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  1. Their parents must be so proud of them picking on a boy with disabilities
  2. This. I don't believe there's any malice aforethought against us it's just they are consistently incompetent What happened to the referees assessor that was meant to monitor the referees performance after every game is that a thing of the past
  3. Ireland Vs Italy off due to Coronavirus threat
  4. Yes 100% agreed I can't see how anyone can either find it helpful or in the least bit entertaining. I've been at games where the crowd have mocked and jeered heavy touches or miscontrols from opposition players but never a Derby player.
  5. Wasn't meant to be harsh in fact 2 other posters said the same thing regards not all criticism should be viewed in a negative light
  6. You've obviously never heard of constructive criticism then as a concept And before I get jumped on I wouldnt classify ironic cheers when Roos catches the ball as that
  7. What escapes my grasp is why are we persisting to integrate a culture of playing out from the back with players who more than likely won't be at the club anyway next season - Matt Clarke returned from loan, Curtis Davies really should be looking at moving on
  8. I'll probably get slated for this but wasnt Hamer brought in purely as cover for Roos? Which means the club considered Roos to be an adequate goalkeeper for the side.
  9. All teams could say that though. After about two thirds of the season gone all of those could and should haves will have become equalised and the league table a fair reflection of where teams should be on merit.
  10. We won't get all those though which is what I stated in the transfer thread, it's totally unrealistic. So we need to prioritise which positions we do need to strengthen - GK, CB, Winger
  11. What does that all mean. If Roos is the 4th best keeper in the league then my word there must be some horrendous goalies in the Championship
  12. Think if we were honest we can't blame the match officials for our own deficiencies
  13. Someone at the club obviously thought it was a good idea otherwise he wouldnt be playing for us at all
  14. It's difficult I know...I understand where you're coming from that there seems to be more posts on a matchday thread after a defeat then after a win....at least the Cocu out noise seems to have subsided a bit though I guess
  15. I think that the priority areas should be exactly as described. Think it's totally unrealistic to also bring in a better striker as well or any other positions on top of that.
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