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    Ex Rams

    The talk sport commentator was picking him out as one of their better players putting a defensive shift in, and that it won’t go unnoticed es by Pearson.
  2. I just posted this on Facebook, which seems to have gone down well and be relevant: It’s funny how you can see your friends on your Facebook feed and it looks like, from your perspective, the world is overwhelmingly leaning in a certain direction. But the result from last night was such a landslide, that it clearly shows that the vast majority of the country does not look like my Facebook feed. I can live with that. Democracy at work. Clearly I’m in the minority. Doesn’t mean I’m wrong, but I am in the minority. Doesn’t mean everyone else is wrong either. Life goes on either way. Imagine we’re going to a destination, doesn’t really matter where the destination is, let’s just say it’s a better world. There’s two options for the route. You can’t actually know if there is traffic on either route until you get there. Some vote for one route, a lot vote for another. So I’m hopeful that the majority turn out to be right about where the traffic really is. And if they’re wrong, we can go again in 5 years. I’m just glad, either way, that’s it’s such an overwhelming majority, hopefully that means there’s an indication that, one way or another, there is less division in the country, and we can all move forward. At least we’re on the road now, let’s see where it takes us.
  3. That’s a good deal. Bit gutted I’ve got them both now. Got the doorbell at first thinking I could just rely on the phone going when the doorbell rang, but I always leave my phone on silent, so kept missing people at the door, and out internet was a bit crap (it’s a bit better now), so by the time it had alerted me and I’d picked up and connected, they’d usually gone. Also, you wouldn’t believe how many people just knock anyway. That really pisses me off. It’s got the instructions right on it: ‘ring’. A new estate near me has had them all installed in all the new homes. So hopefully people will get a bit more used to them now. I like scaring the crap out of kids on Halloween with it, while I’m out trick or treating with my own kids. I find that the geofencing on my set up is a bit weird. everything is supposed to turn off when we all leave, but that never seems to happen. But then the home pod is supposed to turn on when one of us comes home, as long as no one else is already home, but I always know when my wife is coming home, cos the home pod turns on. And everything seems to randomly turn off at around the same time (but not exactly the same) every day (although, now I think about it, that’s not happened recently, since I had to reset the system (which is the biggest pain in the arse when it’s necessary)). So a few teething problems, and I don’t know if it’s really saving electricity, cos things tend to get left on all day when the geo fencing doesn’t work. But at least everything switches off when we go to bed now. Definitely more advantages than disadvantages at the minute.
  4. To be fair, one way or another, 3 of our recent managers last game in charge was either a play off semi final or final. Wassal, rowett, Lampard. Only one of them actually ended on a high (ie a win).
  5. And you got can temporarily plug a keyboard into the USB port on the back of your tele if need be.
  6. Video too. I’m always watching you tube on my phone then thinking, why am I watching it on my little phone when I can send it to my tele. Press the little airplay button on the video, sky q comes up as an option, bobs your uncle. Or is that a bit different?
  7. I’ve got a new Samsung too. There is an option to mirror the screen of your lap top. I was playing with it yesterday. I’m not sat in front of it right now, but I think it’s in source. Then if you’ve got a windows 10 lap top, you can pick the tv as a place to mirror your screen to. Airplay should be easy enough if you can find the button (you can see it dead easy on YouTube, if you want to check airplay works), but if the button isn’t there, then it’s been disabled on purpose and you won’t be able to do it. you can also do airplay through a sky q box, if you have that.
  8. I was at that match. I’m not a regular match goer, certainly not a regular away match goer, but that season I went it a couple of away games with a mate, and this was one. My absolute number 1 moment of being a rams fan by a mile (might have been knocked off top spot if we’d beaten villa, mind).
  9. My happiest memories of the rams were under his management. im not often saddened by ‘celebrity’ deaths, but I’m properly gutted about this one. i hope he goes to heaven with the sound of ‘Bald Eagle’s Barmy Army’ ringing in his ears. Bless you Jim, you lovely, brilliant man.
  10. I don’t expect it to happen, but if they did catch Liverpool it would be quite hilarious. Here’s liverpool thinking already that they’ve finally done it, they’ve finally won the league after such a long wait. Then out of nowhere come Leicester, who weren’t even on their radar as rivals. To add insult to injury, Rogers famously almost won it with Liverpool, and then slipped up, only to achieve it with Leicester instead. And that would make Leicester 2 time champions in recent years. Meaning in modern times, they’re more successful than all but united, city and Chelsea (in fact they already are). Tottenham and Liverpool must be seething to think that Leicester are domestically more successful than them (in the last decade, or even the last few decades). Even if Liverpool do win it, they’ll only be as successful as Leicester, not more successful. I’ve got a soft spot for Leicester, I went to uni there, and worked there for a long time, so I’m happy to see them do well, as long as we’re not directly competing.
  11. I’ve got the ring. It’s only as good as your internet though. But I’ve sorted the internet now, so the connection is pretty much on all the time. I’m going to buy the solar power backing for it too, so I don’t have to keep charging it (although that’s only every couple of weeks). I’ve not had no problems with the Conexis. I had to get Anglian to come out and have a look at it, and they did some fiddling about with it. To be honest, I’m not sure what they did though. What fixed the issue I was having was simply accepting that you’ve got to hold the door handle up longer than normal to wait for the mechanism to lock, otherwise it gets stuck in a bit of a loop, and that the app was a bit crap, left me locked out once, but seems to be behaving itself now after an update. Not had any issue with it since. I’ve not tried it with the additional module that is supposed to make it compatible with Samsung’s eco system so you can lock / unlock it remotely though. I’m waiting for a home kit enabled module. Apparently it’s on it’s way. A bit of a surprise was that I thought I’d be able to share temporary keys with anyone, like the lady that feeds the cat when we’re away. She should only be able to u lock the door during certain times, so she can’t just come in at any time and have a party. The surprise was that you’ve got to pay every time you want to set up one of these temporary keys, which was a bit annoying. Not that I’ve actually had to use it yet though.
  12. It’s the only way he’s getting to Europe.
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