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  1. Is this what you are referring to? Extract from a loony left publication (the Times). ************************************************* Andrea Leadsom has said she was subjected to “frightening” abuse today as she and other cabinet ministers were confronted by anti-Brexit protesters. Jacob Rees-Mogg and Michael Gove were also targeted as they left the Commons following today’s Commons sitting. Mrs Leadsom, the business secretary, was given a police escort through crowds gathered around parliament for a People’s Vote rally. Footage posted on social media showed ministers being heckled. Boos and shouts of “shame on you” were directed at Mrs Leadsom as she walked down the street surrounded by officers. Similarly, demonstrators could be heard shouting “shame” as Mr Rees-Mogg and his young son passed the protesters on London’s Millbank, while police could be heard urging people to leave Mr Gove alone. 😂
  2. We're seething at present. Hopefully we'll give you a better game in the return fixture. But probably not with a number of the current players. Very depressing atm.😤
  3. If you blinked once, you'd miss derbys entire collection of efforts on goal.....
  4. 1 shot in total. Which just happened to be on target. To Charlton 9 shots 6 on target (according to bbc). Whatever the precise data..it does seem undeniably poor. I went for 3-0 the other way....madness. Boro losing again so looks like a toss up between cocu and woodgate to see who gets sacked first.......
  5. Saul Deeney was quite legendarily poor. Mercifully he didn't play much.....
  6. You're right....I have a dark cloud and I don't know why. England will be close if they play as well as today. Think we will need a little bit more from Daly at fb and youngs sniping to win it. But we won't be as far away as Ireland were today I don't think.
  7. Still missing their top scorer and a couple of ex Brighton players from the first team.... ...just as well really.....
  8. Going against the grain. 2 weeks of training and an unchanged back line and all the issues would be ironed out....they have a few missing.... .....that was the theory.....😂
  9. 6 mins in and another week's prediction goes tits up....
  10. It's the hope that kills you.......
  11. I fear for England - we give too many penalties and errors. The all blacks are probably going to grind us down.
  12. Live feed is what most of the crowd would eat when I used to see belper.....😂
  13. Haven't seen much of all blacks recently. They don't appear to have too much flair but still do absolutely all the simple things relentlessly well. Looking tough for Ireland now at 15-0
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