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  1. Roos Wisdom Davies Buchanan Bogle Holmes Shinnie Knight Lowe Martin Waghorn
  2. My game is won unless James White scores minus points, unlikely but possible (1 run for a fumble and no other points scored). Would it be unsporting of me to put the injured Josh Gordon in his place? 😂
  3. Carnero

    Ex Rams

    Me too, though I've only seen him bossing it at U23 level where size and strength can sometimes allow this. I did see him come on in a league cup tie at home to Carlisle and he impressed that night too. I know @angieram saw a lot of him at Swindon and rated him, so it does seem odd, perhaps he's only getting L2 offers but has been holding out for L1 (or a club like Bolton who will be pushing up the leagues again from next season when they're in L2).
  4. Carnero

    Ex Rams

    Timi-Max Elsnik, still without a club, joins Bolton Wanderers for a trial.
  5. 25.5pts required from Kerryon Johnson, that's do-able, though your probably a 10-1 underdog. If I'd gone Tate > Breida it would already be game over.
  6. Should have gone with Tate 🙄
  7. Holmes Shinnie Waghorn Paterson Lawrence Martin
  8. Aaagghh keep changing my mind over this week's line up... Josh Gordon v NYG - up against a poor team but status currently questionable due to a knee injury Golden Tate v Pats - Giants only weapon with the other major offensive targets out through injury, should see plenty or targets but likely to be the focus of coverage from the mighty Pats secondary Matt Breida v Rams - coming off a stellar performance but likely to be affected by the injury to FB Kyle Juscyzk. Aaagghh... think I'll play safe and go with Breida.
  9. Last year I went WR, WR, WR with my first 3 picks This year I went RB, RB, TE, QB, RB with my first 5!
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