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  1. Thing is we had manager after manager in charge that season I do think against hull he nearley made the comeback happen. If mel wants use under 23 system we need someone who knows best how to use them.
  2. Well he knows you players that can make step up but I think he did decent job last time.
  3. Well he will have work closely with under 23 players and under 18. But he will have to sell before he can buy.
  4. Well he was there last game of the season so could be something in this.
  5. He will want get his own list of players want into the club and with coaching team in.
  6. I would quite like maybe have wassel given chance as manager or maybe have alan curbirsly ex chartlion manager. Or maybe look at aboared for a manager who have link forgin market. One thing for if rowett goes mel needs to act quickley to get new manager in charge. Who would you guys like as next manager.
  7. B4ev6is

    Nick Blackman return?

    Id rather have young lad in the side than blackman.
  8. B4ev6is

    Nick Blackman return?

    I am hoping he take blackman with him to stoke.
  9. B4ev6is

    Nick Blackman return?

    Nooooooooooooooooooooo Not him
  10. B4ev6is


    I have seen him be signing for 1.5m but how trus this is I dont know.
  11. B4ev6is

    Question on refereeing

    It was stone cold I was in line with and took him out.
  12. B4ev6is

    Question on refereeing

    What pentley derby should a fulham player sent off foul on wieman.
  13. B4ev6is

    I am so sorry guys

    2am But about 2 hours after coach 1 should have left at.
  14. B4ev6is

    I am so sorry guys

    I am will always support derby but today I am In pain physcale.
  15. B4ev6is

    I am so sorry guys

    I just hope I am mobile enough to see it happen. Today I am paying the price for it.

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