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  1. I’ll be voting for Bennett. How long before the Liverpool fans catch onto this and sway the vote? On another note, it would be interesting picking Wilson’s 2nd best goal this season. Not sure which one I’d go for.
  2. Just never bothered buying the next instalment. They’re basically the same game. Plus, Derby on paper that season had a ridiculously good squad. Hughes Hendrick, Thorne and Christie are still in my CL qualifying team as “leading players for the Premier League”. Even Ivan Calero and Farend Rawson develop into decent players.
  3. I’m still playing FM16. (Genuinely, right this second!)
  4. Glad to hear your Radio Derby audionis crap as well. Thought it was my phone’s signal. But yeah overall, very disappointing today.
  5. Same here. Genuinely not in the UK and can’t get the video stream.
  6. We’re going up 😎
  7. Seasoned pro. Played at a very high level. Still oozes class on his day. Offers something different. Derby bred. Got to be a positive addition for next season. Couldn’t give a toss what he’s on.
  8. Didn’t expect him to be here next season, even if we went up. Just gutted we’ve not managed to see a full season of him.
  9. Ha, that article is more imbalanced than the number of toes on his Red Dog feet.
  10. Saw someone post about this on Twitter, but can't find the tweet. Anyway, check out the TWELVE TEAM relegation battle in League One!
  11. Disagree B4 I think we’re taking far too many shots from outside the area when there are opportunities to play others in. Also far too many deep lofty crosses coming from our fullbacks. Exact opposite of us trying to walk it in.
  12. That was an excellent half. We actually look a threat every time we go forward..! Playing with purpose and identity. What a difference Lawrence has made (I don’t understand his critics). And Bogle is playing full of confidence. More of the same, please!
  13. Carson fit but not even on the bench?
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