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  1. I suspect there won’t be any statement about a collapsed takeover until they can announce other investments to prop us up in the short term.
  2. I think my glass half full is the top half! It is increasingly flowing down to the bottom.
  3. Have just received mine- nobody took the hint for Christmas so had to buy my own! So looking forward to reading it! May be a bit of a struggle as I read mostly on kindle and can’t hold a big book for long, but that’ll make it last longer.
  4. Paid in after yesterday. Paying is actually less painful than watching!
  5. I’m glad Rooney has got transfers lined up, but if the takeover takes much longer, you can forgive those players looking elsewhere if they want to move club.
  6. Perhaps we need to remember some of the players have actually had Covid and it appears from a lot of people who have recovered, that you’re left with low energy levels. Not that it excuses what we’re having to watch but there just may be reasons for it.
  7. Rotherham 1 - 3 Rams rfgs Knight
  8. Perhaps they don’t want to take charge now, so that when it goes through later they have a good excuse for not buying in the transfer window? If so, would be a concern about how much money was actually going to be available for future transfers. I’m normally the eternal optimist but am struggling to maintain it.
  9. I don’t think anyone would want to come if they have to take it in turns - would that be getting changed, playing, in the canteen or what?
  10. It would be good to have some comment from BZG that all is on track. At the moment all we are getting is the club relaying to the press what they have been told.
  11. Several weeks ago someone ( can’t remember who or when) posted that there were personal reasons for Mel wanting to sell and that we would find this out when the takeover happens. Of course, I could just have misinterpreted or made it up.
  12. Forgot after Sheffield Wednesday so I’ve lobbed double in!
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