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  1. Well he did say before season kicked off that be concrating on coaching now.
  2. I am going for Derby 3-0 Waghorn Jow wick polish player Shinnie
  3. You know what they say best forn of defance is to attack oppsiterion.
  4. There bound to be other super markets that sells them.
  5. Well if I was her I take her bussiness else were.
  6. I think Derby can win key is to purt men around I mean.
  7. For one I dont trust I bet none of them lot have it.
  8. Part of the reason I am not down silly app of theres just a way spy what been upto.
  9. Well I think people in the uk rose up against protest against these resitions maybe govermemt would think twice about putting them In.
  10. I dont think I am wrong mate they book more our players than do theres.
  11. I keep wisdome in the team he adds pace and power and helped out in midfield.
  12. I think roony could come on 15 to 20mins to go and that way his back wont be as much strain on it.
  13. We could get him for arund 500k if he is final year contract.
  14. I think selby looked good also when he came he so nearly created goal scoreing chance for himself.
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