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  1. I wonder if lots of our squad need more direction than Cocu is used to having to give - and maybe Rooney will help translate Cocu's vision into plain language and instructions? (If this is a problem.)
  2. Please can someone tell me the difference in tactics/selection/formation between home games and away games? Are the strategies tending to be different - or are similar approaches being used at home and away, but just being more successful at home.
  3. Oops. I thought that it was relevant in relation to nominating people to look after colleagues who are getting drunk. Keep safe this Christmas. 🎉
  4. Apparently it's slightly better odds, but not that much - 1 goal in 45, including short corners and poor clearances from corners. And the odds are fairly consistent between World Cup matches and US College matches - scoring from a corner every seven games, or something like that - suggesting that other levels of football will be similar. But ... similar odds can probably be found for all sorts of types of goals ... eg goals from long balls, etc. So it probably is worth trying to score from corners after all 😂 Perhaps, if the odds are low, perhaps balls driven into the box, or dribbled into the box would be the best approach ... giving defenders less time to react. And the crowd will probably prefer a move dribble or a shot on goal, to a drifted-in corner that is punched away ... http://www.scienceofsocceronline.com/2010/12/corner-kicks-by-numbers.html
  5. The article below suggests that two staff be nominated to stay sober to make sure everyone gets home safely after Christmas Office Parties. I'm not sure why it's just for female staff... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7719205/Women-offered-sober-chaperones-Christmas-party-sexual-harassment-scandals.html
  6. I wouldn't like a £19 fine for being late! I'd be bankrupt by the end of the year - or maybe I might stop ignoring my alarm clock - or even go to bed earlier!
  7. To some degree, I can see advantages for the team having a home ground - rather than just playing where they train. However, if others find it tricky, or unfair, like you, perhaps, the club could consider laying on transport for anyone who can make it to Pride Park, but is struggling to get to Loughborough. It can only be good to encourage more interest in the junior teams ...
  8. I found return flights for the Iceland game, and was up for going if I hadn't been working - more than 18 miles ...
  9. Where is Loughborough anyway? It sounds a bit foreign. Do they have a football club? Wherever it is, it's nice for them to be able to watch some good football.
  10. Whenever we sing: "When we get promoted..." I still end it with: "... Arthur is our king!"
  11. Take a canoe down the Derwent; turn left at the Trent; and follow that until you reach a sea of black and white, and the ground's on the right. If you reach the sea proper - you've gone too far. Do a u-turn, and come back the way that you came.
  12. Would you consider asking the DCFC Media team to publish the article on the DCFC website, and then pay a link to it. If DCFC do not have rights to republish such articles, perhaps they should introduce such a clause in future. Derby fans should have access to such interviews.
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