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  1. Chris Martin

    I do not believe he is on anywhere more than£30000 a week which is still a lot
  2. Cameron Jerome - Signed 18 month deal

    And a few others!
  3. Chris Martin

    When you look when he has started in the league this season it is intriguing to see that he started against Sunderland away and wolves at home when he had Butterfield and Johnson in midfield which we know offers little help and no Vydra in reality and wolves wouldn’t give us the ball either, and he started against Burton at home and Barnsley away where we won in both games 1-0 and 3-0 apart from that he has been a regular substitute ranging about 3 mins to 45 mins on the pitch, I think he has been doing a very good job for us this season.
  4. January 2018 Transfer Suggestions Thread

    With the insistence that he starts every game unless injured - great for squad morale I don’t think
  5. Cameron Jerome - Signed 18 month deal

    Derby county are looking to recruit a Barber
  6. Jerome's a good player....

    But he can head the ball and score goals which is helpful Clement signed him - say no more and then he put Jacob Butterfield next to him! I have been that person, my birthday we lose 5-2 to Nottingham Forrest but at least you didn’t lose to Ipswich!
  7. Adam Clayton

    If Middlesbrough stay down and we go up (fingers crossed) then we know where we can move on one or two who are deemed tall enough, I notice shotton has been back in at right back to take the long throws and Christie on the bench with them playing three centre halfs.
  8. Chris Martin

    Chris Martin has represented Derby county very well and has never done anything wrong (apart from signing an increase on his contract which we would all of done) in fact I think he has been messed about in the last eighteen months by the club ( and yes he has been well paid whilst it occurred) if he does go out on loan then hopefully he can take some points of a few of our competitors and be fit and available and scoring goals if we end up in the play offs and he isn’t.
  9. Chris Martin

    I don’t think it is odd, we brought in a certain Mr Evans to get players moved out did we not so I assume that involves contacting lots of clubs who would consider it, the only difference with Chris Martin is that Rowett considers him good enough to play him whilst on a large contract which is not the case with the high earners Bent shackell Anya
  10. Cameron Jerome - Signed 18 month deal

    Welcome to derby countyi hope everything goes well, Rowett doesn’t half like experienced players it seems i fully expect Rowett will select Chris Martin to start on Friday!
  11. Kuzszack

    Very true, and in terms of the Birmingham lad, he has been relegated to the bench and is not very happy about that apparently so would he be happy to sit on a much more comfortable bench at Derby?
  12. Kuzszack

    Possibly- there is a fair bit of chatter about Buttland going to Liverpool around the £30 million mark, maybe there will be some premiership goalkeepers wanted in this window and Carson has to viewed as good value for a very experienced goalkeeper, maybe we will be tested by those premiership clubs with plenty of money to offer
  13. Chris Martin

    If you add Blackman Butterfield and Johnson into the pot then yes we probably are!
  14. Kuzszack

    It’s a strange world and we are obviously not wanting it to happen but I agree Liverpool could easily try to resign him for £10 milllion plus which they obviously have and plenty of people keep saying how poor their keepers are and there are more than just Liverpool without a very good goalkeeper. It would go a long way to sort out our finances as well and allow maybe one or two more talents to come in.
  15. Kuzszack

    Yes he would be excellent cover and he is a very good goalkeeper now I have not seen anybody actually say the obvious- we are in currently the transfer window and the premiership is awash with money and there are some very dodgy looking goalkeepers out there - what if we have received a Hugh bid for Scott Carson ? Everbody has a price at every club and he did just remind everybody in the premiership when we visited Manchester United that he is a darn good goalkeeper- think about it folks

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