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  1. How does he manage to have no close contacts within the camp? Do they do all their training over Zoom? He was in pretty close contact with mason mount just a few days ago. I don't get it.
  2. Croatia vs Scotland should be a good game. A draw won’t be good enough for either of them, finishing 3rd with 2 points won’t get you through. So come the last 10 mins if it’s still 0-0 they’re both going to go for it. I don’t mind yesterday’s result. I wish nothing but the best for the Scots, so it would be nice to see them make history and get through to the knock out rounds. We might even see them again in a later round, like Belgium. it pretty much guarantees us qualification. So although it would have been nice to 100% wrap it up, it’s 99% wrapped up anyway with 4pts. So I thin
  3. I bet they’ll be adding Abraham to that list in the future when he’s banging then in for someone else.
  4. The Scottish remind me of Burton fans. They want there to be this massive rivalry, but personally I have nothing but live for the home nations. Obviously I hope we smash Scotland tomorrow, but apart from that, I wish Scotland well. They’re like England’s little brother, like burton are Derby’s.
  5. In what way is a tribute him? Is it just a ‘here you go Denmark, in tribute to your fallen friend, well let you have the ball for a bit before we carry in battering you.’ if you’re going to do that, might as well go full bielsa and just let them score one.
  6. Footballers really are terrible singers though. It’s funny hearing how wildly out of tune they are when the camera gets close.
  7. It annoys me that England don’t have our own national anthem. Scotland and Wales have their own, and I don’t begrudge them that, but GSTQ is the British national anthem, so we don’t have our own. I could also imagine Scots not wanting to sing along to it when representing Britain, as it is seen as the English national anthem (not to mention that one of the versus talks about keeping the Scots in their box). So I think we could do with either a British anthem that the whole of Britain can get behind, or an English anthem that is all ours. it’s suggested time and time aga
  8. Why don’t they just do corners like that every time? That’s was a really weird last 2 mins. they were something like 5 on 2, weren’t sure whether they should just jog it into the corner, but could easily finish it there, which caused them to hesitate and miss. then the corner, it’s like ‘we’ll I’ve got it now, now what do I do, might as well take this player on, oh, now I’m in front of the goal, might as well shoot. Oh it’s another corner and we’re past the time, what do we do now, might as well take this player on again.’ Then I guess instinct kicks in, and ‘oh look, we’ve scored.
  9. I feel the same. Im not a fan at all. I think he’s hugely wasteful. But beggars can’t be choosers. Without him, we’ve got almost no one we can call a potential game changer.
  10. He might not be the same player as he was a few years ago, but he’s still a bit special when he wants to be.
  11. I reckon Belgium will do the clean sweep, and Denmark can beat Russia, so then it will come down to goal difference between 3 teams. Exciting times.
  12. Do you reckon they’re practicing that for when they’re back in the stadiums next season. Just a preview of all the Leeds fans dancing along to the choreography.
  13. Only problem is, as things stand, I believe we’re playing France in the next round.
  14. We might have half a chance if Scotland roll over for us then.
  15. 6 posts later, I’d probably say you’re over analysing it. But two can play at that game. people on here saying they’ve texted their dad and friends about it. It puts everything in perspective and shows you how fragile life is. She was very emotional and showed real heart. Of course we’re all thinking of Erickson and his family, but she was able to put into words how some danish bloke collapsing on a pitch in Denmark can emotionally resonate and effect all of us. She put it into context.
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