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  1. Richard Keogh, always got a headed goal in him.
  2. I mean this is the biggest hyperbole I’ve read so far today.
  3. Though some countries don’t have deals with Pitch International and aren’t on the list to watch on Rams TV. Or I imagine mostly some sports channels do have deals with Pitch and opt not to show it leaving those elsewhere s.o.l.
  4. Not like the Daily Mail to get a fact wrong!
  5. Good job there’s another about thirty seconds away at Costco.
  6. Only person I can see not staying is Wilson. Won’t be surprised to see Mount and Tomori here.
  7. Percy is one of the actual few respected in regards to Championship matters and about the only one worth believing regarding Derby
  8. They should offer to pay for neck massages for all the hooooooof.
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