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  1. and Robert Maxwell was our chairman !
  2. If it’s like this then quite a bit
  3. Depends on the condition of it, ping up a couple of pics or reply to the message from earlier, there are not many around
  4. Please feel free to add any that you may have !
  5. I am open to any shirts that may be hidden in the back of draws or in a suitcase in the attic, I am trying to preserve as many shirts as possible for future generations! Would love a 1950s/60s player shirt to add. its more about the shirt than the player ! if anyone has any please let me know, the guys on this great forum of ours have been a massive help. they will all appear in the next update on the shirt book with a mention. up the rams !
  6. Saved the best till last, as I said the promotion season of 1986/87 was my all time favourite and my all time favourite Ram was a certain Bobby Davison, i am very lucky to now own his number nine shirt from that season, oh Bobby Bobby !
  7. Next one is the best shirt in my opinion that we ever had, this is the number nine worn by Kevin Wilson, a leading light in very dark times, this was the 99th year that ticked into the centenary season, denoted by the squarer numbers on the back, great shirt, great player ! Massive thanks to @LeedsCityRam for letting me take his shirt to the next generation !
  8. This one adds to the great collection of sportsweek shirts from the promotion season of 1986/87, my best season following the Rams, I didn’t think I could beat the yellow one, but this one was made especially for Mark Wallington that season for the game v Plymouth as they obviously wore green, really nice rare shirt, an be seen wearing it here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_ImAbJkjFs
  9. Hi mate, yes it’s a bit bizzare, the remake is off the replica shirt sold in the shop not the player shirt, so you are right in what you say but the ones we all bought in the 80s had the stick on ram, the same.
  10. Maybe a wee measure of LSD given away and embibed upon entering the ground would help to reduce the disappointment gap !
  11. Loving all the positivity for the book and the the blue and white kit @IslandExile , for me it’s always blue and white, a kid of the 70s and 80s, as you say we were the champions of England twice wearing those colours, we did actually also hit are biggest slide in them and nearly went out of business wearing what to me was my all time favourite Patrick shirt but I put that down to massive mismanagement some five years previously with a certain Tommy Docherty, the Clough and Taylor era can never be repeated, it was a class double act, the charisma and Man management of Clough and the eye for young talent of Taylor, that has all been stripped from football, kids of seven are taken from playing Sunday football with their mates and placed in meat factories called academies and one in a hundred thousand is still there ten years later, football shirts and colours are sold to make money for the kit makers, it’s not about the colours any more, it’s certainly not about style, especially Derby shirts, they get worse each year. whats wrong with our club is what’s wrong with football in general, it’s money, it’s ruined it all, people getting rich out of our clubs, look at Bury and Bolton, Notts County, their poor fans have seen their clubs ravaged, same a few years back with Leeds, Villa , Portsmouth and countless more. there is no going back, Pandora’s box has been opened ! The genie is out of the bottle, it’s dead, it’s a new game now that I don’t think we will play a part of. we will settle for championship football in time, the premier league is a poisoned chalice and can break you if you try to hard to reach it. we as fans have to accept it, it’s not just our club, at least we are lucky enough to have somebody owning it who cares for the club but even he recognises that a lot more money is required that’s why he has asked for help. but yes I would love to go back to those halcyon days of the seventies, see a group of raw young talented lads turning out in crisp blue and white kits, I wouldn’t care less if we had red socks on, and take us on a journey to the top of the second layer of English football, acclimatise to the top league, win it.. twice, reach the semi final of the European Cup of course I would but it’s going to take a lot more than a change of Colours! 👍🐏
  12. Love him or hate him his money saved our club and brought in shilton, Wright etc
  13. I’ve had loads of questions about this shirt in the past few years, they are now on sale on the club website and in the shop but be quick as there is a limited amount. https://www.dcfcmegastore.co.uk/item/2122/Retro/1988-Umbro-Away-Retro-Shirt-Blue.html very well made and true to original design
  14. Frank Lampard chose the same player to lead the line in undoubtedly our biggest game in five years at Wembley.
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