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  1. Telegraph reporting that we are back in for him for the summer (apparently his club value him at more than double what we might be prepared to pay). Find it unlikely that anybody is thinking too much about signings in these times of massive uncertainty, but it got me to click the link.
  2. Pretty much follows the pattern when we lose. It is never the fact the opposition played well, it is always our own deficiencies.
  3. LazloW


    Louie will be providing some stiff competition for places for the rest of the season. I hope he rises to the occasion!
  4. Derby 3 Rovers 1 frgs Waghorn
  5. Ramage categorically did not have a positive mindset. Shouting about everything doesn’t make you positive, it makes you loud. Being loud also doesn’t make you passionate, it just makes you loud. I agree that he did get some fans going. He would wind people up with over the top whinging and, those who weren’t at games and had to listen, would parrot that criticism back and get wound up themselves. He also got a lot of fans going to the off switch. He was a terrible pundit and whatever your views about the rights and wrongs of his ‘termination’, (which was clearly right) at least in my mind the airwaves are better for him no longer being on them.
  6. Indeed. Why would they discuss anybody’s employment status with anybody else? I understand people might like CC and want him back on the air (assuming this is anything more than him. Being on holiday) but fairly obvious they wouldn’t be answering such questions.
  7. Derby 1 Man Utd 4 frgs Rooney
  8. @SaintRam I speak on behalf of all people who can't/won't listen to Radio Derby or get a stream... never ever decide to go out on a match day again! Ever!
  9. He'd complain about having nothing to complain about.
  10. Hmm. His horrendous negative attitude didn't stop us going 3-0 after half an hour though did it? Couldn't have anything to do with the home team getting an absolute rocket at half time and playing better than they were?
  11. ... but we're still 3-0 up right? EDIT: No.
  12. I will not feel comfortable until we have at least 5!
  13. I seem to remember that earlier articles suggested that any investment was from this gentleman's personal money, not his business. I'm certainly no financial expert, but the fact his business may be having 'issues' doesn't necessarily have anything to do with his own cash does it (or is there some law or expectation that he would have to use his personal money to bail out his company? Dunno). Still, if its taking this long to sort out then it doesn't really bode well. I think it would be butter to pull out now.
  14. It’s only football! In fairness, I should have added that I would obviously be disappointed to be relegated (devastated might be a bit strong), but my main point was that it wouldn’t affect my support or attendance (I’m sure many others would feel the same way). We’d all soon get used to it 😜
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