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  1. Then get given a so called punishment and appeal it and get the proper representation at the hearings to follow through our case. We should use the full parameters of what we are allowed to do. Especially if we believe we have acted within the law
  2. The additional information hasn’t been described as financial information has it - I suspect it’s drone footage of members of the EFL on a night out captured by the leeds scout that Mel hired and lent his drone to - we all know now that Rooney had to buy a new one this season.
  3. The weight yes but the texture and grip on them is completely different
  4. Possibly done us a few favours as well - those lads who went to ipswich are not doing much currently - we are playing as a team and the supporters are doing just that, supporting the team - we aren’t wasting any money currently either! - just need the manager to get his man United mate to lend us a proper goal scorer in January at no cost - as Kevin Keegan once said - I would just love that!
  5. Let them, it shows them for what they are
  6. Ordinarily you might be correct about getting a good forward but when good professionals like Davies and Jagielka are prepared to play for low money for a manager they seem to respect with lads trying their hardest is a very good advert - there will be decent players who can help us willing to come in because some players play for the team, the club, the supporters, the atmosphere at games and don’t need that much money in their bank accounts. One example might be someone like Andy Carroll who could give us the last 15 mins in a game to help win us a decent amount of points.
  7. I think CH has been unlucky and clearly wasn’t allowed to bring in players who he wanted ( join the rest of us) without covid and a transfer fund he would have done well for them, own goal on that front Steve Cooper - hmm - he actually tries to play football which the players in dog town won’t be able to adapt to - sweepstake would have him sacked within a year.
  8. Yep and you might as well shut down the academy as it becomes irrelevant - since Rowett left it was obvious costs were being massively reduced - we had and have a business plan at the lower end and being told to sell players probably to the likes of Nottingham forest ( probably the Buchanan bid) will be the norm ( no surprise that a Nottingham forest man is on the EFL board is it)
  9. None of the decisions made by the EFL have made sense to supporters of other clubs - usually because the full details are never released. - basically you should only ever be penalised if the written rules are broken and the punishments are fully known beforehand and are non negotiable- penalising clubs over grey areas is simply not right it’s vindictive and open to Abuse by a hidden agenda.
  10. I wish that MM would actually ride this out and continue to fund the club, pay outstanding bills, challenge the EFL if they charge us again if we haven’t done anything wrong legally, maintain the low cost base but also fund extras needed we wouldn’t be embargoed if that was the case, which would enable us to improve the squad sensibly In turn we would again be a decent sellable club for hopefully a decent new owner because we currently have no idea who wants to buy us currently and what that would mean in the future.
  11. This a Sheffield United decision based on their view that it’s their category A game which are Derby Red dogs and Barnsley in terms of potential supporters traveling ( which highlights some of the lesser supported teams in the league this year) Its a lot of money to watch a few veterans and a lot of youth kids playing in all reality in the bottom bit of the second division I will be going mainly to see my mate who is a Blades fan for a few beers beforehand who I haven’t seen since before lockdown without that I wouldn’t be going or paying that amount out of principle ( he has offered me a spare ticket in the Blades kop but I can’t do that!
  12. The people on the board are from notts forest Middlesbrough and Preston - who do you think is doing the talking ?
  13. There is a reason they haven’t got a job
  14. Carroll for a bit of strength and something different would be useful
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