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  1. I totally agree with you about Clough. Personally I think he did a great job with us. I totally disagree with you that Mac screwed it up though. In my opinion we wrongly sacked Mac the last two times he was here. Time will tell whether this is a good appointment. Unfortunately in football most appointments don't work so I suppose you're more likely to be right! COYR.
  2. I'm pleased. Hopefully this is the start of things improving for us. I've made no secret of how highly I rate Mac. Hopefully he can have a positive influence straight away.
  3. I would love it if McClaren came back but can't see it happening. If he did come back I don't think we'd go down as McClaren IMO 'fits' our club.
  4. With a similar line-up and no striker we'll be impotent again: Boro 2 Rams 0 (If we mix it up and actually play a striker (C K-R or Hector-Ingram) then I think we'll win: Boro 0 Rams 2)
  5. Our main problem is we don't look like scoring and the longer the game goes on the more the pressure builds. I hope we are braver with our team selection for midweek. I will be really disappointed if we go with Waghorn as striker again. I'm hoping we will play Kazim-Richards or Hector-Ingram up top. Not sure why Kazim-Richards wasn't on the bench - maybe he doesn't train well? I'm only worried about how they play in a match though and I think we need to try something different. This may mean we have a better bench to choose from as well if things aren't working out.
  6. Marshall 7 Byrne 8 Buchanan 7 Wisdom 8 Clarke 7 Rooney 7 Bird 8 Knight 7 Holmes 5 Lawrence 5 Waghorn 5
  7. I thought we were better. We looked decent on the ball. At times we looked like we were going to rip them a new one. But we are crap with the final ball nearly all the time and never really looked like scoring. Unfortunately I don't see that aspect of our game changing soon if we stick with Waghorn as striker.
  8. That sort of sums up my feeling too. Definitely have not received value for money so far.
  9. Just paid for the stream. I'm sure it used to also say, 'Enjoy the game'.
  10. If Rooney's serious about wanting to become manager then he may well be on the bench. I just hope we're braver as a team. I want to see us leave at least one player 'up top' when defending corners and free kicks deep in our half. It would also be interesting to see Kazim-Richards start as he hasn't had a chance to show us what he can do yet.
  11. Rooney is right to say a change was needed IMO. We now need to see whether the interim management team can provide it. I want to see definite signs of a change in how we play in the game against City.
  12. 45% reckon we'll win, me included - the well-being of our fans must come into question surely! City 1 Rams 2 FRGS Knight
  13. 1967Ram

    Richard Keogh

    It's sad. For what it's worth, I think he would improve our team if we got him back (not going to happen I know).
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