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  1. Quite like it TBH. Sorry.
  2. If it's half as good as the radio advert, you'll be happy. Lincolnshire folks who listen to Lincs FM will understand what I mean. TATTERSHALL! - LAKES! - WATER! - PARK!
  3. Also in the settings somewhere you can view your signal strength and quality for each of the 2 LNB connections. Maybe the dish has moved a little. My signal went to crap after BT did some work outside and it was down to the cable in the back of the sky box coming loose from the connector. Probably his drill shook the wall enough to make the cable come out slightly. Took it out and put the end back on and it was fine.
  4. My beach time was full of unbagged turds left where they've fallen from their darling dog's arse.
  5. To be fair it was fairly quiet. Can't complain - people weren't being stupid and were giving everyone lots of room (mostly - there's always some idiots). But nobody cares about dog poo on the beach, which is a real shame because it's full of kids and the "responsible" adults don't think what they're doing.
  6. A few weeks ago we took the family to the local beach, safely social distanced from everyone. My first job was to bag and dispose of about 6 dog turds from the area. People are just disgusting.
  7. Why is Homer Simpson considered a legend?
  8. It's going to be like every New Years Eve for the last 30 years rolled into one.
  9. Not sure how you can use the words jockey and sportsman in the same sentence. They only have to sit there. I wouldn't call sitting on a desk chair a sport but it's pretty similar.
  10. If you get priority testing then you could make it work.
  11. It's entirely down to the risk of food adulteration. Wouldn't be allowed I'm afraid. For an engineer repairing a line it's OK, but for someone working on it - not possible.
  12. I work in food processing, and I can confirm this is not permitted as it's a contamination risk. Breath will condense inside the mask, and can drip out into the product. We've had to tell line workers to remove masks - it's a risk in itself.
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