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  1. Gareth Southgate came through the FA ranks so was a known quantity. I think the investment the FA made in establishing continuity through the youth teams and improving coaching at younger levels has been important for developing a number of the current squad. Maybe there's a lot to be said for bringing through an insider rather than an external hired gun appointment. What's Aidy Boothroyd up to these days.....🤭
  2. For a 100m valued player, Rice is astonishingly one-footed.
  3. Reminds me a bit of Italia 90 where we went into the tournament with one established system, stunk early doors, changed things around and played much better. Very interesting final. Which coach will blink first and worry about the opposition more than their own team? Let's see if we have learned from the Italy final!
  4. Gareth needs to stick to his principles. None of this wasting energy by selfless off the ball running. And definitely don't confuse your team mates with any of this one -touch nonsense. Standing still on the ball is the future.....
  5. France aren't actually playing badly. Harry Maguire would sort that 16 year old out......if he could get near him.
  6. Sven was a 4-4-2 merchant with no tactical flexibility. Southgate has been more up to date in his thinking but has shown limited in game flexibility.
  7. He's not played for a while, but Gareth loves him and he holds his bits of paper well, so I'm in!
  8. Martin I think. Used to set up big Dave swindlehurst a lot in the mid to late 1970s.
  9. Olbia is where we went to. For seaside, Baja Sardinia....if you like the yachty set Puerto ritondo was ok and had some nice quiet beaches nearby. San panteleone is a little arty hilltop village with a square and some interesting art shops a bit like wirksworth. Also enjoyed a day trip by ferry from Palau over to the isola maddalena, but there are plenty of boats hawking day trips. Love it over there. Have a great time 👍
  10. Some of the so-called "smaller" countries have got tremendous followings. Slovenia this evening, Georgia last night even Slovakia and of course the tartan army.. Remember tournaments like Argentina 78 when games with European countries seemed to be played in half empty grounds....
  11. Since the WC has expanded over time from 16 to 32 teams and the euros from 8 to 24, it's very difficult to compare just "in tournament" performances. Back in the day, just qualifying for the tournament was more like the group stages currently.
  12. Spain would tear today's England back 4 to bits on this performance.
  13. That's very true and was quite unnecessary as they'd shown that they were capable of keeping the ball with some nice little triangles. They were cynical. We were poor and pickford was just a nob with his histrionics when doing not very much.
  14. UK tv consensus view is that it was extremely fortunate. At no stage did the team actually play well. The Swiss will have been watching carefully I'm sure...
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