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  1. The groundskeeper we had before has left and now works abroad somewhere. May have happened just before the Lampard season or part way through. Never been the same since.
  2. Depends on your job, are you a hair dye packaging model?
  3. Vydra wore gloves. Ince wore gloves. What a load of baalocks being told not to wear gloves 😂
  4. Truthfully, you may be lucky, it really does depend. Seeing as we've played them more than some teams in our division lately, demand may not be as high!
  5. Then you may be out of luck on Tuesday’s general sale. Slim pickings for sure.
  6. Ah didn’t know it was a different thing.
  7. And Derby County if they keep listening to him.
  8. Pretty sure they automatically get uploaded to Sounds/iPlayer as they're broadcast anyway. I agree with you in principle, but you're making out like the 3 presenters are there in a shed uploading their little podcast to the internet.
  9. Have you ever bought a ticket with your fan ID?
  10. Who knows? Maybe the home members and season ticket holders who haven't bought yet go on a massive rampage between now and general sale.
  11. Or they want to get everyone listening to the whole thing? Nothing wrong with that. The best DCFC podcast there is.
  12. Bloody hell! Darth Vader's gone and frozen him in carbonite as well!
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