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  1. Went to watch my local team Macclesfield Town play Port Vale today with no rams game on. Local Derby, all ticket with the Port Vale manager John Askey absolutely idolised by the Macc fans from when he was manager and player at Macc. More Vale fans than Macc fans so decent atmosphere. Macc's financial issues are well documented and they don't have a shirt sponsor. Quite ironic that our Wayne has a £20m house about 4 miles away in Prestbury, home to a number of footballers and a very affluent area. Really good end to end action with Macc coming from behind to win 2>1 Everyone got searched going in - elderly couple in front of me not impressed about being frisked and on the basis both husband and wife were well into their 70s they had a point. Flair went off near us in the first half, don't think it was them. This is real grass roots football, and enjoyable. £15 for me £5 for my 16 year old lad I know today was non league day, anybody else go along to watch a match and enjoy it?
  2. Thought he was brilliant, breaking up play with his tackling and driving the team forward with some great passing. Had a decent effort first half off his left boot if I remember correctly. One of the best PP debuts I have seen in a while
  3. Do we have anyone that can launch the ball into the box? We seem to come up against a number of teams with a long thrower including that lad from Brum yesterday yet we seem to be lacking in that department. The last Derby player with a long throw I can remember was Rory Delap. Come on Cocu sort it......😏
  4. he was a real calming influence and played really well, bearing in mind the length of time he has been out
  5. With the disappointing start to the season, injuries and the latest off field incident is there a chance Cocu could throw in the towel and resign? I hope not and thought he spoke well at the press conference but must clearly be wondering what on earth he has signed up for. Interesting that Mel has been silent on the matter and rightly so, If ever we needed 3 points on the back of a terrible week it is tomorrow COYR
  6. Last thing Cocu needs is this - bet he wishes he had stayed in Holland......
  7. Poom, Stimac, Eranio, Sturridge, Baino, Wanchope all in the same team - great times indeed
  8. Has Rooney ever been involved in a relegation scrap?
  9. If Leon Osman hadn't joined on loan we may well have been plying our trade in Division One.
  10. I remember that season well, Ron was class, ex Zurich Grasshoppers I think. Studger's pace and Willems quick thinking brain were a lethal combo. Along with Robin VDL we had a couple of dutchman in the side albeit I think VDL was really from the Potteries....
  11. My son played against one of Robbie Savage's sons in an u12s cricket match, Poynton vs Alderley Edge. Robbie was with the other dads sat on a deckchair on the boundary. Got my missus to bring his book back for signing. All the lads on my son's team got him to sign their cricket bats. Decent bloke actually, very down to earth.
  12. Give the job to "Moan In" Derek from Belper, seems to know his stuff or thinks he does.....
  13. What about Sol Campbell? Did a great job at Macclesfield, well connected in the game, clearly doesn't need the money and must be wanting a more high profile job now.
  14. So likely to be 4 weeks since Wembley before anything happens. If memory serves me right most of last summer's transfer business was done quite late. That said are we expecting much business this summer? He'll stay and we will wonder what all the fuss has been about.......
  15. One of the best signings made by young Nigel, good luck Bryce
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