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  1. As others have said. he had a stormer on his debut in the win against WBA in the cup but it very much went downhill from there. He'll always be remembered for this god awful attempt at a pass under no pressure at all against Burton for me..
  2. Heisenberg

    RamsTV Podcast

    The first podcast is up with Shane Nicholson. It's a good listen.
  3. Would go for the same 11 that started Saturday, personally. Give Bogle all the time he needs to get back up to speed before rushing him back in. Lowe and Malone both did fine against Brum. Surprised to see quite a few would drop/move Paterson out wide. I thought he looked excellent in the number 10 role linking up with Martin. Barnsley give up a lot of chances and look a quite naive, young side but with plenty of attacking ability. We're more than capable of going there and winning the game quite comfortably but we'll have to be on our guard for the inevitable reaction to their result yesterday.
  4. He was pretty poor last night, but as others have said, the game wasn't an easy watch and there was little quality from either side. Was surprised to hear he hadn't scored since July(?).
  5. The same Jarrod Bowen who is being touted for a £20m move to the Premier League?
  6. Derby 1-1 Cardiff. Waghorn FRGS.
  7. Derby 1-1 Bristol City. Marriott FRGS.
  8. Scunthorpe 2-1 Derby. Paterson FRGS.
  9. No thanks. I can understand when there is injuries and suspensions and the U23’s are low on numbers, but why block the pathway for our most promising youngsters who deserve the game time?
  10. Not sure if it warranted it’s own thread.
  11. https://www.footballinsider247.com/sources-Derby-county-chase-late-move-for-bristol-city-attacker-who-played-on-monday/
  12. The chances of him appearing on the bench, nevermind playing will be highly unlikely. He's literally only being brought in to fill their quota of English players.
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