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  1. I don't think he'll be here long enough to do that. If he has a season playing as well as he can, and we aren't promoted, we'll do very well to keep a hold of him. Might be the record received for a Derby player.
  2. Also, shout out for that incredible save from Hamer. Looks for all the world like that should be going in. That's why you don't write off signings.
  3. He's a striker. He wants the ball, and he will more than likely believe he's in a better position to shoot from what he can see. Mountain out of a mole hill there. If his attitude is bad, why would he celebrate when Buchanan slots?
  4. He'll be the holding mid. In his post match Cocu said he put him at CB as its a bit easier to get him up to speed than in midfield.
  5. The reason the phrase 'good feet for a big man' exists. We just aren't used to big units like Clarke and Bielik to be any cop with the ball at their feet. It's almost too good to be true that we have 2 CBs and a DM now with real composure and skill on the ball. I've only seen the highlights so far, waiting for the full game to come up, but Knight looks like the next academy lad to be pushing through. I've been impressed with him at u18s/23s levels, real mature performances. Love the look of Buchanan, he really handled the Girona preseason game with aplomb, and a stunning goal here. Bielik looks like he could be worth a lot of money, excited to see him in midfield. The goal really was good. Don't care that it was 'only' Scunthorpe. Knight and Lowe do really well to retain possession, Evans with a great ball, then sublime touches and finish from Buchanan. Must do wonders for the mentality of the academy when you have so many players being given great opportunities to showcase themselves.
  6. Remember that trialist from the pre-season?
  7. I'm half expecting Bird to go out on loan, think he needs experience of senior football at a L1 team.
  8. There's a difference between scapegoating and saying he didn't perform well. He didn't perform well on Saturday. Neither did Huddlestone.
  9. Probably aggravated by Sky as these betting company deals are taking money away from Skybet 🤔
  10. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/08/09/martyn-waghorn-hopes-inspire-depression-sufferers-mind-completely/ Good read this, and while he doesn't reference fans as one of the contributors to his depression, it certainly speaks to me that we have some slight duty of care to make sure we show our players the backing they need.
  11. I'm happy with this window. We've shipped out a large chunk of 'deadwood'. Chunky wages saved. Leaner squad. Better chance of youngsters coming through. Sure, the quality has taken a drop - we were always going to struggle to 'replace' Mount/Wilson/Tomori - but I think we've addressed the right areas. Would have loved a top drawer winger, which is something I feel like I say every damn season. We've also kept hold of our key players in Waggy, Marriott, Lawrence and Bogle. Hamer - wages saved. Useful back up to have. Roos clearly first choice, which I don't mind. Paterson - jury's out. Will wait to see what he can do, but looks like an upgrade on Josefzoon and Bennett at the least. Clarke - signing of the season for me. Much needed physicality AND can play it out from the back? Only negative is that he's not our player. Shame we couldn't have pinched him before Brighton did, but who's to say we didn't try? Bielik - again, much needed physicality. One hell of an investment and looks like a proper defensive mid. Rooney - doesn't need saying does it? Will probably make us money without spending a minute on the pitch. Can he hack the Championship? Where will he play? Shinnie - not sure. Looked like a Bryson replacement. May be a victim of change of manager? Sure he'll have a role to play though Dowell - as close to a Mount replacement as you could expect - hope he isn't unfairly benchmarked against the aforementioned - looks like he could be important once he starts to strike up and understanding with Lawrence/Waggy/Marriott.
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