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  1. The little green man's at the end of the tunnel... And it's played a tune...
  2. My son says to crowded to be at Wembley... ... so, in 2 minutes, I think I'm buying just one ticket 😞
  3. It seems 500 people have bought (multiple) tickets in the first 10 minutes - with some more half way through I suppose.
  4. I wish I'd thought of logging in on multiple devices... It's obvious ... now ...
  5. Are we the only team in the TOP SIX winning...
  6. What's the mood of the crowd? Loud / Quiet / Encouraging / Moaning ... ... although Google says we've scored... ... mood uplifted?!
  7. Don't we have a better chance of promotion than the odds of 22/1 that I've just seen - or am I just looking at it through black-and-white tinted spectacles?
  8. Good question. I think that there is evidence of him having a loyal personality. Therefore, the chance of him staying and growing with us is higher than average. You mentioned him wanting to manage Chelsea. Everyone will ask him that, and the only honest answer is: yes, one day. But, a great chance of managing Chelsea would come from a few years here and getting us some silverware. And if Derby goes on the up, may be he'll stick with us. Personally, I think most managers ebb and flow in performance. But if we get a manager with the pedigree to grow, and a reputation for loyalty, then that will give us an advantage in the long term over other clubs who chop and change.
  9. People are moaning at Frank... I am sure that Frank Lampard will become an excellent manager. And any mistakes he makes now will help him get better. He's loyal, and sticking with Frank will bring us great things. We have the potential of having a long term manager who takes us on a journey, getting better and better. Even if you disagree, getting on his back won't help us this season. ... I think ...
  10. Let's hope we can recreate the result from February 1946... https://www.11v11.com/teams/derby-county/tab/opposingTeams/opposition/Brighton and Hove Albion/ ... and pleased to see that we're up in head-to-head results...
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