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  1. Here is my take on the proceedings: It was a really good match to watch, and for once Rooney sent us out on the front foot, and after a slow start, we looked really good. I assume the line-up was dictated by who was fit enough, but it completely threw Blackburn who didn't know how to deal with us. We were a joy to watch going forwards. Much of the comment has been about the ref's major decision costing us a point, but although not as terrible as we normally get, he made a number of critical errors, right from the beginning. Joswiack was given a hell of a whack from behind which threw
  2. Were you actually watching the match? It was provably Bird’s best match, he pushed forwards and passed forwards. And the striker was ready going down before Bird challenged. Apart from that, it was pretty spot on.
  3. Well that snows what happens when you put a load of ball players in the team. They don’t mark corners well enough! Notice Clarke was booked for deliberately taking the man out. But you can take Joswiack out any time you like and you have much chance of being penalised as a Tory doing dodgy deals. Happy with Derby overall though.
  4. Yes that is the standard Midi channel for drums, but I have nothing in Cubase assigned to channel 10, as far as I can see. And I haven’t got as far as drum tracks yet!
  5. I shall be lighting a fire with a stick for tonight’s game. So will Derby be on fire, or will they burn?
  6. Well that really got my goat! Derby County you absolutely screwed me today with that performance! I had you down for a 0 - 4 beating! It cost me my Soccer 6! I had expected to watch a bloodbath, but in reality it was a bit of a graze on the shin! We gave the best team in the division a really good game today. I am also impressed that they have shaken off the Alex Neill effect - his teams are built on the premise of kicking anything that moves. And if it doesn't move, kick it until it moves, then kick it! Apart from there being a few fouls here and there, Norwich weren't a dirty team. Ins
  7. Agree with much of what you say, sir! However, the pandemic isn’t specifically just to take away our rights, but it has been taken advantage of to speed up what was already in progress, and has been since the late 1700s.
  8. He is way better than Knight in the number 10 role, and struggles out wide when we revert to “hoof it over the entire midfield” mode. He needs ball to feet, so unless he can master running on his hands whilst projecting himself 20 foot up in the air, he will struggle when played out of position. As do most players of the calibre we have at the moment.
  9. Stop setting the team up to not lose. Press and harry the opposition. Set the team up to attack the opposition. Play to our strengths, not to nullify the opposition. Keep the fans involved.
  10. His guitar solo in “Time” from “Dark Side of the Moon” is also mega-brilliantly good.
  11. I was convinced about Frank Lampard being a man of great integrity with a fair dose of class and dignity.
  12. Sad to say that cashless is much nearer than we might think. And it isn't the pandemic, or Dodgy Dave's avoiding the EU's anti-tax avoidance legislation - they have been convenient ways to move us towards cashless a lot quicker. The real driver is the New World Order where everything will be tracked and monitored. It is why we have seen a huge shift forwards in the amount of tech we carry in our phones, which do monitor us all the time. How many times have you talked about something with your mate only to find a crop of ads turning up on in your social media news feeds? And what do you th
  13. Thanks for the replies. I got Cubase Ai Elements as a bundle with my Yamaha MX61 keyboard after nearly 30 years away from music because of RSI problems. It took a while to get the keyboard to talk to Cubase, but my first problem was going to the media tab, selected a vst synth but couldn't create a track from there. I have since found that I can right-click on the main section and "add track" comes up. The difficulty is that I have version 10.5, but all the videos were for version 8 or 9, and the gui and tabs have changed for version 10.5. The differences aren't great, but finding
  14. Any tecchy musicians out there who can give me help with Cubase music studio software? I have worked through the manual, watched the official training videos, bought an online course and am still struggling. Effectively when I try to do things exactly as shown on the videos it doesn't work, because the GUI doesn't operate the way the videos say it does. Some online help would be useful, but I would prefer some hands-on advice, or info on where I can go for a training course. Many thanks in anticipation
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