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  1. Wow. This has got ‘is Marriott a dud’ written all over it! Three games in. Good god above 🤦🏻‍♂️
  2. 4 games in. New manager, new ideas, new players. Would expect it to take some time to bed in, particularly when you’re short a recognised right back. Going along quite nicely really. Would take a point at Stoke all day long, ‘’deserved’ or not.
  3. So the wrist slashers like the Radio Derby’s commentary, there’s a surprise. Birds of a feather ‘n all that 😛
  4. I’ve said this for a while. It doesn’t particularly effect my enjoyment of the match, but it would be nice to be able to have a conversation with the person sitting next to me without shouting. The music is far too loud and would kill any attempt by any part of the ground to generate any atmosphere. Derbians aren’t particularly demonstrative and so having somebody try to whip us up into a frenzy is rarely going to work. Let the crowd look after itself. Bin the poem. Far too long, you can’t join in with it, it doesn’t inspire or get people going. But, more than anything, just turn the music down so that people can hear themselves think (and cheer!)
  5. Can not fathom how anybody can, rationally, be disappointed with the window (taking all context into account). Nothing is ever perfect.
  6. My point was that if people don’t like the price of beer, they don’t have to pay it (which is the same point you’re making).
  7. Really don’t think it was as bad as some are suggesting, or that certain players were particularly poor or - more bizarrely- should be judged on two performances. Football seasons take time to get going, new teams - which we are again to a large extent and with a new manager - take time to bed in. No need for snap judgements on anything based on today, other than apparently that the beer is too expensive. That is unlikely to change, but the football is quite likely to over the course of a season.
  8. Mel is indeed a genius, but I doubt he’s quite worked out how to remove the free will of all people entering the ground.
  9. Just picking up the last couple of minutes of commentary and, while it has been a frustrating game, I have seen so much worse. When considering it is a new manager’s second game, against a team who came to spoil then I think you shrug your shoulders and move on. Still some positives in there. However, listening to RD you’d think it had been one of the worst performances ever. Completely different game to what I have seen. They are shocking.
  10. Derby 2 Swansea 1 frgs waghorn
  11. Looks pretty good to me, assuming that the new signings are up to the standard Cocu & Co assume they are.
  12. 20 mins! Two players still to get in! Not happening is it!? Meltdown alert if not 🙄
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