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  1. I see, so it’s bad luck. But it’s also totally the recruitment team’s fault. duck the recruitment team, bunch of bankers.
  2. God I really hope it’s not cos she’s black. What a time to be alive if that’s true. Bad enough if it’s because she’s American though. She’s not exactly King Ralph, or Cletus the Slack Jawed yokel. Fair enough if Harry had married some slapped, he’d probably get stick, but just as likely to find one of them in the UK. So they’re singling her our simply cos she’s not British. I bloody hate this country sometimes.
  3. Why do they do this? So they literally sit in an office and say, ‘the narrative this week is that Meghan is a bitch, and Kate is the golden girl, all stories must reflect this narrative.’ this is why I basically avoid news. If world war 3 breaks out, I assume someone will let me know. In fact this forum is my only source of news these days.
  4. I don’t know. If the deficit was 2 and now its 1, then you’ve halved the deficit.
  5. I’ve played roulette, but weirdly never since we signed Rooney. Could I cite that as Rooney saving me from gambling.
  6. also, 32 on the back of his shirt doesn’t encourage people to gamble. Certainly no more than 32 red on the front of his shirt. From a marketing point of view, it just helps people remember the number 32 a bit better than the number 365 or 888 for example, if they start thinking about WR32. It just means that people who are going to gamble anyway, go to 32 red as apposed to any other company.
  7. It is funny that Villa is a big name in football. I half expected them to re-enter the premier league and resume their old position similar to Everton if maybe competing for a europa league place and just a couple of decent signings away from perhaps dreaming about bothering the top 4. But times have changed. And now wolves occupy that position more than Everton and Villa. They were crap for a good few seasons before they went down. They weren’t particularly good at championship level. They were promoted through the play offs, not as runaway champions. They don’t have a god given right to stay up anymore. Then going down wouldn’t be exciting as a premier league stalwart and big name finds themselves dragged into a relegation battle (always good to see), instead it’s just another boring season where the promoted clubs (or 2 out of 3) go straight back down. Villa are just another newly promoted club trying desperately to finish in 17th, dearly hoping there are 3 teams worse than them.
  8. To be fair, our two opponents today were pretty much the top two in the form table, so to get a point is a decent result for both of us. But it’s a lot sweeter to snatch a point, rather than have 2pts snatched from you.
  9. Yep, I don’t see the problem here. It was fairly obvious in real time, the way it came into rice, there was no way that was controlled with his chest, if it doesn’t hit his arm, it doesn’t fall into his path. It’s not intentional, but he’s gained a clear advantage from it.
  10. I can’t wait for the rest. Such anticipation.
  11. I look forward to a remake of Zulu, where they have to cast some white guys in amongst the crowd of zulus, along with the occasional East Asian lesbian, for the sake of diversity.
  12. TigerTedd

    Ex Rams

    He’s not ‘ex’ yet is he?
  13. I seem to have a terrible inability to type on here, and can’t be arsed to proof read. I must give the impression that I speak like the English police man on ‘allo ‘allo. I assure you I’m actually quite eloquent.
  14. It worked as an advertising device. watching this reminded me that I wanted to check out his series After Life, and he’s right, you can watch it in the time it takes to watch the golden globes. It’s really funny, but duck me, I was in floods of proper tears. I’ve not cried like that since Bobby ducking Zamora. Not afraid to admit I can get damp eyes watching any old poo, and my wife takes the puss out of me for it, but this was proper chunky tears down my cheeks and I just had to give up trying to hold them back in the end. Luckily the wife was asleep or I’d never live it down.
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