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  1. Yeah but what does it say on Football Manager?
  2. He's open to criticism, but can we really blame Mel for the Hughes sale? Will clearly wanted to have a crack at the Prem, and without knowing the in's and outs of his Derby contract (release clause/promise?) and the details of the sell-on clause, who's to say if we've made a bad sale? Morris is a lot of things, but I don't think he would have handed Will over without fighting for the best deal possible.
  3. Gonna look great on the shirt. Nice and subtle. Edit: INB4 "Shirt sponsors aren't meant to be subtle".
  4. Like everything that happens at Derby, the reality never matches the fairytale. Everything about this is so off script.
  5. So we're easily looking at 100+ goals scored next season. Nice one, very excited!
  6. "I mean, isn't it about time we all got behind the club? I love Derby County so much..." **hic** "...So fed up of it all. I'm getting a Burton Albion season ticket..."
  7. C'mon Derby let's have an announcement this afternoon just in time to ruin everyone's weekend.
  8. Be interesting to include a number of days to post ratio. Some have got us talking more than others, and with more ferocity than others. Feel like the Will Hughes thread has exploded in only a few days, whereas Thorne's was an ongoing saga.
  9. Rowett might rate him but if Ince wants to leave for the Prem there's not a lot he can do about it.
  10. From BBC Sport live updates: "Will Hughes drives forwards before he is clattered again. Impressive few minutes from the Derby man." "Here is Will Hughes, on for the stricken Nathaniel Chalobah. He doesn't have the physical presence of the Chelsea man but he can pass a football." "Will Hughes is close to a £8m move to Watford, we hear. In modern money that's basically a free transfer. Good business."
  11. In situations like this I usually just start a new FM season and hope no one comes in for him this time round and that I don't bugger up his potential through bad coaching.
  12. Howson can we get him to complete a medical?
  13. Can we move this topic to its correct location? Water sports should be classed under "Other Sports", not "Ticket News".
  14. At least we've still got Mason Bennett, eh B4.