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  1. Mr Hood (Desperate Dan) was certainly an imposing figure. Between him and dodging Mr Kirby’s board rubbers you certainly ran the gauntlet at that place! ‘This is a Derby County Forum - not your ‘good old days’ chitter chatter!’ (ducking head to negotiate potential life-changing chalkboard erasing tool).
  2. Hopefully we get out the bottom 3 soon. Last season, there was the talk of ending the season prematurely with clubs relegated/promoted according to their current positions. If the virus shuts down football for a sustained period, that option may be discussed again.
  3. The reason he is getting pelters is because he’s not Archie Gemmill. A player that had Derby County in his core and, though his legs had gone, gave everything in 1983 to keep Derby up. Broke his heart that his last season with us saw us relegated to the third division. Rooney was an amazing player - better than Archie- but his heart will never be with Derby County. He’ll be a Man Utd and England hero but never a Derby (or even hometown Everton) hero. He’s here to still play, while he can, at a reasonable level and we want some shirt sales. After almost a year it’s got a bit boring/stale for b
  4. I remember telling a friend, who couldn’t make the Tranmere thrashing, that Igor was different class. It was difficult to explain how our new defender was head and shoulders above anyone else on the pitch when we had just conceded five goals but we all soon caught on😀👍. I also remember a game away at Port Vale that season when Igor dribbled the ball past two or three players in our own six yard box before passing to Gary Rowett who wellied the ball out of play in panic. Of course, why Rowett was doing that, Igor already had his arms aloft facing the Derby fans to take in his adulation.
  5. I felt really down after tonight; thinking where the next goal is coming from?? Whenever I get to this point, I think about my first season watching Derby (1983): ageing McFarland, Gemmill, Powell, Dave Watson, that Burns bloke and crying as Plymouth beat us at home in the FA Cup and potentially being wound-up in court the next day. It’s not that bad. We’ve got some young inexperienced players and we might even get relegated but it won’t be 1983. After that relegation, we got a cool new kit, Trevor Christie’s penalty, double promotions, Wright, Saunders and eventually Igor, Biano, Eranio
  6. Rams 4 Blackburn 0 Penalty (Rooney), Ibrahim, Nathan Byrne, Knight. 3rd kit worn for the first time as Blackburn forget their change strip. Mel sees it as a sign and changes the official colour from white and we forever become known as Cocu’s Beetroot Purple Army.
  7. For those wanting ‘busier’ kits, check out these monstrosities/masterpieces in the training wear section - now in the megastore😮
  8. After initially not liking the shirt one bit - I’m now wondering which design wizard came up with the idea of white pinstripes on a white shirt and placing it on a magical floating coat hanger. Cocu’s plan B - promotion through witchcraft.
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