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  1. Can't get this out my head due to this thread. We could definitely adapt for our amusement to sing at the ma....Oh. wait.
  2. Wow. Says it all that I forgot we sang that.
  3. Interesting, so pleased to hear that because he was so poor against Reading but it looked like lack of sharpness. He looked small, weak and kept getting the ball taken off him. However, I'm aware he's played better and is known for a great attitude and for his tenacity. Let's hope he's at it again Saturday.
  4. I asked this nobody knows just vague ideas of a loan but it's just odd.
  5. Very fair and interesting analysis. Great quiz at the end too.
  6. Correct, Rams Review pod couple of episodes ago.
  7. Sky sports 😬 12:23 SWANSEA MOVE AHEAD OF Derby IN GRANDSIR RACE Swansea City have moved ahead of Derby County in the race to sign Monaco winger Samuel Grandsir. Swansea are looking to increase their attacking options after Rhian Brewster returned to Liverpool when his loan spell in South Wales expired at the end of last season. Monaco are looking for £2.3m for the 24-year-old, though Swansea’s preference is for a loan deal, with an option to buy. Monaco’s discussions with Derby have centred on a cash-only deal, which is more attractive to the French club – but Der
  8. I notice a few times Island you moderate your opinions in light of a response or at least concede certain points. Very commendable and rare on here I would say. It's like we are having an honest but open conversation! Heavens above!
  9. Doesn't strike me as the bitter type, but its possible he's biased of course. If you're implying he has nothing to lose then fair enough, but a little concerning I think because we are a championship club with dwindling resources. Is his philosophy really best for us and will he adapt enough? FWIW, I'm still pro Cocu ( but open to doubts) which is perhaps why I'm more sensitive to him being criticised.
  10. 5 Live on Friday, Curtis Davies was asked an open question about how he has found Cocu to work with in comparison to other managers he has worked with. Curtis was a little critical of Cocu, implying that last season he was perhaps unrealistic about wanting to do things in a certain way, straight away, that are better suited to elite players rather than championship players and that Cocu learned from this but he imagines that he is still frustrated with some of the current squad. Perhaps confirms some people's view of early last season. Interestingly, he didn't balance this out with
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