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  1. I'm still not convinced he's going 😂 The more I read our statement the more I notice it doesn't say Chelsea have asked for permission, nor that Lampard has asked to speak to Chelsea (like it did with Rowett). Inviting Chelsea to "swiftly conclude their discussions" is a pretty odd tone of phrase...
  2. I prefer to listen to the cricket on 5LSX anyway.
  3. with a technical director I believe.
  4. I do similar since Jim White replaced Colin Murray - I've switched to Talk Radio in the morning (Julia Hartley-Brewer, followed by Mike Graham) then Talksport in the afternoon because I like H&J. I can't abide the morning Talksport shows most of the time, but sometimes stick it on when I get fed up with hearing about the state of this country.
  5. They said Bob Mills & Simon Jordan too... does Jordan normally do Tuesday or Wednesday?
  6. He sounds ideal for Newcastle.
  7. In the studio from 10.00 apparently, though I thought they said tomorrow.
  8. I thought they said Mel was on talksport tomorrow? Seriously.
  9. Mason Mount, Harry Wilson, Fikayo Tomori...
  10. So shall we take your use of the word "guarantee" as actually meaning "guess" then? 😂
  11. That was my initial impression, but from the YouTube clips of him it looks like he likes to get forward too, perhaps a midfield 3 of a DM plus Holmes & Shinnie is the way we'll go? Have you seen him play much?
  12. Why on earth did no-one think of Daniel Stendel before now?! He might just be the perfect candidate. I doubt he'd leave the mighty Barnsley Tykes for little ol' Derby County though, even with an £8m promotion bonus thrown in.
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