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  1. Didn’t realise it was THIS Tuesday!! Decent start for us here
  2. Moxey, Brayford (didn't play), Hughes and Hendrick you could argue. Wouldn't say it was always true that players had their best years behind them, rather than most had their best years at Derby. Ben Davies, Tom Naylor, Jake Buxton, Theo Robinson - even bigger signings like Martin, Bryson and Keogh - had their best years at Derby and a number of them were regulars at a level clearly above them. He was very good at getting the best out of below average players.
  3. Think it's pretty hard to top that. Imagine Man City ending up in League One after spending tens of millions dismantling their squad, replacing every single player with somebody worse. The Brian Clough saga would've been pretty spicy too. Imagine this forum during the limbo period immediately after his resignation. The boredom of the late 2000s/early 2010s also created an entertainment vacuum filled by some dodgy photoshopping from Cliffy and a series of squabbling threads which caused another internet forum to literally eat itself. All of it garnished with b4's war cries. That's not Derby County per se, but the online world was an emotional roller coaster back then. And who could forget the Phil Brown experiment? One orange man's mission to get Bolton's B team relegated to the third tier in record time. Shame he was sacked before he could finish the project.
  4. I'm on a roll! Can we make it 2 in 2 against the Volkswagen factory?
  5. Nigel's loyalty is his greatest quality and biggest weakness.
  6. Decent half that. Back to Owen Bradley and the boys to dissect that one.
  7. This is why I've never really fit in with the other mods to be honest.
  8. Bogle did improve massively defensively last season. He's still got some way to go, but he's much better at defending than Cyrus Christie, and he's still two years younger than when he joined. Defenders often develop late as much of the art comes with experience. We could do with his help going forward, but there's room for development at RB.
  9. We actually played some sublime football in 14-15. Shame it got overshadowed by the final third of the season.
  10. That ship sailed in 2009.
  11. Truth be told I do have a secret team, but the people spoke.
  12. You're meant to post "Eintracht Frankfurt in peace here..."
  13. Signal Iduna Park Saturday 16th May 2020 15.30 Who you going with?
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