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  1. Another great listen thank you.he didn't really go into detail about Twente or Man Utd but so good to hear him speak of the glory days under Jim. Can't resist posting this again!
  2. Marvellous. Loved how he talked about Mel, no bitterness at all. I predict part 2 is all about carpets, fun&laughter bars and his snake Casper. At any point did he sing "It's my hair island! "....
  3. I think Bryson seemed more effective overall than Hendrick that year. Hendrick did not control the play more as far as i recall, so for me, not the right call. Bryson also claimed McLaren did not communicate this decision well. Still, he regrets it, sound pained, so fair dos.
  4. Listening to him you can't help but feel that it would have been better to hold on. Seeing how we've reverted to a similar set up and that Chris Martin is still key, can't help wonder what might been.
  5. Looking like no.3, ish at the mo with this lad from tranmere
  6. Oh dear. Cocus interview sounds a but pessimistic on the transfer front.
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