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  1. The dancing at the front of that video makes my toes curl
  2. Me, I can’t wait. I work late every Friday and I love the feeling of a weekend of football. The championship game on tv and the (hopefully) Saturday game to go to. Friday nights are just not the same.
  3. I don’t bounce but from my place in the East it looks great (I do join in with chants though). Last season was the best atmosphere in years, don’t kill it off!! We need more songs/chants/jumping not less.
  4. If you keep posting it every day, one day you will be right. I don’t think we will ever know they way this has played out and there will be more enigmatic statements like you get from Gary Rowett
  5. I was completely with Frank until the social media rubbish. It’s stupid to attach importance to it really but it exists and he and his family/friends aren’t stupid, they knew it would grow a life of its own. So right up till the video and tune on his hols I was hoping for him to return. Now I’m not and the Cocu idea is growing on me.
  6. Just seen a flag that said ‘ginge from Alvaston’
  7. Surely they wouldn’t play a track of her singing that badly
  8. I didn’t take the message from Mel as a comment particularly regarding the FFP delay rumour, more that nothing is sorted so there’s actually nothing to delay.
  9. I’ve only just finished listening to it all. I’m wondering, after hearing Mel and some time having passed, if those who ripped him to bits over ‘storming into the dressing room’ would still hold that view? This man is Derby custodian and will be a fan till he departs this earth, that manager and those players are just passing through.
  10. Yes it’s Waghorn’s arse. I am familiar with that
  11. I’m not saying he’s wrong for going for the Chelsea job. I’m saying it’s left a bad taste in my mouth, the talking heads on tv and radio, the ex players, uncle harry etc and then that crass video posted by his mrs. All too much for me. I don’t care if Derby are nobodies to them, they’re somebody to me!
  12. No not just you. The romance of it is clouding their judgement. I doubt they’ll be so thrilled when they’re getting beat by Fulham and co and their best striker is sat on the bench.
  13. This whole saga has turned me right off him. I’m glad it’s coming to an end. Cheers Frank. Next!
  14. I don’t think it’s Mel’s style to go for one of the old retreads. He’s been there done that and look what happened. He’ll pull a rabbit out of the hat again 🙏
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