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  1. He and Ibe are apparently pencilled in to play some part of the U23's next game against West Ham next Monday so I doubt we'll see him return to the squad until the Barnsley game at home on the 7th, or maybe even until after the next international break.
  2. Yep I agree, I'm 25 and thoroughly enjoyed it. I only really remember supporting the Rams when Burley came onto the scene so it was an interesting to learn more about what actually went on with the 3 amigos/the follow on when Gadsby and his consortium cleared the clubs debts, as well as everything that came before that in the earlier years with Jim Smith and Gregory. I couldn't recommended it highly enough to any Rams fans who haven't purchased yet!
  3. Marshall; Byrne, Wisdom, Davies, Clarke, Buchanan; Knight, Shinnie; Jozwiak, Waghorn, Lawrence. (3-4-3) Feels like last chance saloon for Philip and unfortunately for him I don't see him lasting the weekend if/when we get another poor result with no goals scored.
  4. Blimey. The bedwetting on here is hilarious. Of course it's not ideal that we've not properly replaced he who shall not be named, but this is likely to be nothing other than a stop gap signing until we can assess the situation again in January/the summer. We tried for Dursun, but Darmstadt weren't willing to let him leave without a replacement. The club would've been scrutinised had they paid over the odds for him when he'll most likely be available on a cut price deal in January/free in the summer. Gone are the days where we spend silly money on players close to the deadline, and I'
  5. Sports journalist at the Daily Mail. What a bizarre link.
  6. The Mirror reporting Derby value Sibley at around £15m. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/transfer-news-live-arsenal-romero-22829619
  7. Nothing we don't already know, but thought I'd post nevertheless.
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