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    Let’s just play hoofball for a few games, then we can all moan we never play out from the back
  2. I think the confusion was that after the last post was sounded the crowd broke into a round of applause, which seemed to cause confusion. maybe the one minute silence should have been observed and finished with the bugler.
  3. It's got to be the game against Juventus, we should have got through to final that season, then who knows what could have happened. Clough and Taylor leaving put us back as a club. All the top players in that period wanted to come to Derby. Losing to Man Utd in the FA Cup was very hard to take. Everything after was just Derby being Derby
  4. Cocu's interview was interesting after the game, he basically said the disciplinary procedure is still ongoing and they will be hit with severe penalties. He can not say what that will be to the public just yet, but he hinted he knew exactly what was going to happen to them. Ryan Giggs has picked TL for the Welsh squad after speaking to the player and the club. He explains his reasoning behind this in interviews. I'm disgusted by what happened and they were so lucky a lorry or car was travelling along the A6 at the time of the accident as it could have been so much worse. The full story will come out in the next few weeks no doubt.
  5. That’s a powerful statement from the club. It was an organised evening by the club and ended at 8pm. With club cars available to take players and staff home
  6. I also thought one of the original plans for Kingsway to Little Eaton was to take the road behind Mackworth Church and the Park to join the A38 closer to the Kilburn juntion. Also if you look at the Kingsway island it is already elevated and the A38 was supposed to go underneath it. But I believe money scuppered that plan
  7. Bogle plays in a different position to Luke Thomas. Maybe he will get his chance after his injury
  8. Agree with the first poster. He is pretty much spot on. But wouldn’t it be nice to start a season at the top of the league rather than playing catch up.
  9. I was lucky enough to be around to see O’Hare, Hector and Hinton. My favourite of all time is Alan Hinton. I also recall Charlie George, Roger Davies and Frannie Lee. Unfortunately Dereck Hales doesn’t quite make my list
  10. Villa have spent something like £120m
  11. Worked fine for me today. Happily paid the £7.99, logged into the DCFC website using the browser on my smart TV and watched in full screen with no buffering at all. Well done to DCFC and Owen Bradley for decent commentary. Just a pity about the result
  12. Even though he did jump ship, and the football wasn't always the best he did get us into the play offs. Fell at the final hurdle of trying to beat Fulham in the semi finals. When he was at Burton he was a very well respected young coach and knows the game very well. He could be a good fit for you. Maybe the job at Stoke came at the wrong time for him
  13. So will this gap in play be added as injury time at the end of the half 😂
  14. Just said the same on Sky Sports News on the telly. Presenters said he was a top player with Barcelona and already has a good pedigree as manager. Also said his only concern could be the small squad and lack of funds. But I bet Mel has that covered
  15. What a great thread. I was was born in a council house in Littleover, Derby in 1961. The ambulance couldn’t get through a very heavy snow storm but somehow the midwife got through and I was born in the front bedroom. My late mum and dad were both Derby through and through and I can trace my Derby roots back at least 120 years. My family have always bled black and white. I can not recall any family member supporting any other team. I recentky posted this this on twitter on the same subject “My grandad died when my dad was 3. He was brought up on Ossie Park Road and often sent to live with his aunt as his mum couldn’t cope, still went to the BBG. some question why #DCFC say “it’s in your DNA youth” well this is why 🐑🐑” i used to walk from Littleover to the BBG via the Cavendish just before the glory days. That was a brilliant time to be a supporter. 8-2 against Spurs. Roger Davies 5 against Luton, European nights at the BBG were something to behold. My daughter and nephews are all Derby fans. It’s brilliant to see the DNA continue. The poem read out last season before every game really got to my emotions as I everything about Derby and it’s heritage is just so important to me. That might sound daft but Derby is firmly entrenched in my DNA My wife was born in Goole and her family are from Aberdeen They settled in Derby in the mid 60’s after her late father left the RAF and got a teaching job at Wilmorton Tech They all tend to keep up with what’s going on with Derby
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