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  1. I am not one to put forward a player before but with Zabaleta signing for West Ham then maybe Sam Byram would be surplus to requirements- good right back who can step in at centre half and score a few goals with lots of championship experience and young.
  2. I hear what you say but we have two very good central defenders in Keogh and shackell so not a massive rush to spend our money that we may or may not have
  3. I would be quite happy to sign him for a lot less! - I don't think we have a bucket load of cash 💰 to throw around and just like us with Blackman if they don't want him then move him on.
  4. As some have said he would be cheap to sign apart from wages and would provide a different style to what we have and if he is a replacement for the likes of camara Blackman wieman then so what about his age, we need to get to premiership then to worry about the age make up.
  5. Let's just see who goes and who comes in. maybe Blackman goes and Boyd comes in? - would that be better? Based on what we have seen of Blackman then surely it is?
  6. Nothing to disagree with there which is obviously very disappointing
  7. Wages wages wages, to let go is to save money - I can't see him walking away mind.
  8. A damm sight cheaper though! If we move Ince on it would appear to give us balance
  9. If he wants a challenge he will come to Derby but players don't seem to want a challenge anymore
  10. That's because 18 other gifted players were at pride park playing with the others watching leaving Blackman at the training ground👾👾👾👾
  11. Scotland play Anya as a wing back either left or right hand side
  12. All true but it doesn't bode well for them come the premiership
  13. I may be wrong but I think Anya and Forestieri were mainly substitutes for Watford at that time
  14. It would be a friendly exhibition match
  15. At the end of the day is he going to play for us? - probably not so get the money and clear the wages, ( at least somebody wants him)