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  1. Wow. Nothing I can say will hoover this mood.....😂
  2. capitulation......so disappointing after the efforts to just see a way back into things
  3. well it is now, unless Jofra fancies being a new kind of hero
  4. there are 5 sessions to get 100 ffs. Absolutely no way you need to be taking chancey singles. Someone should give Buttler a massive bollocking cos that could just be the game up.
  5. one of the abiding memories of my youth was watching Geoffrey Boycott and Chris Tavare score 28 runs in a session. That's 2 hours!!!! in the days when Test matches were on the BBC and Jim Laker and Richie Benaud were the commentators, must have been around around 1980. Thing was - even with Geoffrey's tactics we didn't win many so I don't know why his views get given so much air time😂
  6. Quite. Time to wheel out one of my stock in trade dispiriting rallying cries...….😂 Come on England - keeping the margin of defeat to below 3 figures is progress...…..👏
  7. As importantly - 6 overs done with the new ball. If we can get it to 15-20 overs old then it should become less fearsome in terms of movement and bounce. What we don't want is for the middle order to look at this as though its a 1-day target.
  8. Worried by Root. As a young skipper you expect mistakes but he seems to be not learning from them, getting worse in his core batting skills and shot judgement and not having any sense of reflection. Cook was a poor skipper too imo. Not a patch on Brearley and Strauss. Vaughan was quite good as well I guess. Not sure where England would go from here.
  9. Yep......all of the carefully made plans crapped on within a few minutes
  10. I've got scabs of me own mi owd from op in t'ossie! Don't want to give them lot bragging rights of course, but if it means they go into another round against a team of brutes and get kicked round the park so it trashes their season I'll tek that. Send 'ilda best wishes from t'saath 😂
  11. Critical morning. New ball is due in 7 overs or so. That will be key. All the time in the world to get the runs. getting 203 for 7 doesn’t sound that difficult and in truth we should have the best of the batting conditions. come on England...
  12. I’d like to lose this. Don’t need more games when we’re so patched up. gallant 1-0 to the gumps
  13. Blimey. Trying to stem the flow of expletives in TITLES? Just as well they’re not under the baleful gaze of Nanny McDavid and Banhammer Boycie - the entire membership would be banned 😂
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