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  1. I've been trying to keep an eye on the thread and haven't seen any name calling (plenty of people with strong opinions, but as long as it doesn't get personal I'm happy with that). If you see otherwise, please use the report features so we can address them. Thank you for your assistance 🙂
  2. GboroRam

    Galaxy Fold

    Does anyone else think the Galaxy fold is a gimmick that nobody wanted? Who was looking for a folding phone anyway?
  3. Even more so, I'm looking forward to a disastrous no deal. Until it proves all the lies, the most ardent brexiters will still be crying foul of the whole process.
  4. Feels like they got the flags the wrong way around.
  5. GboroRam

    New joke thread

    I’ll always remember my granddads last words.. ”stop shaking the ladder you little... ”
  6. GboroRam

    Dear Deidre

    For anyone who listens to Johnny Vaughan, all I can say is... Aarrrrrr.
  7. I remember when Blair seized ownership of the means of production. We all threw off our yokes of oppression. Solidarity brothers!
  8. GboroRam

    Avengers Endgame

    I'm with Daveo. How many Avengers films have you seen? I'll start the ball rolling with... Zero
  9. GboroRam

    Forum Issues

    Alexa might be though.
  10. Honestly I can't be bothered to discuss with you as its all opinions without facts, and you're prepared to ignore facts presented as fake news. Enjoy your elephant, when it comes. May realises the choice is between political suicide and economic suicide, or her deal which is probably both. It'll be dragged out as long as possible, because nobody wants to be the PM who caused any of the above.
  11. Looks like another opinion. No statistics, no evidence, nothing to back up an opinion.
  12. So you just "think" the EU is a busted flush based on an opinion, nothing concrete.
  13. I'm particularly looking forward to all the adequate food.
  14. Explain how. With citations.
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