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  1. Ironically all I’m doing by moaning on this thread is legitimising it by increasing the post count. You're welcome.
  2. There’s TWO rogue matchday threads?!
  3. Wait, what is this? Can any old sod (apologies @Pastinaak) start the match day thread now? How are we ever going to go on a run? The forum has fallen into chaos. The blame lies solely on @Rample for this one. What have we become...
  4. Didn’t watch the match, but read that the players were less aggy and shouty towards the female ref. Was it that noticeable?
  5. I enjoyed that second half. Even at 0-0. Play the kids on Saturday! (also thought Bielik and Shinnie showed what they’re about).
  6. Buchanan and particularly Knight have impressed this evening. Nice to see our Academy outshining the first teamers.
  7. What a goal. Good lad. He won’t forget tonight.
  8. We’ve not looked too disjointed, which tends to happen when you send out a second string team. Bielik looking like a very good DM even at CB.
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