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  1. cosmic

    DCFC Christmas Carols, Songs & Jingles 18/19

    I’m a big Richard Keogh fan, but even I don’t want to think about his ‘load’.
  2. cosmic

    FM 2015 - Derby Fans

    Sounds like you’re both on the same wavelength.
  3. cosmic

    Rams Trust

    Yeah me either to be honest, it's just a name I associate with that time. Anyway, thanks, was hoping someone would jump in and tell us some details. I was only following headlines back then.
  4. cosmic

    Rams Trust

    Weren’t they setup to take on the Three Amigos, and helped ensure we’re still a football club? I thought they had been quite significant in our recent history.
  5. cosmic


    CLASSICAL GAS Frank Lampard’s sweeT ASS
  6. cosmic

    Paul Clement Sacked.......again

    Clement to be unveiled this week.
  7. cosmic

    v Wigan (a) match day thread

    Came on here to comment on how lazy we were second half, and it’s nice to see others sharing my frustrations. There was a total lack of commitment and concentration from us. You had Mount, Wilson, and Lawrence being selfish around the area, almost expecting to easily beat 2 men or smash in a worldly. Their attitude seemed to be “oh we’re playing against 10 men, things are a formality now, I can relax and show off a bit”. No intelligence. There was zero urgency and team-playing. And it’s been like that for a few games now. We need to find that hunger and intensity again, because when we have it we’re unplayable. A few months ago we’d have smashed a 10-man Wigan 4-0. Of course we won and the 3 points are the most important thing, but I have to admit I’m starting to wonder if we’ll go the distance this season. We need to start putting in performances.
  8. cosmic

    Harry Wilson

    Sounds pharaoh nuff.
  9. cosmic

    V Swansea (h) match thread

  10. cosmic

    V Swansea (h) match thread

    Lawrence is up top. Enjoying himself. Plenty of step overs and flicks. Looking comfortable.
  11. cosmic

    V Swansea (h) match thread

    What a ridiculous goal. We were all cooing over the Mount signing, but what a signing Wilson has turned out to be.
  12. cosmic

    Sol Campbell - The Manager

  13. cosmic

    Stoke fans

    Full account by Kitson here on Ramsey’s leg break and Pulis. Horrible. http://www.whoateallthepies.tv/arsenal/280191/tony-pulis-absolutely-despised-arsene-wenger-dave-kitson-gives-candid-first-hand-account-of-grim-day-ryan-shawcross-splintered-aaron-ramseys-leg.html
  14. cosmic

    Listen , Like you say

    Dear OP, Can you stop putting so many spaces in between your punctuation. You are truly difficult to read. Kindest regards, Time waster.
  15. cosmic

    v Stoke City (A) Match Thread

    Horrible game.

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