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  1. This season is a free hit for Wayne. If he's moderately successful, he's a hero. If it turns into a disaster (and let's be honest, there's a decent chance of it) he will be judged lightly, poisoned chalice - owner selling up, lack of funds to pay the players, debacle with the new owners, coronavirus - how could he overcome all of that? I think bad season, Wayne leaves for pastures new at the end of season.
  2. Question is, will we both be going down?
  3. Has anything happened that made you think that money is coming in? I'm more concerned than ever that we're not going to be spending money any time soon.
  4. I should have had a tenner on it, that's normally enough to change fate.
  5. Not watching the game, but it feels like one of those games that we lose late on, listening to you lot.
  6. Hmm. Maybe. Perhaps sometimes the pitchforks reaction is because the performances are a bit rubbish.
  7. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/1/15/uk-twin-pandemic-and-brexit-crises-prompt-unprecedented-exodus
  8. Or Wayne being crucified by our "fans" and hounded out?
  9. Do we actually know Ibe has any mental health issues?
  10. It's an automatic filter to protect you from yourselves 🙂 I've released that one as it does seem relevant to Covid, but please keep the thread relevant to that and not the other thing.
  11. Seven figure sum = £7.
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