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  1. Early 80s chidrens drama about a supporters club initially filmed at Watford but then moved to the Baseball Ground Can vaguely remember it and my mate reckoned the team played in the Patrick Derby kit.
  2. Any further update on this? Think the deadline had been extended to end of June so am assuming a further extension
  3. On reflection pay cuts means less tax paid to the Treasury so not sure that is the right solution. Players donating monies so that greedy clubs don't have to furlough staff and claim monies off the taxpayer seems a more obvious way forward. Well done to those players doing that. Outrageous that clubs like Liverpool are furloughing staff and well done Jamie Carragher for calling them out. Legal it may be, morally right it ain't.
  4. I have seen several reports about players at various clubs agreeing to defer wages and lets be honest the top earners can easily afford to do it. I am sure the top earners at Derby could do something similar and maybe some already have done so but don't want the publicity. In a season when we have seen so much negative publicity about the club would be nice to read something good about how the club is supporting the local community, the NHS or perhaps other smaller clubs.
  5. If games are played behind closed doors do season ticket holders get a refund/reduction off next year's season ticket?
  6. turned up at west stand car park with pass expecting to be able to get in for a fiver and was turned away by stewards saying it was full. Totally pi**ed off as took a while to find somewhere else to park. Very much smelt a rat as was under the impression only pass holders could get in. Main steward wearing a Man utd beanie hat too.
  7. What's the parking situation at PP tonight? I have a season pass for the West Stand car park but assuming it is pay tonight? Can't see anything on the club website and have emailed the SLO but no response. Appreciate it will be busy around the ground so if I can't park there will need to make alternative arrangements.
  8. With so much focus on cost cutting at PP just wondering what additional income the stadium can generate from non footballing activities. I note places like the Macron in Bolton and Ashton Gate host concerts. Anyone ITK aware what roughly the club would net for an event where say 25,00 tickets are sold? I can only assume not much otherwise I am sure Mel would have sanctioned it already. Man City and West Ham seem to regularly host concerts although accept they have larger capacities than PP.
  9. How cr*p is the commentator, getting Johnson and Cocu confused. Only had all week to prep......
  10. why does Lowe keep cutting back in rather than put a cross in? And Bogle looks very disinterested. Disappointing
  11. Any idea when the letters go out? I had a feeling it was Feb last year. The later the better in view of the EFL charge perhaps albeit the club will want the early renewers cash soonest
  12. Best performance of the season for me from Bogle, capped off by a fantastic goal. Now I do wear glasses and sit high up in the west stand but I could swear he is sporting a new barnet? Change of hairstyle = improvement in performance?
  13. Slightly perplexed why only Mel is getting all this grief. He has a Board of directors who I would expect to offer suitable challenge where appropriate. Surely these individuals should be accountable if indeed anybody needs to be accountable which I very much doubt.
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