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  1. It’s not organised cheating. It’s a loophole.
  2. Yep. Just seen it. That’s pretty horrific bending of the rules to breaking point. ‘but he’s not interfering with play’ so what the duck is he doing dancing in front of the keeper if not to have some sort of effect. If it’s not going to have an effect, and therefore interfere, why do it. ‘he’s not in the wall’ No, but he’s just behind it jumping round like a twit, which surely falls under the remit of why that rule was created.
  3. I don’t like all this calling people out for being hypocrites stuff. We’re not going to go back to living in caves, and we’re not going to suddenly kill every first born to reduce population. We’re human beings and subject to human nature. We still like our creature comforts. You can be environmentally conscious and not be a bush dwelling vegan. You’re not a hypocrite if you decide to go on holiday abroad and don’t swim. Like the Ozzie Fox News report about al gore flying to Australia. Please. Like the jet fumes from his flight are going to single handedly punch a while in the ozone. No, but him being physically at that conference might make all the difference to enact some significant change. The greater good. Or the claims that Tesla’s take up more carbon to build than they save. Even if that’s true, in the long term, with electricity being produced in greener ways, and production methods becoming more efficient, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes possible to bring the carbon emissions of production down. So again, it’s about the greater good. People being sceptical about it aren’t helping, they’re just slowing down a process that has to happen, whether they like it or not. focus keeps being taken away from the point while people squabble over whether or not that was a plastic straw Greta was seen drinking with. there are things we can still do without significantly changing our way of life. But if we don’t do those things now it will get to a point, maybe not in this generation, but not too far in the future, where all air travel will be banned, for example, because we’re just too close to the tipping point.
  4. It’s not fair, but they should listen because they have to. We grew developed by polluting the planet. We didn’t know any better at the time. Now the planet is a bit ducked. We’ve bought it to the tipping point. It’s our fault (and the fault of other developed nations) but we can’t fix it on our own. if we just let Brazil et al do as much bad poo just to catch up for the purposes of parity, then we’re all ducked. it’s not fair, but it is what it is. whag con furs who’ve profited off pollution should be doing is putting some of the profit back into enabling developing countries to catch up without resorting to pollution. but again, that’s all shut that can be sorted out another day. Today we need to fix it, whatever that may take, no matter how fair or unfair that might be. As a global population we need to suck it up. I still don’t know what I can do about it personally. But like @86 Schmokes & a Pancake days, maybe if we all do a little bit, it can make a difference. Mind you, as much as I don’t like the idea of conspiracy theories and ‘the world is out to get me’, it does piss me off that there are so many campaigns to get us to not waste a drop of water, or not use that plastic straw, putting the blame on the individual, making you feel guilty as hell for forgetting to put your tissue in the recycle bin, to deflect from the fact that one big corporation pledging to cut its carbon footprint by 10% would probably do as much good as 1000 individuals could ever hope do (made up stats, but you get the gist), they just won’t do it cos it eats into profits. Grr, will they care about the profits when their grandkids are the generation that’s left to turns the lights off at the end of the world?
  5. This is what I thought about brexit. Never thought for a second that it would win. Just that it would have enough support that the government would sit up and notice a large minority that are unhappy with the status quo and maybe they’d work towards a slightly less euro centric policy. I was actually shocked and terrified when it won. but that’s a different debate. Each day I’m actually becoming more and more concerned by global warming. It’s the biggest issue facing us quite possibly ever. Whether it’s man made or not, I don’t really care. If the world was always destined to get hotter, then we have the ability now to stop it and keep living on it. Right now there’s a big debate about racism (not to mention a huge amount of time and resource being wasted on brexit). As abhorrent as racism is, it’s an issue we can deal with tomorrow, but we need to make sure there is a tomorrow. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that we’re getting to a point where if you’re not investing time or money in combatting climate change, then you’re just wasting resources. Absolutely everything else is secondary. So I kind of get the protesters. Why are you going on holiday, why are you going to work, why are you doing anything that is not somehow combatting climate change? Get your heads out the sand, and wake up. i guess that’s the message they’re trying to get through, that’s the message I’m getting anyway. But I’ll get down off my soapbox now, cos I’m not actually sure what to do about it. Got solar panels on my house, thinking about getting an electric car, recycle what I can, but everything I hear is that an individual’s efforts are basically pointless. Changes need to happen on a worldwide governmental scale, and they’re just not. What’s the point in me recycling me weetabix box when the Chinese are pumping out so much smog? im genuinely concerned about the poo we’re leaving my kids to deal with. Maybe the fact that I’ve got kids to be concerned about makes me the problem. And I’m starting to get properly pissed off by the debate and people in charge doing absolutely duck all. I’d actually be quite happy at this point for the country to be taken over by some dictator that just says ‘right, enough debate, this is what needs to be done to fix everything, no debate, no referendums, no listening to stupid inaccurate opinions just to uphold the idea of free speech, let’s just get the job done!’ phew. Rant over. PS had to quote someone, ended up being you, even though about 90% of that probably has nothing to do with your post. Just needed to get that off my chest.
  6. I think the point is that the Bulgarian fa / government / manager or someone needs to be seen to be giving a poo and taking some sort of action against the minority. As long as they do nothing a turn a blind eye, they’re complicit. We have our own issues, but at least the fa etc. are trying to do something about it. You can never stop every idiot, and you shouldn’t be held accountable for every idiot, but you can at least make an effort to try, and put measures in place to lessen the risk. bulgaria appear to be doing absolutely nothing after several sanctions. They need something more than a smack on the wrist to tell them it’s not okay, and they need to do more. And someone needs to be the sacrificial lamb. Some people are saying last night was a sad day for football. I don’t think so. I’m glad it happened. It needed to happen. And now action needs to be taken, and someone needs to be made an example of, and hopefully other countries will take it seriously and it won’t come to this again. Unfortunately for Bulgaria, it looks like they’re it.
  7. They weren’t ejected, they walked out. The real scandal is that they weren’t apprehended on the way out. There were about 200 guys in black hoodies in clearly some sort of organised thing, who walked out at the second stoppage. I don’t get it though, what are they trying to achieve? They want to protest to defend their right to be racist dheads? They want the match to be cancelled and Bulgaria hit with heavy sanctions, ‘cos if I can’t be revisit at the match, there’s just no point to football?’ clearly it was their job to wind up the rest of the stadium and then get the duck out of there. what sort of ducked up ideology do these people have that they feel they can create an organised protest to defend it?
  8. I’ve got no problem with you, pal.
  9. Love it when posters call other posters ‘fella’ and insist they’re not wound up.
  10. I thought that normally auto corrects to ‘banks’.
  11. They’ve got wile e. Coyote style rocket boosters built in.
  12. So when people swim the channel with a support boat next to them, it doesn’t count, cos it’s cheating.
  13. Stupid terrorists. Don’t even have to do anything to cause chaos. My half marathon was almost completely cancelled as we stood on the start line cos of a ‘suspicious vehicle’. In the end, they had to shorten the route. They blamed it on flooding, then we got an email after saying it was this vehicle. But it turned out to be nothing!!! shortened the half marathon by about 3km, so I don’t feel like I’ve done it properly now. So my official time on my certificate is 1:46, so now I’ve got to count that as my PB and try to beat it at the Derby Marathon in June. That one goes through Alvaston Park though. Lots of suspicious vehicles round there.
  14. That’s horrible. I had that once at centre parcs or something and thought, ‘fine, it’s just a bit of fun for the kids.’ But to have that at a proper bowling alley is piss poor. It’s not proper bowling at all.
  15. Sounds cliche, but turn it off and on again works every time.
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