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  1. While Vickers wouldn't be my first choice, he's still a good option for this level. No goalkeeper is a *touch* dramatic.
  2. I often wonder if UI designers actually sit and 'drive' the cars and attempt to use the controls. I've got a company Ford Ranger at the moment (not my choice) and 80% of the controls are now through the giant touchscreen, save for most of the heating controls. It's impossible to use while on the move, since you have to take your eyes off the road. I was briefly driving my sis-in-law's VW ID3 and those slidy heat controls are ridiculous. One of my bosses has a Tesla. It would really sit in the back of my mind 'what if the screen bricked itself'? I love tech, but to have critical controls of a ton of metal and batteries disappear because the screen failed? No ta.
  3. https://www.footballinsider247.com/exclusive-bournemouth-and-stoke-city-make-moves-for-celtic-star-bosun-lawal/
  4. Prefer wings and thighs, me. You were talking about chicken, no?
  5. For me, Ebou Adams is *the* peak Warne signing. Not in terms of on the pitch, as in his character. I really want him to succeed just because of his values, attitude and personality - and that's infectious. Must be a joy to have in the dressing room.
  6. As many of us expected. There'll likely be some appearance/performance bonuses
  7. Somewhat disappointed it only made it to 40ish pages. Not even close to being a transfer saga.
  8. Better if he was Georgian. More plusses.
  9. The black side panels make way more sense with the shorts. Big fan of the ‘keeper kit too.
  10. If we’re really signing three or four midfielders (Adams + 2/3) that screams both Fornah and DRobinson out on loan (not sure about him being a CB long term). It would also point we’re looking for three distinct types - and maybe two of each? Creative - Goudmijn Runner - Osborn, Thompson Destroyer - Adams(?)
  11. Stepien-Iwumene (ASI?) will be my one to watch.
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