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  1. Bristol City 3 - 0 Derby No frgs Inevitably Andreas as fbgs
  2. Derby 4-0 Bolton Wanderers Frgs Wilson
  3. Blackburn 2-1 Derby. Frgs Waghorn
  4. Wow! So how did the loss go from 7.9m the previous year to potentially 24.4m in 17/18. That doesn't make sense.
  5. Can someone knowledgeable help me with the maths here. £80m stadium purchase means £80m in. £41m stadium on balance sheet. Net profit £39m on that deal. Profit reported as £14.6m. Does that mean that....had the stadium not sold that we would have made a loss for the financial year of £24.4m??? Trying to get my head around it.
  6. Brentford 2-2 Derby FRGS - Wilson
  7. 'Van der Laan at the far post....and Derby are back in the big time'
  8. Derby 1 - 1 Wigan. Wilson frgs
  9. Villa 2-1 Derby Wilson frgs. 2 goals for Abraham.
  10. Forest 2-0 Derby. Frgs none Grabban certain to score first for them
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