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  1. The article says there were two others besides Lawrence and Keogh in the vehicle. And of course Bennett on his own in another car. I think one of the other two passengers is pretty much confirmed at this point. Haven't got a clue who the last one is and I really don't want to speculate.
  2. Last night's display really does make you wonder if there is an agenda against us. And I don't usually subscribe to the idea to be honest. Very few fouls - certainly nothing dangerous or cynical - and we somehow come away with four bookings. A stonewall handball in clear view of both linesman and referee. No penalty. And was it Ravel who got cleaned out on the edge of Reading's box? No freekick, let alone a booking for them. Regardless, a good win and a cracking atmosphere. Well done, Rams and Rams fans! 😁
  3. 1-0 Derby. A towering Davies header.
  4. Yeah, when things aren't going to plan on the pitch. If things are going well or if, at the very least, the players are giving 100%, I actually think we're pretty good. We're generally a large fanbase that turns out well too, which I think helps. Might not be the case this season, if tomorrow's expected attendance is anything to go by.
  5. Yeah, it's certainly looked a bit better. But I think the more casual fans are just going to assume that it will be a tough old season.
  6. Still don't think we'll go down (if we don't incur a points deduction at any point). In my mind, we're a team that benefits more than most from having fans in the stadium. Think it might make the difference this season.
  7. Why stop there? 28. The man who walks round backwards in town 39. 'POUND A PUNNET' bloke by the Ram statue
  8. First time he's buying you a pint? Big moment, if so. I swear my dad had a tear in his eye when I bought him one 😂
  9. I think it's just varying levels of passion tbh. It's the same with any hobby: some people go all in, while for others it might just be a passing interest for when there's nothing else going on. Neither is correct or incorrect. Just purely personal preference. Some people only want to watch good football and see their team win - that's where the enjoyment comes from - and others see the deeper value in being part of a community of football fans that turn up through thick and thin. Only the latter will be at the stadium tomorrow, I feel.
  10. I know it won't be a capacity crowd, but I think there will be a lively atmosphere tomorrow. Whether that's in a good or bad way depends on how the game goes 😂
  11. Ducking love that. Tell 'em again, Wazza.
  12. True. Would be a travesty with the way things currently are though.
  13. Surely not... this would be insanity.
  14. Nah, forget the EFL. Forget Morris and the board too, if only for 90 minutes tomorrow. Get behind Rooney, Tom, and the lads wearing the shirt. They're the ones who need our full support.
  15. Oh Christ... How do people let themselves get to that point?
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