up play there? Cocu and the club have said that we are reluctant to sign players who block the path to the first team and perhaps we didn’t want to do that when we have a chance to blood Knight, Sibley and Bird in and see if they’re good enough.
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