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  1. He mentioned at the last fans' forum (with Lampard as manager). Can't remember his exact words, but it was along the lines of it being right for the club (obvious statement) and that he would like to still be involved, if not necessarily as owner or chairman. Seems obvious enough, given that he (his company) rather than DCFC owns the stadium. I think its important he does stay involved.
  2. People's Republic of South Yorkshire 1-2 Rams. Martin.
  3. It might be argued that Keogh's injury was caused by dangerous driving, could spell big problems. Depends what can and can't be proved. At the moment, all we know officially is that Bennett and Lawrence were charged with drink-driving, and Keogh was injured as a result of the crash. Anything else at the moment is rumour.
  4. Suspect the punishment will rely on a few details that are yet to surface. If it's just the driving whilst unfit, it'll be a massive fine, points and a ban from driving. I'd be a little surprised if they went to prison. If there's more to it... well...
  5. Same team. Lets have some consistency. Not even Bogle - give him another sub appearance to continue his recovery.
  6. Could we see him as a short-mid term Lawrence/Josefzoon replacement then? I had it in my head played at centre mid, for some reason.
  7. Suspect this may have been aimed at the referee - thought he was awful.
  8. There's an utter gobsite a few rows behind me. Every player was a ****, but mostly Josefzoon. Even Twan Scheepers got it just for walking on with the subs at half time. Wish someone would turn around and say if you think its that bad, just go. What's the point in turning up if that's all you're going to do? People can have an opinion, but he just had nothing positive to say. Other than that, thought the atmosphere was okay last night. We weren't even that bad, there were plenty worse performances last season. Bristol City took the two chances they got, then the back 5 did the rest. Shame we couldn't do the same but for a majestic finish from Marriott, so pleased to hear he might be fit to start Saturday. The formation in the second half looks like it might have some promise. When we have the players back, I'd go Roos Keogh Bielik Clarke Bogle Lowe Dowell Holmes Lawrence Waghorn Marriott
  9. I don't think he'll be here long enough to do that. If he has a season playing as well as he can, and we aren't promoted, we'll do very well to keep a hold of him. Might be the record received for a Derby player.
  10. Also, shout out for that incredible save from Hamer. Looks for all the world like that should be going in. That's why you don't write off signings.
  11. He's a striker. He wants the ball, and he will more than likely believe he's in a better position to shoot from what he can see. Mountain out of a mole hill there. If his attitude is bad, why would he celebrate when Buchanan slots?
  12. He'll be the holding mid. In his post match Cocu said he put him at CB as its a bit easier to get him up to speed than in midfield.
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