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  1. I have known all season We are going win I just know it.
  2. Well I will be getting some shut eye soon as I am going be up at 4:30am in the morning.
  3. She is a ram and fighting for her life and lost family member to it. So I really want make the day spacil for her.
  4. I would love if he scores the winner.
  5. After leeds game it took through about 8pm next then caught up with me.
  6. At wall about always have big screen down And at walkabout expect a beer shower.
  7. I love that mate I just want to make everyone fired up.
  8. Yes you can mate And it will be same coach back What ever coach be put on. Me and my dad want get on first few coaches.
  9. I felt time is right for it I think lads read them. I want to fire them up even more
  10. Okay final post before tomorrow lads. Okay Derby players if your reading this go and take fight to them get into there faces down back down if they start to play dirty football you fight fire with fire. Get the ball down and play our hit and move football lets turn them over. Beat villa for that brave little girl is fighting cancer she is taking the fight to it she is full of life and never stop smileing looks of things. So come on lads give it your all. I know you play like you did against leeds you will win and get promation back were we belong. So come on sleeping giants of Derby county make villa shake with fear.
  11. Me and my dad going to be down there for about 5am.
  12. This will give her fighting spirt to fight cancer off such brave little girl I hope lads win it for her. We are Derby we stand togather as one.
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