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  1. Pets

    Oh and a small matter of the chocolate pig
  2. My outlaws go away on holiday. I know, I know, selfish of them
  3. Pets

  4. Pre-Match Music Poll

    Yep, there we go. I knew I was right.
  5. Pre-Match Music Poll

    I answered that I like the music but that’s because I like it now, before they changed it I hated it. I wish they wouldn’t get a tune and stick with it, change it up more often as if you don’t like it you’re not suffering too long. The atmosphere (lack of) is created by moaning entitled fans. No music will change that. I’ll bet even though it’s come direct from GR that the moaners adversely effect the players they still won’t have it.
  6. 12/12/17 - Fans Forum at The Yard

    Well you can remove this one if you like David. She totally played up to the rep women have as football fans and was an embarrassment. I’m still cringing this morning. I’m not a Martin fan but she showed no class, no brains and no tolerance to alcohol. Hope she’s not allowed in future.
  7. Tips to keep the peace at Xmas

    Tut tut. You need to find yourselves a lady that loves and appreciates you wholeheartedly. You just made bad choices. That woman at the fans forum last night set the reputation of women back decades. Combo of drink, mouth and audience. Silly b!
  8. RamsTV

    Ooh! I love a conspiracy theory
  9. irrational hatreds

    Premium priced ladies underwear.
  10. Seating recommendation

    Near half way line. If it’s you please find another seat
  11. Seating recommendation

    Come and sit by me if it stops the idiot who keeps buying that seat. I’m a live and let live kind of person but that man makes me feel violent. I’m going to report him next time he sits there, he’s beyond ridiculous with his mouth
  12. Mr Brightside

    I have a pathological hatred of Sweet Child Of Mine. I can’t abide any kind of power ballad either. I do like Mr Brightside however. The lyrics mean sod all to me, what matters more is if the music arouses something in you.
  13. Mrs Parsnip's Christmas Present?

    Absolutely nothing until she learns the error of her ways.
  14. Pardew appointed at WBA

    Those on the managerial merry go round are the luckiest people. They get appointed, inevitably fail soon or later, get sacked with big compo, do a bit of punditry while taking some sunny holidays in between, get appointed again, get the new manager bounce and lauded as brilliant, then it all starts going down hill and start all over again. They are bomb proof. Look at that dodgy character who got booted from the England job after a few minutes now back on it. Truly baffling.
  15. Billy Davies

    Did they give him a stool to stand on?

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