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  1. Says Scott Carson of his time at Man City.
  2. It's down to EFL broadcasting restrictions. It doesn't make sense! It's audio!
  3. I WILL DEFY YOU AND I WILL ANSWER! But really, you can join and then cancel immediately and you'll keep your membership until then.
  4. Attendances are always around this during August due to holidays. It will probably be pick up in a few weeks, admittedly not by much.
  5. I love mine but have to agree, my bum hole gives out when it drives over the smallest lump in the road
  6. Of course, granted friends for a tenner required the STH to buy it I believe but still. I don't really mind it on the odd game though, they don't do it often.
  7. If match day tickets became cheaper than the average price of each game for a season ticket holder in their category then 22,000 people would be kicking off.
  8. I thought they got rid of it for collections? Maybe it was just the play off semi's.
  9. Could've collected from the ground on the match day for £2 less no?
  10. "He's yourrrrrrrrrrr Captain, Richard Keeeeeeeeeeeeeogh!". Awful.
  11. Surely a coach in this day and age can power a fridge for two hours without considerable battery drain?
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