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  1. Let’s see if they continue to try and continue the crap rivalry that they think they have with us. Probably not, as most of the ground will probably be made up of Derby fans. Something about Burton fans really winds me up. Aside from the great @ronnieronalde, of course.
  2. The bolded bit, I agree tbf, as you should never undermine the manager. I suppose my main criticism is aimed at the fact that he was told to let it go in the first place. I don't blame any sportsperson for seizing any advantage that they can get, even if I wouldn't do it myself. For example, I would never dive but I wouldn't give a flying duck if a dive won us a game.
  3. Don't blame him in the slightest for that. Winner's mentality.
  4. No idea! I only know what was put on the screen at the start of the over. I imagine it would be difficult to keep changing the batsmen and fielders if it ended in another tie. I thought both commentators at the end were outstanding. Really brought it to life.
  5. If the super over is a tie, victory is to be awarded to the team with the most boundaries during the game and super over. That was England.
  6. Important to remember the excellent charity work that he's done in the last few years too.
  7. Never really watched much cricket, but this is amazing.
  8. I've only seen the headline so forgive me if I've misinterpreted what's going on. But if I was a Middlesbrough player earning £30,000 per week, I would feel absolutely horrific if someone earning £30,000 per year was let go due to the club's financial issues.
  9. Heavy night in Derby for the brother in law's pre-baby night out. Started with a few pints of Estrella at the Bull's Head in Repton, followed by some Cobra and a chicken karahi at the Jaipur. Then back to the Bull's Head for a quick Aspall's and a taxi to Revolution de Cuba in Derby. On the vodka and lemonades from there and managed to meet a number of lovely young women (well, one was 30). Then on to the ever-grotty Mosh to round off the night. Spent far too much and realised that, for a session, beer is becoming more palatable than cider (not Dark Fruits though, never Dark Fruits).
  10. Yeah he’s great. I only know of him because he was on the Y NOT lineup a couple of years ago and I was intrigued by the name. I saw him play there last year. Incidently, he’s playing at Y NOT again this year, AND MY TICKET IS STILL FOR DUCKING SALE. SOMEONE PLEASE BUY IT.
  11. Don’t tell me you like Beans on Toast? I’m supposed to resent you but he’s a great singer/songwriter. Those chops need getting rid of.
  12. Last summer was ages ago, baldie.
  13. Can’t be Alex Cover surely? He was released ages ago.
  14. Surely height is less important these days?
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