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  1. I’m with Billy Connolly, we should have The Archers theme tune for a national anthem.
  2. This thread is depressing me. I’ve never heard of most of these and most of the ones I do know are dead!
  3. He doesn’t appear to spend his summer answering daft questions on here!
  4. Wouldn’t throwing yourself under a bus be a preferable option? ( This is not to in any way make light of suicide)
  5. Haven’t managed to read all this as it makes my brain hurt. However the bits I did read were a bit clearer when I realised DC didn’t stand for the club but for Disciplinary Committee! duh! 🤪🤪
  6. They’ve had to watch the same rollercoaster match as we have - but ended up on a downward track whereas we can enjoy the end of the season if not most of the rest. So, yes, I do feel sorry for the Wednesday fans.
  7. Thank goodness for this forum. I can keep reading it so I can pretend I’m not watching!
  8. Rams 2 - 0 Sheffield Wednesday FRGS Clarke
  9. Swansea 1 - 1 Rams rfgs Lawrence
  10. Rams 2 - 1 Birmingham rfgs Clarke
  11. Every small child I’ve known , if you give them a ball, they want to be the one who scores goals. So this lot have been practising up to 30 years and they still can’t do it!
  12. PNE 1 - 2 Rams rfgs Lawrence
  13. So, most fans would only be able to go to 5 away games as all the rest will be abroad and expensive? Still, they should then have the money to give large amounts to the tv companies. Another reason I’m glad at this end of my life not the other!
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