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  1. Andrew3000

    unforgettable thats what you are...

    Soils 🤣
  2. Fast and can cross? Oh yeah!
  3. This kind of business fills one with hope. If he has more quality than our current youngsters then I would be very happy to bring in some raw talent. More satisfying than getting into a bidding war for those more obvious targets...
  4. Andrew3000

    Derby County v Bolton Wanderers

    😂 prefer highight or EXO myself.
  5. Andrew3000

    Derby County v Bolton Wanderers

  6. Andrew3000

    Derby County v Bolton Wanderers

    Well done but you lose points for being a BTS fangirl!
  7. Andrew3000

    SBW 20: Paul Peschisolido

    Great interview. Very likeable character, open and a good storyteller. Shame for us and Radio Derby that he's got a much better job. I'm stunned at the inept and or callous way he was informed of being let go. Never heard a footballer say they would have played for free before and call me sentimental but I believed him. Great work pod peddlers.
  8. Andrew3000

    James McClean

    Still, may show that our strategy is for proven prem loan rather than promising youngster. Perhaps a bit unadventurous but maybe thats wise in our position.
  9. Andrew3000

    James McClean

    Sure, just a bit fiddly having switched to Samsung phone. Cheers was getting a bit tense there.
  10. Andrew3000

    James McClean

    To be clear it's in telegraph online via the moura story on bbc sport gossip. Much more amusing to break the rules and recieve a warm welcome.
  11. Andrew3000

    James McClean

    . I should have said I clicked on the link to the moura story (telegraph online) then scrolled down.
  12. Andrew3000

    James McClean

    No. Perhaps someone could follow the steps I described rather than consulting journalists from other papers though.
  13. Andrew3000

    James McClean

    Sorry I went through BBC sport gossip - story about Moura going to spurs then scroll down a bit.
  14. Andrew3000

    James McClean

    In the Sunday Telegraph says were enquiring after the West Brom winger. Is he any Good? Let' start the puns: a tidy player

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