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  2. We don't know if there's any high earners off the field anorl.
  3. I am disappointed that Mel hasn't committed to tightening the belt. If instead of increasing debts he'd forced a reduction in outgoings, the 1.5m quid a month he's putting in would drop. Surely the end game for all championship clubs has to be running costs below income? He could continue to fund the running costs until a buyer is found if there's a clear end to that cost. That's what I was presuming he meant when he said he'd fund us until a buyer was found. Each transfer window would mean a controlled reduction of higher cost players. But no, the costs haven't been addressed. If we were looking for a buyer, start by getting the balance sheet in order. Stop chasing the premiership dream. We gambled to the point of lunacy.
  4. The saddest part is, even if you won £111 million, our current situation means it wouldn't be enough to achieve the big time. A third of it goes on the debt, some goes to get the stadium back, and to begin with you'll be dipping into what's left to pay the wages and running costs.
  5. They need to be registered, so you need two email addresses. Handy tip: if you use Gmail you can put full stops in your email address and it still gets sent to you. So if you have an address like dcfc.fans@gmail.com you could use d.c.f.c.fans@gmail.com and the sign in page thinks it's different, but you don't need to make a new account.
  6. Like for the Mark Thomas reference. Loved his comedy product in the (89s? 90s?). Would love to see him live.
  7. One for Mel: "I spent £200m and all I got was this lousy t-shirt (and a football ground)"
  8. Eh? The Premier league winner gets a bigger prize than the other teams. It's in the game, it's in the rules. Parachute payments are in the rules. It may not be fair, but life's often not fair. You just have to accept it.
  9. Parachute payments existing is irrelevant. The rules are the rules. You can't argue breaking them is justified because they aren't fair. Tough, fair or not.
  10. We all occasionally enjoy a bit of rough, but there's still a line. Yellow card.
  11. Sky telling us what a difficult transfer window Birmingham had. Aw diddums.
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