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  1. Paradoxically he seems to play better against international calibre players. Which isn't difficult however judging his past seasons performance. Unfortunately for him the Championship ain't gifted with a glut of quality players.
  2. Who's panicking? Rooney nearly managed to get us relegated to League 1 last season I'm sure he'll succeed this time around.
  3. I don't mind if people have a disagreement and are big enough to argue face to face. Its the passive aggressive snidey laughing emojis from posters who then can't even be arsed or simply are unable to back up their own viewpoint that is the worst kind of behaviour
  4. I'm a couple of miles away from you doubt if my WiFi can reach that far though....
  5. It's one of the largest residential areas for NTU students given it's proximity to the campus in the city centre and that the Nottingham tramline passes right through it and again the city centre campus is only a few stops down the line. Have to say some of the comments on here about the area and knifecrime are very unhelpful as for example recently a surgeon was stabbed in his multi million pound house in Southwell so this sort of behaviour isn't just localised to specific areas.The Arboretum Park itself is in fact very pleasant having sat in there a number of times recently during the
  6. Why is it always Stoke Middlesbrough Derby in the thread when a players name comes up.....
  7. Yes naive totally agree. Harsh not so sure.....as soon as you start making bold statements like that then you quite rightly have to stick your head about the parapet.....which goes back to the first comment.
  8. The issue is that as soon as statements are made like that, whether it be a vision or a misson goal, then they quite rightly are taken literally - why else would you not? Again I think Mel Morris has been guilty of making bold statements with the best intentions which unfortunately ultimately he will and should be measured against. Not as a stick to beat him with but as an indicator of his success in his role - would be the same for any MD of any company coming in whom maps out their three year, five year plan etc. If its not delivered on then quite rightly questions are then asked. Of course
  9. Tbf the guy was just fill of excuses he said he was going to patch plaster and tile himself but then if there were issues then he wouldn't be able to sort them. Given that he'd already cancelled once I wasn't very happy about him starting the job and changing the bathroom suite then leaving it until he did have a plasterer available. And if he could have done the tiling then why did he not suggest this from the start instead of saying he was going to use someone to do it. I said I wanted the job done in one go as we agreed which he then got the arse with.
  10. I like the way he was valued at 5 million quid by Everton a year ago and then suddenly let go for nothing this year. Says it all really.
  11. This. I know it sounds clich├ęd but a tradesperson is only as good as their last job. It's obvious that with the pandemic then tradespersons are over egging the pudding to a greater degree then that they did before if that's possible, by stacking their order book and then if things run over or if they get a more lucrative contract in meantime then they bail on you, inevitably at last minute or with a prolonged hiatus between the work starting and it's completion. I've heard enough excuses now to last me a lifetime, I just want people to be honest, some are, some just insult your intelligen
  12. They're one step further down the line than us in the infection process am afraid, what's happening to them is in the post if Morris doesn't either sort the club finances out or sort a new buyer out tout suite. Chansiri gets some stick and I know he employed Gary Monk but he's the main architect in this disaster too and gets overlooked somewhat.
  13. He texted me the details of someone else he's contacted who allegedly can do the job this next week. Which fills me with great trepidation as if they are as unreliable as him then it's the same again. Why can't people just be honest which is really annoying, I left buying the bathroom suite until today to avoid this happening as am ultra cautious but still ended up getting my fingers burnt. He would have known long before this that his plasterer was allegedly busy and his tiler hurting his ankle just reeks of bs. And then he gets the hump when I start getting heavy with him and sayin
  14. What hissed me off was that after it became apparent he was going to postpone the job or start the work on my head knowing that if the tiles pulled the plaster off he wouldn't be able to repair them and so I would be indefinitely out of use of the bath and shower I then said that really it wasn't my concern that the plasterer had let him down as I still expected the work to be completed. And that it was totally unacceptable that I had made arrangements for next week and he was texting me at 6 the night before. And expected the work to be done as agreed. Then he said well if that's you're
  15. Update - had arranged for another plumber to come and do the work tomorrow, have got a the bathroom suite in ready, texts me this evening to say that his plasterer has double booked and the person doing the tiling has hurt his ankle. But he thinks he can do the tiling himself. So after a series of increasingly angry texts I asked if he didn't have a plasterer and the tiles don't come off easily from the wall whose going to fill the holes in as need to use the shower and bath in the time being? Then he said he wasn't going to do the work as it seems like a massive issue for me.
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