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  1. Preston 2-1 Derby Spirited after going 2-0 early on. Sibley FRGS
  2. Blackburn 2-0. Early defensive error with a late goal to seal it for them as we chase the game. All too familiar story. Squeaky but time!
  3. Derby 0-2 Norwich Set up very negatively seeking a 0-0. Works until just after HT. Then Norwich slip into second gear and it's game over.
  4. I wish it was down to football genius....unfortunately it's our repetitive script here
  5. Stoke 1-0 Derby No strikers. Sit it out for a point. Caught out by a suckered punch. Same old story...
  6. Derby 0-3 Brentford Shocking that we don't score yet again and Brentford give us a bit of a lesson in how to attack with pace and power. Depressing but inevitable
  7. Derby 1-2 Milwall Frgs Kazim (Pen after clumsy foul by Evans) Bodvarrson and Wallace for them
  8. Just clocked that John Rooney is at Stockport. Wonder if Wayne has his brother keeping an eye on Jack's development
  9. Barnsley 1-0 Derby Same old story. Zero creativity or pace leads to one dimensional slow play.
  10. Coventry 2-0 Derby Tyler Walker to score....one after chasing down 465 passes between keeper and back 4!
  11. Cardiff 2-0 Derby No frgs Too big and physical for us. We have zero creativity on the night. Disappointing
  12. Derby 1-1 Forest Frgs - Waghorn Forest - Murray
  13. Derby1-3 Huddersfield Frgs - Knight Too much pace from Huddersfield I'd our undoing
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