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  1. Maybe we should field the youth team again? Wonderful experience for them, and all that.
  2. I am still upset about the decision to play the game. Maybe I shouldn't get so pent up!) Does anyone know if we had to play the game? I seem to remember some mention of "negotiation". (I heard José M yesterday saying something about the integrity of football standards. He said what I had been saying about the FA Cup, but far more effectively than me!) I wonder if we compromised too readily? My latest conspiracy theory is that the manager and first team may have been relatively willing for the match to go ahead without them considering that they hadn't been paid.
  3. I was saying that you could "cut out" (i.e. ignore) what I had written about exams you nitwit! 😉 I wasn't telling you to "cut it out" (as in, telling you to "stop disagreeing")! The exact opposite! 🙂
  4. You can cut that bit out! They are separate issues. If you want me to explain my thinking ... (The link to cancelling exams ... is that the FA Cup could be cancelled too. Finishing the FA Cup by a particular date is just something that the FA have decided to do. It is not necessary. The link to schools ... is that football is being justified on the basis of it being "elite sport" - to the extent that football is continuing when schools are being closed - but that the justification for "elite sport" is undermined if clubs are not fielding their most elite players. (And some have argue
  5. You're correct! This DET article said that it was members of the Derventio Board that stepped down upon the announcement of the bid! Now ... upon reflection ... that does begin to look a little strange! ... Maybe they didn't have confidence in their organisation!
  6. I'm just being a little annoying by following a line of argument - but, actually, should the club consider forfeiting the match, rather than fielding a weakened side of U23s and Junior players? Football is continuing to take place - and there are many good reasons for it, but, can we genuinely argue that football matches are more important than finding ways to keep schools open safely! If a main reason is so that supporters can watch what is being defined as "elite sport" - then this is not so that the FA Cup can trundle along at any cost, doing whatever is needed to ensure that arb
  7. This is a good point! If the status of the FA Cup was vibrant, and secure, and will respected by clubs - your point holds even more strongly! My concern is that this is happening within the context of a wider demise in the competition.
  8. Sorry ... I was probably being a bit too pedantic!
  9. I'm not trying to argue! Honest! But, I'm not sure I understand how it is an exceptional year in terms of justifying the playing of reserves and youth players? Football has been different this year. But, if my estimate is correct - that the proportion of games cancelled due to the self isolation of League clubs is of the order of 1% - can such a small effect justify playing weakened teams. (I know that many applaud the playing of weakened teams for many reasons in normal years - but I'm not sure I see why lockdown provides an significant additional justification.) (May
  10. If competitive is defined as being as good as, or better ... then if we field a competitive team, it should mean that we will be likely to win the match! I guess that's the most important thing ... Although, this not the same as playing a non-weakened team ... and (Coronavirus, or not) ... I'd rather we were playing our first team in cup matches (although I know that many disagree with this viewpoint).
  11. I don't follow it closely, but the FA doesn't seems to have a very good reputation, nor or a track record of good management.
  12. But ... throughout all the period of lockdown ... and out of all of the league and cup games ... How many games have been cancelled due to teams being in isolation. I wouldn't be surprised if it is well under 1%. So ... lockdown, or not ... ordinary times, or not ... that should not be a justification for letting standards slip within the competition (and allowing weakened teams to be fielded).
  13. I was doing a quick recap of news about this last night, and one article mentioned that several Derby County board members stepped down in preparation for the takeover by Derventio, or whatever they're called. I didn't think much about it at the time, but with the remitted funds disappearing into the ether, I do wonder if there is any significance in the board members having left, without the sale actually having happened. (I'm stirring a bit! Because I haven't got a clue! But it seems a bit odd.)
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