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  1. Always saw sending out our youth players on loan as the final nail in the coffin in terms of their career at Derby. But looking at how well Max Lowe did at Aberdeen last season and where he is now, I’m excited to see what happens with JML.
  2. Think you’ve got that half right. I might be wrong, but I always thought the staircases spiralled anti-clockwise down to make it easier for the defending soldiers, as most would have been right-handed and be able to swing their weapons round the corner. If that’s true, then the French king knew this and trained his army, who would have been at an advantage raiding castles and swinging up with their left hand. (Obligatory Kenneth Williams GIF for some of the phrasing)
  3. My mate is a natural leftie, but at school they forced him to learn to write right-handed. So he kicks with his left and flicks Vs with his right!
  4. Was worried we were nothing without Rooney on the pitch dictating things, especially as results only picked up after he joined. But that game proves we’re more than a one-man team. A Rooney-less performance like that will do wonders for the squad’s confidence.
  5. The kids will rightly get the headlines, especially with Sibley’s worldie, but I agree Shinnie has been just as effective. Brought a level of fight and concentration needed with so many young lads around him. Always there to receive the ball and keep the move going. He’s been solid.
  6. Been pleased with Shinnie’s performance today.
  7. Not been Fozzy’s day today. So many misplaced passes.
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