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  1. I did, a dire game with a dire refereeing decision. Sums it up that their player got MOTM because he got away with not getting sent off. Best parts of the evening were the three pints of Guinness I had.
  2. A massive shame that we only really saw a glimpse of what George was capable of. He and we were on the verge of greatness. I wish him all the very best and hope he can 'come good' and get some much better luck soon.
  3. Sounds like a cracking goal from Holmes. Really pleased for him - he plays like he should score quite a few. Hopefuly this'll be the start of a few goals for him this season.
  4. Boro 1 Rams 3 FRGS Marriott
  5. IMO he'll be fine for this game. Rooney's problems will be in recovering and playing back-to-back games I think.
  6. All of the ten left on the pitch when Bielik got sent off (after suffering from momentary mind-loss) deserve to start on Thursday. Personally, I'd still like to see us play with a two up front of Marriott and Martin. I'm hoping Rooney will link up the midfield and attack at the top of a diamond.
  7. I agree. He was outstanding tonight. MOM in my opinion.
  8. I want us to play 2 up front, Marriott and Martin hopefully. We need to score goals again and get some confidence back.
  9. Spot on IMO. We need to 'have a go' more in games. It's difficult to blame any forward who isn't scoring when they're left so isolated for most of the game.
  10. Not watching it and only just come on here. Is it really bad? Do we need to change the formation? I'd like us to try two up front.
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