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  1. I was in love with Harry Gregg in the 50s. He was the first really athletic goalkeeper I had seen. He never stopped moving wherever the ball was on the pitch. We lived nearer to Leicester than Derby so occasionally went to Filbert Street if we didn’t have a home game. As well as cheering the opposition we always stood behind the goal so we could jeer at Gordon Banks who for some reason my dad couldn’t stand!
  2. Perhaps if friends come with you more than once it would be wise to get them an I’d number. Some time ago if I wanted to buy tickets for my grandchildren, the person on the phone asked if I wanted them to have numbers. I did and from then I thought bought their tickets on their numbers. Though I do agree with the OP!
  3. Being nearly 80, I was brought up in a society where many of these words were acceptable although now we realise they are racist. Over the years we have become more enlightened and understand how hurtful and damaging racist language can be. I still am aware that sometimes I have to think about the words I use - it’s quite difficult to erase language learnt in childhood. However, without knowing what age he is, I would assume that Craig Ramage grew up in a time when our use of language was already being questioned. Although he winds himself up til he says the first thing that enters his head, it might have been hoped that he’d thought about and tried to retrain his automatic verbal memory if that’s what appeared to have happened.
  4. It’s disappointing that almost 24 hours after the event there has been no comment or apology from Radio Derby or Craig Ramaage himself.
  5. Rams 3 - 1 Huddersfield FRGS Lawrence
  6. Bristol 1 - 2 Derby. FRGS Lawrence
  7. Just watched the interviews with Eiran Cashin and Louie Sibley. They just can’t stop grinning ! They’ve done a fantastic job so far, and long may it continue.
  8. It feels to me that he’s less likely to return to his old ways with Rooney on the pitch. Wayne seems to be mentoring players during games and pointing out ways for them to improve and I imagine chats to them after games and during training. It may give Lawrence a bit more security to try things that may not work exactly because he’ll get advice on how to make it work.
  9. Swansea 1- 2 Derby. FRGS Lawrence
  10. Derby 2 - 1 Stoke rfgs Lawrence
  11. Luton 1 - 3 Rams. Rfgs Lawrence
  12. I think I remember Cocu saying that there was an individual development plan for each of the youngsters. That must inform how and when they are used rather than ‘ perhaps we’ll play a couple of kids this week’?
  13. Northampton 1 - 2 Derby. Rfgs Marriott
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