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  1. There’s absolutely no chance anyone buys Bielik this summer.
  2. The fact that this thread is on its 154th page tells you all you need to know about this season.
  3. I definitely don't 'want' Div 3. I want us to stay up. But I certainly wouldn't be put off going if we were to be relegated, and I'd actively enjoy going to the different 'poohole' grounds. Each to their own, as you say.
  4. All reason goes out the window when I’m on the windup with @Curtains.
  5. What about if we get relegated and we've got fans saying they won't bother anymore? Surely that wouldn't be what we need in our darkest moment for decades?
  6. I would argue Bielik's injury status means we could see him dominating League One for a few months before he's snapped up in January.
  7. 17/18 under Rowett. Curtis Davies was also immense.
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