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  1. Unfortunately it is also a breach of contract. Players could claim constructive dismissal if so minded.
  2. It could also suggest that if the takeover does happen, there won’t be much of a cash injection.
  3. “Chorley Not? Lambs beat Lancs”
  4. I think the below may explain some of our issues. He should go back to just doing stuff at the Derby Telegraph.
  5. Yes again from me. One key reason: players are working hard for him. This shows they must respect him as leader, believe in his message or both. Simples.
  6. 1) Jim Smith - why would we want him? How wrong I was!! 2) Derek Hales - As a child I was beyond excited that we had signed the bearded Charlton goal machine. 3) Nigel Pearson - I was very optimistic that his ‘tough’ management would sort us out.
  7. Yeah, as well as these positives there surely must be some negatives too?
  8. Virtually the same age as Rooney, been everywhere, yet playing his ass off for Wayne and the club. Fantastic example to others- infectious in a no need to wear a mask way.
  9. When you get one, don’t put it on a branch high up as I’ve heard it’ll silently get repositioned on a lower branch when no ones paying attention. And, once there, the bauble is really hard to shift. Apparently, the only thing that can rectify this phenomenon is an Arabian genie.
  10. Yes- that’s the implication of Ryan’s article.
  11. According to Ryan Conway Curtis has a long term Achilles injury. Contract up at end of season too. Will likely affect thinking in transfer window.
  12. Whilst dribbling when watching the match, the thought occurred to me I have so far (like many others) this season spent £180 to watch us. Thats- £22.50 a goal by us £60 a minute of Jordan Ibe £90 per win 1/333,333 of what the sheikh will pay
  13. Obvious really why not- ‘Festy Ebosele from Moor Farm EIEIO’ Hasn't got the same ring to it.
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