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  1. What is the origin of the name Kirchner? German: from Middle High German kirchenaere 'sexton', hence an occupational name for a priest, an assistant at a church, or the administrator of church property and possessions. I think our prayers are about to be answered! Bless you. Bless you all.
  2. Have you missed the letter "d" off the end of your first name?
  3. The area formerly known as The South Stand is now formally known as the Former South Stand. Could all those wishing to stand during the game please purchase a non-standard seat ticket and sit at the seats towards the back of the stand. Those wishing to sit please purchase a standard seat ticket and sit in the lower tier of the stand. If you do not understand, please wait in the concourse under the stand, and wait to be seated by our matchday standard bearer. I think that covers it, but stand to be corrected.
  4. I get my DCFC news from Here... I get my general footy news from Here... General sports news is usually gleaned from Here... And all other news... be that local, national, international, or just utter drivel... can usually be found Here... Maybe the odd bit of gossip at the dining table (If I'm listening!), and that's about it. Anything else just isn't worth knowing, in my book! Car radio is now tuned to DAB Greatest Hits Derbyshire, set to very low volume, and goes almost unnoticed. (Only have a short commute... less than 10 mins) Occasionally catch Jeremy on BBCR2 lunchtime, but it's rare to be in the car at that time on a weekday.
  5. Their next game aside, I reckon they could only be on 4 points come NYE, but surely they have to fluke a win somewhere by then? So let's say 6? They have Palace, Burnley & Newcastle all at home in 2022. They really should be looking for 5 points there. I reckon then, that this whole thread relies on the result of their very next game... The Dirties at home, on Hallows Eve! Win that, and they'll not be taking our record!
  6. Ha ha. Very funny. … Cancel that request for a signed photo. I’ve gone off you now! πŸ‘€
  7. It does make you wonder! At least back when I aspired to look like "one of the boys", it only cost £2.75 for a silk scarf... although to be fair, one did need two of them... one for each wrist! 🀣
  8. Fulham's second was an absolute delight to watch! πŸ‘€
  9. What a truly fantastic post, and a fantastic gesture from you, @loweman2. You should feel rightfully proud. I'm assuming that on-pitch presentation never materialised (?). Was it ever made public what the hold up with that was all about? Top, top thread. No idea how I missed it first time around, although it was started the day before Muckerette's birthday, so maybe she was draining some of my attention away! Selfish to the core, that one! 🀣 πŸ‘πŸ
  10. Trees 0-4 at home to Fulham Still over 20 mins left. #Honeymoon over.
  11. Never! Been punched dozens of times... but that's not the same as seeing the punch coming! 🀣 *I'm lying... it's only about 9 times! **I'm painting a false picture... I ain't been away for years! *** Still funny though!
  12. Now you're 60, you need to take it easy, and look after your penguin. *Penguin kicker... Ticker! By jove, I think I've got it! πŸ‘€
  13. Sorry mate. Confusion reigns, as I've absolutely no idea what you are referring to. But just to be clear, my "If" is referencing the previous posts that suggest we don't actually know whether NI contributions are part of "The missing millions", or whether Mel has actually settled up that particular element (at whatever stage of the proceedings)?
  14. Ah! Is this why he rang in sick yesterday? Get well soo... erm... I mean... Happy Birthday, Boss! 🍻 😁
  15. Yes you can, but that's not relevant in this situation. If those NI contributions are missing, it's because Mel has stolen them, not because you (the employee) hasn't paid them. Your suggestion would leave said employee paying said contributions twice! I said "IF"!
  16. Was just about to say you've cocked up there, but actually, as it's turned out, I'm not sure you have! Looks like Mel achieved that in the end! 🀣
  17. Looking specifically at the Coventry matchday and crowd trouble threads... When you use the phrase "I'm going to weigh in" nowadays, you are referring to fetching the scales! 🀣
  18. I thought the same, but don't they have a minimum allocation to meet? So many stewards, and a minimum number of police available? The bill goes to the club? Probably attendance related, of course, with the required numbers going up in stages depending on number of tickets sold/expected crowd? Got to be part of the licence agreement, or whatever it's called? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  19. All these old duffers being chased down the back alleys and hillocks of Greater Coventry! Absolute embarrassment. They're lucky I wasn't there. I'd have been like...
  20. I think I'd notice. I've seen the selfie avatars. I ain't stupid, y'know! πŸ‘€
  21. You told them not to make you one, but they went ahead and did it anyway? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
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