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  1. Sounds bad. Hope there's more to it than that. Legal action has been misused for a long time, it needs addressing.
  2. Honestly it's hard for me to answer. I'm not a black woman growing up with racists around me, so I don't feel I can tell her how to feel about her experiences. But they don't sit easy with me.
  3. The problem is, Labour didn't have likeable people. Good policies, but not the people. Corbyn has his followers, but his views on Israel were turned into something nasty. Unfairly, in my opinion, but we still have people who will burst into a round of "no surrender to the IRA" because they don't agree with any negotiated peace. Talking to their "enemy" is treasonous. Abbott has more baggage than anyone, and I would have preferred to leave her out of the picture. But the big problem Corbyn had was who he could trust. Almost every Labour MP joined in the no confidence vote. Who in Labour wants to promote a manifesto that revitalises the country, and who wants to go for a moderate yet unsupported by the membership manifesto aiming to get back into power? I hope Labour don't sway back to centrism. I'll vote lib dem if I want that. Stand up for the working class please, Labour.
  4. Maybe you are right, but I don't see the SWP as anything more than a group of meaningless idiots. Maybe you view Antifa like I view the organised far right, and you view the organised far right like I view Antifa. Who's right? Maybe both, maybe neither, maybe something in the middle.
  5. Only because there aren't many actual people in the SWP.
  6. The SWP are a joke, a caricature of themselves.
  7. Two? Im not saying that it's not a thing. I'm saying it's fairly anonymous. It gets press far above its presence deserves. Its more a USA thing than UK. There are more organisations trying to monopolise on the name for their own purposes. There's more anti Antifa groups than Antifa groups.
  8. Had a look. Really there's not, if you are looking for English language sites. For example there's not a single event in London. The demo looks to me like an SWP attention seeker. Nothing new in that, and I know what they are like. Back in the 90s they were the face of the Anti Racist Alliance, which was a recruiting front for the SWP. I get it, the hard left think they can capitalise on the disillusioned Momentum members, and they want to appeal to the angry youth. But their methods will alienate more than they recruit, so it's counter productive long term. But if the SWP recruit another 10 paper sellers, they'll see it as a win. I still think Antifa is a red herring. Plenty of anti racist and anti fascist groups, but I don't think Antifa have much of a presence in the UK.
  9. If it was a £65m beer, probably I could.
  10. You got me. Same as you though. Anyway, I imagine anyone buying a 65m house in London is likely laundering Russian oil money. But we're open for business with those guys.
  11. Do you think he could afford to pay a little bit more tax? Or would that push him into food bank territory?
  12. You probably are right. Maybe everyone is in a social media shaped bubble these days.
  13. You know, I completely missed that. Still, looks more like the SWP trying to get some attention by latching on to anything they think they can ride on. I don't see any Antifa presence online, barring a few far right sites demonising the anti fascist left.
  14. I thought the posters and placards said Socialist Workers "Party", didn't see Antifa once. Show me the SWPs policies on private capital, on nationalism, on class? Or stop misusing the word fascist.
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