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  1. Which I may do prematurely if there are more games like Saturday! I must check how many defibrillators they have at the ground!
  2. I not only stubbed my toe but fell and broke my wrist at that very step!
  3. Birmingham 1 - 2 Rams. Waghorn
  4. Rams3 - 0 Bolton. Lawrence
  5. Just not enough to compensate at the moment!
  6. They are so much more eager to get to the ball.
  7. Blackburn 1 - 3 Rams. Waghorn
  8. Brentford 1 - 2 Rams. Waghorn
  9. Rams 3 - 1 Rotherham. Lawrence
  10. Waited ages to see if I got any offers for my lucky pants. Didn’t, so I’ve now decided to sell one of my grandchildren to fund my season ticket. I’ve bought it today as I’m very confident of getting a good price for at least one of them!
  11. Rams 2 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday. Waghorn
  12. Is it usual to have an IQ test to obtain a ticket? It would appear some fans had difficulties passing it!😋
  13. My dad took me to BBG when I was 10- 67 years ago! I thought it was fantastic, especially as none of the boys in my class had ever been to a ‘proper’ football match , and here was a mere girl being taken! We didn’t go often, distance and expense limited us, but I was always so excited to go and spend time just me and my dad. He’s long gone now but the pride when I was able to take him and my sons was immense. Then taking grandchildren and I took my great granddaughter to the pre season friendly v Southampton. So Derby County means great memories and family togetherness for me. I’m not very interested in other football, will watch occasionally if it’s on tv and nothing else to do. But mention the Rams and I’m all ears and can’t get enough of it! The internet has been a fantastic help in keeping up to date and this forum feels like an extra family - some you disagree with, some you feel affectionate amusement for, some you marvel at how much they know! It’s only in the last few years I’ve been able to afford a season ticket and sometimes I wonder if it’s worth the effort, but in the end it’s my football club and I’m bound to it by bonds that seem unbreakable! I’ve come over all emotional , but it’s late and I’m old and female. COYR
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