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  1. Midweek fixtures are now over 2 days so Sky can show all on the red button. Started last season.
  2. You can text problems during the match to a club number. I couldn’t find it on the site though but it’s definitely on the back of match tickets.
  3. I think you mean 'just say'.
  4. Aye, I can't believe @Ghost of Cloughis going up to that! I pay £36 for 300Mbps from Virgin. Hands down, the best internet provider I've ever had. Won't touch anything that uses BT/Openreach backline.
  5. ThePrisoner

    Ex Rams

    FCUM TV. Think I’ve watched that before.
  6. ThePrisoner

    Ex Rams

    Just paste the link, wait a second and it'll populate.
  7. Lee Bowyer has a touchline ban for the next 3 games including this one.
  8. They all went to the Joiners for food. The others stayed on after.
  9. Cocu said the meal/drinks were part of the days proceedings. Definitely club related.
  10. We’ve known about Lawrence losing his mum since May. I have to question the alcohol dependency. Why haven’t the club offered more support? Are they doing more? I really think they should be though as it’s probably impacting him an awful lot. He definitely needs help.
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