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  1. TigerTedd

    Burton Albion Watch 18/19

    And the really unlucky thing is that even with him being out most of the season, they somehow managed to take it to the last day. If Forest hadn’t screwed them over, they would have survived. So the not even like, without Boyce, they were massively out of their depth and cut adrift. They finished above Sunderland, who had been a premier league club a year earlier. Really unlucky when you think about it. Can’t beleive any fan would be on their back after that almost miraculous effort. Give clough a bit of time, and see what happens this season. It’s similar to West Brom in the champ. When on a great run at the end of the season, almost pulled off a miraculous escape. Maybe hoped their momentum would carry them on in the champ, but they stuttered a bit in their first couple of games. But now they’ve hit their stride and put 7 (seven) past QPR. granted burton seem to have squad issues and budgetary constraints which would seem to make a promotion run fairly slim odds. But you never know. To get on the team and manager’s back at this stage is poor.
  2. TigerTedd

    Snake City watch

    Yeah, the police are shaking up tgeir bottles, and the stoke fans are still shouting and singing at them. Fair enough if you’ve want to be billy big balls, and give it the bigun, but don’t go moaning when the inevitable happens, and for gods sake when they start shaking up the spray, you get you’re kids out of there. Anyone in tears clearly isn’t hard enough to be facing down the cops. Take your kids to a crochet class instead.
  3. TigerTedd

    Snake City watch

    They should be happy. That point enabled them to claw their way out of the relegation zone.
  4. TigerTedd

    Mac at QPR

    If he can just get a few more in like that before he’s sacked, we should build him a statue.
  5. TigerTedd

    Derby County Shirt Collection

    One for @B4ev6is there.
  6. TigerTedd

    18/19 Match Thread

    Not saying there is anything wrong with it. Just making the comparison. I’d batter my kids all day long. Not quarter shown, none asked.
  7. TigerTedd

    18/19 Match Thread

    That’s like dads taking on their kids at a kick about in the park, and then battering them.
  8. TigerTedd


    They did have this as an agreed contingency already when they first started using Wembley. And they were always going to play their first home game of the season at Wembley. So it’s not really a problem for me if it’s all been pre-agreed.
  9. TigerTedd

    Geriatric Floresta

    That’s nothing. Our third team is better than that.
  10. TigerTedd

    Furious Frank

    I wonder if that’s a tactic designed to out fox opposition midfielders and keep them guessing? If so, it’s probably a really smart idea for champions league level football, where the midfielders are world class ad you’ve got to get up early in the morning to out fox them. So kudos to frank for coming up with the idea. But at this level, you don’t really need to do clever things like that to confuse your opponents. You’re just as likely to confuse your own players. I hope this is a lesson that frank is starting to learn. Keep it simple stupid.
  11. TigerTedd

    Jonathan Mitchell - Joined Oxford on Loan

    Lucky for us, unlucky for Mitchell and Roos. I bet they’ve thought about tripping him up in the corridors once or twice.
  12. TigerTedd

    Jonathan Mitchell - Joined Oxford on Loan

    What’s Weale up to these days?
  13. TigerTedd

    Furious Frank

    I was thinking about that game too. People whistfully say ‘if franks goal had been allowed, it would have been 2-2, could have been a different story then. We were robbed by the ref.’ nah, the only difference is that the score would have been 4-2. Germany were all over us in that game. Exactly the same for anyone thinking Mount scoring his chance would have made a significant difference. Leeds were the better team, the only difference is that the score would have been 4-2.
  14. TigerTedd

    Furious Frank

    I’ve seen a lot of posts on here asking for a new dm, but not seen Evans play, so can’t comment, but we definitely need a new dm. This has to be a dcfcfans record, we’re essentially looking for a replacement before a player has even played a game. How about we let Evan’s have a game before we decide he isn’t the answer, and we need someone else?
  15. TigerTedd

    Furious Frank

    I just watched that interview for the first time. I thought he might say something like, ‘of corse I’m furious’ which would instigate this thread. He didnt, he just gave an interview with honest answers. But he was so obviously furious. He was almost jumping up and down, and didn’t want to answer inane questions about davies’ injury and the selection for Oldham, he just wanted to get on with the job of fixing it. If he could’ve called a training session right then I bet he would’ve. That was great to see. The he said ‘we won’t mention individuals’ at the end made me think, he has a couple of individuals in mind for the chopping block, and was biting his tongue not to mention them. Even when he describes Lawrence’s goal he didn’t seem too happy about it. He’s like ‘yeah, it’s a free kick, he’s got that ability, he can knock them in for fun...’ the bit he didn’t say but wanted to was ‘I can’t just bring him on for free kicks though, he (and everyone else) have to do better in open play)’. It’s great that he wants to work on getting it right. My only question mark is, what happens if the players never live up to his expectation, and mel’s pockets aren’t bottomless to buy in champions league quality players. Can he handle that? You can come up with the most perfect plan in the world, but if the players just aren’t good enough to enact it, they’ll make you look a tit match after match.

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