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  1. swanny

    The Loanee Update Thread 18/19

  2. swanny

    Jim Smith

    very sad news. seemed a great bloke and with uncle Lionel brought us some great days. as others have said his autobiography is well worth a read, and only a few quid on amazon.
  3. swanny

    Louie Sibley next season's Mason Mount ?

    was that the one from the edge of the box that sort of bobbled in the top of the net? that goal always stuck in my mind
  4. swanny

    Christmas Present

    Thanks loweman for those links. i've instructed Mrs Swanny to buy me the FA cup final programme poster. Still got my grandads programme but its not on display, this will be great.
  5. swanny

    Christmas Present

    loweman, thats exactly the sort of thing i was looking for. will have a chat with the gaffer about those. the shop is as others have said tat. ive popped in so many times (whilst busy at work) and come out with nothing, because there is nothing i really want to spend my money on.
  6. swanny

    Christmas Present

    I never know what to ask for when the family ask me. But i did wonder about something Derby related. Does anybody have any ideas about good Derby county posters/pictures art/ that is available to buy? I've seen some on ebay but they don't really float my boat that much paul
  7. swanny

    View from the outside 2018-2019

    From the Boro forum matchday thread: derby are a beautiful team to watch Flint and Ayala are getting outjumped by Tomori and Keogh and our midfield's getting outpressed only one way this game's heading so far. Pulis is being shown up by a rookie manager. disgraceful first 20 mins completely outclassed, think the main reason that goal happens is because of how much control Derby had. Gosh we miss Shotton 63 mins played and Carson has yet to touch the ball aside from goal kicks. Tomomi's MOTM here he's dominated our whole team from CBs to strikers he's just been a monster for them. I'll take a point now, absolute daylight robbery if we come out of this with any result. absolute thievery. Well a very undeserved point in a game where we should have been battered. 0-4 wouldn’t have been wrong We were comfortably outplayed and very lucky to get away with a point I’ve got to admit though, I was sitting their today watching Derby spray the ball around with their young, dynamic team and I was thinking I’d rather have that and Frank sitting in our dugout. Whether it lasts for them or not we’ll wait and see, but he seems to be building something good there. Tom summed it up well in Twitter, when saying that what Lampards doing at Derby is similar to what Monk was trying to do at Boro last year. The main difference is Franks stuck with his style and tactics, whereas Monk panicked and just ended up trying anything that would work think a draw was about a fair result from that. Derby were the better footballing team, but they did make some clangers at the back, particularly Carson. He looked nervous as anything. Derby looked lightyears ahead. Lampard going there reminds me of Robson coming here. They have players wanting to play... Motivated, excited.. Our lot look short of ideas, scared of the ball. Never a forward pass, a run beyond the ball.
  8. swanny

    Free to a Rams Fan Home

    that goddard chip is was of the best goals ive ever seen a derby player score. just something about it is magic, effortless.

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