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  1. Because we're the shareholders now and paying the taxes in the future will be somebody else's problem....... .....it seems the idea building something for our children has somehow gotten lost along the way.....
  2. It was Pierre Trudeau on his way to a party.......everyone knows....🤣
  3. I want you on EU Treaty negotiations B4......😍
  4. Careful you old trot....... ...there's a school of thought argued by some that us proles should be grateful to companies for dividends paid as it helps our pension pots. What's that I hear you say? Gov gives cash -> business declares div -> public has more cash -> gov gets higher taxes from public round and round the money goes........😂
  5. And if Keir Starmer is genuinely going to be "constructive" but "hold the government to account" what better place to start by bringing forward some sensible proposals that will force Priti Patel either into action or to make the case for inaction.
  6. Although the article said "cross party" group of mps, none were from the conservative party - or at least none named. I wouldn't trust Priti Patel to do a sensible thing, much less a morally correct thing though.
  7. No worries. All just opinions. Nobody has a monopoly on "right"-ness.
  8. Not picking a fight but people who have lost folk and are angry might conceivably think this and the thought alone wouldn't justify the label of "disgusting". Brainless certainly, for any person representing others.
  9. I am no Johnson fan, but wouldn't wish Covid-19 on anyone. If he pulls through and makes a full recovery I hope this will cement his resolve to really protect the NHS and ensure it thrives over the longer term. Fingers crossed for his partner too - is their unborn child in any danger does anyone know? Horrible disease. There's little anyone can do right now - only hope for the best.
  10. She had an interesting perspective on the anti-democratic nature of the EU institutions tho, which made a change from the "take back control " and "brexit means brexit" tropes of the time.
  11. Is that some sort of euphemism, you dreadful man......🤣
  12. you'll be able to add furlough as a new category mate....😂
  13. Never forget Roy chipping the ball from the left wing onto Mick Channons head for the opening goal v Scotland at Hampden in 1976, when that was a real humdinger of an annual fixture.....
  14. went out in mine for the first time in 3 weeks on Saturday......hunting dried cat food. And kerbed the bugger in a ludicrously tight municipal car park.........so now an alloy repair bill to look forward to anorl......😠
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