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  1. I saw them and there players as sending offs.
  2. Decent sending people to sleep very good at that. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzx
  3. I was right front of waghorn he never touch him.
  4. Also nasty challege on our roony trying take him out of the game how hell they never end 10 or 9 men on the pitch I will never know.
  5. Makes him tow the line less likely to take risk or two. But was moment later taken out competely there stoods were up but once again ref ingores it. And pulled down and that been pentlt pulled down in the area. And goal keeper handle the ball outside the area.
  6. I guess you could try twitter or go through dcfc tickets on twitter point you people contact about this.
  7. Well I was there last night also I dont what games you were watching mate. Booked waghorn for nrothing as player play went holding making he stamped on it he never touch him.
  8. He never touch decided to go down holding his foot and ref fell for it he should have sent that player stright red card.
  9. Yes I have and do think tge refs and linesmen having something against us.
  10. I see around Derby city centre and often keep eye on him in case runs into trouble but yes he is a nice lad.
  11. You got to he kidding me right he got kicked to death so did Lawrence and roony ref did not want to know.
  12. Derby should have had a pentley when waghorn was pulled down by QPR player ref sees looks away lines man saw looks away. And then few moments later waghorn gets another bad tackle on him and then there goal handles the ball outside once again ref sees it. I am not say anything else as probley get my self into trouble but bye for now I need time cool off.
  13. Rather have bolder than steel
  14. I know how he feels I was bullied badly when I was at school and took many years to get to the point were I started trust people again.
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