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  1. I can't argue with any of that 🙂
  2. Thanks. Feeling included now 😌
  3. I've just got a flavour of the comments over the past few hours and the first word which springs to mind is seriously? I don't even have the energy or inclination to reply to some of the more ridiculous posts never mind put laughing emojis against them which seems to be de rigueur nowadays for some of the same people.
  4. Non taken but thanks for the sentiment. I do get called out for being negative which I totally concur with as I am but like to think that I have a sense of proportion like a lot of the posters on here. It's just like with everything in life some people are intent on taking things to the extreme. Sadly just like I learned in my roles at work that it's the 20% of people whom will cause 80% of the problems for you. Up the Rams
  5. If we've got Apple's co founder playing for us surely Mel needs to start tapping him up for a few quid to inject into the club
  6. Still here I imagine. Some of them have actually posted positive comments about the performance tonight if you can be bothered to look
  7. Some of the posters who you allude to have been magnanimous enough to recognise it was a positive performance tonight. But you choose to ignore that and be an arse about it. As you wish.
  8. I've actually replied to a few posters with the same observations so wasn't particularly targeted at yourself. But understand your feelings as I've already stated. Not much more I can add.
  9. Where on earth did I say that. The point being made was that if the original poster couldn't accept that the decisions made tonight were down to incompetence then the only other explanation was that they were down to a systematic agenda against us or deliberate bias. Their goal could have been disallowed absolutely. But it wasn't. Don't understand what your point is.
  10. I think the home crowd swayed the referees decisions tonight
  11. It is luck though as we will get our fair share of incompetent refereeing decisions our way over the season. And if we don't then it's deliberate bias. Will even itself out like I say unless we are being deliberately targeted. The standard of refereeing in the EFL is shocking nothing new there.
  12. Yes agreed. So my original point still stands. We'll get our fair share of homers over the season which will balance this out. Unless there is of course a concerted effort by the EFL to penalise us.
  13. I actually enjoyed watching that performance. So the disallowed goal doesn't really phase me that much as it would overshadow what was a very good team effort. Much rather talk about how well we did then something we can't control.
  14. Yes agree covered every blade of grass. Only slight blot was his miss but to be fair he was in an advanced position in the first place to get the opportunity and was on his weaker foot.
  15. So you think then that the referee was deliberately biased against us. Tough one to prove. So have to chalk it down to we didn't get the rub of the green tonight. Or luck in other words.
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