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  1. It'll be a special case. I'd imagine that technically his contract was null and void prior to the deadline due to unpaid wages (they haven't been paid for months).
  2. Buchanan is primarily a centre back but can play left back. Radio has confirmed it is as I said: (R to L) Lowe, Bielik, Davies, Buchanan
  3. Your line up is the one I'd be most comfortable with.
  4. Buchanan is usually a left sided centre back or left back. Lowe at right back as he's the far more experienced of the 2.
  5. Why would we need Shinnie at left back when, as you've said, we already have two fit left backs? Makes no sense. Buchanan & Lowe are the full backs in this line up, probably Lowe at right back.
  6. I hope it's not a ruptured testicle
  7. Last season it was Kellan Gordon mainly, but he's left the club now. There's a young lad called Jordan Brown who's played there a few times, but is mainly deployed as a midfielder I think. After that, you're looking at the U18's but they tended to play a back 3 with Kornell McDonald as a wing back. Right back is probably the one position that we were short of people coming through from what I have seen, as of course Bogle has been fast-tracked into the first team.
  8. Correct - Bateman is a centre back come holding midfielder, he's only ever played right back in the U23's as a backup option! It's a shame that the majority of our supporters will now be judging him as a player based solely on seeing him at right back against Girona.
  9. My favourite part of the afternoon was around 10-15 mins before kick off when that muppet on the mic tried to co-ordinate a stadium wide Rooney chant and literally nobody joined in with him 😄
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