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  1. Well I logged in at 1 minute to 3 and up came the match, and after watching for a few minutes the commentators were talking of the result. I thought "that's a bit presumptuous", and then looked at the clock on the screen which was saying there is 20 minutes to go. What the heck is going on? I hope it was just a glitch for me, so I won't spoil those of you who, like me, had forgotten the scoreline. But I feel robbed! Now what am going to do all afternoon?
  2. .................. and he rubbed his muddy gloves in the ref's face after the Lee - Hunter match against Leeds. Top Man! PS - wasn't the unidentified wolves keeper Phil Parkes?
  3. Actually our promotion cause wasn't helped by Darren Moore being given a retrospective red card - I believe it was the only one ever issued - so suddenly a team which depended on resolute defending had lost its big defender. On the Football League committee was Karen Brady, then chairman of Birmingham city, one of our chief rivals. His transfer window signings didn't help us, but Billy's biggest misdemeanours (apart from setting up a public verbal spatch with the Derby County Board) came after the play-off final when he let it be known he would rather be manager of Preston, and then went on a fortnight'holiday just as the summer transfer window opened. So when he came back, all the players we should have gone for had been signed up. And finally he tr5ied to take on the sophistication of the Premier league with hoofball - palm meet face, face meet palm! So he was still a baddy.
  4. Well i watched it and it was fascinating seeing the turnaround. It was somewhat spoiled after the enforced break because of the lights - I watched it with my wife and daughter, neither of whom knew the result. Consequently when the match restarted they had a 10 minute conversation about cooking meatballs. That really set the mood for the finale. NOT!!!
  5. At least I won’t have to drive to Holland to watch this one!
  6. “I only have my self to blame” was also said by Sean Connery after a load of books fell on his head”.
  7. Haven't we had some tosh as managers over the years? Tommy Docherty has to be up there for the well documented destroying of a great squad. But in the mix is Colin Addison and Colin Murphy, but the greatest challenger at the time was John Newman who was completely bereft of personality, and managed to get his team playing like it as well. MY family ran a charity giving a holiday and youth club facilities for kids in social services care. We held a fund-raising gala in Mickleover which John Newman and his assistant came to open, and it was like there was a great big black hole every where he went. Thankfully he cleared off quite quickly, but was oh soooooooo dull. Colin Todd is also up there. Signing Ducrot should win him the title by itself! But my issue with him is that he was being trained and prepared by the Bals Eagle to take over the fabulous squad Jim had put together. Sadly, when Stevie Mac left for Manure, Jim went into "mustn't lose" mode, and the magic was gone. Jim was given the boot and Toddy took over, but there was a very strong whiff of Colin having gone to the board behind his back and got him sacked. The team never played for Toddy, and he didn't last long. But in the end it has to be the Doc for prescribing and administrating the wrong medicine.
  8. A few years ago the Sky ad for the new footy season was a dad saying to his son "Choose your club wisely son, because when you do, it's yours for life". And that is so true of human beings the world over, but doesn't apply to Glory or Trophy hunters. Actually my dad grew up in Harrington Street just down the road from the school, and opposite the iron factory. Yet he had no interest in football whatsoever. I can remember seeing old newspapers in his garage, with headlines on the back page about Rams, but I had no interest in farming, because it sounded boring to a young lad. But then a lad may parents used to pick up and take with us to Sunday School started talking about Derby County, so it became a regular feature of that Sunday afternoon journey to ask him "How do Derby do?" One time staying with my grandparents, my granddad took me for a walk and we went past the Baseball Ground, and he got them to open the big gates where I saw Reg Harrison standing in his goal, but the play was at the other end of the pitch. But that was about it for football input while I was a kid - up to junior school age. I actually loved playing footy at school, which was Cavendish Close junior school. We were graced with Peter Ward who was absolutely brilliant with a ball at his feet - even the burst footballs we had to play with, Chaddo being Chaddo! He would regualrly swap sides in ordr to even up the score, because virtually no-one could get the ball off him. Then one night, after visiting said grandparents, my dad drove past the old BBG on the night we beat Chelsea in the FA Cup - Dave Mackay got the winner, I believe. And it was magical. The dark street with puny street lights, and that incredible huge glow of white light oozing out from over the top of the stadium and reaching all the way up to heaven! But still never went to a match, having to content myself with the paltry offering from Radio Two, who gave us second half commentary from a selected match, before I listened eagerly to all the scores to see how "my" team had got on! Then Eddy Sewter, a good school mate took me to my first match, the 5 - 0 thrashing of Tottenham Hotspur in the biggest ever crowd for a Derby home match, and in the Pop Side as well!. A cracking start. I then found out that I could hear the Baseball Ground roar from my bedroom window in Chaddesden, so when I couldn't go to a match, I would have the radio on, and my bedroom window open! I ended up with a season ticket in the Normanton Stand, and used to get there really early - in height and growth lessons, my school report always used to say "Could do better", but inevitably just before kick-off all the 6 and 7 footers would turn up, look for the littlies and stand in front of us. I eventually found a standing area at the right hand end in the middle tier which afforded a great view, and the tall guys weren't aware that it was there. I stuck with that right through all the glory years, eventually loosing momentum in the John Newman era. What a guy - he must have been at the back of the queue when they were handing personality out. I met him once, and it was like he was vacuuming the personality out of anyone within 5 yards of the guy. I was bored, and had got into the world of biking, and would much rather follow the fortunes of Barry Sheen, Phil Read and Mick Grant. Dad never caught hold of the football fever, but now my mum had got involved through listening to Radio Derby, and now I had to make the effort to show an interest in her latest passion, and she was an avid Derby fan via Radio for the rest of her life. The arrival of Arthur Cox got me re-kindled, but matches had to be chosen carefully because of finances, and I started taking my middle son along. My oldest is one of those people who absolutely refuses to go with the flow. So his Dad likes football, therefore he doesn't. So one son as a Ram it is, then. We started going to more matches during the Jim Smith era, during which time we gave my son a Pride Park Football party, featuring Rammy and all the rest. I can thoroughly recommend one of these parties because it is a great experience for your kids. In addition, we got 3 tickets tot the next home game. so we took my daughter along as well. She was only 7 and had no idea what was going on, but got hooked on the atmosphere, and now we are all South Stand Season Ticket holders, in Row R right behind the goal. Great view, and pretty much hooked for ever!
  9. From that Blackburn forum thread, one of the issues is that Blackburn tried to take us on by fielding a two-man midfield. It is no surprise that they were overwhelmed, because it made our job so much easier. Mowbray is known for wanting to take the game to the opposition, so it seems he intended to blitz us, but there wasn't enough quality in the rest of the team to handle what we were doing to them. At times I have missed the good old days of the opening 20 minutes or so being an absolute whirlwind of attacking football, but Cocu's approach was justified on Sunday. We took about 10 minutes to deal with Blackburn's bluster and didn't look back for most of the rest of the match. Either we sat back on our two-goal lead, (which is rather Cocu, isn't it?), or Blackburn made a change (maybe going to a 3-man midfield), and it took us a while to get back on top. Whatever it was, it was brilliant to watch, and then experience watching the Rams fans floating out of the stadium on a cushion of euphoria!
  10. Methinks today justified Cocu's team selection for Thursday night against Manu. However when I saw the team selection I was thinking two up front (I wish) with Chris Martin to set the chances up and Martin Waghorn to nearly score them. Actually I wasn't far out, but it is actually not difficult! Shame really, because Waggy played really well apart from his shooting. And yes, it was a penalty in the first half - the defender put his leg right across Waggy as he went through, but sadly our man tried to stay on his feet. The ref started out thinking that we were playing Manchester United again, because he was giving them everything for nothing, but quickly realised that the team playing more like Man u had got white shirts on, and settled down, although he did come up with some bizarre decision in the second half. But overall, not too bad! We took about 10 minutes to get going, although we often do, almost as though having yet another different team selection means we have to take a few moments to find out who is playing and where they all are. We then set about controlling the match for the rest of the half. An absolute stonker from Sibley set the scene, and it is terrific to find out that he has supported the Rams all his life. Way to go Louie! The second made Blackburn look finished for the rest of the half. Knight took a while to get going, but then was back to his best, and Bird only seemed to make mistakes when he got played into trouble with poor passes. I have known Sibley has what it takes for some time now, sometimes you only have to see a player once to know that there is something special - George Thorne's debut against the Red Dogs being a case in point. The young lads are astounding, with all of them looking like they could cut it in the Premier League, and maybe some international level talent is in there as well. We are well blessed. I don't know whether we back off a little for the second half, in true Cocu style, or whether Mowbray gave his team a rocket and change things around a bit but Blackburn had much more of the game in the second half, so we had to hold tight and see the pressure out for a while, but even so, the visitors didn't threaten that much. The third goal finished the game off, and the penalty was because simply because Blackburn couldn't live with us the way we were playing. A special mention to Chris Martin. Not only two goals, but superb hold-up and link-up play. Normally it comes in bursts with a time in between for a breather, but today he ran his socks off and was playing his little lay-offs constantly all match long. What a privilege to have him back at Pride Park. The future is really exciting. Who'd have though it? Certainly not me. After getting Franked in the summer all I wanted was for us to be mid-table by the end of the season. Cocu is doing s great job, although that wasn't too apparent at times up till Christmas. But Mel Morris has pulled off a master stroke, well two, actually. Firstly managing to land Philip Cocu, but secondly getting Wayne Rooney to join us, because Cocu has benefitted enormously from having someone who can take his ides out onto the pitch, and talk and coach the players into where to be and what to do. And even in his absence, his influence is very clear. We have just turned in our best performance of the season while Wayne is out injured, and it seemed like we didn't need him! What's not to like?
  11. Dack is a great footballer but a dirty little so-and-so. It’s a no from me ‘cos I don’t dirty, nasty players at Derby.
  12. Yes. I saw the save from Rooney late on, but @was otherwise engaged@ for the earlier saves. I was only trying to surmise why such quality players could make so many glaring misses when even Waghorn would have managed to bundle one of them in!
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