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  1. Some people are going to have a field day with this one🤣
  2. Got a spare standing ticket for this if anyone wants it. Face value of course.
  3. Even if these allegations are completely unfounded, he's still a complete scumbag.
  4. Genuine question for those who enjoy cycling (don't get it myself), do you think they're still all juiced up?
  5. This will be my 39th. I'm catching you @Jimbo Ram. Wish we'd got relegated now. Don't think I can face going to Reading again this season.
  6. In my youth and arrogance, that's an upside to me. It's been too long since I've hugged a random stranger after we score. I wonder if it would be at all feasible to split those who understandably want to exercise a bit of caution and those who aren't as worried? I doubt it for league games, but I bet they could do it for a half empty stadium like it will be on Wednesday.
  7. That man is a hero of the game. A bona fide legend.
  8. It's just an excuse to get me in the building. He knows I'm indispensable.
  9. Even so, I doubt Stretton would be anywhere near that. FWIW I’d take Delap if the fee/wages were reasonable any day of the week.
  10. Your points are valid, but a Man City youth player's wage is probably going to be very different from a Derby youth player's wage.
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