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  1. Jackson Irvine

    Really don't see it with Irvine. He's had a decent season standing out for Burton but it's one season. We've signed plenty of one season wonders in the past. Not sure we should be in the market for him given how bloated the squad is in that area. Not sure he's better than some of the other average midfielders we've got.
  2. Sheyi Ojo

    No. He's definitely not travelled. Origi played and scored. But no Ojo. Can't get in now and that's before Mane comes back too.
  3. Sheyi Ojo

    He didn't travel as they knew he was going out on loan, according to the Liverpool Echo
  4. Matty James

    Several links with a quick Google. Sun, Express, Star, Independent plus a few more. http://www.90min.com/posts/5285433-london-loving-elneny-rejects-leicester-city-despite-arsenal-accepting-10m-transfer-offer
  5. Matty James

    Leicester had £10m bid for Elneny accepted today.. Seems he'll turn the move down to stay in London. Suggests Leicester not entirely comfortable with current options. James may see that as his cue to leave.
  6. Sheyi Ojo

    Up to him where he goes once deals are done. Suspect a friendly face in Wisdom will do us no harm. This will happen...
  7. Jon Toral

    Exactly. He has two directly comparable periods of time in the Championship but people choose to refer him not playing well at a shambles of a club, for a manager he who didn't sign him, in a 1 team league.
  8. Signed: Tom Huddlestone 2 year deal

    Equally my heart sinks when one of our own players gets booed or ironically cheered.
  9. Signed: Tom Huddlestone 2 year deal

    Couldn't agree more. My heart sinks every time the Johnny Russell song starts after he's just pointlessly run after a ball he never had a chance of catching. Some see it as commitment when in actual fact it's extremely poor game management. Pure waste of energy...but he gets his name sung like a hero.
  10. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Hopefully all that talk of Assombatforestnolonga going to Boro comes to fruition over the next few days. Could result in an injection of cash for Peterborough. The snippet from Darragh McAnthony earlier in the summer may have meant they were looking to take someone from us. Suspect they will get at least 15% of the sale price plus any remaining installments paid off. Could be worth 3 million for them. Would be lovely if that resulted in them being able to afford a couple of our fringe players. A double result...
  11. Keogh

    That may well be the case. What I said was that one was organising the defence. The other was leading the team. Time will tell. I am just voicing an opinion. Not looking for anything .
  12. Keogh

    Davies was definitely wearing a captains armband second half.
  13. v Kidderminster Harriers Match Thread

    No more unfortunately. I live not far from Kidderminster so took the opportunity.
  14. v Kidderminster Harriers Match Thread

    If anything it would be more about protecting the back four and allowing them to line up rather than have one sucked out to the ball. Thorne is excellent in that role because he reads the play so well and spoils things for the opposition. Indeed Eustace himself was great at it. It's about reading the game and snuffing out danger before it becomes a problem.
  15. v Kidderminster Harriers Match Thread

    Must admit I was thinking the same. Would have rather seen him than Hanson in the middle of the park. One disappointment last night related to the U23's bench. They were very isolated. When the teams went off and played their little touch games and warm ups - Zanzala and go were off playing on their own. sure there was a valid reason for it related to the structure of the warm up but it would have been nice to see them involved more. On the flip side - Mason sat between CM and DN second half and there seemed to be a lot of talking about the game between them. CM walked off with an arm around Mason at the end of the game. Was good to see.

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