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  1. I’m sure he could walk if he wanted, he doesn’t need the money. Why he doesn’t is quite a mystery to me
  2. Look what I saw on a car parked at a really remote beach in Norfolk today
  3. Jimmy Carr. Playground humour that wasn’t even funny when I was at school. Omid Jalili (sp?). Just meh. Kathryn Ryan. Thinks saying things in a posh English accent makes them funny
  4. You and everyone else calling him have your opinions and I have mine. I don’t share the opinions of a lot of people. But I am an intelligent adult and I’m standing up to what I think.
  5. I understood that interview, I’m glad I listened without prejudging what was said. I feel a lot of fans wouldn’t accept anything he said whatever. Which I think is incredibly sad.
  6. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been going to watch Derby since my grandad took me to the BBG. I’ll watch and wait and I won’t abuse another human being over this.
  7. No he doesn’t. He deserves for people to be upset or disappointed but abuse is not right. If you can’t convey your feelings without abuse then it’s a poor show for an adult really.
  8. Disgusted at some fans really. How come trashing Caroline Flack was wrong, and look what that led to, and yet it’s perfectly fine to say what they like about Mel Morris? He’s human, he gambled and lost. If I lost one of my family I’d be devastated, if it was my money all gone I’d lose sleep, but over football? Not a chance.
  9. The stairs from the concourse to the seating
  10. You’re still talking about forever, that’s nonsense. It won’t last forever, but it will last longer if people don’t take what precautions they can.
  11. I enjoyed the singing, I was watching on the red button. I’m not a fan of commentators so I don’t pay attention to them.
  12. Scared of what? Covid? Nobody is talking about forever, but right now it’s sensible to be cautious. It really does take lives.
  13. Yes, mine has a big green spot on it
  14. There’s clear instructions on which stairways are up and which are down. Nobody takes any notice and the steward just laughed when I asked him why it’s not enforced. People just don’t care enough about others to do a simple thing.
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