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  1. A bit envious (and peckish) with all these varieties of crisps being mentioned. In Berlin pretty much all you can get is paprika flavour. And that’s it. Loads of different brands, regular, crinkled, in a bag, in a tube, you name it. But paprika. Germans only eat paprika flavour crisps. Would kill for a packet of Monster Munch.
  2. By now, ‘off topic’ is on trend for this thread!
  3. People stick their noses up at the label, but for me he is a club legend. His likeness will be up on the walls of Pride Park for decades. Bleeds Derby County. Probably my favourite player from the past 10 years. What an asset he was on his day. He’s written himself into the club’s history, some great moments, great servant to the club, just a shame we didn’t see promotion together. That would have topped a brilliant career at Derby. All the best, Craig Bryson!
  4. Yeah as others have said it most likely is for personal reasons. Nothing to see here Makes you wonder though why this decision/announcement wasn’t made at the end of the season when the retained list was announced...?
  5. You’ll have to clarify which “us” you’re talking about there, chap.
  6. To be fair, for the kids on Twitter kicking up a fuss, we are and always have been.
  7. cosmic

    Cape Verde

    When I go abroad on my holidays I love nothing more than speaking with other Englishmen also trying to get away from their every day lives.
  8. Does he get to become Chelsea’s new manager now?
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