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  1. thank you mate, i think that on here is as good as its gonna get !! and "the colours of the rams" of course !! the world wide best seller on the history of the dcfc shirt !!! (avaliable on Amazon😂 )
  2. thank you mate, somebody had liked a comment on it and that made me think it was time to resurect it, it was a real privelidge to be involved in, it wasnt of course all me but i never did get to the bottom of why it was suddenly hushed up, the club rang me and said that they couldnt tell me why, im not sure if it may have been something to do with not opening the flood gates for so many more medals to be awarded, maybe the FL approached the club, who knows but jim got his medal.
  3. to be honest @Ellafella i think that was just george silvers colouring,
  4. Well there was a decent amount of intrest I’m pleased to say, we did 30, could have been a lot more but wanted to keep it a bit special for those who have purchased them, got to say that the result is outstanding! A really great piece of work, great quality, bespoke tailoring those who brought one have got a little piece of Derby County history to pass down the family over the years, some great research started by Peter Seddon and Phil Martin and carried on by Jason Shardlow and then myself and produced in its stunning glory by Richard Wilkinson.
  5. You will love it, make sure you include the museum, it’s what I would love to do at Derby, it’s small and compact and is based 100% on the history of the club not just the trophies that they have won, Charlie is a brilliant host and will sign anything, at the end you sit down in the press room and he does a Q&A, when we went it was shortly after the sam rush affair at Derby, Charlie said that sam was a friend of his and not everything at Derby was as it seemed, Sam had information that could shake the club, at the time I just thought it was sour grapes but now it would appear there was some truth in it, make sure you take a few things to get signed !
  6. Doing the tour of the emirates and more importantly the museum is a great thing to do when in London, get Charlie as your guide and you will get two hours of some of the most fabulous Derby County stories you could imagine, he loves Derby and has a lot to tell you.
  7. It was nice to be able to help out in a small way, would like to have taken more and set them up better but the theatre didn’t have enough mannequins or torsos, but it was good to get a few of them on show, hopefully there will be a lot more in the next year from the Rams Heritage, the play itself is very good, a great production in our little theatre put together by our own local talent, this should give Jamie the confidence to now take on more projects, the city of Derby will certainly get behind him and it will be good for us.
  8. Really ? Hell of a story if true and would need documenting in the book about the history of the shirts, at this stage I don’t know whether you are having a laugh or being serious, in that film clip they do look like your Nan was struggling if true ? 😂👍 let me know @Unlucky Alf
  9. did you see my reply @Igorwasking, i was going to ask what "wasking" was ?
  10. That’s what it’s all about, forum members taking the time to help others to remember the good times and to educate those that were not around, keeping the heritage and history alive ! Good work @LeedsCityRam❤️
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