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  1. Nope, current contracts are counted at the L1 salary cap average for relegated clubs (for salary cap purposes), only new contracts/signings would be affected by the cap.
  2. Making sure they can't lose, draws are more valuable this season compared to previous seasons which encourages a more cautious approach.
  3. If Rotherham beat Birmingham then it's officially "back in our own hands" 😂
  4. To be fair they still finish top 6 every season and will likely be promoted in the next couple of years, if not this year. They'll come back in a better state than they were when relegated.
  5. We're missing the fans. I remember the good old days when we were perennial top 6 finishers and the South Stand would serenade the lads with chants such as "We're ducking poo". Happy days. We're ducking poo, We're ducking poo We're ducking poo, We're ducking poo, We're ducking poo.
  6. He wasn't very convincing at set pieces despite the excellent shot stopping. Didn't see much of an upgrade on Roos myself 🤷‍♂️
  7. Only 14 "senior" players under contract next season... Marshall, Roos Byrne, Forsyth, Buchanan* Bielik** Bird*, Knight*, Sibley*, Shinnie Joswiak**, Lawrence**, Ibe Kazim-Richards (* senior!! 😂) (** likely to be sold if relegated) -- Is this The Great Reset?
  8. Limbering up as we speak, just make the call
  9. Marshall - 6 Byrne - 6 Forsyth - 7 Wisdom - 5 Clarke - 6 Bird - 9 Shinnie - 8 Roberts - 8 Sibley - 6 Jozwiak - 6 Lawrence - 7
  10. Sky said he's at home recuperating with his family so that has to be encouraging, get well soon Big Dave 💪
  11. Wow that is a green wicket isn't it! Nice quick scoring rate so far 59/1 (12.2)
  12. A, stops it getting accidentally rolled down if caught by your trouser pocket!
  13. How do you come up with this? Interested to know.
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