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  1. Read somewhere that Reading were interested as well
  2. I don’t think it’s a case of ‘Marriott is always injured” he had a groin injury last season that needed an operation to be sorted out. That’s now been done so hopefully he can kick on and become our star striker
  3. When is the corner flag making an appearance?
  4. Someone has definitely got it in for the club, and it appears they won’t rest until we have a massive points reduction and relegated.
  5. Roger Davies — Seattle Sounders scored 41 goals for them in two spells and oddly enough only 31 for Derby! Remember him scoring 5 against Luton and extra time hat trick against Spurs in the cup
  6. Good luck to him. I wonder if CM9 will follow him to MK Dons
  7. Interestingly it appears the build cost for Brentford’s new stadium, with around 20,000 seats, is quoted as £71m and being underwritten by the clubs owner. I wonder if this value will taken into consideration as Pride Park has a 33,000 capacity
  8. I just say 'Alexa play BBC Radio Derby' and it does. Though it will not play the match commentary as it's against EFL rules to broadcast over the internet. So I pay £5 a month for Rams TV, that way I can listen to RD commentary through the DCFC app whilst at work etc. Connect your smart speaker and phone together via bluetooth and you should be to listen through the speaker just fine
  9. I seem to recall Bywater coming of under Cloughie and being replaced by a young lad making his first appearance on the bench. The goalies name might have been Severn? I don’t think Bywater was injured at the time
  10. Rams TV for me. I’ve been logging in via the browser on the smart TV and it works fine in full screen mode 👍
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