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  1. Has Lamps told em he's off to Chelsea and Rowett is coming back?
  2. I thought that was only if there was a main game on Sky and I think this is the only championship game on weds - can any one confirm for definite?
  3. In previous years we have had to sell the crown jewels to balance the books i.e Vydra, Hughes, Ince and Hendrick. On the basis 3 of our best players are loanees and we have only just bought Marriott not sure we have too much to sell unless the rumours about Bogle and Burnley are true.....
  4. With Chelsea thumped again you would have to think the pressure is intensifying on Sarri. Should he lose his job will the Chelsea Board be considering Frank as his replacement? Surely too soon for Frank but then again look how well Solksjaer is doing at Utd, admitting he is less of a rookie. I hope Uncle Mel has negotiated a decent release fee for Frank....
  5. Anybody know if Tom has commented on the potential move? Fed up still to be a Derby player or ready to step up for the remainder of this season?
  6. Nailed on Chelsea or Man Utd again.....??
  7. Nice article about MM in today's Daily Mail. Apparently sharing a house with Wilson next door to Keogh and as RK doesn't drive he is his chauffeur. Comes across very well.
  8. put one of the following in the middle of the pitch just before kick off, reckon that would generate an atmosphere:- Kenny Burns Jacob Rees Mogg Don Goodman Pat Phelan
  9. who is the guy falling in to JM, looks a bit like David Wagner? Lets hope we are swapping divisions with Huddersfield
  10. On the basis he has played in that position for Scotland you would have thought he would be considered. Come on Radio Derby ask FL about him. If we play him again does it trigger a fee?
  11. Of that squad who would get in to the current first team? Matt Oakley, Giles Barnes? Am struggling to think of many
  12. Am hoping he will get his confidence back and play like Albert Adomah at Villa who at times is unplayable (or certainly used to be when at Boro) In terms of wingers seem to recall Paul Simpson putting some great crosses in both at the BBG and Maine Road when he played for City
  13. With the Jan transfer window about to open who do we think will be first to leave. Butters to Hull perhaps or Anya (what has happened to him) to the SPL?
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