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  1. his number of profile views will have gone up this month
  2. he is a member of the Linkedin group; "ex professional footballers" i think he just got a fancy photo for his linked in photo!
  3. Hello all, working hard and spotted that a Mr Phillip Gee is in need for a job. Someone in the fanbase must have a useful contact?
  4. if he was at any other club and we were linked with offering him a deal this place would be in meltdown. i dont think we 'd see him hold down a first team place at any club in this league. i like the guy, wish he'd made it big here, but hes been here a long time and (barring "that goal") not set anything alight, aside from giving it his all as a sub. When i compare him to our current batch of youngsters i know who i'd be playing. hes a footballer and he should be somewhere where he is likely to get to do that regularly
  5. For my sins I live in Nottingham, (forgive me) and I seem to see fairly often, adverts for evenings with former for*st players (Some formal dinners, some Q&As etc in pubs) I dont seem to hear about similar events with Derby players. do they happen? is this the best place to look out for them? Paul
  6. yeh I think one of them is what I was after. do you have a digital version? i'd happily lend you my usb cassette or do it for you?
  7. brilliant, i'd love a copy of those hantsram
  8. The one i bought is the 95/96 season one. Bought myself a usb cassette and converted it tonight so i now have a digital copy. Need to track down some of those older cassettes now. id be happy to digitise someone elses too
  9. just bought the back to the big time on ebay 🙂 got too excited at the thought of hearing that intro again!
  10. we used to have these. not sure where they are now though. would love to hear them again. if i remember the back in the big time had an intro by graham richards that used to send shivers down my spine, something like "stand up all of you if you were at...(he then listed the names of away grouds, while crowd noises played in the background." I'd love to hear that again. looks like it might be possible. if you fancy it i'd be happy to contribute a few beer token to you or a charity?????? https://www.techadvisor.co.uk/how-to/audio/how-convert-cassettes-mp3-3681221/
  11. looking at his goals video from last year he only got five assists in 56 games. that seems really low to me. it suggests to me that hes a cracking finisher but does nothing else for the team or anyone around him (for contrast bogle has 8 so far this year, forsythe has four) ) if you demand that strikers do more than score goals, he doesnt get in your side i suppose.
  12. I suspect it will get reported as both being "nearly double the legal limit" but I agree not as bad as it could have been given the video evidence.
  13. swanny


    by the way, if anyone does decide they cant go for the rest of the season i'll happily look after your season tickets for you 🙂
  14. swanny


    my kids are the fourth generation of Derby fans in our family. my Grandad was at the 46 cup final and supported them before then. That's nearly 100 years of support for this club. I've never felt ashamed of the club like i did after this incident. Embarassed yes - by on the field crapness but not ashamed. But I'm not about to leave the club because of three individuals, the football club means too much to me, and certainly not before club and police investigations have even been completed. Give them both the chance to get to the end of the process before walking away. At the same, despite despising their actions i am sympathetic to them. They have made a massive mistake and are/will pay for it. I dont hate them, i just dislike their actions. No one deserves to be condemned forever imho.
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