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  1. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/jake-hastie-rangers-celtic-derby-2624817 Let's not rush into this one ...🙄
  2. Agreed. It's the most articulate, professional and enjoyable coverage of The Rams I've heard.
  3. Once you get a reply to texting SPORT then YES it's pretty straightforward. Not that you'd bother now I imagine.
  4. Thanks man, his helped to clarify that they had not replied to my text.
  5. Don't seem to be able to get past need to have a BT account no. Despite being EE customer.🤔. Any advice please chaps?
  6. Just because I have an opinion doesn't mean I have the solution. I wish I was a songwriter but no. I'll leave that to those with an ear for melody and the skill of a lyricist. I wish those responsible for this 'song' had taken a similar position.
  7. I cringe when I hear it. Such a badly scanning dirge, we need better it just doesn't inspire.
  8. Effing Ambrose, love him already. Seemed to get hold off by Lennon for sloppy mistakes (saw him quoted as saying has always got one in him!) And then praised for his quality. Probably best we could have of the out of contract CBs, play him against bruiser forwards, strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.
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