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  1. I don't think you can fault Waghorn's effort but he does seem 'off it'. His ability to control the ball, 'read' the game and make the right pass at the right time does not appear to be there at the moment. Hopefully he'll be firing on all cylinders after the break. Waghorn 'coming good' could be the difference between us making the Play-Offs or not. Martin isn't here currently (unfortunately IMO) so it seems a bit pointless to make comments on him.
  2. A very pleasing performance tonight. We're looking like a proper team again. Good pressing and moved the ball well. We just let ourselves down in the final third most of the game with careless passing. I'd like to see us get more players in the box when the ball is played wide for a cross as we often seem to only have one player to aim at. It's disappointing not to win but at least we made sure we got a point.
  3. So will my 3-0 win not count then?
  4. Rams 3 Stoke 0 FRGS Waghorn
  5. Probably suits Johnson much more to play this role with Huddlestone around to be the playmaker.
  6. Rams 3 Wednesday 1 FRGS Waghorn
  7. A lot of effort and desire. Not a lot of quality to be honest, apart from Bennett's goal which he definitely meant IMO (even though he was very fortunate it came off). Johnson was MOTM for me as well - he gave us that 'steel' that you need in the centre of the park. We needed a win and we got it. Let's hope this breeds a bit of confidence now as there didn't seem to be a lot on show tonight.
  8. Would be an improvement on recent games!
  9. I think we may see Efe Ambrose's first appearance tomorrow as a defensive midfielder.
  10. Based on the fact that sooner or later there has to be a reaction (surely?), I'm expecting (hoping?) there to be one Tuesday night. Who will play? I've no idea really. I hope that we show more 'steel', particularly in midfield. For this reason I think Johnson should play. I'm hoping we'll get back to creating chances! Basically a lot of hoping!! COYR
  11. Rams 2 Wigan 0 FRGS Waghorn
  12. Steve Mac shouldn't have been sacked on either occasion IMO but, despite the poor performances (particularly against Millwall at home), Frank and Jody have my total support.
  13. Villains 1 Rams 1 RGS: Waghorn
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