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  1. Shifting BJ, him, Bryson, Nugent, Cole, Olsson, Pearce and (fingers crossed) Butterfield should have freed up 100k a week in wages between them at least.
  2. Still expect Darragh Lennihan to join us before the deadline. Think it will get done when we get back from US.
  3. He's a good player with significant potential for development and resale value. Another one I could see costing £3m and going on to be sold for £7-10 if he performs to potential over the next 2 or 3 years. The only other option i would see as viable would be a loan for Fraser Forster. That would be great. Roos - not convinced Mitchell - needs a full season on loan in League 1 Carson - too many niggly injuries over the last 12 months. Still out best keeper though
  4. A better test but not complete. Not sure Bristol City travelled out until yesterday or perhaps weds. Based on the interviews they will be significantly behind in terms of acclimatisation and therefore I expect us to be a lot lot fitter.
  5. Just see that he is 5 foot 9....that's not tall enough for a top level CB there days. Doesn't matter how quick you are or how well you read the game.
  6. I think this will be a perm if we're in for him rather than a loan. This is one I could see us bringing in for 2.5m or that mark and selling on for 6-10 in a couple of years time
  7. It could be Bert Van Marwijk. He's current UAE Manager and was Netherlanda manager when Cocu was first Assistant Manager.
  8. A lot of the ball going wide. Players erem very keen on 1 and 2 touch. Ball certainly seems to be moved quickly. Style so far lends itself to a proper target man, rapid wingers and full backs.and 3 proper footballers in the middle.
  9. I think his delay was down to treatment and assessment of injury. He did his hamstring in the last U23's game of the season. He'll have had extra days treatment and assessment to ensure he's fit to travel to the US and then join up when his recovery is 'approved'. As stated elsewhere - Cocu is looking at the whole squad and if he seems him worthy of playing/being in the squad then I'll trust his judgement.
  10. He was quality at Forest. Only played 600 or so minutes for Sheffield United compared to nearly 3000 for Forest so I'd take the stats from that spell rather than Sheffield United. Would do very well and hopefully the relationship with the Everton guy will get this over the line.
  11. He's very good mates with Jimmy Shan. Perhaps JS is the man coming in with knowledge of the Championship.
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