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  1. Well today was very very frusrating we give a daft goal away that could have been stopped by playing a forward pass but decided to play one side ways that led to coverty city goal. Our forward play has stopped now and I dont know if 4-0 loss knocked our confordance. But moor postive note luie Watson did well when he came as sub and patric Robert's had a good game but we need to be postive on the ball try playing forward passing game.
  2. Me person I would try gold we had at 97 to 98 season always classic kit.
  3. That just as bad pink if not even worse I hate bloody both of them.
  4. What so funny it gives young lads fatal first team experance and a chance for them a enter a compation stand a chance of winning.
  5. I find extremely poor to listen to and find boring to listen too.
  6. I know been a while since we were in the efl paint troupy compation to give like of Bobby duncan jack station a chance of against league one and league two against there first team but giving them that experance it could be that time against test our young players.
  7. I dont I think been cured I hate the pink kit and matt clark does as well.
  8. I think what he means our youth set up and good young players coming through.
  9. Well we started way to nagtive if we had Richard's our top goal we might have one. The kids who came on gave it and tried there best to try make something happen.
  10. Well at least rammage showed passion when boring old steel shows none what so ever and at least rammage was postive while steel negative and boring to listen too.
  11. Well for Derby must win that midfield by pressing cardiff high but also get the ball to the wingers or hit and move football but we need to postive dont be adafied to attract them we know nick macarfy likes to play the long ball and like his tall players so we have move through there lines or run at them 3 or 4 players but also keep that ball move but dont be afraid to have shot at distance.
  12. Many ways it is not the dog fault but what happened in the past. Like one Time down our local part me and my mum saw this little girl go up and kicked the dog as hard as she could so when went passed her I bent down and said you hobble little girl and dad of the little girl did not even tell her off and my mum said if that dog bites someone it is your fault not the dogs fault. But yet they come you best friend and very very loyal to you and they are part of the family.
  13. Thing is you cant be scared of any virus and frankly I cant wait till masks and can freaking come off. If get scared of every virus you never stops outside your house.
  14. But something roony could try teach him something new to work on. But I think when a play comes near he could need a midfielder if Is knight or bird to say Josh over here mate and then slide a through ball into the box or setting up a attack with Richard's or lee Gregory up. Turn into 3 forwards.
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