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  1. I can say with certainty, that’s extremely unlikely to happen.
  2. It’s not a live stream, you can start it from the start or anywhere. I skipped all the prematch nonsense.
  3. 2014, yet quality is like it’s from 1914.
  4. There’s plenty of testimonials still. BT Sport show a lot during summer. Just no one stays at a club long enough these days.
  5. Sunderland til I Die season 2 came out today!
  6. Bet he won’t reply. Probably just let it fester for a while.
  7. Think he’d been framed to be honest
  8. Now I’ve seen everyone’s age, the matchday threads make much more sense!
  9. Rowett and Bucko. You win some, you lose some.
  10. Spoke on the phone and live chat. Your discount on sport will resume once it restarts. It may run over once your other offers have expired though. Piece of piss to get them all lined up anyway, they pretty much do what you tell them!
  11. How on earth does 🐣 🐤 🐥 equal Martin/Martyn?!
  12. There address was registered 30 miles away! Let’s say they have a car accident on the way back, or even on the way, or misstep and have an accident on the paths. That’s police, ambulances, maybe even fire engines and then hospital staff tending to two berks who couldn’t follow the rules. This is in fact cobblers, the strain on the emergency services is very real.
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