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  1. Derby City Centre

    I went because I had to in order to do something at that rare establishment- a branch of my bank. I’d not been for a number of years. I couldn’t find the post office, it’s now a pub. The actual post office when I found it had a meet and greet bloke. The whole city centre was awful, there were drunks, smack heads and beggars in plain sight. It’s scruffy, dirty and feels unsafe. Someone needs to be held to account for it, as people have said, Nottingham isn’t like that so it’s not inevitable that the city centre will go derelict
  2. 30,000 Flags a'flappin'

    I saw the old fabric flags all muddy and mouldy in the cells at the back of the south stand a while ago. I thought the plastic ones may be more reusable.
  3. 30,000 Flags a'flappin'

    Looked great and Vydra said it was great walking out seeing that. But if some fans think that players respond better to booing then you won’t change their minds. I’ve been there before putting flags out on a freezing cold day and I wish I could ram one up the noses of those who moan about them
  4. I think there will be further merging of local radio stations before too much longer. So we could end up with Radio East Midlands, meaning we get diluted Rams coverage.
  5. If his career plan is sports broadcasting then this is a wise move. He’s learnt the broadcast bit now he gets to be in the inner day to day workings of a sports club. Plus I imagine he will get some creative input and chance to shape the future of this quite young project. Good for him! I don’t agree he’ll regret the decision.
  6. Eek! I won’t sleep tonight now
  7. Hope he’s not thanked Gibbo for helping his career but secretly been giving him the heave-ho and nicking his job
  8. Booo! Wish him every success but I’m sad he’s not going to be around
  9. Extra money for Maddy

    That is disgusting. Completely wrong that she was allowed to stay dumb
  10. Extra money for Maddy

    Sorry, I have read the views of the dog community, probably a bit biased I admit
  11. Extra money for Maddy

    Look it up on google. I read it ages ago but I think there’s lots of mentions.
  12. Extra money for Maddy

    I agree with everything you say. Cadaver trained dogs showed positives in their car. These animals are never wrong. They washed her toy when every other mother who lost a child kept the toys intact. That’s only 2 things they’ve blagged their way out of. Most parents hate leaving their kids with babysitters let alone leaving them unattended. It beggars belief.
  13. Extra money for Maddy

    I think they’re culpable for leaving 3 babies alone while they went out. In a strange country. If those children woke and screamed? Terrified with no mummy. It’s a heartless, vile thing to do. Evidence points in lots of cases that their complete innocence in this is non existent, they know things and there’s loads of examples of how things don’t add up. If they want more spending then they should fund it from the money they’ve raised, public money has more pressing uses. I dislike them intensely having said all that I know someone who has met them and they completely sit on their side, saying that they are broken, destroyed husks of human beings existing only because their 2 other kids need them. How fortunate that they still have those other 2 eh? That was just luck
  14. 'From the start I thought we were magnificent'

    I don’t boo either, I was generalising that dissenters boo, sorry. I was probably at the BBG before you even heard of the rams. I’ve been there through it all. Steve Mc got us playing well in a very short period of time, it doesn’t mean it lasts does it? I don’t think the swapping of managers every few months is worth debating yet again, there’s going to be some tough times coming but hopefully sticking with this one Who knows how long in months he needs, I don’t. A manager can have a million ideas but there’s 11 players who have to carry them out and another 11 stopping them, anything involving humans will never be an exact science.
  15. 'From the start I thought we were magnificent'

    Ah you see my view is that he says ‘magnificent’ because he felt that the team followed his instructions and played how he instructed. Of course this can only ever go so far, there are 11 other players trying to stop them, but I digress. I’m fed up of fans using ‘the Derby Way’ as a stick to beat GR with, the Derby Way was intended as a structure for the club and not a way of playing a match. Theres a huge transition period at the moment, a patchwork quilt type thing, different players/styles/ideas/managers recruited and it’s going to take time to sort it out. If you don’t want to stick that out then don’t. I’d rather fans who boo stay away. I don’t think Mel will cry too much either, he said himself that ticket sales account for very little revenue. It’s got to work it’s way through, no manager is a miracle worker. I don’t really understand why some fans were unhappy getting rid of the bore fest that was Clough but moan about more recent managers being boring. Anyway, ask GR what his context was if that one word is such a big issue.

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