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  1. GboroRam

    Fran Sol

    I immediately thought of Anu.
  2. GboroRam

    Funny Pics Thread

  3. GboroRam

    The Forest Preview Show

  4. GboroRam

    How do you cope...

    Plus: You fancy a bit of, y'know? And No? Ah, OK then.
  5. GboroRam

    Rams Trust

    I don't think RamsTrust is a particularly bad thing and it came about during a period where it was questioned why an individual should be able to own a football club. It's still very pertinent that the wrong ownership can cause untold damage to a football club and the safest, most long-term suggestion for ownership of the club should be the fans. As Stive said, membership is open to anyone so it's hardly an attempt to stage a coup. When the 3 amigos were taking the club into bad places, it was a very sensible idea. Still is, just the urgency of the situation has gone. Long may Mel be a positive influence for the club - other clubs are not so fortunate and but for the grace of god we could have been in the same sticky situation.
  6. GboroRam

    New joke thread

    My grief counsellor died last night, but he was so good I don't give a crap.
  7. GboroRam

    Strange Flag

    Ok guys, topic is flags. Just flags.
  8. GboroRam


    OK, I think we've gone off racism in football and into general racism and colonialism. Closing topic.
  9. GboroRam

    How do you cope...

    Stół z powyłamywanymi nogami. (Table with a broken legs.)
  10. GboroRam


    Lot of opinion from people who most likely never experienced racism in this thread. Oh well, I'm sure they don't mean anything wrong.
  11. GboroRam

    Wouldn’t be Christmas without it

    A German terrorist falling through a window.
  12. GboroRam

    How do you cope...

    Must be Poland.
  13. GboroRam

    How do you cope...

    Tak oczywiście.
  14. GboroRam

    How do you cope...

    Just learn the language. You'll get so much kudos for the effort.
  15. GboroRam

    Seat Thrower at Rotherham

    If it's a SAR and you've paid the Admin fee, call the ICO for advice. They're very friendly.

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