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  1. Very nice. Mel, if you are reading then give Umbro a piccy of the away kit and send them on their way.
  2. I agree that this should happen, but don’t see why the game should be reduced to 70-80 mins. Let them run around for the full 90!!
  3. Bristol 3 Derby 1 frgs Mount (reverse psychology in play here!)
  4. Don't worry everyone, I'm missing tomorrow so if it goes like all the other home games I'vemissed in the last couple of seasons, a 5 goal victory is nailed on!
  5. Derby 3 QPR 1 frgs Waghorn
  6. What happens when the injury time board goes up? From what I saw, we were well on top for the last 25 mins, but as soon as 90 mins comes up we sit back and invite pressure. Must admit I missed the first half, so can’t comment on the overall performance, but being old fashioned I never get too upset at an away point.
  7. Apropos of nothing, but I do so hate the phrase ‘bang average’. I’d also be in the group that sees Olsson and Forsyth being at roughly the same level (which isn’t a criticism of either player). Olsson has been very harshly criticised by some. However, it seems moot as I doubt he has much of a future with the club. Would think that next season, it will be between Malone and Forsyth for first choice, unless FL still sees that position as having some scope for improvement.
  8. Fair dos - hadn’t spotted that.
  9. Expect Sibley in the squad soon then? (Or is there another player on the verge of stepping up?)
  10. Something is only worth what somebody else is willing to pay for it... if Mel desperately wanted to buy the stadium, but Mel was playing hardball over the price then Mel will have had to go above market value to get it. Seller’s market and I bet Mel is a tough negotiator 😜
  11. To echo previous comments... while I’m not particularly comfortable with the stadium being in separate ownership to the club, I can’t see how selling an asset to ensure financial sustainability can be against the rules or even considered to be a loophole. If we sold a player for £10m to balance the books then we would have sold an asset. Essentially the same thing as selling the ground (at least as far as the EFL are concerned I should think). Leeds spying on training has however been found to be against the rules (rightly or wrongly), so it is a bit different.
  12. Brum 2 Derby 2 frgs Mount
  13. Short corners have long been a source of much amusement in my little group as they are generally dreadful (even more so than our normal corners), but I have to say that they were quite good yesterday. Seemed to be well worked and actually (miraculously) led to a goal. Credit where credit is due.
  14. It’s the tagging in of players (or other celebrities if you are discussing them in a negative light) that is the problem. In the olden days, you would be in the pub, playground, workplace discussing the match and players and no doubt some would get some stick, but at least it never found its way to them. The only thing they would see/hear is anything in the actual press or if it was being chanted at the ground. There are many examples of players who have had stick from the crowd, but that is often the result of long periods of abject displays, problems at the club and so on. While unpleasant, there is often at least some obvious ‘cause’ (real or perceived) for the crowd to have turned against a player. Even then, it’s unlikely a player like Bryson would have gotten large amounts of stick because even if he was past his best, the ‘crowd’ is full of enough sane/reasonable people that his past efforts would continue to count for something (as it should). Furthermore, he is a player who has never shirked and always put a shift in. Respect is due. Nowadays, it is just so easy to have direct contact with a player. Couple that with the general lack of consequence for saying almost anything on social media, the anonymity, the lack of effort it takes, etc etc and it is bound to start changing the relationship between player and fan. It’s a massive shame. I don’t know why players even bother to be have accounts TBH.
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