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  1. Anywhere between 7th and 24th and I don’t really care. If we’re not 6th, and we’re not relegated, anything else doesn’t really matter. Therefore, if that was the end the result, I’d be pretty chuffed. Cheering on Fulham in the play offs. I’d but ducking setting myself if Leeds and forest miss out in the play offs. I’d love it if it were us making them cry, but if it has to be Fulham, then so be it.
  2. He must be the most expensive grounds keeper in the league then.
  3. TigerTedd


    Explaining offside to girls is going to be really ducking difficult now.
  4. I think I could take them being promoted (although it would be very hard to take in the short term), providing you could guarantee me they’ll get just 9 points from the following season. Their promotion would fail into insignificance compared with that.
  5. Radio Derby had to take it down / edit it, in fact I think they’re probably legally obliged to. however, by doing that they’ve done two things: 1) they’ve unequivocally recognised and admitted That what damage said was unacceptable, and therefore there has to be some further consequences. 2) by not making it clear that it’s an edited version, they’ve cast doubt on Max’s original statement. Did he mis hear it? Is he just an easily offended snow flake? All these questions are going round social media belittling his dignified stance. radio Derby could have nipped that in the bud with a simple statement.
  6. Still hanging onto that play off spot for dear life I see.
  7. How would they win the appeal though. No matter how the evidence was gained, the fact is it’s out there now, and they don’t really have a defence for it, so they. It’s Footballs version of saracens.
  8. That would make for a pretty shitty atmosphere mind.
  9. They’d have to be in it first though.
  10. In what way fake. That his dad didn’t write a porno. Doesn’t really matter either way though. It is ducking hilarious.
  11. bristol are coming to get you. come join us back in mid table, where you’re more comfortable.
  12. That’s very interesting, I didn’t know there was a sky sports action channel. So can I access this if I have sky go but don’t have a sky sports subscription? I think I’ve found the channel but it says I have to upgrade my subscription.
  13. Tonight’s the nights then. Every red’s a ram for the night. i love nights like this, vos they can’t really win. Either we continue our streak, or Bristol close in on them.
  14. My phone tends to self correct duck anyway, and I don’t make an effort or correct it, knowing the forum will change it back to duck anyway. Not that I ever bother to go back and correct any auto correct issues anyway.
  15. Can’t see it. Any chance of a link?
  16. That was very damaging. Only 4 PST from 7th, and 6th and 7th both have a game in hand now. If they both win, then forest loose against West Brom, which is the most likely result if you’re a betting man, then the they could find themselves out of the top 6 by Saturday tea time. theyre only hope is us. Ironically. We’ll smash Bristol, making it an unprecedented two away wins in a row, and save their position in the top 6. Until next week.
  17. I only ever knew Gregory as a pretty crap manager. Didn’t realise he was such an influential player.
  18. So when the dogs come to us are we singing: ’French billy Davies, your just a french billy Davies.’ or ’straight louie spence, your just a straight Louie spence.’
  19. Rooney’s won everything there is to win in the game, but the one that will take pride of place in his trophy cabinet would be the Derby county player of the season, right next to his play off winners medal.
  20. Wow! How do you duck that up?! That would be like Liverpool not winning the premier league.
  21. How do you go about loosing 4 out of 5 games and still be in 2nd place? I never noticed they were that far ahead we’re they? or is it just because the chasing pack are also a bit crap. I mean, when Forest are among your closest contenders, you can afford to loose a few games.
  22. I can’t be too pissed off at that result, as long as it means I can keep singing ‘Leeds, Leeds are falling apart, again.’
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