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  1. Hitch. Served a purpose and was fairly entertaining. Cyrus Christie / 10.
  2. Always assumed it was pronounced Day-vo. I still don't know how to pronounce @Archied's and a few others' usernames. I've always wondered where @B4ev6is's username comes from as well.
  3. Don Amott said on a podcast the other day that, after Billy had been sacked, we were close to appointing Paul Ince.
  4. I've just had a thought. Might it be good for us if Leeds wrap up promotion and the title early? Let's say they win the league the game before they come to Pride Park. They might end up doing a Liverpool vs City.
  5. To be fair to Forsyth, you don't expect anything from that distance to go in.
  6. The FA Cup final means duck all to me if Derby (inevitably) aren't in it. But I absolutely love FA Cup away days with Derby. To see us play in the final would be an absolute dream.
  7. Anyone who says Forest are crap is a little foolish in my opinion. Over the course of 41 games, they’ve been the 5th best team in the league. They clearly aren’t crap.
  8. What an ending. We’d all pretty much given up, but that was sensational. I bloody love this club.
  9. I went. I was excited to see the young players tested.
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