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  1. Two things... if I may... 1/ we have now had our final finish of the 2010’s, so next seasons finish will relate to the 2020’s, so it matters not where Frank takes us, as far as this decade’s average is concerned. 2/ Your full run down is a tad confusing (to me, at least) as they don’t appear to show a true average (ignoring whatever divisions we could have been in). Could you spare the time to expand your fine work to show a true average over the complete divisions? By that, I mean counting all teams above us, even if they be in a higher division, so the 70’s would have us comfortably in the top 24 (I presume that’s your 9th) whereas the 2010’s would have us 29th? (9th in second tier, with 20 in the tier above). Now that would would be a job well done, and would earn at least 3 likes and a thumbs up from me. 👍
  2. Sorry, I should have made it clear... that’s Muckerette’s knee!
  3. Appreciate the concern my friend, but all good here thanks... and my problems with wind have now subsided considerably. 😃👍
  4. Holed up in a tent, in rural NE France, marvelling at the tent’s resistance to 45-50mph gusts!
  5. The way Mel keeps cocking a snook at the rule-makers just lately, my money is on us keeping the main white body, and just swapping the stripes around! 😎
  6. There is a rear entrance/exit at the station, direct onto Pride Park. The Brunswick isn’t even close to this route. There is no “excuse” to be seen here, and if you try to manipulate one from this, then you sir are quite simply a cad, and if there is a wife involved, as an honourable husband myself, I will make it my duty to inform her accordingly! #illseeyoutheremate
  7. No, No. Thank You! I can handle pedantry on an educational level! LOL. :-)
  8. If I may, (and if I've understood the thread title correctly) my best wishes to all the old guys and gals returning to the Normandy beaches this week. Respekt!
  9. Oh, How did I miss that one! Gutted! LOL!
  10. And calling yourself "DarkFruitsRam7formerlyknownasBR7" is as good a way as any to take people off the scent! Afterall, who knew that... used to be Prince! Not me, that's for sure!
  11. There's the problem right there... Bielsa would turn the bucket upside down over the hole, and sit on it, and the L**ds fans would mop up the trickle with their 87,000 spare scravers! Frank Out! ... or Mel... or whoever is to blame this week!
  12. I remember that when I was a teen, back in the 70's, we actually held the record for the fewest miles travelled in a season. Joint fewest to be precise, alongside WBA, if memory serves. I've absolutely no idea which season that was "achieved", or indeed whether that record still stands, and I certainly can't remember the numbers, but hey, as that well known proverb says... "Half a fact is better than no fact at all"! LOL!
  13. You're a Dab hand at these puns. Have a like yourself.
  14. 1/ Did you enjoy your sad little party all alone through the night of 31/12/2000-01/01/2001? 2/ Do we ignore phrases like "The swinging sixties", "The roaring forties" etc (can you tell I don't know any more for the other decades!) 3/ "It doesn't matter..." Good God man, do you know how much that riled me! Of course it bloody matters! ;-)
  15. Just the thought of this at English Football matches makes me glad I don't sit in the South Stand any more! *Actually, I moved from the SE corner, but that was before the South Stand became the new SE corner! EDIT: I've seen the yootoob vids... our away fans buy a lot more beer than they actually drink!
  16. This is how the conversation went last time, hence my earlier comment. The decade being "The swinging sixties", "The roaring forties", etc. The '60's never contained Dec 31st 1959. The '80's never contained Jan 1st 1990. Admittedly, with footy seasons spanning the New Year, we effectively get "11 seasons in a decade". In football terms, the Decade in question... this one... runs from the start of 2009/10 season (includes 2010) to the end of 2019/20 season (includes 2019), so... 9/10 - 10/11 - 11/12 - 12/13 - 13/14 - 14/15 - 15/16 - 16/17 - 17/18 - 18/19 - 19/20. Those are the total football season that were included in "The 2010's" We haven't been in the top flight during any of those seasons. That's my take on a decade, for what it's worth.
  17. It will. With promotion in 2019/20, we'd next play in the prem is 20/21... which ain't in the 2010's
  18. You must always strive to win every game, which of course would mean promotion... but I ain't gutted, no. Love The Championship, me, and can't wait for it all to start again!
  19. Yes, it got mentioned amidst the general threads a few months back. It got to the point where some people couldn't work out what an actual decade was, and were adding 9's and 0's from all directions!! Good fact though. ...Well, not good, but you know what I mean! :-)
  20. So, your old name has gone for a Burton?
  21. The other way around for me... I haven't liked (and haven't bought) a sponsored shirts for years. Not sure if that's the kit I didn't like (enough), or specifically the sponsor (logo), (or the fact they are all slim-fit athlete designs nowadays! LOL!) but it's certainly affected my judgement (and purchases!). I have numerous training tops from the past few years, (which are great for summer cycling) and a fair number of the smarter polo shirts with just a discreet Ram or DCFC logo, but all my kit tops are from a while back. I have the likes of Derbyshire/Pedigree etc, but without checking, I reckon it must be 10 years since I bought a replica top. I wouldn't have worn a Just Eat top if DCFC had sponsored me to wear it! EDIT: Looking at the historical kits list, and trying to remember my wardrobe, I have the 97/98 Puma top, which I proudly wore last Monday. Also have home and away (blue) Pedi tops, the yellow EDS top ('99?), one of the Derbyshire tops, and one of the Buy-mobiles tops (logo very worn!). That's it for replicas, and I think that last one is the 11/12 version, so 7 seasons now since I last bothered! Not been a fan of any of the more recent ones, and doubt I'll bother again. I'll stick to training tops from now on, I guess.
  22. Very common that. ... oh wait... wrong thread!
  23. Indeed. Once it starts hoovering up the wedding cake, it starts to get clogged up, loses suction, and is never the same again!
  24. And pink seats! I like to point and laugh at pink seats! They're for Council tenants, y'know!
  25. Blades without Wilder eh? Hmmm... Is the the year our record gets broken?
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