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  1. I admit I planted it for this exact response.
  2. Paul Cook. I’d rather have Sue Cook.
  3. I wasn’t on about today. Just generally speaking about the people who want to change manager as soon as things go wrong.
  4. My blinkers are off. Swapping and changing managers at the first signs of things going wrong is how we ended up in this mess. Three games in without a full strength squad and new signings still to make an appearance with 43 games to go. Yes today was dire but we can’t cry at the first sign of trouble. Get a grip. Stability is needed.
  5. A newly signed player praising his new club to get fans on his side as he signs for a PL club? Glory be.
  6. If you're on a DD, I imagine you'll just get a lower monthly payment going forward as opposed to money back.
  7. Have you not been to the best damn pet shop in town?
  8. It’s almost as if people thought he’d stay whatever the club offered as he “loves” the club. Not that he’s doing what’s best for him.
  9. Probably end up being on Sky even more
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