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  1. Carnero

    The Academy Review Show

    There are full length interviews with these 2 on the DCFC website, the bits in the review show were just clips of the full interviews.
  2. I thought you'd have a Swindon Town one too!
  3. Carnero

    Play-off final

    Hate Villa with a passion. Come on Fulham!
  4. Carnero

    Bellator 200

    MVP! MVP!
  5. Carnero

    If it’s Frank

    We could just cut out the middle man and appoint SUPER JODY MORRIS instead!!!!! Super Jody's Black and White Army Super Jody's Black and White Army
  6. Had a dream last night that involved Toadfish from Neighbours telling me that Darren Wassall had been appointed, let's hope he's wrong. On the plus side I did get to see one of Steph Scully's nipples during the opening credits.
  7. Carnero

    Players current worth????

    If we could get 20 million for the whole squad I'd take it and start again.
  8. Carnero

    Picture where you are now

    Nice one! Ideal chance to fleece those 450 degenerates for all they've got!!
  9. This applies to all cup competitions. People should stop trying to read too much into events held over a short course... if it were held over 10,000 games everybody plays everybody then it might actually mean something. Otherwise just enjoy it for what it is, 2 of the best attacking sides up against each other for a trophy. C'mon Liverpool.
  10. I think this sort of post is more suited to "The Pub" than "Rams Talk" don't you? Utter filth.
  11. Carnero

    Lampard too expensive?

    Exactly this. Nothing about Frank suggests he's driven purely by money. This is a lad who rinsed every last drop out of his natural given ability. Just pay him the going rate and give him the chance to prove his worth.
  12. Carnero

    Bellator 200

    MVP... THE most entertaining fighter out there at the moment? @McLovin @Norman
  13. Carnero

    Derbyshire cricket 2018

    Wasn't the Scots lad Sharif supposed to be a specialist death bowler?
  14. Reads like a re-hash of their previous article!

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