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  1. Given the question, shouldn't the answer options be "yes", "no" and "maybe"? 不
  2. to the tune of Boney M's "Brown Girl in the Ring" as i recall......不
  3. Coventry 1-0 Derby. We'll be fighting but i am concerned our form is sliding. Big test for Wayne - there needs to be more in his locker than packing the side with defenders and having a couple of funky corner routines.
  4. 1-0 Coventry. No frgs. Feeling a rait old MoodHoover today.....不
  5. I am increasingly nervous that the "Rooney" revolution in our form was actually the "Bielik" revolution and now we have lost the latter for the season our form is steadily returning to Cocu levels. Our solid defence has disappeared - perhaps because we are trying to attack more. But our goalscoring hasn't improved to compensate. Now we appear to be ditching the "keep it very simple" approach and risking confusing the players all over again. Needs to get back to dour defence and try to nick a goal stuff.
  6. Wonder if Gobby the Rotherham Troll was at the game to urge the ref on....
  7. Witchcraft! What is this "cross" of which you speak? 不
  8. Went in 2008. Enjoyed a jeep tour and also the Rundtur (did I spell it right @ramit?). Basically all of Reykjavik on a bar crawl. Beer was London prices or a little bit more. But Belly's Bar - if it still exists - was a bit less expensive. Great place and people.
  9. So he's turned on Doncaster.... Bet that took him a while.....不
  10. Sorry.......what....? There's only one of them round here.......不
  11. At first I thought the Derby Way was coming on nicely as our defender tried to dribble out from a short pass from the goalkeeper at the back and immediately got robbed to make it 1-0. But fair play - was then a very decent performance. When we are facing opposition of broadly similar physicality and a 5ft goalie we look a decent outfit. I assume the massive brutes in the Championship come from somebody's youth system but it all just seems to be something that is insurmountable for our gallant lads and we end up with scared football........
  12. If theres something special at Derby, couldn't they have popped a bit of it on the team bus last night and taken it to Cardiff? 不
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