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  1. That probably not gonna be worth £4K, unless it was signed that night the did the red dogs in the play offs !! That would be priceless!
  2. Signed by Johnnie Sid Paul and Steve ? Or was it still glen Matlock then before Sid ?
  3. Seems like a good time to drop this one out especially with the heading of the thread, it will be a few more weeks yet, aiming for the end of the season to give everybody something to fill the boring weeks in between with ! When it’s ready I will expect a rush of orders ! I am obviously biased but I am really pleased with it, a comprehensive book about every one of our shirts, badges, sponsors and a few juicy bits of gossip and a genuine re write of the history books with he expertise of Andy Ellis and Jason Shardlow.
  4. both players and both managers
  5. Todd and McFarland ! the epitome of 1970s English football !
  6. I will bring my 250 shirts in a number of 1950s battered suitcases if that helps for recognition
  7. Nice one ladies ! All sorted thanks 👍🐏
  8. Yes mate, I’m only adding one to the basket but still says I’m exceeding ?
  9. I got an invite this morning, says there are 129 tickets left but won’t let me add any to the basket and purchase, it says that I have exceeded the allocation ! Another fine mess from the ticket office ! anybody else had any problems ?
  10. Do you think these young lads and the young rookie manager had any clue on the adventure that lay ahead of them ?
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