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  1. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Best result possible for us today I think
  2. Derby County F.C. v Norwich City F.C.

    But we aren't playing the play offs at the moment. We've had portions of the season where we've done the same as Villa. They'll draw too tomorrow. They're conceding goals so they're only a week or so away from their own blip.
  3. Sam Winnall torn ACL, out for the season

    He's not died! ?
  4. Cardiff match on the telebox

    *checked the detail. Not lost a Championship game on a Sunday since May 2009 vs Watford.
  5. Cardiff match on the telebox

    I vaguely recall that we haven't lost on a Sunday on TV since Preston in the playoffs. I could have dreamt it but sure it was stat they stated at the Forest game.
  6. Sam Winnall torn ACL, out for the season

    Key point was that he was limping and not on crutches. Suspect it's a minor mcl strain. 4-6 weeks or so out. Anything more and he'd have had surgery already. If he'd had surgery the club normally press release same day. Perhaps I'm wrong. But I'm more optimistic than others on this.
  7. By the time we play Leeds...

    All moot anyway. Heckingbottom all but appointed
  8. By the time we play Leeds...

    It's the Championship so there is little evidence of 'dramatic failure' in his tenures. Failure absolutely but dramatic no. And to assert that he will be 'the end of them' is dramatisation of Daily Mailesque proportions. I'm not a McClaren fan. I think in his time with Derby he was one dimensional. He lacked grace around the Newcastle situation. He also came across as extremely bitter in the recent Sky game coverage. That said, under his coaching, there were times when we played some excellent attacking football. It's the sort of thing you see with most managers in this sport... Good times and bad. There is no evidence of him ending clubs. To say so undermines any good points you may make elsewhere.
  9. 4 goals in 15 games

    Record is 24 in a season I believe. QPR then Swansea a year later
  10. By the time we play Leeds...

    ... A certain Steve McClaren will be in charge at Elland Road! Could be very interesting. They still have to play Villa. Hope he gets them playing in time for that but not before we've beaten them.
  11. Transfer Deadline Day

    It could have been worse... We could have announced a signing like this! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1820871517956909&id=101566839887394&ref=content_filter Interesting to note Nixon tweet on the screen saying deal pretty much done to Cardiff for big money
  12. Transfer Deadline Day

    Where are we 'weak'?
  13. Transfer Deadline Day

    Yes Gary... Spend £15 million on getting McClean in then sit tight and hope your other expensive assets get shipped out to the people obviously queuing up to take them. Silly Gary and Mel. Listen to Edtheram - after all he got Derby promoted to the Prem last week on Champ Manager. He knows just how to do it. TAKE NOTE
  14. Transfer Deadline Day

    I disagree but that's the nature of this. He's a bang average footballer
  15. Transfer Deadline Day

    See disallowed goal at Millwall for evidence to the contrary

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