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  1. An excellent addition, Steve Buckley’s shirt from the 1979/80 season, he was an ever present and also player of the season, that was the season of the famous 4-1 over forest when they were European champions, the shirt is in fantastic condition and has been well looked after for the past forty years, looks great with the shorts and socks.
  2. There are starving kids in England ! Sobering thought for the night !
  3. Our forward line is clueless, it’s a bit easier to see against lower league opposition just how poor we are at linking up, positional sense and awareness is nil !
  4. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/unusual-accounting-may-have-cost-Derby-further-30-million-0gddnsdbt?shareToken=672c806dc9f4958307e0fa706fb37fab looks like we are always looking for loopholes. Derby County may have incurred losses of as much as almost double the permitted £39 million for a three-year period after introducing an “unusual” accountancy policy for players. Last week Derby were charged by the Football League with a breach of its rules that involves the valuation of their Pride Park Stadium. Derby responded on Friday night by declaring the EFL charges “unlawful”, with the matter likely to end in court. But The Times understands the club may have suffered a further £30 million in losses in the three seasons up to June 2018 because of an accounting policy said to be unique to the English game. Most clubs have a policy which recognises a player is worth nothing at the end of their contract, so his value decreases in proportion to the length of time left on his deal. It means if a £10 million player signs a four-year contract, the club calculates a loss of £2.5 million a year. But Derby introduced a policy at the start of the three-year period in question that involved applying “residual values” with an amortisation rate, sources say, nearer 10 per cent. If the EFL calculates Derby’s losses using the standard amortisation rate, it could potentially mean an even greater breach of its profit and sustainability rules.
  5. Been asked not to name names but here you go !
  6. some things never change I was doing some kit research today looking through some old copies of the Ram newspaper program, I read this article from October 1st 1975, we were reigning champions of England and had just begun our second campaign to win the European Champions Cup, so you could say things were pretty good or they have never been as good since. The article made me realise that things have not changed much from a fans perspective, it talks about the noisy atmosphere in the Slovan Bratislava ground and then moves on to say that watching from the armchair does not portray the atmosphere inside the ground and then to finish we have an ardent armchair supporter who has been discussing the match with his mates from work and they all agree that Derby were rubbish. there is a gap of forty five years but its uncanny how many of the pages of this digital forum echo the thoughts and emotions of our forefathers ! god knows what they would have to say watching the team nowdays if Todd, Nish, McFarland, Hector, George, Boulton, Gemmill, Hector etc etc playing in Europe and just weeks after winning the Charity shield at Wembley and being reigning champions of England didn't keep them happy !! if only they new that the Halcyon days were entering their final stages.
  7. I blame the woven pitch ! Grass should be natural not man made like a carpet !
  8. I’d be asking her where has her nose been ?
  9. Keep the noise down please ! Some of us are trying to sleep !
  10. we started off the century by scoring the first goal in the premier league ! its all gone a bit downhill since !
  11. That’s Luke’s dad 😂😂 we are all very close
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