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  1. I dislike posts that slate a player/manager/potential signing but then put the caveat in "but I hope they prove me wrong". A couple of particular posters use this trick a lot. It gives the perfect opportunity to play the 'look how clever I am' card if the player/manager/potential signing is crap, but they get to appear all magnanimous if they are proven wrong.
  2. That would be quite nice if it had a proper collar.
  3. England 2-0 up
  4. England U20 1 nil up against Argentina at half time. No DCFC players in the squad, but see that Simmo is the coach. Good luck to him. Not a stunning game, mind.
  5. I see the Leicester players have decided they don't want Shakespeare to be in charge afterall!
  6. ... or maybe agents are phoning him to promote players or tell him who is available. Some will find a negative in anything.
  7. Don't forget the myriad of POTY awards he has won here and at other clubs. I would expect that managers/fans at other clubs (admittedly who may not have seen as much of him as we have) would put a greater value on him than a lot of our fans would. But you're right, in the crazy world of modern football economics - subject to his age - you would expect a fair old whack for a player of Keogh's calibre - even if his CV might read better than his actual ability... I like him, by the way, but I've heard that he has always got a mistake in him
  8. I am as big a fan of NC as anybody, but even I've moved on. This is saying something at the moment, but continuing this debate is probably the most pointless thread there is on here (and, yes, the irony of me adding to it isn't lost on me). What's done is done.
  9. That's what I said... just 8 hours earlier
  10. From the quotes, it seems the opposite of this. Even though as both a fan and owner he had a different opinion than the manager, he allowed them to do what they thought was right. He might have questioned the decisions in private, but Hendrick and Martin still left, so he didn't overrule Pearson. If he had, then that would be a sign of what you've suggested. Is he not allowed an opinion like the rest of us?
  11. Wonder how many blue and black sweaters Gary owns.
  12. There's a lot of that in this thread (see post a couple oboce this... lolling like a loon... he seems fair chuffed with his own observations though... lol).
  13. Just business, nothing personal... sure they still get on really well. Be sharing the price of a taxi to the High Court.
  14. Instantly forgettable. Meh.
  15. Well, that doesn't stack up, cos we paid a fair whack for Weimann and Anya and neither of them have managed to dislodge Johhny from the starting lineup for any period of time... now whether that says more about them than JR I'll leave and you and others to decide, but I can imagine what the general tone will be.