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  1. Pretty pathetic that they can't differentiate between "the club" and the person/people who were running it that way (who have now gone).
  2. It's as @Tamworthram has stated, only takes 2 minutes.
  3. 10,765 tickets currently available for the Reading game.
  4. Dal will be going to Notts before we know it at this rate!
  5. Reading & Swansea tickets ARE available to season ticket holders. I ordered, received and printed mine yesterday with £0.00 charge as expected. Nothing has changed from the previous games.
  6. As @CBRammette has said. Yes that is correct, plus of course tickets don't go on General Sale until tomorrow.
  7. You/they will need to set up fan ID's for each person, if they don't already have one.
  8. Not if it wasn't revealed to potential buyers.
  9. Do we know for sure that Mel Morris won't fund the administrator in the short term?
  10. Last accounts (2018) had £8,098,997 of TV & Broadcasting, working out at £675k per month.
  11. Plus TV & broadcast rights income, sponsorship income, hospitality income, Fanatics income. The point I was making remains, Morris stated £1m to £1.5m per month of shortfall, not £2.5m quoted by The Athletic. If it was £(2.5m) every month then he'd have stated that to justify his decision to pull out.
  12. If the article were correct then Morris would have said he was writing out cheques for £2.5m per month not £1m to £1.5m. It would have suited his attempted justification for pulling out.
  13. We are selling tickets now though, you're completely ignoring the fact that we do have income to deduct from your £3m.
  14. How do you work that one out? Morris himself said it was £1m to £1.5m per month. He would have said £3m if it was, just to help back up his reason for pulling out.
  15. We need to aim to sell out every game. Not just one game.
  16. Yes that's my concern. Quick way for administrators to cut £500,000 per month of outgoings 😔
  17. American lawyer considers legal action 😂 Colour me shocked.
  18. Asked what it would take for him to walk away, Rooney said: "I've said before, I care. The football side of it I'm enjoying. I enjoy trying to improve players. If you look at the difference in some of the players to maybe a year ago, it's massive. Even some of the older players, Curtis [Davies] and Jags [Phil Jagielka], the performances they're putting in. And then seeing the likes of Max Bird developing. Louie Sibley, who's had tough moments. He's come into the team the last few weeks and we've seen a steady rise in his performances. "I'm enjoying that side of it and I wouldn’t forgive myself if I walked out on them players because I'm asking them to sacrifice a lot, and give everything. So for me to leave them in the lurch and walk out, that's just not in my nature." https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/Derby-county-administration-rooney-efl-5940196 -- What a man 🥰
  19. No idea if any of this is correct, but I love it all the same 🤓
  20. That's his side of the story, but his progress after leaving Derby suggest he was never physically able to get back to Championship first team level anyway, does it not?
  21. Probably. Did he offer any show of support to the club and fans with our current plight, or just have a dig at Mel?
  22. George still whinging about not continuing to be paid fortunes for being permanently in the treatment room then... has he been signed on by anyone since leaving L1 Oxford?
  23. Don't know if anyone has replied as I'm wading through this thread. I believe the implication MM gave was that they were negotiating one penalty for all of the outstanding years (3 years ending 2018 (4 points), 2019 & 2020), so as not to be hit with a double punishment for the same restatement exercise. 2019 was always expected to be a fail given the restatement with 2020 & 2021 likely to be a pass once chunks of the big amortisation hits have worked their way back into the 3 years ending 2018 & 2019.
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