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  1. TigerTedd

    Galaxy Fold

    Just watched the cnet keynote speech about it. Everyone’s suitsbly excited until they unveil the price when there’s lots of ‘woah!’ from the audience, and they quickly gloss over til the end. How do they make it so the middle of the screen doesn’t end up with a big crease down it? Even the most flexible of materials, like silk or whatever, would end up with a crease if it’s folded in half like that for any length of time.
  2. TigerTedd

    Galaxy Fold

    It’s not an Apple 👎
  3. She really wanted to get that third ‘he keeps going’ in there, despite that fact he’s long since scored in the replay.
  4. I hope they do reneg on that promise. Then they’ll have no defence, and a points deduction will be the only option. Alas I don’t think they’re that stupid.
  5. They must have 3 less draws than us, if they’ve won an extra game. So that’s a record they can have.
  6. I always do that, and hate myself for it. Whoever knocked us out, I always follow their fixtures, and think 'we could have gone all the way, if that was us'. And if they end up winning the whole thing, then at least I console myself by thinking, had the draw been different, we might have met them in the final and lost - clearly Brighton were the only team in the whole tournament capable of beating us, we were just unlucky enough to meet them in the 5th round, and not at Wembley.
  7. Maybe a point there wasn't such a bad result after all. (It was though, it really was, but it could be worse, we could be Stoke).
  8. What would the punishment be if I workedjin a factory, and deliberately pretended a colleague had injured me, in order to get him suspended without pay for however long? Let alone disrupting the work day.
  9. Well, at least in my fledgling gambling career, I’m up £1.44.
  10. It’s not bad. Certainly not HD. No commentary. But it’s a few seconds behind radio derby, which is a bit annoying. But for fiver (as you’re minimum first payment), I can’t really complain. Put a pound bet on before each match, and you’ll get 5 matches out of that. A lot cheaper than now tv or £10 to rams tv.
  11. I’m already looking forward to sticking £100 on Leeds to win the play off final against us. I’m a terrible gambler. Guarantee if I keep betting against us, I’ll never make a penny, and we’ll win the champions league within the next 3 years.
  12. I’ve just entered the dangerous world of online gambling to watch this on the bet365 thread. Had to put £5 on my account to sign up. Put £3 on Brighton. Always said I’d do that if I ever gambled, so either way I’d have something to soften the blow. But it felt so weird betting against Derby, I almost couldn’t go through with it.
  13. Sorry, but the apostrophe in the thread title offends my eyes. I can’t read beyond that. I’m having symptoms of ptsd just thinking about it as I type.
  14. PNE are in a bit of a false position. They’ll take (and have taken) a lot of points of people at their place this season. Getting a point there maybe ‘wolves’ level wiping the floor with everyone quality, but I said at the time, PNE certainly aren’t a team we can just expect to beat. Ipswich, on the other hand...
  15. Ho hum, back down to Earth with a bump. I almost wish our run in was actually against all top 6 teams. I’m starting to think we will need to win our last two, and that we probably will. Lots of twists and turns still to come in this season.
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