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  1. Great interview, lovely to think back to those times and so grateful when this drops during the often dull international week. A You Tube rabbit hole awaits me too now. Keep up the good work, it's top notch.
  2. Now here's someone at the cutting edge of mental health treatment! Let's put together a research proposal and have a dark fruits comparison group.
  3. Between the ideal images we create (based on our hopes and expectations) and reality lies the disappointment gap. How we manage the emotions this creates is crucial, as often this gives rise to understandable anger, fear and sadness. This summer Mel masterfully stimulated our dreams and set some specific expectations, namely: 1. Shexshy attacking football. 2. Connection with the fans. 3. Bringing in quality loans. 4. Bringing in our exciting youth. So it's easy to see how we have so far been let down particularly on the first 3 . So we will be fearful angry and sad (think we miss this one out sometimes) but try not to hurt ourselves or others in the process. It might help to focus on the fact that no one intended this to happen, the club will be working hard to put it right and that football is perhaps best enjoyed as one epic story, the unpredictable and strange journey of our wonderful Derby County. Anyway, enough psychobabble. Peace out COYR.
  4. How close is this to their 1st team? I've No idea these days...
  5. Yeah, it's like an episode of Still Game but but not as good.
  6. Phew! Sounded crazy. Much to discuss. So pleased we hung in there.
  7. Very enjoyable analysis of Rooney signing and our start under Cocu. This Pod just keeps getting better!
  8. Like that he's checking out Evans at CB & Sibley hopefully 2nd half.
  9. Still can't believe he didn't get a better offer in Europe or Prem. We could do no better c.v wise realistically. Stunning appointment.
  10. Cocu will see that ridiculous haircut and find it hard not to judge him negatively. He's ok for me, not that much to choose between him and Forsyth but he seems weaker defensively and dispositionally more unstable. I cannot see Fozzy's knees surviving nor Malones legs not snapping like breadsticks. Lowe may turn to be the best and I hope so.
  11. Mentioned 433 in his interview but wait until he sees what we've got.
  12. Agree about waghorn looks like these 2 might be vying for one spot again. Agree with the areas to strengthen. I love Hudd as a person and is so good on the ball, but he needs to go to Italy if he still can, as he is not suited to championship.
  13. I guess his strengths may be more defensive but sounds like he's not one to sit in. Admittedly may be better in the centre but then who to his left?
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