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  1. B4ev6is

    v Man U (A) - Cup Predictions

    Why so negative mate Derby are flying it should be other way round.
  2. B4ev6is

    View from the outside 2018-2019

    I wander man utd fans think about playing us tuesday.
  3. B4ev6is

    v Man U (A) - Cup Predictions

    Derby will win I have no doubts what so ever.
  4. B4ev6is

    Man Utd (A) Carabao Cup Tickets

    Be cheaper go by roadrider mate
  5. B4ev6is

    v Manchester United (a) Match tHread

    I think frank should stick with same team but if makes changes only make two at the most. I give marriot a game rest nurgent and perhaps rest keogh and davies in. But I think we need to keep this confordance going. I am going There time for guys change your minds. Id rather go than stay at home.
  6. B4ev6is

    Mason Bennett

    Yes he does Something I spotted at young age at 15 I think he is strong not easy to knock off the ball.
  7. B4ev6is

    Mason Bennett

    I throught masion had a good game he caused them all sorts of probleams he just needs a goal
  8. B4ev6is

    Bring on man utd derby dont fear you

    I say we have nrothing to fear I know we can win on tuesday night.
  9. B4ev6is

    Bring on man utd derby dont fear you

    We are playing some excellent football I dont know what games you are watching mate.
  10. B4ev6is

    Bring on man utd derby dont fear you

    Hey derby going to win them send a message that sleeping gaints of derby county have wroken up and are back.
  11. Come on lads show no fear let go and beat them at old trafford we are fine form were they are playing poorly no better way than right now with our young biting at the bit get theeth into them.
  12. B4ev6is

    Man Utd (A) Carabao Cup Tickets

    Still 4 days to go
  13. B4ev6is

    Rotherham Security

    Mate That is bull and everyone knows it You need to take this hell of lot further or you did was try to get your lad help. If I was you I go to the press and go to fa and football league what they did is disgusting. Failed in duty of care and assulted you. There in the wrong not you.
  14. B4ev6is

    Mason Bennett

    Theres already a topic mate
  15. B4ev6is

    Rotherham Security

    I dont one I am not being bossed around by no one.

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