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  1. Mel Morris and Stephen Pearce after they win by count out:
  2. So you saying he’s overrated or lazy?
  3. Yeah stfu Curtains, or we'll have that nobber back on here giving it large thinking he's not full of twaddle.
  4. I’m sending it back.
  5. Having someone like Rooney finally communicating and enforcing Cocu’s tactics on the pitch has made the world of difference. We have a leader for the first time in years.
  6. Another encouraging performance. So that’s our 21 point deduction reduced to 18.
  7. Was just thinking the same. We’re on top so he doesn’t want to upset the balance. Not sure who I’d take off. Maybe Waghorn, but him and Knight are putting themselves about. It’s making the difference.
  8. Lawrence loves a yellow. Matches his liver, I guess?
  9. Nice passage of play there. A lot of battling, hassling, then some cute passing and play that ends up creating a decent chance.
  10. Who sent that corner in...? Who sent that corner in...? 👀 It worked!!
  11. It’s like he just expects his natural, world class talent to do the work for him.
  12. Nah, I still think he’s poison.
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