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  1. Well I just throught I tell you incase it was but it said some kinf saying I came under cyber attack saying site was unsafe. But got on late last night thinking been issue and fixed it.
  2. I had majour issues getting onto this site when padlock went red not been able get on all day.
  3. I am not saying loads mate just 3 or 4 maybe depanding how fare budget can streat too.
  4. Look club had no choice make staff 80 percent govement of wages many can not work from home just like I cant. But thats why needs us fans back in the grounds asp so club can start making money again.
  5. We still need some new signings in the team mate.
  6. I remmber meeting him at Derby old training ground he signed my program and gave me a hug I was only 10 or 11 years old and had picture taken with and it made my day.
  7. The goverment on about open pubs again next few weeks and I think people will go and silly drunck as people not be able go in months but if going more or less normal what I think should be allowed open up next is pp even if it club shop and ticket office and pub at the ground.
  8. Looks like taking players on trail look before we offer a contract but I do think we need add some flaire to the side.
  9. I think your being nagtive I think we can still gain promation we have excellent youth setup and been proved our youth players can hold there own against best in european youth level. And thats only a good thing.
  10. They all been out and about places while rest had freedoms ripped away while they enjoy themselfs while rest been stuck inside why populations do what ever they like gong out enjoying themselfs.
  11. I still think cummings should be sacked on the spot he drove to that castle knowing to damn well that he could not see that reckless and dangerouse at the same time.
  12. I think it got changed to August mate.
  13. I hope test turns out negative mate some times if been feeling ill some times taste buds change lets hope that all it is.
  14. I think just shows cumming has something to hide total cover up
  15. Well I just whole thing punish football fans personal
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