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  1. Charlton 1 - 2 Rams. Rfgs Lawrence
  2. I think you’re all finding complicated names and hoping they’ll come so we can hear Ramage’s pronunciation!
  3. Derby 3 - 1 Luton. Rfgs Martin
  4. Barnsley 1 - 2 Rams. Rfgs Waghorn
  5. Rams 3 - 1 Birmingham. Rfgs Waghorn
  6. Have they got the same problem as me? Thinking the white shirts are us?
  7. Leeds 1 - 2 Derby. Frgs Waghorn I put Leeds to win but had to erase it £ I just can’t put us to lose!
  8. I don’t know how to only quote part or I would have done!
  9. I’d like to say thank you @Bob The Badger for the content of this post but also for the way you’ve laid it out. I find it so much easier to read when there are spaces between thoughts rather than a solid block of words. It may just be old age but that was a pleasure to read compared to many posts.
  10. A bit of a disagreement here - is their kit orange or pink? Or does it just depend on what you’re watching it on?
  11. Derby 2 - 1 Cardiff. Rfgs Lawrence
  12. Only if you share the same sheep - so I’m told!
  13. Forest 1 - 1 Rams. Rfgs Bennett
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