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  1. I've done that thanks. I just wanted to put it out there about my feelings but apologies if I've used the wrong forum to do that.
  2. Might as well do away with lawyers then, defend yourself and toss a coin before the court case.......
  3. I've noticed a lot of insults over the past day mocking the personal appearance of people predominantly directed towards potential new Forest managers and chairmen of other EFL clubs. If any of those personal insults were directed towards other forum members then at the very least the post would be deleted and the person in question get banned. I can't understand why then it's acceptable to treat others in the same manner and am sure none of us would enjoy having the same personal insults directed towards us either on this forum or in real life. Can we just try and be kind to each other please.
  4. Since when did Steven Reid look anything like Steve Buscemi? Or am I missing sone sort of subtle in joke somewhere
  5. He also had a genuine streak of integrity missing in today's game. Oh and a great beard you also forgot. As hagiographies go, this one is brilliant.
  6. No correction, we're the only club that screwed up by not getting promoted after massively overspending so we're now at the mercy of their whims.
  7. I thought it always helped the entertainment value going to games alive
  8. Reminds me of Trigger haggling with Del Boy over the price of PVC briefcases.
  9. They'd be a riot if the home season ticket holders found out that the away fans were getting charged less than the average match day price of their season ticket
  10. Yer I think you need discrete email addresses to be set up for each of your children then they can be allocated a customer number pinned to each one of those unique email accounts. Then you can add those customer numbers to your account. Really labyrinthine.
  11. Haha yes classic NTNON Stepping on the cracks on the pavement
  12. I wasn't trying to be funny about it, my understanding all along was that Cocu was sacked but he waived part of his severance pay. Was just checking facts or seeing if you had information differing to this. Doesn't matter to me either way now, if you recall I was an advocate of his leaving the club anyway at the time.
  13. Ok well you did say that Cocu wasn't sacked so all of those different journalists must be wrong then. Or you know better than them.
  14. Which means a person will be arrested for wearing a loud shirt in a built up area on matchday
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