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  1. DavesaRam

    Leeds Fan In Peace 2

    I agree that we shouldn't have been rattled, but disagree about him having time to come up with something else. The incident cracked off right at the end of the Thursday training session, which was cut short. From there it would be off to the team coach to travel up to Leeds, so if they had been working on new corner and free-kick routines, which everybody does, then there simply wouldn't be time to practice anything else. The best he could do is present his ideas verbally. But no time to try them out, and definitely not to perfect anything. We already knew that it was going to be a tough match, but to go out onto the ;pitch knowing that your opponents knew everything about how you were going to play, including all the new, "top secret" ideas we could surprise you with, then it can be demoralising. On top of that, we know we haven't been playing at our best for a few weeks, despite the fairly good results against the top 6 teams we've been playing recently. It shouldn't have happened, but our players obviously let their heads go down. They shouldn't have, but it happens from time to time to most players. Even so, you were still the better side, and probably would have won anyway. Once again, best wishes for the rest of the season.
  2. DavesaRam

    Ex Rams

    It might have meant us having some Premier League player in the team. That might have made a difference. Remember, Billy didn't do hoofball with Forest, did he? But he did do the "Time to get myself sacked routine" routine though ....... twice!
  3. DavesaRam

    Ex Rams

    Agreed, but that was because the Gnome completely messed up the transfer activity required for a Premiership campaign, and left us with an inadequate squad.
  4. DavesaRam

    Leeds Fan In Peace 2

    Hi Cjay. Thanks for you balanced contributions to your thread. And thanks for crediting Frank for not using spygate a an excuse. He could justifiably have done so, because it did have an impact. The spy was only spotted on the Thursday when all our training, planning and practicing routines was almost complete. The ;players were taken off the training ground, leaving us with no chance to come up with an alternative, so all our plans to surprise you were now in the bin, It is no surprise that you knew exactly how to play, how to stop us and how to exploit our weaknesses. And it was no surprise that we went onto the pitch already beaten in our minds - hence our poor showing. It has also come to light that the same thing happened for the match at Pride Park as well, so it is also no surprise that Bielsa seems to have Frank's number. This is in no way an excuse for losing, we lost simply because you were better than us on the day. I still don't like your diving, whinging to the ref, dirty tricks either. You didn't need them when they were conceived under Don Revie, and you still don't need them now. You are way better than that. Best wishes for the rest of the season, you should win the league, or at least go up automatically.
  5. DavesaRam

    Ex Rams

    That wasn't the team's fault - it was Billy Davies. He cleared off on holiday for a month after Wembley, by which all the players we should have been in for had already been signed up elsewhere. Then he tried to take on the might of the Premiership with hoofball which, apart from one season by Wimbledon, has never worked. Ad it didn't work for us. On top of that, Billy was already planning geting him self sacked well before a ball was kicked in the Premiership. We didn't stand a chance!
  6. DavesaRam

    We don’t all f’in hate Leeds!!!

    Owdo Mr Pants! You fully deserved the win last night, and look to be a great team, with a lot of talented players. And we didn't turn up at all. However, a leopard never changes its spots. The situation reminds me of the Don Revie days, when you had a team full of extremely gifted players, plus Norman Hunter, and could ;play anybody off the pitch. Yet their trademark wasn't breath-taking football, it was the thuggery and cheating. Such a shame, but much of that was on display last night. Roofe scored his goal with a beautiful strike, and he plays selflessly for the team, but he is such a dirty player. Virtually every challenge involved a huge push in the bag of the central defenders, or there were kicks and trips going on. I could give a whole load of other examples, but there isn't a need. On top of that, if we put more than an "after you sir" type of challenge, your players were going down like they'd been hit by a sniper. But despite all the alleged violence, none of your players went off injured. There were also plenty of players running half the length of the pitch to yell at the ref over incidents which had nothing to do with them. And that dreadful challenge by your keeper, who knew exactly what he was doing. Even so, we should have been able to cope with all of that, as we face that from a large proportion of Championship teams, although not to that level. What did kill us was the spygate issue. We discovered right at the end of our final training session that all our routines, tactics and likely team were known, but had no time to work on alternatives. It is no surprise that you knew exactly how to play against us, and how to stop us playing, or how to take advantage of us. It knocked the stuffing out of us, both team and manager, so we went on to the pitch already beaten in our heads. Make no mistake, this isn't an excuse, it is not why you beat us. On the day you were by far the better team. But without all that at least we would have put up a bit of a fight, which is actually all we ask of the team. I hope you do make the automatics because you are the best team around, and you do work hard for eachother, but please, less of the dark arts.
  7. DavesaRam

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    I couldn't agree more, LeicesterRam. They totally outplayed us, both home and away, and would have beaten us regardless. They are a very impressive team, which begs the question "Why all the dark arts and skullduggery?" As with the Revie team, there is no need for it, they are well good enough in their own right. My point about last night wasn't that we were beaten, but the abject display. But if the team had all their plans and tactics stolen from them just as they were about to get on the team coach with no chance to do anything about it, then that they wandered on to the pitch with an already defeated attitude is no surprise.
  8. DavesaRam

    Keep the faith

    Our peak performances came when we played at pace, and pressed and harried the opposition, But suddenly that all went out of the window and we went all dilly-dally at the back and slowed our play right down, and have struggled ever since. The change was to try and shore up the defence to cut out all the silly goals we were giving away. It must have worked, because we are now having to give away stupid ones instead. In other words, we have stifled our natural abilities for no apparent gain. I say lets get back to the high-paced, fast-paced gameplay and simply outscore the opposition. Besides, our defensive record, despite the systematic catastrophes isn't actually that bad. Why the worry?
  9. DavesaRam

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    I am pretty sure that the spygate thing did affect us. I don't know what time of day it was when the guy was spotted, or what time and how long the training sessions last, but I know that the players were all taken off the training ground as the police arrived. But if it was towards the end of training, then all of Frank and the teams training, and all the practicing of routines went in the bin, with no time at all to come up with alternatives. I would find that pretty demoralising. It is no surprise that Leeds had an answer for everything we tried to do, and knew exactly what to do to stop us from playing. It might have been better psychologically if we hadn't have found out what they were up to, then we wouldn't have gone into the match with our heads already drooping down. In addition Frank said in his pre-match interviews about the spying that another guy was caught sneaking around the training ground for the Pride Park match at the start of the season. Bielsa has admitted to doing it, so it is definitely worth doing, and may be a reason why they are seemingly so far ahead of any other team in the Championship, apart from a couple of "off" games just recently. I don't think it would have changed the result last night, (or the home match result) because Leeds played really well. However, without the issue, we would more likely have made a fight of it and given them a game. AS said earlier i this thread, I would hope for sever censure for what they have been doing, as well as a huge ban for their keeper, but I doubt whether either will happen because (a) it is Leeds United and (b) it isn't Derby County. 😡
  10. DavesaRam

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    Agree with you completely. Although Johnson did bite, and did deserve the ban, I am amazed that nothing was said or done about the bite mark on Johnson's neck which probably provoked the response. However, there is very little chance of anything being done against the Leeds keeper, on the basis that he doesn't play for Derby County.
  11. DavesaRam

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    Well that was one hell of a footballing lesson, although probably definitely not a lesson in ethics. Whether or not spygate affected our mentality or not, the scene was set with almost immediate effect. Keogh went to head a clearance but got right under the ball which bounced and caught Wisdom by surprise, ending with him making a clumsy challenge in the area. Was it a peno? Could have been. Was it ruled out for offside? Yes. Should it have been? I was watching it at the pub and only saw one replay, which looked offside. Sky reckoned it was onside, but the commentators were so biased tonight that they were probably wearing the Leeds football kit! But from then on, we were totally on the back foot. We couldn't put passes together, and were second to the ball on far too many occasions. The change for the second half made a difference, but we only really "got on to the pitch" for the last 20 minutes or so. This Leeds team gave me a nasty reminder of the Revie era dirties. This team has phenomenal football talent, and played us off the park for most of the match. But as with the Revie sides of long ago, why on earth do they need to employ the dark arts, thuggery and blatant cheating? Anything more than an "after you, sir" challenge, and they were on the ground writhing in agony, while bleating to the ref for severe censure. Roofe is a tremendous striker, and his goal was beautifully taken, but he is such a dirty b............ as well. Virtually every challenge involved giving Keogh or Tomori a hefty push in the back. occasionally given .......... In addition Leeds were incredibly aggressive with their challenges, with each one giving the Ram a dilemma: risk having one of your limbs snapped off, or pull out of the challenge, which was our preferred option. So maybe it works, But it is ugly, and shouldn't be part of today's football. As for that studs in the face of Holmes - that should have been a straight red, and a penalty, and would have given us a chance to get back into the match. We didn't deserve it. The Sky "expert" opinion was that it was probably payback for the two penalties which Leeds should have had. Oh, and there was a ref, but I am apparently not allowed to say any more than that for fear of mass murder of match officials at local league level. But what the hell, why not? Apart from the red card, he did OK, although once again, playing against a team employing the dark arts and thuggery, Derby ended up with more yellow cards than Leeds. In reality, I have no complaints about the cards given to Derby players, except for the one against Holmes - it was his first offence, after being manhandled badly all game. However, I am surprised that Bryson wasn't disciplined. But where were the yellow cards for the Leeds thuggery? None of this officialdom affected the match though, simply because Derby weren't at the races until the finishing flag was already being waved, Yet again, we started too slowly, for whatever reason. We do need more bite in our challenges, and Leeds, along with many others, have shown that overt, even excessive aggression works. But do we want that aspect to our play, where bite becomes violence? I say no, and am delighted that Robert Huth has quashed rumours of his arrival at Derby by stating that he has retired. We need bite, but we do not need thug, even though this may have contributed to Leeds supremacy tonight. Although there is a rather good DM just about to break through in the Luton team. Perhaps we should go and have a look at him? At least until the WBA season-enderwe have only got the lsser teams of this division to play. You know, the ones we struggle to beat! So that's a positive. Right what's next? Oh yes, off to the spygate thread, because that was really entertaining!
  12. DavesaRam

    View from the outside

    Re me saying this forum is more entertaining than t’other, I have just finished reading the thread on the Leeds spy thingy, and it is hilarious. Thanks to everyone who pitched in!
  13. DavesaRam

    View from the outside

    It is pretty good, with a good number of knowledgeable people on board, but this forum has way more humour and entertainment. Here is the link: http://dcfc-craic.forumotion.net/ Happy roaming!
  14. DavesaRam

    View from the outside

    What I don't like, Mafiabob, is cheating. All sides do it, including Derby County, but there are sides whose game is based on it. I am talking about the constant shirt-pulling, arms all round the opponent, kicks and trips, blatant heavy tackles on whoever has been identified as the "threat" player - it is often Tom Lawrence - diving, and so on. And don't mention all the wrestling which goes on at dead-ball situations, especially in the penalty area. So much goes un-noticed or unpunished, and has largely been accepted as normal and pretty much OK. That is why refs have such huge difficulty in said penalty area wrestling bouts. All it needs is for officials to clamp down on a consistent basis, but they don't, and simply act as though what are actually offences against the laws of the game are actually now fully legal. And until they do clamp down, the difficulties will remain. On top of this is the inconsistency of their decision making, which often comes across as biased refereeing. So against Middlesborough, I thought the ref was pretty good up until the Marriott tackle, for which the ref got boo'd off at half time. That puzzled me, we have had far worse, for less fair refs who haven't had any protests against them. But for the second half he really was one-sided for a considerable period, followed by the last 20 minutes churning out a series of really strange decisions which had most people baffled, and it affected both teams. I think I said as much, especially about his good first half performance. He may not have been biased, but there certainly was no consistency. So, as with whether or not we should criticize our own players when they perform badly, should we criticize referees when they under perform. Or should we keep quiet, and simply accept whatever is dished up. Incidentally, I post my match waffle on the "Come on you Rams" forum as well, and do not get the opposition which you have given, which is your right, even though there is a fully qualified referee on that forum, who often concurs with my surmisings. But in the end, as I have said before, this is a forum where people are invited to express their opinions. It doesn't mean that those opinions are right, it just means that is how the poster has seen things.
  15. DavesaRam

    View from the outside

    The Southampton fans saying that we were dirty! Just a cotton-picking minute there - Derby weren't the ones doing the cynical, professional fouls every time we were on the break, or the subtle shirt pulls, or arms on shoulders, and so on. Or dives in the area. Neither were we the team for whom the ref gave virtually everything. Quite the opposite. Nor was it Derby who had one player all on his own several yards in the opposition half (i.e. no Derby outfield player in their own half at all) who then received the ball from a hoofed clearance and wasn't given offside. But it was Bogle who was shirt-wrestled to the ground just outside the Southampton penalty area right in front of the ref and his assistant, but no free-kick was given. Need I go on? Maybe its just that "they don't like it up 'em, Captain Mainwaring"!

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