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  1. Went to school with a number of players' offspring - Eranio, Stimac and Asanovic juniors in my class...
  2. Basically the above, but in one screenshot
  3. I can't think of many industries where the biggest companies don't actually require paying customers!
  4. Bald Eagle did it best, though Uncle George had a good foreign eye too.
  5. If we're willing (doubt it) to spend £15m+ on Wilson, I'd rather we spend c£10m on Tomori. As other posters have said, Wilson would be probably be the loanee of the three I was least sad to see leave. Weird considering his end product, and 18 goals is no small void to fill, but he seemed to be less effective as the season rumbled on. He's young though, and maybe teams had him pegged with special attention, with no other players stepping up to take advantage. Would welcome him back with open arms, naturally, but not at that cost...
  6. Umbro seem to have been pretty good in not just giving us bland templates every time. Certainly better for it than Nike/adidas.
  7. Is it just the way she's wearing it that makes the sponsor look MASSIVE? Also, the shirt looks way better worn than on that hanger...
  8. Think the utilita looks smart. Prefer that to the 32red!
  9. Not a snowflake in hell's chance. Bristol are pretty good at demanding top dollar for their players. Derby aren't that much more attractive.
  10. Love that kit. Something a bit different. If the away is in some blue/yellow, or black white reverse I'll have a hard time picking. The video is a bit of fun. The behind the scenes one is funny, love Waggy acting up, not sure why they picked Keogh to act all well'ard in them shiny white dad trainers. In the pictures there is a slight glimpse of the He's Scottish Bryson chant... I hope that's not a hint.
  11. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/latest-jayden-bogle-future-after-2949233?0
  12. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/fikayo-tomori-price-tag-revealed-2945412 DT quoting the Daily Fail, who say £10m would get him. Bargain, imo. Doubt we'd be willing to spend that in one chunk, we'd probably be looking to get 2-3 and a loan for that amount.
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