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  1. GboroRam

    Notts Forest game

    Thought their miners were known as the jelly babies, on account of them lacking a backbone?
  2. GboroRam

    Notts Forest game

    Maybe it's because they don't like the comparison with the real Nottingham team, Notts County. The only football team to come from Nottingham.
  3. GboroRam

    Sleep Talking

    My mate's dad did end up sat on his fishing box in the wardrobe, having a poo. His missus was unimpressed. Top tip: never drink Stones bitter.
  4. GboroRam

    Notts Forest game

    Aw boo hoo them.
  5. GboroRam

    My Lads op.

    I'm sure people will be asking what was in the post - let's just say it was even more of the same, and we all want Joel to know we are rooting for him. Wishing you all the very best. Not much anyone can say, like you know.
  6. GboroRam

    Most embarrassing moment.....

    My dad went to my stepdaughter's wedding with odd shoes on.
  7. GboroRam

    Corporate buzzwords

    I think it's funny that the word Buzzword is a buzzword.
  8. GboroRam

    Forum Issues

    How queer. Seems to be behaving again, didn't touch nuffin' guvnor.
  9. GboroRam

    Forum Issues

    Unread posts button shows every post, not unread threads. Is it possible to set it back like it was?
  10. GboroRam

    Peter Marples / 3aaa

    Sure I applied for a job with 3aaa recently. Suppose I should scrap that one.
  11. GboroRam

    Dogs on SPORTS Pitches BAN!

    Don't feed dogs pork. Full stop.
  12. GboroRam

    Dogs on SPORTS Pitches BAN!

    It's a bit hard to stop a dog crapping though. Best you'll get is it cleaned up. If the dog was on your grass having a dump, that's out of line. On the pavement in front of your house, sorry - dog needs to walk, dog needs to poo.
  13. GboroRam


    Most computers. Hardly anyone owns a mac because they are incompatible with every piece of software ever written.
  14. GboroRam


    I've got a 55" Sony Bravia Android TV. Pros: Great picture, built in Android so I can run media centre and any other side loadable apps and not have wires and boxes everywhere. Cons: Android TV is a bit underprovided for, remote and TV menu have far too many useless features, Occasionally it needs a reboot like most computers, wall mounts are expensive but you can bodge something together in B&q for a out a fiver. Cost me something like £250 from John Pye, YMMV. Not 4k but I've not got anything 4k anyway.
  15. GboroRam

    Ones That Got Away

    Glad Joey Barton was either a bad rumour or one that got away.

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