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  1. That was so totally random was difficult even for me to get my head around
  2. Hate to tell you but there's a mass populous out there that totally disagree with your interpretation but don't take my word for it...
  3. I did Google it and found several sites saying there is no difference between remembrance Day and armistice Day. Is this some kind of trick question or are you genuinely confused?
  4. Any company can do what Asda are doing though it's perfectly legal under employment law.
  5. Where did I say that they never miss. My point was that if they were clinical strikers then they wouldn't be playing for an average Championship side. Shall we start again
  6. I find this post far more insightful then the actual content of the thread.
  7. That's why they're playing in a mid table Championship side isn't and not plying their trade in La Liga or the Premiership
  8. Couldn't have summed it up better myself thankyou
  9. Best thing to do is agree to disagree on this one. At least you've been honest enough to admit you shouldn't have responded to me (in the manner which you did) but time to move on.
  10. It's a very fair point in general I've seen lots of instances of posts go totally off piste with digressions that have nothing to do with the original post which then requires someone forcibly bringing the topic back on track. Not sure if this is the mods job or would expect us as a group of people hopefully with the same shared common interest to do this.
  11. Yes totally agreed. I hold my hands up and say I contributed partly to the above last night, I say partly as I woke up this morning to another form of abuse on the same forum which was carried on from last night. As @Paul71 rightly quotes if people have a polarised opinion on something then it propogates robust debates, when matters sink into petty personal abuse and name calling then things have gone too far which happened last night with 3 posters which I won't call out on here as it may have been the drink talking given the timings of the posts.
  12. Fair comment am coming off here for the night. Maybe there's some other posters who should also do the same. Night
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