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  1. Huddersfield 1-2 Derby Frgs - Lawrence Other from Jozwiak.
  2. Interesting that the Watford twitter is largely full of people feeling like they have no idea how Watford will score. They will score from at least one set piece.
  3. Revised prediction having seen CKR isn't playing. Derby 0-0Watford No FRGS
  4. Be surprised if Sarr plays too. Away with Senegal this week and also Palace reported to have bid £25m so suspect he will be staying home just incase
  5. People don't seem to realise it's only 11 weeks until the transfer window opens.
  6. Derby 1 - 2 Watford Colin Kazim-Richards with the Rams goal
  7. More than a hint of Giles Barnes about him in this pic...
  8. Got to get into the position....that's they key. And with what we have brought in wide they should create chances.
  9. Watch the signing video. Looks powerful and lean. Nice couple of touches too.
  10. Seems in decent shape based on the video in the interview. Could be interesting. He's been in training and show fitness and right attitude so I'll happily back it. Wish him well and hope he bullies a number of Championship Centre backs whilst providing additional aerial threat and cover for set pieces.
  11. This just absolutely won't be happening. We've done too much good transfer business to undo it on one loan.
  12. No Sibley due to withdrawal. Other 3 on the bench
  13. Well deserved but another blow for Friday. Can't see him playing Weds and Fri.
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