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  1. So will I, but I’m not holding my breath on the accurate bit!
  2. I shall be travelling so will rely on you lot to keep me updated.
  3. But his reputation as an U23 coach may mean other cubs would see he might improve their youngsters.
  4. We could probably have given them a whole U21 team that would have done better.
  5. Does that mean you can file time and save it up for later?
  6. Maybe this is Frank and Mel’s way of saying that he’s staying without actually issuing a statement? Optimistic hat on! Or it’s so Frank can say the offer wasn’t good enough so he’s going- quick change to pessimistic hat! Anyway, how the hell would I know!
  7. I would think Woodgate’s grateful to be getting a new look- likely be an improvement on the original!
  8. At least you’ve got the name for it!
  9. Be grateful! It all just gets worse the more you know!
  10. Perhaps he’s on his holidays there.
  11. I’m not usually that interested in kits - though I have enjoyed @loweman2 looking back at former ones. I have to say though, that I really like this. Also thought that the behind the scenes video was great and again appeared to show how well the players get on. Even in the official one, I love the grin on Waghorn’s face after patting down Keough!
  12. I have been heartened by this discussion that seems to be without rancour and with many thoughtfully constructed posts. As an elderly lesbian I’m pretty much invisible but I can still feel hurt by casual derogatory comments inferring that being gay is somehow inferior. At games I often chat to those around me, using ‘ she’ when referring to my partner and am pleased to say there has never been as much as a raised eyebrow! In the main, things have got better but I agree with those that feel an openly gay player would attract a lot of abuse. I can understand why no one has come out. I find it sad that this has been possible in other sports where on the whole crowds have been supportive- but in football? No, I’m sorry to say I don’t think so.
  13. Just you wait and see - Chelsea will appoint new manager but only on a year’s contract so that Frank can get another years experience! Well, according to one of the sources itk! Then we can spend a whole year fretting- it’s what we do best! 🤪🙄
  14. Doesn’t Chelsea’s transfer ban include ‘buying ‘ managers? Can but hope!
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