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  1. Blackburn haven’t had to work one bit for this result tonight. Both goals handed to them on a plate. Shambles.
  2. The Cardiff chairman has dismissed that any prevalent talks held place with Alonso. When asked for a NDA and a proof of funds from Alonso, he failed to come up trumps.
  3. The bloke sure does talk a lot for saying no further comment was to be made until the transaction was complete. Been all over the Spanish/English press since news broke on Wednesday!
  4. Looks like he’s done an interview with a Spanish newspaper regarding the takeover. Says the deal could be even be closed as early as tomorrow: https://www.football24.news/premier-league/209300/erik-alonso-the-spanish-boxer-exiled-in-indonesia-who-has-bought-Derby-county-2.html
  5. It was GSE/Rush who made the decision to dismiss Clough. Mel's sackings began from McClaren's first spell onwards.
  6. I’m pretty sure he’s already said the reason he left was due to Mel telling him that finances were tight and the wage bill needed to be reigned in, only for Lampard to be given a huge pot of money (Albeit the Vydra sale provided some of these funds) when appointed which he basically spunked up the wall. I didn’t have a problem with him leaving for Stoke if it’s true he was was told he needed to sell and cut the cloth. Didn’t mind Rowett at all during his time here in all honestly. If offered today, I’d take his style of play and win ratio over the dross being served up to us now.
  7. Rooney needs to stop saying we’ll be fine and he’s targeting promotion next season, it’s complete and utter delusion. We’re bang in trouble and I honestly can’t see where the points are coming to come from in order to survive. The lack of urgency and quality when we went 1-0 down today was frightening. Chalk and cheese from Brentford in midweek. Our fate will go down to the final game, if not already sealed before. No doubt about it.
  8. Rooney says 4 wins from 10 (9 after tonight) will be enough for safety. Can anyone honestly see where they are going to come from? His arrogance saying we’ll be nowhere near the relegation places also doesn’t sit right with me. Going to be a very nervy end to the season.
  9. Absolute shoe-in for the POTY award. There can’t be anyone remotely close to winning, can there? I don’t think I’ve ever quite seen such an impact from a signing who was wrote off by many before the ink was even dry on his contract. Delighted he’ll be sticking around for another year. The reception he’ll receive from the Pride Park faithful on the first game back will be something to behold. Need to get a decent chant sorted for him beforehand! All hail King Col. 👑
  10. Forest are going to sit in and make it very difficult to break them down now. Needed to score that first goal.
  11. 2 episodes in to ZeroZeroZero on Sky Atlantic. It’s an 8 episode series. Not seen Gomorrah, but it has the same writers, which I’ve heard is highly rated. Pretty solid start. Has anyone else seen it?
  12. Source: https://theathletic.com/2401261/2021/02/22/ornstein-self-isolation-crackdown-united-cool-on-sancho-fpl-inquest-us-teen-to-rangers/
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