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  1. I said mostly using RNA, but it is right to point that out. @maxjam points out some scientists are concerned about the spike protein. As for safety checks, you are quite right to ask for evidence and I will keep looking at this because perhaps I have been mislead here. However, the article you posted says this : "Although the vaccines have completed the necessary steps of each trial, the health and economic impact of COVID-19 has meant the process has been sped up" So what does that actually mean? You can't speed up longer term follow up. To me, it says we didn't wait for the long term data but don't worry we are still collecting it. Then there is the adverse events reporting. Tess Lawrie wrote about her concerns. I was worried that initial reports of these were quickly being shot down in the media. I will go back to things I've listened to and read and consider this more carefully. I'm open to being wrong, which is why we should always debate with people we disagree with! I will be honest about my own bias, I don't trust authority because of my own personal experiences and history shows that power corrupts. The evidence of corruption in our governments is overwhelming, so much so we have become numb to it, like with Trump. Academia is a flawed system. Big businesses have too much power to influence everything in our lives etc etc. So I have my biases as do we all. Its been good actually to air some of this stuff because it doesn't feel that socially safe to do that. Which is another thing some of us are worried about.
  2. Come on, there is more than anecdotal evidence which I've supplied links to. You can't do meta-analysis on anecdotal evidence! Anyhow, I just want balance in all things and to feel that we can debate such important issues.
  3. I'm starting to agree. Not being able to be compete is a complete waste of a season. I'd rather have meaningful div 1 matches than this.
  4. Oh dear, doesn't sound good. What an earth is going on? Giving with one hand and taking with another. If nixon thinks petty politics involved maybe he could write a critical piece about the EFL?
  5. The COVID-19 vaccines are mostly using new RNA tech. Long term testing is usually done in trials, not in a global roll-out! I didn't say no safety checks, I said the usual gold standard has been waived. I will check this.
  6. Same here. I'm just interested in choice and finding answers to things that don't make sense.
  7. https://bird-group.org/official-ivermectin-prevents-and-treats-covid/
  8. You are a good sport I'll give you that!
  9. I wrote off my wife's car this week. I bought a puppy in lockdown. The planting in my front garden looks crap. I'm mostly a total douche-bag.
  10. Thread title isn't 'pulled my plonker'.
  11. It is a known fact that the vaccines have not gone through the usual 'gold standard safety checks'and have been allowed to do so as an emergency measure. The short term adverse effects reporting is regarded as high (according to Tess the expert I referred to earlier)compared to other vaccines. The long term data is not in. So we are back to my main concern, double standards being applied t o suit. To suit what agenda I don't know.
  12. In all seriousness, that is my point I want choices, in what to take to prevent and treat Covid.
  13. Very wise. It wouldn't be right to be pressured into taking something you weren't comfortable was safe or effective. Oh wait...
  14. We will all be wearing nappies over our trousers in the shops now.
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