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  1. There got to be some sort of classification for low points as a newly promoted team, and low points as a non-newly promoted team. Theoretically, you could forgive a derby for being pathetic. Scraped through in the play offs, probably punching way above their weight. Fulham are in a similar boat (expected them to do better, but the play off winner is usually going to have a hard time of it, one way or another, and be among the favourites for instant relegation). But Huddersfield have had a full season in the premier league already, which they survived. So they really ought to be investing and improving on that. For them to have gone so far backwards that they’re mentioned in the same breath as our team, and are worse than a very bad Fulham team, is properly pathetic.
  2. I know, what I mean is all this, ‘the required points will be 76, we won’t make it’ balls. Us, Bristol and boro could loose all of our remaining games til the end of the season (us playing Bristol not withstanding), and we’d still be in with a chance on the last day. We just need to match boro and Bristol’s results. (My only caveat is that we need to win our game in hand). So it’s not all doom and gloom even if we lost against QPR, providing the other two also lose. To put it another way, pressures on them. If we win, they have to win. If they lose, we don’t have to win. Makes sense to me anyway.
  3. Actually, as optimistic as I am, that’s not, strictly speaking, true. Technically, if boro won all their remaining games by a clear goal difference, they could end up with a better goal difference than us. But then that would mean your statement implies we’ll win the first 3 games of next season on the bounce. With a start like that, perhaps promotion would finally be on the cards.
  4. I’ve just noticed that is officially the end of Forest’s season now. Must be nice to be able to knock off early just as the sun starts to come out and Spring starts to spring. The play offs are just a pesky business that eat into holiday time. I’m quite jealous really.
  5. It’s pretty simple. All this who’s going to win what, and how many points we’re going to need balls. All we need to do is match Bristol’s results, and match Boro’s results, til the end of the season. Whilst winning our game in hand. Win our game in hand, and we’ll be above boro anyway. So if they draw or loose, we have the freedom to draw or loose. Even if we draw with Bristol, we’re matching their result. If I’ve got my maths right. That brings us to the last day of the season basically in the same position we are now, but above boro on goal difference. We’ll still have to win the last game, but if we do, a draw won’t be good enough for Bristol, they’ll have to win too. So today is fine. I’m pretty happy at this stage if we match Bristol’s results every step of the way, and go into the last game with a decent chance.
  6. TigerTedd

    Galaxy Fold

    I thought LA Galaxy we’re going into administration.
  7. Do you reckon that guy’s a city fan? if it hit his arm, his arm was as close to his body as it could be, and it bounced down onto his leg. Not deliberate, not gaining an unnatural advantage, hands are not in an annuity tal position, not hand ball by any definition of handball in any era.
  8. Assuming we get into 6th, and it’s a choice of villa or West Brom in the final. In most scenarios, we’ll have done the double over West Brom, and lost convincingly twice to Villa. Who would you prefer in the final? (logic would say West Brom, but football is far from logical, remember hull. Beat them in every game apart from the one that mattered).
  9. Heard an interesting debate on talksport about how the likes of Burnley, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Brighton show zero ambition in the premier league, they get the money, but they don’t do anything with it, just the bare minimum to keep them in. So they offer nothing to spectacle of the premier league, the owners are just happy to skim off as much as they can for minimal outlay. Boro would definitely join that list if they got promoted. Does any fan of football really want to watch boro on sky sports each week in the prem, aiming for 17th place each season. Boro can balls.
  10. We just can’t stop scoring penalties at all levels this year. When was the last time we missed one?
  11. Where’s ghost? He’s not as impressive as a dragon, but it’s still pretty impressive to own your own mythical creature. Danaerys and Jon are the only two people that own their own mythical creatures. That’s another reason to bond. I’ve read they’ve found the budget to animate him in this season, and he’s got quite a lot of screen time. Why not the first episode? also, why is the sky downloadable version 1hr 40mins long? I’m sure i read somewhere that these 6 episodes are all feature length. I didn’t want it to end and was so glad when I looked at how long was left and there was a whole 45 mins still to go. And then it ended. Dammit! I want to see what sort of welcome Jaime gets.
  12. Bryson got two in a season by himself just 5 years ago.
  13. TigerTedd

    Avengers Endgame

    It was all a dream.
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