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  1. I’ve thought from the moment OGS showed up that Sir Alex is having quite a lot to do with it.
  2. Well actually yes. My road is a sleepy 30 in a village but idiots put their foot down and rip down it at 60. I’ve contacted the relevant depts and as there hasn’t been a serious incident yet they ‘can’t act on what might happen, no dept has the resources for that’
  3. I’m not condoning it, but I confess I have thought many times that I could smack him and actually give him something to go down for. There’s the difference, I imagined it, I didn’t drink too much and actually do it.
  4. Ok sorry I obviously have lost the thread of the conversation
  5. So why don’t you want to go then? Surely if you have burning questions you would want to go there and pose them to the people who can answer them
  6. I’m not sure why going to this event equals broen nosing? I pay my hard earned cash to buy my season ticket and I am interested in what will be said. I don’t think I should go there and behave like Piers Morgan, posing aggressive questions. These are PR events, designed for the management to converse with the fans, which I think was promised as something that would be ongoing.
  7. I got an invite this morning. After much swearing, logging in on every device we own and walking away and coming back to it I have got my ticket. What a poo website 😡
  8. I’d much prefer radio derby commentary to tell us about what’s happening on the pitch. They’re more concerned with giving their point of view and to be honest I don’t care what they think
  9. Never been on a cruise. Doesn’t matter what people say or how many tv shows I watch about these ‘floating hotels’, just no. Hell is being stuck on a wobbly boat with Hyacinth Bucket types dressing up to dine with the Captain.
  10. Just a few more metres would be great Mel, then I won’t get wet any more on row CC. Thanks x
  11. A home game would be nice. Fed up of the away games that most fans can’t attend. Really do not want Milwall at home or away, that bloody droning noise they make is horrific
  12. Ah you see, if I’d said Clod was useless that would be racist 😋
  13. Absolutely loved these guys and still do remember their Derby times with affection: Michael Johnson, Darren Moore, Toribo West, Dean Leacock (and a few more). Must be cos they’re black eh?
  14. I can’t get beyond the fact that he has dad jeans on and a tattoo of a bucket
  15. I thought Leeds chairman apologised to Mel. Strange concept to be apologising for doing nothing wrong.
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