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  1. I posted somewhere else that I think in open play it was Belgium at italia 90. I suppose some might argue that getting past Spain on pens at Euro 96 should count but I disagree. Can't see that changing this time either.
  2. Italy have a proper squad by the looks of it and can make lots of changes without materially weakening the team. Our squad depth/variety yet to be proven. But surely we're not pinning our hopes on Harry Maguire
  3. Certainly isn't over but the performances are not yet capturing the imagination. Euro96 really came alive in the 3rd game with the demolition of the netherlands - helped by the fact that it was portrayed at the time as payback for knocking us out of wc94 qualifying. A round of 16 game against Germany or Portugal with a rousing victory would get everyone going.
  4. Different international scene now which makes comparisons difficult. We are, and have been for a long while accomplished qualifiers. We have more qualifying games than ever, against weaker opposition than ever. Competitons have more teams in them than ever, so your groups are, on average, weaker. It's very difficult to compare.
  5. I'm no great fan of the double midfield pivot, but yesterday one of the pivots went and stood on the toes of the cbs, and the other ran around on the edge of the Scottish box with sterling and mount. Result was we had no midfield of any consequence. Southgate has boxed himself into a corner imo. The only midfield player he's taken who can properly play a midfield single pivot is Henderson who is a crock. A poor strategy to keep the team essentially the same, yet somehow weaken the combinations as I thought Trippier mount and sterling worked better on the left. We're lef
  6. Foden.. Was fouled 2 times, fouled 2 times. The story of the game is more eloquently told by his other stats... 1 shot 2 crosses, 0 accurate 24 passes, 20 in the Scotland half, 1 key 80% accuracy 4 long passes, 2 accurate. Expected goals 0.05 Creates a picture of safety first play. Not creative, not looking to open up Scotland with any incisive one touch play. Your narrative does not resonate with mine which basically repeats what I've seen from England down decades. When faced with a team who themselves are pedestrian as Croatia were, they try a fe
  7. We'd have 4 points in 3rd. 4 out of 6 third place teams will go through. It is highly unlikely that there would be 3 better third placed teams.
  8. So we are guaranteed to finish at least 3rd in our group. It's difficult to see us at least not being one of the best 4 third place teams given we'd have 4 points.
  9. For saying that we usually moan if we have to play in the heat, you'd have thought conditions tonight would have been ideal for us. Instead we look jaded and at half pace.
  10. Have itv put the interview stand in the middle of the Scottish supporters? 不
  11. At least Southgate brought grealish on to stand on the touchline and go for a dribble in the centre circle 不 It's what the crowd wanted.
  12. Why would you knock a free kick towards sterling when he's being marked by grant Hanley.... 不
  13. Southgate has clearly been working on the "standing around watching the opposition pass it about" style and he's perfected it.... 不
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