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  1. Next matchday thread, please @Derby blood Edit: okay ignore me, it was right the way down the thread list! Didn't see it.
  2. Viva la poohouse! Talk about digging in. That was impressive.
  3. Paul Ince? Matej Vydra? Bielik? Jack Marriott before we ruined him?
  4. I’m a big fan of Sibley, but tonight I forgot he was playing for a large period in the second half. Probably says more about our general attacking threat as a team, but Morrison and Lawrence were certainty more present.
  5. Sorry that’s supposed to say knee jerk reaction from Ibby.
  6. It’s always our fault. Gifted the opposition a goal yet again.
  7. Agree, it wasn't. That was the club's first mistake.
  8. I've just asked something similar in the comms thread, before reading your post. Would be very interesting to know.
  9. Not wanting to dredge up "that meeting" again, but I do wonder what the likes of @David and the other attendees of that meeting think of our situation now, having possibly heard certain answers from the club then, and now it appearing things are getting worse.
  10. Genuinely can't decide if this was a red or not (I'm swaying towards it was deliberate and a fair punishment). However, all my energy will now be focused on the conspiracy that this is 100% unjust and the EFL have simply found another opportunity to punish us. COYR.
  11. The fans could start organising post-match peaceful protests. I know Morris threatened to walk away if we did... so we can only hope he finds some integrity and sticks to his word!
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