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  1. Marriott with Lawrence and jafoozon is a recipe for us defending - now Marriott with waghorn and Bennett either side is a whole new ball game
  2. I was very impressed by Reading - they look like they will do very well this season
  3. We are being sensible - settling the defence as best as possible ( currently missing bogle) placing 2 defensive midfielders in front and expecting the forwards to score when they have chances and looking to spring on the opposition - so far we are unbeaten having been to two difficult away looking fixtures bringing 4 points and our one home game we missed a penalty all 3 games against teams receiving parachute payments - all in a very decent point return and we don’t look as poor as we did last season after 3 league games
  4. It’s a decent indication that Cocu will go to 3 at the back during games to change our play which is fair enough - I actually think we may start a few games like that this season possibly Keogh Davies Clarke with Belick in front which should be quite decent against some sides like Millwall
  5. Not a Lawrence witch-hunt just an observation and mainly a huge frustration because we can’t afford to have players contributing nothing for long periods of a game
  6. Atwell gave us a penalty in ‘that game’ as well
  7. Roos lowe Keogh Clarke malone Belick Dowell Knight Bennett. Waghorn Lawrence marriott is hardly ever going to start unless Bennett or Waghorn is playing out wide
  8. Lawrence Always seems to do well early in a game but not after 30 minutes in my opinion ( sometimes not even in the first 30 minutes) so should we just be pulling him off at half time in most games I know some sttatos will check up on this and please do so
  9. Go back and look at some of the comments about wilson until October last season and see the comparisons
  10. To be fair lampard selected him a lot at the beginning until he realised he had become invisible Cocu will learn
  11. Haha no at the cricket ! - but it’s a summary of what people say all the time !
  12. I have been watching the cricket - so this is a very good result ! let me guess roos scares people lowe did ok Keogh was steadfast Clarke had his moments but he is now playing against better players malone was wasteful Huddlestone was too slow Evans was surprised to be picked Dowell was wasteful joeflow was non existent Lawrence gave up and waghorn should have scored a hat trick - and we are trying to chuck away the cricket
  13. I would happily take a draw before we start yet always hope for more
  14. Never expected changes but I would have made one good luck Derby
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