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  1. Like that he's checking out Evans at CB & Sibley hopefully 2nd half.
  2. Still can't believe he didn't get a better offer in Europe or Prem. We could do no better c.v wise realistically. Stunning appointment.
  3. Cocu will see that ridiculous haircut and find it hard not to judge him negatively. He's ok for me, not that much to choose between him and Forsyth but he seems weaker defensively and dispositionally more unstable. I cannot see Fozzy's knees surviving nor Malones legs not snapping like breadsticks. Lowe may turn to be the best and I hope so.
  4. Mentioned 433 in his interview but wait until he sees what we've got.
  5. Agree about waghorn looks like these 2 might be vying for one spot again. Agree with the areas to strengthen. I love Hudd as a person and is so good on the ball, but he needs to go to Italy if he still can, as he is not suited to championship.
  6. I guess his strengths may be more defensive but sounds like he's not one to sit in. Admittedly may be better in the centre but then who to his left?
  7. So, Cocu mostly favours 433. At present then, what would be your team? This is hurting my brain a little. So far all I can think is this: Roos Bogle Keogh Davies Forsyth Holmes Bird Shinnie Waghorn Marriott Lawrence But I don't like it. This based on love for waggy & Marriott, and the idea that Hudd is too immobile. But it looks so lightweight in midfield and not creative enough up front. Will he abandon this formation for one more suitable for the current squad? Intriguing decisions ahead.
  8. Erm, they need to prepare for the season too.
  9. Hmm, makes me worry that he might have better options. Let's hope not.
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