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    Ex Rams

    Not sure how to embed the tweet, but Marvellous Marvin Robinson seems to have done OK for himself... Link
  2. Charlton 1 Derby 1 frgs Waghorn
  3. Passing backwards isn’t the problem: passing backwards when there are opportunities to turn, face the opposition and move forward can be. I don’t like to see a player’s first instinct is to give the ball back from whence it came if (and only if) they can turn. Obviously in such circumstances, the player needs a shout to know they have time. I saw a few examples of this yesterday. keeping possession is not the problem: keeping possession and allowing the opposition to squeeze and squeeze and push you back until you’re in trouble can be. Again, quite a few examples yesterday of needlessly putting ourselves under pressure by trying to play it out the back. A couple of times we managed to ‘spring the trap’ by sucking Luton’s players in and utilising the space that created, but we didn’t do it enough - presumably through a lack of movement or a lack of ability to pick out a pass. generally, i don’t like to see my team happily conceding possession in an attempt to being hard to break down. It seemed to be the case in both last two home games, but I don’t know whether it is deliberate or whether the opposition have just been playing well. In any event, I want us to be pressing to get the ball and be positive about using it... Not really being too negative about things - just generally my views in things I’d like to see us doing a bit better... there were some very positive signs - particularly in the first half. Particularly good to see a midfielder putting some crunching tackles in.
  4. I enjoyed Shinnie’s performance today and have high hopes... however, we must always remember Bob Malcolm and treat all debuts with caution!! 😜
  5. The Rams 4 Luton 1 frgs Martin (whodathunkit!)
  6. Picking out Mel here is a bit unfair (though manna from heaven for Mel’s little band of haters). There will have been a lot of people (all of whom are closer to events than any of us) involved in the decision, and I’m sure the final say was Cocu’s. FWIW I don’t think the decision to play them is ‘shameful’, but if others do then fair enough. I do think the decision was a bit naive and Ill considered, as it was bound to create a degree of both genuine and faux outrage. It would probably have been better to let the dust settle, see what the courts have to say and have a period of reflection and contemplation about what reasonable sanctions the club might want to take over and above what the laws of the land might impose (subject of course to what the club could legally do themselves...). Although the quality of the player should have nothing to do with this (and some discussions I’ve seen are definitely wrongly conflating the two issues), I think we could have managed without either player for a short period to let tempers subside. As others have pointed out, plenty of footballers have broken the law and continued to play, just as many people in the public eye have broken laws, have been punished (sometimes) but have been allowed to carry on in their respective roles. I don’t think the club is necessarily setting any precedent in this case, nor has it done anything morally repugnant (in my view), but it hasn’t done itself any favours in giving a very big stick anybody who wants to beat us with it - both within our own fanbase and beyond.
  7. I’ve supported this club for 30-odd years and we’ve been absolute dog poo at defending set pieces for every single one of them 🤬
  8. Barnsley 2 Derby 2 frgs Holmes
  9. I think I would go for the following... Hamer Beilek Davies Clarke Bogle Lowe Huddlestone Holmes Knight/Shinnie Waghorn/Mariott Martin
  10. I think this is a very good point. The footballing merits of either player are surely irrelevant in the case of how the club manages the situation. Clearly, if it’s the club’s policy to sack people for such offences then how good, or valuable, they are shouldn’t come in to it really.
  11. Whatever the rights and wrongs of ‘sacking’ them, is it unlikely to happen because their registrations might be worth several million pounds (or not, depending on your views on their ability, of course)? Doesn’t cost most employers a bean to sack people who have broken the terms of their employment. If these players have broken those terms, then could sacking them cost quite a lot of money... (but I guess only if anybody wants to buy them that is!)
  12. Derby 2 Birmingham 1 frgs Waghorn
  13. Just wondering; before kick off, was anybody in any doubt that Leeds were a better team than us? Notwithstanding the play-off heroics, they mullered us three times last season. They have also kept their manager, started today with the bulk of the team that was there last season, have been playing well and were at home. Oh, and they were after blood. We have lost arguably our best three players - and unfortunately thus far it doesn’t look like the replacements are as good, lost a couple of other potential regulars, have some injuries and we have (yet another) new manager who, I think obviously , is still finding his way. We have been patchy to say the least (and that is probably being a bit kind!). While you always want to perform as well as possible, anybody who thought today was going to be easy was probably kidding themselves. In the context of this match, a smash and grab point is absolutely marvelous. Now, again thus far, I am slightly concerned that Cocu is another manager who seems comfortable with the opposition having the ball. If this is the case (and today wasn’t just a case of being completely outplayed) then we’re going to have a lot of games where we look poor. This is very Rowett-esque. It may end up being effective, but I don’t like to watch it. Hopefully, GIVEN TIME, he’ll get us playing the positive, high tempo, progressive footy we (I?) want to see. BUT... if every time we play poorly, or look like losing, people start kicking off (again) then nobody will ever get any time and we’ll be where we are now forever and a day.
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