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  1. I don’t think it is a matter of a good defence and a poor attack. We play with 10 or 11 defenders most of the time . I would much rather see a 3-3 than loads of nil - nils.
  2. Preston 0 Rams 0 . NOFRGS. Stretton as an extra full back again?
  3. If you get chance to watch the pre-match warm up, you will see Sibley is the best finisher we have. He can’t get a 5 min run out now , even though we have only scored 7 goals in 11 games. Rooney clearly doesn’t rate him.
  4. Rams 0 Reading 0 NOFRGS . Blood and thunder battle but goals so hard to come by.
  5. There was a rotten core of about 8 (so called fans) behind me yesterday who would not let Sharpe alone all game. They would not say boo to a goose if they were alone or had not had three pints. We are better than that. Get behind your team.
  6. Blades 2 Rams 0 NO.FRGS This is a very tough one. Will be in the away end hoping for some luck.
  7. What about -“He Spends what he wants” . Also could the kids stop chucking beer over each other in the concorse?
  8. IF the sun is right about a £3k cap on wages , Beilik will probably take the biggest hit. He is possibly on £20k-£30k a week. We all expected Keogh to take reduced wages while injured, so why not Beilik ? After all the new owners will have to square up with him and he will probably walk out at some point anyway.
  9. Now that Mel is not his boss , he could reveal the full extent of the problems he has been up against.
  10. I have not been impressed with Rooney before this season . I don’t think the squad is as bad as people make out. However he is slowly winning me over with the improvement in results. I hope he can keep it going . Curtis has helped him immensely.
  11. If the rumours are true, Mel got MSD to give him a £30 mill loan against Moor Farm . Which is basically football pitches on farmland . Worth about £5k an acre. MSD could take a big hit.
  12. One of the most annoying parts of the debacle is that for the last 2 years is 50% of us saw it coming . The other 50% insisted on ridiculing us. We should have protested more as a group before it got to this.
  13. Rams 0 Stoke 1 NOFRGS .Got to get some shots on target.
  14. Looks like Wilder will come in for the weekend. But not an easy task to make points up in this league.
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