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  1. So then better players generally get you better results - simple game football
  2. We’ll if the EFL stopped us extending Marriott contract then what chance do we have of extending Wisdoms?
  3. Whilst I can’t currently see us spending any money on a transfer he is the sort of big strong energetic lad up front that you need in the championship either to start or on the bench and we should remember the actual last time we got promoted we did it with Steve Howard playing for us.
  4. We would get charged if we used no amortisation at all because the EFL would say it’s a scam
  5. What a bunch of defeatism Burley brought in Idiakez Tommy Smith and Bragstad and then Raziak and Reich and we flew up to the playoffs from a relegation team - and they cost not one Penny in transfer fees if I remember correctly anything is possible
  6. I was referring to restrictions still being in place potentially after the 19th of July for example travel restrictions
  7. Just to follow that train of thought - what if we are trying to extend Tom Lawrence’s contract, I assume the EFL won’t let us do that either or give Davies, Waghorn or Wisdom a contact even if it is for less money.
  8. The most concerning thing about this is the fact that we Derby county extended his contract as per his contract which meant he had a potential value - the EFL wouldn’t let us extend it apparently and we are now watching him leave for absolutely nothing! Let’s forget if we wanted to use him this season or not - that in my mind is not protecting clubs it’s taking a transfer fee away from clubs and that is utterly disgusting, the cartel that is the EFL invents it’s own rules because they are not allowed to be challenged in the courts by it’s members who are being royally shafted on permanent basi
  9. We will see then - don’t expect much
  10. Yep but greater Manchester and Nottingham are only known as being hotspots for covid !
  11. We did nothing about QPR walking all over the FFP when we missed out on promotion and the EFL let them - sure a fine some years later.
  12. I don’t think we do if he goes to a foreign club which is even worse.
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