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  1. I wouldn’t go as far as to want them promoted, but if that happens, then this is the silver lining I’m looking at. They might actually get tinker worse than us, and increase there own record of finishing bottom.
  2. I was a refugee from DET. No real decision making process, just that this one popped up first on google. i think it’s benefited from a bit of incredible foresight / luck: - A google freindly name, that actually makes it sound like the official forum (which is probably why Derby county had an issue with the logo at one point, I miss the temporary replacement logo, it was cool). - choosing a platform that has evolved into clearly the best forum platform around (I know how this can definitely more luck than judgement, you just have to back a horse, but if you pick the wrong one, i
  3. That’s exactly what I said to my sister when she shared a selfie of her hugging my elderly auntie. I told her off, she took offence, I said ‘did you expect a round of applause?’
  4. I was really pissed off with my sister when all this began. She went out the weekend before we went into lock down. Surprise, surprise, everyone in her group got Covid 19. Problem is, she couldn’t be more high risk, name a condition that doesn’t go well with Covid 19 and she’s got it. dhe felt she had to go out cos it was her friend’s birthday and she had to be there showing support, but ffs, her friend would understand, I’m sure. She just feels this social responsibility to everyone, she could do with being a bit more 100% selfish. she had a couple of days in hospital, but go
  5. I’m just trying to work out why you’d take a screen print but not an actual photo? I keep trying to press the big white circle on your behalf.
  6. He’s the exception that proves the rule.
  7. TigerTedd

    Ex Rams

    Hold on now, Tom Lawrence might be suspended, but he’s not an ex ram yet. wait, which Tom are we talking about?
  8. It’s bringing this in at the same time as car that’s a bit daft. Without var, this would be a useful rule. It’s hard enough for a ref to spot if it’s hit a hand, without them then having to try to decide if it was accidental or not, without the help of a replay. now we’ve got car, this is where it could really shine. Ref says, I saw the hand ball, but can’t decide if it was accidental or not. Var can have a look and see if there seemed to be deliberate movement towards the ball. simples.
  9. Maybe it’s just the fact that everyone who would want to buy a football club, and has amassed enough wealth to be able to afford one, is generally a sheister (with the occasional exception). so if you exclude all sheisters, there’d be no one left to buy any football clubs.
  10. Maybe he was selected by certain people, and that would normally be enough of a seal of approval, but then when the real powers that be saw he was black, then they pulled the plug on it. just speculating.
  11. TigerTedd

    Ex Rams

    So he touched it about 6 times in almost an hour!? And gets paid how much for that?!
  12. Hopefully they get the points they need then. Do t want them giving stoke and boro a lifeline they don’t deserve.
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