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  1. If the government want us to move on from Cummings let's do that. Let's move on to the fact that a group of the government scientists are saying the easing of lockdown measures is happening too quickly based on the infection rates. They love saying they follow the science, so what has changed? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52858392
  2. Got my test coming in the post in the next 48 hours on orders of my GP. My taste and smell have vanished again after coming back briefly. I am now being told to stay indoors until I have had my results, which is a shame because Durham looks bloody lovely at this time of year.
  3. Cummings could always report his treatment by the press to his local MP if he feels that strongly about it. Oh, wait. His local MP is Jeremy Corbyn who had to put up with a national media smear campaign for pretty much the entire duration of his Labour party leadership.
  4. Good luck to anyone working for the Government or public sector trying to enforce lockdown rules after that display of absolute cowardice from Johnson. If Dom is allowed to travel hundreds of miles then so is everyone else I guess.
  5. Boris is probably hiding in a fridge somewhere hoping this all blows over. Joking aside, I agree that he should be the one sorting this out. In which case where is he?
  6. I'd be fuming if I were Shapps. Bunged out this morning with seemingly no additional info or prep. If Armando Ianucci happens to be writing any more episodes of 'The Thick of It' he might as well shut the laptop down and give up. This government has essentially retired political satire.
  7. If the government had said 'we understand why he did it but it is still wrong and here is the action taken' I could accept that but they didn't. My partner and I had COVID symptoms but I didn't drive to my parents house just in case to drop my daughter off as it would have put them at risk. I would have preferred to do that but it was against the rules. Why is Cummings according to our government entitled to a different interpretation of the rules to me and you? That is what makes me angry here. Not that he did what he did, but that he is being defended for it by the top level of our government when everyone else had to suck it up and deal with it.
  8. It's not a case of agreement. He broke the rules and other people in positions of authority have resigned or been sacked for breaking the same rules. When the government are making exceptions for certain people and are unable to provide a reasonable explanation as to why thrn what are the public supposed to do? We aren't exactly being given many options here.
  9. So he just gets to do whatever he wants until the next election? Not good enough.
  10. The difference with Cummings is that his actions, ideas and decisions influence our government. He can't be held to account in Parliament because he isn't an MP. I'm not saying I approve of him being harassed but how exactly are we supposed to hold him to account in a situation like this? If Conservative MP Steve Baker is to be believed he refuses to be held to account by MP's as well so what options do we have here?
  11. Which is why the question should be put to the government as to what their version of the story is as its not exactly been consistent so far. The eye witness story may not be true but what is true is that Cummings did break the rules at least once. Yet, the top level MP's that came out to defend him with the 'common sense' caveat have forgotten that people nationwide didn't have that caveat they simply made up on the spot yesterday. People have had to see relatives die alone and be buried with no funeral, single mums with covid told to stay at home with their kids, families unable to see relatives for weeks all whilst what will be seen as a select few are allowed to interpret the rules differently. People will be angry about that and that is now as much of a story as Cummings is. If the government expect people to simply swallow their defense of Cummings actions and keep quiet then they are mistaken.
  12. On the Flack point, Cummings should absolutely not be harassed by anyone in the media or the public. However, when you are in a public office and are found to be breaking the rules you have to expect questions to be asked. When even more allegations are then presented that contradict your initial answers then expect a fresh round of questions. For me this is about the integrity of the people at the top level of our government. Their response yesterday was undermined by fresh allegations within hours. I think we are owed an explanation as to why that appears to be the case.
  13. The questions look fair enough to me. If the facts line up and he did nothing wrong then it should be simple enough to answer them and clear this whole mess up.
  14. Cummings going nowhere then it seems. One rule for him, another rule for everyone else. Pathetic.
  15. Cummings has snared himself by breaching the rules he himself helped establish.
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