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  1. Animal is a Ram

    Ex Rams

    Clement sacked by Reading. The only surprise is that it hasn't happened sooner...
  2. Animal is a Ram

    v Sheff Utd (A) Tickets - Sold Out

    See you there, and a merry Christmas to y'all.
  3. Animal is a Ram

    Snake City watch

    I know its only the u23s, but: Worthy of a laughing chimp maybe?
  4. Animal is a Ram

    upcoming gigs

    3 gigs in 7 days starts on Friday - Blossoms at the O2 Birmingham, Hozier on Sunday at the same place, and Madness/Fratellis next Thursday at the Snottingham Ice Rink. Muse and Panic at the Disco secured for next year. Christmas presents for the missus (and me, sneakily)
  5. Animal is a Ram

    Mark Hughes sacked

  6. Animal is a Ram

    Mark Hughes sacked

    Lost his spark, perhaps?
  7. Animal is a Ram

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Sarri said as much in his post Europa match interview.
  8. Animal is a Ram

    Which Derby player made you feel old?

    Think it was Will Hughes that first made me feel old. I'm only 26 ffs.
  9. Animal is a Ram

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Various suggestion tweets about going in for Ampadu again. Don't get where he would play, though.
  10. Animal is a Ram

    Mason Bennett

    Waghorn-lite. Played very much like him on coming on for his replacement, and I think that has helped. Can imagine the management to have done similar to what they have done for Marriott and Nuge - Mase lad, sit out a few games, watch how Waggy plays and learn from it.
  11. Animal is a Ram

    Holmes today

    First half, looked a little lost, and bullied by Birmingham's physicality - but then that could have been levelled at most players - him and Wilson seemed to be dropping too deep. Started to find the right spaces and passes in the second half.
  12. Animal is a Ram

    In a Nutshell: Derby County v B’ham City

    He made no effort to stop the ball going past him. Several players had already been warned for timewasting. It's also very easy to book goalkeepers, as they are far less likely to pick up cards than outfield players.
  13. Animal is a Ram

    Ridiculous Ticket price

    Probably by virtue of some very reasonable season ticket pricing. Begrudging credit to them. I have to say, I've been surprised the Lampard (or, lack of Rowett) effect hasn't seen attendances recover, especially when we've only lost 1 at home. Think Brum was our best home attendance this season?
  14. Animal is a Ram

    v Villa (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2-1 Vanilla Marriott.
  15. Animal is a Ram

    Jack Marriott

    Was at the heart of so many of Derby's attacks on Saturday, and not just the three goals. He's Darren Bent, but links up more. If anything, my favourite contribution was one that didn't end in a goal - beautiful chested flick round the corner for Wilson. While £6m (I think?) may look expensive, think he's been terrific value so far. Frank has done a great job in managing him too.

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