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  1. The U23s aren't too bad in terms of when they play. The U18s however seem to play mostly on the same days as the first team, so all the available resources for live streaming will be in use.
  2. Yes just email website@dcfc.co.uk. They can't refund everyone as is only affected some users, so they will need to know if you were affected.
  3. Just email and ask for a refund, that's what I did and got it sorted swiftly.
  4. You'll automatically have access as it stated on the website.
  5. It's not included so you'll need to pay unfortunately.
  6. All details can be found here > https://www.dcfc.co.uk/page/ramstv-faqs As I'm aware monthly video is only for overseas fans due to a EFL ruling.
  7. email website@dcfc.co.uk now as that will be no help on Monday.
  8. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2020/12/watch-from-home-birmingham-city-vs-Derby-county-live-on-ramstv-important-information Seems as though the EFL have kindly just let DCFC know that the Birmingham game won't be available for 20/21 RamsTV voucher holders.
  9. Emailed them, was just a one-off issue with the stream provider.
  10. All down to the EFL mate, out of DCFC's control.
  11. But you paid for the other people? Therefore those people will want their money back too. If you were paid all the money back to your card then you would have had to paid all your mates back too (if they did pay you, I know you now said you didn't bother taking the money). Again, how are the club to know that you decided to not take the money from the other FanID's in question?
  12. So you're saying that your mates never paid you back for the tickets after you purchased them originally? Not really the clubs fault.
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