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  1. Whilst the most frustrating type of player Stoke want Tom Ince to leave either by loan or permanent transfer, we were the last club where he was actually decent and we still seem to be playing 433 with Cocu and it’s basically the only formation he does well in, now I am sure we cannot afford a permanent transfer but if Stoke heavily subsidised a loan then I think we should be interested? What do people think? ( before he joins Bournemouth or Watford )
  2. I repeat again I expect no sanctions apart from being asked/ instructed to change how we value players
  3. I expect the three relegated teams to win promotion because the others have no chance financially and there isn’t a championship side currently who look to be building towards a good promotion challenge. Maybe Norwich could muck it up if they don’t have a goal scorer next season but they probably will get one, as will the other two. As for Derby we desperately need a good rugged centre half and a centre forward who scores goals, the other positions we may get bye with what we have - yes Roos with some defenders who can defend may be ok and yes Waghorn on the right hand side will achieve m
  4. It also highlights the difficulty replacing him with the money available? Hence the contract offer
  5. I am sure Peterborough would like an auction to take place but I don’t think we would be involved at anywhere near what they would want
  6. Good player for Derby and good luck to him
  7. It’s a members club though and if they all agree to stick to it there is nothing the PFA can do about it but there will always be one that doesn’t or won’t
  8. If we have to sell then either Bogle lowe or Lawrence for me with lowe the one we can currently replace the easiest
  9. He either did a good job for Sheffield Wednesday or he didn’t do a good job for Sheffield Wednesday - who actually knows
  10. Very little incoming finance so the whole league will be cherry picked by the premiership
  11. Excellent player but he has just left Swansea for the same reason as Martin left us - offered a reduced contract who knows what we can afford but it certainly isn’t t what clubs with parachute payments can
  12. Now is the time as it will take all the big clubs bar Sunderland and if they want to sell TV packages then they would have a better market because no one is interested in Burnley vs Crystal Palace in the premiership bar those fans. i would buy a package just for the league my team is in but I will not if all I hear about top four perceived football clubs
  13. I have rebooked two out of three trips - I gave up waiting for my refund ! - I noticed today that Virgin Atlantic filed for bankruptcy in the USA today to stop their assets being reclaimed over there.
  14. Mixing good defenders from the premiership and good defenders from the championship is rather an uneven mix in my opinion
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