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  1. Ownership battle, awaiting judgement from the high court as to who Owns what
  2. Or the train from Newcastle goes through Derby! - he could also be getting another train to shottingham where he played
  3. Hull without a manager Derby with or without a manager Bristol city with a manager - I wonder who would be favourite if any of it was true
  4. Watford play him wide in midfield so his full ability is not seen but it also hides some of his weaknesses such as heading and body strength- but at least he starts regularly- and I hope that it’s not because he is classed as English
  5. Badly I would have thought
  6. Wouldn’t be attending the pre season in the USA either
  7. This is getting really unfair on those poor journalists/media who have been kept waiting and waiting after they all said it would be done and dusted by now and the weekend is approaching and they all have to rehash their headlines again and they may have to make an official complaint soon to Chelsea
  8. I only saw the mistake but it can’t go unnoticed by others who might want him
  9. Very underrated in my opinion knows the championship, has a promotion, plays a good brand of attacking football, is available, is cheap the other options aren’t exactly exciting ( I would even take Mac3 if somehow we became Mac1 )
  10. Interesting thread when we know who the manager will be - some of them mentioned will probably not even be selected dependant again on who the manager would be
  11. In terms of getting any transfer business done early I think it will be very difficult as we will be swimming in the premiership loan market and they may be slightly more hesitant than normal because the championship window shuts before they kick off unlike last season which was about 3 weeks later so I anticipate that there will be some disappointed clubs as the better possible loans may well be kept at their premiership clubs.
  12. So just to update myself our manager is still on holiday and he will return soon because no other club has asked for permission to talk to him. that is correct isn’t it?
  13. Fox Mulder - trust no one ( you will never be disappointed- maybe a bit lonely but hey) You’re quakers
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