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  1. At least we’re not on now. Never seen a 3pm weekday kickoff on a normal workday (Millwall v Boro).
  2. I like us in navy blue. Looks like one of the ones we had when we had EDS as shirt sponsor.
  3. I’ll get our booking agent on it. Not played Brighton before, but should be on our list for next year. Cheers!!
  4. That’d be cool. Not been out in Brighton for a while (play off semi I think was the last time, in fact).
  5. Hi all. Lifelong Derby fan here, season ticket holder in the East Stand. My band, Doomsday Outlaw, had our tune, Bring It On Home, as the soundtrack the DCFC warm up video on the big screen before every home game last season. Just released our new single, Runaway. Hope it ticks the boxes for some of you!:
  6. Make sure he gets his beer two minutes before the second half kicks off, and tell him he can’t look at the football until he’s necked it.
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