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  1. They're both made steps up, yes. I've said before that I don't really begrudge Rowett for leaving, as it was a better career opportunity for him at the time. To me, Lampard's playing career and celebrity are irrelevant in all of this. It's the fact that, years before he even thought of managing Derby, he said that he'd love to manage Chelsea one day. It's his dream job and he's been offered it after just one season. That is far different to moving 30 miles down the road for a bit more money, a bigger transfer budget and a better squad. And, regardless of the fact that Lampard is only able to do this because of his playing career, Chelsea are in the Champions League and are literally the 3rd best team in the country. The reasons why that job is available to him aren't really relevant for me.
  2. If you can't see the difference between Championship Stoke and Champions League Chelsea, and particularly Frank's affiliation with the latter, then I really do despair.
  3. If he’s the manager (as opposed to head coach) then he’ll certainly have some say. He’s also Frank ducking Lampard and I’d imagine his bosses will respect his wishes as long as the loan makes sense for all parties.
  4. If you think he’s a traitor for accepting his dream job at a Champions League club and the third-best team in England, then I really do think you’re utterly deluded. The same goes for if you interpreted his ‘this is my club and I have a contract here’ statement post-Wembley as meaning ‘I will turn Chelsea down’. This guy sums it up better than me: He’s brought the club forward, fostered a sense of togetherness and given us some great moments, all in the space of a year. My bitterness is reserved for the absolutely ******** that the media were spouting weeks ago and the smarmy ex-pros that we’re talking him up for the job. Perhaps he could have had a word with the likes of Drogba, but I’m sure he was just enjoying his holiday. I expect him to send a heartfelt message to our fans in his Chelsea interview and I’d imagine that, provided relations are good with Mel Morris, we’ll have some decent options to loan next season. Now it’s about bringing the right man in.
  5. The debate has re-emerged! I still cannot believe that the eye is not the curly thing.
  6. My sister has only gone and scheduled her bloody wedding for that day. Brentford is a cracking away day too.
  7. Who would you say they are? @MuespachRam comes to mind yet I can't fail to get wound up by his opinions on Liverpool, the bar steward.
  8. Do you seriously think he could get us up? I think he did a good job for us but this is not a role suited to his skill set IMO.
  9. This is the first time I’ve checked into this thread. Has anyone suggested Stimac yet? If you have, go and take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror and consider where it all went wrong.
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