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  1. They will be one of the winners in this. Are we supposed to feel sorry that demand is so high that they have had to take on extra delivery drivers? That they can't buy in stock fast enough to keep it on the shelves? Possibly furloughing unnecessary staff and the taxpayers will pay 80% of the wages? I've got loads of sympathy for business right now. Not much for the supermarkets though. They must be coining it in. Hence massive dividends.
  2. Ooh, you'll incur the wrath of @ViewsFromTheMiddle. Hope you have plenty of strength for the inevitable onslaught. I'm OK - I'm as strong as an ox
  3. I doubt he's even read his own autobiography.
  4. I see they've also recruited Brian the confused.com robot in the fight against coronavirus.
  5. The same question was asked on HIGNFY (without the live audience it sounds awful - I'd even consider putting fake laughter in the show as it just feels flat without any reaction) - Paul Merton asked Ian if he'd finished colouring them all in.
  6. It's a crisis. Every member state will be pushed for maximising resource the EU provides them while minimising their exposure to additional costs. It's going to be a tough time, but effectively they will need to work out they could benefit by trying to work together. Unfortunately the costs will disproportionately be expected to be covered by the more prosperous nations - but basically that's the point of the EU. It will fuel some anti EU sentiment. Crisis isn't limited to nation states. The EU will be as hit as anywhere, maybe more so because there will be more finger pointing.
  7. It's the increase in jammy dodger expenses that the £6 covers.
  8. Suicide will be up. Domestic violence and murder in the family will be up. Death from bad withdrawal from drugs will be up. Death from untreated illness will be up (from lack of GP access and reduced hospital capacity). Injuries and fatal accidents in the home will be up (falling from ladders doing DIY, roof work etc). But vastly outweighed by the reduction in deaths on the road. I suspect.
  9. Hey, it's in generally the right spirit (however it's the incorrect spirit)!
  10. Germs can't live in alcohol, so you're just staying safe. Well done.
  11. I love classic football. Kick in the 'nads - yellow card 🙂
  12. Oh yes, emoji use is stringently monitored on here.
  13. BREAKING NEWS: Two people found sunbathing in Scotland today have tested positive for hypothermia.
  14. Johnson in intensive care.
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