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  1. Joins Luton. Probably going to be another of the Derby 'curse of the ex-player' club.
  2. Amazing how the right suddenly hate the free market forces when it isn't going their way, huh? I've been watching a few clips here and there - I try and balance the 'free and diverse media', as Mr Dowden puts it - and I don't find them to be the anti-establishment, breath of fresh air they claim to be. But then, as someone who leans to the left of the political spectrum, and pretty sure Dan Wootton would call me woke/snowflake/liberati/metropolitan elite/virtue-signalling/socialist and say its not aimed at me. Did enjoy them falling into the classic elephant traps of Mike Hunt,
  3. Going to be very frustrating to lose him on a free.
  4. I'm glad the club are honouring the 'free' season ticket for next year. I was a little worried they wouldn't - unless they can't withdraw it without some legal implication, of course.
  5. Add the pandemic into the mix too...
  6. Looked pretty handy. If we end up losing Knight, I would 100% welcome this.
  7. We have a decent track record with raiding the Irish leagues for talent. All the best to him. On a tangent though - look closer at him in the pic. Is that the new training kit leaked? What's weird is that when you click on through to the link, it's him wearing Dungannon kit...
  8. I know it's the much maligned KM, but.
  9. Sorry to be picky, but Sibley would be a poor example, due to him being an academy product, his registration cost (I believe) would be £0, so you're always selling for a profit. Jozwiak is a better choice. But I would imagine it would work the same as under straight line - if you sell a player you spent £3m on in year 2 of 3 (value £2m) for £3m, then you've sold for more than they're worth in that year. **Never mind, looks like I've misunderstood the q.**
  10. Pretty much. Not using a straight line isn't against FRS102. The issue is that Derby's assumptions and reasons for using ERVs instead are faulty - in the eyes of the expert witness Professor Pope.
  11. The LAP seems to think not: (p46, 82d)
  12. Also, appears to be a shame that the DCs decision to exclude Pope's evidence was overturned by the LAP. Them pointing out that he sounds a bit dense and the metaphors weren't anywhere near the same thing as football players wasn't enough of a reason.
  13. After reading the document... Derby have been particularly naive in trying to 'systematically' and 'reliably' predict player values - which seems to be the main contention for the club trying to use ERV rather than a straight line - especially when it appears that no other club does this. Having said that, as pointed out in earlier posts, how can it be that the only 'economic benefits' of a player is that they play? Is this based on a statistic somewhere that the majority of players leave a club on a free transfer?
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