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  1. Shinnie to break the play up, Bird to do the passing bit. What that does though, is to force Rooney into Sibley's position. I don't think Sibley would be as effective out wide, but then nobody really has been save for the suspended Lawrence and Waghorn.
  2. What we saw early on in the season is, in the main, a result of such a botched pre-season. That preparedness affects everything, especially tactics and transfers. A management team and playing staff not knowing, or up to speed with, how each other tick. From there on out, you're playing catch up with teams who have known their roles from the get go, or from last season. Cocu's arrivals then consisted of Bielik; 4 loans, of which 1 was inspired (Clarke), 1 meh (Hamer), and 2 panic signs, who did not fit the system (Dowell and Paterson); and Shinnie, who was signed by Lampard. Aft
  3. Don't think I could bear playing the doggies in the playoffs. They're unbearable enough as it is. I'd love us to get there though still. The game vs. Cardiff is looking like the critical one, at this point.
  4. Well, it really would make the Academy grads the Children of the Revolution.
  5. We've mostly gone to 5 at the back late on in games, so we might well do that, or see Holmes go to RB.
  6. 10p says Pearson gets booked. Nice if he got sent off. As @TomBustler1884 said - happy to see Johnson out. Injured?
  7. Evans in for Wiz, Lowe in for Foz, Waggy back up top ahead of Martin, and with Holmes and Knight on the wings. Interesting to see Trialist on the bench, for sure. Great to see as near to half of the starting XI being academy lads, with a further 3 on the bench.
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