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  1. Brum 0 Rams 2 Not sure quite how we'll come away with a clean sheet - law of averages? FRGS Martin
  2. Keogh is not coming back. I'm sure of that. The biggest compliment I can pay is that I hope we can replace him before next season with someone at least as good. We didn't during this season.
  3. Cocu may well be the future. It's impossible to know obviously. He's certainly the future for next season I reckon. He's had a lot to deal with and deserves credit for how he's handled things this year. IMO the loss of Keogh was a massive blow and one we never really revovered from. Fingers crossed we make a few additions next year and become a more consistent team.
  4. I thought Evans was doing alright with Clarke - don't know why he was dropped.
  5. Well done Leeds. You've been the best team in the Championship this season and you deserve your chance in the Premier League.
  6. Barring Tuesday night I think Rooney has been great for us. I'm more disappointed with other more experienced players who I feel don't 'stand up and be counted' consistently enough. On numerous occasions on Tuesday night Lawrence received the ball in space but just side-footed it back to Rooney, Bird or someone else. He kept taking the easy option. IMO he should have controlled it, turned and attacked them if the chance was still there. The Cardiff players must have loved it as Lawrence is definitely a threat when he 'has a go' at teams.
  7. I'm hoping we try to play quicker in the final third tonight. To do that we need to be a bit more adventurous which is difficult if confidence is low. I don't think Martin will last the full ninety but I'd start him and try to get the midfield pushed higher up the pitch at every opportunity. COYR
  8. Rams 3 Brentford 1 FRGS Martin
  9. Didn't think the Ref was good but he wasn't as bad as the one we had at home against them. At least this one didn't make a ridiculous decision and give them a penalty.
  10. TBF, I'm quite impressed with the way Cocu changes things when it isn't working but you are right that we may need to change things centrally for different oppositions.
  11. Bird and Rooney weren't the axis tonight were they? Not for most the game anyway.
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