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  1. Not with the adverts, news and trailers every two minutes. Surprised the presenters get a word in edgewise!
  2. Overall I shall be disappointed in Frank going because it will feel like there is a lot of unfinished business and that we were just at the start of something that could have been quite special. The relationship between club and fans improved no end and there was a lot more joy to be had. The football wasn’t always the best, but it was a far more enjoyable season than the previous one. Also, I felt there were many signs that we were on the cusp of cracking it and playing really very good stuff. They made all the right noises about youngsters and I thought that they at least had a bit of a plan. Was all looking positive and at least we had some idea of what we would be getting next season. He certainly wasn’t a management genius (yet) and he certainly can be replaced, it’s just quite disappointing that the journey (yuk!) has ended so abruptly. Now we start again, again. Don’t know who we’ll get, whether he’ll carry on the quite good work already started, whether it will be positive progressive football or horrid anti-football like Rowett. Just left with a sense of anti-climax and what might have been....
  3. You know what, I reckon Frank might be just about to sign for Chelsea. Apparently, it’s all over the press.
  4. I’m not sure how this would work in practice. With a player you can hold them to their contract because the club holds their registration and can stop them playing elsewhere. With a manager, I assume Frank could just resign. I’m sure there will be things in his contract which include penalty clauses if he did this (or things about not being able to move elsewhere for a certain period - because otherwise why is anybody even thinking about compensation), but it would just get awfully messy and you’d end up with a very unhappy manager and staff and all the goodwill built up over last season will disappear overnight. Add into this that the fans and players would know he didn’t want to be here, then we’d probably be worse off both on and off the pitch just letting him go. I agree it’s frustrating, but hopefully he’ll be back at work on Monday and more info will come out. Better it sorted sooner than later though.
  5. There is no way Mel fills up his own car surely!? He must have people for that!
  6. You would think Enrique would be a more attractive option, but if he has left Spain ‘for personal reasons’ then seems unlikely that he would be looking for a club job.
  7. The only strange thing now is the absolute silence from Chelsea. Sarri went 3 days ago and his departure was in the pipeline for days (if not weeks). I can’t believe they haven’t got a shortlist of replacements ready to move for at the drop of a hat. Now I’m not naive enough to think that there really would have to be a ‘formal approach’ for Frank’s representatives to be talking to Chelsea’s, but if they are then why all the cloak and dagger? It suggests to me that Frank isn’t their No 1 target, but if he isn’t then who is, because there doesn’t seem to be much coming out other than Frank being nailed on. If this is the case, then can’t see why it isn’t out in the open. Where’s the harm (particularly as Frank is unlikely to turn them down anyway and I can’t see compensation being a stumbling block). All seems a bit odd.
  8. On page 212 it shall be announced that Frank has signed a new contract and Chelsea have got their actual first choice (tbc who that is). (Actually, I’m not that bothered other than I am intrigued and optimistic about next season with FL and I like the atmosphere around the club).
  9. Not true. It confirms that there has been no approach and it formally sets out Derby’s current position. Everything else is speculation. For example, I’ve just heard Talksport say that ‘Lampard is closing in on the manager’s position’. How can that be true when there has been no formal approach or even statement front chelsea that they want him. FWIW, I am sure he will be going, but while it is very loud noise, so far that’s all it is!
  10. Posting clips or articles of people saying Lampard is leaving is a little redundant now surely? We know that the whole world is convinced that he is joining Chelsea. There is no new information coming out, just more opinion. Mel’s statement is literally the only new news on this for about a fortnight.
  11. How does it work if Frank just resigns?
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