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  1. I thought we played well. One mistake cost us. No one had a bad game. There was no diference between the two teams in my opinion.
  2. Personally think it's great that most are now expecting Martin to be in the starting eleven. I think he makes us a much more creative team up front.
  3. FTFY ..................................................... hopefully. COYR
  4. You are aware that the National Debt has increased every year since 2005 aren't you? https://www.ukpublicspending.co.uk/uk_national_debt_analysis The worldwide financial crash in 2008 caused the recession not Labour. Since 2011 the UK National Debt has risen from £1 trillion to £1.8 trillion (as of March this year).
  5. Here's the actual footage, no pause at all from Keir Starmer (9.39):
  6. Conservatives have taken to falsifying video evidence on their own Twitter page:
  7. Trees 1 SUPER RAMS 3 FRGS Marriott
  8. Every cloud has a silver lining - I had South Africa in the work sweepstake. Obviously would rather we'd won the game though.
  9. That'll do Derby, that'll do 😀
  10. Sounds like a good first half from us. Hopefully it will continue second half. Fingers crossed we get an early goal to 'set us on our way'. Great to hear that we're looking dangerous in attack today.
  11. Not sure about the last sentence. Boris, the man of the people, and his fellow Tories keep telling us we just need to get Brexit done. There's not a lot of consideration of the effects of doing this IMO. This election will show us whether they're right I think.
  12. 1967Ram

    New parents

    Congratulations. After having four of our own the best advice I can give is when they're teething use Anbesol - the other stuff's a waste of time. I tried it on my tongue and couldn't feel a thing for ages!
  13. Fantastic goal by Shinnie from an excellent lay-off from Martin. Really important 3 points. Enough said I think.
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