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  1. Chris Martin

    I was reading the Cyrille Regis thread and forgot I'd changed threads, and this was the first post I read. Er...
  2. Alt-right

    He guaranteed it as true as well. About as reliable as the mainstream media, except we all know the media lie constantly.
  3. Carillon

    Private sector everything goes fine, rich men get richer. Public sector everything goes fine, country makes profit for itself.
  4. Boring Sports

    I can watch and enjoy by cheering for the posh kids to knock the fences down, and possibly fall off.
  5. Series you just can't get into.... convert us...

    Watched a season and a bit. Crap.
  6. Carillon

    Who me? I'm a good boy. I'm on best behaviour.
  7. Dolores O’riordan RIP

    Read she was fighting mental health issues. Hope that isn't related.
  8. 5 points better than 6

    3 pints is better than 3 points
  9. That's not how averages work though.
  10. Pfft, 2016. Ages ago. I presume it has all been sorted out by now.
  11. Why didn't you say earlier? That settles it for me. We'v also disproved the link between smoking and cancer in this thread.
  12. Well feel free to post something constructive to refute it, or how those concerns have been addressed. Is racial profiling still happening at some level? Do black males get disproportionately targeted for stop and search? If a black male is driving an expensive car, does it raise more suspicions than if it is a white male? Does sentencing follow an even-handed approach or does ethnicity have an impact on how a crime is dealt with?
  13. I read once a juror said the accused must have done it because the police said he had, and they wouldn't make up something like that. Was it you?
  14. Forest's Greek Tragedy

  15. Well, you worked out my argument was bullplop pretty much straight away, so I hope you see yours was pretty much the same.

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