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  1. That was escape from Alcatraz. We played for 90 odd minutes like the team was the result of cross-breeding Jacob Butterfield and Ray Wilkins! Sideways and backwards ad nausea, and even though we knew what we were going to do every time, we needed two touches and 5 seconds thinking time very time we got the ball. Someone said very early on in this thread that it looked like we were worried about them when they should have been worried about us. Absolutely spot on. The sad thing is we knew they were going to sit back and hit us on the break. They got their tactics spot on, and we were cluel
  2. Very interesting Freudian slip by Steve MaClaren in Rams TV - he had described how the Mac 1 team was such a joy to watch, and how much in form the current team is. He then said "No one would want to lay us in the play-offs. I wouldn't either, with the form "We" are in ! So Stevie is still a Ram!
  3. A colleague of mine is a red and he says that Samba has lost his confidence. I have to admit that I was jealous of them for having him in goal, because he was really good, but apparently that has all gone. So lots of crosses whipped in near their keep please.
  4. 😃 I want to know when he is actually going to get round to finishing growing it!
  5. I used to be MacDonald's Belly on the old DET site, which I joined during the 3 amigo's era - and I chose that name to insult whichever of the 3 hoodlums hd a bit of a "bonny" physique. When that died I moved over to the COYR site, and am still on there, but it is a shadow of its former self. T'was my son who told me about this place,so I duly jumped aboard in 2016, on the basis that it was loads more fun and much livelier than COYR. The humour is terrific at times, and there is the benefit that people in high places at Pride Park read this forum (and maybe even join in?). Than
  6. Actually I remember hearing somewhere that it has something to do with his Islamic background.
  7. I saw a Youtube of the 31 goals he scored for Barcelona, followd by his 10 for Holland. Wow! What a classy player - he mastered the Bryson skill of being able to run through from midfield and be in the right place to score, with tap-ins, cannon balls and headers - very classy. I wonder if he is looking to either bring in or develop a player in that style for us?
  8. We also had Frankie leaving us with a squad built around three Premiership players who had already left the building, and then kept us dangling on a piece of string for so long it not only ensure that our pre-season was a train-wreck which not only crashed through the buffers, but went on to land in the middle of the road outside the station! So apart from all that, what has Cocu ever done for us?
  9. Wait for it .............................................. !
  10. What an assured and controlled performance that was! Something really big is happening here, and I think there has been an improvement since the ref blew the final whistle for lockdown. What Cocu has managed to do with them for most of the lockdown I have no idea because they couldn't meet up, but he's done something. The ability to pass the ball out of defence is quite astounding. It used to be one of the reasons everyone was shouting to get the ball upfield, because we kept playing ourselves into trouble with loose passing, and frankly the fans were scared of self-inflicted disaster. Now we
  11. It might be worth asking how many of our yellow cards have come from first offences? Lawrence's and Shinnie's cards on Saturday were both first offences, and both were either harsh or plain wrong, with the latter being the obvious choice. Shinnie got the ball, and it was the dreadlocked defender who made the clumsy challenge - Tom was running on to the ball. The Reading man carried on with clumsy challenges throught the match, obviously enjoying tje fact that he wasn't going to get carded. I don't mind a yellow for a first offence if it is the correct choice, as it was for Holmes on Satur
  12. Rams TV for me. We are on Virgin Media because any other option means having a BT phone line, and they wrecked my career because of their cheapskate computer keyboards. It also means I am having to work till I'm 66 years old to get my state pension when I could have been retired 3 years ago. So no to anything BT. But on Virgin Media I can't justify the King's ransom to pay for Sky sports. And although their coverage is more thorough and professional, they also have a lot of pundits who favour just about any team we are playing over the Rams.
  13. Actually, too true! He is better than loads of other players as well. Good point!
  14. Perhaps edit the second line to BETTER THAN ALL THE REDS
  15. Very wise observation, Tamworth. Although post lockdown is completely different, we have been in top form since SuperRoon arrived, and unusually for us the effective new season hasn't found us slow out of the block as like we always are at the start of a new one. We pretty much carried on as though there hadn't been a break against Millwall, and handled the empty stadium effect really well. As I mentioned I am puzzled by how easily we got knocked out of our stride, first by a few sloppy passes in the final third, then by Fozzy getting caught in possession, then by the flapaholic. It doesn't fi
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