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  1. gccrowdpleaser

    Next manager, who would you like in charge?

    Dean Smith with Warburton as DOF maybe? Smith needs that a DOF I think as he's more of a coach. Wasn't Rowetts mate from Brum confirmed as coming in as a new recruitment guy of some sort? Darren Robinson or something?
  2. Said elsewhere. I understand we've had permission to speak to Smith but it's all being kept hush hush so that he can go back there if it doesn't work out and Brentford don't have to deal with any fall out. Very professional. Carvahal has also been 'interviewed'.
  3. gccrowdpleaser

    Next manager, who would you like in charge?

    If it was indicative that Lampard was getting the job, or had got the job, they would suspend the whole market rather than just one candidate. This suggests he is going elsewhere in some capacity and that will be announced or that they've taken a comparatively large bet on it and it's being looked at. Either way he's not coming. Heard from a mate that we've had an approach accepted to speak to Dean Smith, he wants to speak to Derby but it's all being kept quiet as if he doesn't get or accept the job then they want him to remain at Brentford. May or may not be true - what it does make me realise is that we were very quick to point out that Rowett had requested to speak to Stoke... MM effectively forcing GR's hand and ensuring there was no way back.
  4. gccrowdpleaser

    £10m FFP Bill

    It's Daily Mail nonsense written by a work experience clown who will only be a journalist for a comic. The impact wouldn't be felt anytime soon either. If you look at the below article the Newcastle wage bill the year they went up was £95 million! Up £30million from when they came down! And still there is no real talk of any sanction. It'll all disappear and it is just somebody filling column inches whilst there is a gap in football proceedings. The Newcastle article does make interesting and quite incredible reading. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2018/05/18/newcastle-united-brink-financial-catastrophe-promotion-back/
  5. gccrowdpleaser

    Where Has The Money Gone?

    It could be one of two things.... Either we were going to go for it in Jan because the right investment may have kept us there and was a lower risk at that point... Or... Mel wanted rid of Rowett due to less fans in the ground, an abysmal 18 game run and general discontent. He knew he couldn't sack him because of past reputation and promises of stability. So he tied his hands and and made the position look untenable for a mercenary who is aware of his own limited ability. Suspect it's the former but if its the latter then Mel I salute you.
  6. gccrowdpleaser

    Blaming Rowett

    I think in reality GR knows his own limitations. He knows, as he did as a player, that he's not a world beater. He's never going to manage England. Never going to be a top Prem manager and he's essentially only one poor gig away from being on his way back to League One. Look around at other managers who are effectively in the wilderness now after being praised as the next big thing. Keane, Ince, Lee Clark. He's bright enough to know that he has his limitations and eventually he'll be found out. So for now he just has to go out and jump around. Make as much money as he can and then when he gets found out he's got a big nest egg. I really think it's more an indication of his acceptance that he's not actually that good. He has one style. It's not for all. Of course he'll develop but management is more brutal than ever and it's a very short career.
  7. gccrowdpleaser

    Next manager, who would you like in charge?

    Wouldn't mind Warburton as DOF with a foreign coach. I think we need to try the foreign manager thing as a **** or bust option....just to say we tried it.
  8. gccrowdpleaser

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    I'm not looking for an argument. Just hoped it was the former.
  9. gccrowdpleaser

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Are you fishing or clueless?
  10. gccrowdpleaser

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    That doesn't mean there is no money. It means that there is no space within the budget. If you buy a few players for big fees then a few more for big salary and low fees eventually your budget runs out. That doesn't mean that the club couldn't spend 1 million. It absolutely could... And at present if it were to spend now it would have until March 2019 to balance those books. So if you buy a player for a million now and everyone knows you have to sell a player to balance then guess what.... Everyone looking to buy offers less because they know you have to sell to avoid FFP repurcussions. We're not on the cusp of bankruptcy. We just can't spend without repurcussions. Which is exactly how it should be because spending without prudence turns you into QPR and Sunderland. And whether you like Gary or not. Mel or not. Chris Martin or not. You're, I assume, a fan of Dcfc and that should remain constant. So stop moaning about us being broke and unable to splash another million on a one legged wonder and be thankful that the protection is in place to keep this club alive and gives us all something to moan about.
  11. gccrowdpleaser

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    I wish people would stop saying we're broke, skint etc. You're broke if there is not money in the bank. That will never be an issue for Derby as long as Mel is in charge. The challenges come from ensuring we fall within FFP not selling Vydra so that we can afford to turn the floodlights on.
  12. gccrowdpleaser

    Will Hughes Article

    Not in any way miserable. Just stating an opinion. Remarkable on a forum really! RoyMac5 - you're taking a single sentence and putting your own context on it. I said nothing of my expectation of him. Simply that to be selected for England now or be close to the plans he has to impact games more. There are far worse 'footballers' who are closer to the chance because they impact more with their limited ability.
  13. gccrowdpleaser

    Will Hughes Article

    I didn't raise the assist. It was in the prior response. Please do not in any way liken Hughes to Xavi or Iniesta. There are differing opinions all over the place on Will Hughes. This started as something around whether he may or may not go to the World Cup and whether he was being 'closely monitored by Gareth Southgate'. I maintain that he is not even close and he will not play for England anytime in the next 4 years. He simply doesn't impact games enough.
  14. gccrowdpleaser

    Will Hughes Article

    How is it condescending? Why would I want him to be grateful for my thoughts? I have written an opinion on a forum... Not an open letter to Will Hughes. Get a grip. I also get that people miss individual moments of brilliance such as the assist at Wolves. It was a decent ball made to look even better by a phenomenal finish but don't kid yourself they were regular. 3 assists last season in over 2500 mins of football
  15. gccrowdpleaser

    Will Hughes Article

    If you're good enough then you play yourself into the position to boss games. He simply didn't do that.

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