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  1. Can see Bird's interception at about 12:10.
  2. If its the same as the Sky Sports video, then no on either of his contributions to either the first or third. There's a delicious drop of the shoulder in the build up to the first, and his interception is missed from the third. Probably best waiting for the DCFC highlights on Youtube.
  3. Really has come on leaps and bounds this season. In previous seasons he's looked a little like a boy playing a man's game, but really producing mature, effective performances which, due to his position mostly go unnoticed. His contribution for the third goal was brilliant.
  4. Holmes. Missed him dearly at the start of the season. Comeback story, Wisdom. YPOTY, Bird, just edging Knight so far. Max has been at a more consistent level, which is harsh on Jason as he's being played out of position at the moment.
  5. Lots of first team names in there today for Blackburn - Derrick Williams, Bradley Johnson, Ben Brereton..
  6. What about that lady tennis player scratching her arse?
  7. No chance its us. Reading between the lines, Charlton and Birmingham have both failed to agree terms - so can't imagine us matching his wage demands.
  8. The trio of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic. Andy Murray could have dominated tennis if not for the misfortune of coming through at the same time as those three.
  9. That was my thinking - Howe came out and said too many injuries in the squad for Simpson to go out.
  10. I wonder if perhaps Cocu's 'clue' in his interview post-Luton was Jack Simpson, or even Jozwiak, rather than Benkovic.
  11. Wants to leave Fenerbache. Cocu was at Fener. Hard to see where this link came from.
  12. Played 75mins at LB tonight vs Arsenal. Not been watching, mind.
  13. Will never tire of watching that ball from Chris Baird.
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