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  1. I was responding to your comment: You really think only 5 additions..? I can’t think of 6 players that we currently have that are good enough to challenge for 10th spot. All those IMO are capable of challenging for 10th spot. Of course the 5 brought in are key too.
  2. I think 5 additions is a good shout TBH. I can easily think of 6 players good enough to challenge for 10th spot (IMO of course) Marshall/Roos, Byrne, Buchanan, Forsyth, Davis, Shinnie, CKR, Jozwiak, Lawrence, Bielik (sooner the better obviously)
  3. Cottage booked in the Brecon Beacons for six, plus 3 dogs late August - £800.
  4. Totally deserved in my opinion. As I've said before I think Shinnie's very underrated by many. Obviously not as underrated as I feared though. He would definitely be my choice for Captain next season.
  5. Shinnie for me. Really underrated player in my opinion.
  6. Did Wycombe players celebrate then?
  7. Definitely rather be in our position, particularly as we haven't been able to even pick up a point in the last six.
  8. I agree we thoroughly deserve too. Time will tell whether we do
  9. Surely the biggest mistake was sacking McClaren the first time? He was under contract so we would surely have received compensation if Newcastle had appointed him?
  10. Meh sums it up really. I just feel numb. It was definitely no surprise when they ended up winning. I think I'll plan a really long walk with dogs next Saturday lunchtime.
  11. In recent games, on three occasions we've taken the lead and failed to even get a point. I will only be confident of a point if we get two in front. Now what are the odds of that?
  12. This prediction is not based on any facts at all, just pure hope. Swansea 0 Rams 2 FRGS Lawrence
  13. I have no idea why I've predicted a win, madness perhaps? Surely we can't play as badly again? Rams 2 Brum 0 FRGS CKR
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