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  1. Yes and that gives him even more reason to think he’s always right
  2. Oh no that leaves an even bigger hole for his rapidly inflating ego to spread into
  3. You jest but actually that is a point. My in-laws look forward to it, they’re elderly and don’t do social media so actually like to listen to what other fans have to say
  4. That’s old, it’s now changed to a free phone number
  5. Me now we may get more sensible discussion
  6. Ah sorry, I’ve never listened to the podcast, I’m not into punishing myself like that
  7. So is Ed Dawes, who I presume Max Lowe is referring to as the public service broadcaster, suffering from severe squeaky bum right now?
  8. I don’t listen to them unless forced. Dawes verges on bitchy at times and it’s difficult to listen to. Instead of finding any positives they immediately jump to the negatives, it’s boring. Any fool can sling brickbats but it takes knowledge to make comment on the other parts of a game. anyway, what I was quoting you for was that Colin Bloomfield was very good and he was post Fletcher.
  9. I don’t like the pair of them on commentary but yes, the witch hunt isn’t good. It’s happened, he’s done it, now leave it to get dealt with. If it doesn’t get dealt with how it should then is the time for more pressure.
  10. I agree. I come from an era of the police saying that they didn’t come between a man and his wife i.e. didn’t take domestic disputes seriously. From that a lot of people (yes mainly women) suffered unspeakable abuse and felt completely alone with it. Things have fortunately changed and physical and emotional abuse and coercion are criminal offences. Nobody should be excepted because they are female or they are famous.
  11. It says ‘kill your self bro, your football is poo’
  12. There are victims of domestic violence every day that don’t press charges and the police are vilified for not taking action.
  13. Ha! Brilliant auto correct. Nearly as funny as an old colleague called Arnal, every time I wrote his name it changed it to Anal.
  14. I imagine that if he was openly gay I’m the early 90’s when he did the kids tv broom cupboard then he wouldn’t have got the gig. It was all about poofs and woofers in those days. I never honestly gave it a thought if he was gay or straight, much less do I care. I’m just annoyed he’s made himself out to be some kind of hero, I’d much rather he was removed from the screen for a bit, I’m bloody sick of seeing him
  15. Taken by my hubby. 19/3/16
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