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  1. LazloW

    Is this season a write-off already?

    I don’t think the OP genuinely believes what he wrote. I think he wrote it to be a. Deliberately provocative (no harm in that in a forum for debate) and b. In order to be able to put a marker down for his football genius if/when the 50/50 chance he is right comes to pass. Nothing better than being able to say “Look at me, I told you so in July!” I think the OP is bright enough to know that now is far too early to be able to conclude one way or the other about next season. In fact, I doubt you can really conclude whether a season is a “write-off” until you are some way through it, but even then there are many many examples of teams starting well/badly and finishing strongly/weakly. He is also bright enough to know that if we sign a few players before the window shuts, then he can distance himself from these comments and his ‘reputation’ won’t be tarnished! I personally have no problem if this season is one of ‘transition’ (we have a lot of those 🙄) but I do hope to see a higher tempo, more dynamic, more aggressive and more entertaining form of football. If I get that and we finish outside the top 6, I’ll be disappointed but not gutted and I wouldn’t conclude it was a write-off either. If we play like we did last season and finish outside the top 6 than I’ll be angry, because there has to be some up-side or benefit to watching the turgid crud we had to put up with.
  2. LazloW

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Sterling again. Not really sure what he adds to this team. I think he is significantly overrated.
  3. LazloW

    Craig Bryson

    Well, if he doesn’t go I shall be quite pleased. I think (or hope) he still has something to offer. Everybody moves on at some point, but I do think Craig has a ‘connection’ (or affinity) with the club and it’s nice to have a player or two around like that. Obviously, it’s still quite likely he will be leaving this summer. For all the talk of clean slates, it often appears difficult for players who have been away on loan to reintegrate. After all they’ve been sent out for a reason and while a new manager might fancy someone the last manager didn’t it’s bound to have some influence on his thinking in terms of ‘moving forward’.
  4. LazloW

    Craig Bryson

    My thoughts exactly.
  5. LazloW

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Phew. Need to start creating more in open play to put some slightly better than average play to good use. We haven’t been bad so far, but we haven’t been particularly good.
  6. LazloW

    Our Ram ! The Ram !

    From those who were around at the time, I’d be interested in knowing what the reaction was to the change. Was it a shrug of the shoulders in that pre-social media, faux outrage and over excitement world (see reaction to the Leeds logo... which was crap to be fair)? Were there any complaints at all or was it universal love for what is an absolute classic in design. Agree with others, it is the best.
  7. LazloW

    World Cup 2018 thread

    There are people on other parts of the internet (who may or may not be Colombian) who don’t think our penalty was a penalty. Presumably this is as a result of years and years of wrestling in the penalty area being the norm and people now not understanding that it isn’t actually permitted. Perhaps if refs had actually been implementing the rules for all these years there wouldn’t be any confusion... or I’ve just been reading tweets from Colombians!
  8. LazloW

    Away Kit 18/19

    Have to say that while I don’t dislike it (and when I thought it was black I really liked it... for a minute i actually thought about getting one for once) without the sponsor it does just look like a ‘normal’ Umbro training top. Most footy tops seem to be like this nowadays (Adidas we’re the same IIRC). Oh well, they don’t make them for fat old guys like me anyway.
  9. LazloW


    What tends to aggravate me is that you know generally from a title thread what way certain posters are going to go even before you read it. I’m a happy clapper (sorry for the term) but am capable of criticising the manager, the club, the team, the stewarding, the traffic management and any other aspect of the club as and when I consider it warranted and necessary to do so (search hard and you will find ‘negative’ posts, though actually I tend to follow the line of ‘if I haven’t got anything positive to say; I won’t say anything at all’). What pushes me to the ignore button is the ability of some to find a negative in anything and everything the club does. I used to get drawn into all sorts of arguments with people over their comments.. and still do now and again, though I try not to bite as often as I did (indeed, a constant argument I was having with one particular regular poster during NCs time drove me from the site for about 5 years). It does seem that there is a bit of deja vue about most threads (including the descent into punning!) and this leads me to lurk more, arbitrarily ‘like’ more without justification or stay clear of some topics altogether. However, of the 8/9 posters really unhappy with Rowett, I imagine the same names will crop up who seem really unhappy and critical of Mel, the academy, rams tv, why we postponed Sunday’s match (and automatically jumping on the anti/DCFC bandwagon) and so on. There is often a lack of balance or even willingness to consider an alternative view which irks and which undoubtedly leads to the same arguments cropping up time and time again. Obviously the same could be said from those who won’t hear a word said against anybody. I actually think that some people tend to stick to their guns a lot because of a tendency for people to drag up comments from yonks before which would suggest somebody has - shock of shocks - changed their mind about something. Being called a hypocrite or inconsistent seems to be the worst thing in the world in social media, so for some I think it is just easier to carry on regardless even if they don’t believe it. In terms of GR, I’m currently giving him the benefit of the doubt. This may change. My comments over time might reflect this. It doesn’t make me a bad person or a liar, I’m just reacting to a changing context (politicians suffer from this too). This isn’t a ‘don’t be negative’ comment, this is really just a ‘you don’t have to be negative to meet your internet persona or justify the previous 1000 posts you made’ plea. Indeed, if people react to the situation and context more then, in general, I tend to take more notice of what they say. Those with a one track mind - for or against the club - tend to be ignored (as most of my posts are probably 😩). Wow - that’s really long!! Sorry (trying to avoid work)
  10. LazloW

    Derby Snow - Game called off

    How do you know he was talking about you?
  11. LazloW

    Derby Snow - Game called off

    Blimey - some right tin foil hat merchants on here (and some others who just oddly find gratification in finding negatives about the club - really odd). Trying to compare and contrast every sporting event in the country and wondering how they did/didn't manage to get their games on is an irrelevance. I would have thought that the biggest determining factors in today's match were the distance Cardiff fans were coming and not wanting them to get too far before calling the game off (3.5 hours notice isn't bad); the limited amount of time before the kick-off to let things thaw, the state of the roads in areas approaching Derby (I know many can't believe that some people outside Derby might want to go to the match), the state of the Pride Park area itself and the forecast (which seems to change every five minutes). Really easy for everybody sitting at home to make the decision to keep the match on (particularly those who don't live in the county or even the country) but I would imagine for those whose decision it actually was, it wouldn't have been easy. I don't suppose they all had up to the minute weather or road reports from every postcode where fans might be coming from or were on the phone checking with Wigan to see if they were OK. I imagine they don't make such decisions on the basis that my mate Dave found it easy to get here from Lapland, so it must be OK then. I would imagine that they were faced with some reports coming in that parts of Derbyshire were very dodgy, that the police were suggesting people don't travel, that - it being a Sunday - there might be fewer people out and about clearing the roads 'naturally' and they really didn't want a situation where keeping the match on might have led to people travelling quite a long way and having unforeseen difficulties. This is just guesswork on my part as I wasn't there, but rather than jump to conclusions about the club being underhand, or the decision being a disgrace or a shambles, I prefer to think that perhaps - just perhaps - some people had to make a very difficult decision and aired on the side of caution. God forbid.
  12. LazloW

    Derby Snow - Game called off

    Sooo, the conspiracy theories begin and we are taking our ITK info from Colin and Cardiff fans. Hmm. Here’s a thought. Why don’t we take the decision at face value, recognise that it was probably very finely balanced and that some poor sod had to make a judgement call based on what was in front of them at the time. I can’t believe that the game could be called off without good reason... again, hindsight might turn out to be a great thing. Edit: Just to add, this must be a dream for those ‘fans’ who seem to take inordinate pleasure in anything which might paint the club in a poor light. So happy to jump on the negative bandwagon and slate the club. Unreal really.
  13. LazloW

    Derby Snow - Game called off

    Now it might look embarrassing, but they had to make the decision a while ago. Things change rapidly (although they might have anticipated that too to be fair). This could be a classic ‘in hindsight’ situation, where we can all look back and say it could’ve and should’ve gone ahead. However, I’m sure the decision was made in good faith at the time...!? I ask again though, from those in the know, was it the club or ref who called it off?
  14. LazloW

    Derby Snow - Game called off

    I thought the only person who could postpone a match is the referee (presumably advised by the clubs, police, met office, highways england etc)? I would have to be leaving about now and must say it looks a lot better than it did. However, I suppose they have to think about risks, distances to travel etc etc
  15. LazloW

    Derby Snow - Game called off

    Can't say I'm surprised (or that disappointed... which says a lot!). Pretty bad up in t'north of the County (guess not as much time as usual to sort it out either). Oh well, no excuse for not getting my work done now.

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