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  1. Nice to know there is another ram close by. wilford lane runs at the end of my street, about two minutes walk.
  2. Im deep in red dog land, but someone has a wifi called DCFC . Would be nice to find another Ram. Anyone in here?
  3. swanny

    EFL appeal

    it does sound a bit like the EFL get to appeal until they get the outcome they want and then its all done and dusted
  4. It may not be all down to fitness. A side already lacking confidence is more likely to get jittery in the closing stages of a game as they lack confidence in their ability to see the game out
  5. I dont think 9.14% is exceptionally high for corporate finance of this kind. just been sent an email by a mate who works in equity finance and standard commercial rates are routinely up to 10%. this is higher than banks, because banks wont make those loans due to the exposure and the risk.
  6. a print of that would be cool
  7. when is the appeal due to be resolved? seems to have been going on for ages
  8. just got my virtual ticket. looking forward to the game now more than i was before. this way theres no pressure on us to win, as we are playing all the kids, and we get to see a few of them up against older players.
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