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  1. If you want some evening entertainment, take a look through the 'Media' section of his Twitter profile.
  2. The letter was fine. Don't want to see anything else until the deal is done now. Flashbacks to Alonso.
  3. Bielik, Bird (or Ravel) and Knight reminds me of Thorne, Hughes and Bryson. Nowhere near as good but still very tasty.
  4. On point 1, I would have said the same had he not come back from his previous big injury like a man possessed. He was playing his best football by far pretty much straight away. There is a possibility that this is one injury too far for him, however. On point 2, I would say that's highly unlikely. It would be far too much of a gamble for any team to pay money for him straight after his second huge injury. However, I'm with you on not getting too excited. Mainly because I'm worried he'll break down again.
  5. He did a good job trying to get us promoted in the Play Off semi tbf.
  6. I've said it before. There's a much greater concentration of 16-18 year old lads in stoneys who have had a sniff and don't know where the (metaphorical) line is. They're the reason the atmosphere has been brilliant at times, but they're also the reason why it's overstepped the mark.
  7. I love English football. They’re the late kick off.
  8. Always thought he was really underrated by our fans. He was key to the Martin revival.
  9. Does a long, moping interview where he practically cries about not being able to find a club. Turns out he had an offer from a former team mate in the Championship but says "nah, not for me". Great mentality.
  10. Thought it might be @Wolfie20 but Ronnie/Craig didn't include the number. Didn't want to add it in case I was wrong.
  11. 6 likes my best ever? 6!!! You clearly never read my version of the Lord's Prayer back in the days before I'd even done my GCSEs!
  12. The stuff below is copy and pasted. I've also included a link to the book on Bookshop.org, which helps fund independent bookshops. https://uk.bookshop.org/books/be-good-love-brian-growing-up-with-brian-clough/9780008466862 Hi All, The book, titled "Be Good, Love Brian", will be published on the 11th of November and I owe a few people a free copy or two. Could anyone who donated please either drop me an email to bromfilio@gmail.com or contact me on twitter @craigbromf I remember @Mostyn6, @sage, @Mrs Ram, @Wolfieand Phil L but there are others. To those I sent a refund to please still get in touch and I'll honour the free copy. I'll be sending hard backs even to those who donated for paperbacks and if you can also remember how much you donated it will be helpful. For anyone else who is interested it's available to pre order on Amazon, Waterstones, Foyles and WH Smiths. Thanks, both for your support with the donation and your patience. All the best, Craig
  13. And apparently he's a right barsteward of a landlord too.
  14. There’s always the possibility that they’re idiots when it comes to football.
  15. Would like to do something like this at some point but I’m trying to do every away game this season. As a uni student (with a part-time job), that doesn’t leave me with much spare change.
  16. Three years at uni has toughened me up. No more purple vomit coming from me these days.
  17. For me, all of that would be just about forgivable if he had the cojones to hold his hands up, take the blame and admit he'd messed up. Instead, while ordinary people have lost their jobs he's cowered away and blamed the situation on everything but himself. Coward.
  18. What are people's thoughts on Conor Benn?
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