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  1. archram

    v Brentford (H) - Predictions

    Rams 3 - 1 Brentford. Bennett
  2. archram

    Declining attendances

    You may say that £27 isn’t too bad. It’s not if it’s just you, but if there’s 2 of you and a couple of kids it’s still a lot, especially if you also have to travel. I’m not sure £20 would make a lot of difference mid-week but it might attract more on a Saturday? I could be there last night and on Saturday as I can stay at my daughter’s. There’s no way I could do both if I had to pay £50 train fare both times. There must be a lot in a similar position. There’s so many calls on extra money these days that for families it’s difficult to prioritise football.
  3. archram

    v Blackburn (H) - Predictions

    Rams 2-1 Rotherham Jozefzoon
  4. archram

    v Rotherham (A) (League) - Predictions

    Rotherham 1 - 3 Derby. Jozefzoon
  5. archram

    He doesn't look a thing like Jesus

    That’s the spirit!
  6. archram

    Leeds fan in peace

    I feel that about Derby- but I’ve only got 3years to go!
  7. I was living in that part of Loughborough when it opened. The writing on the sign was very fancy and one of my kids thought it said Zoo Spartans - as, in our family, it remains to this day!
  8. archram

    Man Utd (A) Carabao Cup Tickets

    I’m thinking this will probably be the last chance I get to go to Old Trafford, so I’m hatching a plan! i don’t want to be out that late on my own in a strange town. I thought if I got the train to Derby and then went on the road rider, I’d be with other people so won’t feel so nervous. Then when we get back to Pride Park I can stay at the Travelodge and train home on Wednesday. Can anyone see any flaws in that ? Apart from me being shattered for a week afterwards! A couple of queries - what time would we expect to get back? Also, some have said it’s very high up in the stands, so do they have lifts or escalators? I can manage a couple of flights of stairs but any more and I turn into a Daley. Unless anyone could offer me a fireman’s lift?!
  9. We had to change at Clapham on the way back and couldn’t cope with all their fans we met on the station wanting to commiserate with us and hug us in sympathy!
  10. archram

    The last 5 minutes of a match.

    Quite often the final few minutes of a game age me by several years! When I’m at the game I have to keep pretending I’m checking the time so I don’t have to watch all of it. At home, watching I kick every ball and am exhausted by the end. When listening, I check all the other media outlets to see if it’s finished on any of them - but I don’t want it to be in case it’s not good news! I’m constantly amazed how dcfc can make me so irrational when normally I’m very much a feet on the ground person.
  11. archram

    Usain Bolt Aussie Trial

    I normally don’t wish anyone to fail, but don’t do it, Usain!
  12. archram

    Super Frankie Lampard

    One of the reasons that the teams we played are near the bottom is because we beat them!
  13. archram

    v Hull City (A) Match Thread

    Couldn’t agree more! Knows what he’s talking about and actually talks about what’s happening on the pitch!
  14. archram

    v Hull (A) (League) - Predictions

    Hull 1 - 3 Rams. Jozefzoon

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