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  1. Said it before many times, and I'll say it again. The DET has absolutely no journalistic merit at all. None. They only care about dedicating the maximum amount of screen space to adverts as possible and churning out the highest volume of 'articles' possible. Most of it is copied/pasted from twitter and/or taken from work other outlets have done. Absolute rubbish.
  2. Can the EFL appeal the outcome of the appeal? Seems to be the way they work. Appeal after appeal until they get the result they want (not that I think they'll need to in this instance).
  3. My point is that other clubs who might be in a perilous situation right now might decide to try and wipe the slate clean right now, not if this happens again in future. If they see us 'get away with it' then a few other clubs might think "screw it, lets take advantage whilst we can"
  4. If the reason we were unable to get the loan is because by our own incompetence/poor management we were not eligible for it then then that kills the appeal stone dead if that is what we are basing it on.
  5. One of the main reasons I can think of for the EFL rejecting this appeal outright will be because they do not want to set a precedent on this. If we get away with it then what is to stop any other club saddled with a heap of debt pulling the same trick? Go under, blame COVID, start fresh. Happy days. I cannot see any circumstance in which this appeal goes our way.
  6. I think this is a waste of time, but if by some absolute miracle we get the deduction removed or reduced the boiled piss from the rest of the teams and their fans in the division would be absolutely glorious. Mr Pop would explode like a stick of dynamite.
  7. I'd argue the first domino was the fact that the people running the club had pushed it to breaking point, meaning we had absolutely no ability to mitigate any change in circumstances outside of the clubs control, and I suspect that is exactly what whoever reviews our appeal will say shortly before dismissing it.
  8. When people are losing their jobs, blowing 300k on an appeal that is extremely unlikely to succeed is not on. Just my opinion.
  9. Waste of 300k that could have been used to keep people in jobs. No chance we win this appeal given the state of our finances. To say COVID is the sole reason we are where we are is just false.
  10. I'd go as far as saying Newcastle fans are some of the most deluded fans in the country. They were decent for a few seasons in the 90's and have a big ground but haven't won a top flight title this side of WW2. Any idea that they have some sort of right to sit within the top tier of teams in this country is bonkers. Now the option to sell the soul of the club to get a seat at the 'top table' has presented itself they've gone all in. Not sure I'd do the same if it were Derby to be honest. Some things are more important than football, at least in my opinion.
  11. Their bleating about Ashley was frankly pathetic and stems from the fact that a lot of Newcastle fans are utterly deluded as to their standing within the game.
  12. Newcastle fans doing logical gymnastics to justify this one after calling Man City's trophies hollow is a sight to behold. Almost as annoying as the breed of Newcastle fan that thinks they are one of the biggest clubs in the country, despite their only post-war trophy being an FA Cup in the 50's.
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