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  1. I do think younger players need a chance to develope at derby but maybe we do need to look for players aboared were bargins and jems can be found.
  2. I am going to this one Blackburn I am going too I might be going to bristriol city
  3. What I meant was I love derby I rewned first week.
  4. Just want help to see us win thats all I meant no harm.
  5. Well I just think if strikers can learn pass to each other it would help bring others into play.
  6. I know beem struggling for goals of late maybe this will help change things. I have notice we keep trying walk the ball into the box but maybe we need to play the ball while on the move maybe having two strikers one two passes to each other to help create space or interchange making oppsition defance hard to pick up. Or perhaps have like of mount or wilson as a third attacking opation.
  7. Lampard has said he will be back after internaltonal break.
  8. I am guessing he was a derby fan but I know right now he is broken hearted and angrey as well.
  9. Hey max bird I know how you are feeling but one thing help get us promation but also for your dad.
  10. Go and get them derby show passion and pride and fight like you did tuesday night get the ball on the deck and play our attacking football dont be afaired to run at them and dont be show any fear of them as long as you do this 30k derby fans will be right behind you now go get play off place back use tuesday as the spark to go again Come on you rams.
  11. I am so sorry for your loss but she will be with loved ones in the sky. Once so sorry for your loss.
  12. Leave them at home get behind the lads.
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