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  1. Maybe Huddersfield didn’t want to try to sell the job to someone I the window, telling them they had no money to spend - leaving it til now they can ‘ promise ‘ money for January to tempt someone?
  2. I suppose Vietnam is a bit too far for those of you who travel abroad for matches?! Shame, as you could have called in to see @BorneoRam 😃
  3. Scunthorpe 1 - 3 Rams Marriott FRGS
  4. In West Lower, we have perfected bouncing with the shoulders so don’t need to leave our seats!
  5. Not just the announcer who’s annoying! I’m sure the prematch music was even louder than usual. First home game of the season and wanting to catch up with the folks round me but the music was so loud you needed to shout to be heard. I was hoarse before the match started!
  6. Rams 3 - 1 Swansea. Waghorn RFGS
  7. Surely there’s a law against paying footballers with women? Even if they are ridiculous!
  8. I love the Leeds “ they’re only doing it to annoy us”! Of course we are- we don’t care about winning, about getting the best players, building a successful team - our only motive in all that we do is to annoy Leeds!! Arrogant? I should say so!
  9. I always thought Billy Connolly had a good idea when he suggested we should replace it with the theme tune to The Archers!
  10. Huddersfield 1 - 2 Rams. Waghorn RFGS
  11. @David, because I don’t understand these things, do you get the ad money anyway or do we need to click on them?
  12. I had done. I used nowtv help chat - though it kept timing out as they took too long with their replies. I did manage to get the advice to uninstall the nowtv app and reinstall. It worked - I should remember that’s one step further than switch it off and on again! Thanks for taking the time to reply. All set for tonight now. COYR
  13. Thank you. Next problem! I’ve gone through the process, applied voucher, got on to sky sports and a message saying unfortunately we were unable to complete your purchase. Any ideas? mind you, listening to the cricket I’m not sure I want to watch it as well.
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