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  1. I feel conflicted. On one hand, Tom wouldn’t be in my starting 11 and feel that he tends to slow us down too much. He doesn’t dictate play as he should and he doesn’t break up play either. So in theory I shouldn’t be bothered about him leaving. But I can’t help be a little sad about this. Maybe it’s because he is ‘one of our own’ or maybe it’s because I still think he has something to offer and I don’t want a rival to be strengthened. Either way, I would have liked him to have hung around a bit longer. Oh well.
  2. I did wonder why the Reading manager was featuring quite so often. Next time Owen, it might be worth pointing out that the club aren't responsible for the footage (if you did this time and I missed it, sorry).
  3. Thanks God for Tom; without him there'd be nothing to moan about.
  4. Have seen a few tweets alluding to the Leeds match, but I genuinely can’t recall what happened (have Swiss cheese for a brain when it comes to non-dcfc related footy). Could somebody enlighten me (and pardon my ignorance!)
  5. LazloW

    Ex Rams

    Can't believe he is only 27. Seems like an absolute age ago that he played for us. Rated him very highly. Shame.
  6. I imagine most footballers consider this to be nothing more than a job. How many of us in our normal jobs would turn down the chance to earn Director level wages for shop floor responsibilities - particularly when you have no control over whether you are allowed into the boardroom (i.e the first team). From a fan's perspective, I agree that it looks terrible and has definitely been a bad move for the club. However, I'm not sure I blame Anya and I don't see it as an opportunity to have a pop at Mel (but certain people never tire of an opportunity to do that). Anya is doing what's best for hi
  7. Can’t imagine that he’d be on less money than Carson (presumably quite a lot more) - and I’ve always assumed his wages were the main reason he was sent out to pasture. So would seem an odd move. Nevertheless, we are quite likely to need a keeper next season and a former England keeper is probably an upgrade on Huddersfield’s #3. Can’t see it happening though. You would think a lower PL club would still fancy a punt.
  8. Stick a Ram and sponsor on this and job done surely (sells for £18.00 on Umbro website... I imagine they'd add another £30 or so for the additional features).
  9. Telegraph reporting that we are back in for him for the summer (apparently his club value him at more than double what we might be prepared to pay). Find it unlikely that anybody is thinking too much about signings in these times of massive uncertainty, but it got me to click the link.
  10. Pretty much follows the pattern when we lose. It is never the fact the opposition played well, it is always our own deficiencies.
  11. Louie will be providing some stiff competition for places for the rest of the season. I hope he rises to the occasion!
  12. Derby 3 Rovers 1 frgs Waghorn
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