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  1. Even the NEP are at the fishing now.
  2. Something that's never done on this forum
  3. A number of different people from the Muslim/Libyan community around Abedi alerted the authorites through a number of different channels. Yet its oft cited that they need to do more. What more could have been done? Set up a lynch mob, perhaps?
  4. Bizarrely enough, that's near enough word for word what was on the back of the Tory leaflet that was posted through my letterbox.
  5. Seems everyone is having problems with their maths this time around...
  6. Northampton Town, Northwich Victoria
  7. I hear his half-brother is running in the upcoming elections for the Slightly Silly Party.
  8. Seems to be a bona fide Twitter account too.
  9. In the interest of balance, there's a couple of pages at the back with some figures. There's some decent policies in there, but also some utterly barmy ones.
  10. Pinching him from Wednesday might be viewed as a bit cheeky
  11. Linked with another centre back, Krystian Bielik, CB or holding midfield, 19, Arsenal.
  12. Why doesn't it? How does anything you've pointed out there link to flying back to see his parents? Which was the point G Star was making. He was known to security services prior to the attack, so says Amber Rudd. Perhaps they didn't have enough intelligence. Or the right kind of intelligence.
  13. If you're going to be daft about it, not all Manchester United fans, either.
  14. Libya, but your point still stands.