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  1. OP needs a hug. Those prats on Radio Derby need to stop stirring bullcrap.
  2. Can’t look beyond captain Keogh. Aside from putting in consistently solid defensive performances, he’s had to nurture and support two young defenders either side of him. The fact he’s managed to do this and maintain his game to a “POTY standard” is a testament to his character and quality. He needs to take credit for a lot of Tomori’s improvments over the season. Not to mention his attacking contributions - dictating our football philosophy, bringing the ball out from the back, running through the opponents midfield and actually playing a forward pass. The way our midfield has played this season he needs an award just for that!
  3. It would certainly expose the truth.
  4. Duane Holmes is just as ineffective as Simon Dawkins was. Tidy feet, no value. Convince me otherwise.
  5. I’d be interested in seeing how things develop.
  6. Does come across like a 5-a-side player. Tidy feet but can’t play in a bigger space.
  7. Toss up between Tomori and Keogh. Been our best defenders and attackers for a few games now. Bizarre.
  8. To be fair, this is our plan B. 352.
  9. Does this count as our usual February crisis?
  10. Fair warning: one of those will be Nugent.
  11. In Rocky 2 he tricks Apollo Creed by boxing orthodox until the final round when he switches back to his favoured southpaw and destroys him. Watch Frank switch us back to 433 in the last 10 minutes and we win 2-0.
  12. Lack of attempts up front is worrying, but there’s been a lot of energy and positive intent. Playing with a new system with 3 at the back, so it’s never going to be a polished performance. But it looks like a system that will work with our squad. A bit more individual quality needed (Huddz and Bryson and Waghorn, for me) and Marriott needs to be more involved.
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