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  1. Sam Rush. It was him what done this to poor Uncle Mel with his big time breach of fiduciary duty.
  2. Every single component of this club from top to bottom, on and off the pitch, adds up to less than the sum of its parts We absolutely deserve better.
  3. The team has had 46 games and we are currently staring down the barrel of relegation. Nobody is ever going to convince me that we have been anything other than abject this season across both managers. The only thing keeping us out of the drop zone right now is Rotherham's games in hand and a bit of a purple patch when Rooney first arrived.
  4. Maybe they need some pressure applying to them because coasting through these matches like everything will be fine isn't really working.
  5. I don't care how well we played. We lost. This has been the pattern for the entire season. We don't take our chances and we offer up easy ones to the opposition which regularly costs us football matches.
  6. The fact that's a pen shouldn't overshadow the fact that we have once again lost a match without making the opposition work for it. We can't keep blaming refs. The regularity with which we throw away matches and our total inability to salvage a losing situation is absolutely disgusting and points to a lack of composure, a lack of bottle and the fact that most of this squad don't appear to give a toss.
  7. I'm so angry right now. Utter shambles. This lot are an absolute waste of space yet I masochistically keep following them despite the fact all they do is piss me off.
  8. I don't even care what division we are in next season. I just want this train wreck of a season to be over.
  9. Honestly I'm out of things to say about this lot other than I really, really dislike them. No composure. No backbone.
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