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  1. How does a ‘working man’ go about affording cocaine anyway. I’m sure @Owd miner would struggle to fit his weekly bag of coke in his budget (unless he just snorts the dust from the mine).
  2. The only role he’s not filled now is owner.
  3. I remember being in a pub outside old Trafford (a long time ago when we were in the premier league, Jim smith days). The United fans in there were singing ‘96 was not enough.’ we were trying to work it out. ‘96 wasn’t the treble year, so what are they singing about. turns out it was a chant about Hillsborough. the line is nothing but a dot in the distance to some of these idiots.
  4. Or indeed, reading through on an online forum.
  5. Results all going our way at the minute. Everyone up to boro - and I’m particularly targeting them as it would be ducking hilarious if we could overtake them, even if we end up 3rd bottom and it’s forest and boro below us, it would definitely take the sting out of relegation - is losing / has lost. we have to remember, we’re not terrible this season. We’re not amazing, but we’re not as bad as at the end of last season. We will pick up points. But those teams that are down there on merit, really are a bag o poo.
  6. That’s what i mean. If he keeps us up this season, it’s a Jesus level miracle. But it ain’t over til it’s over.
  7. Here’s the whole thing on YouTube if you’ve not been able to listen to it:
  8. If he keeps us up this season, we should probably start a religion in his honour.
  9. The battery? Im not sure actually. Tesla was mentioned. I’ve got a Solax battery at the minute, which came with my solar panels, but wouldn’t be enough by itself to handle the new electric heating and hot water, so it’s being topped up by the one I’m having installed, but I bought and paid for it so long ago I can’t remember what I paid for. Been endless delays getting it installed ‘installers got covid’, ‘it’s stuck in the suez’, ‘they sent the wrong one.’ pain in the arse, but hopefully the saga will be over soon and I’ll have a battery, and free energy.
  10. To be fair there were a lot of people at the time saying we were being robbed, the system is broken and it will come back to bite us. So it’s a fair point to say that if we had been fairly (in this market) compensated for those players, we’d be in a much better place now. Nothing we can do about it now, but our plight does highlight the knock on effects of these stupid rules. Maybe it’s one step closer to something being done about it. also, to be fair to Mel (not that I think he deserves it at this stage), he invested in the academy to make some money off it. We’ve done okay, but the dream is to do a forest or Birmingham. Develop youngsters to sell for tens of millions. That was always part of the business plan.
  11. It’s getting so there’s only really one or two relegation spots cos the others are already taken by points deducted teams. just like there’s only one promotion place you for grabs, if you’re lucky, cos the rest are taken by parachute payment clubs. there’s barely anything to play for anymore. when are the efl going to admit it’s broken? What will it take?
  12. Looks like octopus are a fairly safe bet according to this: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.nationalworld.com/lifestyle/money/is-octopus-energy-going-bust-what-the-uk-suppliers-founder-said-on-twitter-amid-rising-wholesale-gas-prices-3389370%3famp also looks like I might have made the right choice by getting rid of gas altogether in my home.
  13. I’m with octopus. I believe they’re still going strong (ish). I’ve not heard anything to the contrary, but this thread has me concerned. ive specifically been waiting a while to switch into their agile tarrif. My whole smart eco house plan depends on it. I’ve got a new battery being installed in the roof next week that will charge you overnight on their less than 0p rates.
  14. There’s some hope here fellas. By the time it’s all done and dusted, our -21pts won’t look so bad if there are 3 or 4 other clubs on -9 or more. it’s already started with forest giving themselves a self imposed penalty to start the season.
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