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  1. loweman2

    Jim Smith

    Bald Eagle ! Top, top man of the people ! Get well soon
  2. loweman2

    Derby County Shirt Collection

    Another superb and rare piece of Derby County history added to the shirt collection today, it was one of our own members, @secretsquirrel That made this possible. The lovelynumber 5 players shirt from the 1975 season worn by Roy McFarland. i am forever thankful to the guys on here @Richard Dastard Lee @Secret Squirrel @Will I Ram @PrivateDerby And all the other guys who continue to assist in building a fantastic collection of shirts that hopefully we can all share at some point in the future ! if anybody has any other 50, 60s or 70s shirts just sitting in cupboards or wardrobes or dusty lofts then please Le me know ! cheers guys !
  3. loweman2

    Should we keep faith?

    Mate if you got through the late 70s in the “doc” years and the early 80s in division three then you either have a short memory or have grown impatient in your latter years ! Things as a Derby fan have been a lot, and I mean a lot worse ! no words are needed, your love for the club will never die, it’s just a bit of an itch. football in out town has changed greatly and the way we watch it, we are no less passionate than the dirty Leeds fans, they are on their way up, they have had a million managers and have been down in the lower divisions so of course they are more upbeat, we on the other hand have learned to be more reserved with our expectations as we consistently get biffed in the face ! up the Rams.
  4. loweman2

    Memories @ramtique

    Excellent new poster from the Ramtique guys https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254069761309
  5. loweman2

    Derby County Shirt Collection

    Modern day repro but to damn sexy to leave out !
  6. loweman2

    Derby County Shirt Collection

    Couple of new ones added
  7. loweman2

    The big match revisited

    Nice one, I have just set the recorder to re live that classic game and snap shot in time, anybody that was there will never forget it, it’s on for an hour so that’s good, thanks for sharing !
  8. loweman2

    Derby County Shirt Collection

    Yes I have seen it thanks bud, got all of those, there are a couple of rarer ones in there, not enough older shirts in there to achieve that valuation though I think, but if he sells the more expensive ones separately he will be stuck with a load he can’t get rid of, good luck to him, obviously taken a long while to put that together, shame he is selling it ! 🐏🐏
  9. loweman2

    The Old Bell & William Morley

    Hi @Ellafella mate, turns out it wasn’t his after all, the guy messaged me and said he was awfully sorry, turned out it was winston Churchill’s cigar that he was smoking as he made that speech about fighting them on the beaches ! Every cloud and all that. also that board meeting was from 1888, the very start of the football league and the minutes are all about how they got into the football league ahead of other teams. if you pm me I will send you a copy of the book, happy new year mate 👍🐏
  10. loweman2

    The Old Bell & William Morley

    This is a page from the minutes of the committee that clearly shows they held regular meetings in the old bell. ,
  11. loweman2

    1968/1969 Division 2 Champions – 50 years on

    Yes they are excellent aren’t they, not many left now !
  12. loweman2

    Happy Christmas Rams Fans

    Happy Christmas everybody, thanks for all of the comments re the shirts and my meetings with the 70s legends, it was a pleasure to share it all with like minded individuals! Up the Rams upwards and onwards!

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