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  1. Paid for season ticket by credit card. Does administration allow me to claim monies back off the credit card company irrespective of whether fixtures are fulfilled?
  2. Joz got away with one on Grealish…….
  3. Have renewed but couldn’t work out how to renew parking. Anyone know? Have emailed the ticket office but doubt I will get a reply
  4. Matt Carbon in the 3.0 win over Arsenal at PP. Think he played as first choice was injured. Brilliant
  5. Anyone see footage of crowd trouble at Macclesfield yesterday? Robbie Savage acting as peace maker. Disgraceful scenes at a NWCL local Derby
  6. Lost me……..so which accounts have been filed?
  7. Palace bound apparently with a fee suggested of up to £10m, presumably a sell on fee due?
  8. Malcolm Christie, might be wrong?
  9. Can you still park in the big car park behind the velodrome? No mention of parking with the season ticket renewal info and have always had a season ticket for there
  10. Apologies if this has already been covered but is there not anything in Rooneys contract that allows the club to terminate it with no compensation due to underperformance? If not then that is very poor negotiating as surely most contracts have that built in and certainly should have been the case for a rookie like WR? I thought MM was a shrewd businessman, clearly not
  11. Anybody else see him on Sky Sports this morning talking about the game last night ? Very complimentary about Rooney and the style he is bringing to the team and his brave selection choices. Not entirely sure what his role of Technical Director involves though
  12. What can we realistically expect as a fee?
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