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  1. Duracell

    Jack Marriott

    Not necessarily. Only 9 players in the entire league got in this bracket last season. A third of those didn’t even play for sides in the top 6 (more than a third if you count Grabban’s goals for Sunderland). I think sometimes it’s easy to think that all you have to do is add 20 goals or so to your previous season’s tally to finish higher, and a striker can do that. It isn’t that simple, nor is there a correlation as strong as you think between possessing these “20-goal-a-season” strikers and finishing in the top 6. There is a correlation, however, between teams who have multiple players scoring more than 8 goals across the season. It’s also notable how the best teams in the league aren’t reliant on one striker. Personally, I’d be a disappointed if Lampard’s philosophy was simply signing a striker to get loadsa goals. Maddison is a good fit for Derby if he can play the way Lampard wants, and that doesn’t necessarily mean scoring 15-20 goals if he’s the key to us playing a certain way. Totally agree on Nugent and Cameron by the way. Absolutely fine to have those guys around the squad and coming off the bench, but they’re not a good Plan A for a serious Championship side any longer.
  2. Duracell

    Harry Redknapp - TalkSport

    On the radio?!
  3. Duracell

    Harry Redknapp - TalkSport

    Sorry, joined the thread late and can’t be bothered to go through the whole thing, can someone summarise exactly what Redknapp was saying about the army and teaching on talksport please?
  4. Duracell

    v Mansfield Town (A) Match Thread

    No love for George’s Fish and Chip bar?
  5. Duracell

    Jack Marriott

    Oh, never mind then. Thought we were going to stop signing has-beens?
  6. Duracell

    Mason Mount - Signed on a season long loan

    My reply: ”If you don’t get excited out loud it leaves space for you to be pleasantly surprised, which I prefer” Imagine what I just typed except it’s a Swiss lake in the background.
  7. Duracell

    Mason Mount - Signed on a season long loan

    Tom Carroll is the reason why I won’t be excited about this signing.
  8. Duracell

    I have real concerns for this season

    Really hope the new manager isn’t tempted to look on here. I don’t want him to find out how weird we are.
  9. Duracell

    Harry Wilson - Signed on a season long loan

    As one of the four options in the wing positions (5 if you include Anya).
  10. Duracell

    Mason Bennett

    It’s not like I was saying he was at the top of his game. The point was he exposed Cole’s weaknesses in a way our other players didn’t. Incidentally, he went to Roma after Chelsea and didn’t go to America for another two years.
  11. Duracell

    Mason Bennett

    Have a feeling that if we ever see Bennett with any kind regularity, he’ll be having us tearing our hair out most weeks. Even four years ago, he came on against Ashley Cole against Chelsea and made the experience world-class full back look daft. He’s got the physical attributes, the skill and the touch. I’ve been lead to believe that he’s got a lot of development left to make between the ears.
  12. Duracell

    Kasey Palmer

    Are you interested in purchasing him for yourself?!
  13. Duracell

    Andreas Weimann has joined Bristol City

    Last season was his best in a Derby shirt by some distance, and it still wasn’t spectacular. I personally don’t think you can make up for a lack of quality by running around a lot. Not if you want to get promoted, anyway. Good pro though. If he goes, I wish him well.
  14. Duracell

    F1 2018

    Indy 500. The “Triple Crown” is the three biggest races in motorsport, Monaco GP (sole say F1 world title), Indy 500, Le Mans 24 Hours. Only Graham Hill has done it before.
  15. Duracell

    F1 2018

    Toyota - 5 times runners up at Le Mans - finally lift their 30-year curse and win the biggest race of them all. Alonso was one of the drivers. 2/3 of the Triple Crown done, which is arguably a more significant achievement than a third world title would’ve been. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/motorsport/44510955

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