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  1. Good man. One slight issue though. When I went to the donation page, it asked if I was a UK taxpayer. What is this tax that people speak of? I was under the impression that the government gives us money (for match tickets and nights out, of course), and not the other way round.
  2. That after the clocks go forward, we’re on BST and not GMT.
  3. Wow, just realised that it will be 50-year anniversary celebrations soon. That should be brilliant.
  4. a) I have no idea if you’re jesting. b) If you’re serious, I have no idea what you’re on about.
  5. Was talking about the meals I’ve eaten today (I know, not strictly ‘tonight’). I’m trying to bulk up so I’ve started actively aiming for daily calorie and protein targets.
  6. I edited the original post because I initially misread your reply. I highly doubt that the BBC will start calling it the 'Chinese virus'.
  7. What are you on about? The vast, vast majority of the population is calling it ‘coronavirus’. Why the duck would it be remembered as ‘the Chinese flu’, when very few people are calling it that? Are you trolling? I honestly can’t think of any other reason as to why you’re so determined to assert that everyone will be calling it the Chinese flu in 20 years’ time. Your posts on this topic are utterly bizarre.
  8. This shouldn’t even be an issue between left and right, or of race. It’s a matter of fact. How many normal people are calling it the Chinese flu? Very ducking few.
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