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  1. People can support the club anyway they like, doesn't make them any less a fan of the club.
  2. Derby 3 QPR 0 frgs Waghorn
  3. Birmingham is another Pitch International fixture, but still available in the UK though > https://www.dcfc.co.uk/page/ramstv-faqs
  4. Birmingham 1 Derby 1 FRGS Wilson
  5. Derby 3 Bolton 1 FRGS Wilson
  6. Blackburn 0 Derby 2 FRGS Mount
  7. Brentford 1 Derby 3 FRGS Waghorn
  8. Game is on Pitch International guys, stated this a while ago here > https://www.dcfc.co.uk/page/ramstv-faqs
  9. Derby 3 Rotherham 1 frgs Wilson
  10. Looks like there has been an update on televised fixtures and UK streams if anyone wants to take a look. Get them flights booked in if needed too 😉 https://www.dcfc.co.uk/page/ramstv-faqs
  11. So pointless that you decided to quote the most pointless reply in the most pointless thread.
  12. Most pointless thread ever.
  13. Derby 2 stoke 0 FRGS Holmes
  14. Same for me also, much better!
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