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  1. 'The English Game' is a program on Netflix basically about the FA Cup way back in the 1870's The Old Etonians were always expected to win it but then northern teams owned by mill owners started to get results. Most of the Old Etonians ran the FA at the time and basically made the rules. Suddenly the mill owners were bringing in highly rated Scottish players and paying them to play. It was strictly an amature game in the late 1800's It's a bit of a tough watch to be fair as it's more about the people than football
  2. It was definitely Derby St Lukes mentioned in 'The English Game' They even had them playing in black and white as well
  3. Born in a council house in Littleover in 1961 in a bad snow storm. The ambulance couldn’t get through but a midwife somehow did on her bike. Mum and dad worked hard but in those days wages were very low so my mates dad used to take us both along through the backstreets of Normanton to the BBG when we were about 6. We could hear the BBG crowd from the back garden and just had to be part of it. The BBG was a special place and we saw many brilliant games. Especially under Cloughie and Dave Mackay. I definitely bleed black and white and DCFC are in my DNA. I can trace my late dads family in Derby right back to the late 1800’s when the family moved here to work on the railways. I’m a proud Derby lad, born and bred. Never like to hear a bad word said about the City or Derbyshire. Supporting anyone else has never crossed my mind ‘It’s in my DNA Youth’
  4. No Sibley in the squad so presume he may be on the bench tonight
  5. I see the head chap for BBC local radio has been in town today https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8012307/BBC-send-executive-probe-comments-Craig-Ramage-young-black-lads-Derby.html
  6. After the match we got back to the car about 5:30 (it's a long walk) We then listened to the rest of Sportscene on Radio Derby and the gent in question was having a right go at Max Bird for some unknown reason. Chris Coles seemed confused by this as well. We totally disagreed with Mr Ramage as we knew Max Bird had an excellent game, like he always does. We know the game is all about opinions but we did think he had no reason to single out Max Bird
  7. Well me and my mate are ST holders and we are definitely going to be in our normal South Stand seats. We will of course be standing and not sitting. I would be very surprised if the regulars are not around us as well
  8. Oh Flipping heck. I was banking on it being on the Wednesday. That's another night shift I've got to try and book of then
  9. Good move, have a look at him until his contract expires. See if he can push himself into the first team. Tend to think he could be Bennetts replacement
  10. rsmini

    Cocu In

    It was also good to see him today after the game, arms in the air, applauding the supporters
  11. I can just about remember Mackay joining, it was quite a coup for the club at the time and transformed the team. Of course he helped us to be champions of England twice, once as a player and once as a manager
  12. The article in the Mail says the players should be paid on Thursday. It’s a non story I reckon.
  13. Interestingly this popped up on my Facebook from 6 years ago. To compare it today. The goals against difference is only 3 goals 32 compared to 29. But we’ve scored less than half 22 compared to 48 goals 6 years ago. it’s clear we just are not creating enough for the strikers to fire home. Maybe we are missing the injured Shinnie more than we thought. I’d like to think Mr Cocu will try to sort out this obvious problem sooner rather than later.
  14. Well Richard Osman of Pointless game and a Fulham fan tweeted this at the weekend I had to look who Mason Greenwood is
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