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  1. Mel checked with efl and we have done nrothing until mardy git banker gibson kicked off.
  2. I be happy for chris martin to could come back home.
  3. Hey Derby should slap on 40m on his prize tag on his head.
  4. A goal keeper liked to come back home would been lee grant but I know thats not going to happen.
  5. Try stopping me I will get behind the lads no matter what.
  6. Well if I was mel I ask efl to approach boro to look into there accounts.
  7. I say we fight it and throw boro into breaking boro ffp breaking the rules.
  8. Hey buddy Not to worry about living on another planet mum quite often quite think this I do go into day dream but thats my way of coping when life get to stressful.
  9. Well I can there not going to want miss out on extra ticket money are they.
  10. I do think club should have ticket office open now.
  11. Like me my mum went goverment exempt forms and print them for me. And put it in with paper work take shops with me.
  12. Me and mum and dad went to asda and tesco we saw loads of people not even brothering wearing one and no staff member said anything to them.
  13. People with autism dont have wear a mask if dont want to as we are excempted from it but wear my facizer I met another with autism he dont like a masks he asked my mum said home bargins only 1.99.
  14. I dont think so some how clubs will get a bad name otherwise and that is something they dont want.
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