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  1. Kyle McAllister. Bought him injured. Never played for us when he eventually got fit. Sold back to Motherwell at a loss. (I haven’t fact checked any of that, just exaggerating it to sound like the worst bit of business since Leeds bought Seth).
  2. So what was the final score? Don’t leave me hanging.
  3. Quality addition in January...? Rooney not quality enough for you?
  4. I was just wondering how this guy was planning on making money. Seems a great idea while it’s free, but I’m not sure I’d pay for it. He can’t just keep giving it away to the likes of Tom Tom. Then it occurred to me. If he sells every square for a pound for advertising, then he’d make a trillion pounds.
  5. Appreciate all that, I nearly left it there, but I couldn’t. Im out for a jog along the bridlepath that goes under the a50. Not too adventurous. I trip and possibly break my ankle. I call 999. How do I let them know my location? Could I share my location with what’s app? To the 999 lady? Or invite her to view me on find my friends? ive got quite a few apps where I can share my vos location with my friends, but I wouldn’t have a clue how to get my gps coordinates off my phone to tell someone where I am.
  6. Really. Does that work with anything? Or only specific sat navs?
  7. There may be downfalls, nothing’s perfect. But it’s free, so where’s the harm in downloading it and letting it sit in a folder on your phone until you need it? Hopefully you’ll never look at it again (and you’ll probably forget that you have it, if you alegre do need it, but cest la vie).
  8. Oh dear Tammy. Keogh wouldn’t have missed that.
  9. ‘Suspended’ not cancelled. Does that mean they’re hoping to play all these games st some point. They’re going to have a massive back log if they do get out the poo.
  10. Only 1-0. I would’ve expected a bit of a thrashing given we were missing half a team. So that’s a pretty decent achievement. thats the point of the u23s though I guess. It’s a bit perverse really, if they’re doing too well, it means the players in there are good, but not finding a path to the first team. So you don’t really want them running away with the league. Ive heard interviews with Darren wassall saying he measures success in terms of how many of his guys get in the first team, not by their position in the table.
  11. I knew there’d be one that I’d wiped from my memory. That doesn’t count though. Villa had our number. As did Leeds (until the 4th attempt).
  12. I can’t do memes, so you’re just going to have to imagine the ‘you were supposed to be the chosen one!’ meme from Star Wars. I really liked the idea of frank turning out to be some genius manager, win the the premier in his first season, then lead England into a halcyon age of back to back world cups. Oh well, now I’ll just have to go for plan b fantasy: Chelsea get relegated, and we wave as we pass them going the other way. Im nothing if not a realist.
  13. I’m trying to think, but I can’t remember any time that we lost as much as 4-0. There were a couple of really poor results last season, but nothing that bad. In fact, one of our key characteristics was our bounce back ability. Gifting the other team a goal or two, and not letting it phase us, grabbing goals in the last few minutes, etc. Could it be that that is a Derby trait, and a trait of our squad, not something that frank instilled in us, and Chelsea just don’t have it. Imagine all those times we went behind, if we’d have capitulated. There would have been a lot of 4-0s.
  14. It’s easy to fall out with yourself when you talk about yourself in the third person all the time.
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