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  1. We Need The Fans To Get Behind Us Every Game

    I agree with orginal post we need get behind the lads like that every single game.
  2. Derby County V Sheffield Wednesday

    I drop tom huddlestone or have thorn play infront midfield pairing.
  3. Derby County V Notts Forest

    When derby had the ball in space in first half for me they needed play one and two pass and move in which makes it harder for oppsition players to close us down. But when thorn came on he was higher up the pitch creating chances but when chris martin came he held the ball bringing others into play but here food for throught is chris martin turning into a midfield player now.
  4. Leeds (A)

    I am going I will pay it as i want to support the lads.
  5. Derby County V Notts Forest

    What i am saying is nice to shut them up
  6. Derby County V Notts Forest

    We sent red scum crying talking how they were going to batter us.
  7. time to go to war

    We you have not been to many derby vs forest have get passion flowing.
  8. time to go to war

    Of course i am going
  9. time to go to war

    I am calling all derby fans to get behind the lads lets make so much Noise that the red scum cant think stright lets make it so hostile that they can not play rubbish football. But lets inspire derby players to victory. Lets have pp sea of black and white lets have massive flag serveing around the stands. Lets have have scaves waving lets have all flags waving. So come on who is with me. Come on derby Lets having red scum players shacking in fear.
  10. Derby County V Notts Forest

    What i mean is give us a extra man in midfield or attacking opapion.
  11. George Thorne

    Look always a chance any in game a player can get injuried.
  12. Derby County V Notts Forest

    You call self a derby fan i will not sleep saturday night to pumped up. But i would maybe try 343 formation that england today.
  13. George Thorne

    Thats why he be replaced with thorn.
  14. George Thorne

    I would drop bradley johnson
  15. I have heard they come flying of his feet as they no longer fit him.

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