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  1. He seems to be bigger (and slower) than a lot of linemen....
  2. Unfortunately, the trigger for all of regulation 85s terms to kick in is the EFL sending their letter. Until they do so, 85 is not live (campaigning slogan?) and we have no means to unilaterally trigger it by, for example, sending a preemptive refusal to accept any sanction offered by the EFL... It really is a form of tyranny.... 不
  3. You only have to look at how some of the "hot tips" for the dcfc job have fared recently to see how uncertain ANY managerial appointment is.... 不
  4. He's had roles bringing through English youth, but his provenance in dealing with lower division Portuguese is less known. Didn't he also fall out with the Swansea owner in which case I'd give him no more than 6 months under demis roussos..... 不
  5. When I looked at the text of regulation 85 earlier, if the club acknowledge and accept the sanction within 14 days then... 85.6 Where the Proposed Respondent accepts the Proposed Sanction in accordance with this Regulation 85, the matter shall be referred to one of those individuals who have elected to act as a chair of the Disciplinary Commission (using the same appointment process as set out in Regulation 90.3.1) 85.7 In the event that the individual appointed pursuant to Regulation 85.6 does not ratify the Proposed Sanction, the matter shall be referred to the Disciplinary Commission for determination in accordance with this Section 8. The individual appointed pursuant to Regulation 85.6 shall not act as the chairperson of the Disciplinary Commission pursuant to Regulation 90.3.1 So the bits of process that involve the club are set out in microscopic detail. It is only the procedure that must be followed by the EFL which is completely lacking.
  6. The only detail that I hadn't picked up from my quick perusal of regulation 85 is that there is no time-limit for the process which seems a disgrace..... If that's the structure of the rule then you should be innocent and allowed to continue until the process is concluded. It's absurd that the EFL have the right to impose sanctions whilst they allow themselves unfettered time to undertake their reviews. Every step that the club has to go through is time - boxed. Grrrr.....
  7. Steven... He's the Head coach. Maybe they'll bring in Andy as head of dietetics and performance 不
  8. Steven Reid in temporary charge whilst the search is on....
  9. Yep. And regulation 85 basically sets out what efl management can do without reference. So the board of Gibson's should not be anywhere near the process.
  10. The EFL on Quest programme said that we were close to agreeing a sanction under regulation 85. This is just the procedural regulation, but it states that.. - the EFL have to propose the sanction in writing with reasons - we have 14 days to accept or go to a disciplinary panel - if we don't respond then we default to a panel. All these "negotiations" are outside of the regulations. Details can become public only when we reach the written letter stage. So imo we're still in baseless speculation territory.
  11. I'm also interested in what is meant by "Dre tactics." I assume this means hugton has surrounded himself with his posse of gangsta rappers, who are "badass" and particularly unpleasant towards their "hoes".... 不
  12. There does seem to be a slightly critical air on the gumps forum this evening. Ripe language anorl. And that's from the administrator! 不
  13. Admitting complete ignorance is the most plausible tweet of all... 不
  14. Lolley is on now, replacing James garner (wasn't that the lad from manure?)
  15. Yeah but by the 89th minute fergie was on his third bottle of red so could only remember the previous minute....
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