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  1. Load of weird men on the internet looking over facts and figures they don’t understand as another yard stick to beat a rival club with. So bizarre.
  2. Evenly working my way down the new tub of Lurpak only to come back to it the next morning and it look like someone has used a spoon to spread their butter.
  3. All seasons are great, all different but very much the same thing.
  4. The only thing a subset of the fans will remember is how badly we played against Forest, not how well we've played during the rest of the restart.
  5. We’re not going to be back until we’re all allowed back. Can ponder all day but it’s just not going to happen.
  6. There's a banner at the very top of the page in blue that tells you how
  7. Different rights in different countries. We're on Sky a lot, doesn't mean we'd be on Sky Sport in Germany though.
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