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  1. The decline of Radio Derby (?)

    Wasn't suggesting that yesterday wasn't a bad performance. My comments are not based solely on yesterday's match but a more general view that the standard of commentary has declined. Again, I'm not expecting anybody to say we are playing brilliantly when we are playing poorly. I'm not expecting them to find positives when there aren't any. I guess what I want is to hear calm, considered and balanced commentary without the histrionics, the shouting and the yawping. I agree that you can go too far the other way and have anodyne and sycophantic commentary that would be just as grating, but for other reasons. I'm sure there is some middle ground. FWIW I don't think this is just RD. I'm finding a lot of TV and radio commentary intolerable lately. Perhaps I'm just becoming an old grump.
  2. The decline of Radio Derby (?)

    Do you purposefully miss the point of posts to cause arguments, or is that you just don't read them? Neither my original post or the one I quoted say anything about blaming RD for poor performances. We are talking about styles of commentary. As I expected one or two usual suspects might try to try and link the two, I secifically stated that I wasn't suggesting any causal link. I probably should have waited to express my opinion on RD until after we won a game to ensure this kind of misunderstanding didn't happen.
  3. The decline of Radio Derby (?)

    This is a much clearer and more concise way of saying what I wanted to say!
  4. The decline of Radio Derby (?)

    I had a feeling you in particular would have this opinion and would be making this exact point (particularly as I said I was a happy clapper). As I was at pains to say, it isn't the message that we played poorly that grates, its the way this message is put across and the commentary style that I don't like. I think you can tell people we are playing poorly without being shouty about it and without constantly repeating the same points over and over again. You can accurately tell listeners that it is crap without the personal opinions, subjectivity and faux outrage at the team and individuals. Most people are intelligent enough to be able to glean that we aren't playing well without it being rammed down my throat (geddit). To be honest, they can be just as bad when we are playing well, whether it being over the top in praise or nitpicking about certain aspects of the game (I once heard ED complain that we hadn't won 6-0 instead of getting just the 4).
  5. v Brum (H) - Predictions

    Derby 3 Brum 1 frgs Vydra
  6. The decline of Radio Derby (?)

    I've added a question mark to the title statement for two reasons; firstly, some might not consider RD is in a state of decline or others might think its been this bad for years. Others might think its great. I only listen to RD for away games (half fan) and for immediate post match reaction after home games, when I often realise that I've been watching a different game altogether to the presenters. I am an unashamed happy clapper, so perhaps my natural instinct is to rail against those who seek to highlight and emphasise the team's failings. But... Yesterday was probably the last straw for away games. I realise it was another poor away performance and they are there to tell us what is happening. I don't mind or object to them telling us what they might consider to be an honest reflection of what they are seeing. However, Ed Dawes in particular is starting to drive me insane with his editorial comments and personal opinions on the game and on players in particular. Ramage is there to be the expert pundit and summariser; while he repeats himself constantly and seems to only want us to play one way (running around a lot, kicking people and hitting it long) at least he has played the game. Ed Dawes is a fan with a microphone; he is no more qualified to pass his opinion on about individual players or anything else than any of us, but he has a position of some responsibility as he is the main conduit for a lot of fans who probably never see us play. For that reason, I don't want to hear that he hasn't been impressed with Tom Huddlestone (for example) since he came (which, by the way, translates and creeps into his commentary... "turns like the titanic" was one description given). All very colourful, but not exactly objective. This type of thing is also why I can't stand the likes of Alan Green. Some people might quite like this approach, but I want the commentators to be objective and to paint an accurate picture of what is happening on the pitch, without more subjective opinions colouring that picture and without those opinions being expressed so vehemently. When he breaks away from telling us what is happening to shout/scream things like "they're just not working hard enough Craig!", to me that is not the voice of a professional commentator, it is the voice of a whiny fan. Even if what he is saying is true, its not for him to say (in my opinion). It is for the pundit to put this out there (again, hopefully, constructively). Good commentators would draw this out from the pundit, but when they get on their mardy little rolls, they also manage to wind each other up into a frenzy, which just gets shouty and comes across as quite unprofessional at times. In my experience, RD have never been happier than when the team is struggling, but even going back to Graham Richards and Ian Hall, I always thought there was some objectivity and constructive criticism in there. At the moment, it just seems to be the same reactive and unconsidered stuff you get on the internet. To me, its almost as if its done on purpose to drive the infamous "listener derived content" they have to pursue after games. Wind people up and set them free. I must emphasise that I'm not suggesting that RD are to blame for us losing, or that RD should sugar coat anything or that we played so much better than RD said we did. I just consider that RD's current approach to commentary, particularly when we are playing poorly, is not conducive to any form of enjoyment of what is supposed to be a form of entertainment afterall. Losing is painful enough, without the commentary being torturous as well. Still, as some people will no doubt pointout, I don't have to listen and I probably shant for a while. Nonetheless, I needed to get it off my chest. Apologies if there are threads already in place to do this. Feel free to merge, delete or whatever.
  7. Huddlestone - overhyped?

    Overhyped? Not really. I can't remember anybody particularly going over the top about TH being the messiah or anything. We knew what we were getting; a fairly slow and immobile player with excellent passing ability and skill on the ball. If anybody, including GR, was expecting him to be bombing around the pitch at 90 mph putting in tackles left right and centre and getting in front of the centre forwards then they were always going to be disappointed. The problem isn't with Tom, the problem is expecting - or needing - Tom to be doing things he isn't suited to be doing. This probably means our 'style' of play (if we have one), or the approach GR wants to take, is not suited to Tom's game. Ergo, we either need to change our style to accommodate him, change the players around him to accommodate him or play players in his position who can do the things he can't.
  8. Joe Ledley Signed - Until January

    ... and how the abilities of those we "miss out on" increase when they sign for somebody else. However, as much as I rate Will as one of, if not the best, player to come through the ranks in the 30 years I've been watching, putting him in the same bracket as some of those mentioned is somewhat eyebrow raising. He may become a great, but he isn't there yet and he wasn't while playing for us (particularly in the context of when he played for us compared to some of the others). Anyhoo, I'm hoping we stay clear of Ledley and promote from within. How will we find the next Will if we don't give them a go?
  9. v Bristol C (A) - Predictions

    Brizzle 2 Derby 1 frgs Carson (going up for last minute corner... works like a charm, but ultimately for nowt) Reverse psychology and double bluffing!!
  10. Barnsley v Derby County

    Perhaps 11 changes is too many (and might it not get us into trouble?) but the team he put out still looks pretty strong on paper. Losing 3-2 to yet another late goal doesn't suggest that the team wasn't competitive or outclassed and there is no guarantee that we'd have walked it if the same team had played that beat Hull... particularly as we didn't play well and we're quite lucky apparently Barnsley are a team in the same division and this doesn't count as a cup shock or giant killing: rather it's a typical all Championship affair; tight and not much in it. Can't win them all, not gonna to win them all. The mistake GR has made, if any at all, is to give another stick to some to beat the club with. TBH if he'd played the same team as Hull last night and we lost on Saturday, those same people would probably be using a different stick and suggesting he should have rested more last night. Can't please all the people all of the time, but some you can't please at all. Not sure about all this missing out on Wembley 'locks as well. We missed out on an away trip to Spurs. Surely the building its at doesn't really matter? Isn't the thrill of going to Wembley more about what the match means rather than the architecture? In this case a third round cup match doesn't have the same meaning?
  11. v Barnsley (A) - Cup predictions

    Barnsley 1 Derby 2 frgs Thorne
  12. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    At worst, shouldn't this be "less chance now". Still too early in the season to write any outcome off surely? Even if we have to make do and mend until January, plenty of teams have come up on the rails after Christmas and got promoted (or, in our case, plenty of teams have been top at Christmas and cocked it up). What I mean is, this a long long season, twists and turns aplenty to come. You never know, all these comings and goings and other shenanigans might make for a interesting season (if not necessarily a successful one).
  13. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    As has been said already, as he wasn't a free agent before the window closes, releasing him now would be irrelevant. He couldn't register as a player until Jan. If being released outside the window meant you could sign for a new club, everybody would be doing it to get around the rules.
  14. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    A bit embarrassing to be sure (a rational person may think more so for the player than the club when it appears to essentially been his fault, but not exactly brilliant for either party). However, it is amusing to see that this bloke (can't spell his name) was going to be the great saviour of the club (see the other thread on him and many weren't exactly salivating at his signing) and that Butters and Bryson, who have been written off by many and who many wished to see go, are now going to be massive losses to the club (personally I think Bryson is, but I thought that before this little setback). To be honest, I consider this whole thing has been a bit of a result if it means McLovin stops 'supporting' the club and stops posting on here!! Could he take Bris with him?
  15. v Hull (H) - Predictions

    Derby 1 Hull 1 Lawrence frgs

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