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  1. B4ev6is

    Come on lads be brave dont give up

    I told you guys derby would win last night.
  2. The lads made me pround of the lads last night. We just need use cup form in the league.
  3. B4ev6is

    Are we Overreacting?

    People are so bloody negative The season is far far from over it is not over to last ball is kicked.
  4. Get yourself down to pp They should be able to help you.
  5. B4ev6is


    I try to get everyone going by getting behind the lads quote often get glaried at but then look back saying probleam.
  6. B4ev6is

    The Replay

    Just looked it looks like we could get around 1500.
  7. B4ev6is

    Should we keep faith?

    My passion just gets stronger.
  8. B4ev6is

    The Replay

    Do you think get about 1500 down there.
  9. I hope leeds get 10 points taken away serve them right
  10. I give young lad senbley place on the bench.
  11. B4ev6is

    Come on lads be brave dont give up

    This a chance for them to anger out on southamption.
  12. B4ev6is

    Come on lads be brave dont give up

    I just want the lads to go for it
  13. B4ev6is

    Come on lads be brave dont give up

    I wish I could get into changing room at half or before the game. So I can get lads fired up.
  14. Look lads you just need to brave on the ball go fowards with it or look to pass forwards not backwards against manchester untied and chelsea you blew me away I was so pround of you. You must find that fighting spirt once more dont give up. If you go a goal down think thats it no more. I am getting back up and getting us back into it.

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