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  1. Loen osman was hell of a player and wanted stay at Derby. My only concearn of roony is leg speed in those legs no doubt he is hell of talented player but also heated situations can lose his cool.
  2. I have things to do But I only repeat what itv said but like I said highly unlikely but we do need to bring in new cb in.
  3. Hey guys I wandering were january transfear thread gone to anyways I know it is unlikely to happen to happen due to wage demands but he is in and out man city side of late stone player that played for england last night but if he is willing drop down a level he could get time with us and maybe sort defance situation at cb for short tearm at least till end of the season.
  4. Yes he is a free I just hope we can get in there first mate.
  5. I voted to leave mate dont get me started on this.
  6. I dont see brexit happening so dont see any issues lets go and get him.
  7. We played the better football and carved them right open.
  8. Forest should two players sent off
  9. Well what can I say about today and 2nd loss against forest but at least this time they showed effort and a little bit of passion we created plenty of chances but just could not put ball in there net. But on the way to the game I passied due pain factore but I fight through it.
  10. B4ev6is


    Derby city centre has flood competle roads have gone and car park near city centre must be under 6 foot under water.
  11. Yes took me and mum over 2hours to get home and mum gave bus driver a £10 note as made buses free to all. Told have a pint on us.
  12. If anyone in Derby city centre please be very ver very careful as river in Derby city centre broke it banks the city going to lock down. Public transport some have stop running if you have friends in city centre or places to stay I recommand try find some were to stay the night. I have never seen anything like that all my life so please everyone be safe.
  13. If we can get him for around 350k to 500k
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