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  1. If I am tempted by a 50/1 bet, which if these is best value? Do I think we are more likely to be promoted, or to get fewer than 11 points? Obviously, I expect it is somewhere in between. Sod it! I'll be optimistic, and opt for promotion!
  2. What were the odds of that happening.
  3. Have you seen the link to the interim report? It's linked to a thread by David in the "General football" forum.
  4. We were when I checked the Bet Fred odds that were quoted in this thread. We were right at the bottom!
  5. Parachute payments If anyone has good alternatives to Parachute payments, why not ask your MP to drop the minister a line! Personally, there must be a way to cover actual costs (so that clubs feel confident to find a Premiership level team) - but with quite stringent requirements to sell players, or to use relegation clauses. On parachute payments, the letter reads ... So called ‘parachute payments’ are seen as both a symptom and cause of some of the difficulties in ensuring club financial stability as clubs move, or aspire to move, or are threatened by a move, between divisions. I am in no doubt they distort competition and drive unsustainable financial activity but recognise that they do also assist the ambition of promoted clubs and stability of relegated clubs. Accordingly, I will undertake further work over the summer on revenue flows within the football pyramid with a view to a conclusive recommendation in the final report.
  6. Here a short extract on the role of fans ... and financial controls. It is no exaggeration to say that a number of clubs would not exist today had it not been for the activism of their fans in driving positive change. Its fans are a strength of our national game that should be both cherished and nurtured. If it was not already sufficiently clear before the start of the Review the evidence has been clear that football clubs are not ordinary businesses. They play a critical social, civic and cultural role in their local communities. They need to be protected - sometimes from their owners who are, after all, simply the current custodians of a community asset. Equally, although clubs are not ordinary businesses, they should not be immune from the ordinary financial controls, checks, balances and behaviours that are good practice in any multi-million-pound company but too often can be absent across the game.
  7. I think that I am a fan of "... working alongside ..." existing structures. But, there is a vital need to address knottier issues! A National League South team (tier 6) has lost £6.8m over the past three seasons! It's just not sustainable!
  8. Surely that cannot have incorporated those survey replies that we were asked to do a week or two ago? I heard it being mentioned on the radio this morning. Clubs could be required to have a licence from the regulator, and meet all (?) of the requirements that were on the survey, probably. I recognised some of them. I wonder if any of our comments about the EFL got into the interim report!?
  9. I was going to say that it must be the first Olympics that I haven't been interested in. But, then I remembered that I had given Rio 2016 a miss too! Maybe this is a sign of getting old.
  10. 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 I wasn't being sarcastic! It was helpful.
  11. It's on the INS Management YouTube Channel. It seemed different to most YouTube videos - and was slightly put off at the beginning - but, by the end, thought that it may have the potential to add something fresh to fans' interaction with players (CKR, in this case).
  12. I don't like us being odds on for relegation. Maybe there's money to be made by offering better odds than 7/4 on a peer-to-peer betting site - because, obviously, there cannot be any chance of having to pay out!
  13. It says that he's talented, but previously inconsistent (?).
  14. The bottom line is that this cannot be the most depressing time to be a Derby fan! We now have this forum! Earlier periods in Derby's history had to be endured without access to the Forum! That must have been worse! ............................................ Unless ... Oh no! What am I thinking ... When did the forum start ... ? When did this depressing period begin ... ? ........................................... No! It cannot be! The forum is a force for good. Long live the Forum!
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