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  1. rsmini

    Matej Vydra

    What if Vyds does not want to leave anyway, and we are all just presuming that he is going #justsaying I appreciate we need to raise funds for transfers and FFP and he is our biggest assest, but maybe he does not fancy going to another championship club
  2. rsmini

    Mason Bennett

    Lad deserves a chance. He made a decent start to last season, finally managed to get into the first 11 against Brentford, then got injured in the first couple of minutes. How unlucky is that? Give him a chance I say
  3. rsmini

    Peter Marples and Mel Morris

    There is a chap on twitter posting some interesting stuff about Derby, no one seems to know who he is @hkram8 The reason I mentioned is because his pinned post on twitter relates to comments by Peter Marples @Boycie and very much worth a read. I have no idea if any of it is true
  4. rsmini

    Amazon winning some Premier League tv rights

    you get BT Sport free with Virgin Media, I ca even watch it on the Virgin Go App. You need to have the top Virgin package though 😞
  5. rsmini

    Our inept and disfunctional website

    Had no trouble with the website, just follow the instructions if you received an email (sent out on Sunday afternoon). I always check the emails on my iphone, then when I got back home used the laptop to access the email followed the links and used the website via chrome. It does ask you to log in first. The website can be a pain but I do think it's still evolving. The pop up videos are annoying, but the carry adverts as well so that is a revenue stream for the club. I tend to us the official DCFC app on my iphone which works fine with no pop ups as well. Viewing the website on a smart TV is a pain but thats more to do with the TV browser being very slow
  6. rsmini

    Online Tickets

    Did mine last night as soon as the email came through. The link takes you to the correct page, tells you to log in then 'click here to buy ticket' Make sure you tick t & c's then follow instructions. When complete, two emails come through. One is a receipt and the other has a pdf attachement which need to be printed off as that is your ticket
  7. rsmini

    Price Of Football .. DCFC

    Thanks @ramblur for clearing it up. Most appreciated. Interesting that a lot of clubs seem to set up different companies. I was just curious what people thought as I first found the link via the #dcfc hashtag on Twitter
  8. I was pointed to this earlier. An article by the website "Price of football" relates to Derby. I have no idea if it's correct or not but makes interesting reading regarding the recent accounts the club published http://priceoffootball.com/derby-county-respectable/
  9. Shrewsbury could very well be in the Championship next season. Would this effect the plan to have safe standing within the ground?
  10. rsmini

    Stadium atmosphere

    Sorry mate, I’m not doubting you, but I didn’t hear either chant at all on Wednesday night
  11. rsmini

    Stadium atmosphere

    The full picture... It was a Leeds fan who tweeted the bottom half of the picture
  12. rsmini

    Stadium atmosphere

    My mate was in there for the Norwich game. Right next to the away fans. He said it felt very toxic with the stewards constantly telling him to sit down and not doing anything about the away fans standing and being abusive etc. Its good that you keep on trying to get things going
  13. rsmini

    Stadium atmosphere

    I still have no voice from joining in last night and I’m in the South Stand. The eaststand next to the away fans normally join in more than they did last night.
  14. rsmini

    Stadium atmosphere

    It was a good idea to move the drummer down to the front of the South Stand as the noise bounced of the roof. But not enough joined in when he tried to get a rythym going. Im not moaning but what why didn’t we sing the Dambuster chant and the ‘in your Yorkshire slums’ chant? I know a lot left early last night. Many stay in the Concourse after half time and watch the game on the telly. What’s that all about then. I didn’t leave early last night but sometimes I have to leave at 9:30pm as I have to be at work by 10:30pm for the night shift. Involves a 20 minute sprint to my car and a 30 minute drive to work. I have no choice in that. It’s just one of those things.
  15. rsmini

    Stadium atmosphere

    I say!! I'm not displaying my flange On a serious note. I would have been at that Leeds game back in 1972 at the BBG, generally the atmosphere at the BBG was very good but we did have quiet days as well

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