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  1. Can anyone share a link to the forum terms and conditions?
  2. Could it help us if other teams assume that we will be easy to beat?
  3. But then ... Chris Martin ended up on the Referees' Briefing List* - as a player who gets themselves pushed over ... and we stopped being awarded penalties! So maybe "@cannable", you were remembering that Chris Martin got worse at winning us penalties, rather than getting bad at scoring them?! 😉 Having said all that, should a footballer be able to kick a stationary ball into the top corner from 12 yards? * I feel certain that there must be a Referees' Briefing List, but it is only an assumption!
  4. It's funny. I always had a good feeling when Chris Martin stepped up for a penalty! So, I was wondering if maybe you were remembering misses in key games! According to transfermarkt, of the six penalties that he missed, we still won four, drew one, lost one. Maybe you were traumatised by one of the following matches (!?): Huddersfield 1 - 1 Derby (26.12.13) Derby 0 - 3 Burnley (31.08.13) Derby's record when Chris Martin took a penalty: When he missed: W4 D1 L1 (=6) When he scored: W9 D4 L0 (=13 ) When he took a penalty: W13 D5 L1 44 points out of a possible 57! 2.3 points per game! Those were the days! Overall: 13/19 penalties scored (not 16/21, as I said earlier)
  5. How good was Wayne Rooney's penalty record? I always felt confident when Chris Martin took them - but I don't know what his record was. Apparently, it was 15 out of 21.
  6. I'm any case ... bookmakers odds do not necessarily reflect what they predict will happen! The odds reflect what they think will result in them making the most money! .................... No-one supports Forest (!), so they have to increase the odds disproportionately to get anyone to place any money on Forest doing anything. Derby has 300,006 supporters, according to the other thread. So, they have to cut odds to avoid bankruptcy*. This must be correct, because we all know that Forest are more likely to be relegated than Derby! * Of the bookmakers.
  7. Or, better still. Bet on Forest and Boro to be promoted, and Derby to be relegated - and if that were to happen - be able to drown your sorrows with a massive accumulated payout!
  8. Are you pleased with what the Academy has delivered? ... and is it likely to provide the club with a net income?
  9. Do the Football Regulator proposals bring benefits to Derby? ... and to football in general?
  10. I think that all of these apply in one context or another.
  11. Thanks for sharing these! So glad that you decided not to implement them!
  12. I did that! In the olden days I think that I had to upload it elsewhere and get a link. Perhaps if the file size was too big?
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