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  1. B4ev6is

    Jack Marriott

    Masion had lot unlucky injuries over years but looking back to his best.
  2. B4ev6is

    Who looking forward to new season

    Wow wow wow What performance we looked strong against a strong southamption team and blew them of the park. But that is the football we all like to see. I am chuffed to bits
  3. B4ev6is

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    And plus a fit masion bennet looking strong and sharp looking good for coming season.
  4. B4ev6is

    Reading (A) Tickets

    Or go on the roadrider no issues about parking.
  5. B4ev6is

    Who looking forward to new season

    Make 3 new signings
  6. B4ev6is


    Like 20k season tickets does take a while.
  7. B4ev6is


    Maybe because they want to make sure all work brfore sent out. Hey mate just a little misunder standing.
  8. B4ev6is

    Jack Marriott

    I just want us get this player I dont see nick blackman suiting frank lampard style of play. I also suggesting couple young players as loans I like callium guy sometimes you got give a little get the player he wants.
  9. B4ev6is


    I throught we were using old ones again.
  10. B4ev6is

    Jack Marriott

    Maybe offer up blackman and verman or callium guy part of the deal.
  11. B4ev6is

    Florian Jozefzoon - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Or a 352 formation
  12. B4ev6is

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    I would like to think draw a crowd of around 20k cheering on the lads plus new signings as well. I think we shall see much bigger crowd than normal. With likes wilson and mount both but also luke again. Plus other signings if we get them in time but I feel buzz again just cant wait to see my lads again.
  13. B4ev6is

    v Mansfield Town (A) Match Thread

    I found first half we trying to move quickley but trying luke on the ball as much as we could who is a little speedy player manfield players did not have a clue how to handle him today game was far far from perfect. But unforntley bad decsions making cost us today but nurgent should took his chance bogle looked nice composed on the ball. But today was get more fitness work in.
  14. B4ev6is

    Who looking forward to new season

    That match ticket and roadrider put togather.
  15. B4ev6is

    Who looking forward to new season

    For me travling all those miles and see your team be succesful makes it total worth it.

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