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  1. James McClean

    Still, may show that our strategy is for proven prem loan rather than promising youngster. Perhaps a bit unadventurous but maybe thats wise in our position.
  2. James McClean

    Sure, just a bit fiddly having switched to Samsung phone. Cheers was getting a bit tense there.
  3. James McClean

    To be clear it's in telegraph online via the moura story on bbc sport gossip. Much more amusing to break the rules and recieve a warm welcome.
  4. James McClean

    . I should have said I clicked on the link to the moura story (telegraph online) then scrolled down.
  5. James McClean

    No. Perhaps someone could follow the steps I described rather than consulting journalists from other papers though.
  6. James McClean

    Sorry I went through BBC sport gossip - story about Moura going to spurs then scroll down a bit.
  7. James McClean

    In the Sunday Telegraph says were enquiring after the West Brom winger. Is he any Good? Let' start the puns: a tidy player
  8. SBW #7: Darryl Powell

    Lovely nostalgia balanced with genuinely interesting stories about what followed for Daryl. Made me yearn for some more fearless young ones in our squad and one or two touches of continental class. Smart move to keep us entertained and connected to the pod in the tedious international period. Daryl was great (apart from the sound of him chewing gum?). Would have loved to hear his thoughts on Jim and Steve. As an interviewer you seem to avoid the modern trend for posing statements as questions and making it all about you. Very pleasing all round.
  9. George Thorne

    Yes. Replaces Hudd for me . Bench at least surely?!
  10. Guy Foughts

    I'm hoping this is meant to be parody. If so that's v funny. But if not, well where do you start? He's 20 and not a Bird-type fledgling and no evidence he will lack positional sense, courage or emotional regulation. Lesley has boosted testosterone levels of the squad to new levels. Now need some mobility and drive forward.
  11. SBW #6: Brentford, Brum, Bristol

    A damn fine listen and reliable too. Can't quite articulate it but there's an enjoyable nerdish quality that manages not to alienate. Different enough from our beloved dcfc fans pod so that we can enjoy both. Much love.
  12. Guy Foughts

    Agreed. I just feel Guy would be a sensible choice and this would give us something to get behind. Yes not fully match fit but he will gain by playing. we won't be so limited after Jan So this is his best opportunity and if reports are correct he's more of the type of player we need. So important to change the atmosphere and negative tone in this period.
  13. Guy Foughts

    Surely I'm not alone in wishing it was closer too January?
  14. Guy Foughts

    Gary, no fink about it vo. Perhaps the only way to bring some optimism, hope and show some progress is to start introducing our Callum. He sounds a dynamic box to box ginger snap and would be our only realistic way of addressing the balance in midfield. We could start him and then when he tires bring on Johnson or Huddlestone for the inevitable capitulation. They take the blame and our local boy's reputation and confidence is preserved. Foughts on vis please?

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