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  1. These are the days of lasers in the jungle Lasers in the jungle somewhere Staccato signals of constant information A loose affiliation of millionaires And billionaires and baby These are the days of miracle and wonder This is the long distance call The way the camera follows us in slo-mo The way we look to us all, oh yeah The way we look to a distant constellation That's dying in a corner of the sky These are the days of miracle and wonder And don't cry baby, don't cry, basically for us long in the tooth we have been here many times before and we will be
  2. The 1995/96 promotion season third shirt, loved the vibrancy of this, what a great season that was ! Penultimate one at the BBG, last time it really rocked was that 2-1 victory over Crystal palace to gain promotion ! Oooh ah Robin van der Laan !
  3. No idea, different campaigns though, the hourly one was the first division promotion season and Taylor’s was the premier league, I brought all Martin’s shirts from him and the Shilton shirt that Peter gave to him as a gift for his testimonial
  4. Martin Taylor’s shirt from the 1994 play off final at Wembley and that semi final at the new den !
  5. Martin Taylor’s shirt from his final game for the Rams a premier league game that was also the last evening game at the BBG v Forest (they were relegated) ! A great servant to the club being player of the year in 1993/94 and made over 120 appearances despite a severe injury.
  6. Martin “cool as a cucumber” Kuhl
  7. Gordon “Sid” Cowans ! The old maestro !
  8. Marco “goalo” Gabbiadini a solid lump of a number 10
  9. Top man, grass roots to the oldest cup competition in world football, he did it all, always had time for everybody, never asked for anything or expected anything ! RIP Reg ! X
  10. The Patrick collection, elegant sophistication ahead of its time !
  11. Roy McFarlands no 5 Sportif Le Coq shirt !
  12. Only one of these were ever produced for the 83/84 FA cup tie with Plymouth for Steve Cherry, he was remembered more for the howler in the game instead of this magnificent beast of a shirt !
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