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  1. https://the72.co.uk/128861/derby-county-spotted-scouting-greek-game-striker-hits-18th-season/ Scouts have their passports back? Apparently we were in Greece watching a striker.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47697715 Derek McInnes, post Kazakhstan vs Scotland
  3. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/latest-kelle-roos-contract-talks-2720745
  4. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/bristol-city-target-former-bristol-2718527 Bristol Post saying Sky Sports linking Roos with Bristol City, Stoke, Hull, and that we might sign him on again.
  5. Has scored to cancel out Max Lowe's early goal..
  6. Mel brought this up at the forum last week. This is a move to help DCFC's numbers AND to safeguard in the event of a sale of the club. Would prevent any new ownership demanding a mortgage or sale of the stadium. That said, maybe it makes DCFC a harder sell if PPS doesn't come with it?
  7. They just look a different colour, so far as I can tell.
  8. Rams 2-1 Hell. Waggy. Always hated Stoke as a place. Armpit of the A50.
  9. Conflicted. But, as per @LB_DCFC. They've never recovered from losing Harvey Barnes. Bit like us with Jordon Ibe in the second Mac1 season.
  10. We could steal a Paolo Nutini song..
  11. Not on RamsTV, but is on Liverpool TV. Trying to find out if peasant non-subscribers can watch it..
  12. You can just go down and watch. Ask Bielsa, he knows the way in
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