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  1. Some of the problem with Jack Marriott is that he hasn't had much matchplay, and until recently has only come on towards the end of the match, and has even been played as target man. I don't know if Cocu has noticed yet, but Jack isn't big enough to be a target man. And he has only had two matches playing next to Chris Martin, so this combination needs time to gell. And on Saturday against forest, once we had made the mistake of taking Beilik out of midfield, the whole of our midfield stayed deep, creating a huge gap between themselves and the strikers. So there were no midfielders running through, and no-one helping Chris Martin carry out the press. So Chris would press, only to have the ball passed around him because no-one else was up there pressing. So with Martin and Marriott isolated, it is no surprise that they were tempted to snatch at their chances. It is the Derby way. We did it with Chris Martin, I think in between his loan spells, when he kept being kept on the bench until the game was gone from us because we didn't have anyone up front who could hold the ball up (spot the irony), or he was played out on the wing (!). Then we all moaned because he wasn't scoring! We did it with Will Hughes. We had a couple neanderthal managers who either didn't play him, or brought him on at the end when we were already losing because we didn't have anyone to make the midfield tick, or played him as defensive midfielder, when he clearly isn't one of those. We did it, and maybe are still doing it with Tom Lawrence, playing him out wide when he isn't a winger. He's a number 10, which is where we have seen the best from him. We did the same with Simon Dawkins who was beautiful to watch when he was on the ball. We kept sticking him out wide when he too was better in the middle, playing in the Will Hughes "in the hole" role. And on the rare occasions Dawkins was played there, he ran the match. We did it with Georgi Kinkladze, a fantastic player when in the middle of the park behind the strikers. So we played him out on there wing mostly, or when he was in midfield, he got neck-ache from trying to watch the ball as it flew about 100 miles above his head on its way to the opposing goalkeeper's arms. Or kept him on the bench until we were losing because we hadn't got anybody on the pitch who could control the midfield. We played him in his best position against Aston Villa and he absolutely destroyed them, only to be benched for the next match. So lets give Jack and Chris a run of matches together for a start, along with keeping Beilik in midfield where he drives us forwards and keeps the midfield in touch with the strikers. Please! Pretty Please! Pretty Please with a cherry on top!
  2. Come on children, stop bickering amongst yourselves. This thread is supposed to be about the football match,b ut it hasn't been mentioned for what seems like two entire pages.
  3. That was a great game of football, but what a disappointing result. We more than held our own - with recent away performances I thought we would be trying to hold out, and maybe nick something. instead we played with a lot of assurance, and created the most dangerous opportunities, including the one for Forest. The two-footed challenge was the game changer, even though it din't need to be. The cynic within me wonders if Forest knew we are weak in the central defender department, and it would be to their advantage if one of them got injured. If so, did they also know that Cocu prefers Beilik in defence? Am I becoming a conspiracy nut? Whatever, but inevitably we ended up with Beilik in defence, and then it was game over. Forest running the midfield from that point on isn't because we are poor in midfield, its because we keep playing the wrong players in there. it seems that after 3 and a bit months, Cocu has finally decided to move away from the stifling 2 CDMs, and last week it made us look good. It started to today as well, but we soon put a stop to that, didn't we? Somebody has already pointed out the balance between Beilik and Shinnie which disappeared after the enforced substitution, with Shinnie then offering less support for Bogle, which then allowed Forest's press on our back four to become effective. Some say that it wasn't the press which produced the error for the goal, but I disagree. As soon as the ball rolled towards Bogle, there was a Forest man running towards him, and rather than put himself under pressure by taking his man on, Bogle got rid. So the press worked, because he got rid of it to Grabban. Sadly, Bogle's head went after that, as did most of the team for about the next 20 minutes, before we got ourselves back to playing football again. And yes, although Cocu did what Forest expected re the formation change, Forest should have been down to 10 men. But as ever, the ref bottled it, and continued giving stuff to Forest for nothing - vis-a-vis the booking for Lawrence, who ,instead of overstreching for the ball should have been placing one of two free-kickshe should have been given into the top corner. Late on Grabban was backing into and leaning all over a Derby defender (I can't remember who), pushing him backwards for 5 or 10 yards, but it was a free-kick to Forest. How? The ref was poor, yet again. I've seen worse, but I have also seen better, although my memory is getting a bit weak on that one. In the end, despite Sky creaming their pants for Derby's opponents (yet again), Forest hardly made any threat, with most of their efforts being long range and high or wide - a sign of good defending, which we did for most of the match. In the end, we had to show them how to set their strikers up with a good chance, because they didn't manage it themselves. It was a disappointing result, but plenty of signs for hope there. We might actually challenge for the top six, but probably won't. I'm not worrying either way, so long as we are making progress. Moving away from 2 CDMs (at least at the start) is a good sign. Moving to Martin and Marriott is a good sign, so long as we give it time to bear fruit. Keeping Beilik is the next development. And for the second game in a row, I was disappointed with Holmes's final decisions. But overall, I'm not going to mark our players down, because we were close to getting something, maybe even a win, from that match. So near, and yet so far.
  4. Isn't it nice to see an upbeat article about Derby County?
  5. Well, not been home long because the traffic getting out was terrible. But a difference - it looks like Cocu has decided to try and make the best of the players he has got instead of trying to make them play to his system when thy aren't actually up to it. And boy, didn't it work well! There were some very good performances today, with Beilik "finding" himself. He seemed so settled in that midfield role, although Saville's boot apart, he didn't have much opposition. I ha just commented on Beilik's performance when he stretched for a ball and pulled a muscle or something. And although it was for a second knock, it wasn't long before he went off. Well done, Christian! Actually, Saville should have already been on a yellow card by the time he got his red one because he had cleaned Bogle out on two or three occasions early on in the first half. A horrible little player. Most of the time, Bogle had got the beating of his defender, and some of those beatings were really clever and skilful. Although Tom got man of the match, Shinnie ran him close, and Marriott wasn't too far out. Sometimes we only think of him as a striker, but he is actually a really good footballer, with great link-up play, and he tracks back and tackles a lot as well. Thanks, Jack! And I think Shinnie's arriv al is significant. He puts in lots of ground work, always wants the ball, and doesn't dither about - when he gets the ball, he is immediately looking to move it forwards and get things going. Incidentally, that was the difference in the opening few minutes - we started off faffing about at the back again, which was the only time Middlesborough looked threatening, because we set them up with a couple of great opportunities. After that, they only knew which way to attack on the basis that they should be going towards the goal which their keeper isn't standing in! But fate the scare, we started to play from defence properly, i.e. getting it upfield much quicker, and it worked well. I don't know how he got out of the box, but we had a ref who was more than half decent right up until the 70 minute mark, although he could have dished out a couple more yellows for the constant falling to floor as though shot, and some quite cynical fouls. My son said that having shown a red card, he would back off from anything more "hard-line", and it was the case, and he did go really soft on Middlesborough for the last 20 minutes. Perhaps my only complaint is about Holmes - I love the bloke because he has the cheek and impudence to try things you wouldn't expect, but often times his shot, cross or final ball is lacking, as are some of his decisions at the crucial moment - several times he could have put Martin or Marriott through, but didn't do so. But in reality, how can I complain when we could ping the ball around man-to-man-to-man as though that was how we played all the time! It was a joy to watch Very pleasing. Apart from Cocu, having been praised by Radio Derby for the team formation and tactics, then spoke about it being what he thought was necessary for this match, and that how he sets the team up will depend on the opposition, i.e. rather than what actually works. Come on Mr Cocu, don't bin something which has actually produced the best performance all season.
  6. That's absolutely crap photoshopping, but a brilliant picture!
  7. He needs to apply them to the balls of the feckless wasters who have become millionaires without achieving anything, and only seem to turn up at a match about twice in a season.
  8. I see you've been to see the officialdom at Pride Park, then!
  9. This has to be my absolute hate, partly because of the appalling refereeing, and partly because of the colossal cost to Derby County. We were neck and neck with Burnley and a win would have put us ahead of them and on the home run. Madley was an appalling ref, as was his brother. They roamed around the country wrecking football matches all over the place. And would VAR have given a different result? Not on your nelly. It refers poor decisions by poor referees to a panel made up of guess what? A bunch of poor referees. Remember, the match officials are rated for the authorities by guess what? Another referee, and very, very rarely do they ever get sanctioned for their incompetence. They can cost clubs points and huge anmoynts of money, but seem to be untouchable. That Madley should never have been allowed near a football pitch ever again, but lasted for several years after screwing us over. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  10. I know a song that will get on your nerves get on your nerves get on your nerves ............ 😜😜😜😜
  11. He got “Clement”ed. His strength was bursting forwards with the ball, or running on to through balls, both of which being anathema to Clement, and he managed to school it out of Butterfield and it appears that it has taken this long for him to rehabilitate. Clement has a lot to answer for, as does Pearson re Chris Martin.
  12. TAKE 2: I posted this last night, but evidently it is still in the post box, so here we go again: The way I saw it there were 3 phases to that match, and Barnsley had done their homework on us. They knew about Roos’ “flappy-paddle” goalkeeping, to use a Formula 1 term, and kept landing crosses into the middle of the box about 3 or 4 feet off the line - the area where Kelle should come out and catch the ball, but either he flaps at the ball or stays home and depends on his ability as a shot-stopper. So 1 - 0 Barnsley. They also knew about our “play it out from the back” philosophy, so every out-ball had two players marking the man it was aimed at, or two players charging across at high speed to close him down. And for 20 minutes or so we played right into their hands. Eventually Roos started catching the ball and we started to play long, and things changed. Suddenly we started to threaten and the equaliser was only a matter of time. They are a fast, young side who move the ball well, but have a shaky defence and lack experience. Tom knew what he was doing for the penalty running across the front of his defender to increase the chance of contact. There were accusations that Thudd was clattered after taking the penalty. but on the highlights it is clear that his hamstring went during the run up. That should have been game over, given Barnsley’s inexperience. Much of the second half saw us being the most threatening, and we could have had 3 or 4 more goals with better decisions for the final ball, and more clinical shooting. However we are now looking like a footballing side. Sadly their equaliser came from another flap at a cross which continued the pressure instead of snuffing it out, and for some strange reason the defence simply stopped still and watched the goal go in from the resultant dead ball situation. The ref got most of his decisions right last night, and should be commended for that, but he was still a “thigh-swisher”. There were 2 or 3 instances of blatant kicking the ball away right in front of the him, and although they are supposed to be cracking down on this, he did nothing about it. So yet another coded message to do whatever you want and you’ll get away with it. Hence the crunch on Tom. And it lead to a succession of cynical, professional fouls to stop Derby attacks and breakaways. The ref gave the free-kicks, but did nothing else until around the 70th minute with his first booking. If all those attacks and counter/attacks had been allowed to continue, who knows what the outcome would have been. There are a number of players who did well, but I have to give special mention to Clarke, who came in when Tom was “done” and played really well. But what were Mel and Cocu thinking of with Lawrence and Bennett? I can understand the desire to help their rehabilitation, but no way should they have been anywhere near the squad so soon after those events. Like many at the ground, I was really, really angry because it is sending out the wrong message both to the players and to kids who look up to them. BAD MOVE, MEL.
  13. I would want to see Sibley given an opportunity. Derbydazz22 said we need someone who is both mobile and can put some bite into the midfield, and he fits that bill perfectly.
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