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  1. They have to write to them But my mum going to ring up pain management doctorie tomorrow to see if heard anything or like say got go through gp.
  2. Well guys been waiting to see neve doctorie spailist been since october been nearly 5 months I feel each day goes by feeling that little bit worse I am trying hang in there sigh truely had enough now.
  3. I can not run if save my life at the min just walking big effort unless I have pain relief but otherwise big effort.
  4. Anyway back on topic people throughts about friday game.
  5. Well I think rammage should be given a 2nd chance.
  6. People know by know I am not keen on steel so if I had my way get buxton in and give rammage a call all is forgiven you can come back now do what do best at.
  7. I throught rammage went quite good detail when to press and not to but I do feel bbc radio did wrong by rammage.
  8. I know with auriustim I find it hard to read people expressions or know if I upset someone but if I think if I upset someone first one to say sorry. But I did putt my hand to my head said to my self rammage you should not have said that.
  9. Perhaps because every time got to playing first team football he broke down and must been heart breaking for him.
  10. I like rammage passion and I dont always agree with rammage some times but I liked listening to him and my mum feels same she said if steel doing it she will no longer listen to the game. I would not mind as much if steel showed passion while he talking about the game. Like last night I shouted good effort lads.
  11. No I am not Good goal keeper and coach but dont listening to him.
  12. I cant stand steel shows no passion for the club like rammage last away at swansea when Lawrence scored he shouted I love Derby county and also get in my son and for me that passion steel zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz no passion and boring to listen id rather jake buxton at least he has passion like rammage did.
  13. Well I hope they get kicked out again serve them right.
  14. I have seen this happen dcfc tickets people ask this I think you will have to take child ticket back to pp and then ask up grade or you can send kp a tweet on dcfc tickets he be able to help you.
  15. Good lets keep jake buxton and get rid of steel. Plus going on tuesday.
  16. I went to the game last night Phones have radios on them now days were can take them with you.
  17. Like when playing well my mum listen to a bit of the game and she told me that steel said Derby were going to lose last night that is nagtive.
  18. He has passion and show I mean rammage.
  19. He can be that but saying Derby have no chance at promation is negative to me.
  20. I think Derby played better football and created better chances and football was great on the eye if were bit more on fire Derby would have beat by six or seven. And hamer barley had a save to make and roony was great once again and scored from pently in the secound half. Even through tired a bit fulham scored to be fair it was a good finnish hamer was not much he could do about it. But does show we are getting better at style he wants to do. But listening to radio Derby I cant believe how negative steel is I missed rammage sigh.
  21. I bloody hope not man utd fans in the home ends I can see trouble happening spacil in the south stand.
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