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  1. thanks for the feedback Rich, many of the shirts i think are from where we were younger, not so much if the team was succesful, like my favorite three are the umbro sleeve diamonds patrick and the le coq 1977/83 probably the owrst period in our history !
  2. A supporter-led charitable trust created to promote the heritage of Derby County FC through exhibitions, community projects and online resources over on the Rams Heritage twitter page we have set up a world cup of Derby County shirts, the first round is in full swing with around tweleve hours left to play. the shirts have been drawn randomly as any competion, no seeding, no favorites and no cheating. a couple of surprises have drawn some of the big guns up against each other, join in have a vote and we will move onto the next round tomorrow until we get to the winner. just a bit of fun to relieve some of the boredom for people working for home. a big shout out / show of respect for allof the fantastic NHS workers on the frontline and for everybody else who is keeping the infrastructure of our great country running through these difficult and worrying times, stay safe everybody and please follow the guidelines ! its not hard so lets not be selfish !! find the Derby County World Cup of shirts here to register your votes https://twitter.com/RamsHeritage
  3. Replay on match of the day on Sunday after noon of the great Derby v Sheffield Wednesday FA cup tie at the BBG ! Set your recorders !
  4. nicely signed black third shirt !
  5. No clean money coming out of China ! The world economy is about to sneeze !
  6. Is it this one or does it say pro wear instead of bukta ?
  7. I sent you a pm rich, did you get it mate
  8. There you go that one, the FBM was the season after
  9. The orange was the le Coq, followed by Patrick, the away version of this was the blue and white stripes and the light blue and navy blue stripes, they also wore red that season.
  10. My all time favourite Derby kit, the introduction of the iconic Umbro diamonds on the sleeves was the magic ! My first shirt as a seven year old kid, this shirt was owned by Trevor East of tiswas fame and given to him by his good friend Bruce Rioch during his time on the board, they used to drive in together from Birmingham, this was the last shirt that I was after so might take it easy for a bit now, it was also worn by Gerry daly with the famous repainting of the penalty spot against Man City the 1976/78 umbro home shirt and full kit
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