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  1. I shall look out for a gammon behind the goal👀😂
  2. Whilst he wasn’t as much of a scapegoat as Lawrence, I cannot understand the flack Ince got at times. He carried us for pretty much all the time that he was here.
  3. Bloody hell, I thought we were leaving early at 16:30!
  4. Keep seeing whispers on Twitter about Tom Ince returning. No idea where the rumours have come from, and I’m assuming they’re absolute ******** (especially with financial restrictions) but just thought I’d put it in here.
  5. Bit difficult now that I don’t speak to my dad! Maybe that’s why I’m backing Meghan Markle😂
  6. Try helping an 88 year old grandad with an iPhone and a declining memory.
  7. Do you not think his comments were utterly disrespectful? Wasn't looking for a bite at all. Used the term ‘scum’ in response to Norman alluding to it, not you (this time). I’m also an adult.
  8. I’m no statto, but this seems to reflect well on Bielik.
  9. He was good in 15/16 but he’d lost a yard of pace. Presumably because of the second ACL.
  10. I’m not a particular fan of the lengths to which Lily Allen takes her beliefs either. Naturally, however, I think her views are based in more palatable beliefs than Fox’s. I’ve already referred to Fox as ‘scum’ for disrespecting the sacrifice the Sikhs made in the First World War (most likely to his financial benefit). No apologies for that, and far more worthy of that moniker than the woman in the Question Time audience.
  11. Bamford. Twit. Rick. Poo. Banker
  12. At Wembley, I just kept saying out loud that 'this guy is ridiculous', etc. It was a privilege to watch him that day.
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