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  1. Great section with Percy about the investment and Sharp. On the latter, I was quite surprised we wanted to add another striker last Jan.
  2. Good point. He's playing again today too so unlikely to be coming back this season.
  3. Where do you think Max Hunt fits into our plans? His loan spell appeared to be going well initially.
  4. No. Mel did not imply this. To my ears it was more that if you invest in the academy you use these players or what's the point. His comment about other clubs not wanting your players if you don't try them was an additional point and of course the very best will move on if we don't go up and those that aren't good enough for first team may well have sell on value to clubs in lower leagues etc. What's the problem with that?
  5. Yes no biggie really, yes a dig from Mel at Ramage then just some clarity that you either commit to this strategy or not. He had already implied that Cocu will do a small amount if business so he's not advocating a team of kids. Ramage not understanding this so quite rightly Mel doesn't allow him to rant on regardless. He's clearly backing Cocu too by citing the injuries.
  6. Podcast just keeps getting better chaps, really appreciated your efforts this year.
  7. Such a great tribute, lovely memories. I was 18 years old during the promotion year and particularly recall the excitement that summer as the signings came in. My little brother was away at one point and I recall saving the back pages of the telegraph and sticking them on his bedroom door for him to enjoy on his return (home pcs and dial up internet were still a new science in my home at that point). Such great anticipation for the Prem league. I then went to uni in London and missed most of the fun, apart from match of the day of course. 🙄😥
  8. Did you know you can get liquid viagra now? So you can get home from work and pour yourself a stiff one.
  9. Birmingham at home, first goal, won the ball, scampered down the wing and crossed for Martin?
  10. He is not. Just looks a little short at this level.
  11. When the wise folk like Ella say things like this, then I really worry. This season is horrible.
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