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  1. That's fair enough, if you can afford to prioritise football then that's great and if you want to pay £37 for a game of football then fine. Just annoys me when I see some fans moan about that crazy price but still pay it? There has to be a line somewhere but the issue will never go away if fans still go.
  2. This is why club's will keep getting away with charging prices like this, some fans will pay to watch their team no matter what. Each to their own but the issue will never go away unfortunately.
  3. In that case I'm not sure then as the extended highlights are only posted on your membership dashboard, not the actual DCFC website.
  4. Full 90 replays for RamsTV subscribers are usually on the next day after a game. Not sure about extended highlights for membership holders.
  5. Roos take a bow, takes a lot of stick but still gets on with it. Still even saw some negative comments on social media about him last night even after that great performance.
  6. The thing is some fans will still pay this ridiculous price, meaning nothing will ever be done about it.
  7. All down to when the home team confirms ticket details with DCFC and sends them the physical tickets to sell. Can't imagine it will be much longer.
  8. Plenty of time yet. Don't seen an issue to be honest.
  9. Game is just under three weeks away.
  10. Correct. Broadcasting restrictions for all Cup games on RamsTV.
  11. The email address you need is membership.help@dcfc.co.uk
  12. Extended highlights is for the membership package only. You will get the whole game with your subscription!
  13. What were you like when the typewriter was invented? 😂
  14. Looks like there is an updated "Dark Market" list now: https://www.dcfc.co.uk/page/ramstv-availability-for-tv-games?k=cfc577a6d869e4af8d9fd2858333d1e81a24da11
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