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  1. I shouldn't think we need a new keeper unless we want to be hoofing accurate balls into the box - or some other tactical change, that needs a keeper with a new skills-set! But, if our defenders lost confidence in either goalie, then I think that would trigger us getting a new keeper. A good keeper breeds confidence! (Like all players, I suppose.)
  2. I like both keepers. They've both made amazing saves. I would say that the "cause" of conceded goals have predominantly been linked to outfield play. If our outfield is good enough at attacking and defending, then Carson and Roos have my backing. Although, I do remember my (unbiased) Brighton-fan friend being unimpressed with Roos' distribution. My gut feeling was that Carson's dip in form was down to a temporary niggle. They're both good, and they're both different. I wonder if there is scope to rotate our keepers more based upon the opposition, home/ away, and tactics
  3. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SJiifo2wKeE La balade des cocus 😂
  4. Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock; What time is it? It's 4 o'clock! Cocu, Cocu, Cocu, Cocu
  5. Maybe we could take up a few PSV songs! Als je niet neuken stuitert; Als je niet neuken stuitert; .... je bent een rood.
  6. What was the significance of 5pm?
  7. Frank isn't going anywhere until we have won the Champions League ... twice! 7 years should be a reasonable timeframe ...
  8. I haven't read all of the pages... Is there any actual evidence that Chelsea is considering Frank for manager? If not, what's the strongest circumstantial evidence - is it the contract extension?
  9. The little green man's at the end of the tunnel... And it's played a tune...
  10. My son says to crowded to be at Wembley... ... so, in 2 minutes, I think I'm buying just one ticket 😞
  11. It seems 500 people have bought (multiple) tickets in the first 10 minutes - with some more half way through I suppose.
  12. I wish I'd thought of logging in on multiple devices... It's obvious ... now ...
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