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  1. LazloW

    v Brighton (A) - Cup Predictions

    Brighton 3 Derby 1 frgs Waghorn
  2. LazloW

    Ipswich Town vs Derby County Match Thread

    Must admit only watched the second half and followed the first on here. Clearly wasn’t a good display (as the Sky commentator never tired of stating). I think it’s too easy to say ‘if only we’d played Huddlestone’ we would have won. We’ll never know for sure so it’s just speculation. However poorly we played, from what I saw we still created enough chances to win the game, particularly after Bennett and Nugent came on. Thought Mason in particular was quite effective. It’s all ifs, buts and maybes... but as with Preston, we were arguably the width of the woodwork from maybe getting all three points. Clearly, Ipswich created quite a few chances too but how many saves did Roos have to make? Not that many (in the second half at least). We seemed to wake up in the last 10 minutes. This was particularly when players started to drive forward with the ball a bit more. I thought the same against Hull. Rather than pass, pass, pass all the time, we caused more problems with people carrying the ball. Anyway, it’s been said time and time again, but I really don’t think there is a huge difference between the top and bottom of this league. I’d obviously rather see us play better than that and beating the bottom team - and I was shouting at the tele about a lot of silly decisions the players seem to make - but I soon got over it. Even in a football sense, it isn’t the end of the world.
  3. LazloW

    Ipswich Town vs Derby County Match Thread

    Squad game and he is clearly picking a team that he thinks is best for this particular game. Whether people like it or not (I’m probably in the not camp generally) ‘the modern game’ dictates that managers like to change things around. FWIW, I’m not overly concerned about Tom being ‘dropped’. He was good on Saturday, but for me he is sometimes a luxury when we are being pressed. Anyway, we shall see. I will decide whether it wa a good selection after I’ve seen/heard/read how we’ve performed.
  4. LazloW

    Albentosa to Bolton

    That’s 8 more games than most Derby fans make up their minds about a player!
  5. LazloW

    Should we be worried?

    If he goes, he goes. Assuming it is before the end of his contract we would be presumably be handsomely compensated and another manager would come in and take over, just like has been done a hundred times before. I don’t think Lampard would be Chelsea’s next manager. I think they’ll want him to hav more experience. Nevertheless, there is little doubt that at some point he will be Chelsea’s manager.
  6. LazloW

    v Ipswich (A) - Predictions

    Ipswich 2 Derby 2 frgs Waghorn
  7. LazloW

    Bogle on the BBC

    I actually really like Bogle and agree with what you said about stopping crosses too (although more experienced players in the left seem to have the same problem!) He reminds me a lot of Christie, which isn’t a bad thing as I always thought he was good. Lost his way a little bit with us but not doing bad for himself since he left us. I think the lad will go far. I also should have added in my original post that I’m all for Keogh helping out the kids. I’m a Keogh fan.
  8. LazloW

    Bogle on the BBC

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47047420 Saw this this morning and don't think its been mentioned on here (well I haven't seen it and if it has I apologise to all those who are about to reply with quotes of the massive discussion that's taken place that I've been oblivious to... feel free to lock, delete, move the thread). For those who aren't fans of either Bogle or Keogh's defending, the bit about him getting a lot pf advice from the skipper might be a bit worrying 😜. Still, nice that his emergence (as well as others I didn't read about) has been noticed.
  9. LazloW

    Derby County v Hull City Match thread.

    Quite like that lineup... but the ‘like’ was especially for Huddlelump! i’d probably give Cole a runout if fit enough. If Marriott is still injured then I think i’d go for Bennett rather than Nuge.
  10. Couldn't believe he’d played 100 games for us... then looked it up and it turns out he hasn’t. 100 games over a long period for different clubs and having been disrupted by loans and injuries and, frankly, having been thrown into the first team far too early. Opinions on Mason are definitely coloured by how long he has been around on the fringes of things. I don’t think he has developed as much as we might have hoped in the last 7 years, but from what I’ve seen he is not substantially better or worse than a number of players in his position that have played (or are playing) for us. In fairness, that might say a lot about the other players, but I certainly don’t cringe when his name is in the squad and if he was given a run out ‘up top’ now and again I could live with that as well (assuming Marriott is injured obvs). I do agree with @SaintRam about this being an odd debate to have. Indeed, my comment pretty much reflects the standard of response he thought would be forthcoming, but Mason is hardly being pushed forward by Frank as the linchpin of the team, nor is he being picked in preference to anybody else particularly. So while I fully understand that ‘everybody is entitled to an opinion’ on a player, digging Bennett out when he has hardly featured seems a bit unfair.
  11. LazloW

    Rowett ball v Lampard way

    For me,the biggest and most important difference is that even when we 'played well' under Rowett it was still grim to watch. We essentially went out to play horribly. We might well not be playing that well at the moment and there have been some bad performances (as there are with any team), but I'm confident we don't go out with the intention of sitting back, deliberately conceding possession and hoping to hit teams on the break... sometimes it just happens that way. The other difference is that I'm really looking forward to the Hull match. Was rare for that to be the case by the end of last season. In a way, that's all I really care about. I don't (often) go in for the over analysis of stats or playing style or the benefits of this system over that system (although I know what I like and don't like). But, I know that even though it isn't all sweetness and light, I'm still enjoying myself more this season and so , going back to the original question, I'll have the Lampard Way over Rowett Ball so far.
  12. LazloW

    Tyrone Mings Stamp

    Seem to remeber a similar situation when Leeds' keeper clearly deliberately scraped his studs down Holmes' face. I'm not saying the two incidents are the same in terms of severity, but I was very surprised more wasn't made of this incident.
  13. LazloW

    v Hull (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2 Hull 1 frgs Waghorn
  14. LazloW

    Rowett ball v Lampard way

    I think the OP’s original point/question was whether the football currently being played under Frank is actually any better than that under Rowett. If my reading is correct, some are saying that Lampardball is either a lot better, or about the same, or not as good and some are saying that they are willing to give Lampard time to get better, or he’s doing great leave him alone or that they are already asking questions about his tenure. I agree the general sentiment is that we don’t want to return to Rowett, but opinions on Frank’s style seem fairly mixed TBH.
  15. LazloW

    Rowett ball v Lampard way

    We really need a ‘confused’ emoji for these classic non sequiturs!!

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