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  1. In answer to the original question, it's remarkable how much collective amnesia we seem to have for 07/08. I suppose it was more comical than depressing. It is incredible, though, that we had the witnessed the most pathetic attempt at a league campaign in English history and for many fans that still wasn't the most depressing episode in their time supporting our club. This may be niche, but I think 2016 was a very bleak time. It was very clear by January that year that we'd spent an enormous amount of money on very average players, and for that we are still paying the price. It still has the potential to finish us.
  2. I really like the analogy, but I do think he had vision and bravery in bucketloads, just totally misplaced. I used to conflate our timid away performances with a timid culture at the club but sheesh, having read Pride, Nigel had a very clear vision for how we wanted to play and borderline bullied any player that got in his way. That's where his skillset fell short. He couldn't - or wouldn't - get on with the modern footballer so he got his brother to stalk the British Isles finding parodies of old-fashioned footballers. You know the phrase "you can't make an omelette without breaking any eggs?" I'd imagine an Omelette made by Nigel Clough would be inedible due to the amount of egg shell in it.
  3. I'd largely agree, although I think some of it is down to the fact that he really clicked in 13/14 and that's probably slightly elevated our view of him a bit. My point is, while we can think of ACLs ruining careers, it doesn't have to be the case. Even if he only ever recovers to 90%, a 90% Beilik is still a force of nature. We have a million things to be pessimistic about without throwing this one into the pile.
  4. Duracell

    F1 2021

    Besides, Lewis won the British Grand Prix with 3 wheels last year. Pretty pathetic from Max if you ask me.
  5. Okay but the point was that three ACLs haven't significantly impacted his form/ability, to the point where many have forgotten it ever happened. Unless the argument is that ACL injuries are more ACL-ey if you're more talented?
  6. Duracell

    F1 2021

    This has been brewing since Bahrain. You're right, it was always going to happen. The people most at blame are probably those who came up with Lewis' strategy. He had one lap or two laps to get past Verstappen. He was essentially instructed to take a huge risk. Not that anyone has to be blamed for an accident in the world's fastest motor sport.
  7. Duracell

    F1 2021

    Really glad to hear it mate! It's genuinely awesome to hear of people having a good time given the past 18 months we've had, no matter how jealous I am. Decided to forgo the Grand Prix and go bigger and risk Le Mans tickets. Sadly looks like I can't travel.
  8. Duracell

    F1 2021

    I believe that was between Toto Wolff and Michael Masi, the race director. Still funny - the race director is nothing to do with the steward's decision. Him and Christian Horner peppering him with complaints is a little like when managers crowd the fourth official in football. He can't do anything! Where did you end up watching from?
  9. Duracell

    F1 2021

    Ridiculous statement. Nobody is arguing that, not even Red Bull. The debate is whether the move was too risky. It’s not possible at that speed to crash in a way that takes out your opponent and leaves you with a minor scratch at that speed.
  10. Duracell

    F1 2021

    Some drivers will err on the side of caution, but this new format will bring out the best in others. Alonso gained so much from his awesome start yesterday, and it meant he was “out of position” doing what he does best, getting his elbows out against less talented or experienced drivers in faster cars. This always happens with a format change. Jarno Trulli was a very average Grand Prix driver, but had the measure of anybody over a single lap. The single-lap runs of the early 2000s suited him right down to the ground. Incredible race today. Interested to see what others on this thread make of the early move!
  11. Hasn't Forsyth had 3 ACL injuries?
  12. "....guiding the heroes in the black and the white...and blue"
  13. Bit odd to give the captain's armband to a player that's never shown any leadership credentials up to this point. The "it might make him mature" argument is illogical and wouldn't hold water in any other industry. How would you feel if one of your colleagues who got your old team leader sacked because he crashed a car drunk with your team leader in it, and had a track record of letting you down a few times by losing his head in vital moments, was made team leader because it might by some magic sort out his flaws? I can't make sense of the argument that regular demonstrations of irresponsibility makes you the best person for a position of responsibility. We're talking about club captain here, not the Year 3 milk monitor. None of this is criticism of Tom Lawrence's character as a professional footballer, by the way. His team-mates obviously still respect him and he has served punishments for his indiscretions. But to become club captain is a huge leap.
  14. Definitely too young. My first game was when I was 4. You're too young to consent to a lifetime supporting Derby County at that age, a burden I will take with me to my deathbed.
  15. You’re right. In my mind’s eye the Blackman, Johnson, Butterfield days were very recent. Actually half a decade ago now.
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