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  1. Take it Mel Morris isn't on his Xmas card list
  2. Well riding a jetski isn't breaching any laws. Being conveyed in a car without wearing a seatbelt knowing the driver is intoxicated definitely is.
  3. I would have thought that Mel Morris and Cocu to a lesser degree would have already got contingency plans in place to deal with each outcome.
  4. Obviously the Mirror know we are going to escape any FFP sanctions, get a new source of funding in to bankroll this or sell someone like Marriott to finance the deal. Or it's just complete crap.
  5. Well we can argue about the merits and demerits of whether the sanctions were appropriate or not, there are other posters doing that at the moment. Bottom line is that Keogh should never have given the club that issue to deal with through his own stupidity.
  6. Regardless of whether you think the club acted in the appropriate manner the basic fact is that the club did not engineer this scenario which was entirely down to the protagonists involved including Keogh, but the club did have to deal with the aftermath. Keogh needs to take 100% responsibility for forcing this decision onto the club by his own actions.
  7. Well, well, well. Keogh could still have been playing for us if he had decided to take the reduction in wages during his rehabilitation period. Wonder if the new wages he's got at MK Dons is more than the gap in his earnings and the offer Derby made to him. Anyhows wish him all the best,hopefully he's had time during his rehab to consider his behaviour and learn from it going forward.
  8. Which bit am I being silly about given everything I conveyed is derived from your vitriolic outburst You obviously are happy to quote the word empathy but you show none when considering your responses to other people
  9. Your total overreaction to someone making a perfectly valid point was as bizarre as it was personally offensive given that you like to wax lyrical about having empathy for other peoples offense. I know this is meant to be a forum for sharing of thoughts and opinions but your totally unnecessary vent would make anyone reticent to share their beliefs if they thought they were going to receive the same reaction, really shameful if you are discouraging people to post on here.
  10. Good to see that you've spared your previous aggressive diatribe on someone who is also asking the same reasonable question
  11. Yes I had mine done about 2 months ago after one of my work colleagues tested positive. Particularly unpleasant experience having to shove swabs down your throat and up your nose as other posters have already pointed out whilst sitting in a carpark in full view of other people. My result came back (negative) after 48 hours but that was when I went in on a Monday morning, I think they do round the clock analysing. Fingers crossed.
  12. How can you say you find my comments offensive to someone else? Totally nonsensical statement. I've posted a fact that everyone is getting all hung up about whether we are going to get a points deduction or not but no one is commenting on the root cause behind why we are in this position, the potential points deduction is the secondary not the primary cause in this. If that's not acceptable to comment on then I was under the impression this was a forum and you tell me what is OK to debate or not. If you think that also I am not entitled to be concerned about how the club got i
  13. Not really there probably will be a slew of clubs who incur points deductions next season due to the financial impact of Covid so it might end up being a relegation battle decided between the teams with points deductions.
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