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  1. Balls, my post won’t last long then. I was about to submit for some sort of novel prize, but it will never see the light of day.
  2. What I always loved about Martin was not how many goals he scored. I was always amazed he scored so many, vos he spent most of his time creating for others. You can get the Bent’s of this world, who will score you 20+ goals, but be a passenger for the rest of the game. A true poacher. But Martin is a creator. A joy to watch when he was flicking cheeky back heels to an onrushing Bryson. Not to mention the freekicks he won to change the tempo, and relive pressure, and the hold up play to bring others into the attack. Quite similar to Rooney actually. A creator who happens to score a boat load of goals as well.
  3. It is quite pleasing that, if the 3, it’s villa who are struggling the most. Goes to shoe how much of a disadvantage it is to go up through the play offs. I’m fact our early season form goes to show how much of a disadvantage the play offs are full stop. All good entertainment though.
  4. Didn’t have them on the ropes a bit in the drawn test as well? I don’t know a lot about cricket, but I definitely felt like we had the upper hand, just didn’t have enough time. Draws probably a fair result. I’ve heard lots of doom merchants throughout the series, but from what I heard, it seemed like we did pretty well. Some good, some bad, and as you say, Steve Smith was the big difference. If he’s not playing (or we find some way to get him out for 23) we win (probably over simplifying that slightly). Why cant they end it ok a super over or something though. It’s a series with what should be a very definite winner or looser. To simply retain cos the game was drawn is a bit poor. i get why it happens with things like the Brian cough trophy, cos that’s usually more of a league meeting, so you can’t be even subconsciously influencing a a league match with outside motivations like that, we couldn’t play extra time, for example (although it might be fun to finish any drawn matches with a penalty shoot out for the Brian Clough trophy). But this is a series, with the sole intention of either winning or loosing the ashes. There’s no reason not to have some sort of decider in the last test if necessary.
  5. Middle borough also knew the rules. But instead of using the parachute payments for the purpose for which they were intended, they spunked it all on players like assambolonga and Christie. They failed miserably, and now they’re in the poo and trying to blame anyone and everything else, rather than trying to find a creative solution within the rules. Or maybe suing everyone is their creative way to raise funds.
  6. I love a good analogy. I tip my hat sir. Bravo.
  7. Agreed. FFP is clearly not fit for purpose. But parachute payments piss me off the most. They’re clearly meant for paying off premier league contracts. So why is it so difficult to put that money in a separate trust account to be used for that sole purpose. Instead they’re used to buy yet more players on premier league wages in a desparte gambit to get straight back up. If the gambit doesn’t work, they’re in an even worse financial position. Villa would have been buggered if they hadn’t scraped promotion at the last chance. And that all has the side effect of skewing the market in the championship and other clubs without parachute payments having to overspend and breach ffp and put themselves at risk to be even slightly competitive. It just pisses me off that it would be so easy to govern. Parachute payments in trust account. Done. Easy. Peace in the Middle East overnight.
  8. Behave. He left for his dream job and never pretended he wouldn’t. All concerned new it was on the cards, and just came around earlier than expected. If Rotherham gave you your big break, but then Derby came a-knocking, you’d do the same. I certainly would. I’d always have a soft spot for Rotherham though, and look for their results, but there’s only one place I really want to be.
  9. Tell you what, makes you realise, if you didn’t before, how good those loans were for this level. We scraped into 6th last season. It was a helluva ride, but ultimately that was the end result. The commentator on talk sport mentioned about how many points were gained by Harry’s freekicks, and who’s going to score those free kicks now? That really hit it home for me, and this more so. Without Harry scoring some top draw belters, not to mention tomori and mount’s contribution, we would have been a distinctly average team, finishing in a distinctly average position. We’ve not replaced those players. But we were never, seriously, likely too. They were a cut above, and trying to get in 3 more loans of the same calibre would be like winning the lottery, then winning it again the next week. Not going to happen. So we are what we are, we have the players we have, if anyone thinks Cocu’s going for promotion this season, they’re dreaming. Top 6 would be an almighty achievement with this squad.
  10. Big gamble for Cowley too. He’s riding high on the crest of a wave at the minute. Maybe this is the right time for him to cash in on that. But if he crashes and burns at huddersfield, his reputation will be in tatters (people rarely take contact into account when judging your rep). Unless the guy at stoke can turn a corner pretty quick, this’ll end up happening to him, when he probably would have been better off sticking with Luton and taking them to the championship himself. They’ll end up finishing higher than stoke this season.
  11. The lack of experience comes more into play, I think, if he’s expected to ‘manage’ the club. Huddersfield had been a premier league set up for the past 2 seasons. They’ve got parachute payments, so they’ll still have all the physios and technicians and what not in the background. Compared with the level the Crowley’s have managed at, that’s suddenly a big step up of stuff they’ve got to be keeping their eye on on a day to day basis. Lampard came here having known nothing but that kind of premier league set up. It’s a lot to ask of the Crowley’s with out some sort of stepping stone club like a Bradford or Rotherham or Wigan or something. Like that bloke that took over at Leeds from doing okay at forest green rovers. Or indeed the guy who stepped up from flying high with Luton, to stoke. You’re right, it’s a big step. It might only sen like a few places in the pyramid compared to relative positions, but when you’re moving from league one to a recently relegated premier league club (or a club the size of Leeds), you’re not going to hit the ground running.
  12. Or if it rains all day tomorrow, do we draw?
  13. Precisely. Ie you’re not present at the St. George’s Park, so you don’t see what they do to get picked. But they clearly do something. Could be all sorts of reasons not to play others. Certain players might just work better with other players, or in certain systems. He could be saving players for the next game, maybe treating two fairly easy looking games like friendlies to give everyone a run out and a look at. Also, he’s lost two semi finals. That’s a great point. I can’t remember the manager that lost two semi finals. Bobby robson only lost one. And all the rest didn’t lose any.
  14. Ah, so I’m starting to realise that time is precious cos we could play for a draw. All we have to do is not get out. We could score 1 run tomorrow, and still draw. At first my flawed maths thought that would mean Australia automatically retain. But that would make it 1-1 with 1 to play. I think i’m starting to get this now. So we’re not necessarily hoping for stokes to pull another miracle out of the bag tomorrow, just that we don’t get out.
  15. I don’t understand cricket, but I’m getting quite invested in this. But I don’t fully understand it. What’s a follow on, and why is everyone excited that we avoided it? Isn’t it basically game over with Australia scoring so much in the first innings? Do we have anything left to play for?
  16. Also, it’s be a mercy vote. They didn’t play a single game in the season in the end, so what was the point of admitting them in the first place. Shouldn’t really have let them in if they weren’t ready to go. If they had have found a buyer st the last minute, how were they going to play their back log of games?
  17. Yes, but Owen didn’t sign for us. He might’ve signed for Preston or Bury too, who won plenty back in the day, but also think they’re probably a bit below his level these days. Thing is, most clubs have a sense of humility. Rooney’s signing for us, but we’re not bigging it up like we’re the most successful club in the world. We know what we are. We know we’re lucky to have someone of Rooney calibre on the books. But newcastle always seems to have the same kind of attitude as Leeds, that they deserve to be up on the top table through sheer force of population, and actually earning it through merit has nothing to do with it. Owen should feel bloody honoured that they allowed him to play for such an esteemed club. But they’re not esteemed. They’re less relevant than forest ffs, and that’s saying something.
  18. We weren’t near them at the end of last season. Still knocked them out of the play offs though.
  19. A population of 450,000 compared with a population of 200,000 might have something to do with it.
  20. That’ll go towards funding the next big olympiakos purchase then.
  21. Shared with Watford now. I think they’re trying their best to share our 11pts record too, bless them.
  22. Is it religious imagery? It’s only a picture of a bloke. If I brought a big picture of rod hull to a match, would we get done.
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