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  1. That’s true but we had better players to come back in
  2. Well if you consider some of them as half arsed then why not give the kids a chance at least they wouldn’t be ? the team was nothing more than to highlight a few things !
  3. We need to get movement into this side and if that means bringing the youngsters into the side we should be doing it Gk bogle Davies Belick Lowe bennett Shinnie Knight malone Martin Lawrence yes I don’t like the defensive midfielder business as it allows players to hide and we might as well see if Lawrence can do something near a footballer and if not him then Waghorn or Bennett but our midfield has to be able to work hard and actually run in both directions
  4. He certainly isn’t a central midfielder At least he has pace and power unlike many we select
  5. Our youngsters are getting more and more closer to the first team
  6. We have a lot of lightweights nowadays compared to very decent hardworking players like Wieman and Russell who helped the central midfielders immensely
  7. Is Holmes actually playing for Charlton
  8. Have we just got Shinnie in midfield now on his own
  9. I think he was moved on due to his wages ?
  10. We haven’t got much on the bench have we?
  11. We carry two wide players in most games leaving the two left in midfield having to try and do everything
  12. So far I can’t say I have been overly impressed with Belick this season mainly because in the championship I want an awful lot more for a reported £10 million spend for a defensive midfielder who occasionally plays at centre half and looks average - then again Clarke was only playing league one football as well last season and looks frightened to death most of the time and our other signing Paterson is what he always has been and that’s average
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