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  1. Championship squads cost to assemble

    I can’t put into words how I feel about this.
  2. Nigel Pearson......

    The ‘root cause’ of everything was a mistake at Wembley and then the whole side being injured in the run in the next season. Pearson’s response was to dismantle the entire side and rip up the way we played. But there’s definitely a fundamental problem now.
  3. Derby County Football Club vs Middlesbrough

    I think the most worrying aspect of today’s performance was the fact that no one played particularly poorly on an individual level, but as a team we were well short. Infer from that what you will.
  4. Next Years Collapse

    You missed Phil Brown.
  5. The reality is

    Not a fan of Rowett then?
  6. Manner of Performances

    Fair play to @LeedsCityRam for backing his opinion up solidly, I don’t agree with him but a forum is only interesting if people are willing to share their opinions and engage in genuine debate with others. Disappointed to see others trying to shame him into changing his opinion.
  7. Derby County Football Club vs Middlesbrough

    Ashamed to say I’ve got that horrible feeling that I’d rather spend my Saturday doing something else. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll still drag myself up there. But I’m looking forward to going back to work next week more than the football. In fact, work is a welcome break from thinking about Derby at the minute.
  8. Burton Albion v Derby County

    Bris Vegas sounds hospitable.
  9. Burton Albion v Derby County

    I personally think it’s not as bad as 14/15. But how blessed we are that we can have a debate about which of the three spectacular collapses in the past 5 years is the worst.
  10. Burton Albion v Derby County

    I’m angry and I’m in London.
  11. Burton Albion v Derby County

    Rowett’s very good at being honest to be fair, may not like him but that’s not a fair accusation.
  12. Burton Albion v Derby County

    Well when you look at it that way, we’re doing well to still be in it. Fine achievement from Rowett and the boys.
  13. Burton Albion v Derby County

    Are you reading any posts on here atm?
  14. Fun Make a case for the opposite

    Out. I mean in. I mean I dunno. Can’t keep sacking managers and I feel like our owner is keen for a bit of stability, but we’ve just settled for the wrong one. I can forgive our playing style if that was a conscious decision made by the club, but as it stands, we play football in the academy, and play results in the first team. No obvious path to the first team for a number of players in the U23 side who play in roles that simply don’t exist in the first team. Then there’s also the issue of how we’ve inexplicably increased the age of our squad despite making noises that we wanted to reduce it. In two years’ time, unless something changes, most of our first-team squad will be over 30. And out of contract. It’s impressive what Rowett has done with the side though. This side isn’t as good as we think, we sold the talented players and we’re left with the water carriers from the McClaren/Clement/Pearson cesspit and getting these lot in the top 6 is a genuine achievement. Makes me wonder what we’d achieve with a decent side.
  15. Disagree, I’ve seen a lot of teams reach the semi final of a cup since.

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