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  1. Barry the Ram is about as connected as a remote Amish settlement circa 1805.
  2. As for our league position, we are where we are because under Cocu we were absolute dross. Some bad luck along the way, but we've also had some luck go our way. QPR and Norwich away for example. The table doesn't lie.
  3. The chances of us signing two strikers and two wingers in the next week are absolutely zero I'd say. We might get one striker in, if we are lucky.
  4. Any man his age that willingly bleaches his own hair deserves everything he gets. Absolute helmet.
  5. Massive week. We'll done to Rooney and the lads. Brilliant stuff.
  6. If we took a year off every time we did something daft this season I think we'd all have about 6 months left to live by May.
  7. CKR is the cult hero we really needed this season. What a guy. Its a genuine shame that he might never get to play in front of a packed out PP.
  8. He's a teenager being played out of position and being asked to captain the team. Give him a chance.
  9. Oh yeah, Charlie "I'm too big for the Championship" Austin playing in the Championship. Absolute whopper that bloke.
  10. I always get the impression we need to get ahead early or we will struggle late in games.
  11. That might have been the case in 1884, but in 2021 its a privately owned company. Our entitlement as paying fans extends as far as the consumer protections that govern our purchases. Clubs need fans for the same reason Tesco needs customers in the shop buying food, to generate revenue. We have an emotional attachment as fans and a community that the club absolutely should consider and cater to, but they don't have to. The reason most clubs engage with fans and their respective communities is to keep fans invested and spending money, not out of some altruistic ideology.
  12. Are you here for the five minute argument or ten minute argument?
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