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  1. Sparkle

    Matej Vydra

    The Snake was ok, boring but ok - just a snake when it came down to it
  2. And play a more adventurous game format with a few more of our youngsters getting game time
  3. I have never seen an airborne cross from him
  4. Barnsley seem to be playing very good attacking football this season
  5. Which means nothing in this league
  6. Roos bryne. Wisdom Clarke Forsyth waghorn knight Shinnie Robert’s Drogba Gregory
  7. Our lads have been playing week in week out for ages this eventually had to happen but we need to perform in the next game
  8. Don’t be silly - but he is still one of the better players we currently have
  9. So long as it’s lessons learned for our manager
  10. Bennett scores a brave goal for Millwall - doing better than our wide players isn’t he
  11. No height or strength up front and no speed for something different
  12. He looked ok when he played against us for Yeovil Strangely Villa away ( which I was at) followed us playing the red dogs
  13. Well if Rooney wanted to see what some of these loan lads could do he now has his information to work with. we have a paper thin squad who have been playing week in week out so I assume the manager thought they needed a rest
  14. Shows how much we need knight, Richards and waghorn
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