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  1. They’re not the top 6 teams though. Not even close. Where’s Leicester’s invitation, or West Ham’s. Arsenal are barely a top half club, 3 of those clubs didn’t even make the knock out rounds of the champions league (2 didn’t even make it to the champions league). United haven’t been the same since Fergie left, Arsenal haven’t been a European or even domestic power house since before Wenger left. Spurs have had one decent season where they were runners up in the champions league, and suddenly that gets them a ticket a to the top table!! WTF!! Liverpool similar, they’ve been mostly average for de
  2. I’ve got to admit, I’m quite looking forward to the idea if bossing league 1 for a season or 2, rather than the same old poo in the championship.
  3. He might be quite useful in league 1
  4. I honestly think, snd have always thought, that Rotherham will just fade into nothingness from here, and won’t even catch our current tally, and for the neutral it will be a very boring end to the season where everyone pretty much stays where they are. All this drama will have been for nothing.
  5. Also, just to complicate it but further proofs the point, Brum and Rotherham can’t both win this weekend, and I think there’s a couple of other fixtures like that you can Chuck in, so it’s impossible fir all of our rivals to get maximum points.
  6. He meant bang average for league 1.
  7. We’ll probably loose every game, but fluke a win against Swansea, and those 3 points will be just enough. That would be typically Derby.
  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: parachute payments were intended to help clubs pay off contracts of expensive premier league payments. The whole issue would be fixed if they just changed the rule slightly to say they should be ring fenced for this purpose and this purpose alone. instead clubs abuse them and use the parachute payments to by massively expensive players, which not alone drives the market up across the whole championship, but also leaves the clubs in exactly the mess the parachute payments were supposed to create when they run out of money to actually pay off
  9. So what happens if Barnsley go up through the play offs?
  10. She could’ve got the ball easily if she just carried on her run. When I first watched it I actually thought the Ukrainian was the attacker and the Irish girl was going to clatter into her from behind. The Ukrainian was winning that foot race by a mile.
  11. Wow. Glass half empty much. Those responses were so predictable, to be honest. Why not just give optimism a try fir a change, bring a bit of joy into your life. We’re not actually going to get relegated. But if we do, I would still try to look on the bright side and point to the teams that have done well since relegation. Even we did well eventually after going down to the third tier last time. we could end up like Portsmouth, but I could also get ran over tomorrow.
  12. Is it wrong if me to hope Rotherham win against Brum and Coventry? As long as they then go on to loose all their other, more difficult games, it’s not a bad thing if they take points off the teams around us. It’ll look bad in the short term, but I’m confident we’ll get the points we need, and I’m fairly confident that if Rotherham beat Coventry and Brum, then it’s probably the last 6pts they’ll get.
  13. Leicester, Leeds, Sheffield United and did it happen to Wolves(?) all got relegated, bounced back up and now plying their trade in the premier league. I do sometimes suspect we’ll just keep bobbing around in the championship never quite good enough for promotion, never quite bad enough for relegation, like the new Ipswich, until eventually the inevitable happens and we do get relegated. It’s quite difficult to kick start a club that’s been in a holding pattern for so long. what will be will be, and if we do go down, I’m still going to look at the positives. We might be the next Leic
  14. What’s weird is that everyone involved still has it in their own hands, I believe. Because teams are playing each other. If Rotherham, Coventry or Birmingham won all of their remaining games, then they’d be safe too. Do their probably all having similar conversations on their forums. but it can all change in the space of one round of games. And no one is actually going to win all their games, so it’s impossible to predict really.
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