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  1. I usually take a flask cos it keeps hot things hot and cold things cold, I fill it with two cups of coffee and a choc ice. I miss the chuckle brothers.😂
  2. I don’t know what I’m saying anymore, I’m just ready for Coventry tomorrow .🤐
  3. I actually said the opposite, that you don’t necessarily have to agree with the clubs decision but you back them regardless. Never used the term “true” supporter. Surely if your not backing someone you’re not supporting them. ( Hopefully there is enough punctuation in there.)
  4. To me backing the club and supporting the club is the same thing, You don’t have to agree with everything, such as who the manager is or who plays up front but you still get behind them for the good of the club. I stated that was my opinion the response said it was rubbish.
  5. So your right and I’m wrong and I’m not allowed an opinion. I didn’t say I agree with everything the club does or every decision the owner takes , but if you support the club you do so in the bad times as well as the good not just when it suits you. It’s a bit like having kids. I along with 3000 or so other fans will be cheering the team on at Coventry tomorrow regardless , trying to keep them in this division. Like I said that’s my opinion, I didn’t rubbish yours .
  6. And first one hasn’t got an A in it
  7. My opinion, your either 100% behind the club on and off the pitch or you’re not a supporter.
  8. You can just imagine someone at the EFL writing up the rules and Gibson looking over their shoulder and adding ‘ or suspected ‘
  9. If only the EFL had accepted the decision when we first got a telling off.
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