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  1. Championship promotion rivals watch

    Regardless if we fail to get promoted ( higher chance of this after the transfer window) the championship looks like a right good midlands and Yorkshire league next season with WBA and possibly stoke with villa staying down
  2. FFP going into next season

    Mel has backed his managers the problem being that the managers either chose the wrong players or played them incorrectly or they were simply not very good managers. Football is a simple game complicated by other teams trying to beat you
  3. Championship promotion rivals watch

    Always going to be a bit tight, Middlesbrough are about even with us but I still think we are better than Bristol city Sheffield United Preston and Millwall but all that said we need to win football matches
  4. FFP going into next season

    Not sure about that
  5. Rowett

    All true - I just can’t work out why nobody gave Billy Davies and Paul Jewell a job again in the premiership after they helped us
  6. FFP going into next season

    I am pleased in a way - I tend to think being sensible is a much better way to go
  7. Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    This game will be a battle but that is one aspect that we can do nowadays Carson wisdom Keogh Davies Forsyth Hanson Johnson wieman Vydra Lawrence Jerome
  8. v Cardiff (H) - Predictions

    Derby county 3-2 team from a different country vydra
  9. Five more wins

    Derby to win the last game of the season in a must win - I think Crystal Palace was the last time we did that in a regular season!
  10. FFP going into next season

    So we are pretty much in the mire then?
  11. Rowett

    Half the managers in the premiership are not good enough for the premiership- but then they get sacked and then given another premiership job ! Bizarre
  12. Jordan Graham

    Can’t tackle then
  13. Championship promotion rivals watch

    They and Fulham strengthened in January we didn’t in fact I think we got worse. big defeat for villa and it’s now Cardiff for second place so can they muck it up
  14. Points required to extend our season

    Unless we actually start winning games we won’t get enough simple really
  15. Poll: Better or Worse?

    Most people are pleased we didn’t lose but if we are honest the red dogs were very poor I thought like many teams we have not beaten

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