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  1. Yep those are the ones but even under Clement the football got awful to watch even if we were near top of the table I wish I had the money I would but the club but I dont but one thing I would do is hire someone to advice me.
  2. I think at the time we lost will Hughes to injury and someone else at the game against Bolton and near to deadline day and had to act fast. I think maybe he regrets at having pull finger so many times now I do think if lampard had stayed we gone up following season.
  3. Well I think mel meant well and tried his best to get back to were we belong but it came clear to me last season that maybe he took as far as he could and need fresh pair of eyes what to do next.
  4. Well past couple of season not really had a pre season as we had managers come and go so really this summer broke first one in about 2 years were roony can have a look what we really got in young players.
  5. Well if I was mel I be saying go and look at boro accounts then but also say at the time when I asked can I do this you lot said I could and I got in writing.
  6. Well I say we repail it and fight it thoot and nail we did nrothing wrong and efl signed it off and worse thing it is gibson behind it.
  7. Did notice how we protested and charges got dropped all sudden were not allowed they got brought back in again. If thousands get outside efl front gates they soon get dropped again once cocu said if mess with one of us you mess with all of us.
  8. Well angieram if I was mel I take them to court and sue efl and we got in writing or was allowed to do this and even mel asked and they said he could.
  9. I say mel should take efl to court and sue them for every single penny now that idout gibson he is only one who kicked off about your freaking ones who signed it of years ago. Efl you are a total freaking disgrace I say all Derby fans should protest to let them know our feelings towards them.
  10. Well I think we should protest against efl and we dont stop until there forced to say not guilty why should we be punished for something they okay to.
  11. Well we could ask sir Alex fergerson if he be willing to come in for a little while to help or advice him. Or maybe chris wilder ex Sheffield untied manager.
  12. I think roony needs experance manager next to him or very experance assistant manager to help him.
  13. Well I say we help Derby county if the efl want a fight us the fans will protest against efl and bring media into play.
  14. I never give up mate and keep fight up even when chips are looking down and out but I get up like in rocky films.
  15. Well they lost twice this be third time and that gibson spitting his dummy out again.
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