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  1. What will be will be. Whether it’s a new manager, new signing or new owner, we can speculate, worry, wail and gnash our teeth as much as we want, but we won’t know whether it turns out good, bad or indifferent until we see what transpires. Its quite understandable why there is some concern as we’ve had some dodgy owners in the past and we’ve seen what has happened elsewhere. However, I do tend to think some of the comments on here and elsewhere are a bit like people are just trying to make sure they can say ‘I told you so’ when/if it goes wrong and look clever. The only thing I’m pa
  2. LazloW

    Ian Evatt

    Off-topic I know, I've not been on here too much recently but there can't really be a 'Rooney Out Camp' already can there? He's been in the job for five minutes. Surely people wouldn't be so dense as to be calling for his head? (I imagine I would find out if I looked at the main forum, but sometimes I just can't bring myself to do so when we've been average/bad... the nonsense gets so strong and I've taken a vow of not arguing with people on the internet.... it has certainly had a big impact on my post count!)
  3. I think this would be my team (assuming fit) Marshall Byrne Wisdom Clarke Buchanan Bird Shinnie Knight Sibley Richards Gregory 4-3-1-2
  4. Got to be a good point hasn’t it? Clean sheet away from home against a team in the top 6 who are on a great winning streak. Also got to be good. Glass half full!
  5. You ask this in the Ex Rams section? I imagine the answer to your question is something along the lines of; "He is an Ex Ram and this is where we discuss what has been happening to Ex Rams. If you aren't interested in what Ex Ram Mason Bennett has been doing, then you have the option of not opening the thread and reading another part of the forum instead". That's what I'd imagine anyway.
  6. Can't really see us getting anything out of this one. Snatch your hand off for a point. My team would be (assuming everybody fit) Marshall Byrne Wisdom Clarke Edmundson Buchanan Bird Knight Shinnie Sibley Richards
  7. Keogh was one of few players (only two?) to win two POTY awards. While this might not have been during our glory years, it nevertheless demonstrates he was a good player for us and I think we did miss him. Also, for a player to have played 350-odd games over around 8 years (based on what Owen said last night) and leave in the circumstances he did is a massive crying shame. However, he didn’t look anything special last night. Just a bog standard centre half. Definitely past his best.
  8. I like him.... and that should be endorsement enough!
  9. I’d rather play how we did last night than either just keeping the ball for the sake of it and not attempting to go forward with it (Clemence) or allowing the opposition to have the majority of the ball and hoping to capitalise on mistakes (Rowett). Obviously, I’d much rather we played like we did under Mac1, but provided we are being positive and wanting to be on the front foot, then I don’t mind a more direct approach. Also, now and again we might have to be more ‘agricultural’ than we’d like because of the opposition. I don’t think we were at all negative in our approach last night,
  10. We were lucky to get the win. Not a very good performance against a poor side, who played to our weaknesses in terms of physical play and getting balls into box. Also made the most of a fussy ref to get lots and lots of free kicks. However, I’ve seen a few over the top And hyperbolic comments about how bad we were (mostly on Twitter, which is to be expected). It was an ugly game, but we created a few decent chances in amongst the dross... and we kept going and won. Not something we can always say. So, chins up. Also seen the odd comment along the lines of ‘Rooney’s worst performance’
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