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  1. Knew I'd seen him before somewhere...
  2. Sold out now. I'm looking forward to this, it should be an interesting evening.
  3. Nicolas Noirhomme sounds like a perfume.
  4. Shame nearly all of our defence will miss a lot of training from international duties. Hopefully something can be resolved in that aspect with the little time they'll be back. Looking forward to this one, if only to be the proverbial bird crapping on Holloway's head.
  5. I travel solo from out the area unfortunately!
  6. Maybe McClaren will go in at Boro and recall De Sart.
  7. Am I right in thinking you'd need two season tickets on your Fan ID to get two tickets in the season ticket holders sale? I need two tickets but I've only got my ST on my account. Anybody definitely not going want to help someone out with fan IDs?
  8. What I took from that was Reading will be looking for a new director of football.
  9. I definitely added an image of Anya without the bountiful hair but it's not showing up. Hmm.
  10. This is the last season with Just Eat. Expect that negotiations with a new sponsor aren't happening until we know our fate at the end of this season.
  11. After how the season begun, I'm amazed we're even in contention for play-offs. I'd love to make it to play-offs but I can't moan at how we've turned it around.
  12. Seen this happen on BT Sport. Cringes me out a little. Could be distracting the manager from key moments of play.
  13. In its definitions, EFL state "‘League Match’ means an Association Football Match in the League Competition". I'd read that to mean a play off match too as it's still part of the competition.
  14. Interestingly enough, even Joka says he can it would appear he cant. From