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  1. Mucker1884

    Club 84 - Supporter’s Group

    No, No... what I meant wa... oh bugger, you've stitched me up good and proper, innit!
  2. Mucker1884

    A song for the Play-off Final

    I quite like "Abide with me", to be fair.
  3. Mucker1884

    Derby County Clock

    That's right, but then I don't do twitter, very rarely read the dozens of weekly DCFC emails, can't see it from my seat, and I wasn't on here back then. Is that enough reason excuses? *If your post was an attempt at a time related pun, then it was of such poor quality I decided the sensible/factual reply was the better option.
  4. Mucker1884

    Derby County Clock

    Boxing Day 2015, apparently. Must admit I didn't know about it. It's in the NW corner. Not sure if it's facing the pitch, or on the side of the exec boxes, so facing the North stand seats? I'm in NE Corner, and I don't recall seeing it. Must remember to look out for it on Satdeh! https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2015/12/derby-county-reveal-dave-mackay-clock
  5. Mucker1884

    Pro Leads Untidy...

    What with all this talk from their fans about them "Not caring", and their cries of "everyone hates us", how about we cheer them up a bit. Give them something positive to hold on to, something to smile about. Let's show them that no matter how bad things get for them, they'll never be as truly hated as Millwall, never as unpopular as that true footballing giant that is Chelsea. Their fans will never be as detested as the millions and millions of Man Utd fans, and that they'll never be true rivals of ours, like wot Fo*est are. In fact, let's show them just how insignificant liked they really are... and cheer them all up a bit! Reasons why I don't dislike Leeds as much as I thought I did: They used to have Lurpak all down the steps of their East Stand... I presume they just slid down to their seats? How cool must that have been? Wheee! Their kit is always so nice and OMO clean, and particularly fetching when the sun comes out. Don Revie is an anagram of "I Never Do" and "One Diver". Whilst their Alan Smith was never as good as the real Alan Smith, he was still quite good... sort of. Elland Road sounds a teeny little bit like "Hell and Road", which makes their fans sound quite tough and intimidating... which is nice... sort of. As far as I'm aware, Norman Hunter never actually bit anyone... although he did "fight like a girl", when taking a pasting from some bloke with a girls name. Seth Lad. Let us pray: Everyday, we're all gonna say, We quite like Leeds! Leeds! Leeds! Everywhere, They really don't care, We quite like Leeds! Leeds! Leeds! Watching On Together! We're gonna see you winge, (Na na na na na na) We are so proud, We shout it out loud We quite like Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!
  6. Mucker1884

    If you could pick 2 ex-Rams

    Dave Langan and Steve Bucko!
  7. Mucker1884

    Crazy Keogh hating

    Have to admit, I was poo-ing my pants when he walked up to take his peno... At Old Trafford! Last night, it was a more relaxed, confident type of reaction, seeing as I now knew he could actually score a peno! Top man, is our Richard.
  8. Mucker1884

    Crazy Keogh hating

    Actually, I think you'll find it's "Yeah, No, Like you say..."
  9. Mucker1884

    Club 84 - Supporter’s Group

    So Dancing girls then, basically! Bloody Perv! ...Actually, what time would they start, d'ya think? I should be able to make it, if I run instead of walk! :-)
  10. Mucker1884

    Southampton vs Derby FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match thread

    I'd take some convincing. Two separate games. Do they have the same ref/lino's? Different pitch size (in theory), different weather conditions. Quite possibly different starting line-ups (either through choice, or injuries/suspensions etc). It's a no from me... I think!
  11. Mucker1884

    Southampton vs Derby FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match thread

    It would be (neat) if only it were true! You and I both know that 4.55m were actually in the kitchen, making their cocoa, seeing as the news was delayed! ...Still... feck 'em, eh! They made the stats look good!
  12. Mucker1884

    Southampton vs Derby FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match thread

    But he didn't "make a decision based on information provided by the VARs"... It appeared he had those decisions made for him! How the feck can a ref make a decision without seeing the replay(s) on a screen, for himself? This is a crap way of doing things, imo. I just presumed it was gonna be the same as in the WC, when the ref tootles off to take a look himself.
  13. Mucker1884

    Non matchday parking

    Yes, them ones. I knew the signs and cameras were still up, but wondered if folk are still getting "fines" through the post for parking there, or whether things had calmed down. I recall many folks getting caught out when these new restrictions were first put in place, even when using the club shop, but as Boycie says, I also recall folk reporting that the club stepped in and sorted things. Must admit, I have parked there for 5 mins on a number of occasions, and have never heard any more.
  14. Mucker1884

    Non matchday parking

    Never had a problem in the West car park, although I've only used it to nip in to the Derby County Ticket Office Presented By Showcase Cinema De Lux (and breath!). I believe plenty park there to use the coffee shop? I also believe Roadrider users also park there, although they may be restricted to the half nearest The Yard? Have the problems with those parking bays in front of the club shop subsided now? I know the signs are still up (Staff and permit holders only?) but wondered if folk are still getting penalty notices through the post, just for nipping into Greggs for a pasty, (or even the club shop itself!), like they were when the signs first went up (a couple of years ago now, I think?)
  15. Mucker1884


    Do you give them "that look" too? I bet you do! Good on yer!
  16. Mucker1884

    Are we Overreacting?

    "Fat Lady", B4... "It is not over until the fat lady is kicked"!
  17. Mucker1884

    Southampton vs Derby FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match thread

    Just so you are aware, for those at home coughing, sneezing and spluttering, you will need a TB licence to watch the Beeb! Get well soon, and Up The Rams.
  18. Mucker1884

    75k job for a football nanny

    Is the photo in the article of their 8 year old son, or their 10 year old son? Either way, I don't think he's got what it takes.
  19. Mucker1884

    v Southampton (A) - Cup replay Predictions

    1 - 1 (at 90 mins) Baby Duane. (Win on penos, as is now tradition!)
  20. Mucker1884

    'suspicious' man outside Derby County's training ground

    Whilst I don't agree with your points of view on this whole topic, I was determined not to join in the Lambasting (see what I did there!), as it is your opinion, and one you are entitled to. Not knowing the identity of the Port Vale manager is not only acceptable, but also understandable, I'd dare to say. However, to deliberately and consciously include the three words I've highlighted simply reeks of a lack of both respect and class, on a scale not dissimilar to a certain Master Clough when commenting on a former Polish player of ours! Those three little words were simply not required. Poor post! PS: You need to purchase a better pair of pliers, for all round DIY use.
  21. Mucker1884

    'suspicious' man outside Derby County's training ground

    Is that what is being claimed? So not only did he get caught, but he actually achieved nothing by being there? Oh, this just get's better... I feel a new song coming on, next time we play them... #Worst spy in history, worst spy in history...
  22. Mucker1884

    'suspicious' man outside Derby County's training ground

    I'd like to know why we are relying on trees of all things, for our perimeter protection and security. Horrible things, trees! What next... painting the bloody gates red!!! Bring back de-forestation, and build a bloody wall Mel... and do it now!
  23. Mucker1884

    The Replay

    Has it ever been advertised that these so-called free flanges are ours to take away? Were they not placed on our seat for display purposes, and for our (temporary) use throughout the respective game(s), to be left in situ at full time, for subsequent collection and re-use? ...Or, to put it another way... Am I the only one who hasn't nicked one of these yet!
  24. Mucker1884

    'suspicious' man outside Derby County's training ground

    Yes... Clearly.... You've missed the bit about why it's Frank's fault, and that is because a certain Mr R Keogh didn't tell Frank where to stand when being interviewed, how to react to the questions, and what words he was and wasn't allowed to use! Case closed!
  25. Mucker1884

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    Just the 1-0... take it, re group, and turn this around. Wouldn't be the first time this season!

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