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Pride Park Goes Cashless

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17 minutes ago, cosmic said:

I love the comments under that tweet. "Bad news for the working class", like bank accounts and debit cards are a new invention for the elite.

The issue is that if all money is electronic, the Government or the banks can end your access to it or dictate how you're allowed to spend it. That's why cash has its uses and one reason why cryptocurrencies were invented.

No surprise this is happening at Pride Park as the year we've had has accelerated the change, but it makes me think about the notion mentioned elsewhere of specific cryptocurrencies for clubs and if this could be a way of investing in DCFC and the local area.

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1 hour ago, rsmini said:

If we ain’t got no money, as some are saying, how have the club just managed to afford a very expensive week at a training camp/hotel which the England Football and Rugby team use?

It's all relative. Although it looks v plush to us mortals, for a bulk deal it's probably cost no more than a half Anya.... 🤣

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1 hour ago, Sparkle said:

How do I get my refund after the first bite of a pie ? 

Oh stop looking for problems that don't exist!

This is the modern world, for modern people, using modern technology.  Refunds for a manky Balti pie will be no more difficult to arrange, and take no longer to receive, than if it was for a season ticket.

Oh... erm...   

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