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  1. RamsTV

    I thought Graham commentated for that satellite channel that got bought out by Sky 'back in the day' (the ones with the 'square-aerials' BSB i think they were called... i seem to remember him having to ditch the odd Derby match to do their coverage). Not saying he was any good, of course. I am prepared to be corrected on this... not all I say is gospel.
  2. v Northampton Town Match Thread

    The comments might not be hysterical in their analysis of the performance... but the need to dissect a pre-season friendly and use it in any way to gauge anything sensible - which wasn't the full first team - is mild lunacy. I know many will try to rationalise it, but really, you know deep down that it's a bit silly. Even if we were to get relegated, promoted or mid-table in no way would this game have any bearing on it. You might also wonder why comments criticising somewhat extreme reactions to a poor pre-season friendly garners so many likes? Perhaps because such criticism is considered sensible and more reasoned? Im sure the critics will have more than enough real and important things to moan about in a couple of weeks.
  3. v Northampton Town Match Thread

    Blimey. Hide the razor blades.
  4. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    People who claim to dislike things which are popular (film, tv, books etc) and then brag about it in order to look clever/sophisticated and make those that like the popular thing feel little and stupid.
  5. Retro Shirts

    Colour aside, I quite like that.
  6. Jackson Irvine

    He is absolutely the best player to have walked the earth (up to and including when another club signs him) but he's an overrated, overpaid bottler if he signs for us.
  7. Would you be happy if...

    A good point well made.
  8. Signed: Tom Huddlestone 2 year deal

    Hey up, Columbo
  9. v Macclesfield Town Match Thread

    It is going to be hard to keep somebody calm after Masion scored!
  10. Signed: Tom Huddlestone 2 year deal

    Yes, it is important to only have one player capable of playing in any one position; flexibility, competition for places and cover are all overrated elements of having a balanced and competitive football team.
  11. Signed: Tom Huddlestone 2 year deal

    Derby doing an old friend a favour... whip up some interest in him, get Hull panicked into offering a better and longer contract, Tom signs it and becomes a hero for staying 'loyal', we avoid buying an old man who can't run, the club look good for trying to buy a former favourite, academy star, ex-england international who 'got away' for peanuts. Everybody wins... is what a horrible old cynic might come up with I, of course, would never think this way - far too much of a happy clapper for that!
  12. 79 Ex Rams still playing

    Must say there are a rew names on there I'm not sure I recognise (old age) but a very interesting list nonetheless.
  13. 30+ Club

    This might be considered a problem if it were 1975, but not really in 2017. I agree, its always nice to have a younger squad for various reasons, but nothing to lose too much sleep over on the pitch (off it we might not get much in resale, but who really cares about that).
  14. v Kidderminster Harriers Match Thread

    This is why I suggested the 'dog with bone' reaction for the forum update!! If you started a thread on crop rotation in the 14th century (one for the kids) a couple of people would manage to turn it into something about Blackman (or Martin, or Russell, or Keogh or one of many other players seem to have blinkers on about)... obviously as well as the puns. Obviously, people will have their favourite and least favourite players. I don't think that's the point. It is the twisting of facts to meet an agenda that bugs - for example, stating a player can't cross a ball after he just crossed a ball for a goal. Fair enough, he might have ballooned a couple too, but so do most players. I think its the absolutism that gets me cross; no context, no balance, no common sense; no recognition of anything good a player does - just that I have a view and I'm sticking to it no matter what (this is a general comment, not just based on last night). Twisting a pre-season friendly thread into yet more opportunities for bashing people is a bit daft; afterall, what can you realistically read into a game againt KH? Nothing sensible. To be fair, it isn't quite as daft as proclaiming the lad at left back as the second coming after 45 minutes in a friendly against non-league opposition, but its up there! FWIW when I could get online to watch it I thought there were some encouraging moments and the players looked quite 'up for it' notwithstanding the nature of the match and the opposition, but in reality it was just an enhanced training session, but it was still nice to be able to watch the Rams again.
  15. Official: Will Hughes joins Watford

    Shhh. You can't point that kind of thing out, it plays havoc with the narrative and the ability, nay obsession, with making the same dubious and uncorroborated point about Will's fee at every opportunity.

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