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  1. Our fine city, and our even finer football team begin with a capital... "Derby"! Same goes for all the other towns, villages, and cities around the world, and even the horse races! A sporting contest between two local teams is however, a little bit different. A bit like this... "Derby". Just sayin'. Dunt really matter... to some, it seems! Seethe, grrrr, rant etc.
  2. The way things are going, I'll be wearing a King Colin face mask before much longer!
  3. Are we at Home for the third consecutive fixture? No. Surprisingly we are away this time. In the actual city of Cardiff, no less. What day is it on? It is next Tuesday, 2nd March 2021. What time is Kick Off? The game kicks off at 1900hrs (That's 7pm for non-military personnel). Will it be available on RamsTV? Yes, I do believe it will be available on RamsTV... and Yes, I do believe it will be free for current season ticket holders. doyourownresearch.com 🙄
  4. You ok this morning, Hun? Need a hug?
  5. And much of it is above us!
  6. If all goes to plan, it will be lifted by... BUT NO EARLIER THAN... March 8th. 🤣
  7. I love this. I love the man. ... But please... as fans... once we are let in again... please do not make this a thing! It would be 100x more embarrassing than "Doing the Poznan". Thank you all for your understanding. #dontevengothere
  8. I noticed (during the game) that he had indeed had a shave before kick off. ...I have nothing more to add.
  9. Can't believe there are still 6 players on the list that have not yet received a vote. I thought this poll would have been a lot closer to call!
  10. YPOTY: King Colin POTY: King Colin's Dad Lifetime Achievement Award: King Colin's Mum. Runner-Up: Byrnie The Bolt. 🐏
  11. I'm nott sure I get what you're saying? And I bet I'm nott the only one! My stomach is in notts trying to decipher that! Would you nott mind trying to elaborate, so we are nott left confused? #You're Notts Forest, You're Notts Forest. You're Nott's Forest ever more...
  12. Overall, that was a poor performance, and a poor watch... and a mixed bag of emotions! Yes, we looked comfortable for the first half hour. Yes, their goal was crap. Yes they absolutely played the second half to perfection... right up to the point where King Colin saved our bacon... and then we had more than enough chances to absolutely steal it! Talk about a topsy turvy game... but at no point was it a classic. End result appears to be what 90% of each set of fans predicted, so nothing to write home about. My overwhelming reaction is one of relief. I suspect the dogs will be
  13. I'm no expert, but I'm thinking whoever is in black and white will find tonight a piece of p155!
  14. I think at the very least, you should film that, and make a gif of it! I can almost picture it in my minds eye! 🤣
  15. Don't waste your breath, mate. I suspect @DarkFruitsRam7 is fully aware of the virtues of cottaging. He's just trying to portray a certain image, in front of the lads, on match day. Well... He ain't got me fooled! 🥂
  16. Biggest game of the season. Buzzing. Nervous, but oozing more confidence than usual, rightly or wrongly. Friday Night! Live on Sky. In top form. The Adrenalin is pumpin'. This is just screaming out for a nice relaxing soak in the bath. Loads of bubbles! Can't beat a nice pre-match pamper. #thenewnormal 🐏
  17. Don't fret mate... I saw what you did there!
  18. We have a couple of Cane Corso's (aka Italian Mastiff) in the wider family (together in the same household). Absolute dopes! Brainless! Soft as poo! Great with the grandkids and their friends. But they are massive. They are very slobbery. And VERY, VERY STRONG/POWERFUL! (We're not dog owners ourselves, and doubt we ever will be, as we couldn't commit our time and efforts to them in the way dog owners should). The problem I have with dogs... if indeed I do actually have a problem with them, which I'm not convinced I have... is that whether they are labelled "dange
  19. Home win. might be 1, might be 5? ... or 6, even! Probably CKR for the first... but it could be any of the others... even Waggers again, now! 😁 Hey, I don't care how we do it... just do it! #whatever 🐏
  20. Great news 😎 Fast becoming a legend. Tonight's hat-trick will help on that score! Let's all Whoop for King Kazim.
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