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  1. This isn't having a dig at you in particular so don't take it as such but to even start mentioning Top 6 next season is grotesque.
  2. And your point is? So who should we trade the aforementioned for in our side would probably be more instructive?
  3. I've already said in other threads that if we do stay up this season and that's a big if then we're only kicking the can down the road - we could potentially be without Waghorn next season and I'm not his greatest fan and other players out of contract in the summer. So if we think this season was a struggle then by God next season is going to be the same if not worse without some significant spend on players. If there's still no clarity with the takeover then that ain't going to happen. We really are in a huge mess and the previous failings to get promotion and fiduciary mismanagem
  4. That's what's infuriates me about the pictures this week with the players grinning in training with coat hangers in their mouths and larking around. I'd rather they looked liked they would be ready to kick lumps out of each other in a practice game. They're cheating themselves and the club at the moment.
  5. Maybe I was too. Who knows. I know that we do have them now so no manner of whinging is going to alter that now. We're in a poo fight so we need to start rolling our sleeves up and confronting reality. If we start doing that again then am sure we'll stay up.
  6. I can't answer that. If you were looking for Mount, Tomori and Wilson then you're off you're rocker. This January transfer window was the quietest in recent years a lot of Championship sides got no-one in whatsoever. So 5 players for us was exceptional. Whether they were crap or not is a different conversation. We had about a week to start cultivating potential targets so were disadvantaged from the start. Did you really think that we would pick up world beaters? We got the dross that clubs like Stoke and Boro didn't find any use for.
  7. I told you they would probably serve as cover in some positions our squad is wafer thin.
  8. Seeing as we were still being pissed around with the takeover and still are and just got the embargo lifted from the EFL I doubt very much that the 5 we brought in would be anywhere near the Top picks Rooney would have wanted more like stocking fillings.
  9. I don't think anyone in the recruitment team at Derby has an idea of the concept of what a winger is.
  10. Loanees appear to be a classic quantity over quality scattergun approach of get enough players in and one will probably be ok. In this case the ok one is Edmundson. If CKR ever gets injured Jesus wept if we thought we had problems now.
  11. Whether we stay up this season or not is just delaying our stay of execution. Without significant expenditure on players in the summer then we'll just be in the same position next season and with a new buyer being as likely as rocking horse poo then that ain't going to happen.
  12. Refer to the word moribund for a description of that performance today
  13. Cos you can't keep scabbing a goal then defending a lead for ever, sooner or later the opposition will score first and then we have no answer. If we concede first then at the very, very best we will get just one point out of the game. History has shown this.
  14. You must be very young then if you can't remember the ritual defeat every matchday when we were last in the Premiership. The only synergy with our situation now and then is that we brought in lots of new players in January but actually became worse.
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