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  1. Sparkle

    January excuses early

    We can beat anyone in this league as well as losing to anyone on any given day, personally I would like to see a centre half a central midfielder and a centre forward come in January who are all cover for what we have but that is dreadfully difficult. Now if we needed to raise funds then sell Lawrence for big money and buy well
  2. Sparkle

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Any incoming loans would want to be playing every game basically- do we have a position where that is a reality? For me a centre forward to replace Marriott when tired or injured rested etc as we have no one coming through in that position- I don’t consider waghorn a centre forward
  3. First time I have looked at this thread - carson is a very good goalkeeper at this level, yes his kicking is variable and his distribution is slow but we will upgrade on him when and where it is appropriate and affordable as with other players
  4. Sparkle

    v Wigan (a) match day thread

    EXCELLENT result at a very difficult place to win at this season - sure we should be scoring more of the chances we create and one day we will
  5. Sparkle

    v Wigan (a) match day thread

    Intresting game and based on what we have Carson Wisdom Keogh tomari malone Huddlestone Mount. Bryson waghorn Marriott Wilson a bit stronger on the field with waghorn and Wilson on either flank
  6. We are weaker defensively for fairly obvious reasons- we have lost two highly experienced and quality defenders added to the fact that our midfield is more forward thinking and actively attacking plus we no longer have players like Russell who not only attacked well but defended his full back well and for all their attacking qualities the likes of joflo and Lawrence certinatly don’t actively protect the full back positions in addition to the reality that we are not a very tall side at all so at set pieces we will struggle
  7. Sparkle

    v Wigan (A) - Predictions

    Wigan 1-2 Derby county Mount
  8. We have lost 2 highly experienced and very good defenders for the season so no surprises that we would be looking at fit for purpose defenders
  9. Sparkle

    Championship or Premier League?

    Championship is good fun and exciting with some great days out, premiership is basically boring and uncompetitive But an owner can not sustain losses and we need the premiership money sadly But if the ‘top six’ in the premiership would kindly clear off in some ego super league which I wouldn’t watch it would be much better !
  10. Sparkle

    V Swansea (h) match thread

    Still overseas but excellent result after the stoke disappointment looks like our current best midfield was back in action Huddlestone Bryson and Mount - Marriott injury a bit of a concern Swansea still have some good players so still a good result. i noticed that some on here target Bryson as the main scapegoat as Forsyth is now injured - the joys of being loyal and good at your job
  11. Sparkle

    v Swansea (H) - Predictions

    Derby county 3-0 Swansea city Marriott
  12. Sparkle

    U23 v Arsenal

    Nice one Mick Harford !!
  13. Oh yes he will still be around probably
  14. Forsyth is the better defender - no question- and our leading assist maker currently but we have malone lowe and Olson on the books and despite injuries hopefully we can manage the season through
  15. Sparkle

    Curtis Davies or Tomori ?

    We are lucky to have the option aren’t we

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