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  1. Why does everyone think that no planning is happening? I don't get it
  2. Braced for a warmer week, I hope everyone's making room in their fridges for crisps!
  3. More likely to be tadpole than Anchovies at Derby Grill
  4. We believing the Daily Star now? Blimey, can’t wait to find out my latest Derby news from the Daily Sport.
  5. Hopefully Esso have got the memo and moved them in the fridges next to the tinnies.
  6. He's got various cars. Or maybe he wanted a Ginsters.
  7. Just realised I've got a weeks worth of work to cram into this afternoon now. Curse this thread!
  8. A Wotsits sandwich is the ultimate crisp sandwich. Get a half baguette, a baton if you will. Cut it open, line it with butter and fill with about 2-3 packets of Wotsits.
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