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  1. Not suprised she left after half hour of hard shoulder.
  2. 122m now on Tuesday. If I won that, I'd spend it all on more Euro millions tickets.....I'm just greedy.
  3. Bonus joke - You read this in the voice of 'Humungus' complete with speaker echo effect.
  4. Finished 2nd episode of the Squid Game series on Netflix. It's similar to a Black Mirror episode which is no bad thing. Will report back once watch all episodes.
  5. We used to do knock-a-door-run as kids. Mates and me once did my own house and it was strange seeing Dad come to the door look around wondering who had knocked. I actually owned up to this last year at a family gathering!
  6. The book expands on the classic original film. Worth a read.
  7. You'd have to visit to understand or go onto the Argus website. https://www.theargus.co.uk/news/ The city has changed beyond recognition in the last few years.
  8. Going strong now...decent gig venue/bar/eats. https://www.hope.pub/
  9. No need to speak to the press or media...ask Brighton residents what they think of the green party. It's not very positive. They call it the 'City of Sanctuary' and that's not a compliment.
  10. I'd rather listen to this Dawes....
  11. Started on the ZX81 and that kickstarted my life-time career (as it did many of us). This was my first computer magazine complete with 1k Space Invaders for the ZX81! Cheers Sir Clive!
  12. Fair point but stick with it. Season 5 is my favourite...so is 'Tokyo'.
  13. Up to date on Money Heist. 5 seasons and another final set of episodes is planned for release in December. Good stuff. Decent acting and some fine action sequences.
  14. Same here. What a great match. Credit to both players.
  15. Bent certainly knew where the goal was. Decent and underrated (for us).
  16. Yes to both statements!. Fun facts...Sue Barker was in the other semi final. Virginia Wade won the US open 9 years earlier. She also reached semi final of Wimbledon in the year after winning it.
  17. I thought that after asking one out and she said yes.
  18. At least it wasn't a duck up in the last few minutes *ducks*
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