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  1. 12/12/17 - Fans Forum at The Yard

    Been fine for me. Mel reckons the gates haven’t gone down by 1200 this year, but instead he’s actually been counting an extra 1200 by mistake for the past 3 years..! ********.
  2. v Barnsley (A) - Predictions

    Barnsley 1-2 Derby FRGS Martin
  3. Ben Marshall

    That is ridiculous. What a tinpot move. Official source sharing a transfer rumour? At best it’s unproffesional, at worst it’s stirring up trouble. Plus they’re plugging The S*n, FFS! Embarrassing.
  4. Mr Brightside

  5. Goalkeeper’s distribution

    Commenting on a goalie’s distribution is such a lazy criticism. Think I’ve heard it said for every keeper we’ve ever had.
  6. Chris Martin

    Selling Chris Martin would be one of the worst decisions Rowett's made during his tenure at Derby, closely followed by not playing him in the first place. One of the best players we've seen in a Derby shirt for years. It's a tragedy he's not in the starting XI.
  7. Derby County v Burton Albion match thread

    Weimann's finishing is terrible. Wow.
  8. v Burton (H) - Predictions

    3-0 FRGS Martin
  9. Billy Davies

    Fascinating insight into that man’s mind. You find yourself agreeing with everything he’s said, and then you realise he’s not answered the question he was asked! Delivers answers that appear genuine but everything about him is calculated. He’s a master of his craft. Surprised he admitted to fabricating situations to get a reaction out of the staff (from board to players). His career is littered with ‘situations’ which is partly why he has the reputation he has. Quick mention for Colin Gibson who did well to push some tricky questions. So far though Davies is well prepared, which is expected. A PR expert couldn’t write or deliver responses as well as that. And yes, the sound is crap. Shame on whoever buggered that up.
  10. Billy Davies

    What a promo! Almost haunting Cant wait to hear what that mentalist has to say. Hope Gibson asks some tough questions.
  11. Golden Oldies or The end of the line !

    I'd say we are. This is just v1 of Rowett's team. The team needed gutting and a stronger mentality was required to help address years of 'failure'. You can see the attitude shift in the team - we look resilient and organised. That comes from the old heads, in my opinion. Now we have that shift in culture Rowett can build on it for the future. The next couple of windows will see some younger heads come in to eventually replace the older players. I'm not worried.
  12. Give it time

    But wait, I thought we play hoofball?
  13. Joe Ledley signs new 18 month contract

    Would you have, based on his performances in the last couple of matches? Arguably played his best games.
  14. Derby County v Ipswich Town

    Vydra inches away from heading that in! It ain’t happening!

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