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  1. Actually the Markeston flyover was cancelled because it was too close to the Royal School for the Deaf. Not all the students there are completely deaf, but the increase in traffic noise would have too great and would seriously hinder communicating with the partially deaf. That is why they are putting an under-pass in. The original plan was for the A38 to go straight into the city centre (provision was made for an underpass at the junction with the ring road, going on to join the as then unbuilt inner ring road), but the projected route would have meant knocking down a number of listed buildings. Then the scheme was cancelled due to budget cuts after the 1980’s recession. Sp it’s only taken about 40 years to get the go ahead, even though it still hasn’t gone ahead yet!
  2. There seems to be an underlying inference that Rooney is going to take Cocu’s job at some stage, either sooner or later, maybe even by Easter next year. In reality Rooney was brought in for the shirt sales, and because he might still be able to play a bit. (How does the MLM compare with the championship?). H w might have come because Derby have been knocking on the door a lot in recent years, but he is coming because he wants to go into management, and has chosen to come and learn from one of the best. He will sprnd his time watching how management is done while taking his coaching badges, by which time he will be ready to step up to the mark.
  3. I watched Match of the Day last night and wasa astounded to hear Shearer actually congratulating Tammy Abrahams for "cleverly" giving just a little pull on the Wolves defender's arm so that he could get ahead of the defender and head the ball home. Congratulating a player for committing a foul? I wonder what he would have said if it was a Wolves player pulling back a Chelsea defender? Heaven forfend.
  4. A great thing about tonight's match was that we weren't bullied by the Cardiff team which consisted almost entirely of gorillas. We might have been out-muscled at times, but not bullied, so well done. That is progress. Cardiff were not only physical, they were dirty, they dived, pushed, shoved, took 5 - 10 yards extra at throw ins, harangued the ref, and played hoof ball. i could be forgiven for thinking it was a Neil Warnock team .......................... oh wait .............. For the first 15 minutes we were crafting chances while Cardiff were kicking the ball up in the air. I find it fitting that the first thing which Colin did after coming onto to pitch after the match wasn't to congratulate the team for a hard-fought point. No, he went straight to the ref and shook his hand. Which was actually no surprise. One wonders whether he was simply confirming the value of a few well spent fivers. It wasn't just the penalty decisions, it was his entire performance. From stopping play because of a not-head injury. I thought head injury was the only reason to stop the game? I don't know who he was, but the Cardiff Number 13 is lucky to be alive- he suffered at least 4 head injuries, as well as a knee and a couple of ankle injuries, and the ref bought them all. Or was it that the ref was bought? Somehow Holmes was consistently bullying the 7 foot Cardiff man-mountains. There should have been 3 yellow cards towards the end of the first half for diving, but nothing given, and the heinous assault on Holmes in the second half was outrageous. The defender not only clattered into him and flattened him, but elbowed him in the back of the head as well. But despite stopping the game every time a Ram stood on a Cardiff shadow, the ref let play go on, despite Holmes clutching his head. The re f has already won the annual "Worst ref at a Derby game by a country mile. But that means that for the rest of the season we are going to get a load of even worse performances because every ref from now on will be trying to outdo tonight's pathetic lump to get their hands on the much coveted prize. There was an improvement in our passing tonight, with some great pass-and-move one-twos, and some very intelligent through balls which were very close to cutting Cardiff wide open. Perversely we had a patch towards the end of the first half when the entire defence went AWOL with their passing, but we got away with it. It is also clear that Malone has learned the importance of the phrase "ROW Z", and had a much improved game as a result. Marriott worked hard with scraps, and a curious insistence to play high balls for a guy who is only 5 foot not very much inches against the 7 ft Neanderthals which made up the Cardiff defence. His only real opportunity saw the bar being rattled. MOM by a huge distance was Beilik. Great at tackling and breaking up play, he has Thorne's ability to get himself between his opponent and the ball, he looks to get things moving and can run well with the ball. Hopefully, having finally landed where he should be, I hope that he will flourish in his new position. It was also good to see the Wardrobe back amongst us. He didn't change the game, but his awareness where all his team-mates are allowing him to play some great lay-offs and through balls. We are nearly there, guys. It won't take much to get things clicking. It may not be the best squad we have had n recent years, but we still have some good potential which i am sure that Cocu will bring out. My only concern is our lack of depth. Having seen a lot of other players come and go in the team, tonight's team is probably the best we have out of this squad, at least until the next window, so we are running a little thin in terms of injuries. We have to sit tight, and keep our support going while we wait. COME ON YOU RAMS!!!!
  5. A very interesting read through this thread. Quite a wide spectrum of opinion, from extreme anger through to the die-hard "thou shalt not criticise our players". Somehow we need to find a balance so that criticism of an abject performance (or tow, or three .......) can be expressed, without this idea that we applaud them at all times regardless. The team actually does get a lot of applause and encouragement during a match - we even applaud a defender heading the ball out for a throw in when in actually fact it was nothing more than a routine action. But when the fans have been forced through the mincer in terms of the emotions they/we have experienced in the last few matches, frustrations are understandable. And yes, money does come into it, because going to matches, especially away matches, takes up a sizeable chunk of our disposables and to see our money being thrown away regularly by people who are capable of so much better is frustrating. But there is no need to go on an alcohol-inspired rage, which I think is where much of our problem lies. A bit more self-control, especially in terms of tipping the nectar down our throats, would not go amiss.
  6. Another aspect to keep in mind is that those away fans will have spent a big widget of money to support their club, anything upwards of £60 - 100. It is quite a lump out of a week’s wages, only for guys on obscene amounts of money give such a poor performance that it shouts out you that you have just thrown your hard-earned money down the drain. When you aren’t on much money, wasting it hurts and is frustrating, especially when the cause is people who are millionaires or well in the way to that status.
  7. Living in Wales .......................... Sheep ....................................... ?
  8. Hope that Beilik is fully fit once the international break is over as his best position is CDM. He can tackle, he can pass, both long and short, and he can run with the ball. In fact a quicker George Thorne, and hopefully a fitter one. Whether Thudd stays in the team or not I don't know, but Beilik seems to be what we are crying out for in midfield right now. If i am right, and it has happened before (May 1987 if my memory serves me right), then it won't be so critical if Clarke or Evans is in central defence because they will be being shielded better, and have an outlet.
  9. “Thuds, Dowell, Lawrence need taking out”. Don’t worry, we’re playing Cardiff and Leeds in the next two - their players are good at taking people out!
  10. Sorry Ruda - I meant to say there were no boos during or after the Forest match, which there could well have been, given what had happened, so the performance at Brentford must have been really bad, or just one pile of crap too many. I’ll still be there cheering the Rams on against Cardiff.
  11. So those fans who boo’d an absolutely disgraceful performance should instead have applauded it, should they? The Deby fans are a tremendous bunch who the club have stuck two fingers into their nostrils and dragged them this way and that for years now, with no reward, save a few short spells of ok football. I can remember under Nigel there were several times we would go on a run and really threaten to break into the top two, and then immediately implode and drop back again with no real reason for it - oft the “implode” would include losing to teams on huge losing streaks. We had Mel’a promises of free season tickets if we got promoted, and the team would go charging up the league, starting just after the announcements, only to magically fall away again once the deadline had passed. That happened two or three times. We had the inexplicable play off semi-final disasters against both Hull and Fulham. And so it goes, yet the fans have stuck by the club through it all. We are forgetting that is well as a sport, football is in the entertainment business, with aim of entertaining the fans. Eventually the loyalty to support the team will be challenged by the abject lack of entertainment. I myself said I wouldn’t mind where we finish this season so long as the players and management team were giving it their all, but already this season we have had at least 4 absolutely dire performances. I didn’t go today, but noticed that despite being shat all over by Cocu’s team selection, announced once the ticket-sell-our had been achieved, nobody criticised the players - not a single boo. But eventually something has to give. When the team has such a lacklustre approach to the match, and the same duffers being picked when all they’ve done is break up attacking moves, should we show them we think they are doing a fine job? Or could we possibly be justified in saying “Could do better”? Snother issue is that the fans are spending a relatively high proportion of their hard-earned income to watch a bunch of millionaires or millionaires in the making fail to perform time and time again. They have a right to complain, I reckon. My commitment to stick by the team regardless of end result so long as they put the graft in is probably echoed by most here, but let’s at least see the effort and commitment from the team.
  12. I read that the groundsmen has been pratting about for the whole evening, deliberately going to fork the penalty area in order to disrupt the players warm-up, they moved some cones in the way, so we’re no doubt in prat mode during the warm down. Notice they guy with the big stick in his hand - it has blood on it, so the visual implication is that he has rammed it into Keogh’s throat. Regardless of anything Keogh may have said, the fault lies with the ground man who has clearly weaponised his tool.
  13. I did notice that the entire team came right across to the fans to applaud us, something which they haven't done ll season. All that has happened at the end of matches is that a few, sometimes only 3 or 4, have wandered to the edge of the centre circle and given us a clap. Last night suggests they knew that the fans had been sold short. What was good was that the fans didn't get on the player's backs, and for much of the match were quite noisy and supportive.
  14. The signs weren't good even before the match started. I parked in West Bridgford and walked in, only to be held at the gates to the car park which the police had shut. It was for our safety (he said to me and another Rams fan amongst about 150 Forest fans), and will only be for a minute or two while the Derby fans arrive from the station and walk through. "We need to keep the Derby and Forest fans separate" he said, as the Derby fans walked through with a whole load of Forest fans at the same time. 🙄. I really wanted a drink before going up to the seats, but because of the hold up, got into the ground with less than 15 minutes to kick-off, and queues for the bar were huge. So we set off to the stands, intending to come down at half-time, only to see a big sign saying "No alcohol served after kick-off". So I was off to flyer! I was actually quite happy with how we played for the first 20 minutes or so, keeping Forest to long-range, off-target efforts, and not being too far behind the Reds, until the first goal. At which point, our game was over. Suddenly the effective, purposeful playing out from the back stopped, and we started doing the side-to-side stuff of the recent past, so forwards play was reduced to a shuffle at times. No-one was prepared to take a chance or make a decision which would open the Red's defence, and our attacking threat was gone, and we simply tailed off from there onwards. We had a brief flurry after Marriott and Mitchell-Taylor came on, but that didn't last long, at at the end Forest were simply toying with us. A Facebook post that Forest were intending to "disturb" Derby County gave some warning bells - I immediately saw it as them kicking us to kingdom come, and that we would get a ref who would let them do it while booking Derby players for first offences. And yes, the Trees were very aggressive and very physical, with constant upending of Derby players either breaking clear with the ball, or running through to receive the ball, with very little being given, and even less in terms of trying to put a stop to it. Is this part of the new EFL rules, because it has been allowed to happen for the last 4 games? Then Buchanan got booked for a strong challenge in which he got the ball. Even if it was a foul, it was his first offence. Sibley got cleaned up very early on, with nothing given, but was penalised for getting the ball moments later, and then Evans was penalised for a foul which was almost identical to when Sibley got taken out. In the end though, it made little difference, because Forest wanted the win, we didn't. It demonstrated the difference in the two squads - Forest have more players than Boris Johnson has told lies, and they have had a pre-season, whereas we haven't. Thanks Frank. Of the newbies, I think Sibley did OK, seeing as he was making his debut in a very exposed place, and Mitchell-Taylor looked bright when he came on. However, Cocu has messed up big time, not because he wants to blood the youngsters - we all understand that. It was because he blooded them all at once, with only players who can't make the first team alongside. It was too many all at once, hanging them out to dry, in an absolute cauldron of a match. They might learn from it, but there is also a very strong likelihood that it could have damaged their confidence instead. As many have suggested, he should have introduced them into a side more like the first-choice starting 11. I notice that it was only after we had got the sell-out of the tickets that we got the sell-out of the fans.
  15. I am sure someone said that the last cup match was in Eurosport so it might be worth having a look there. I took a different route home that night and somehow ended up watching it in the Netherlands (cough cough). You might have to do some searching to find a stream, and you will Virtual ly have to be Private about which Network the stream is taken from.
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