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  1. Having just watched the highlights- we should have won that by at least 2 goals Waghorn - good and bad Hamer - come on such a poor second to let in
  2. We have also lost Keogh and Tomori from fight in front of him
  3. He simply Wasn't last season and I did go to most of our games home and away
  4. Bradford - watching TV Hillsborough - I was watching the Rams at old Trafford at half time they said on the tannoy that the game had been suspended due to trouble in Liverpool end ( a small number of Man U fans cheered ) So I have disliked them since with greater intensity
  5. Actually this season’s play offs may well be played behind closed doors due to the virus restrictions that may well be in place at that point - so the red dogs may well actually make it to Wembley to be watched by - no one
  6. I agree - proved to be dodgy with crosses at times but better than Hamer for me overall - as for Hamer he is not ours so let’s play Roos
  7. Because he stopped stopping simple shots because he stopped coming for crosses because his distribution was slow and inaccurate because we were paying him to much and needed to get him of the wage bill
  8. We know Waghorn is better for the team when playing out wide or next to Martin so if the others helped out more we would benefit as a team
  9. I am keeping my London hotel booking so no red dog could potentially use it - it’s my form of extinction rebellion
  10. Correct and the one big positive for Waghorn is that he keeps on trying and puts the effort in - he misses far to many easy chances compared to his more difficult conversions Marriott meanwhile has been a huge disappointment this season and simply doesn’t put the effort in,in terms of working the defenders whilst Waghorn does get chances
  11. Disappointing result two very defendable goals given away and an unbelievable amount of easy chances not scored
  12. I have to go and do some work now I will be back for final result and a jack Marriott goal and the result sealed by Chris Martin - see you later
  13. And seeing Chris Martin scoring some goals again for Derby county
  14. Clarke over the season has done ok ish but he is never going to be a premiership player and I am not sure Cocu would want him next season
  15. I am not there ! So not bad then? ( kind of a season trend )
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