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  1. Only cowards use private browsing.
  2. My overriding memory of that night is falling over the chair in front as the players ran towards our corner to celebrate.
  3. Nowhere near as good as he was in 13/14 though.
  4. Apologies for not being clear enough. I meant the way in which his footballing ability has drastically declined, seemingly as a result of his ACL injury.
  5. I would suggest that someone who has just done their ACL is more likely to turn out like that than someone who hasn't.
  6. Think they'd be stupid to spend millions on someone when he could well turn out like Thorne.
  7. What a night our last trip to Elland Road was. I don't seem to remember anyone giving us a chance that night either. We've always got a chance. Then again, I've predicted a 2-0 loss in the prediction league!
  8. Buzzing for Mount, Tomori and Lamps today. I can't be the only one who wants Frank to do well? He came in, brought a buzz back to the club, united the fanbase, gave use one of the best nights of our lives and only left for his dream job. I hope they get finish in the top 4.
  9. Take it you didn’t like Lampard then? Not like he got sent off at Rotherham or anything.
  10. Jungle Run was the same. I used to think the kids were left to die on a weekly basis.
  11. How on earth can you mention Sterling and ‘bad game’ in the same post? He was directly involved in four bloody goals. I think that will be offset a little by the presence of Kane, and even Sancho.
  12. Didn’t MM allegedly buy us for around £50 million? I’m not sure how much he’s invested but you’d have to take off £80 million for the stadium, surely?
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