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  1. I'm in a similar place mate, though id say not as bad you. anxiety has led to heart palpitations, erratic or racing beats, bloody terrifying and make me think i;m about to snuff it. checked out at drs and the heart itself is fine. on beta blockers now and if they are helping its very minor. my anxiety seems to build up over a period of months and then takes a few to go away again. best thing i've found so far is moving soil/hardcore about in the garden for a project. something about physical activity in my upper body seems to sort out the anxious chest feeling. big cut in caffeine too, and booze. feeling healthier too. anyone need any soil moving?
  2. First poster on the matchday threads calls it as 0-4 (at least) https://the-wanderer.co.uk/boards/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=26948 Not much about us, but this post made me smile: "We touch the ball, they take it off us and...it's 3-0"
  3. is there a thread here called 'funniest thing you've ever seen/heard at a derby game?' there should be. being rubbish seems to bring out the best in footy fans. i remember sitting down in the pop side during a drubbing by liverpool and singing "we're the c-stand in disguise"
  4. https://www.soccerbase.com/players/player.sd?player_id=38709
  5. very sad news. seemed a great bloke and with uncle Lionel brought us some great days. as others have said his autobiography is well worth a read, and only a few quid on amazon.
  6. was that the one from the edge of the box that sort of bobbled in the top of the net? that goal always stuck in my mind
  7. Thanks loweman for those links. i've instructed Mrs Swanny to buy me the FA cup final programme poster. Still got my grandads programme but its not on display, this will be great.
  8. I never know what to ask for when the family ask me. But i did wonder about something Derby related. Does anybody have any ideas about good Derby county posters/pictures art/ that is available to buy? I've seen some on ebay but they don't really float my boat that much paul
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