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  1. What if McClaren had never been sacked ?

    The more the world is changing The more it stays the same Life is full of small surprises It's a never ending game If nothing is impossible Will you believe your eyes If the unexpected brings a smile That's a big surprise Surprise, surprise, the unexpected hits you between the eyes The unpredictable, that's the surprise you see, surprise! Surprise! When you've found a love that's lost it's way That's a nice surprise And when you don't know what's in store today That might bring surprise It's the greatest feeling in the world Nobody denies Surprise, surprise, the unexpected hits you between the eyes, The unpredictable, that's the surprise you see, surprise! Surprise!
  2. Huddlestone - overhyped?

    We could have done with him twelve years ago when he was in his prime!
  3. Just an old ball

    Don't ask ! 😱
  4. Just an old ball

    a local guy was selling it, he won it in 1972 in a school raffle at leesbrook school and has had it ever since, it has been in a bag in the dark in his garage so is in fantastic condition, it even still inflates and stays up ! I have bought a lot of Derb County related stuff but this is the only thing like this I have seen, really nice item !
  5. Just an old ball

    Picked up this thing of beauty today ! a mitre sure shot lace up ball from the 60s in pristine condition and to top it off it's signed by Brian Clough and the 71-72 championship winning team !
  6. Will Hughes Watch

    Not got one of those ! Is it an original ? How much do you want for it ?
  7. Barnsley v Derby County

  8. Retro Shirts

    its well worth a day out @RamNut and quite reasonably priced, the ground in my opinion is far better than Wembley, we spent about 3 hours with Charlie, he really is a top man, very funny and very knowledgeable and up to speed with all of the modern day players and teams, he was very aware of Derby and what has been going off, he is big mates of Sam Rush and had a few interesting comments to make none of which I would be so foolish as to put on here, what was clear was that he loved the change from his normal well rehearsed Arsenal patter and relished all of the Derby related question that you could see got him smiling at his memories. He encourages contact and banter and signed anything and had many photos taken along the tour and it depends on what day you go as to how many are in the group, as I took my dad and my son it was the school holidays so we had about thirty in our group which sounds like a lot but it wasn't as probable 25 of them were happy to just mooch along without daring to speak ! this allowed us to have a lot of chat with him, at the end you sit in the emirates press area which is massive and he has a Q&A session, once again not many asked any question which allowed me and my old man to keep pinging Derby related questions, the best one was when I asked "a lot of people say that you played your best football at Derby County Charlie ! would you agree ?" and he answered Yes !!! the gooners were all looking very confused as im sure they only ever thought he had one team in his career !! we then proceeded to ask how it felt scoring a hatrick against Real Madrid, which club were you playing for when you won your one and only England cap and what was it like to be on the pitch that night when franny lee and norman hunter had a bust up ? which he loved talking about ! he said Franny (who he referred to as Frarny due to his London accent) was a real hard bar steward loved it ! he had won a penalty against hunter earlier in the game where he went down a bit easy and Charlie scored the penalty so hunter was after him all game and it boiled over in the end. he loved Dave Mackay and had lots of good things to say. the best thing that he said in front of all the gooners was "I love Derby ! I love the club and I love the people !" when I asked which was his favourite he had a big smile on his face and said I cant answer that but I was born half a mile down the road and Arsenal pay my wages !!! he signed my umbro shirt and my charity shield shirt along with a number of other items. all in all a really nice guy and as I said really worth a day out, you just book a legends tour with Charlie on the Arsenal website !
  9. Retro Shirts

    I agree I was looking at it thinking what a great shirt it is, much better material than modern shirts, and a lot more thought to the design of the shirt, not bad for thirty years old ! Wish I still looked as good and had aged as well as the shirt !
  10. Retro Shirts

    This old favourite added to my collection today from 1988/89 season, always remember seeing Ted McMinn destroy spurs in this shirt !
  11. My mum thinks I’m doing homework with grandad

    As long as it's not Len Fairclough !😳
  12. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    This boy George ?
  13. Commons

    Didn't mean to infringe the forum rules, at one time you were labelled a "lazy linker" if you just cut and pasted the link and didn't copy the story, makes sense though so won't do it again ! 👍
  14. Commons

    Kris not the house of ! personally I don't believe a word of it !, http://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/kris-commons-tells-side-story-419955 Former Derby County and Nottingham Forest ace Kris Commons has given his side of the story about his controversial Rams departure.
  15. Derby Football Programme & Memorabilia Fair

    Anybody selling one of these ? I would give my high teeth or a large sum of cash for either, please let me know if you spot one ! Thank you

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