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  1. I'm pretty sure the tv deal covers originally scheduled midweek fixtures, whereas additional midweek games due to re-arrangements are at the home clubs discretion.
  2. What a bunch of muppets... the answer has been lurking on a different thread all along! Quote Owen B: "It’s actually at the discretion of the home team, so Luton could decide not to stream the game, and that would mean we & Sky can’t either. That’s the reason we couldn’t show Wigan domestically on Boxing Day too. Luton might decide nearer kick-off that they want to stream afterall, so keep your eyes peeled. And if you happen to see Sky advertising it on the red button, that’ll mean we’ve got it too. "
  3. I think it'll just be a case of Luton not allowing it then, for fear of lowering the matchday attendance.
  4. Is this a re-arranged game or an original fixture?
  5. Who knows! My understanding was that midweek fixtures should be on red button unless it is a re-arranged game, in which case the home club can veto. This *should* be on the red button, I think.
  6. Not looking hopeful, presumably Luton won't grant permission as they get low crowds. Red button list currently shows: Cardiff v WBA Leeds v Millwall TBC v TBC ... so I guess there's still a chance
  7. Derby County, Blackburn Rovers and Ipswich Town are considering late moves for Northampton Town goalkeeper David Cornell, Football Insider understands. Cornell is out of contract at the end of the season and his suitors know he could be available for a knockdown price before the close of the transfer window, or even on a free transfer in the summer. https://www.footballinsider247.com/exclusive-Derby-county-set-sights-on-signing-soon-available-28yo-blackburn-ipswich-keen/
  8. Does it really matter? It's a nothing season where Wisdom/Davies are more than capable of filling the role for the last 18 games.
  9. You need to log in first to enable the BUY option
  10. @Nishfan you need to log in on the website 1st in order for the BUY option to become available.
  11. Just watched it on the sky score centre app... What a strike!
  12. It is and that's why damp squid doesn't work as the phrase! It's a common mistake, I wasn't digging you out 😉
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