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  1. It's the Daily Fail, so pinch of salt taken. I'd much prefer something a little less punitive, but tbh I'm getting to the point where it just needs resolving. The longer it takes the less likely a takeover is.
  2. Of course. With them dropping down to the Champ, I think that'd make them prime suspect. The wording suggests it is fellow EFL clubs that owe us.
  3. Guess while there is a microscope on us, everything will come out, and other clubs may well get away with it to an extent. Or other clubs aren't chasing their debts as hard at the moment...
  4. Wonder who we are owed money for/from? Hughes sell on monies? Whittaker? Evans? Can't think of any other cash sales...
  5. I think that's really harsh. I can see why in slow motion it looks bad, but it doesn't look intentional. Think fans would be a bit less angry if it wasn't for a pretty obvious penalty going unpunished.
  6. Many thanks, @Steve Buckley’s Dog, and @angieram ❤️
  7. TLDR; Enough to be positive about, but the same old problems remain. I wasn't expecting much from this game. I was just glad to be back, in my second home, with my Dad. Given the circumstances, the performance yesterday was one deserving of praise. The defence looked largely untroubled. Impressed by Stearman, who I wasn't confident about. It showed a little that he and Curtis Davies hadn't played together, or even trained that much together, and didn't even know if they'd be playing until the day before, but otherwise they showed promise. Thought the full backs kept getting caught out, especially Foz as he was pushing so far up the pitch. Shinnie was excellent, he was everywhere. Bird did okay, but needed to get on the ball more - need more of those razor sharp passes that set Watson and Sibley away. Thought the former was unlucky not to get a penalty. Lawrence was busy, work rate excellent, shame he wasn't that productive, but again unlucky not to get a penalty. Definitely need another striker. A typical Colin performance, but sometimes you need something a little different. Jozwiak, I dunno. Feel like he just needs the confidence. One to go in off his backside or something. Went on a great run, but just kept... well... running, where there needed to be a shot or a final pass. Such a Derby goal to concede though. But again, when the 2 CBs have barely been playing together, or weren't even sure if they were going to be playing... how do you work on set pieces? A point was a fair result to me. But none of that matters to me now. For sadly, my Dad passed away suddenly Sunday morning. A lifelong Ram who saw Derby win championships, beat European giants, drop to the third tier, nearly go out of business under Maxwell, and rise back again to the Premier League. I'm just so glad that, even with Derby in the situation they find themselves in, he managed to see one last game with me, one last goal. What happened on the pitch wasn't especially memorable, but the day definitely will be. Up the Rams. Be kind. x
  8. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2021/08/202122-Derby-county-squad-numbers
  9. And free agents can be signed after this, if they were unregistered before the end of the window.
  10. I think that swings both ways - my dad always says growing up with the team in the 70s meant you thought it would always be like that. Don't think he thought it would ever come to this, and he went through the Maxwell years.
  11. Don't know why, feeling weirdly confident for this. Derby 0-0 Huddersfield.
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