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  1. I bet @loweman2 has a match worn, signed shirt.
  2. Well the Disney holiday is booked directly with Disney, so hopefully they won’t fold. Ive for the remainder to pay in less than 2 weeks, and they’ve technically not cancelled it, so they’ll probably say we’ve got to pay that, or forfeit our deposit. Then they’ll go and cancel it a week later. thing is, I’m happy for then to keep my deposit for now, if it means they have to give us the same deal later, cos we were really pleased with the deal we got. If we get a full refund, we might not get the same deal again. Ideally, I’d like to just not pay the remainder, and then rebook on the same deal on a later date. im going to call them next week, anyway, and see what the score is.
  3. So I’m meant to be going to Disney land Paris in June. Chances of that? or turkey in July? Bright side is, if (when) they get cancelled, that’s a bunch of extra money in the pot to keep us going this year. 2020 is just going to be ‘the year that wasn’t’. And everything we had planned for this year is going to be moved to next year I reckon.
  4. I imagine it will pause, and then start up at exactly the same rate. But if it ran til, say, November, then it will still need renewing then, I doubt you’ll get an extra couple of months on the end. at the end of the day, if it restarts and you’re not happy, then give the a call and threaten to leave. They’ll normally cave in, especially given the circumstances. also, do the maths. If you’re currently paying £20 a month, and pause it for 3 months, you’ve saved £60. If they did increase it to £30 a month, And you didn’t dispute it, you could still go for 6 months and be quids in. Or something like that, there’s something I’m not considering, but I’m bored now. You get the idea.
  5. My nephew didn’t get let in the RAF cos he ticked a box. And was later told he could have just as easily jot ticked it. he was only apply in my for a desk job, he wasn’t after trying fly a jet. besides b4 is only looking for a job til the cinemas open. By the time anyone finds out enough to care about his nerve damage, he’ll be able to go back to his other job. he can probably get double bubble too. Work at a super market while also getting 80% wage from the cinema.
  6. So I’m an it trainer normally. But no one wants classroom based teaching at the minute, and they don’t care too much about remote learning, prefer just to wait til all this blows over. But I can’t really wait that long. so while we’ve got no work on, me and my fellow trainers have set up a website called www.remoteheroes.co.uk, where we’ll be posting all sorts of tips about home working. Not just tech tips and useful software, but also best practice and looking after your mental health. our first live, free webinar is tomorrow at 2pm, all about Microsoft Teams. We’ve been practicing today. all free, as we have nothing better to do, but obviously the hope is well find a few new clients out of all of it. so if you’re worried, or getting used to it, hopefully we’ll have some stuff on there to help, over the coming days and weeks.
  7. Shame Martin didn’t get that cheeky flick. Would’ve been a cracking goal, and he totally deserved one. And 6-0 would have been truly historic.
  8. Get your point. But it’s not a good reference. Vietnam war would have been better. That was about 40 years ago. Flatlands was only about 20 years ago. I should know, I was born on the day it broke out. No way it was nearly 40 years ago. *checks calendar duck! When did I get so old!!!!
  9. It’s a very badly designed game. The bullseye should be the top score. Then if you miss, there’s the randomness that you could land in any number. But instead triple 20 (and several other triples) are worth more, so if you miss you tend to get 5s and 1s, and every game goes pretty much the same way. For me that always made the game really pointless and boring. i can’t believe it became so big with such a fundamental flaw in its design.
  10. If it was September, could Te Wierik be with us by then?
  11. We do get a few clients that are 1:1 in their homes, but it’s quite expensive for that, far more economical for a group of 8. The company that sells my services (so I’m self employed but mainly work for one company) is trying to sell the idea of remote training sessions, where they can dial into an online meeting room and we screen share, but it’s just not a priority for people right now, and they’re happier to wait til this all blows over, and book a training course then. so I’ll have more work than I know what to do with I’m a few months, I’m sure. Hopefully enough will take that option, and I might pick up a few hours of consultancy work here and there, to muddle through.
  12. I’ve had a total u-turn change of heart with my view point in this now. I’m a self employed trainer. So I rely on companies booking training days for my income. I have a minimum amount a month I need to be able to make ends meet. I’ve tightened my belt a bit, and took a mortgage payment holiday, so over the next 2 months I could survive on just 4 days of work a month. So I was hoping, if we didn’t go on total lock down, then there’d be enough business as usual to at least get me those 4 days of work. Now it looks a lot more likely that, even though we’re not in a full on lock down, most companies are acting that way anyway, people are working from home, or self isolating, and this looks like it’ll be the way for a while. My pre booked courses are dropping like flies, I’ve got no worked booked in for the next 4 weeks, and I very much doubt any work is going to fall in my lap now. It’s obviously not a priority right now, and companies can easily postpone this training for a couple of months. The bright side is, I reckon I’ll be super busy once all this passes, but I’ve got to get there first. So now, cos I’ve got nothing to do for the next 4 weeks anyway, I’m all for a total, complete lock down for 2, 3, 4 weeks. If that stands the chance of eradicating the virus all together, and you could guarantee me that life will then go back to normal by this time next month, I’d be all for that, rather than dragging it all out over the next 2, 3, 4 months. I wouldn’t survive that, and I think there’s probably lots of people who won’t.
  13. The government stance was, and for now, still is, they’re not cancelling mass crowd events. This is a decision made by the football league. Some will say they’re doing what the government should have done in the first place. I don’t agree with that, and I don’t think they are. i think they’re suspending it because so many players and staff have presented with symptoms now, that most of the games on the weekend would have been postponed anyway, because the teams are having to self isolate due to exposure. The crowds can turn up. There is no legislation to say they can’t, they’re just wouldn’t be anything to watch. Same with F1, it’s in the paddock, so just like at your work place, if someone in your office gets it, you’re all going to be sent home. It’s not about not getting the crowd together, it’s about suspending the actual teams. And once They’re in isolation, they’re there for 2 weeks. Not all teams are effected, so some games could go ahead. But enough teams are effected that you might as well just suspend the season for everyone, and hopefully get kick Corona virus out of football, and hopefully go again when every footballer tests negative.
  14. Top tip. If you’re self employed like me and think your earnings are going to take a hit, you can get a mortgage break for 2-3 months. ive just essentially saved myself £1200 in the short term by doing that, so that’s a few less days work I need to find. normally I wouldn’t be able to qualify, Because I still have more than 75% on my mortgage to pay, but because of corona virus they’re being more flexible.
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