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  1. Ha ha, wish it was that easy ! I’ve been put in touch with somebody who has a couple of old nice pieces only problem is it’s on the other side of the world nearly ! The top is good, I’ve only seen pictures of the same one but with the hood, it’s in good condition but has some moisture damage like mould but I soon killed that.
  2. Wow that is a real banger @Inverurie Ram, What game is that on ! Good spot, it must be out there somewhere covered in cobwebs in someone’s loft !
  3. More excellent collars and double diamonds !
  4. The start of commercial advertising in football, there was no putting the genie back in the bottle !
  5. Love the colours and the simplicity of the late 79s shirts not to mention those lovely massive collars that @David can’t get enough of
  6. I always thought that calico were the sponsors of the under 21s but turns out that a Calico is a large cat (Puma) and is coloured white, black and amber ! Just like the shirt ! A nice touch to what must have been a sample for the first season at Pride Park !
  7. I found this on the other side of the world, I doubt there are many more out there, nice addition to the Le Coq Sportif collection,
  8. A few nice Le Coq Sportif shirts from 1979/80/81
  9. Everything I have will hopefully one day be on show in some form at the ground but the club for the past forty years has shown no interest in the past, there is no money to be made from the past some would say ? That’s why a few of us have set up the rams heritage group to salvage these items, pay a hefty price for them and then ensure that they are preserved for the next generations of rams fans. hopefully at some point the club will see that there is a way to blend the past with the future and we can have a museum not necessarily to show off cups and medals as we would be sadly lackin
  10. I was going to take my large flag down to pride park To put behind the goal but have been asked to provide a fire safety certificate for it as it is well over the maximum size, it looks like you can get flags treated and then certified, does any body know of any where local to Derby that I could get this done, I don’t fancy sending it in the post anywhere in case it gets lost as it is the old one off the main stand of the Baseball Ground, any help much appreciated thanks 👍🐏
  11. Off up to dirty Leeds on the Ramaway ! Does anybody remember them ?
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