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  1. FFP going into next season

    Like Birmingham City were?
  2. Ant McPartlin arrested on suspicion of drink driving

    He should never have been driving in the first place given that he was blinded in a paintballing accident 16 years ago.
  3. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Ignore the muppet and move on? Let him have his little piss fit and get over it. The best response we can possibly provide is to get them back for the amended fixture and beat them.
  4. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Can we put this to bed now? The game was called off. Warnock threw a tantrum, something which should surprise nobody given his track record The Football League released a statement putting us in the clear. Let the Cardiff fans and their rat faced knacker of a manager do the crying about it.
  5. Cambridge Analytica

    The first problem is that if we get another Cambridge Analytica scenario it's only uncovered when it is too late and any potential damage has been done, or the purpose of the data has been served. The second problem is that a lot (probably most) of the users on Facebook don't read privacy statements or permission requests that pop up when they decide to take a funny quiz, or play a daft game. This is where the main problem lies. If people actually read those requests and statements chances are nobody would ever accept them. This provides data collection companies and Facebook themselves with enough legal leeway (even in cases where there appears to have been illicit data collection) to wriggle out of situations like this because legally the users accepted the permission requests and privacy statements and ticked a box that said they understood that fact.
  6. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Yeah but it's only Sunderland
  7. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Clubs cant simply call a match off. Only the ref or the police can as I understand it. I find it almost impossible that we would put ourselves in a position where we could essentially forfiet the match or leave ourselves open to absolutely massive penalties from the football league. If it's a frozen pitch then the next line will be that we turned the heating off on purpose.
  8. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Let him moan. Until an official body tells me otherwise I am sticking with the club on this. Warnock can suck a fat one.
  9. Derby Snow - Game called off

    I thought he said it was all fine?
  10. Derby Snow - Game called off

    It's like being caught shopping when you have called in sick at work.
  11. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Excellent work from the Derby ground staff to ensure this crucial fixture is postponed. The extra break will hopefully do wonders for our playoff hopes.
  12. Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    My set up for Cardiff; Carson Wisdom, Keogh, Davies, Forsyth Johnson, Hanson (by virtue of the fact he is the only person fit that can do it) Wiemann Palmer Lawrence Jerome
  13. Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    We will get pumped in this one. There seems to be some sort of Football Manager-esque injury glitch that has decimated our squad. Our midfield is going to be as makeshift as it gets.
  14. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    Football cliches in general. "If anything he has hit that too well", usually trotted out when someone has needlessly smashed the ball over the bar instead of thinking about what they are doing. "Half a yard offside", a measurement that seems to apply to anything from 6 inches to 6 feet. "Earn the right to play", you are on the pitch playing the damn game so you have the right to play football, that is a given.
  15. Champions League & Europa League Draw

    I think Juve v Real Madrid will actually be one of the worst matches of the round in terms of entertainment for a neutral. Madrid are hardly firing, and even when they are it isn't what I would call exciting football. We all know what to expect from Juve so I think it will be a bit of a bust for the viewers.

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