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  1. He had one good season thats it and for me him joining league one club he will find his level no i dont rate him.
  2. Would not say no to that design eathier.
  3. Same i have had since pp opened i am fuming at low fee a joke.
  4. No i am not your constanley on edge as never back of your mind you find hard to constract even most simply tasks. So trust me playing in front of 30k every week will not help of so called derby fan abusing him.
  5. Maybe gary rowwett will give him a 2nd and gentle ease him in again.
  6. We have been robbed at stuiped low price grrr grrr
  7. You have no clue how long he had It for and how it messes with your head mentle illness wise.
  8. I think cryrus christie had a rough time last season with his uncle dieing of cancer.
  9. And if ince goes i see maybe tom blake lad taking over from imce and if darren bent zanla taking over and hopeful nick blackman get signed by peterboro for there player as a stright swap or plus cash deal.
  10. I am starting to wander if gary rowwett will replace will huges for callium guy if he does he will have some very big shoes to fill and maybe why got some experance heads to help guide younger players.
  11. Derby already said they want permeant deal not a loan.
  12. Nooooooooooooooo Why not have a blue and yellow kit with yellow stripes going down it.
  13. By selling will huges id rather kepted him and get rid of ince and blackman.
  14. We should be looking at 3m plus
  15. If even mel jeff hendrick was sold to cheaply