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  1. I tend to think he could play centre half alongside Curtis Davies and maybe leave Christie at right back
  2. To have a settled manager will give all the players more time to adapt to the way he wants them to play. Rather than shipping out a manager every couple of months. It must get confusing for the players.
  3. Did the ref book Tom Ince for moving the ball!!
  4. Some around me in the South Stand were giving the players some right stick in the first half. I think they used every name under the sun and not many players were spared the anger. Then all of a sudden in the 2nd half they got behind the players!
  5. Anyone know how Will Hughes is? He did not look very comfortable at all when he hit the ground at the end. His hand appeared to be shaking with pain when he went down I didn't get into the ground until 3:24 and we were already 2-0 down. I'd spent the morning at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry where my 15yr old was a having Jaguar driving experience in the car parks. The Arena is very impressive inside. Hotel, Casino, restaurant etc
  6. Wednesday fans on twitter are going barmy about us pinching all there songs!! Do they own the copyright to all of them
  7. Hydrogen is the way forward. It's basically water so produces no emissions. My dad managed to get a bus to run on hydrogen many years ago before he retired. The only problem was how to store it safely on board
  8. It's good news Chris Martin has signed a new contract, but where does this leave Derby's new experienced front man David Nugent. I believe he signed a 2 and half year contract. Thinking about it this could mean Bent will not be offered a new deal and Nugent will just be his replacement
  9. Excellent performance by Mr Bryson, superbly taken goal and back to his best. Just proves he needs a run of games to get back to his best
  10. I have no idea who is, likewise he has no idea who I am. I presume he is back up for our Bradley. If he is better remains to be seen
  11. I think as we don't have a fit left back at the moment it may delay him going out on loan for a week or 2