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  1. Looks like a good effort from a pretty inexperienced bowling attack.
  2. Don Goodman is a Leeds fan I believe.
  3. Leeds record since "spygate"... W9 D1 L7...
  4. A narrow win at home and a no score draw away might just do it too.
  5. I reckon we would let him go for free, perhaps with a chunky sell on clause.
  6. I hope you're not in a rush for an answer to that question 😃
  7. Even better, how about the anti-democrats move to the EU seeing as it's the land of milk and honey?
  8. He's their Youth Team Coach... I'd imagine he's had a temporary promotion after Nathan Jones took some staff to Stoke.
  9. 3 decent midfield options, all out of contract in the summer, and coming into their prime at 25/26 years old: Josh Vela Josh McEachran Will Vaulks
  10. In the absence of a response, I can confirm that the answer is: "No, not necessarily".
  11. Everyone going for a home win... what could possibly go wrong?!
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