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  1. I don’t think you can take anything about his attitude towards Rooney from that. Although his English is pretty good,he still gets words wrong and hesitates to find the right word. I think he’s wise to not make any sweeping comments about the club, manager and players and leave himself having to change them when he knows the situation better. I thought he came over as being quite excited and trying to not be over enthusiastic. As he says and other posters have said he will be judged by his works - and he most definitely will be! I just feel that I’ll wait and see. You’d think we were good
  2. Reading 1 - 2 Rams rfgs Lawrence
  3. Derby 2 - 1 Luton rfgs Gregory
  4. The comments by the TFF( the agents’ organisation are hilarious! I just really hadn’t known they want to help less prosperous agents and fund small countries fight against FIFA, though their joining fees would probably cover it. And who would have thought that agents should object to being licensed and maybe pass an exam? I mean, who would want agents to be a bit knowledgeable about their job and not just be someone’s mate who fancies making a bit of money? It all adds to the general disaffection many of us are feeling with football. I know changes need to be made and this idea seems obvi
  5. I so sympathise, Norman. My first game at BB in 1952 - don’t remember anything about it except seeing the flickers of lighters in th gloom. Went with my dad when he could afford to travel and buy tickets. Then we drifted apart, you know how it is, distance, time and finance. Tried again when I had 2 sons to initiate ( don’t think they’ll ever forgive me!) and went as often as we could afford. Reignited when I was able to take my 5 grandchildren but it got very expensive as their parents didn’t have the money to pay for them and, of course, you couldn’t possibly go to football without lunc
  6. Or we pursue the dream one and by the time it’s called off the other possibles will have got fed up with waiting and bought other clubs! Look what all this has brought me to - I’m usually the eternal optimist!
  7. Stoke 1 - 2 Rams rfgs Clarke
  8. Rams 2 - 2 Brentford FRGS Clarke
  9. Derby 2 - 1 Millwall rfgs Clarke
  10. Barnsley 3 - 1 Rams frgs Clarke
  11. I’ve started viewing it as a charity donation!
  12. Coventry 1 - 2 Rams rfgs Clarke
  13. I’m still surprised Frank didn’t take him to Chelsea with him after saying he loved him?!
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