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  1. If that is true, and I've done my sums right, the following points amendments would kick in, (as we stand): Minus 6 points: Sheff Weds, Swansea, Sheff Utd, Leeds, Norwich, Hull, Minus 4 points: Wigan, Preston, Bristol City, Stoke, Minus 3 points: WBA, Brentford, Villa, Fo*est, Blackburn, M'boro, QPR. Minus 1 point: Millwall, Reading, Rotherham, Ipswich. Stay the same: B'Ham, Derby. I don't have time to see how that would affect current league standings, but first glance looks bloody fantastic!! EDIT: Bolton still to play: (At Home): Ipswich, Boro, Villa, Brentford (Away): QPR, Derby, Blackburn, Fo*est.
  2. Cruel! If you're going down, you are going down in style... Tears on Wembley Way! (At least we had the fall-back of a decent season behind us, to soften the blow after the QPR Game!)
  3. Well, I was referring to Rolf (Don't call me Ralph!) actually, due to his "Learn to swim" TV Ads. But now you mention it, there was something relating to the Len Fairclough guy and kids in swimming baths. Don't recollect any outcome regarding those allegations though, to be honest.
  4. Yeah, I'd rather not put my seatbelt on anymore... and I certainly wished I had never learned to swim! (One for the older guys and gals there... well, two, actually!)
  5. ... and whilst we're at it, an extra point (each game) for any team whose first initial matches that of any markings on the pitch! ... Ooh... "D"...
  6. Well, one thing's for certain... It won't be me asking! I'd struggle to word the question right, and certainly wouldn't understand whatever response we get... much like most of this thread! I'll stick to the more important stuff, like asking for a single queue for multiple adjacent kiosk tills, as I'm sick of always choosing the wrong queue! It works in the Ticket office! #makeitfair
  7. I'm pretty certain we did something very similar over here, when Play-Off's were first introduced? There was definitely a higher division team at each level, playing against those from the division below, in the hope of "staying where they were". ...If memory serves?
  8. and if they do, I'd imagine they'd prefer to pay less for an obstructed view, than pay full whack!!
  9. But we're 1 point behind them both, with a game in hand. If we look to the future, as opposed to the past (recent form), we have more chance of 6th than either of them. #halffull
  10. Similar here... Had an email saying: "Gemma says... Thank you so much! Shell dance forever :-) xx"
  11. ...And swimming in the sea! "Keep an eye on my carrier bag, luv, whilst I go for a dip"!
  12. At least you had the sense to stay at home. True carnage would have been going with your mate... and pissing out of the bus window!! LOL!
  13. One thing's for certain... not one single player, past or present, is as famous as the club itself! COYRs
  14. I suspect you can move at any time to a vacant seat... one that isn't currently reserved for a potential ST renewal? The "swapping seats period" is between the end of the early bird renewal period* and the start of general sale, I believe. *From the end of the early bird period (31st March?) current STH's are no longer guaranteed their current seat for next season. You'd have to double check every single word of my post, if it's 100% facts you're after... but I think that's right!
  15. Oh! Then I'll take away my tearful reaction (from your previous post), as I'm no longer sad!
  16. Well quite. I don't drink at all*, but then that doesn't quite work so well in an otherwise fantastic pun-fest! ;-) EDIT: *At the football, that is. I'm not quite teetotal, but I haven't been plastered since the '80's, and probably now average 3 units a month... double that if on holiday! LOL!
  17. Apology accepted, my friend. I know you meant no harm. Just remember... be careful out there!
  18. I sometimes wonder if some of our epoxy fans think personal comfort and fancy prancy cocktail lounges mean mortar them than the quality of the football! If this carries on, on here, I seriously think I'll throw in the trowel! All we need is somewhere simple to get plastered, and bond with our mates. TUT!
  19. Great advice, B4, but I think you should have put this in a personal email to Frank. Discussing these things on an open forum in the middle of the internet only opens us up to the opposition finding out about our plans, and setting up accordingly, to counteract us. Nobody will need spies with you around, mate. Think on next time. Now... a bit of advice to you, B4...
  20. There's only one true contender, who has already been mentioned, but this was taken at the very pinnacle of his on-pitch career...
  21. A very quick google seems to hint at you being 100% correct, sir! Having played football every single day (although not always to the rules!) between 1972 and 1980, and then weekly for a few years after that (always to the rules!) I'm a little embarrassed to admit that either: A/ I did not not know that, or B/ I did know it, but had forgotten!
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