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  1. The battery? Im not sure actually. Tesla was mentioned. I’ve got a Solax battery at the minute, which came with my solar panels, but wouldn’t be enough by itself to handle the new electric heating and hot water, so it’s being topped up by the one I’m having installed, but I bought and paid for it so long ago I can’t remember what I paid for. Been endless delays getting it installed ‘installers got covid’, ‘it’s stuck in the suez’, ‘they sent the wrong one.’ pain in the arse, but hopefully the saga will be over soon and I’ll have a battery, and free energy.
  2. To be fair there were a lot of people at the time saying we were being robbed, the system is broken and it will come back to bite us. So it’s a fair point to say that if we had been fairly (in this market) compensated for those players, we’d be in a much better place now. Nothing we can do about it now, but our plight does highlight the knock on effects of these stupid rules. Maybe it’s one step closer to something being done about it. also, to be fair to Mel (not that I think he deserves it at this stage), he invested in the academy to make some money off it. We’ve done okay, but the dream is to do a forest or Birmingham. Develop youngsters to sell for tens of millions. That was always part of the business plan.
  3. It’s getting so there’s only really one or two relegation spots cos the others are already taken by points deducted teams. just like there’s only one promotion place you for grabs, if you’re lucky, cos the rest are taken by parachute payment clubs. there’s barely anything to play for anymore. when are the efl going to admit it’s broken? What will it take?
  4. Looks like octopus are a fairly safe bet according to this: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.nationalworld.com/lifestyle/money/is-octopus-energy-going-bust-what-the-uk-suppliers-founder-said-on-twitter-amid-rising-wholesale-gas-prices-3389370%3famp also looks like I might have made the right choice by getting rid of gas altogether in my home.
  5. I’m with octopus. I believe they’re still going strong (ish). I’ve not heard anything to the contrary, but this thread has me concerned. ive specifically been waiting a while to switch into their agile tarrif. My whole smart eco house plan depends on it. I’ve got a new battery being installed in the roof next week that will charge you overnight on their less than 0p rates.
  6. There’s some hope here fellas. By the time it’s all done and dusted, our -21pts won’t look so bad if there are 3 or 4 other clubs on -9 or more. it’s already started with forest giving themselves a self imposed penalty to start the season.
  7. Agreed. Seems a weirdly specific thing to protest about. Seems a weird thing to need to protest about. It’s a bit of a no brainer really.
  8. Obviously there would be terms and conditions to any policy like this. No one is going to be forced to let work people into their homes. But it’s not a bad idea to give all houses a certain age insulation to bring bills and stuff down. I’m sure those refusing would be in the minority. Im by no means an expert on the subject and what’s already been going on. I’m sure I’ve seen many grant projects to get you’re home insulated, so I’m surprised there are still homes in Britain that haven’t had it done. But if these guys feel the need to protest about it, then it can’t have been done or made clear as a standing policy, and the demands seem pretty sensible really. It’s a quick win for cheaper bills, with a side effect of being better for the environment. Everyone’s a winner, I just assumed it was already a thing.
  9. I always wanted to get a pair of cats when I was a kid, and call them Saint and Greavsie. Or possibly Tango and Cash.
  10. You know what, I might start watching strictly, just so that I can actively not vote for him.
  11. I’m trying to work this one out. Why is it not a compliment?
  12. A relegation on his fresh cv won’t look particularly good. Im pretty sure he didn’t sign up for this. I’m sure he was probably hoping to follow the frank Lampard model, have a fairly successful season with us, and when ole got sacked, United would come knocking. Instead he got chucked in at the deep end with us rock bottom in the table, he didn’t have to take it, but he fancied the challenge I guess, but he couldn’t have known at that stage that his challenge would include a 21pt point deduction and a transfer embargo. If we’ve got any sort of choice about who we could get in, I’d say we have to start thinking about next season. Someone who is good at working with youth and a limited budget, and someone who knows the level. And anyone who’s already made their name at a higher level isn’t going to come near it, so the likes of Wilder are out of the question. Nigel Clough anyone?
  13. Well, that’s that then. But allow to spread some positivity. We’re not the first and we definitely won’t be the last. We’ve tried everything else to get promoted in the last decade or so, now let’s try this. A full reset. Switch it off and on again. It worked spectacularly well for Leicester, it even worked for Leeds eventually, even Manchester city were down in the third tier not a million years ago. Granted, every there’s an Ipswich, for every Leeds there’s a Sunderland. But all we can do is hike that maybe this is the first step of what could be a long journey that eventually results in us in the premier league, in Europe etc. If a club goes down on merit, ie they’re crap, then they continue to be crap in league one, and they struggle. If a club goes down on a technicality, it doesn’t mean they’re crap. We could end up with a perfectly respectable amount of points this season, but the -21 is what takes us down. I know it sounds pretentious to say we’ll bulldoze league one, but if you’re actually a mid table championship club down there on a technicality, then you should, theoretically, have too much for most league one sides, providing we can filed more than 8 players. Forest, on the other hand are going to get relegated cos they’re crap, and they will get torn apart in league one.
  14. Nah, feel free take all the piss now red dogs, it’ll be all the more sweeter when we claw our way out of the relegation zone, and forest get relegated instead. it won’t be ‘we only need 10 men’ any more, it’ll be ‘we only need 10 points.’ (only one team gets relegated in the championship right. Oh, 3 you say. poo, see in league one then fellas).
  15. I love the idea of those Sci fi landscapes where you’re looking up from a planets surface and seeing weird clouds and several moons or planets in the sky. a lot of planets are just a lot of rock, or mountains, and you could be in the middle of a desert on earth, but it’s when you look up that you realise you’re really not in cansas anymore. I’d love to be able to see something like that. these pictures look cool. But I wonder what it would look like from whatever constitutes the surface (does Jupiter have a surface somewhere under all the clouds, would it look like a wet cat if all the gas blew away?)
  16. I genuinely believe that if we went all in in investing in green technologies like windmills and solar panels, repurpose all the failings feel mills and other industrial stuff in this country, it would be a massive shot in the arm for the economy for generations. Population control is not a bad thing. Have you ever red inferno by Dan brown and got to the end end thought ‘you know what, the bad guys onto something here.’ Love the idea noted above though, that population control can be achieved by simply increasing the standard of living across the globe. Nothing irks me more than 1% of the population having 99% of the wealth. I’m not going all communist, but there has to be a fairer way to redistribute the worlds wealth. There are smart people in Africa work there arses off earning nothing, and there are dumb people in America doing an hour a day and earning billions. Somethings not right there.
  17. I’ve heard of that bloke.
  18. The next ex mrs. Nottingham forest manager.
  19. Didn’t they used to have elbow pad bits in them. I’m thinking back to when I played football as a kid in the 80s. Last time I saw a replica keeper shirt.
  20. I’m sure what result I want this evening. boro win and go above us ☹️. But forest lose again, and its hilarious 🤣. They draw, boro is level with us, forest gains a point 😕 forest win, boro stay behind us, but forest win and close the gap 😱 yep, as dirty as it makes me feel, I’m going for Boro, just for the lols. We can catch them up again later.
  21. Loving this season as we wave to each other across opposite sides of the swirling flushing toilet of doom. It’s a race to see who can lose by the least goals each week at the moment. We should both be proud of the fact that we didn’t ship 3. Yay for us.
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