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  1. Both our teams as inept as each other this week @David 🙈
  2. Mine and @David's games are timed nicely to keep a decent track of the matchup score... All 6pm's, except Tyrell Williams v Damien Williams @9.05pm then Ertz (Sunday late) v Chubb (MNF).
  3. Out of interest, who are the 3, alongside Keogh, that are above him?
  4. That says a lot. About whoscored ratings.
  5. If we ignore the passing, for which Clarke has been poor post-Huddersfield, Davies is a far better out-and-out defender. Or, we go full on transition, and give Buchanan a run alongside Keogh.
  6. Roos 6 Lowe 6 Keogh 7 Clarke 6 Malone 8 Bielik 7 Hudds 7 Waghorn 8 Holmes 8 Lawrence 6 Marriott 6 ... Much better tonight though clearly a team lacking in confidence. One home win and things will start to click. Hopefully we'll stick with this line up for a decent run of games (+ Bogle). Nice to see Chrissy come on, and the magnificent reception he received... proving his everlasting popularity amongst the non-interwebz DCFC supporters ❤...
  7. Never knew he was that fast! Perhaps he's been playing with an injury?
  8. They say the best 2 young openers in the country are Dominic Sibley & Zak Crawley. I'd like to see us pick both, one to open with Burns and the other to bat 3. Root 4, Stokes 5, Pope 6, Bairstow 7. At least that way we're developing 3 players under the age of 23 in Sibley, Crawley & Pope rather than a 32 year old Denly. Leave Roy & Buttler to concentrate on pyjamas cricket.
  9. Jim White has just said "forget it, it's nonsense" when discussing reports of this deal. He's quite well in with Mel these days, so we can probably put this one to bed.
  10. You can never have enough donkeys. On a completely unrelated subject, where is Eric Dier?
  11. @SaintRam I'm sure last season some teams were resting players in week 16 (game 15)... but it is what it is, all the play off options end week 16... guess I'll just have to replace my Patriots when the time comes 😂
  12. Yuck... I guess where we're at is as good as any then, unless you go 6 teams (14,15,16)
  13. Perhaps you can play around with it as league commissioner @David...? isn't it better if the playoffs are run prior to week 16 as by then some teams start resting their star players!
  14. The overall standings seem to suggest that 4 teams will qualify for the playoffs (at some point!). Presumably it'll be the 2 divisional winners plus the next 2 best records as the "wildcards"...
  15. You have Edelman! Looks like 2 pretty well matched teams to me.
  16. Is anyone else finding the app worse this year than last year? I've resorted to using the mobile site rather than the app, as the app is too slow... it also doesn't update the projected scores in "Game Centre" as it did last year which was good to keep track of who is projected ahead of who during the games.
  17. That's why i'm asking 😄
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