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  1. 4-0 Morrison Sebley Boldock Stration.
  2. Well odd few that let us all down and then home team supporters tend to hate us but ones I speak too sometimes they give us glares one from last week he said he did not like us much I asked why he said that nasty chants I said look mate not all of us like in fact we dont like it eathier he said that okay dont worry about it mate but I said it is not okay please sorry from everyone one of us.
  3. Maybe why he would not sign for us it is a shame really if he knew Derby fans in a different light maybe he would have done.
  4. Well guys we need the win but I think maybe we need to give stration a go on wednesday night I think his pace power will hurt teams but maybe play tom Lawrence and Sebley just behind them.
  5. He had gone out on loan to Plymouth I think mate but do not be surprised if he is let go in january or a small fee is paid for him.
  6. From all Derby fans that we are sorry what was sung to you yesterday unfortunately some people drank to much and lost all scences but does not excuse it what so ever. And if that has upset your family it is same here or sheffield untied support please do not judge all Derby fans with same brush.
  7. Yes some chant damn right wrong and those I refuse to take part in but I think they are still there.
  8. I like a good old sing along and really enjoy it when it is nice and load but sadly you always get odd idouts who takes it one step to far and drink to much I enjoy a pint or two but no more than that not that I can drink much anymore.
  9. Year we were okay mate I just wished I could have helped him or her not nice seeing a kid upset due scary thing to see lad who was trying his best split them up he was on our bus I checked on him after game to see if he was okay. He looked shaken up I put a hand on his shoulder just told him not to worry about it.
  10. I am so sorry for your loss mate if you need to talk just PM me. But about gear box shop about some places could do it cheaper mate.
  11. Hey guys there was a lot of trouble near the end there was a fight breaking out near me. A asian matin went hit someone something they said to him but could not hear what been said one lad trying his best to split them up. I singled that fight was breaking out to steward it took them a good 10 mins before they reacted to it. And there was a kid crying top of the staris I could not see if I was near by I would told the kid it is going to be okay but sadly to much beer and emotional times it is not a good mix. But even before the game Sheffield untied stewards lost all control of the situation tell people to move of staris even I could see it was very very unsafe as looked like crushing situation was going off. But maiming it was full of support no negative stuff towards the lads or roony.
  12. Dont worry mate I will mate This is our club while I am around still breath in my body I will keep us all togather pull same direction that is up.
  13. If I had 111m I would give some to roony here you go and infest this into the team even if was 40m I say to him dont worry about paying it back just go and get us promotion with it.
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