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  1. Get yourself a copy of the book aswell, never leave home without it, never get caught short again 😂👍🐏 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1727616618/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=The+colours+of+the+rams&qid=1556395100&s=gateway&sr=8-1
  2. Here she is ! Proper rarity as it was used as the third kit and worn in around five games over those two seasons, they never made a replica kit of it, really nice quality shirt.
  3. done it and posted it on my facebook and twitter accounts, good luck x
  4. Guys I have to admit that I saw this on the wonder net, thought it was funny and posted it in here, I am so sorry @rynny that everyone found it so damn funny and that I ended up with all of those little likes instead of you, I have looked in this thread and can’t see it ! Edit ! How the hell is it now the post before my one ! I would deffo have seen that, @David is twisting our Mellon’s man ! life is a real stinker sometimes 👍
  5. Pressure is starting to show
  6. They can nip off to Walmart and buy a Kalashnikov whilst they are waiting and shoot each other ! That’s permissible!
  7. Thorne has been struck by lighting ! That guy is so unlucky ⚡️⚡️⛈
  8. Bloody to right ! The eye was there when it was first designed in 1971 and on the shirts that we wore when we ruled English football ! Stop trying to change everything you pesky young kids ! Here is the proof !
  9. So what do we think to this !
  10. davison and gee, goddard and saunders
  11. its a great idea however im not sure that I have the inclination to go through the whole thing again but with track suit tops !! I do love that umbro one, the ones on ebay are just standard umbro retro tops that somebody has paid to have the ram embroidered on, the give away for this is that the ram is on the wrong side, the white one at Wembley had the badge on the correct side if I remember correctly, however it if had of been from the 70s it would have been blue and white not black and white, old cloughie used to wear some nice early umbro track tops. good to see that you are keeping the old grey matter ticking over @Inverurie Ram!!
  12. With all the excitement of the new away shirt I thought that I would give the book a bump back up, just for anybody who wasn’t aware of it, who may have been in a coma for the last year ! Sorry but doing it without a publisher means we have to rely on the fantastic support of the dcfcfans as one of our lifelines. got a good write up in one of the local papers, your paper of choice @Boycie ? I swear it came up with Belper now says Ilkeston 😂😂 https://www.ilkestonadvertiser.co.uk/sport/football/fan-column-Derby-county-kit-s-a-hit-as-new-season-approaches-1-9867161
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