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  1. He's one of those players that the more you kick him, the better he plays.
  2. Serious point here - for the past three decades, every foreign defender has been compared with Stimac, with often the only two similarities they may have is that 1.) they're a professional footballer and 2.) they have been born in one of the world's other 194 countries. One you establish that almost 7 billion people fit into the second category, then Te Weirik is as likely to be the next Jimmy O'Connor as he is the next Stimac. 1.) and 2.) also caused a mass hysteria in the East Midlands in 2015 which led to many Derby fans proclaiming that Raul Albentosa was to be the next Stimac,
  3. I think the most remarkable achievement of that season has been to convince many of us Derby fans that 11 points will be achieved again in our lifetime.
  4. A few poor games have clouded our judgement. He’s still some player, and he still has a role to play, when fully fit and in his preferred position. I hope he’s doing laps in his back garden.
  5. With any luck, we’ll have VAR in the Championship soon, which is sure to put an end to any controversy.
  6. Let it go. To prove it’s the wrong decision, we have to screenshot a camera angle from behind the goal, which obviously the linesman and ref didn’t see. Yes it’s the wrong decision, but let it go. It’s the kind of call you’d need VAR to get it right, and even then, it’s subjective.
  7. Food vouchers? I thought that was what this thread was about.
  8. Yeah, I also cancelled. I think for £30 it's good value for money but £60 in one go? Rather save up and use that money for an away day when we get normality back. I really like the idea and want to support it, but they haven't got the pricing right yet. They were very helpful with the refund with me.
  9. Does anyone else have the same feeling they get in the waiting room for the dentist?
  10. As a teacher, I have discovered that now matter how much you believe that its a parent's responsibility to feed their child, that belief doesn't actually feed hungry children. I don't need to look at my data to know which kids are on FSM. You can tell by the way they eat their lunch.
  11. And vice versa. I know it gets boring dragging up Alex Ferguson in every discussion about every manager ever, but he always had a top coach working with him, often taking training sessions on their own. Most of his job was just being angry and Scottish at half-time.
  12. Chin up. Your grandkids will be in awe when you tell them about the first Derby goal to be ruled out by VAR, in slightly controversial circumstances.
  13. You're not really a Derby fan under 30 if you don't have at least one member of your family who still references that night against Real Madrid several times a season. There's been occasions where my dad's spoken about that night in a tone that suggests it's my fault we're not that good any more.
  14. Well that’s my point really - we can get more out of this lot. If Cocu can’t fix it, he won’t last long, will he?
  15. Not saying that - but I’d trust you agree that we’re capable of better than this.
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