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  1. if the miracle happens it would be sad to miss out on the chance to see us win at wembley. having said that i'll be getting smashed at home and letting off celebratory fireworks from my nottingham garden
  2. remember him as being a frustrating player. always felt he was about to do great things, but never seemed to consistently do it.
  3. it feels to me that this group are making a play at buying a large, underperforming club on the cheap. the sunderland fans felt that their money was loaned with the hope that the owners would default on it and they could claim the club as payment. anyone else concerned that this is the aim?
  4. I remember watching Nick Pickering play at left back for us, having heard that he'd played for England and won the FA Cup and not being able to see that he was even a footballer. Looked heavy, ungainly, and for some reason I have had an attempted clearance of his being sliced into the stands seared into my brain ever since. so disappointing as a player.
  5. cant remember the exact dates but it was when graham richards was commentating (i know thats a big span of time!) but he described a massive fight of players against stoke i think, with everyone apart from the stoke keeper going at it in the back of the net. would love to see that
  6. tears in my eyes listening to grahams voice
  7. Was born on Rutland Street about five/ten minutes walk from the ground. first game was against Birmingham, and the second was the game we beat Leeds to go up as champions (86-97) Oddly we were in a box, my dad cant remember how he managed that, and remember people wearing black and white carnations and rosettes. we had to get out of the box at the end just to soak up the atmosphere. there was no going back then. also when I had a season ticket i used to stay at my grandmas (we'd moved by then) and could see my seat in the toyota stand from her spare room. loved looking out of the window first
  8. Marriott is a massive shame for me. Really exciting when playing in a side that suits him on he's in form. Exciting like Bobbie Davison or Dean Saunders. Timing all wrong though now, and the way we play doesnt suit him. Needs a new club sadly
  9. i dont think its just a question of consistency. I think they would look at football matches as less than vital for 40,000 people to attend and therefore one of the easiest things to stop where large crowds of people gather. when you look across the country if you can stop approximately 750,000 (rough weekely attendance figures) getting together in close proximity without affecting the economy you might say thats an easy three quarter of a million potential interactions to cut each week.
  10. given where we are with the legal challenge around our spending this isnt a coincidence. anything we say with regard to company finances will be done with a view to shifting perception ahead of the court case. at least thats how it seems to me. I wonder if Mel is planning a defence (should it come to it) of "we overspent but have now have seen the error of our ways, realised the jeopardy it put us in and have been working hard to ensure greater financial control within the division ever since whilst dramatically reducing our wage bill"
  11. his number of profile views will have gone up this month
  12. he is a member of the Linkedin group; "ex professional footballers" i think he just got a fancy photo for his linked in photo!
  13. Hello all, working hard and spotted that a Mr Phillip Gee is in need for a job. Someone in the fanbase must have a useful contact?
  14. if he was at any other club and we were linked with offering him a deal this place would be in meltdown. i dont think we 'd see him hold down a first team place at any club in this league. i like the guy, wish he'd made it big here, but hes been here a long time and (barring "that goal") not set anything alight, aside from giving it his all as a sub. When i compare him to our current batch of youngsters i know who i'd be playing. hes a footballer and he should be somewhere where he is likely to get to do that regularly
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