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  1. Ah yes, the "believe in Brexit" argument. Like small girls might believe in fairies.
  2. True biscuit man, @uttoxram75 will be pleased.
  3. The problem is personal experience doesn't tell anything about the global situation. Could be good, could be an exception. Literally means nothing.
  4. Is there anything in between booming and eradicated?
  5. That was a bit of a sly move from the Brexit supporters. They said the technology exists, which it does. It's called computers. Unfortunately there is no software that does what they want it to, or any workable method that can be described to a developer in terms they could make it do what it needs to.
  6. "Will of the people". Maybe they should have got some Russians to help as well?
  7. It's like a poker game, where everyone knows you're bluffing. But you still insist on going all in and telling everyone you have a full house. Knowing you're bluffing and you're not going to win.
  8. Now, which remainer did this? Shocking behaviour. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/brexit-pervert-david-monkhouse-newcastle-16393927
  9. I think it is. Any other arrangement would have to be with some form of agreement. And No Deal is by definition without any agreement. Any other outcome will be with some deal, albeit a basic one as a stopgap.
  10. Remember to play nicely, children.
  11. I thought it was because of immigration but you said it was about taking back control.
  12. So he's being devious but accidentally upholding the sovereignty of parliament, which seems to be the main reason Brexit supporters favour Brexit.
  13. How do you know? The complaint has come forward and disagrees.
  14. Actually if a call from a neighbour was made, the call handler would try to ascertain if anyone is in immediate danger. A woman shouting, a man sounding aggressive and "get off me" heard from the woman may get prioritised for a police visit.
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