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  1. Heard about the Cortinas doing a charity gig in the 70s. Somebody in the crowd shouted out, how much are they paying you? And he said back, nothing. The bloke threw a fifty pence piece at him and told him here's half a quid, now pee off back home.
  2. No, sorry, I was saying the opposite. You'll remember the decisions that go against us as its a form of confirmation bias. You'll not see so evidently the decisions that go in our favour, or you'll gloss over them as warranted, justified or not so controversial as the ones against us. Over 46 games it has to be negligible in its impact.
  3. Well, there's little I hate more than people who write like they're the oracle of all things. I could say "it's a fact that..." but that'd be bull. Of course I can't guarantee what will happen, but wait and see. I'm sure he'll be a top level player, but we aren't able to capitalise on it. I'm sure someone will though.
  4. I virtually guarantee you'll watch Jozwiak tear up some game playing in a different team, and you'll just remember him being crap for us instead of wondering what we weren't doing to unlock the player we needed. It's almost a certainty he'll move on next season, and I can recognise there's a good player in there.
  5. That argument doesn't hold water for me. Let's say we finish 21st and Rotherham finish 22nd. Do you think Rotherham fans won't have their own list of games where they "deserved" to get something? Over 46 matches you end up where you should. I can understand a complaint about a decision in a playoff or a cup final. But if you are down at the bottom of the league, it's because you haven't performed across the season.
  6. I'm sure every club in the division can point to injuries and bad decisions that cost them points. We aren't where we are now because of a few bad bits of luck.
  7. Sorry, but I just thought what we need is the opposite of maintaining our form.
  8. I worry if there will be a club left if we go down. We are a very expensive outfit to run, have an owner desperate to sell, question marks over future ownership and likely a vacancy for a manager if we are relegated. And who knows, maybe a points deduction to start with, knowing the EFL. No, I don't see much positive about relegation.
  9. Well I'm not particularly enjoying the men's game much at the moment.
  10. Have you tried turning it up to 11?
  11. I'd be ashamed to admit I knew that if I were you.
  12. Dynasty style, maybe, he's hoping that he'll climb out of the shower and everything will be different?
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