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  1. NTT20 is far better. They're way more knowledgeable and don’t lower themselves to engagement-bait content.
  2. I think they both are. Not a fan of them tbh, particularly that Ryan fella. Constantly posting engagement bait on X
  3. That made my eyes pop. Have to take it with a pinch of salt though.
  4. Played his part last season with the goals at Portsmouth.
  5. Genuinely can’t see it being Bradley. Regardless of his personality (which has been questioned), I don’t expect the intention is to have him as a regular starter. He picked up a bit at the end of the season, but it would be a huge risk to assume he’s still Championship first-choice level.
  6. I promise this isn’t an Elon Musk attack. I’ve been seeing so much of this kind of thing on X lately. Openly calling black British people “Africans”; saying Indian people smell; etc. A lot of it comes from anonymous accounts, but it doesn’t really change the principle. I can’t figure out why I’ve seen so much more of it? Was this kind of thing suppressed under the previous Twitter ownership? Are people just bolder in their racism in 2024 than they were in, say, 2020? Is it just a load of bots taking over? I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s made Twitter/X a worse place to be. And that’s not to mention the constant sex posts and OnlyFans ads which, despite what you might assume, I have zero interest in.
  7. I'm starting to suspect a lot of transfer "news" is less journalists making stuff up purely for clicks, and more posting what agents tell them to post. It's what Fabrizio Romano does, and it wouldn't surprise me if that model has filtered down.
  8. I have a massive list that I’m always adding to, so thank you! I do know and like Pictures of You.
  9. I don’t mind having Vickers start the first few games if it means we bring a good first-choice in for the right price without panic buying.
  10. Yes. Listened to it last night. A little bit beyond me currently, but to be expected!
  11. 19 appearances in Serie A this season, so he's not been a total flop. No idea how he's been playing. Surprised to see he's still only 21. You forget how young he was when he broke through with us. Edit: And Ebiowei is only 20! Would be ludicrous to write him off at that age.
  12. I seem to remember him megging a fair few tbf.
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