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  1. That’ll be for the right manager to come in and determine.
  2. To answer your question..! Look at how Pearson struggled to see how you can shoehorn in a talented group of players into a system they can’t play.
  3. No guarantee they’ll all be here. Do those players even want to stay at Derby anymore? As a fanbase we’ve also been saying the reminants of past failures need to be moved on. Would we be inviting the same failures if we return to some of the fringe players let out on loan?
  4. Thing is, whoever comes in will have a squad of players that can’t fit into their preferred system, and little freedom to change. It’ll be Pearson all over again. Expect next season to be a real struggle. Would rather this have happened next summer when a new manager doesn’t have to clear out the deadwood.
  5. Everyone’s got their wish list of potential replacements for Rowett, but can you really see any of them viewing Derby as an attractive prospect? Aging, limited squad. Cant spend money this summer. The likes of Vydra and other assets likely to leave. Owner has said we must reduce the wage bill. Fan base with huge expectations who are quick to criticise. Clubs recent history with keeping managers past one full season. This speaks to me as a list as to why Rowett would want to leave for Stoke, so imagine trying to tempt a half-decent manager to replace him using the same list!
  6. cosmic

    Surprise departure ?

    I’m sure a few have experienced a ‘surprise departure’ about half an hour after eating one of those.
  7. With Derby tight on FFP and wanted to reduce wages, I could see why Stoke could be an attractive proposition for Rowett. Similar size club, same area, same division, yet much more freedom to spend and build a capable squad of his own. The indifference on this thread at the thought of him leaving also gives Rowett another reason to move on - it’s safe to say he’s not got the full backing of the fans at Derby. Don’t stay where you’re not appreciated.
  8. cosmic

    Mr Wenger added as DoF?

    “Derby fans and their delusions of grandeur” exhibit #420* *(well, you’re smoking something!)
  9. cosmic

    Shackell or Butterfield?

    Plus, he didn’t like getting his pecker out in the showers.
  10. cosmic

    Gary Rowett's Ears

    My comment was a well known joke phrase from the internet. Keep up and back off.
  11. cosmic

    Gary Rowett's Ears

    Pics or GTFO
  12. cosmic

    Derby likely to sell Vydra plus others

    Garbage situation. We need to bring in a CEO with a background in sports agencies to stop us being a soft touch in the transfer market. 👀
  13. cosmic

    Can I say something about this forum?

    We all like a good moan every now and then, @Bob The Badger, and we were all particularly disappointed last night. Don’t stop posting on my account! Keep it honest, you’ll have people’s attention, even if they disagree with you. There’s good conversation in here. UTR
  14. cosmic

    Top 6 was a decent season

    I think you may be right. The average squad age and ex-Prem wages this season felt like a roll of the dice to me. I just hope we don’t unto all the hard work achieved due to being buggered financially. As I said, I really hope we can use this season as a foundation to make a step up.

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