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  1. Study law but running a million miles from it as a career. If I remember my second year studies rightly, Supreme Court judges are chosen by committee. It's nowhere near as political as the US. As for @Bob The Badger's question, @Leeds Ram gave a pretty good summary. I would say that the Supreme Court is still powerful though. They were the ones who told the government they could do one when they tried to bypass Parliament during the Brexit process.
  2. Removed my birthday on Facebook. Can't be arsed responding to messages from people I haven't spoken to in years.
  3. My sister asked me to be my nephew's godfather this morning. Not looking forward to lying in church but it's still nice.
  4. @David forgot mine this year the barsteward.
  5. England fans are developing a pattern. We're not particularly exciting during qualification and friendlies, so Southgate is crap and boring. We get further in international tournaments than many of us have witnessed in our lifetimes (WC 2018 and Euro 2020), so Southgate is a hero. Back to qualification and Southgate is crap.
  6. Aye, but you’re not going to see progress until you actually instigate that change.
  7. My local curry house at home has a BYOB policy. It was an absolute dream as a 16 year old wanting to get pissed in public.
  8. Halloween. Absolutely crap, despite coming with a decent reputation. Nick Blackman / 10.
  9. Ideal scenario would be Ashley buys the club, stablises it and sells after a couple of years.
  10. Have a word with yourself.
  11. Aye. If I was in Manchester I'd be watching this off the back of a night out (like I did the last time they fought, minus the falling asleep just before it started part). I'm in Burton though so it's a night in with a poo load of Monster energies.
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