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  1. It must feel easier when no one else is playing or training either .
  2. Billy and Andre Wisdom. Do I have to pay for my own Scots to English interpreter?
  3. I think that was to give them thinking time. Should they manage to do that, of course!
  4. What if clubs have several players with, or recovering from, the virus?
  5. Maybe also have to take into account how many players get the virus and how long it takes them to fully recover and get fit enough to play? You could have a scenario where a team has most of it’s squad either with the disease or in various stages of recovery. I’m not sure it’s worth us oldies getting season tickets as it’s going to get most of us apparently! Anyway there should be plenty of spaces in the west stand next season! Sorry to be a bit flippant about such a serious matter, but none of us know anything for sure.
  6. My dad was born in Shardlow. When he was 8 they moved to a village in Leicestershire. His 3 older brothers decided to support Leicester but he stuck to Derby- whew! My mother was often ill so I spent a lot of time with my dad and he started taking me to BBG in 1951 when I was 10. We couldn’t afford to go often and he refereed in local games most Saturdays but we always read the papers - pretty much our only source of information. WhenI was married I moved away and distance, youngsters and finance prevented me going to matches but when I moved to Loughborough and my sons grew up we all started going to the occasional game. My sons loved it but my daughter had no interest. When the kids were grown I moved to the south coast and got to away games at Southampton, Portsmouth etc and still got to PP with my younger son and eventually his 4 daughters as they got old enough. It was such a joy to me to look along the row and see them sitting there- especially as I remember a neighbour telling my dad it was a waste of money taking a girl to football! It was only 4 years ago I could afford a season ticket and the money to travel from Bristol. Though I’m afraid I’m going to have to give it up, I had a brain haemorrhage before Christmas and, although I’m recovering well, I don’t think I’ll be able to manage the journey on my own any more. I hope I might come to the odd match if my son will come and collect me. At least we’re on tv more which is a great blessing to me -and there’s always Radio Derby! Sorry I’ve rambled on but it’s a sort of farewell. I am hugely grateful for this forum, even when it makes me shout at my iPad!
  7. Rams 2 - 1 Blackburn. FRGS Knight
  8. Rams 2 - 2 Man Utd rfgs Knight
  9. Sheffield Wednesday 1 - 3 Derby frgs Knight
  10. QPR 1 - 2 Rams. FRGS Waghorn
  11. My favourite Ian Hall comment was “ the linesman’s got thin legs. I never trust linesmen with thin legs”. To this day I occasionally find myself checking the linesman’s legs! I don’t suppose it’s changed since they got a new name.
  12. Derby 2 - 1 Fulham. Rfgs Rooney
  13. I was in love with Harry Gregg in the 50s. He was the first really athletic goalkeeper I had seen. He never stopped moving wherever the ball was on the pitch. We lived nearer to Leicester than Derby so occasionally went to Filbert Street if we didn’t have a home game. As well as cheering the opposition we always stood behind the goal so we could jeer at Gordon Banks who for some reason my dad couldn’t stand!
  14. Perhaps if friends come with you more than once it would be wise to get them an I’d number. Some time ago if I wanted to buy tickets for my grandchildren, the person on the phone asked if I wanted them to have numbers. I did and from then I thought bought their tickets on their numbers. Though I do agree with the OP!
  15. Being nearly 80, I was brought up in a society where many of these words were acceptable although now we realise they are racist. Over the years we have become more enlightened and understand how hurtful and damaging racist language can be. I still am aware that sometimes I have to think about the words I use - it’s quite difficult to erase language learnt in childhood. However, without knowing what age he is, I would assume that Craig Ramage grew up in a time when our use of language was already being questioned. Although he winds himself up til he says the first thing that enters his head, it might have been hoped that he’d thought about and tried to retrain his automatic verbal memory if that’s what appeared to have happened.
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