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  1. Nicholson - He's one of three or four striker targets. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/heres-latest-striker-serdar-dursan-4557243
  2. Hell of a finish from Aghatise. Love a goal off the inside of the post.
  3. Spurs awarded a bye into the fourth round. Seems harsh, but maybe Leyton Orient agreed to it.
  4. The 'shot' typo is my favourite in football commentary. Comedy gold.
  5. Is... is that a leaf print? Following that logic, I'm now expecting, nay, demanding a fleece third kit.
  6. I'm sure I'll be headed to Mickleover FC at some time or another.
  7. Nicholson - Derby have asked about Keinan Davis on loan.
  8. https://www.cu-fc.com/news/2020/september/robbies-letter-to-pm/ If only football clubs would start sticking together instead of trying to screw each other over. If every club did similar to this, there'd be movement.
  9. A victim to having the wrong type of people around him. Doesn't have the same agent anymore, so that's a start. If he's joining with the u23s in mind, they will see him right. We have the right environment for the young'uns.
  10. Hell of a grab from Peters.
  11. It's just one of those stats that will never be beaten. In other news.. That looked a nasty one on Saquon. Done for the season, surely. A lot of time for Kyler Murray.
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