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  1. Around 50 seconds or so into this video which was uploaded by the club in May last year, he does reference a couple of health scares he has had. (Audio isn't great btw)
  2. To be fair to him, he's massively struggled with injuries/fitness this season, so that's why he's hardly featured. He played the full 90 minutes in their win against Barnsley on Tuesday, and impressed by all accounts.
  3. On Sky Sports Main Event. Programme starts at 5:30pm.
  4. Heisenberg


    Some talk that it’s Huddersfield.
  5. I’ll be absolutely amazed if we manage to get anything from this game. Every aspect of our performance has been abysmal.
  6. Roos in for Marshall (illness). Waghorn in for Sibley. Knight skipper. 😍
  7. The first part of it was broadcast live on SSN when Rob Dorsett was asking his questions, with the full press conference likely to be uploaded to DCFC’s website later today/tomorrow morning.
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