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  1. Sometimes, calculated risk taking just doesn't work out. I suspect, based on no factual knowledge at all, that we are cash constrained and cannot have 2-3 experienced players for each position to cover all possible contingencies. Therefore we've taken a few risks. And there is an element of luck if they all work against us. I also think that Rooney needs dropping. We do lack pace and particularly in the spine but i think cocu needs to send a powerful message that nobody is above the team.
  2. We were pretty dreadful under rowett until he signed Joe ledley and played 2 screening midfield players (as we are doing now). We scraped a 1-1 draw at Ipswich on ledleys debut. The "effective" football in practice lasted about a third of the season. The rest of it was naff.
  3. I have a mug that says "Snoopy is an a**e!" 🤣
  4. Well said Curtains - you're quite right that there should be constancy in our behaviours. I believe I thought we should blood some younguns and I stand by that, but you are being proved correct that it is no panacea and we must have the courage of our convictions or shut up about them in the first place! You feeling any better?
  5. Hope you'll be feeling better by Saturday b4 so you can enjoy a famous rams win. Stay strong till then.
  6. is that our Chrissy moonlighting for the Canaries.....??🤣
  7. Bravo sir! And those calling for @TonPul or @ChrHug to takeover should be quiet.......🤣
  8. I feel as though I don't know what RoyMac5 is asking me to do anymore, I'm so confused. 🤣
  9. Always easier to look back with hindsight. I mean, Mac3......come on......
  10. It was sepia tinted!!!! I dread to think........🤣
  11. well it seems that the skipper was doing his bit for Louie with his post match comments.....
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