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  1. One rumour, to be fair, and a bunch of echoes and questions.
  2. The abs on that mannequin are like udders
  3. Can't spell "suppositories" without "support".
  4. Easy solution here: any issues you have with the letter representing your own views can be clarified with an additional letter from yourself representing your own views. (This post may or may not represent my own views)
  5. If the rumours are true and it’s Appleby, I’d take him back in a heartbeat. Be nice to have a sensible and responsible owner with integrity.
  6. A small blemish on an otherwise flawless reign by Mel Morris and company.
  7. What a surprise that when you drag a club down to almost financial ruin and destroy its reputation in the game, that the only potential buyers you attract are fraudsters and crooks that lack any amount of integrity. What a state we’re in.
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