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  1. GboroRam

    Is today Derby County’s Birthday?

    Thank, but I'm not the embodiment of Derby County.
  2. GboroRam

    Happy Birthday GboroRam

    Don't make me say that word that will close it down... Brex....
  3. GboroRam

    New joke thread

    Probably down to the lack of good taste posts.
  4. GboroRam

    DCFC Fans 10 Years Online, Thank You!

    I've tried to acknowledge all the posters who complimented the mods. Thanks to both of you.
  5. GboroRam

    National Pie Day

    I feel we should ask the pie expert, Kenny Burns.
  6. GboroRam

    Homeless guy

  7. GboroRam

    Game of Thrones - Season 8

    I got about 5 minutes in. Found it a bit slow.
  8. GboroRam

    Game of Thrones - Season 8

    Don't spoil it for me, I'm still on episode 1 of season 1.
  9. GboroRam

    Alexa, tell her I’m right and she’s wrong!

    If it's like Google home, you teach them your voices. Then you can have a shopping list each.
  10. GboroRam

    Funny Pics Thread

  11. GboroRam

    I love this guy

    Honestly I've stopped believing all of them. Everyone thinks that they will be the next influencer, and it's just a game in search of followers. I hope. Otherwise the human race is even more doomed than I ever thought.
  12. GboroRam

    Snake City watch

    Fake twitter account posting.
  13. GboroRam

    Public Health England

    Explains a lot, frankly.
  14. GboroRam

    If you could live life in any movie...

    I thought you said pirates and blew me a kiss.

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