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  1. Yes I think we’ve had this debate before. I didn’t say I think it’s acceptable if you have a ram on your shirt did I?
  2. I absolutely hate the premiership, it’s anti football to me. Winning free kicks, cheating, bullying refs, Man City domination, Spurs playing league games at Wembley blah blah. When city beat Watford all I heard was ‘they won’t be true greats till they get the Champions league’. Pfft! when Derby are away I go watch Belper Town, can’t remember the last prem game I watched this season. It’s football played for the love of the game. If we were to lose tomorrow I’d be down because I want us to win every game we play. But hey ho.
  3. Am I the only one who finds this worrying. I’m not dismissing it so glibly as sour grapes (although it is), he seems to have some kind of agenda and he’s not letting it drop.
  4. He’s used to looking ridiculous in public. Look at his twee tight curly perm
  5. Derby were unavailable to comment. Yep we’re all busy, you twit
  6. You can hear it now can’t you? Sky asking him on Monday about the Chelsea job. That’ll really be a kick in the teeth. Why can’t they leave us to enjoy what our club is doing for a few more days
  7. Yes all safely delivered today by our Leeds fan postie! He felt it necessary to say, as he handed them over to my hubby who just happened to get out of the car on the drive as he was posting, ‘we’ll be playing you next year’. That’s a bit salty 😁
  8. We’ve played without it all season so I’m not bothered. We’ve also played without a premiership ref and we could do without one of them too
  9. Can you imagine the nightmare of trying to issue refunds though
  10. I’m not worried about Ashley Cole. A lot of a game is played in the head and you need to keep your head on days like this. He’s fitter than a lot of players 10 years younger too
  11. Radio Derby wind me up. I’m presuming the huge majority listen because they’re Derby fans so their ‘we need to present a balanced view and we’re not paid by the club’ tripe gets on my nerves. Ed is called ‘old mother Dawes’ in our house, his woeful downbeat moaning is depressing
  12. Yes and I did when Chris Martin did it. My opinions are there no matter, I think it’s bad for the game and shouldn’t be encouraged or referred to as ‘winning a free kick’. If you go down it’s because you can’t stay on your feet.
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