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  1. ...but...but...but....he happened to be the manager when Chris Martin decided to leave the club. Unforgivable.
  2. Let's just sign nobody then. It's much safer.
  3. Would the results be the same though? Who knows.
  4. Stop being such a spade Mostyn.
  5. We could do worse than getting their no.9 Ellis Simms in on loan. Very impressive.
  6. Marshall MTW Davies Clarke Byrne Rooney Bird Buchanan Holmes Marriott Joswiak --- Sit deep, and (try to...) hit them on the break with long balls from Rooney & Bird, who aren't allowed to cross the halfway line.
  7. Yeah of course he did 😂 Likes he's going to mention that his contract states that he must play every game, he's not THAT stupid.
  8. 👏 He hasn't played for 7 months either! We have to play him through this period otherwise we'll never see the real player come through!
  9. Yep, Adam Armstrong is their major threat.
  10. Thank goodness he has before any other unsuspecting innocent sees it, that image was pure filth!
  11. Not everyone is such a natural in front of the cameras as Sir Richard.
  12. Looks like the system thinks you're abroad, are you using a vpn?
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