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  1. Be surprised if Siewart lasts until September. 4 wins in 50 odd games. Cack.
  2. Huddersfield are toss. Their forum was amusing after our game, their confidence/arrogance was astounding. They are bobbins.
  3. Stood outside Elland Road and my three words were again.fell.apart
  4. This. I'm 31 so missed out on the 'good old days'. My good old days is the Jim Smith era.
  5. You can cancel 5 minutes after you sign up and you will still retain the full free trial period.
  6. This is the kind of thing a Liverpool fan would say on Facebook before claiming that the reason they haven't won a league title in forever is because of a high level conspiracy against them.
  7. I think we can all agree that the absolute worst thing about Derby County in recent years is that awful Sweet Child of Mine mash up version or whatever it was being played before matches at Pride Park. It made me want to rip my ears off and throw them in to the away end.
  8. I tend to go for a beer before and after the game, not during the game. Not worth missing the end of the first half/start of the second half to squeeze a really crap pint in. I'd rather wait until I get back to the Brunswick for a proper beer.
  9. Derby 2 Stoke 1 - FRGS Waghorn, Ince will score for them.
  10. Gibson set to sue Crewe for emotional damages after their penalty shootout loss.
  11. Three matches for Cocu so far. Two wins and a draw. Solid start.
  12. I find the problems with Radio Derby mainly kick in when I finally get it to work and remember that I have got to sit and listen to Ed Dawes.
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