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  1. Well martin can help link up play forward areas but also bring others into play.
  2. Just let him know that your there for him and he is not alone. Plus everyone on here including my self are here for him. And for you mate.
  3. I hope chris martin scores a screamer for Derby against leeds on saturday.
  4. I think we need enegry in midfield for at least 65min mark as I think midfield area to help support the attacking area.
  5. I think Derby going to win on saturday there not that good. I martin and Marriott upfront togather.
  6. Also shinne who can play there also mate.
  7. Come on lads you can so beat leeds find that fight spirt that beat them in play offs so come get stuck in rough them up a beat we all know they hate that. Get that ball on the ground lets play out football it looks like going to back by at least 1500 on saturday So come on Derby lets beat leeds.
  8. Hey buddy keep trying with never ever ever give up.
  9. I went back in when it was safe to go in. People getting nasty with stwards.
  10. Well pp got evcatied die to a flare got no idea if got set off in pp or in concousrses but I must adamit I thrpught just testing alarms so I waited to see if message would go off but did not so I throught I better go now. I know plenty people moaning but club did right thing so from me well done.
  11. Well everyone going to pp tomorrow night lets get pp rocking and nice and postive feeling about the place. We need nice and loud tomorrow night lets blow the ball into cardiff net tomorrow. We all need to pulling right direction and help the lads climb the table and also help lads get 1st home win of the season. Who is with me.
  12. Tell him to fight it with everything he has and use fighting spirt that Derby county uses but tell him use ram inside of him I am not backing down to this.
  13. My throughts are witb him and you but at least get help quicker but I hope he gets well soon.
  14. I am going for 2-0 to Derby Marriott and chris martin
  15. Green eye monster mr gibson We have not broken any rules so get over it.
  16. I put martin were waghorn is and put waghorn on the bench.
  17. Hey buddy not all of us are like this me and my dad like couple of points.
  18. Hey were all here to support you guys Derby are like a family if one person struggling we all want get into help.
  19. Cocu came in late into pre season had no really time to with players how he wants to play and as the new players everything was rushed through.
  20. It is not okay to abuse any players or manager not matter what result when people like this I wander whats point you even going to games I guessing at the moment thats how players feel like.
  21. I am still me even if I find things that little bit harder to do things now.
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