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  1. At least you didn't mention Lee Hurst, which would just have reinforced my thoughts.
  2. Lovely tribute from her majesty.
  3. Weren't they the key trading zones of Trotters Independent Traders?
  4. Well, I suppose that's the most important thing.
  5. Wonder if he'll be the next Przemysław Kaźmierczak.
  6. Nice to see a team in white score against them.
  7. Could we privatise the monarchy? Save us a fortune. I'm sure a pioneering capitalist could make this publicly funded venture turn into a goldmine.
  8. Weren't the British military supposed to be the good guys? Why would they need pardoning? Were the good guys sometimes as bad as the bad guys?
  9. Dunno if you could say confirmed. Contradicted, yes. Some people say they heard it at the ground, others said they heard nothing. Not hearing it isn't the same as it not happening. I wasn't there so I can't say if it happened or not.
  10. A bit like how we're now accepting that leaving the EU will cost us money but it's worth it to get control back from the undemocratic institution?
  11. Having lots of money may not be the cure, but it certainly makes it a lot more comfortable. I'd rather be a prince in a palace with mental health issues than on the streets with mental health issues. Let's not pretend having money isn't a big support in these issues.
  12. Probably approaching politics thread territory, but I can't see how someone ban be pro Brexit and "taking back control" "regain our sovereignty" and not oppose the right of Kings to take the throne. If the EU is undemocratic, what does that make the Royal family?
  13. If Andrew was my uncle I think I'd distance myself from my family too.
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