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  1. Craig Bryson - signed for Cardiff season long loan

    Bryson has openly said he wants to finish his career at Derby, come back from injury , and starting too push for a place in the first 11. I'm no expert but I'd be surprised if he is open to a loan move. When is Shacks moving to Hull?
  2. Giant Scoreboard

    They show the game on the small screens in the concourse for all the people who can't be bothered to go back up to the stands after half time
  3. Why only 27,000 today

    It's quite simple really. The crowd is always lower in August as it's the main time of year for people to be away on holiday
  4. Come, come, come, nuclear bomb

    I can just about recall the Cuba crisis. I think this just a bit of sabre rattling. Though it is very worrying, the North Korean leader seems hell bent on going after the Americans. Hopefully the diplomatic process will work
  5. Neymar

    £750,000 a week!! and he says it's not about the money. PSG have said he could earn more elsewhere!! what has the working mans game come to. It used to be work Monday to Friday then enjoy football and a pint on a Saturday afternoon. Now money has taken over the game we all love. Top clubs don's need paying fans anymore, they are rolling in the folding stuff. But we will all still go and watch the clubs we support
  6. New sponsor?

    Now 3aaa no longer sponsor the training gear can we deduce they will now become main shirt sponsor

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