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  1. With the hot weather and no crowds Jafoozon should be a star
  2. He will be fit for the run in
  3. I am sure we will but there will also be a lot of decent youngsters released from other clubs
  4. Holding on to our Youngsters is going to be the biggest problem I fear - real money talks
  5. He can’t get a game at Bournemouth but he has had plenty of problems down there - I don’t think we will be able to afford ex premiership players anymore
  6. The current leader of the EFL is trying to make his mark, the previous leader of the EFL left his mark, the EFL is and has been responsible for the whole mis management of the FFP situation in the leagues and they should actually be taking the lions share of the blame and yes the clubs should be a darn sight more sensible with their money.
  7. Has anyone seen an actual tackle in the German football? - they look like training games
  8. That’s a really tough question
  9. Depends which league Brighton are in regarding Clarke - clearly didn’t look premier league class to me
  10. I don’t expect anything other than a 24 team championship
  11. Three teams getting promoted and none relegated from the premiership seriously increases our chances ( as well as others) of having a very decent season next year
  12. Big or little it’s all irrelevant nowadays it’s about how much money you earn
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