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  1. The person running the country is whoever happens to have their hand up Boris' arse at any given time.
  2. If Max Bird can avoid any serious injuries and keep his head screwed on he will go far. A quality young player, only a matter of time before clubs further up the food chain come sniffing.
  3. It's not on in any way shape or form because we still have some away games to play.
  4. Oh ffs Waghorn. He had about 5 hours to take a touch there.
  5. Where was this intent in the previous 90 minutes.
  6. Well this has been pants. Not much has gone right tonight. Lots of running, absolutely zero quality.
  7. Do you have any of next seasons lottery numbers whilst you are looking that far ahead?
  8. You can't put the blame entirely on the fans. Roos has demonstrated his inconsistency over an extended period of time. Having fans on his side would help his confidence but it's up to him and the coaches to teach him how to deal with crosses.
  9. We really, really need to sign a decent keeper this summer.
  10. Hamer should do better with that, but it's Rooney's mistake that had QPR running as us whilst we were out of shape.
  11. Time seems to be moving at 0.25x speed watching this.
  12. Stroud is buying everything QPR are selling at the minute.
  13. That's a great saving tackle from Lowe, who apparently can't defend.
  14. Manning about to call his Mam over being picked on by Wagger. Bless.
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