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  1. What a night. We were the best team from the off. They scored from a freak free-kick bouncing off the post, which is virtually impossible to defend against, even though, according to Sky, it was brilliant anticipation! Great result, brilliant performance. Leeds were the better team over the season BUT we were the better team over the two games. COYR!
  2. Happy with the starting eleven. Bennett will be 'pumped' though so I hope he controls it and doesn't doing anything daft.
  3. Echoing what some others have written, I want to see us have a real go tonight - the opposite to what we witnessed in last year's second leg. I genuinely believe we can beat Leeds but it will take a real team effort to achieve the win. COYR!
  4. 1967Ram


    Fair comment, what really worries me though is what he looks like when he gets a chance in front of goal. Hopefully he regains the ability to calmly finish any chances if he plays tomorrow night.
  5. Tom definitely shouldn't have done it. I think poor refereeing was a factor. When you see a blatant red card offence (Klich pansy headbutt) dealt with in that way I think players lose respect for the Ref and some lose self-control. Tom should have been sent off but if Klich had been sent off I don't think he'd have done it anyway.
  6. 1967Ram


    Expect he'll be watching 🤔
  7. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit..........................................................................................................and can also be the funniest if done properly
  8. TBF Frank said similar about our performance after the game.
  9. Nugent and Curtains up front? Change of formation 3 5 2?
  10. I think you're right. We got away with one too (Huddlestone forearm) though I don't think Huddlestone would have done it if the Leed's player had been sent off.
  11. I think it all hinges on whether Bogle does actually push him. IMO he doesn't but his hand does go on his back. As the Ref has already given a penalty the only way it can be changed is if the lino sees a foul on the Leeds player first and they therefore get a free-kick. This is what happened and I'm pretty sure the Ref is being spoken to by the lino straight after he's blown for a penalty. I don't think the Leed's players influenced it at all. If the Ref hadn't blown for a penalty it would almost definitely have been given as a corner because I don't think the lino would have 'bothered' about Bogle's hand on the Leed's players back.
  12. We didn't play well, no where near how we're capable of playing. However, the good news is it's only 1-0. Here's hoping we can set a new record and come from behind to reach Wembley on Wednesday night.
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