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  1. Only in Select countries as it's on Sky
  2. No mate, any away games moved from the weekend to a midweek evening aren't classed as midweek.
  3. The EFL stated "up to 7 midweek away league games". The "up to" part being the words here so wouldn't surprise me if the EFL only allowed a few.
  4. The below link is handy for questions like this: https://www.dcfc.co.uk/page/ramstv-faqs
  5. I think it's just one of them things the club has to say is not allowed still, but if you can find a way around it then fair enough. You just can't email the club if your stream doesn't work via casting haha.
  6. Click on the PPV section on this link > https://www.dcfc.co.uk/page/ramstv-live-streaming It's under the Luton PPV.
  7. This has proven to be an unstable way to stream. Best bet is using a HDMI cable to laptop like you said.
  8. That's good then. I think the cut off point is just so the club can ensure they are sending codes out to all people that have renewed in time for the game. Will help them out massively I'd guess so that they aren't faffing about on a matchday, and they can deal with any code issues in good time then before kick-off. 🐏
  9. Exactly! Your seats will be saved, even if you don't have your season ticket for this season.
  10. Have you emailed the ticket office to ask? Have a read of the last paragraph on the below link: https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2020/09/update-201920-season-refunds-202021-season-tickets-and-ramstv-streaming
  11. You could have just cancelled one of the season tickets for this season? All seats are being saved for the 2021/22 Season.
  12. You're right, it's not like they have a business to run. They stated that all would be confirmed soon on the EFL statement the other day. Season starts on the 12th.... plenty of time yet.
  13. You mean like they would if fans were allowed in the stadium?
  14. You can just purchase the weekend away games if its not on Sky. Think it's pretty decent that midweek away games are included withing a Season Ticket package. They could have easily not included those either.
  15. We all know what we are signing up for at the start of a season with Sky these days. They give plenty of notice about date or time changes.
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