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  1. It's absolutely impossible to say what his breathalyser reading would be based on numerous factors. 6 pints would not equate to 91. It depends on body type, blood absorption, time of consumption, type of drink, speed of intake of drink, other intakes such as water and food, medication such as anti inflammatory medicines or anti depressants, physiological condition. Absolutely loads of factors influence it.
  2. Second clear lack of judgement from Keogh is having that guy as his agent. He speaks so poorly. Contradicts. Rambles. Not good PR. I suspect he has been very poorly advised and that was an attempt by his agent to try and undo so damage hes caused.
  3. They get paid win or lose so...
  4. The reality versus what can be said in a statement are two very different things. Am I right in thinking there has been no official statement from the club? What we may be seeing in terms of 'statement' is quite possibly wording from the dismissal hearing or letter. Often these things are covered by legal terminology in terms of what can and can't be said.
  5. There will be no grounds for appeal. The insurance against injury will be a key component of a players contract. It's the clubs protection against being saddled with the salary of a highly paid player with a long term injury. Within the players contract will be a series of stipulations about what they can and can't do in line with the insurance policy. A set of conditions if you will. Players will sign up to them in their own contract in order to protect the club. Exclusions to cover will be in there...things like bungee jumping, skiing, riding a motorbike. All activities that are considered to have a higher than normal risk of injury if participated in. There will also undoubtedly be a clause for knowingly and wilfully putting themselves at risk such as getting in car with people know to be intoxicated. Now put aside the drink driving incident and assume Keogh went off on a family holiday skiing and bust all his knee. Should the club be saddled with the cost for his indiscretions. No because it was very clear what they can and can't do. It will have been very very very clear in the contract he signed that agreed to pay him £25k per week. He broke the terms of his contract resulting in additional none insured costs to Derby of salary, medical and rehabilitation costs. Whilst the other clowns were very lucky not have injured themselves and incurred the same wrath I expect that it is almost impossible to link drink driving out of the work place to 'gross misconduct' as they weren't at work. It's an unfortunate consequence of an abhorrent incident on all parts. Had they sacked the other two I suspect they would be in court for unfair dismissal. However Keogh appears to be a clear incident of gross misconduct that would be stipulated in his contract. In my opinion they have been generous in offering him reduced terms to stay on. The good will would appear to be there yet no reciprocated. He has been paid the best part of £7million by this club over the last few years. To be permitted to stay on half a million pounds per year when you have clearly breached your contract can only be considered generous. The whole incident is shameful. The handling has been poor - in particularly the statement on the outcome - although I don't think I have seen anything official from DCFC as yet. The full story never gets revealed as it is bound by confidentiality clauses and so newspapers, ITK's and other players will attempt to fill in the blanks. Some with truth. Some fallacy. His actions represent gross misconduct based on his contract and his inability to perform his job due to his own poor decisions. That couldn't be clearer.
  6. Hull 2-1 Derby Rams goal scorer - Lawrence
  7. Wigan left back would be a great signing. Absolutely rapid. Bielik is nowhere near at the races. Very odd. Feel like we will get one....probably a bug deflection
  8. Pretty sure he has a deal lines up with Stoke but it he's keeping an eye on the situation with regard to the manger. Would love him at Derby but seems we are second choice.
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