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  1. Tom Lawrence

    I agree and my point was that we were as a team last year - naff, and I don't think that will be the case this year
  2. Bryson, Butters, Bradders

    Who do you think Butterfield will be POTY for? I don't think he would be getting many minutes on the pitch for us if Johnson stays fit and if Thorne gets match fit and that also disregards any signings in central midfield, as well as having direct competition with Bryson currently
  3. Tom Lawrence

    Maybe we should not have let Blackman have that penalty then ( although his career actually says he can score them unlike in open play)
  4. Tom Lawrence

    Our best players last year were Ince 7/10 Carson 7/10 and Baird 7/10 in my opinion - basically we were naff so let's see come Christmas if some are a lot better or not.
  5. Tom Lawrence

    Decent post this, and we are a decent team but high quality wingers don't really exist in the championship with the best being costa at wolves I would say and he is injured currently I believe and cost wolves a double digit million fee. I feel we need a creative central midfielder ( could that be Thorne this season?) but they don't grow on trees at the price we can afford so should we gamble big and blow it badly again? Or go with a lot of balance with our decent squad?
  6. Ross McCormack

    Nearly chocked when I saw that, then I realised villa will be trying to get as much as they can out of Sunderland what would the value be nowadays for mc cormack damaged goods and all that
  7. v TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Match Thread

    Carson wisdom Keogh Davies Forsyth Huddlestone Bryson. Johnson Russell. Wieman Martin as it stands that is my team away to Sunderland with maybe Bryson and Butterfield swooping places and no more re-enforcements subs Mitchell Butterfield Anya Baird Nugent Bennett Ollson
  8. Signed: Tom Huddlestone 2 year deal

    Well actually it was a typical sunny lunchtime game for Derby - crap - but at 0-2 down in injury time Ince took one of the worst corner kicks giving the ball to Hull to easily get the third which killed us off eventually in the tie.
  9. v Northampton Town Match Thread

    Nothing great but it did highlight a few negative aspects again - Ollson, you can't fault his effort but he always stands off a wide man giving them the freedom to cross easily and it has cost us many times - very frustrating! I know it's a pre season game but you hope to see better but anyway on to the next game
  10. v Northampton Town Match Thread

    Good looking bench!
  11. Summer Transfers 2017

    What would we charge for Keogh to if a premiership club came in for him though?
  12. Alan Nixon summer 2017

    So would Lawrence and he hasn't been
  13. Alan Nixon summer 2017

    He is also one of those that actually wins a penalty and not by cheating either
  14. Alan Nixon summer 2017

    But Russell and wieman are two of the best in the league when you actually look at it
  15. Alan Nixon summer 2017

    30 assists? That does not seem average to me.

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