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  1. JoDy MoRrIsS wAs ReSpOnSiBlE fOr OuR AcAdEmY’s PeRfOrMaNcE.
  2. Rowett literally put him in the position to score those goals. Silly comment.
  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Waghorn can get us 20 goals this season. Top Championship player.
  4. I’d love to say what I’ve been doing the last few days but, to tell you the truth, I can’t remember.
  5. Just thought I’d share this. I’m a few beers down, but I’ve been feeling great recently anyway. The odds of you having a shot at life are so slim, so make the most of it. Appreciate being alive. It’s bloody great.
  6. Just spent an hour in the area between King’s Cross and Euston. I genuinely don’t get why you think that. It’s so lively and atmospheric, and there are a million stories playing out around you at any time. Maybe you’re too much of a miserable old bar steward to appreciate it.
  7. Our captain revisits Nam every day.
  8. On the Eurostar home from just two weeks travelling in France. Tomorrow I fly to Malia for a lads’ holiday. Will be heavy. Special thanks to @EtoileSportiveDeDerby for his expert advice on his native country.
  9. The Not The Top Twenty Podcast is good for EFL content.
  10. The only time I wear Derby shirts are on matchdays and on holiday.
  11. Always wondered whether Ramage did other work. What’s his job?
  12. Great atmosphere at the Parc des Princes. A 3-0 win for PSG, with Cavani, Mbappe and Di Maria bagging. We could do with Mbappe on the wing; he was very handy. As was Veratti.
  13. Cup run thread starter? Like Gomes at Watford in the FA Cup last year.
  14. Just heading to the Parc Des Princes to watch PSG’s first game of the the season against Nîmes.
  15. A coach goes from the Wyggeston in Burton. Cost is £6 and departure is 1 hour and 15 minutes before kick off. They also do away minibuses.
  16. CTEC Dark Fruits is when they throw a bit of blackcurrant into apple cider. Terrible.
  17. Anyone who doesn’t want him in our team is a jealous little twit. Far better than the Championship and actually loves his clubs to bits. We’d kill to have someone like him.
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