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  1. Whatever the outcome if it is this week there will be an appeal so there will be no real closure. If we win the EFL will appeal, if they win then Mel will appeal. This may drag on for a good while yet.
  2. Brentford are the club the media thought Bournemouth were when they went up. Brentford have been playing good football and recruiting well for ages now, they deserve it. As for Fulham, that sqaud should have absolutley breezed to automatic promotion. The fact they are in the playoffs should be considered a failure. I'd imagine they have some big earners and would be in some FFP bother if they dont go up.
  3. The fact it was done externally should be enough, if the valuation was wrong then that's their fault not ours.
  4. Cant wait for reduced capacity matches to spark up the 'proper fan versus half fan debate' again. "How did he get a ticket before me?! He missed an away trip to Gillingham in 2003 so should therefore be disqualified from even appliyng for a season ticket!"
  5. We will miss CM's ability to hold the ball and bring others in to play in the final third of the pitch more than his goals. Waghorn and Marriott simply arent that sort of player.
  6. Coventry have just been promoted and will be looking at strikers used to playing at this level. Could be another one for him.
  7. There are no fans more deluded about their standing in the game than Newcastle fans. They have a big stadium, that's it.
  8. It's ok. Nice dress by the way, very seasonal.
  9. In the office today for the first time since March. The train I caught had six carriages and only one other person got on it. I was sat in a seat close to the door and out of every empty seat on the train the other person that got on it sat in the seat right in front of me. How thick can someone possibly be? An entire six carriage train and they sit in the closest possible seat to me. Absolute imbecile.
  10. He'll jump ship and take his infinitely slappable perma-grin elsewhere if he's got any sense.
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