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  1. Yeah but too much attention whilst you are embarrassing yourself is not good.
  2. I must admit it was fun for a while, but it's been painful since Cocu.
  3. A great point actually. Humility is required to adjust and rebuild with a solid foundation. Not low expectations but like you say, a more strategic and pragmatic approach. Sadly, I don't imagine Alonso taking a low key approach from what we've seen so far. Could be wrong, may be flashy and astute of course.
  4. Morris plus an older head with champ (or league 1!) experience could be interesting. Depends if he sees himself as a manager i guess.
  5. True. He has some pace and presence. Don't recall which game, but he came on late and crunched someone or body checked them in a way which indicated he has the necessary edge to compete. I'd have been happier if he's have scored or something but hey, our first team don't do that much. How would you describe him Angie? Also not sure how long left on his contract?
  6. But if it happens. Embrace it as part of the epic story. Let's go to all away games, humbled but hopeful and curious about change. We dont have to like it, I will be angry, but if you think about it, the story is everything, not success. So duck it, nothing to be scared of, nothing to be pleased about, just the next chapter.
  7. Aha! Finally the mystery of the breakfast club sausage scandal is revealed!
  8. He has a great catchphrase "Yeah, why not?".
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