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  1. This is like manna from heaven for Ed Dawes and Radio Derby.
  2. No. It’s just football. Assuming things get back to normal, I’d still be going to watch the football, see friends, have a laugh, (hopefully) be entertained. Doesn’t really matter what division we’re in for that does it?
  3. Don’t really understand the concern over Rooney being manager. It’s a complete lottery whoever we get and most don’t last very long anyway, so if he’s rubbish he’ll get the boot and if he’s good he’ll bugger off somewhere else like Lampard and Rowett. Basically, it’s a case of who cares!!
  4. Keep dipping into this thread and just have to say again... good god, some people take football far too seriously. So much angst, so much drama, so much drivel.
  5. Thank God for that; couldn’t stand another forum meltdown about the state of the Academy now too.
  6. God, some people take football far too seriously.
  7. Haven’t read all 6 pages of this, hope ifs not full of a lot of faux outrage at somebody giving an honest opinion (and one very Many fans have been saying). It’s hardly front page news that a team bottom of the league needs to change is it?
  8. TBF I think he has played pretty well and showed himself to be a positive factor in a largely poo start
  9. This is one of those threads that should be over after two posts. Q: Has he been a success? A: Who the **** knows, we aren’t being coached by him and we don’t know what he’s been asked to do! Seems to be nowhere else for any sensible debate to go. Yet somehow people still want to try and suggest he isn’t a good coach (based on what), that being able to ‘talk a good game’ somehow precludes him from being able to coach as well, to all sorts of other balls related to god knows what. This is what an international break and no concrete manager news does to right-minded people. Utter madness.
  10. Surprised people are so negative about this prospect. Lampard comes in for his first job, I think there was a lot of excitement (tinged a little bit with trepidation, as lots of good players have turned out to be poor manager) - but he is clearly an intelligent chap, bought with him a lot of youthful verve, lots of good relationships with big clubs and managers, and so on. We got some excellent loans in and a lot of attention - most of it good. We played some decent stuff (not always brilliant), but the club had a ‘feel good’ sense about the place. It is odd that the same sort of e
  11. I couldn't care less about what the vast majority of our own fans think about the club, so I certainly won't be losing sleep over what anybody else thinks, and neither should anybody else. This is sport. It's entertainment. The so-called rivalries are all just a bit of panto.
  12. I think the optimism shown (by some) here is extremely laudable and I agree that it’s far too soon to be concerned about relegation. Considering the squad we have, I find it absolutely inexplicable why we are in the position we are in. It is completely unfathomable. And, frankly, I’m a football genius, so if I can’t work it out, it can’t be worked out. It’s a mystery. It will get better. We won’t go down. We probably won’t go up either.
  13. Seen somebody has raised the ‘laughing stock’ nonsense again (it’s a few posts ago). I can’t really argue with those suggesting Cocu should be sacked. I’m not sure I would sack him, but obviously there isn’t a lot going for him at the mo (a bit of an understatement). However, I can argue with those suggesting not sacking him makes us a laughing stock. Nobody cares about us. Nobody is laughing at us. Most footy fans won’t even be aware we’re bottom of the league, never I doubt give a flying fig over who our manager is. And even if they did, who cares anyway?
  14. As far as I’m concerned, the only ‘mistake’ Mel made without the benefit of hindsight was going into the changing room and thus undermining the manager. That was avoidable. All other so-called mistakes resulted from decisions that were perfectly sensible at the time. Backing your manager, trusting your staff, speculating in the hope of accumulating are all fine in principle. Unfortunately, most of these decisions have not borne fruit, which is a crying shame for Mel (and for the fans).
  15. Now, in the unlikely event anybody pays attention to my posts, then I’m usually on the positive side of things and will generally take issue with hyperbole and unfair negativity and criticism. I haven’t really bothered trying to argue the toss with people wanting Cocu out (both the reasoned or ranting arguments) because it’s difficult to make a case in favour for Cocu remaining. I’m a realist. While I myself would probably persevere, that’s mainly because I really want him to succeed. I genuinely believe that in the (very) long term he could do wonderful things. However, the
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