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  1. PA System

  2. Just an old ball

    Even Mels money couldn’t get me to part with it uttox but I would gladly share it with the rest of the Derby County family in a display !
  3. Funny Pics Thread

    Meanwhile over in Nottingham !
  4. Fulham vs Derby County match day thread

    Russell ? I mean what is the point ? seen more effort from a dead fish !
  5. Just an old ball

    I consider myself lucky to be the custodian of it, never seen anything else like it, I added the missing three signatures to it and will hopefully be something that’s still around in another 50 years ! Not sure if I will be though !
  6. Just an old ball

    I managed to get on a top secret signing session with Terry Hennessy yesterday over the dark side before he did a F*rest reunion last night, he is only over here for a short while on a rare visit from Australia and said this will be his last so I was thankful to be invited along, it allowed to me to get the last signature and finish off the old ball and the 71/72 shirt. the other guys there were Red dogs with their rubbish 1960s stuff, it was great to get him signing these and some other things with champions plastered all over them, one guy then went to great lengths to try and get one over on me by pointing out that they went on to equal our achievements and better them. I went to not so great lengths to point out that they did that with our manager and half of our team, he then had a large sip on his peroni and went as red as the dirty shirt he was holding in his hand !
  7. Toilet breaks in class

    Show them this ! the danger of swinging chairs !
  8. Is it April fools day ?

    All the jokers are out today http://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/david-moyes-warned-not-go-782519 and this clown http://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/billy-davies-how-could-kept-782295 basically the poison dwarf says he would have kept us up and the porno king says he was advised not to take the job ! due to forum rules I can’t copy and paste the stories but they are very funny ! 😳
  9. Toilet breaks in class

    Mums net 110 replies we smashed it ! 228 so far. when you need help you know where to go ! A team ? .... no Ghostbusters ? ...... no The police ?....... no dcfcfans ?....... you know it makes sense https://www.netmums.com/coffeehouse/children-parenting-190/primary-school-age-4-11-years-60/718059-teacher-refused-let-daughter-go-toilet-all.html
  10. Radio Derby Sportscene

  11. My original post I put the link at the top and then copied and pasted the article for those who have issues with the adverts, how ever I infringed the forum guidelines and it was reduced down to just the link ! that used to be greeted with a wave of “lazy linker” abuse but now it’s the way forward ! i wouldn’t have bothered if I had realised as I agree the telegraph site is b***** !
  12. Arthur Cox receives Lifetime Achievement Award

    Some great stuff there @Tim Bucktoo !! The legends of our time ! a bit like when Cloughie took over he had goal machine Kevin Hector already at the club, when Arthur took over he had another striking legend in place whose goals would drag us out of those dark days ! Oh bobby bobby !
  13. http://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/maikel-kieftenbeld-lifts-lid-collapsed-771285
  14. Toilet breaks in class

    The wicked witch ? 😳
  15. Toilet breaks in class

    You can hold the line ! toto said so !

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