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  1. Every player is here for the money only and the chance to maximise their own value either by promotion with our beloved team or a transfer to the promised land of fame and fortune to the premier league through their own performances. Let’s not kid ourselves and think any player is here because they love Derby County despite kissing the badge when appropriate. I have no doubt though, that every player will be giving their all when wearing the shirt this season regardless of their own personal agenda👍
  2. Still waiting on the 3rd shirt but gone with appropriately suggested hairstyle.
  3. Lived in Swadlincote all my life. First game - Dad took me to see Bobby Campbell and Bobby Davison upfront and former England international Dave Watson at centre back. John Robertson on the wing and the return of Archie Gemmill. We lost 5-0 at home to Chelsea that day and got relegated to the third tier at the end of the season. Been going ever since. I love Derby. A few years later David Nish was our milkman and the kids in the street helped him deliver.
  4. Usually, by this point, someone has ‘inside info’ about the design but it’s all quiet on that front this time round. I’m just hoping that we don’t get another ‘white shirt got mixed up with the darks’ grey away shirt this year😀
  5. Let’s move on to next season’s preparation sharpish. I want to see a pic of Lampard welcoming Shinnie and Tomori (on another season loan) holding the new shirt which will be available to buy on Monday 👍
  6. I remember being so gutted the day we lost to Leicester. The next few seasons were the best ever. Let’s do that again. Stay positive 👍😀
  7. I would think it won’t be too long before a new kit release as there’s none of this years kit left to sell. Got to keep the money rolling in!
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