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  1. Jones Lang LaSalle (used to be Jones Lang Wootton when it as just a UK company) is one of THE biggest commercial property agents/valuers in the UK market, so they would have all of the comparatives you could wish for. If they have provided a valuation then its a fair bet that it's solid. The debate will come as to what question they were asked........were they asked to provide an open market appraisal value, or a depreciated replacement cost value or something different? As has been demonstrated, you can get a wide range of answers, each valid in their own right, depending on what question you asked.
  2. Dead at 96 (a ripe old age). Who else remembers growing up with "the quiz of the week" from Norwich with that weird revolving tinfoil knight on horseback that was the Anglia TV logo? 不
  3. We've been quick to judge throughout history....不
  4. Reckon he's nippier than curtis......不
  5. May define results, but our overall performance has been roundly criticised by some posters so I was interested to understand whether you were drawing a causal link between the two. I don't disagree with much of the rest of your analysis. Looks like the whole season will more or less be a pre-season for figuring out the strengths and weaknesses of the youths. Unintentionally for sure.
  6. Not the first comment along these lines I've read and I do enjoy your posts. But apart from the red card incident, which may or may not have altered the result, what else did the ref do that inhibited our performance so?
  7. I never argue with the missus. If she wants the football on, it goes on! 不
  8. The US never extradites their citizens anywhere. They see it as a matter of national principle. So in this case Trump is not acting out of line but merely following long established practice. I don't understand why there should be diplomatic immunity anyway, but there you go.
  9. I was particularly fond of an online comment I saw when Nani picked up a leg injury (nasty cut) at Anfield. Which was that Rooney only showed any interest all game when his team mates suggested that he might want to check out Nanis gash....不
  10. Morgan Whittaker reminds me a bit of...... Mind you, probably wise not to mention that theres someone in the building that looks like a nanny you used to know to Wazza........... Could lead to all sorts of unfortunate misunderstandings!! 不
  11. Cant read behind the paywall. Which chief executives are these? What kind of business is it?
  12. Half the Lords look as though they won't be alive by the time the trains reach York from London..........
  13. Well there's you and @EssendonRam so that's 2. And Boycie is usually good for a bit of a grin.... Who are the other 19? 不
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