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  1. Whenever I have seen her holiday photos she’s always got several cases
  2. I liked it when we played our under 23 games there much more local for me
  3. Andre the giant would be good at corners
  4. Would have been ok to conduct our defence but sadly passed away two years ago
  5. I’m reliably informed he was on Erik’s list😂
  6. I see Tomori has gone to ac Milan for 24 million so that’s another centre half off the list
  7. I don’t know if it’s the same game but I remember watching a game there that was absolutely bossed by their centre half and I thought we should sign him, a certain mister Aden Flint.
  8. Hoping to get to Cardiff and Swansea though, passport up to date and ready.
  9. Mark Wright went to a fancy dress party with his wife on his back, someone said what have you come as and he said I’m a tortoise and this is Michelle
  10. I think pat butcher could do a job in defence
  11. Write, I thought you only had to copy and paste
  12. Not that Mark Wright, the one that’s played in soccer aid and played one game for Crawley town last season.
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