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  1. If fit do the terms of his loan deal mean we have to play him? Does look out of sorts at present. Had hoped once Mount returned he would up his game but does look like a shadow of the player that was ripping it up earlier in the season.
  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/tennis/article-6937643/Five-years-death-Elena-Baltacha-inspiring-new-generation-play-tennis.html Nice article in today's Daily Mail about the emotional support MW has given to Nino Severino, husband of the late tennis player Elena Baltacha. Severino became Waghorn's sports science coach, after a chance meeting when Waghorn was looking for somewhere his young son could play tennis and says of him "I've never met any athlete like Martyn with such an awareness about the technicalities of sport and how to improve."
  3. Anyone seen any of this series? Struggling to understand how they were so skint with the Premiership parachute money albeit have made a net deficit on transfer dealings in recent years of @£150m so not surprising I suppose. In episode 2 showed a list of potential loan targets and Will Hughes was on the list, albeit alongside a number of other decent prem players including Scott Mctominay and Maitland-Niles . As if Will would ever have contemplated signing for Sunderland....... The complete opposite of the Man City documentary but worth a viewing.
  4. Reckon the Bolton players should be putting their hands in their pockets and paying their supporters travel - least they could do as they were pretty poor. Seems a long time ago when they had the likes of JJ Okocha, Djorkaeff and Anelka turning out for them.....
  5. Fair play to those Bolton fans that travelled yesterday, bearing in mind all that is going on at the Macron. Not sure how many travelled, although am sure someone will know. Got me wondering what is the lowest away support for a league game at Pride Park? Plymouth, Wimbledon, did we play Southend/Colchester in a legaue game at PP?
  6. I know it is a huge IF but let's say Mel hadn't bought out the US investors and Tom Glick was still around - would we be in the prem now with our Shaun Barker type signings? Or could we be in a similar position to Coventry, not knowing where we will be playing next season? Not sure it really matters whether Mel has been watching the rams for 40 years, his commitment financially is unswerving and for that alone he should be applauded
  7. emailed the ticket office asking why I had to reconfirm my lad's DOB - radio silence. Does anyone know whether they actually read emails? Not great customer service
  8. Very composed yesterday, one of his best performances in a Derby shirt. Mindful of FFP is he likely to be offered a one year extension and if so would he want to stay? Would imagine a team like Huddersfield with their parachute money would be interested and could clearly pay him a big wage and I would imagine he wouldn't need to move house if he goes there. Is he in Frank's plans?
  9. Emailed the ticket office as my son who is 16 got an email asking him to prove his age even though he did it when he renewed last year. Pretty annoying having just shelled out nearly a grand on season tickets and parking... Come on DCFC sort it out
  10. when are the annual accounts published, surely soon?
  11. Am resigned to losing all 3 loanees at the end of the season not to return particularly in view of the transfer restrictions placed on Chelsea. Being honest hadn't heard of Tomori before he signed and whilst I knew about Mount and Wilson it was only Mount that made me sit up and take notice. Hopefully Frank and Jody has earmarked replacements and City and Utd must have some decent youngsters they could release to us Thoughts on loanees for next season?
  12. Will never forget his goal at Huddersfield, was right behind it when he hit it. Will be remembered fondly whatever happens to him.
  13. Just seen an interview with Keogh and his broken hand and it got me wondering which players have played through the pain in recent years. Physical rather than in a rubbish team Admittedly we have had a few sicknotes but which players, however hard they were clattered, would always turn up?
  14. With most of the players presumably now "on holiday" for a few days what do you think they'll be up to? Winter sun, fishing, away with the caravan, lads trip to Prague, DIY? It's a tough life being a professional footballer.....
  15. Players, thought we had got rid of the troublemakers?
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