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  1. I think going to be games that are tight and sit back chris martin can be unlock defances.
  2. Losing people I loved and cared about been gone 3 years now but still feels like yesterday.
  3. God I hated kit and pink on it awful Should been white been decent that. Thats only 3rd I never brought.
  4. I still think roos is a good keeper and will come good but if cocu thinks he is not upto the job I will respect it.
  5. Well I think Mason going get bag full of goals thats for sure.
  6. Well I think we need another midfield player maybe another different type of play maker.
  7. Nice little bit sivler wire to win and give that little bit more confordance.
  8. Hey guys looks like this side will give everyone in this damn league game amd hopeful come out on top.
  9. I do think club could sell shirts for £25 each but I think shirt designers set the price.
  10. Look mate I still wear old shirts but I like new shirts for start of the season done so for years now.
  11. See my man Mason Bennett going to be goal machine.
  12. I just waste of time getting new shirt then.
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