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  1. No he doesn't he is on holiday. I don't work during my holidays, why should I expect him to? When exactly is he supposed to go on holiday if not between the end of one season and the start of pre-season?
  2. As daft as the refereeing was in the Scotland v Argentina game last night, it was also quite funny.
  3. He needs to submit a video to the official Derby twitter account ruling himself out of the job on the hour, every hour regardless of time zone. Anything less than that and he is a traitor to the club and his entire character and integrity should be called in to question.
  4. "The Board of Directors are hopeful that over time the team can adopt a fresh and modern footballing philosophy, whilst maintaining the Club’s core values." That's a dig.
  5. Still not seen a shirt this season as nice as ours!
  6. I think Boris is an absolute chancer who has absolutely no idea how to fix the Irish border issue and he will drop out select sound bites during the leadership race as he is carefully stage managed through the process to avoid his natural buffoon coming out and costing him the race. He will get in to power and have absolutely no positive effect on anything. The EU will tell him to do one and he will try and charge on with a damaging no deal brexit. My hope is that if we end up with an absolute goon like Johnson in charge he instantly loses a no-confidence vote in parliament and we have a general election. If Johnson becomes PM we can abandon all ideas we may currently be clinging on to that we are a serious country. The guy is a political disaster waiting to happen.
  7. He was always going to want it if they offered it to him. He is a legend at that club and one good season with us was never going to somehow put us above Chelsea in Frank's mind. It's just bad luck that the job came up as quickly as it did, I doubt he'd have left us for anyone else. If he goes he goes. All the best to him. We need to focus less on him going if he is and more on who we get in.
  8. I don't know what all the fuss is about, the way ourselves and Chelsea go through managers he will be back here within a year.
  9. Good performance but Schwarz was hand picked to make him look good. Short of tripping over his owm shoelaces and having his shorts fall down Fury was always going to look good in that fight.
  10. Because people don't do enough thinking before following and/or sharing the dross they see on twitter?
  11. That's cool. He can finally work with Chris Martin properly 😂
  12. Hasn't Igor done a pretty rubbish job in his management career so far?
  13. Not sure Tomori would be so keen to come back without Lampard at the helm. Derby is a good club but the draw of working with a genuine legend like Lampard will have been a big factor, especially for the younger lads.
  14. Out of curiosity, does anyone genuinely still expect him to be here come the start of the season?
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