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  1. I haven’t bothered to read any posts from the Millwall game - we were crap and uninspiring- Millwall - not very good either and the game should have been the 0-0 it deserved Roos - should have stopped the one shot bogle - sadly another goal from a basic mistake keogh - decent tomori - decent cole - professional huddlestone - I can’t blame him but we are so slow to do anything when he is in the team bryson - actually very good defensively but nothing going forward wilson - not involved unless it was a set piece holmes - negative first half and eventually attacked in the second half waghorn - tried against the big ch but had no chance marriott - never involved apart from maybe Lawrence and Bennett that was about the best team we could have put out and we were dire - just like at Ipswich and Brighton
  2. Keogh all day long - followed by the improving tomori but he is not ours - young player of the year tomori
  3. I have seen his name on the team sheet a lot but not near the football unfortunately and I hate to say that I really do
  4. Much more difficult for him to go to Chelsea currently than in about 2-3 years time as there would be far too many people he would want rid off who were his friends and could be very very messy and the Chelsea fans would be expecting what has happened at Man U which it wouldn’t
  5. Just the media biging it up that said if it does occur then we would be well compensated I suspect
  6. He is getting plenty of practice!
  7. I absolutely agree and despite the family of Chris Martin haters he would be way better than the nugent option if only to lay the ball of to midfield runners of which we have lots off and win free kicks with Wilson around and yes he does score sometimes as well. in terms of stopping crosses well malone has never done that in his career (10 clubs?) and bogle well he is young and will learn but his passing is more of a concern currently next summer is going to be extremely interesting on the signing front because this season our signings haven’t left me purring - Marriott decent and promising, waghorn average and never going to get better, jaflozon is never going to be much more than a sub and with malone I am sure we could have picked up a left back who could defend and Holmes could prove to be a decent signing- our loan signings of Wilson mount and tomori have been excellent
  8. Compared to which of our midfields?
  9. I don’t think he is a central midfielder- occasionally maybe
  10. Roos wisdom Keogh tomori Cole bennett Mount Bryson wilson Waghorn Marriott i am sick to death of playing a defensive midfielder when we need to win - yes fine if we are 2-3 goals in front
  11. Maybe but he is working with the tools he has balanced with a need to move high earners on - he is doing ok
  12. I thought we were garbage in the first half sadly and yes a better last ten minutes- Brighton were not not very good either which makes it worse
  13. I know this might sound radical but we could actually play a 442 with that team - unlikely I know but it is the cup! Roos bogle Keogh tomori malone holmes Huddlestone Bryson wilson Nugent. Waghorn yes I know Huddlestone is slow but quality, but the other three are no slouches
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