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  1. A interesting bet is the championship table with every team getting a points advantage on Fulham. All teams would be around 18-1 to win it and DCFC would get around 40 pts start on them. What you are gambling on is a team to do a lot better than expected. So lump on David as you are so confident.
  2. The sickening thing is - like Evan’s and Holmes , the fee will just pay a months wage bill.
  3. Looking forward to going to a game again. They finished in the top 6 last season and have a ground that holds 60,000. In the 90’s the fans raised millions to save the club . Sound like a loyal bunch.
  4. Eric Steele often says “ We need more Nonce on the pitch”. Goodness knows where we are going to get that from. He also says- “ Judge Wazza when it’s his team”. Well it’s Rooney’s choice. He will choose players to suit his system, style and ethos. By the time he has had a year in charge , he will have had 2 windows. Fans in Pride Park will let him know what they think.
  5. Looks like Utd will put a kids team out. But don’t expect us to get any of them on loan as they want around £2 mill a player per season . Add wages and the fact we can’t take them for a full season.
  6. I was shocked by the news. But it is not the first time Wazza has appointed a new captain. Let’s give them both a chance. We have to stop a rotten run of results. Wazza has a limited budget but this season it will be his team, his captain his tactics and style. Fans in the ground this season will let him know what they think.
  7. Pearce was on radio Derby last season saying “ DCFC is being run in Tandem with the Sheikh and it does take a while for a cheque to get here “. Can we not get him back on for a journo to quiz him about the tripe we are being fed?
  8. One thing- it will be dead easy to pick sides in training games . Dads Army v The Bash street kids.
  9. I agree but would he stay for £11 k a week wages when he is probably on £25 k
  10. The thing that’s really hurting DCFC is players running their contracts down. Lawrence will be next , he can talk to other teams at Xmas . Also if Beilik comes back before Xmas and stays injury free for a year ( which is a big if)he can talk about walking on a free. If he manages 80 games in 4 seasons he will have cost us around £250,000 per game. Not his fault just injury prone.
  11. I have purchased 4 season tickets for years , taking along my 2 grandsons. They are true DCFC fans. It has been tricky as my son-in law is a Man U fan. I have no problem with Mel or the mess. The one thing putting me off is WAZZA
  12. I was talking to Cocu in B n Q last night. He was in his joggers , he said He would have got us in the play-offs if Mel had not have brought Wazza in to undermine him and he is not leaving Derby till he gets his £8 mill payoff. Then I woke up.
  13. Looks like Waghorn will not be in our team next season if the Coventry rumours have any substance. Before we start having a go at him , let’s remember his free-kick v Forest and his last day double.
  14. Just watching Holland play . They have had a style of play that they have stuck to for years . Passing , attacking with players changing positions all over the pitch, so good to watch. It’s a shame that Cocu did not get the time he needed. Wazza will have his “own team” this season . I have no idea what type of players he is looking at to play his style.
  15. Steve Mac just been on sky telling everyone what England and Spurs should be doing etc etc etc. DCFC not even worth a mention.
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