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  1. Unfortunately the late Sean Lock, about 10 yrs ago in the Darwin suite. He was just off and I can't recall whether this happened before or after one of the audience make a big fuss of puking everywhere during the performance.
  2. I admire these sentiments and your refusal to take a defeated brain state. If Wayne and the players do this, we could feel much closer to them and prouder of them. However, to get to January in decent shape will be very difficult. Then we will lose all our assets. Even if we can trade, the disruption is huge. It would be one of the greatest escapes ever if we didn't get relegated. We should fight it but not fear it. Sadly I fear this season is mostly meaningful in terms of how we reset and rebuild and who will be involved. This is a painful but riveting part of the ongoing epic story of our club. The rebuild and restoration could be thrilling and more meaningful for it.
  3. Jeez 9 points? Not liking the sound of this....oh well, let's get it done.
  4. Bbc gossip page saying anderlecht I think.
  5. Home at the bbg against Wimbledon? I was there but missed the goals as the popside swept me off my feet and tumbled me around.
  6. Fair enough Brady. It seems that you are reasonably positive that this might begin to work? If right, you've done well to discern any pattern out of the mess.
  7. Well, my point is why would we have this tactical intent when we don't have the personnel? For the cbs You address how we might improve comfort using the ball but not pace. Only Mengi is quick and we haven't been able to get him. It is an interesting piece and if correct makes me worry that Rooney isn't being pragmatic enough with what's available.
  8. OK I will keep reading and respect the effort but: , CBs - Not much to really explain here and they aren't doing anything fancy. The important bit is that we expect the ball to move around between them a lot and so need to be comfortable on the ball and able to shift possession quickly and accurately. Also the centre backs may be called upon to cover the space wide that the full backs vacate so in an ideal world are positional aware and quick. So this can't be right.
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