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  1. No matter what happens Saturday, i imagine Wisdom already has a deal in place with one of his former clubs . Norwich or WBA. Maybe . Mick McCarthy would welcome back Waghorn. To fund new players I think Lawrence , Knight and Sibley will be sold. Recruitment will be more important than ever.
  2. Can’t believe I’m watching this tripe. The ball is only in play for 10% of the time.
  3. If we go down on Saturday I think it would only be fair for Wazza to pay back all the money he has had out of DCFC. It is reported he still makes £200k a week from his image rights . I am sure he can manage to finish his £20 mill extension out of that. After all it is Mel that is £200 mill out of pocket at the moment and it could get worse for him still.
  4. I hope Rosenior has done his homework and found out they have a striker with almost 200 goals at this level. He will come on with 20 mins left and stand in the “zone” allocated to Byrne or Lawrence for crosses.
  5. The frustrating thing with T.L is that he has not improved one bit since the day he came. We have seen him have a defender so many times in a 1v1 situation . But he is a one trick pony, comes in on his right foot. He will never be a top 6 championship player till he can have a go with his left foot.
  6. None of it can be Rooney’s fault - Eric Steele says so. Phone in tomorrow will be another whitewash.
  7. Rooney looks like he’s had a bottle is whisky. Sky loving it
  8. Wazza just said “ He has seen a change in the mentality this week , the players look determined”. Why the hell has it took this long?
  9. Swans 0 Rams 0. NOFRGS . We must be able to do that against a patched up Swansea
  10. That was just like Bent’s penalty v Reading . Absolute Telegraph
  11. Forest have put a full team out v Wednesday. But it sounds like Swansea will too.
  12. If we get a result to stay up tomorrow, i wonder if Wazza will do a “David Pleat” all over the Liberty stadium pitch. Sky would love it , and what an ending for the Netflix series. Hope sky don’t show too many close ups of the managers eye-balling each other.
  13. Brentford players look very relaxed warming up. Must bang about 3or 4 against these easy.
  14. I thought Kenny Burns and Larry Lloyd had signed short term contracts to play against Shef Wed. Now Sky would love that.
  15. Sky have given us a massive advantage by playing second on Saturday. We will know what we have to do if Wednesday get a result at home to Forest. Perhaps Sky’s love for Rooney has finally paid off.
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