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  1. We need to slow this down and exert control on the game. Birmingham are there to be had.
  2. The absolute state of our defending from set pieces. It's horrendous. We've not been able to defend corners of any description all season.
  3. Really, someone should be tracking their biggest threat from crosses.
  4. That's not Keogh's fault. Nobody tracked the run, we've left their big striker completely on his own in the area. Pathetic.
  5. This has got banana skin slapped all over it. We seem to find them, jump on them and fall on our arses at almost every opportunity.
  6. I'd have more sympathy for City fans were it not for the fact that their club is now essentially a massive PR project for the royal family of a nation with a frankly appalling human rights record. The scale of the mental gymnastics a lot of City fans do to convince themselves it's all fine is insane.
  7. Absolute cack. Can't defend that performance.
  8. It's been like this too many times this season. I can take losing matches but not when they don't even look like they give a toss.
  9. No way we are anywhere near top six in this state. This has been conpletely incompetent.
  10. If anyone in a Blackburn shirt had any composure in the final third they would be beating us easilly here.
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