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  1. ThePrisoner

    Sunderland ‘til I die

    Watched it all this weekend, really great series. Except the episode where they came to ours and pasted us 4-1.
  2. ThePrisoner

    New joke thread

    A chicken pie in Jamaica costs £2.00 A chicken pie in Trinidad costs £2.40 A chicken pie in St Kitts costs £2.15 These are the pie rates of the Caribbean.
  3. ThePrisoner

    FM 2015 - Derby Fans

    You’ve got a DAB hand with these puns.
  4. ThePrisoner

    What are you eating tonight

    Bloody hell, how’s he find the time outside of football?
  5. ThePrisoner

    It(‘s) was Rynny’s birthday today but yesterday

    Steve Rynwood? Hope he gets a higher love for his birthday.
  6. ThePrisoner

    Norwich (A) Tickets

    Hopefully an evening with Sue Cook goes ahead this time.
  7. ThePrisoner

    Hilda is ill.

  8. ThePrisoner

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    It’s just single seats now. Always near enough sells out on the day.
  9. Blimey, you don’t need to read them this season! Maybe last season when it was dull as coal.
  10. ThePrisoner

    Lucas Piazon

    One for last season then.
  11. ThePrisoner

    Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    Die Hard. 10/10.
  12. ThePrisoner

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    You’re doing the lords work! Had a quick scan and couldn’t see it, glad I haven’t made it up!
  13. ThePrisoner

    New joke thread

    Just seen a sign in Tesco’s saying Turkey for £29. That’s ahout £300 cheaper than Thomas Cook.

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