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  1. You say people I disagree with, I say far right neo-fascists. Potato/po-tato. Honestly, why are people justifying supporting fascism so much these days? Remember the times when it was considered a very British thing to be against fascism? It was very popular in the 40s.
  2. I remember working with a guy in his late 20s who had never paid into a pension, and I thought he must be crazy. Turns out he's a genius.
  3. Strange that wasn't included on the video. Almost like maybe there's more to it. Like those innocent proud boys. Just misunderstood little cherubs. Hard to understand why they would get targeted. It must all be the nasty anti fascists doing the bad stuff.
  4. Was any context available to any of those clips? What happened in the run up to the shown clips?
  5. Also for the leader of the third biggest party to claim the leader of the second largest party has no mandate in Parliament is a bit pot/kettle.
  6. Hang on, it was an agreement to leave the EU. You said that's what people voted for. Now you say that wasn't what people voted for? What was the question on the voting slip?
  7. If there is no political will to achieve a deal before we leave, what changes after?
  8. Nobody asked this question on the ballot...
  9. How do you not know from that statement? Labour intend to follow the will of the electorate and want to leave, with a deal including a customs union. They oppose leaving with no deal. The immediate plan is prevent a crash out in November, push back the date and arrange for a general election. The electorate can give a solid mandate to a new government. Seems that the Tories support no deal, Labour support Brexit with a deal and the lib dems support remain.
  10. No chance Corbyn would accept that deal. He is leader of the opposition whether you like it or not. If he took a back seat in this he's basically admitting he can't lead the country. Why would he do that? Question for me is, how worried about Brexit are the lib dems? Or are they more worried about Corbyn leading a temporary government? Yes, Corbyn scares the crap out of the establishment. Ever wondered why?
  11. https://labour.org.uk/latest/stories/labour-demands-brexit-public-vote/ I am proud to lead the Labour Party – the greatest political party and social movement in this country. We all recognise that the issue of Brexit has been divisive in our communities and sometimes in our party too. As democrats, Labour accepted the result of the 2016 referendum. In our 2017 manifesto, Labour also committed to oppose a No Deal Brexit and the Tories’ Brexit plans – which threatened jobs, living standards, and the open multicultural society that we as internationalists value so much. I want to pay tribute to Keir Starmer and the shadow Brexit team for holding the Government to account during this process. That helped secure a meaningful vote on their deal – which we then defeated three times – including inflicting the largest ever defeat on any Government. And following their refusal to publish their legal advice, this Government became the first to be held in contempt of Parliament. Labour set out a compromise plan to try to bring the country together based around a customs union, a strong single market relationship and protection of environmental regulations and rights at work. We continue to believe this is a sensible alternative that could bring the country together. But the Prime Minister refused to compromise and was unable to deliver, so we ended cross-party talks. Now both Tory leadership candidates are threatening a No Deal Brexit – or at best a race to the bottom and a sweetheart deal with Donald Trump: that runs down industry, opens up our NHS and other public services to yet more privatisation, and shreds environmental protections, rights at work and consumer standards. I have spent the past few weeks consulting with the shadow cabinet, MPs, affiliated unions and the NEC. I have also had feedback from members via the National Policy Forum consultation on Brexit. Whoever becomes the new Prime Minister should have the confidence to put their deal, or No Deal, back to the people in a public vote. In those circumstances, I want to make it clear that Labour would campaign for Remain against either No Deal or a Tory deal that does not protect the economy and jobs. Labour has a crucial, historic duty to safeguard jobs, rights and living standards. But no Brexit outcome alone can do that. We need a general election. After nine years of austerity, too many people in this country cannot find decent secure well-paid work and have to rely on public services that have been severely cut back. Our country is ravaged by inequality and rising poverty, huge regional imbalances of investment, and the government is failing to tackle the climate emergency facing us all. That is why we need a Labour government to end austerity and rebuild our country for the many, not the few. Jeremy Corbyn Leader of the Labour Party
  12. If there was to be a caretaker prime minister, he leads the largest party in opposition. Logically he has to be the lead man to take the reins. Says a lot about the libdems, that they will happily prop up a coalition and push austerity, but refuse to support the one realistic option that might stop Brexit (which they claim must be stopped). Will support Tory attacks on working class people but won't support Labour on the most limited remit possible.
  13. My Auntie would have been my Uncle if she'd had a couple of things.
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