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  1. loweman2

    Harry Redknapp - TalkSport

  2. loweman2

    Its come home !

    I didn’t think I was that bad, I had no recollection of it so checked my PayPal history and found the confirmation email and it all made sense when I saw the time ! oh well !
  3. loweman2

    Mason Mount - Signed on a season long loan

    Great idea I will get the van loaded up with some of the junk to sign 😂
  4. loweman2

    Its come home !

    It’s come home ! Little surprise in the post today ! Turns out that after the Sweden game I thought it made sense to order a full size replica of the World Cup ! Less said the better and I’m sure we have all been there ! as I unwrapped it I thought WTF is it ? Then a flashback hit me ! mrs Loweman2 is not happy. little Loweman2 is over the moon as I told him that France have asked me to look after it for a bit ! he wants to take it to school to do show and tell in assembly ! can you just imagine all of those little kids growing up thinking that once upon a time the World Cup came to Alvaston ! 😂
  5. loweman2

    18/19 Home Kit

    Any news on the third kit yet ?
  6. loweman2

    Thank you

    Sheer quality ! 👍
  7. loweman2

    Thank you

    Must have been excellent to see it happen in the flesh so to speak, just like a Sunday morning on the racecourse ! I managed to get Norman hunter to sign that pic aswell, as usual the only one missing is Rioch !
  8. loweman2

    Thank you

    There seem to be a lot of stories of missing shirts, Colin Todd told me that he had most of his pinched when he moved house once,England ones the lot ! But didn’t realise until weeks after !
  9. loweman2

    Thank you

  10. loweman2

    Retro Shirts

    Thanks @Pearl Ram always good to know that people aren’t getting bored with it 👍 to be honest the Bruce Rioch thing is bizzare, I always respect people’s privacy but you would think that he wouldn’t mind, I have written to him in a very respectful manner and said that I would drive down to Cornwall for just a five minute meet at a place of his choosing, even on his front yard, but he never replies, Toddy who worked closely with him says that he no longer speaks with him, Alan Durban the head of the ex players says he has no contact with him the only thing that he does go to is the Middlesbrough get to gethers. i completely got the Willie Carlin thing, he had been robbed of his one medal and that has created an air of mistrust, but even he could not resist the charms of Mrs Loweman2 😂. do you know he has turned down RamsTV meet or are you asking if I know ? i have got team photos, shirts, cards, photos you name it just waiting. on my farewell to the BBG print I have got all of the Clough and Mackay teams including Clough and Mackay and john Robson and Jeff bourne but he is the only one missing. i will catch up with him at some point but he is very elusive ! 🤬
  11. loweman2

    Retro Shirts

    Another one to add to the collection, a massive thank you to @PrivateDerby for his assistance with getting this signed up for me, what a top man and fellow Ram ! Thank you sir 👍 the man who took on dirty Leeds on his own ! Franny Lee
  12. loweman2

    Thank you

  13. loweman2

    Thank you

  14. loweman2

    Thank you


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