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  1. Is Reece Hutchinson who’s on the bench tonight the one who was/is at Burton? Has he joined permanently or just on trial, do we know?
  2. What’s the Billy Sharp chants all about? Pretty poor taste if there’s no substance in them IMO.
  3. What a bloke! He's rightly called out Morris for his incompetence and has got a lot off his chest by the sound of things. Let's back the manager and his lads to the hilt as they deserve all the support we can possibly give them. Tickets for next week's home games are being purchased as we speak! 🐏
  4. Does anyone know if the 11am press conference from the administrators is being streamed live anywhere? Or is it just being broadcast on Radio Derby?
  5. The latest from John Percy reports that MSD will have a big say who the administrators will be and that any takeover could take up to 2 months to materialise. There is also a number of interested parties waiting to make their move, apparently.
  6. I’m sure I read around January/February time that clubs that failed to pay their wages on time, albeit once, aren’t then entitled to the payment?
  7. Yep, nothing but friendly folk down there. Makes a nice change from the city life whenever we go down for a long weekend away to visit. We often ponder the idea of moving down there permanently one day. Enjoy the rest of your trip!
  8. Sky Sports News have just reported that we are close to agreeing a points deduction, but didn’t say exactly how many. I imagine some form of statement will be released by the club and/or the EFL by the end of the week.
  9. You have to register each individual family member via this link https://www.dcfc.co.uk/customer/register thus creating a new fan ID and then when you go to allocate the tickets you’ve selected, make a note of the new fan ID’s and you’ll be able to assign them. As others said, you have to also use alternative emails which is annoying. Had to do the same for my Dad and nephew when purchasing tickets for the Stoke game.
  10. Oulton Broad? Was down those ends a few weeks back visiting the in-laws. Lovely part of the country.
  11. Dylan Williams. What a performance, young man.
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