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  1. Noel Gallagher is a Ram, he hates Leeds!
  2. Yeah, but getting £2 million for an absolute duffer was pretty good business!
  3. I have recently watched Frank's media interview - he was VERY CLEAR - the result of the Play-Off Final didn't change his mind about his current job. Derby County is his club, and he has a 2 year contract with the club. There has been no communication with any other clubs about his future, and the only talks he has had has been with the club about how they can move the club forwards. He told us that we lose a number of players through loans ending and contracts expiring, and we can't compete with a squad of 13 players, we need a squad of 20 or more. That is pretty clear to me - he is staying. If only Stevie Mac could have been this clear when the Newcastle rumours were flying around. He doesn't have to worry about turning Chelsea down, because the job will come up again in 18 months to 2 years time. It always does. Even if he wins a truckload of trophies, he will be sacked after a couple of years anyway!
  4. He's not the Messiah, he;s a very under-experienced boy!"
  5. Dear Chelsea, Gary Rowett is available.
  6. Hiya Vulcan! I had no intention of "loser's mentality" with what I posted. Normally following a defeat we get a load of wristslashers telling us "we're all doomed, I tell thee" and asking for sackings left , right and centre. After the 4 - 0 drubbing at Villa Park I was furious because only Max Bird showed any semblance of turning up. The play was lackadaisical and half-hearted, team selection was poor and tactics were wrong. Not so at Wembley. Given the limits to the playing resources available Frank played it right in many ways, and although we didn't show much up front, Villa only had the one attempt on goal, and that came off a shoulder. The only criticism of the players was that they were too slow playing out from the back, and the only criticism of tactics was that we were too slow changing our shape and pushing Villa back. When we did, it worked and it was only a matter of time before we would break through, and we needed more time to finish the job. If we had drawn level, we would undoubtedly have gone on to win the match, but the lateness of the change, partly because of the second goal meant that the final whistle came too soon. I didn't want to either start or contribute to a "knives in the back" response. I wanted to show just how well we had done given the season we have had - the lack of experience, the mostly new squad and the extensive change to how we play. But we had thrown so many points away, both before and during Mount's absence that we should have never made the play-offs. But Bristol fell away and Middlesborough pulled their own pants down and there we were at Wembley. I am really disappointed that we lost on Monday because Villa were there for the taking. Also we have got to go to Leeds again next season! But I am also really grateful for what the team, the management, the owners, the backroom staff and the fans have built this season and wanted to convey an upbeat approach. Next season, a visit to Wembley will mean that we are in the FA Cup Final as well as getting automatic promotion. COME ON YOU RAMS!
  7. Actually I beg to differ. .................... Naaahhhhh stuff the begging bit! The second leg against Leeds was very important from a promotion point of view, but because of (a) the history between the two clubs and (b) Bielsa and his "bins" the match was also very much a one-off, an event all in itself. Although it could be seen as expecting defeat at Wembley, beating Leeds was our won final, and what looked like overt celebrations were in fact a huge outworking of relief, along with a huge buckertull of achievement. I don't begrudge the club having such a party given all the circumstances. If the Wembley final was only three days away, then I would probably agree with you, but we had more than a week to prepare. And the fact that we got so close to winning says the celebrations were fine!
  8. So we are going to win the FA Cup as well as get automatic promotion, then?
  9. The Real Killer Was The Steps. A bit late - we got stuck in the M1 closure, and as an HGV driver I had an early start this morning, but here we go: We parked up near Wembly Stadium and then tubed to Covent Garden, landing at about 10.00 am. It was already Rammed and we had a great time. More and more people were piling in to the area all the time, and we were visited by Frank Lampard - well, a lifesize cardboard cut-out, anyway, help up above head height on a stick. HE got us chanting, and started the bounce on a numb er of occasions! It was actually really silly, and hilarious. HArry Styles turnep up on top of a telephone box wearing a white loincloth, well for most of the time anyway. I have no idea why, but Villa fans in their ones and twos trying to force their way through the mass of "YAm Yam" singing Rams fans. I don't know where their chosen location was, but it wasn't Covent Garden. They did get out alive, though! AS did a couple of Chinese tourists carrying an enormous video camera, obviously trying to film a bit of traditional London culture. All they got was a load of alcohol- influenced Rams fans giving it large! Oh, and those steps - when we got to Covent Garden station there was a large queue for the lift, and not working out why, we elected for the stairs. We didn't see the first sign until there was a large crowd of people behind us. It said "There are 193 steps, the equivalent of a 15 story building. Make sure you are fit enough to climb to the top before embarking"! Woops! In the stadium, I was taken by just how awe-inspiring the view of all those fans in their seats was. I had been there to see Muse, but it is a totally different view altogether when you are there for the footy. However, it does then make the pitch seem rather small, almost insignificant. Also, the view is not that inspiring either. We were quite low down (Row 7), which you have to be to be near enough to identify the players, but you don't get to appreciate the matchplay from down there. Higher up means being miles away from the action. Ho hum. But boy is it loud in there, with the Villa fans sounding like their singing was being played through the stadium speakers. The game started really fast, with Villa looking threatening for about 10 minutes or so before we started to get a bit of grip on play. We kept Grealish pretty quiet, with only one shot in the first half which ballooned over the bar, although I suspect Keogh got something on it. The main threat, and the first goal, was from El Havegotbookedearly. Although going a goal behind, the first half was pretty even, and although we hadn't threatened much, neither had Villa, with only one shot each on target. However, we were far too ponderous and cautious with our play, giving the opposition time to set up in defence ready for when we finally arrived. I can understand the caution to a degree - we had been well beaten in our two league meetings, even though we were missing Mason Mount while they had Grealish pulling the strings for those two matches. So we went with two defensive midfielders. It worked, with Grealish not really achieving very much. Going two down effectively said "game over", although this season Derby have struggled to understand what that means. With nothing to lose (which we had from the kick-off) we ditched a DM and went two up front, and suddenly our passing was incisive and we were on the front foot. It looked better than it was because Villa were sitting back and attacking on the break, but their defence breaking was just a matter of time. Sadly we had waited too late and ran out of the commodity. Paul Tierney didn't help, missing a clear foul on Cole in the build up to the first goal, although he was fairly even in the first half, nearly getting to the level of almost average, but came out in the second half with a mission to protect ballet dancers and circus divers. Had he been bought by Villa, or loaned in from the EFL, or simply given his orders at half-time I don't know, but yet again it left Derby reluctant to put in decent challenges. But apart from the missed foul for the first goal he had no real effect on the outcome. The defeat was entirely of our own doing because we were too cautious. It is in part understandable (see my comments in the "Poor Selection" thread, page 15), but Villa's defence is suspect when under pressure so we should have been quicker in the transitions and tried to put them on the back foot. So the changes which we made, which were all good, should have been made much sooner. However, we shouldn't have even been there, given what had gone on during much of the season. We were out of the player-offs not long ago, but a couple of matches and the doors were suddenly wide open, and we duly sauntered through. We ought to have been happy with 10th to 12th place, but played at Wemberly and were actually pretty close to getting Premier League football for next season. I wouldn't have thought it possible before the season started, so thank you Frank and Jody for some great football, for relating so well with the fans, and for creating a massive "togetherness" between the players! COME ON YOU RAMS!
  10. Well here is my two pennies worth: Frank and Jody (let's not forget his contribution to this season) are between a rock and a hard place. There have been lots of great contributions, and a fair bit of emotion, but whichever way Frank had tried to tackle the job yesterday he'd have faced criticism. The immediate history is that Villa have beaten us twice, with an aggregate of 7 - 0, suggesting that they can over run our midfield. So does he tighten up the midfield, or take the game to Villa to force them onto the back foot? It might do to them what we did to Leeds, or it might be 7 - 0 in one match! And who does he play up front? We have Waghorn who can do great hold-up play, and has started to find the net, and Marriott who is a natural poacher, and we have Mason Bennett, who is not necessarily an out and out striker, but gives passion and effort, and a degree of pace to disturb defences. Which one or two do we go with? Oh, and by the way, none of these guys has got 90 minutes in them? In addition Holmes, who was very important to the diamond which blew Leeds to bits, is injured. Have we got anyone who can do a "Holmes" for us? Errrr no. It seems that Frank went for a safe approach with two DMs in order to put limits on what Villa's midfield, Grealish in particular, could do to us. At the same time use Bennett's energy, commitment and energy to work the Villa defence, which is known to be suspect, before unleashing Wagofn and Marriott on them once they were tiring. It nearly worked, with Grealish in particular not achieving very much, but we were undone by a couple of bits of sloppy play. Ohhhhh so close! But: deciding our midfield didn't need a third hand-made backside by playing two DMs ignored the fact the Mount didn't play in those two matches, while Grealish did, and now Mount was back. I would therefore concur that we were too cautious in our approach. And although it is part of modern tactical thinking to set your team up to address the strengths of the opposition, the other adage is to set your team up to play to your own strengths and give the other team the problem of dealing with us. We didn't have the resources to go smash Villa for 90 minutes, and if our midfield was too lightweight we may well get mullered again., so two DMs it is Going the way we did was OK given the circumstances and limitations, but it should have been alongside aiming to move the ball much more quickly, especially in the transitions. We took far too long, and seemed more determined to demonstrate that we were playing the ball out from the back than we were to beat the Villa. Secondly, the much needed boost to our firepower came too late, effectively after the game was already gone. Once we did lose a DM and go two up front, we were all over the opposition, and our play was fast and incisive, and seemed to show just what we are capable of when we press and play on the front foot. However, this has to be balanced with the fact that Villa were now sitting back on a 2 - 0 lead with most of the match gone. However, once we did that, it was only a matter of time before their defence gave way, so with an other ten or twenty minutes it may well have produced the winner. BUT if we hadn't gifted the second goal, or allowed room for the header for the first, or the ref had actually given the foul in the same way that he penalised Derby for virtually every challenge we made, it may well have been a different story. In reality we got the chance to swing the bat at the ball which the EFL had bowled when we shouldn't have really had the bat in our hand in the first place, such were the vagaries of the season. And on the other hand, Villa were beatable, and were there for the taking if we had chosen to put their defence under pressure. These are only my own, personal views but they do echo what has been put throughout the thread, but there will be lots of you who will disagree with me. GOOD. That is what football is all about, and it is what forums are for. Last summer we had a manager who had never managed before, an assistant who had never assisted before, at least not at this intensity, and a squad which was about 60 - 70% new and had therefore never played together before. Add in the torpor of how we played last season meaning that there had to be an absolutely total change in playing ethics, and we ought to have been happy to even be in the top 10 in the division. We finished 6th, and played some great football (we did some absolute tosh as well!), finished 6th and got to play at Wembley, ending up really close to Premier League football next season. What's not to like?
  11. Brilliant. Add to this the heartwarming story of our matchday mascot, the Rans are doing some amazing things in the community!
  12. Oooo aaarrrr! Me, my middle son and my daughter, and we’ll be scattered around the singing section! Well scattered until we can sneak into the same area as each other!
  13. Perhaps you should point out that Bamford committed at least 5 yellow card offences, including the one that got Tomoroi booked, and shouldn't have been on the pitch for the last goal. Neither should Phillips for his stamp on Mount, or Hernandez (?) for his head-butt on Malone when Malone got his first booking. As an unconnected side-issue, why do Leeds have the reputation for being dirty? I can't work it out.
  14. I grew up in Chadd on Wilson Road, but Beaufort Street was an exclusion zone. When me and my brother foinally got pushbikes (reconditioned parts gleaned from the tip and then reassembled) had an "ownership challenge" on our first ride out which included the aforementioned exclusion zone. Serves us right, we should have steered clear. My dad had a mobile shop/door to door shop and often as he was at a customer's house he could see kids sneaking up to the van with their parents telling which side of the van to go into to get what they wanted. Pretty much as today the police didn't really want to know, although they weren't distracted by speed cameras in those days. Ahhhhhhh Chaddo, I remember it well!
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