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  1. Yep. Following all the deals and alliances my choice has been reduced to red, blue or yellow. Or as I expressed it to Mrs VdM as we filed our polling cards carefully, "our choice seems to be either a big pair of tits, or one of a big pair of tits".......🤣
  2. I didn't see it. I was imagining Johnson quoting random Greek or Latin and Corbyn looking a bit befuddled like your grandad. I'll study the manifestos Nothing made of the conservative u turn on reducing corporation tax? I'm sure there are some posts about 150 pages back arguing passionately that ot was a vital policy to retain businesses in the UK. Omg......now what are we going to do........😂
  3. Jo Swinson and her mighty norks were in our local hospital today (Southampton). It does appear that politicians are popping up in all sorts of unexpected places. Southampton is red/blue. The surrounding districts have recently been libdem (romsey, eastleigh and Winchester) but she didn't go there. All very puzzling.
  4. Whisper it quietly but I voted leave, mainly to spite Cameron and Osborne who presented very poor arguments for remaining. I too now regret the outcome very much and hold my hands up about the ignorance of the key issues. But I also recall that nobody campaigned on a "let's make the EU work for us " platform. I realise that we cannot rewrite history but regret that I think such a positive EU campaign would have resonated far better than the silly technical economics that became "project fear".
  5. Well Boris for one is a fierce critic..........😂
  6. It's a refreshing change to have an England set up which looks like we could put up a decent actual squad for a tournament. Without any of the "xyz must play if fit" nonsense.
  7. He'll be back soon with his South East London total football maestros. Chance to say thank you properly.....😂
  8. "I didn't see it I didn't see anything wrong " He'll fit right in at FIFA....😂
  9. Great gestures from the Kosovar crowd. Their anthem was very haunting and seemed to have no words. Was a great atmosphere in the ground. There was even some bouncing. 😂
  10. Goal for Mason mount. Easy winners in the end. I guess we'd say this was an accomplished performance but really we benefited once Kosovo seemed to run out of steam.
  11. Fikayo is coming on for a few minutes 😂
  12. Good finish from a dreadful defensive slice. We haven't created much and we don't really have many players who have a change of pace in them. So a lot of our slow play is not leading to anything.
  13. Our team tonight looks to be a blend of players who are rubbish and players who are merely having a rubbish game....😂
  14. We're too slow again. Jogging out from the back with the ball and dropping it off square with no pace. Not the verve and energy of the other evening.
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