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  1. Goals win games - he scores goals - for us
  2. He said done alright but he’s young and his goals have been vital - why are some complaining? now Lawrence you can complain as much as you like and I can’t argue
  3. This is a must win unless of course everybody else losses that affect us 😅
  4. You have to compete in the championship and waghorn does that Marriott needs space in behind and when it has been denied he has totally disappeared but it’s his first taste of the championship yet he scored against man united Chelsea and Southampton because he had space in behind this season
  5. Carson is the better keeper but has been poor and deserved to lose his place and Roos distribution is much better - both decent for the championship
  6. Usually happens after the transfer window, certainly last season I think we let very good players leave when we were very well placed and other seasons we signed some right dross in January on very high wages which helped no one which probably impacted negatively amongst the squad
  7. Keogh is a very good championship defender and in terms of what some people call failure I would say it’s a mixture of bad luck at very important moments of various seasons
  8. Bogle Keogh Lawrence Waghorn - the only ones under contract for next season in today’s starting X1 now I expect we may well sell Bogle if the offer is good enough and I would sell Lawrence if we could for decent money which really doesn’t leave many on paper - its going to be an interesting summer and next season
  9. We have played Rotherham Bolton and Birmingham lately teams who play the ball in the air and win headers which is why johnson has played and he can score a goal or two and he is fairly fresh, not really an issue about Huddlestone but we may still sell him in the summer
  10. Just got back, wildly open game especially in the first half all our flair players ( mount, Wilson, Lawrence) not involved in the game really as we never got hold of the ball and passed it but they never demanded it either - Keogh and Johnson are our only decent headers of the ball and they were against about 8 of equal stature as it’s been for the season and yes we are dreadfully exposed at set pieces Bennett gave us more in a few minutes than Wilson or the ever disappointing Lawrence did all game and waghorn battled bravely and scored a lovely goal and Keogh also scored nicely and tomori should have! Cole played very well and Johnson and Bryson did well in their roles all in all a good away point
  11. So that’s him 22 players 1 manager and 4 officials then
  12. All irrelevant- we need to win all our games basically
  13. Luxury player indeed but he is better than the extreme Lawrence version
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