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  1. You would have said the same about Rooney!
  2. It would be a lot more ideal if he didn’t have to buy the stadium in the first place though!
  3. The people who signed him and stated a desire to work with him again do make some difference, I think. There’s certainly more of a link than there was with us and Rooney.
  4. More than likely, yes. But... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/psg-owners-close-leeds-utd-20912377.amp
  5. I used to read some of his stuff and, while I didn't agree with his views, I accept that I sniggered occasionally. I was kind of put off him though when I find out he left his wife on their honeymoon for another woman, who he subsequently physically assaulted when she was 20 weeks pregnant. I can appreciate some people's art (not that I would ever use that word to describe his columns) and put aside their character, but I just can't look at his extremely punchable face without thinking how much of a Bamford he is, so it's a no from me.
  6. What would you have said if I told you six months ago that we would be signing Wayne Rooney in the summer (without Frank Lampard)?
  7. Zlatan to Leeds. You heard it here first. Well, unless you listen to the On The Continent podcast.
  8. Think I'm heading to a Greek Island for a family holiday straight after exams, so will be quite near you at a similar time. I'm looking forward to watching England in a foreign bar, purely because I know how much you rave about it!
  9. I don't mind the films, but they aren't a patch on the books. The changes they made to the ending of Deathly Hallows (e.g. skipping Harry's final speech in the Great Hall and a certain someone exploding into thousands of pieces rather than crumpling to the floor) were almost unforgivable IMO. It completely missed the point. I still enjoy watching them though, simply because I love the series.
  10. Rod Liddle is a stain on humanity and a bamford of the highest order.
  11. Just a normal Christmas advert, featuring a three-second clip of a Muslim family out of a one-minute advert. Take a look at the comments to see the kind of Bamfords that still exist today. I know they only represent a tiny minority of people, but it really does wind me up.
  12. It happens the other way round too. I remember feeling genuinely sad when there was uproar over a Muslim family featuring in about 3 seconds of a 1-minute Christmas ad. It was utterly pathetic.
  13. I can tell you now, @angieram did not like it one bit! She has no understanding of today's youth culture👀
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