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  1. It's not unusual for players to have a mistake in them. PS. You're right!
  2. Would the league played in by the the U23s and U18s, etc., be affected if the first team were relegated to League 1?
  3. Good point! Maybe I should have said that many of us expect outcomes that we might expect of some of the more experienced managers.
  4. PS. This is why polls help! Because I think that the vote in favour of Rooney is far higher than the proportion of comments on the thread.
  5. In. My fairy tale outcome would be: Rooney to develop his managerial skills next season, securing promotion from League 1; followed by promotion to the Premier League within a year or two! And with Rooney sticking with Derby for twenty years, bringing oodles of international success; and a statue erected to Mel outside the ground to show gratitude for his visionary appointments. I would mind that outcome! 🙂 PS. I was sure that the bottle of wine that I bought this afternoon said that it was alcohol-free.
  6. According to Wikipedia, Derby's 111 seasons have been distributed as follows: Level 1: 65* (1 in every 1.71 seasons) Level 2: 52 (1 in every 2.1 seasons) Level 3: 4 (1 in every 27.8 seasons) Level 4: 0 Therefore, if Derby can expect to visit the third tier roughly every 28 years (on average), we should not be too disheartened if we were to get relegated, especially as our last trip down to the old third division being 35 years ago, in 1985-86. And it shouldn't be anything to worry about, because such visits to the third division have never lasted very long. I
  7. Will the ticket prices be cheaper if we get relegated?
  8. I liked the video. What I got from it is that top world class footballers think that he was a top world class footballer - not just in terms of skill, but attitude. And in my mind, this means that he has the potential to be a world class manager. I think too many people are comparing him with experienced managers.
  9. Cocu needed help with communication. Iam not sure that it was said that it was Rooney's role to be a go-between.
  10. I cannot work out whether this would motivate or demotivate the current players!
  11. Thanks for the encouragement. I've been called worse than "poll master"! I don't know how to set up a poll! 😞
  12. "We will not throw the money. We will do things properly. If we need to spend £20m we will, if we need to spend £150m then we will. It depends. "We have that sort of money. If the team needs that, we will do it.
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