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  1. If we're going for news stories, I think Covid wins by quite a bit. Eddie Large, Roy from Siegfried & Roy, Tim Brooke Taylor and Dave Greenfield from the Stranglers area amongst the people I heard of dying. But the question was more who do you know personally affected by either.
  2. Reading current opinions, maybe a Pooney shirt might be more appropriate?
  3. But it hasn't all gone to their funders, or their preferred sponsors. Pretty much a blanket giveaway of cash to business to offset losses by closing those businesses. Of course it isn't generosity, but it is very much against the grain for a government that brought you austerity. They don't do public spending, yet have given millions out. Why? What's caused the change in direction? Why have so many other governments done the same across the world? I still can't answer these riddles.
  4. I asked earlier but got no answer. Why are these people doing these things? Why are we locking down people if it's not necessary? Why does almost every world government agree it's necessary when the "evidence" says otherwise? Why did the government blow billions on emergency conditions - they aren't known for generosity normally? Who benefits? It must be being done for a reason. The only reasons I've heard so far are to bring in the new world order, and that's why the lizards and 5G are coming into the conversation. If you don't believe the 5G/lizard conspiracy theorie
  5. Corrected for @Eddie's sake.
  6. Are you sure she's schizophrenic, and not just entertaining a very enthusiastic gentleman?
  7. I thought raising taxes didn't work? Well apparently it didn't at the last election. Surely Covid means we need more tax cuts for the rich, so we can stimulate more income?
  8. Sweden has a very different mentality to us British. I read that in Sweden they have abandoned the 2m rule and returned to the usual 5m.
  9. 2.5 average for Rooney, counting the steaming pile of poo as a 1. I'm shocked a player of his experience could turn out a universally poorly rated performance (I didn't see the match and I think I'd turn down the opportunity if they were paying me to watch). Nobody rated more than a 4. Very worrying if the captain isn't capable of leading, which it sounds like he wasn't managing to do. I wonder what terms he's on, regarding wages and expectation of the sponsor that he plays?
  10. To date, but the regional lockdown started some time ago.
  11. We've locked down a quarter of the country too.
  12. Fake news, I only hand out points to the moderates, never to the loony lefties. Or so I read. Don't tell me that's fake news too?
  13. Username Chris Martin. Looking for mac 3.
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