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  1. You probably would be if you managed that on a regular basis!
  2. Will he catch the bus to dull - wherever it is!
  3. And you can type as well?!
  4. Batten down the hatches! No doubt many of our grump friends ( not the reasonable ones we like having on the forum) will be dying to tell us what a force they're going to be any minute!
  5. That's scary!
  6. More and better ladies' toilets
  7. My partner's German, so when are we booked in to visit family there? July 12th to 19th, of course!
  8. Just look for a woman wearing a pith helmet - that'll be his memsahib!
  9. I go so far back Stanley Matthews and Billy Wright were my first heroes! And a chap called Jackie Lee who played for both Leicester and Derby and got an England cap. He came from my village and I actually saw him walking round like a normal human being!
  10. Still love dcfc!
  11. Thanks @mozza You do a great job - something to be interested in whatever the on the field performances!
  12. I'd be very unhappy if I'd paid for a ticket and travel to this! The players may feel it's end of term but they owe the paying fans a bit more effort at least.
  13. Rotherham 0-3 Rams Butterfield
  14. The people next to you would probably prefer you to use a deodorant!
  15. I noticed at the beginning when Keogh let his little one walk, he or she kept falling over - like father like child? (Sorry for the longwindedness but don't know whether it's son or daughter!)