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  1. Cameron's memoirs. I hope most people were already aware of the first. 'Boris Johnson is a liar who only backed the Leave campaign to help his career' 'Michael Gove ....... one quality shone through: disloyalty' Meanwhile the Tories poll lead is up to 12% (37%) over Labour (25%). I really think that to get support from more of the public Labour should select a new leader. The subsequent 'bounce' could be enough to put them in power in the upcoming election. Under Corbyn the best that can be hoped for IMO is a Labour led coalition.
  2. I thought Jozefzoon looked good in the time he was on today.
  3. I see David Cameron thinks Gove and Johnson behaved appallingly. I think he's wrong. I think they behave appallingly.
  4. He's a Tory isn't he? He certainly was.
  5. Rams 3 Cardiff 1 FRGS Marriott
  6. Amber Rudd voted for May's withdrawal agreement. She is just not for a no deal BREXIT.
  7. I accepted the result. I do not accept a no deal Brexit though.
  8. This is the same day (Thursday) from the same paper! The only difference is one is from The Sun and one is from The Scottish sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess it's all Corbyn's fault mind. https://www.thepoke.co.uk/2019/09/05/sun-front-page-england-scotland/
  9. They're not all thick TBF but it can look like that
  10. What a surprise from the Torygraph!
  11. The bill being put forward seems very sensible to me. There is still the option for a no deal Brexit if it is voted for by Parliament.
  12. And then there was (a majority of) none!
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