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  1. I'd imagine Everton will recall him and loan him elsewhere. This loan hasn't done us or him any good whatsoever.
  2. Are you still watching big mouth? That's 7. SEVEN.
  3. Get back to your little boys league with Forest & Burnley, Leeds scum 👍
  4. I was in for him, but as always I was at the bottom of the waiver priority 🙄
  5. Carnero

    NFL 2019 Season

    So are the Falcons 😎
  6. I'm 22.24 behind Saved By The Leveon with just Breida to play. During the week I swapped out D.Jones & O.J.Howard for Tannehill & Gesicki thanks to trusting the fantasy "experts" and their crappy weekly rankings. If I'd have just stuck with Jones & Howard I'd have had an extra 22.28pts. FFS.
  7. Looks like Goff or Jones for @SaintRam would it be cruel if we quickly grab one each @jimbo jones ?
  8. Was just about to post to same as it came up as breaking news on NFL Network.
  9. Carnero

    NFL 2019 Season

    Do they still do the thing where the play off rankings are decides by committee rather than by actual results? How are you guys watching it, I used to have BT/ESPN but don't these days so haven't watched my Ole Miss boys for a few years.
  10. You can't even spell fighte girlfriend 🤦‍♂️
  11. The next Jamie Hanson!
  12. He isn't diving per se but he is doing what a lot of attackers do these days and slowing down just enough for the chasing defender to run into him.
  13. Hector-Ingram has won 4 penalties in the last two U23 games 😂 He's won at least another 2 during the season and 3 or 4 during pre-season. "What a guy!"
  14. This is what I did last year after reading a bit about using the "zero running back strategy" when low down in the draft order. I remembered how short the RB pool was last season though, so went all-in on running backs this year and scrabbled around for mid-ranked WRs instead.
  15. The same thing happened to Barry Fry, an addiction to player trading is a very slippery slope to walk on.
  16. I still have 10 from my draft 😎
  17. How did I know that you'd spot that 🤣 I was hoping he would leave his Rams D in too!
  18. I assumed that the 0 would go this week when I saw @Ramdale's team! The early games put me ahead on projections with a good showing from Ertz and a poor showing from McCoy. I knew it was all going wrong when I watched the first half of the Lions v Raiders game as everything was going to Jones/Golladay and nothing was going to Amendola, equally Jacobs was running at will for Ramdale whilst Williams had his least productive game of the season! I could have done without Russell Wilson nearly hitting 40 too 😣 Lose half my team to Byes next week too so this first defeat could well lead to another...
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