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  1. 1967Ram

    v Brighton (A) - Cup Predictions

    Brighton 1 Rams 2 FRGS Bryson
  2. 1967Ram

    Ipswich Town vs Derby County Match Thread

    I thought Bryson played well when he came on. Disappointing not to win but at least we didn't lose.
  3. 1967Ram

    v Ipswich (A) - Predictions

    Ipswich 0 Rams 3 FRGS Wilson
  4. 1967Ram

    2 stadium tour tickets available

    Cheers Craig. Good luck with the fundraising night. I'll start things off with a £20 bid.
  5. 1967Ram

    We are coming to Derby!

    Hope it's not a load of those MAGA caps!
  6. 1967Ram

    The pitch

    That pitch is worse than the BBG ................................................................. well almost!
  7. 1967Ram

    So much better today

    Agree - I was really surprised we didn't use Huddlestone from the bench last Friday.
  8. 1967Ram

    Derby County v Hull City Match thread.

    We are Derby, we are Derby, WINNING Derby, WINNING Rams! COYR
  9. 1967Ram

    Signed Shirt by the Snake

  10. 1967Ram

    v Hull (H) - Predictions

    Rams 3 Hull 1 FRGS King
  11. 1967Ram


    I reckon he would have played through the middle in the latter stages if he hadn't come off and been replaced by Bennett. I would prefer to see him starting up front - I think he'd be more of a nuisance to opposition defences than Nugent.
  12. 1967Ram

    Preston North End vs Derby County Matchday Thread

    Totally agree. Your comment about the second half is about as positive as it can be I think.
  13. 1967Ram

    v Preston (A) - Predictions

    FRGS Wilson (as Marriott's not playing!)
  14. 1967Ram

    v Preston (A) - Predictions

    PNE 0 Rams 2 FRGS Marriott

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