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  1. Funnily enough, Brighton’s current Head of Recruitment is our Ex-Head of Analysis, Paul Winstanley. He joined them in the September 2014.
  2. He only actually played 2 games under McClaren towards the back end of the 14/15 season, one against Norwich away when he scored direct from a corner on his debut and then again in the defeat to ‘Boro at home. He featured more regularly the following season under Clement/Wassall.
  3. He mentions it briefly in this video when Clarke originally joined on loan last summer, it’s around the 2 minute 10 seconds mark.
  4. Max Lowe in central midfield?
  5. Archie Brown will be the next one to look out for IMO. Cocu apparently rates him very highly and often involves him in first team training. His stature and power for his age is incredible. Looks very versatile too.
  6. I may well be adding 2+2 together and getting 5 but there’s a producer/podcaster who I follow on Twitter that works for Radio Derby and he deactivated his Twitter account pretty much straight after news broke about Ramage’s comments. Could he be the one who edited it and allowed it to go out? Again, it’s just an assumption and there could be nothing in it but seems a little odd he deactivated his account.
  7. Uncut Gems. 8.5/10. Not something you'd watch over and over, but a good watch nevertheless. Adam Sandler played the role brilliantly considering he's normally known for his comedic roles. Very fast paced and basically 2 hours 15 minutes of anxiety. 😂
  8. te Wierik is a right sided centre back and Clarke plays on the left side so I’d of thought he was more of a replacement to fill the Keogh shaped hole in the defence and to provide competition to Wisdom if Cocu is looking at playing him there permanently next season. Unless Clarke arrives on another season-long loan deal next season, I fully expect Cocu to be in the market for another CB to partner te Wierik on the left hand side of defence.
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