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  1. Wouldn't even dignify the Forest bid with a response.
  2. Me. I am a hybrid of multiple successful players. There has to be some management nouse in there somewhere.
  3. That seems like a very bad idea for Swansea.
  4. As an adult, yes. I was still relatively young in the three amigos days so it passed me by for the most part.
  5. If Mr P of OTIB was half as clever as he thinks he is, he'd be twice as clever as he is.
  6. So it turns out the EFL will let us sign out of contract players. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57902385 Shows what I know 🤣
  7. The EFL will not help us by relaxing the terms of the embargo. They actively want us to get relegated, they said as much in their appeal to the DC. The only way out of this is for the club to pay HMRC in full (which we should have done anyway) and to publish the accounts. Only when the EFL have no other choice will the embargo be lifted.
  8. Even if we did submit our accounts we still owe HMRC a wedge so this embargo is going nowhere. Thanks to the FA Cup game we have enough players of a 'professional standing' as far as the EFL are concerned. Don't get used to these trialists turning out for us. The EFL do not want us to sign anyone, so we wont be signing anyone. They failed to get us relegated last season, this is how they plan on getting us this season.
  9. Both drivers were to blame, one or both of them was going in to a wall the way they were going at it. It was unlucky for Max, had he yielded the position I think he'd have won the race on outright pace anyway so he didn't need to go as balls out as he did. Lewis kind of 'had' to do it, Max didn't. However, once you have committed to the fight don't start moaning when you come off second best.
  10. Horner and Verstappens bleating afterwards annoyed me. Both drivers were pushing it, in this instance Max came off worse. Had it been Lewis in the wall Horner would be noshing Max off for being brave and uncompromising in pursuit of a world championship. It's racing. If you want drivers to push each other this is what can happen. You can't go swimming without getting wet.
  11. I might need some wipes for my legs. They are baked...
  12. As for the crash, one or both of them was going in to a wall today with the way they were going. Takes two to tango. I'm glad Max is OK.
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