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  1. Retro Shirts

    Red or not, I really like that. Still have my black and grey version which obviously won't fit me anymore, but still one of my faves.
  2. 40% Off away kit online and instore

    The official name of 'safety yellow' hardly inspires does it!?
  3. Cameron Jerome - Signed 18 month deal

    I don't think we should get too hung up,on what managers say. They aren't politicians afterall and I wouldn't be surprised if our league position has surpised everybody a bit and has meant that GR doesn't feel comfortable risking kids. If we were mid-table. them I guess we. ight have seen more youth blooded. I imagine that has also influenced signing CJ. I do agree with the view though that it is difficult to see how or when some of these youth prospects are going to get the chance to come through. If they aren't good enough for the Championship now, then - if we are lucky enough to get promoted - i can't see them getting much chance next season. If we don't go up, the expectations for next year would also be so high that GR may have the same concerns as this year re: risking the kids. If we'd had the same resources or expectations when NC was here, then maybe we'd never have seen Hughes and Hendrick come through. Shame really.
  4. Cameron Jerome - Signed 18 month deal

    Have people started booing him already!?!? Must be a new record!
  5. Cameron Jerome - Signed 18 month deal

    As with any signing, we'll only know whether it was wise or foolish after a period of time has passed and we can see what contribution the player made (and, for those who care about such things, how that contribution compared to his fee). I can see why people aren't excited; I can also see why people want to have some faith in GR. Either way, as I've said already in this thread, the fee makes this quite a low risk strategy. I imagine that people react to the overtly negative comments with frustration because it seems a bit unnecessary when you're second in the league and most signings so far have been pretty good... but then if he turns out to be crap, at least they can dig the comments out with a handy "told you so" tag.
  6. v Bristol City (H) - Predictions

    Derby 3 Bristol 2 frgs Nugent
  7. Cameron Jerome - Signed 18 month deal

    I agree that this is a player who doesn't fill me with excitement, but some of the comments about the fee are as if we were still in the days of 'Barker type fees'. £1.5m is, sad to say, chicken feed these days and even in this division is not unusual for a squad player. Maybe GR just feels there is a niche that needs filling for certain situations and this player fits the bill. Doubt we'll build the team around him or be anybody who starts many games. But now and again you just need a big lump to come on and put themselves about a bit. Buying somebody for this type of fee (whether it comes off or not) should not necessarily be seen as a major risk or major influence otn the team, but might just provide some extra options. Still not too excited though, nonetheless.
  8. 19 to go...

  9. View from the outside

    Well, from reading some of the comments on the small heath alliance forum, I don't think they are big fans of Derby County ! Lots of references to being 'vile'! Little old Derby County, vile???! Makes fr funny reading though. Not at all bitter.
  10. v Brum (A) - Predictions

    Birmingham 1 Derby 4 frgs Keogh
  11. Rams Managers ranked by points per game

    While quite interesting, like most stats in football it doesn't really tell you who the 'best' manager is. As others have said, context is everything.
  12. POLL: The McClaren era(s)

    I was livid at the time. All worked out pretty well in the end (well, until he got sacked obvs). The whole experience taught me to not get too fussed about managerial comings and goings. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don't. Past experience of the manager doesn't always seem to play a massive part in that success or failure. Just chill and see what happens. The whole thing made me a better person P.s. I'd probably got over my anger at the end of that Ipswich game!
  13. Rowett Signs 3 and a Half Year Contract

    I wonder when the first post/thread will appear stating that giving him a new contract was an expensive mistake... or have I already missed it?
  14. Many, but not all. I imagine @RoyMac5 is doing a little jig of excitement at the prospect of him going
  15. Confess your unpopular Rams opinions

    Not sure how this could be classed as an 'unpopular opinion'. For a start, I don't see many posters going mad about how rubbish George Burley was, so why an assertion that with more money behind him we might have been more successful would be unpopular. It should probably just be classed as 'idle speculation that might warrent further discussion, but as its moot, probably won't'. FWIW I also thought GB was a good manager and agree we played some good football during his tenure. There, another reason its not an unpopular opinion.

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