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  1. Thanks @RoyMac5 I've just paused mine, I'll just worry about them stuffing up my in-contract deal in the future should it end up happening.
  2. Yes I'm 99% likely to do it too, it's just that I don't trust sky so I'm cautious that there may be a catch as I'm happy with my current price!
  3. Has anyone done this? I want to make sure my current offers will be retained when the Sky Sports subscription automatically resumes when the sport is back but unsurprising I can't find an answer to this anywhere online... does anyone know if there is a "catch" to pausing?
  4. Carnero

    NFL 2020 Season

    Yeah, we only signed him so that we can now field a full offense featuring 11 former 1st round picks.
  5. Carnero

    NFL 2020 Season

    Nice work Rams!
  6. Carnero

    NFL 2020 Season

    Todd Gurley joining Atlanta 😎, we had an opening for an injury prone RB after Devonta Freeman's release.
  7. Carnero

    NFL 2020 Season

    Woohoo some good Falcons news at last 😁
  8. It's disgusting how often this happens these days. Just leave people be FFS.
  9. Leyton Orient @leytonorientfc 9. Walsall (@WFCOfficial) v AS Roma (@ASRomaEN) Ooooh - they'll be dancing on the streets of Walsall tonight. (Please follow government advice if doing so.) What a tie that is, as European giants AS Roma make the trip to Bank's stadium. #UltimateQuaranTeam 😂
  10. Carnero

    NFL 2020 Season

    What has the Redskins defense got to do with it? 😉
  11. Carnero


    One of the dogs did do a crap during the pre-race parade! Legend!
  12. Crowds of people haven't been banned, yet, and there's no close contact between badminton players.
  13. Carnero


    I've found some live sport on sky ch.175🙊
  14. Agree with this, finish the final 2 months of the season as soon as possible, 4 week break then start a shortened 2020/21 season splitting the division at the halfway point, meaning a 28 game PL season and a 34 games EFL season.
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