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  1. Ha ha that 2nd assist could almost have been Martin!
  2. Perfect. Steve Cooper is a lot easier to dislike than Chris Hughton.
  3. Yeah I noticed that. I didn't like it to be honest.
  4. Roos 9 Byrne 7 Buchanan 8 Jagielka 8 Davies 8 Shinnie 7 Knight 6 Sibley 7 Jozwiak 6 Williams 8 Baldock 6
  5. Plus Knight, Shinnie, Byrne & Williams. Stick 7 forward at set pieces, they won't be expecting that!
  6. Surprised we didn't bring Stearman into a back 3 to help deal with their set pieces & long throws into the box.
  7. They signed 6 month contracts didn't they. Fully expect them to be here at least until these expire.
  8. Home play off game... nice
  9. Absolutely, his quality on the ball is clear to see, if we had a few more of his ability in the team we'd be thriving.
  10. Q) How close is Jason Knight to starting? Is he ready to start? Rooney: Yes, Knighty is a top professional; he has worked extremely hard while he has been off injured. There are no issues whatsoever with his fitness levels, even though he has been out for a while. If I need him to play, he will be ready to play. Q) How is Festy Ebosele, who has had a knee problem? Rooney: He is improving. He should be training with us back end of this week or early next week. Q) How is Krystian Bielik's recovery going? Rooney: Krystian is doing really well. He is on the grass with the ball at his feet, and he is on track with his injury. I am pleased. He seems to be in a better place, as well. He has been coming to the away games, being around the team, which is great to have him around the other players. Q) And how is Colin Kazim-Richards' recovery going? Rooney: Colin is out of his (protective) boot and off his crutches now and doing his recovery work. After the next international break, we can assess where he is, and then it shouldn't be that long after the international break. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/Derby-county-west-brom-rooney-5910396
  11. I repeat, he hasn't saved anything, he may have reduced his tax burden by donating to charity but the net position is that he's given money away, not received money. Unless you think the charity then distributes money back into Mel's pocket of course? You're point is either disingenuous or completely lacking in understanding. End of conversation.
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