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  1. I will have wifi access in the hotel at no extra cost so internet access isn't an issue, just looking for a solution to the potential storage issue. I would ideally just dump the data from the device somewhere at the end of the day so dropbox is probably a good shout, why didn't I think of that?!
  2. I found this article particularly useful on the topic of Katie Hopkins. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/celebritynews/11318743/How-to-ignore-Katie-Hopkins-forever.html
  3. Wondering if anyone here has experience with GoPro cameras and the subscription service they offer? I am off to Mexico in June so I have picked up a GoPro and I expect to use it a fair bit (snorkeling and the like). Is it worth getting the GoPro subscription service so I can use the phone app to manage the videos via the cloud or not? I wan't to avoid having to take a laptop or anything like that in case I need to mess about with the storage on the device.
  4. We should walk away if they are sticking to £5.5 million. I think £4 million is steep to be honest and I would rather see us move on if they want anything more.
  5. Cleared all my junk out of my Dad's loft not long ago and found a Panini Sticker album from the 1997-1998 season. Missing about 10 stickers though
  6. True that, I just think with us not being able to go mad in the transfer window this summer without selling first we should prioritise elsewhere. Christie will come good.
  7. We have a right back in Christie. No need to throw money at a position we have covered.
  8. A bit petty there. Unless you are trying to say they only display the slaves and dead homosexuals on certain days of the week and in certain locations.
  9. Say what you want about Corbyn but he is bang on when he says that the 'war on terror' is simply not working in it's current guise.
  10. After his purple patch in mid-season Pearce was largely poor in my opinion. No idea if Hanley is any better but if we were to sign him I would at least give him a chance instead of assuming he will be rubbish.
  11. I am not dismissing him. I am addressing your original point that he should be one of the main guys backed up by Vydra. It would be unfair to put him in that position. He might well turn out to be a cracking player but you need to ease him in and not just throw him in at the deep and expect not to drown.
  12. Martin - Top scorer ever year he's played for us Zanzala - Completely untested under 23's player that has had a brief loan stint in League 2 and a serious injury.
  13. Northwich Victoria - Alloa Athletic
  14. Could go either way this. He could take to it like Wagner at Huddersfield or the jump could go tits up. Personally I think a well coached Norwich side could be problematic for us next season so I hope it goes tits up.
  15. Collars have no place on football shirts. Even the one in my profile picture would have been better without it.