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  1. Millwall and Millwall reserves
  2. Was it Mel Morris speaking to coccu
  3. Someone once said, and it’s quite simply true if you have less points than games played you are in trouble.
  4. I was directly in line behind it in club Wembley.I still get flashbacks 😱
  5. So do I book the Wembley hotel or not🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. The main thing that I remember about the Oldham game was walking from the car park through ankle deep mud to get to the ground. Which was ironic that the players were completely mud free.
  7. I still have a photo from the Derby Telegraph taken with Kubic and knoflechec with my son and some other kids at the assembly rooms
  8. According to those calculations we’ll beat florist 8-6
  9. Nah prefer the holiday inn with the radio Derby mob, last time spent an enjoyable evening with Phil Gee his brother and a bottle of southern comfort🥃
  10. Brentford have just lost to Barnsley. They’re on the turn, I think we can catch them
  11. First: king Kevin current: Mel Morris seems like he’s in need of a little TLC
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