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  1. GboroRam

    Bring back hanging...

    Hard to say without all the details but on what we are told it looks overly light.
  2. GboroRam

    least funny 'comedian'

    I just don't get this. Comedy is so subjective that there's no good or bad. If you don't like a particular act it doesn't mean they aren't funny. You might as well ask which fruits are the worst.
  3. GboroRam


    Nottingham Forest "football" club
  4. GboroRam


    Hard water
  5. GboroRam

    How much have you spent on Steam

    Nowt, like Boycie.
  6. GboroRam

    Your all time guilty tracks

    Not a very guilty track though.
  7. GboroRam

    Tory party eats itself

    Shame about the last 13 or 14 wasted months. Brexit will take organisation and planning but politicians such as Boris are more interested in playing to the voters. 2 years is nowhere near long enough to become self sufficient. And who's going to fund the required investment in infrastructure etc.? The government/taxpayers?
  8. GboroRam

    Tory party eats itself

    With £350m per week, we'll all be millionaires!
  9. GboroRam

    Brexit or Eurin?

    Is a hard brexit giving up golf? You make it sound more attractive.
  10. GboroRam

    Tory party eats itself

    Jeremy Corbyn 🙂
  11. GboroRam

    Tory party eats itself

    Still don't know how we can avoid war in Ireland.
  12. GboroRam

    Tory party eats itself

    They have a minister for everything these days.
  13. GboroRam

    Brexit or Eurin?

    Remember when Teresa May campaigned on a platform if "strong and stable"? How laughable does that seem now? And all those Tory voters who said Labour would make a mess of Brexit - feel like you got what you were voting for?
  14. GboroRam

    Brexit or Eurin?

    It's possible that none of the options will get enough support to get passed.

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