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  1. JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta

    Rams or England ?

    If someone put a gun to my head and told me I had to pick between Derby winning the Champions League and England winning the World Cup I would take the World Cup all day, every day.
  2. JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta

    Away Kit 18/19

    I like both kits this season. Wasn't a fan of the 'highlighter pen' look for our away kit last season so this is a definite improvement.
  3. JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Kane has got his tail up after a brace in the opener and a late winner has a way of lifting the mood. There were periods of the game when we huffed and puffed against Tunisia so Southgate will no doubt make them fully aware of that this week. The problem is that Panama will stick men behind the ball so it might not be pretty, but international football against teams sitting deep rarely is. England by 2 or more for me.
  4. JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Panama are dirge. We will beat them comfortably.
  5. JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta

    Employment Advice/Redundancy

    Yeah I have seen that, it will be very helpful but saldy less than I am contractually entitled to. That is what irks me but I can't complain too much, at least we are covered unlike my American colleagues who wont be far behind and have much less support.
  6. JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta

    Employment Advice/Redundancy

    Unfortunately not. My last post had a typo in it, my assumption is the company will not have the funds to pay me and the lads, so we will have to chase it via the administrators.
  7. JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta

    Employment Advice/Redundancy

    Thanks guys, I'll give ACAS a call. It's a UK subsidiary and I am/was paid in sterling with standard tax and NI contributions. Pretty sure the company will have the funds to pay me so I'll have to work the process.
  8. JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta

    Employment Advice/Redundancy

    Do we have anyone here with a bit of know how in this department? Basically my current employer is being wound up meaning I am out of a job having been given 24 hours notice. I have been with them for three years and my contract states they owe me a months notice. It's an American company and they are closing down the EU office, who do I chase for the money? Does the American HQ have any legal requirement to pay me as the EU was under a separate legal entity? I have never really been in this situation before. Citizens advice were about as much use as a chocolate teapot, might have to find a solicitor to figure it out. Fortunately it looks like I have secured another job so I wont lose out too much, but I am not letting them get away without paying me what they contractually owe me.
  9. JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta

    Does Mel Morris Still make money

    Easiest way to make a small fortune in football is to start with a big one.
  10. JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta

    Does Mel Morris Still make money

    Mel is (or at least was) an active investor. He didn't just have involvement with Candy Crush, I am pretty sure he invests in many projects providing varying levels of financial backing. If he is any good at it then he will make more off his winners than he loses on his failures.
  11. JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta

    John Terry

    Frank will be keen as he needs people he knows around him. It makes sense as a player/coach role but solely as a player I don't see why we need him. Unless we expect to lose someone like Davies.
  12. JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta

    Confess your unpopular Rams opinions

    Nigel Clough would never have got us promoted and anyone that thinks he would have done can't see past his name. In my opinion of course.
  13. JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta

    The Dirties

    Surely Bielsa would take one look at Leeds and think "duck that". He could hang around and wait for a better job surely?
  14. JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta

    Extra £2.5m in Frank's pot...?

    I thought the deal was a total value of £10 million? If so this payment might just take us up to that figure? Shows what we know that we have got about 5 different answers in this thread.
  15. JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta

    Official: It’s Frank, 3 year deal

    He can't be any slower than Huddlestone to be fair!

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