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  1. There’s never been anything more certain of staying afloat since the titanic set sail for New York !
  2. No passion, no cares, no commitments, no worries ! That sums up our club at the moment, from top to bottom they all can’t wait to move on, the sooner they do that the better ! This is the worst team that can remember and I had the pleasure of the docherty, Addison, Newman and Taylor years, they were poor but there was always a silver cloud to cling to, this is desperate and let’s remember they are all filling their bank accounts with money that we will be paying off for the next ten years !
  3. Can’t beat a bit of oooh Mark Wright in the afternoon, inspirational and solid and a good leader on the pitch
  4. The ball from the 1968 league cup replay v Chelsea, the match that got the Clough & Taylor journey well under way !
  5. Out of all of the footballs that Brian Clough must have come across this one must have been pretty special to keep in his house right up to his passing, I bet it could tell a story or two !
  6. Nice one @Inverurie Ram, rather than replicating the shirts we were trying to do a modern take on it, mainly for a new chapter in the book hence including the Umbro tapes on the arm and the wording under the Umbro as it is now, the retro shirts turn up on eBay from time to time but as for the rest of them that you have mentioned they take quite a lot of searching for and cost a pretty penny most from £400/£1000, over the years I have managed to add them, across the world not just in the uk, they do turn up but less and less frequently !
  7. I have posted the shirts in the Derby County shirts post on the main page that we did !👍
  8. Had a couple of shirts made up using standard Umbro team apparel to mark the achievements of Clough & Taylor and also Dave Mackay, mainly to add a chapter into the book the colours of the Rams if the club and Umbro don’t do something. we used the basic template matching the 1971/72 shirt and the style of the charity shield shirt badge, on the second shirt we went for the blue and white and the Umbro tapes on the cuffs, both finished off with the blood red no 10 as a nod to the king, also used the Derby County font for the wording. the cost of these shirts from Umbro was £11.
  9. have a watch of this, take advice, speak to people, find out how to replicate that pride and that passion on a more regular basis, not just once or twice a season, do that son and you will go far at this club !
  10. Not one opinion posted on here will be given so much as a sideways glance by anybody buying or selling the club, so put your keyboards away and save any faux outrage or outpouring of love for those people around you in the real world ! Have you learned nothing from the Abu Derby waste of a post ! Your opinion means nothing !
  11. It’s about time players were called out for abject performances and poor attitudes towards trining, a string of managers have fallen on their swords at this club and never are the players called to account.
  12. This man, for anybody who has been following the rams since the Clough era he is the stand out player, anybody who didn’t actually see him just won’t understand or get it, he was part of a different era, he encapsulates the BBG days ! Division three to division one in successive seasons, the club being saved from extinction! Chelsea and Leeds trying to take the osmaston end, beating forest in the FA cup, Arthur cox, Phil Gee, Patrick kits, centenary kits, beating Leeds to gain promotion to division one, beating Plymouth to become champions ! Bobby was always there, ever reliable ! Legend !
  13. excellent work from the @Ellafella, yes it was all gaining a lot of traction for the blue plaque award on the bell until this dam pesky covid got in the way, dont worry though the Rams Heritage trust are on the case !
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