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  1. Is that Susan Michie as in "member of the Communist Party of Britain" Susan Michie?
  2. From the Bundesliga games I've seen the players seem to be showing the refs more respect without us animals baying for blood.
  3. This could be the making of Jozefzoon!
  4. I believe footballers get priority delivery slots.
  5. Not quite, it was that 6 players or officials have tested positive out of approx 750 tests (0.8%) which was in line with what was expected, and is comparable with the rate of positive tests they had in the Bundesliga prior to their training commencing.
  6. Carnero

    NFL 2020 Season

    Hey but at least they still have The Goffmeister.
  7. Reuuuuuuuuuuuuussssssss
  8. As long as Dan-Axel Zagadou is nowhere near the starting XI then I'm sure we can chalk up another 3 points in this one.
  9. It might be an unpopular view, but i'm sorry, if the authorities say that it's safe to play behind closed doors and the players then refuse to play, then they shouldn't receive their wages. Can't have it all ways.
  10. It doesn't say that, it says that only players on more than £6k per week will be asked to defer a portion of their wage.
  11. Carnero

    NFL 2020 Season

    ** SNAPS HAND OFF **
  12. Carnero

    NFL 2020 Season

    At least you still have Jared Goff 😂
  13. Thanks @RoyMac5 I've just paused mine, I'll just worry about them stuffing up my in-contract deal in the future should it end up happening.
  14. Yes I'm 99% likely to do it too, it's just that I don't trust sky so I'm cautious that there may be a catch as I'm happy with my current price!
  15. Has anyone done this? I want to make sure my current offers will be retained when the Sky Sports subscription automatically resumes when the sport is back but unsurprising I can't find an answer to this anywhere online... does anyone know if there is a "catch" to pausing?
  16. Carnero

    NFL 2020 Season

    Yeah, we only signed him so that we can now field a full offense featuring 11 former 1st round picks.
  17. Carnero

    NFL 2020 Season

    Nice work Rams!
  18. Carnero

    NFL 2020 Season

    Todd Gurley joining Atlanta 😎, we had an opening for an injury prone RB after Devonta Freeman's release.
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