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  1. TigerTedd

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    They did make the most of their dominance though - by scoring. They were better in the first half, they kept knocking at the door, and they deserved their goal, but they weren’t that good that they deserved more than 1. So they got as much as they deserved. WhT they should have done was then build on that momentum and continue that dominance into the second half. But they didn’t. It was a good game, fairly contested, and the right team won for the right reasons. Not really much to moan about there.
  2. TigerTedd

    Harry Wilson is at it again!

    But he did aim for the goal, surely that’s the point. He specifically isn’t aiming for a postage stamp size spot in the corner, just an area of the goal where the knuckleball’s unpredictable swerve will make sure it stays on target. The swerve means it doesn’t have to be in the top corner, as it will bamboozle the keeper. But in order to score relatively consistently, he needs to be sure of his technique that the swerve won’t take it off target. Im not misunderstanding you, I get where you’re coming from. But you’re saying it’s luck that it went in, and it could have just as easily gone into row z, that’s the nature of the knuckleball shot. But if he gets it I’m statistically more than you’d expect from just taking por shots, then there’s more than just luck at play. Take your lottery ticket example. Harry could improve his chances over me by buying more tickets, but it would still be luck. But say there’s a million possibilities, and Harry buys one ticket. Once every million spins he should win, statistically. No more, no less. But if the machine is spun 5 million times, and he consistently wins more than 1 in a million, so by the end of the spinning he’s won 10 or 15 times, then there is more at play than just luck. Those sort of returns would invite a good kicking outside the casino.
  3. TigerTedd

    Harry Wilson is at it again!

    Hold on, so you’re saying if I smash a ball towards the goal, I am basically guaranteed to score as often as Wilson. Just like if me and harry buy a lottery ticket, we’ve both hit the same amount of chance of winning it. I think you’re argument is on very shaky ground there bris. You either declare I’m as good as Harry Wilson, or you admit that there is technique to what he does, which improve his chances of scoring over any average *********. If he’s improving his chances through the application of skill, then it can’t be luck.
  4. TigerTedd


    You do. I’m platinum, I got a few things including the extended sky go for free, which was costing me £5 a month to let my mum have access). My sister is diamond, and she got the full sky q package for no extra.
  5. TigerTedd

    Smart Meters

    The ought to be able to do it through an app on your phone. Then it’s not an extra device. Softeare issues are cos it’s an electricity company trying to make an app. It’s bojnd to have loads of issues. Similar to banking apps. A bank doesn’t have the expertise to make an app. It’s taken a while to get some decent ones. And they vary from bank to bank. As with all things, the first versions are going to be full of bugs and teething issues. But 5 years down the line, it will all sort itself out, eventually our kids kids will look at old school meters like we look at wind up charabancs. Someone has to be the generation that goes through the teething troubles. Can’t just stick your head in the sand and pretend it’ll never happen.
  6. TigerTedd

    Smart Meters

    I think it’s as much about having automated accurate meter reads. Moving away from basically just guessing, or paying a man to read the meter occasionally (seriously, that’s got to be the easiest job in the world). The extra features are just a why not, might help some people but not others. The technology itself is pretty basic by today’s standards, prob my didn’t cost much at all to design and make. It’s the roll out that takes time and money. But we can’t all be sat here in 20 years time still on the old meters, so the roll out has to happen at some time. I’ve wanted a smart meter for ages, but they’re not rolling them out in my area yet, so I’ve got to sit and wait my turn. Itll be interesting to see if there’s any ambient electricity being used in my house, like some device that’s always in but doesn’t need to be. That could save a few quid. But the nicest thing is to have accurate meter reads, rather than using the electricity company as some sort of no interest saving account. My sister was about £300 in credit. More in her electricity account than in her actual bank account. She liked it, said she’d claim it back around Christmas as a nice little windfall. I tried to explain that she could just pay the direct amount, and put the surplus in an isa, and earn actual interest on her money. But she didn’t get it.
  7. TigerTedd

    Will Cardiff take our record from us?

    Cardiff might not. But Macclesfield just took one. Most league games without a win is no longer a record we hold. Woo goo!!
  8. TigerTedd

    England v Croatia

    I’m almost glad I was watching my daughter’s swimming lesson during the first half... nah, watching a swimming lesson is the most tedious thing ever.
  9. TigerTedd

    Peter Marples / 3aaa

    I never understood that either. Is at actually 9 a’s?
  10. TigerTedd

    Smart home advice.

    Then there’s smart blinds. Our blinds are always closed when they should be open, or open when they should be closed. Cos again, I can’t be arsed to go into the living room and open the blinds if I’m not actually going to use that room all day until the evening. But then it looks crap that all the blinds in our house appear to be closed all time. Probabky lower on the priority list, but definitely something I’d like to look into when I feel it’s time to get some new blinds.
  11. TigerTedd

    Smart home advice.

    Oh god, the previous owners of our house replaced the single light fitting with no less than 9 down lighters in each room. This could get expensive.
  12. TigerTedd

    Smart home advice.

    Pair it with a smart camera, and then you can watch on as you’re home burns down. (In all seriousness, I wonder what my reaction would be if I was on holiday and my phone pinged to say the smoke alarm had gone off. I’m 1000 miles away, there’s not a lot I could do about it. I suppose I could ask a neighbour to pop their head in, and see if it comes back singed).
  13. TigerTedd

    Smart home advice.

    Hence @BaaLocks suggestion starts to look more and more sensible.
  14. TigerTedd

    Smart home advice.

    You can only take the door bell off with a special screwdriver. Although I suppose a dedicated thief would just crowbar it off the wall. But they don’t know I’ve not got a subscription. I do recommend a smart doorbell, it’s proven really useful. We live in a theee story house, so the amount of time someone has knocked on the door, but I’ve been on the top floor changing a nappy and missed the person by the time I’ve got downstairs. Now I can just speak to them on my phone and ask the to wait a sec. or if I’m out, and someone’s got a package for me, I can tell them to go through my (usually unlocked) back door. And we used it to spy on the new neighbours when they first moved in.
  15. TigerTedd

    International Rams 18/19

    Ryan Giggs knows something Frank Lampard doesn’t. (god I feel old. All these legendary players I grew up with now being talked about as managers. This must be what proper old people felt like when people like dalgleesh or souness became managers. I’ve only ever known them as managers.)

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