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  1. I agree. Female managers from the same country. Managers are part of the team too, and should eligible to represent the country. Mind you, where do you draw the line. Do the entire back room staff have to be eligible?
  2. Isn’t that what the Leeds keeper did to Holmes this season? Just being consistent. No penalty. Keepers can kick as many people as they want in the head.
  3. So have the best men’s and the best women’s refs. Is there a law that says they have to have female refs? We’ve had female officials in the men’s game, so it doesn’t seem like there is. There’s no reason they couldn’t just pick the best people for the job, regardless of gender.
  4. But didn’t we stop certain players being selected for the nations league final squad, specifically so that they could play in this tournament instead. In hindsight, probably not a good idea.
  5. TigerTedd


    Yep, one tag centre mass. You’d get the occasional toe or elbow or til of a particularly big willy offside, but this way it would be black and white, either it’s offside or it’s not, no arguments. The rules are reinterpreted to simply say the tags have the final say as to what’s offside. If you want to translate it for lower leagues, you can make an allowance for half a yard offside (that’s how big my silly is), to give the striker the benefit of the doubt. They were bringing in lots of rules not long ago to give the striker the benefit of the doubt in the interest of creating more goals and more excitement, specifically in marginal offside decisions, the striker gets the benefit of the doubt. But var is taking that backward, we’re seeing far more goals ruled out that would normally be perfectly goals. That doesn’t lead to high scoring, exciting games. The goal keeper rule is similar. The only thing more exciting than a goal scored is a penalty saved. It’s hard enough to save a penalty as it is, without suddenly clamping down on rules that don’t make a difference to whether or not it’s scored. So you lessen the excitement by making the keepers’ job harder. its all daft.
  6. TigerTedd


    Yep, these rules are brought in to stop a team getting an unfair advantage. So the spirit of offside is to ensure that strikers don’t just goal hang. Being a toe offside is not goal hanging, it’s not gaining an advantage. Just like jumping off your line a split second too early, in the Scotland game, she didn’t save that because she jumped off the line a moment too early, she saved it vos it was a crap penalty. you've got to draw the line somewhere, so by the letter of the law they are offside or whatever. But if they just implemented the clear and obvious rule, it would allow for fractional decisions like this to go unpunished, which is not a bad thing. And that doesn’t have to be as ambiguous as it sounds. Can it be seen in real time? yes, the ref makes the decision as always. Has the ref not made the decision (distracted by something else), or is not confident about the decision they’ve made because of an obscured view? Yes, go to var. look at every angle once. If the refs decision is clearly wrong on the first look, overrule it. If it’s not immediately obvious, the refs original decision stands. Simples. The thing is, they’re checking it by default now for every decision, even when no one in either team thought their was an error. Then they’re finding things that no one even suspected was there in the first place.
  7. So a match made in heaven then. I’ll give him 3 months.
  8. I notice they’ve had the lease in their stadium renewed for 250 years. And they probably still won’t have renovated by then. But in the bright side for them, they might still be in it as the glory days return on the 300 the cycle if success - like Hayley’s comet.
  9. I wonder if they were similarly scrutinised when they were sponsored by fawaz fridges.
  10. I wonder if we ever spared a second thought for Hartlepool at the time.
  11. ‘Some owners are crazy!’
  12. Now you’re getting it.
  13. TigerTedd

    F1 2018

    But it was his mistake that lead to his car being in a position of being out of control. I’d say this is harsh if he’s skidding on a wet patch or oil or something, totally out of his control, but his mistake put him in a position where he ended up reentering dangerously. He asked what more could he have done. The answer is that he could have not made the mistake in the first place.
  14. It’s same old forest being forest. They're rip off attempt at ‘doing a Wolves’ fell on its arse this year. So next year they’re going to try a ‘doing a Watford.’ That was all after they ‘did a Man City’. they just keep looking at what’s worked for other teams, then trying a low rent version of it for themselves, and wonder why they don’t get anywhere.
  15. Depends if you think it’s a meaningless tournament. He picked a team to won’t the tournament. This is a meaningless game, but he can’t go back and change his squad now. Are you suggesting he should pick some fringe players on the off chance we end up in the third place play off.
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