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  1. Stadium atmosphere

    So is showing your support for your club all about singing or is it about turning up and watching them week in week out, year in year out ? some pathetic comments in this thread, it’s a football match not f%@#ing X factor !! as a club from what is a relatively small city some would say town I think that the amount of people we get every year to sign up to watch the perennial bottlers is amazing, 20,000 season after season near enough ! many of which have watched some dross served up over the years but still buy into the notion that one day we will be a top club again. our support is not **** ! it’s loyal, we may not sing but we never have, that’s why the only song we have is from the 70s. if you want to sing then sing but don’t expect everyone else to join in with the same old boring songs. at last we seem to shut up about collymore at last. our support shows up in numbers and is in it for the long term, takes more than buying a couple of tickets a year to make you the voice of the south stand !
  2. The Yard

  3. The greatest goalkeeper England never had ?

    thanks for the comments guys, its good to know that there is more than just me out there keeping the dream alive ! I am loving meeting all of the old players, don't get me wrong i also get a buzz chatting to the younger players but its no where near the same level as the 70s players, they are so laid back and really make time to make you feel welcome in their homes, som are better off than others but that is the same in all walks of life, but the one thing that they all have is an undying respect for Brian Clough, some love him some don't but the all to this day respect him and what he did for them, took in some cases some very average footballers and put them alongside some other average and in some cases older experienced players and made them into world beaters ! The Docherty comments were more about the removal of the old guard and perhaps where allegiances may lie and who advised him of this ! all good stuff and the great thing is I am getting to take my old man to meet all of his heroes who he was lucky enough to sit and watch week in a week out and idolise them from the terraces and to see him now sitting down chatting with them as equals makes me happy, a couple of retired older men looking back on the past and what a past it was ! he lost a lot of interest in life in general when we lost my mum a few years ago so its nice to be able to give him a bit back !! up the rams ! old and young
  4. Retro Shirts

    1978 home shirt with the open diamonds and no 11 on the back !! We had Leighton James start the season off as no 11 and then a plethora of talent such as Gerry Ryan, Colin Chesters, Paul Bartlett, Gordon Hill and Andy Crawford all try their luck in it over the rest of that fateful season when the squad was ripped apart by Docherty !!
  5. Perhaps not, especially as he had Banks, Shilton, clemence, bonneti and corrigan ahead of him but Colin Boulton was and is a 100% Derby County legend, he never really seems to have received the credit due to him, he is the only Derby County player to have been an ever present in Both of our league division one championship winning teams, what an incredible feat that was ! I was lucky with my dad to be invited by him over to his home yesterday and spend three hours in his company, a real gentleman and he made a lot of effort in ensuring that he showed us everything from his career and has saved everything even down to the programmes from the games he played in, shirts, medals, cups etc, you can tell that he is very proud of what he achieved, even had all of his contracts and payslips, they made my eyes water when compared with the modern era. he had some great stories obviously having been at the club since 1965 and worked under Clough, Taylor, docherty etc. i was amazed to hear that when he came to derby for a trial it was as a forward not as a goalkeeper ! That makes his story even more incredible. I asked him who was the greatest player that he had played with and was surprised when he said Johan Cruyff ! He then reminded me that he played in America for LA with him. he gave me a great insight as to why Tommy Docherty got rid of so many players, I had never really considered it before but it does make complete sense now, I won’t share his views on here as it could be inflamable. also stories of what was going off behind the scenes financially during his many years at the club. all in all an excellent time was had with a really nice down to earth man and another one ticked off the list on taking my dad to meet his heroes ! also left with a great signed shirt for my collection ! and here’s the proof he did it ! Not that we need any !
  6. Get him on the plane

  7. Matchdays as a ST holder.

    " You don't know what you've got till its gone "
  8. Matchdays as a ST holder.

    Especially for midweek night games !
  9. How GOOD is your Rams' Mug?

  10. 4 goals in 15 games

    Interesting ! “Colin Boulton was the only Derby County player to take part in all 84-league games during the team's two Championship winning seasons Boulton kept 23 clean sheets during the Championship-winning 1971–72 season. He was also ever present in the team that won the First Division in 1975”
  11. RamsTV Meets Phil Gee

    And of course ..........Bobby !
  12. One for the oldies

    Just bought this photo of true 1970s Baseball Ground Folklore !
  13. Baiano or Vydra?

    Him and eranio were telepathic, absolute quality double act the like we hadn’t seen in a Derby shirt for a long time !

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