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  1. Is Rowett up to the job

    It could always be worse. Redknapp sacked by Brum. Back to Derby as footballing adviser?
  2. Bristol City v Derby County

    Not having Kieftenbeld in is going to be an error. The way Gaz talked him up would suggest he'd have been perfect to change the game. Run around, put them under pressure, instead of being ponderous and passive.. Funnily enough, just mentioned him in his post match interview. Wouldn't be surprised to see us go back there in January. There's going to be a lot of change next year. There's a pitch full out of contract, including some 'big' names. Just hope Mel lets Gary get on with it..
  3. Bristol City v Derby County

  4. Derby County v Hull City

    Sorry, but if the Hull chances were chances, then why weren't 3 and 4?
  5. Barnsley v Derby County

    Sick of the bottling comments. And being 'outclassed' by Barnsley. Behave yourselves. Even the usually pessimistic RD thought that was decent. Just ran out of steam. Needed a 3rd goal to finish them off while we were on top, if Bennett finishes one of his two second half chances and it's totally different. Disappointing to lose, but look at the positives: 90 minutes for Thorne, who sounded like he was playing like his usual self Good debut for the 16yr old Max Bird, replaced by another youth in Callum Guy A goal for Johnny, do wonders for his confidence Minutes in plenty of the second string legs
  6. EFL agree new 5 season broadcasting deal

    Given that, as it stands, the conditions behind the games that RamsTV and iFollow can stream are nigh on identical - it would suggest to me that whatever offer the EFL gets for iFollow, will be available to RamsTV. The only difference between the products, in League terms anyway, is that RamsTV have more cameras at Pride Park. That won't change. The only thing that will change is that UK fans will be able to stream it, instead of just international fans. It's a permissions problem, not a technical one.
  7. EFL agree new 5 season broadcasting deal

    Probably won't - other than being able to watch the odd Tuesday night game in the UK.
  8. NFL thread

    Lynch is an excellent pick up. Was excellent for Seahawks, no reason why he won't continue. Decent game for the Falcons. Favourite highlight was the Ryan scramble - a rarity, it has to be said.
  9. Goals

    Somewhere in the middle. No, seriously. Vydra's second was like watching some of Mac1. Nice one touch passing and a killer through ball for Nugent to cleverly set up Matej. There were some clever balls in to the channels to stretch them defensively, with a few really dangerous crosses.
  10. January 2018 Transfer Suggestions Thread

    Bryson from Cardiff?
  11. Sam Winnall & Jacob Butterfield - loan swap confirmed

  12. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    Jonny put a shot in the wrong goal..
  13. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    Not without precedent, we did the same for Albentosa, in a sense. Its the registration - but if, in theory we could sign a different free agent, Ledley for example, then surely if Brum cancel his contract, the same theory should apply?

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