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  1. If you went all the way up to the away matches at Middlesborough when Steve was manager, you’d have had the same thoughts because on each occasion our performances were dreadful, effectively handing the points to Middlesborough on a plate, gift wrapped with a pretty bow on top!
  2. That was what is becoming a typical Derby performance, with almost everything being left on the pitch again. Desperately unlucky with the woodwork, and despite being bollocked for being critical of the match officials, the ref didn't do us many favours today. Even so, I would have accepted the red card at the time, but to hear that the ref had decided yellow, then changed his mind (after being surrounded and harangued by the Blades players) made me think again, and the arguments for an appeal have some grounds. I am not expecting anything other than a ban, though. MY biggest complaint was the inconsistency in the decision making. Early on we attacked, and Baldock was about to get on to a cross, when somehow, whilst behind the defender and moving away from him he was able to launch said defender into the air, causing him to do a half pike with 3 twists. Great artistic impression, of course, but cheating. A similar looking, but actual shove in the back on Lawrence was met with the usual looking away and waving play on. And so it went on. As many have pointed out the Blades were diving all match long. I know Britain got a significant medals haul in the swimming section of the Olympics, but it might be worth pointing out to the Blades that the Olympics have actually finished. The fact that despite the obvious body-blow of the penalty, we kept on trying, and probably had better chances from that point onwards. Brilliant. And brilliant from the fans, yet again, who could be heard all the way through the match - unlike the Sheffield librarians - we only got to hear them for a couple of minutes after Roos got sent off, and for some of the closing minutes after the goal. We go again on Wednesday!
  3. Here’s one to think about: the clash between Shinnie and whoever the Blades player was. If Shinnie got booked, the Blades guy should have had a red for shoving his head onto Shinnie’s forehead.
  4. Well at least this one was a peno so they didn’t need to cheat to get it.
  5. We are all set up to lose by one goal which will be an Allsop howler.
  6. We have done ok so far but despite the efl getting their points deduction it still seems like it isDerby County versus the World FC.
  7. Mardy mardy Osborne clutching his knee when there was no contact
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