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  1. Bought a ticket for Neighbourbood Weekender festival (September). Still got tickets for a Sam Fender gig that should have happened in March 2020.
  2. They’ll need it if there are clowns protesting outside the ground on Saturday.
  3. Rubbish! Your analogies are akin to the question: "Is Wayne Rooney the manager of Derby County?". That's a binary question.
  4. Too binary. Can there be an option for 'underwhelming'?
  5. You’re right. It isn’t good enough. But protest-worthy? No chance.
  6. Grow up. On a day when football fans have protested (and won) against a genuine threat to football itself, we’re deciding to do the same because we’re a bit crap. We haven’t got an owner maliciously bleeding us dry, nor have we got a manager who’s done anything worse than perform poorly (although I’d remind you that we were bottom of the league on 6 points when the previous manager left). Embarassing.
  7. We'll have to see whether that's true or not. Either way, I'm heartened by the reaction of the football world over the last few days. I've never seen us so united.
  8. This shows that we have more power than we thought. We need to use this momentum to keep pushing for reform.
  9. I'm not anywhere near as gutted as I should be. The Super League is done for. Football has won.
  10. If the players banded together and took strong action, I firmly believe they'd win. Haven't people been moaning about individual player power for years? Imagine how powerful they could be if they acted collectively. But, like you, I don't see it happening. Though Henderson calling a meeting of the captains is a positive sign.
  11. They can hand in transfer requests, go on strike, etc. Your second two paragraphs don’t change anything I said in my original post. They’d have to be prepared to give up some of their extraordinary wealth for the good of the game. Whether or not they do that comes down to how principled they are in my book.
  12. Good post. I'd also say the players are the only other ones with the power to stop this. But it would require them to grow a backbone and maybe sacrifice an extra supercar in their garage. At the minute, I fear they're just going to begrudgingly accept it. Last night, James Milner came across as someone who is against it but would eventually end up doing what he's told.
  13. Aye. I have big problems with Sky and The Premier League (while also acknowledging the benefits they've brought), but the ESL is on another level. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
  14. Carragher acknowledging Sky’s role in changing football in 1992:
  15. Exactly this. People have called UEFA hypocrites for the new Champions League proposals, but that's because they've been strong-armed by the big clubs into appeasing them. If I were UEFA, I'd tear the new proposals up and tell them they've ducked their chances of appeasement by proposing the Super League. Obviously the Super League would have to fail for this to work though.
  16. Not too keen on being all nicey nicey to the clubs considering backing out of the SL either. Yes, I don't want them out of the domestic game, but we have to make it very clear that this sort of thing won't be tolerated again. A strong message needs to be sent, and action needs to be taken to ensure it doesn't happen again.
  17. Fair point. I don't have the answer to that. On a hunch though, I think the only ones capable of putting a stop to it will either be the national governments or the players. The former because they could create legal implications, and the latter because they're the product. Nobody across the world will care about Man United they consist of b-side players or retirees. If the players have integrity and a backbone, they could put a stop to this. Time for some good old-fashioned collective action, in my opinion.
  18. Bang on. I'm not a fan of the 'kick them out of domestic football' argument because these are proud clubs with strong traditions, regardless of who owns them. And English football is worse off without them. Manchester United Football Club aren't the problem. Joel Glazer is the problem.
  19. I imagine that comes down to personal views. My political inclinations mean I’m not averse to measured government intervention.
  20. Which is why there needs to be intervention from the top.
  21. I think the real power will be with the players. The fans can choose to boycott, but there will be enough interest from all around the world to give the Super League a chance of success. But if the players take a stand against it, bang goes the interest.
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