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  1. Stadium atmosphere

    Sorry mate, I’m not doubting you, but I didn’t hear either chant at all on Wednesday night
  2. Stadium atmosphere

    The full picture... It was a Leeds fan who tweeted the bottom half of the picture
  3. Stadium atmosphere

    My mate was in there for the Norwich game. Right next to the away fans. He said it felt very toxic with the stewards constantly telling him to sit down and not doing anything about the away fans standing and being abusive etc. Its good that you keep on trying to get things going
  4. Stadium atmosphere

    I still have no voice from joining in last night and I’m in the South Stand. The eaststand next to the away fans normally join in more than they did last night.
  5. Stadium atmosphere

    It was a good idea to move the drummer down to the front of the South Stand as the noise bounced of the roof. But not enough joined in when he tried to get a rythym going. Im not moaning but what why didn’t we sing the Dambuster chant and the ‘in your Yorkshire slums’ chant? I know a lot left early last night. Many stay in the Concourse after half time and watch the game on the telly. What’s that all about then. I didn’t leave early last night but sometimes I have to leave at 9:30pm as I have to be at work by 10:30pm for the night shift. Involves a 20 minute sprint to my car and a 30 minute drive to work. I have no choice in that. It’s just one of those things.
  6. Stadium atmosphere

    I say!! I'm not displaying my flange On a serious note. I would have been at that Leeds game back in 1972 at the BBG, generally the atmosphere at the BBG was very good but we did have quiet days as well
  7. Stadium atmosphere

    Just watched Wigan v Man City on BBC. That was a fantastic atmosphere and it seemed like all 3 sides of home fans were joining in
  8. Stadium atmosphere

    I’ve only heard it a couple of times at home games to be honest
  9. Stadium atmosphere

    I’m in South Stand on the south west side. We always try and join in to keep the atmosphere going. Quick question. Why don’t we sing Steve Bloomers watching during the game? Most fans know the words you might be surprised by how many join in. Don’t jump on me and say it’s not sung because it’s crap!!
  10. Our pre-match routine. Embarrassing.

    “Its in your DNA youth” proper Derbyshire that is
  11. Our pre-match routine. Embarrassing.

    I can never hear the North Stand chanting. The West Stand lower join in the bounce. The South West Stand used to join in all the time The East stand near the away fans always have a chant in them. We try our best in the South Stand but the rest of the stadium please join in as well #sinceiwasyoung
  12. Are BBC Radio Derby allowed to stream the game over the internet tonight? League games are turned off when the match starts and only available on DAB, FM and freeview.
  13. After Man City 'poached' Tom Glick have they given us some money for him? just a daft thought but spending nearly a £1 million on a big screen, digital advertising boards and better TV's in the concourse. Now we have a Premier Members Area. All good stuff I think and is definatly starting to move the stadium up a level. Maybe safe standing will be next. [size=3] Derby County will be making some exciting changes and improvements to an area of the Toyota West Stand Upper for the start of the 2012-13 season. [/size] [size=3] Having listened to suggestions from fans, the Rams have decided to create a 'Premier Members' area and as such have upgraded 128 seats in Block E of the Toyota West Stand Upper. [/size] [size=3] Supporters with seats in this area will receive the following benefits: [/size] [size=3] • A padded, higher quality seat • Carpets throughout the seating area • A pre-game complimentary tea/coffee • Free matchday programme • Free matchday team sheet • Personal DCFC account executive to handle all ticketing queries • Premier Member lanyard & Card to enable identification by stewards and catering staff [/size] [size=3] Supporters that have already renewed their Season Ticket in this area of Pride Park Stadium for the 2012-13 season will receive all of these benefits free of charge, however any new customers to the area will pay an enhanced rate. [/size] [size=3] Link to the article [/size] [size=3] [url= http://www.dcfc.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10270~2819595,00.html]http://www.dcfc.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10270~2819595,00.html[/size]

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