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  1. If we leave with no deal there is a better than good chance I lose my job within a month. I've got a 9 month old baby and a mortgage to pay. Nice to see brexiteers are still so flippent about something that will have genuinely terrible consequences for a lot of people. At least we have food banks though, right? Lucky me.
  2. I hope both the Labour and Conservative parties get ripped to bits to be honest. Neither of them are fit for purpose.
  3. Hard to arrange a hate campaign towards someone if they have already been murdered.
  4. We could have had a clean, orderly brexit had May's government not locked parliament out of the process for two years whilst negotiating a rubbish withdrawal agreement. I did say that in the comment you stopped reading half way through. We could have got all of this nonsense out of the way early in the process but May decided to erode her own majority and send plonkers like Raab to oversee the negotiations instead.
  5. You know what I mean. Refusing to read beyond it is just juvenile. No deal will have very real consequences both short and long term. You cant just ignore that fact. That's what it means.
  6. Grow up. Sticking your fingers in your ears and pretending no deal would be fine doesn't alter the reality of the situation.
  7. Parliament need a reasonable amount of time to actually review the deal before voting on it. That's what the amendment was, it's not to sabotage brexit. Letwin was very clear on that. This also removes the possibility that we can crash out with no deal. If you want to point the finger at anyone for sabotaging brext try looking at May's government who spent two years messing about keeping parliament (with a slim majority after her disaster of an election) in the dark. We could have done all this 18 months ago but here we are.
  8. Only as much of a muppet as the tory moaning to the BBC that today has ruined his birthday.
  9. You can be incredibly disappointed with what our country has become politically yet still be proud of our history. The two things are not mutually exclusive.
  10. I got cursed by a gypsy when I was 19 working in a River Island store. She tried to nick a rail of jeans and I stopped her so she spat at me and told me I was now cursed for life. I never quite figured out what impact the curse had, maybe this was it.
  11. We'll have to be a lot better against Charlton than we were against Barnsley and Luton to get a result.
  12. The kind of person that reads The Sun cover to cover I guess.
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