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  1. ... and the manager who signed him being sacked 10 games later.
  2. He has played well tonight especially considering he's been up against Jordi Alba
  3. We have a signed auditors report saying that they do comply with the Companies Act, so 🤷‍♂️
  4. 4 different managers can't all be wrong. If he turns it around at Hull under his ex-Peterborough boss then so be it, but it doesn't mean it was ever going to turn around for him here. No doubt if he does come good at Hull there'll be plenty on here and other social media platforms eager to point fingers of blame at the club and none at Marriott, as is always the way with know-it-all football fans.
  5. Yeah it must be horrible to have a great chance of being fast-tracked into a Championship first team.
  6. Because you plucked the 2 options out of your arse? Do it 4 more times.
  7. Or maybe some random simply registered the company name years ago just because they could. There's nothing the link this to the football club at all. I could register a company call Derby County 1884 Limited tomorrow if I so wished, means nowt.
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