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  1. Boro, Stoke, Hull in order of preference.
  2. Stephen Pearce was on talksport for 5 mins or so to talk about this, if anyone wants to listen to it then it's during the final 8 mins of this clip: https://talksport.com/radio/listen-again/1593507600/1593511200/
  3. What time was he on Talksport please?
  4. Davies will play against Preston, they have a big lump up front in Jayden Stockley.
  5. Turn the box off at the wall. Wait for 10 secs and turn it back on at the wall. Normally works.
  6. I voted yes, and we will win them too. Rooney scores the winning penalty in a Wembley shootout against Forest.
  7. I'm in your camp, but I think we need to drop that one as a line of defence...
  8. Zero credit being given for Tom's lovely goal today (10th of the season). 100% focus on and analysis of the red. How silly.
  9. Except for the fact that it shows we're bloody awesome!
  10. A factual statement of part of the event, nice one Jim lad.
  11. It was more soggy cheese and tomato than roast beef & mustard, that's for sure.
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