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  1. Shinnie will play unless he's injured. His name will be on the team sheet before Bird's I think.
  2. I think we'll be in a better position if we're not relegated, but if we are we'll deserve to be and will need to build from there.
  3. My Sunderland mate thought that too
  4. I think you've hit the nail on the head, but it's not always the fault of our defenders. When we're defending free kicks and corners, we pull all ten players back so there's no 'out ball' and we seem to take it in turns to defend poorly.
  5. Doesn't help us one bit, but I'm pretty sure the Ref will not be happy with his decision to not award a penalty. It was an error. I remember WBA, I think, getting a penalty a season or so back for a similar thing - except that our defender was around a foot away when their player went down! The Ref had a good game apart from the last minute!
  6. Any one know what our points per game is since we adopted our touchline anti-racism stance?
  7. Being a Derby fan, my lovely dreams don't normally involve football
  8. Rams 2 - 1 Norwich FRGS Lawrence (infuriates me for 90% of the game but ultimately is the difference)
  9. Totally agree. Whoever's in charge will always be 'shot at' by some. Mel has always had his heart in the right place - he loves our club - but has made mistakes. The trouble is, on here, we'd all pick out different mistakes. To be fair patience must be difficult - it's a results business after all. Being a glass half-full kind of person I'm going to wait and see what happens.
  10. Marshall 7 McDonald 6 Forsyth 6 Wisdom 6 Mengi 6 Shinnie 7 Bird 4 Sibley 5 Knight 5 Lawrence 6 CKR 5
  11. Good half overall. Very disappointing to be 1 down. Here's hoping we get a bit of luck second half. Deserve a point so far in this one.
  12. Reading 1 Rams 2 FRGS Lawrence
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