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  1. I was amazed how close the result was. Either way, can we ditch the zebra stripes?
  2. Today is our usual form ... after a cup match ... when we usually lose a few matches after playing an under-strength side in a cup match.
  3. That explains everything! Why didn't anyone say that it was raining!
  4. Stoke highlights were 6-minutes, so, maybe they're creeping back up towards 10- minutes again! 😉
  5. Didn't I hear Cocu say something like, "Penalty taking is a striker's job, so I gave Waghorn the option of taking them." Surely, penalty taking is a specialised skill, and the player(s) with the optimum skill-set do not need to be strikers? Maybe I misunderstood what Cocu said, but I think penalty taking is too important to be allocated on the basis of a player's position.
  6. Yes! A network of tram lines connecting all football clubs...
  7. The match highlights seem to have been cut from 10 minutes down to 5 minutes this season. I hope that this is not a permanent change...
  8. If this is happening, then it's easily fixed. The club should not knowingly allow fans to be subjected to avoidable noxious fumes. And then there are the environmental concerns too.
  9. In the Fashion/Retro section of the club shop online... https://www.dcfcmegastore.co.uk/item/1246/Retro/1986-Away-Retro-Shirt-Blue.html Thanks! Now, all I need is for the sizing guide to also include beer-gut measurements, in addition to chest and waist sizes, and I'll be able to buy the right size!
  10. I can't find this on the website... can you send a link if you have one?
  11. BBC News - 'Give Scunthorpe a chance' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-49287619
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