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  1. This is a truism along the lines of death and tax....admin fee for changing your address if you inconveniently move house, Glasses guide valuation of your car if it gets written off or stolen which will be the price before the car forecourt have slapped their cut on, 50 - 50 payouts if your insurance company can't be bothered to fully investigate your claim.....
  2. Yes totally concur that the clubs motives were honourable and that they didn't maliciously buy players at over inflated transfers prices on obscenely expensive contracts. Did Morris have the ruse of selling the ground in his back pocket as a contingency I hope so as that would have shown some foresight rather than desperation.
  3. For the avoidance of doubt before I start to get jumped on unnecessarily I am not saying that we cheated by avoiding FFP sanctions by selling the ground back to ourselves nor do I question the motives of having to do this which was clear - I am saying let's not lose sight of WHY we had to do it in the first place which was our own dismal failings. I care not a jot regards whether Boro want to sue the EFL or whether other clubs think what we did was unfair I AM interested in how we managed to land up in this situation in the first place
  4. Why are we all blaming the FFP rules or parachute payments we know what the rules of engagement are either we accept them or go and find another league to play in It's not the EFL or Premierships fault that we have failed dismally over the past seasons to gain promotion by throwing money at the situation and still coming up short, it's not the EFLs fault that we needed to circumnavigate these rules by having to sell our ground back to ourselves because of our own failings. We knew the rules we just crapped it up on a grand scale.
  5. Don't recall Mick Pickering every playing for us we did have a Nick Pickering who gained an England cap if that's who you allude to
  6. So you're hypothesising that our abysmal start to the season is down to the fact that Rooney is exerting some subliminal force on Cocu from across the Atlantic what next alien conspiracies?
  7. I still can't get my head around the fact that he's a regular Wales international, are the team that poor? Leicester City let him go at the price we paid for a reason
  8. Bielak looked a class apart from his peers totally wasted at center half Felt bit sorry for Martin as not enough time to be able to influence anything really Lawrence is an interesting one, if his contribution in games is now being measured in terms of him getting yellow cards then that raises serious concerns with the individual himself.
  9. Exactly this. Unless the "flare" was actually a damp squib from a box of Asda fireworks
  10. Should have been replaced in the summer but we persisted in faffing around with this as per our other dealings and managed just to scrape Hamer through the door at the 11th hour Do we have a goalkeeping coach serious question one which I admit I should know as the persistence on punching when it's easier to catch the ball is a behavioural thing.
  11. Point made was that was stated that Cardiff were quote awful unquote and wouldn't make the playoffs which then therefore translates that we are also awful as well as the likelihood is that we also will not reach playoffs
  12. Selective memory again we missed a penalty that never was if you recall that did cost us the 3 points.
  13. I'd have given Bielak MoM but was toss up between him and Waghorn Roos am sorry was shaky and unconvincing all evening a 5 Lawrence probably the same score Clarke a 6 as on first half performance lucky not to have gifted Cardiff at least one goal
  14. Which is probably more than we'll manage so what does that make us
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